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Official Profile

Age 22
Height 92 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies Fishing and performing maintenance on her mechanical arm
Likes Frankness, recklessness, faith, and manliness
Dislikes The weak, the loose-lipped, pickup artists, and being treated like a woman
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Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
Heh heh, today's the perfect day to just go nuts. You've earned it!
By the way, (Captain). Anybody make sure to get you a present or anything?
Small stuff's fine. Doesn't have to be one-of-a-kind, either.
We're celebrating your birth! You can't just straight-up ignore that!
Treating a day like this with the respect it deserves? Ain't nothing more manly than that.
Heh heh, I wanna be that kinda man, being as big-hearted and generous to you as you've been to me.
Let's make this a good one, (Captain).


Hyaaapy birthday!
Haha. Captain, what's up? You've really grown so much that I didn't even recognize you.
Allfather used to say that change occurs before you even notice it.
If you take your eyes off a person for just a second, they grow right in that instant.
Especially on birthdays! A growth spurt just happens. That's the kind of day a birthday is.
Even if no one admits that, I know it to be true.
Happy birthday, Captain. You're someone I aspire to be like—a great leader!
I'll say it again, hyaaapy birthday! Let's seize the day, (Captain)!


Hyaaapy birthday, (Captain)!
Are you eating all right? What the... There's still food on this plate!
The members on this ship put their sweat and tears into this food. Sometimes literally. So eat it all up!
Whatever kindness people show you, you've gotta accept with a big heart.
That's what it means to be a good person!
What? You can't do it alone and want my help?
When you put it like that...
Well you got a big heart, and I got a big stomach! Let me help you eat up!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Years!
Heh heh... Parties rule, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
Going nuts with my friends like this reminds me of when me and my old gangster bros used to party.
Heh heh... Gotta cut this short. The Allfather never was one to get all misty-eyed about the past.
Let's just enjoy ourselves, (Captain). With a party animal like me here, how could you not?


Hyaapppy New Year!
(Captain), my blood is ready for action!
What! Don't play dumb. I heard all about it! This year, we're gonna have battles all day long.
We're gonna battle with those spinny tops, and with kites, and battledore, and even go-fish!
We'll even gamble our New Year's money and put our lives on the line...
We'll eat mochi till one of us passes out and see who can drink the most!
I can't wait! Can we start now, Captain?
This day is going to go down in the record books! Let's get ready to battle!


Hyappy New Year! (Captain), this year will be awesome too!
Say... What's in your hand?
What? A fortune?
Seriously? Who leaves their fate to a piece of paper?
And ya know, those New Year's fortune are almost always good...
What? It wasn't?
W-we're not letting a piece of paper decide our fate, right!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's!
Huh? I'm even more outgoing than usual, you think?
Yeah, prolly. I mean, today's Valentine's.
I mean, this is a day all about getting praised by the ladyfolk for acting manly, right?
Whaddaya mean, I'm a little off? Forget the details, and get to the chocolate!
Huh? It's usually the other way around? How many times I gotta tell you?
Don't treat me like a girl!


Yeehaw! The curtains rise for Battlentine's Day!
Everyone's dripping with silly thoughts of love and romance! I say steal all the chocolate!
What? Why would I do something like that?
I-it's obvious! Because no one will give me any chocolate!
Are you mocking me! I can't let all these love birds go on with their fun!
Huh? (Captain)?
That chocolate isn't for me, is it?
Are you for real! You'd really give me chocolate? I'll eat it all!
Hahaha! This is awesome! I've always wanted to get chocolate! Thank you, Captain!
All right! I'll call it off. No Battlentine's Day for me!


Hyaapppy Valentine's Day!
It's that special day so give it up! You know what I'm talking about, (Captain)!
Why do you look like you haven't got a clue?
D-don't tell me you forgot about my chocolate?
This won't stand! I thought for sure you would give me some...
Hey! Why are you smirking like that?
What! You actually do have something for me?
D-don't scare me like that!
I thought I wasn't gonna get any sugar this year...

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day!
Heh heh... Listen, I get it. Just returning the favor from last time.
I repay my debts no matter what. I hate just taking, taking, taking from people.
Wait, did I hear you right? You wanted a piece of my Vulcan Crow?
Ah ha ha ha... Nice, (Captain). That's some manly talk right there.


Hyappy White Day!
Here's a gift from me to you, (Captain)!
I wanted to pay you back for the chocolate you gave me.
So I made this with everything I had.
Stop laughing at me! This took forever...
Why are you chomping down on it so fast! I don't even know if it's any good...
Huh? Really? You think it's great?
Hehehe, nice... That face you're making makes it all worth while.
That's funny. It was my first time, but I feel like I did a great job.


Hyaapppy White Day!
Huh? You thought I was gonna get you something? Wrong.
I don't do stupid stuff like White Day!
Just kidding! I'm playing! Really!
You made me sweat on Valentine's Day, so I thought I'd return the favor.
I course I celebrate stuff like White Day!
So here's your gift...
And another hyapppy White Day to you, (Captain)!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
All right, you trick-pulling punks, show yourself!
My Vulcan's Crow's gonna turn you unmanly miscreants into mincemeat!
Ah ha ha ha...
Whoops, that's the wrong one... Ah ha ha ha...


Hyaaapy Halloween!
Captain, the blood-pumping event called Halloween is about to begin!
Haha. What tricks should I play this year...
Today's the one day where I can be as naughty as I want to be, right?
Huh? That's not true?
I don't believe you! Then why are tricks okay? What! I can't get physical?
Then what the heck am I supposed to do today?
Are you kidding? Just scare people? In a costume?
That's awful. How boring!


Hyaaapy Halloween!
Let me at 'em! You know! The chickens who hide 'cause tricks scare them!
Lemme roast one of those losers with this arm of mine!
Hm? If it isn't (Captain)! Help me rob everyone blind of their candy!
Come on. You and me would have a mountain of sweets in no time!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays! Yahoo!
Heh heh... Holidays and festivals really are nice, aren't they?
Huh? I'm partying a little too hard?
C'mon, to party like this is the manliest thing a man can do!
You don't get what I'm talking about?
Ha ha ha... No worries. I don't, either!


Get it together! This is no time to be prancing around, (Captain).
Today the legendary beast called Santa is coming for our destruction!
We need you in top shape! We need to get pumped!
What do you mean for what? It's obvious!
We need to hunt down Santa!
Hahaha... We're gonna steal his presents and then sell them for a profit! You like that idea, don't you?
What? What do you mean, "no"?
Get out of here. If I don't behave myself, then I won't get a present?
I-I can't have that! I need my presents...
Gaaah... It's off... All of it. We can't hunt Santa!


(Captain)! Hyappy holidays!
I've decided that tonight all those little tweedle dees need a big boom to keep them in line!
That means fireworks! I won't stand for a silent night!
What? You think the lights in the sky would work well for the occasion?
How dare you! You mean to tell me I might make those good-for-nothings have an even better time?
This requires action! I'm gonna blow them all away!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Lone Wolf's Claw

Balurga, a former member of the Odajumoki Gang, lives a life on the run from her former comrades. She recalls Guzaletha, the leader who took her in, and the trap he laid that led to her being branded a traitor. Out of luck and out of options, she has a fateful encounter with (Captain) and the crew.

The Odajumoki Gang are a band of fiendish Harvins.
In the hall of their great leader Guzaletha, an imposing roar rings out.
Guzaletha: Grah! Silence! This is no place for the likes of you!
Balurga: No, I refuse to leave. Not until you let me join you.
Guzaletha: Don't be stupid. I can see right through you. Your little outfit can't hide the fact that you're a woman!
Guzaletha: We are the Odajumoki Gang, and only the manliest of men may join us! As a courtesy, I'll spare your life. Now begone!
Balurga: I'm a man, I came here to get manlier, and I ain't leaving until you let me join!
Guzaletha: Hrrmm... I see you do not lack for resolve. Very well! Take our entrance exam... if you dare!
With a tilt of his chin, Guzaletha gives a silent command to a nearby lackey. Then he looks back with a daring smile, eager to see Balurga's reaction.
His lackeys bring in the beast that tows the Ultra Dogsled-Tank Jenkins.
Guzaletha: Heh heh heh heh... Animals don't lie, and this one can smell the difference.
Guzaletha: Are you frightened, girl? If you're sincere about joining us, then put your right hand up to its mouth!
Balurga: Gah! Aaaghhhh...
Guzaletha: What are you doing? You... you idiot! Why would you actually do it!
Balurga: Heh, heh heh... How'd you like that? Is that good enough for you, Allfather?
Balurga: He knew it was an impossible request. He was just trying to get me to back down.
Balurga: But I did it anyway.
Balurga: The Allfather took a real liking to me after that. He doted on me like I was his own son—no, even more than that.
Balurga: He called me his "right-hand man" and gave me this steel gauntlet, the Vulcan Claw...
Balurga: Pant, pant, pant.... Damn, they just keep coming and coming.
Odajumoki A: Come on out, little kitty! Ha! Any luck over there?
Odajumoki B: Geheheh! Nope! No dice!
Odajumoki A: Yeehaw! That way, boys! Search over there!
Balurga: Ever since the Allfather kicked the bucket, it's been nonstop sibling squabbles. Sheesh, these guys just don't have any respect.
Balurga: But I don't get it, Allfather... I thought you trusted me.
Balurga: Allfather... Why would you do this to me? Why would you try to get my brothers to kill me?
Odajumoki A: Yeehaw! This way! I heard something!
Balurga: Tch, awfully perceptive for rats.
The whole thing happened suddenly.
Odajumoki A: Gah! W-we're in trouble! The Allfather, he... He got done in by Skull!
Balurga: (Wh-what? There's no way that's possible.)
What reaches Balurga's ears next is even more shocking.
Odajumoki A: Hmm, but get a load of this! Turns out we've actually got another traitor in our ranks!
Odajumoki A: Geh heh heh! And here's the kicker! This traitor is a woman disguised as a man!
Balurga: ...!
Women are not allowed to join the Odajumoki. Only the manliest of men are permitted membership.
It is a family that transcends blood ties, formed by the ironclad bonds shared between men.
Odajumoki B: Hmmm... Of all the rules to break, who the hell would break that one?
Odajumoki A: What do you mean, "hmmm"? It's obviously Balurga!
Balurga: Apparently the Allfather wrote my secret down into his journal, and now it's been leaked.
Balurga: And that's not all. For some reason, that cruel old geezer wrote the following—
Balurga: "He who kills my faithful right-hand man Balurga will be recognized as the new leader."
Balurga: Pant, pant, pant... That stupid old man! Why would he do this?
Odajumoki A: Yeehaw! This way! The dog's got her scent!
Balurga: You've gotta be kidding me. They even brought a Nord Husky?
Balurga: Heh. Guess it's time to make a stand. These guys will make good fodder for my Vulcan Claw.
Balurga: Aaargh! Damn it! I've got nothing left!
Odajumoki A: Now things are gettin' exciting! Over here, guys! Come get some while you can!
Balurga: Heh... heh heh heh... Guess it's all over for me now.
Balurga: (Oh yeah, it was that Skull guy who killed the Allfather, wasn't it? What's he like, I wonder?)
Balurga: (Whoever he is, he must be one hell of a man. Maybe he knows why the Allfather did this to me.)
Balurga: (Heh heh heh... Oh well. I can just ask the Allfather in person... once I meet him on the other side...)
Balurga: Wha? Who the heck—
Odajumoki A: Yeehaw! We know you're in here! Just give it up, Balurga!
But there is no sign of Balurga—only a handful of customers enjoying their meals.
Odajumoki B: Don't jerk us around, damn it! Hiding isn't gonna help you! If you value your life—
Odajumoki B: Hmmm? Is that... a flying lizard? And a blue-haired girl?
Lyria and Vyrn: Huh?
Odajumoki B: Eeegh! D-don't tell me... These guys are the ones who beat the Ultra Dogsled-Tank Jenkins and the primal beasts?
Odajumoki A: Eeegh! Th-there's no mistaking 'em! They're the ones who drove the Allfather into a corner and nearly wiped us out!
Odajumoki A & B: Gyaaah! Don't think you've won! We'll be back! Retreat! Retreeaat!
Vyrn: Sheesh. I dunno what just happened, but they sure were a rowdy bunch.
Lyria: Hehe, looks like they're gone! You can come out now.
At Lyria's words, a tiny head peeks out from behind the counter.
Balurga: Heh heh! Thanks for the help. You saved my life.
(Captain) smiles and waves a hand, dismissing the whole thing as not a big deal before turning to leave.
Balurga: H-hold up! A real man always returns a favor!
Balurga: Name anything you want! So let me do this, yeah?
  1. You don't need to return the favor.
  2. Return the favor? How?

Choose: You don't need to return the favor.
Balurga: That's fine and dandy for you, but that doesn't work for me! I'd rather die before leaving a favor unreturned!
Balurga: All right, I've got it! Since you saved my life, I'll just have to save yours!
Balurga: Heh heh heh! And I'm not leaving your side until I do! Brace yourselves!

Choose: Return the favor? How?
Balurga: Well, I don't have a penny to my name. There's not much I can offer you...
Balurga: But how about taking me on as protection? Considering what just happened, you might not believe me, but I'm actually a great fighter.
Continue 1
And so the mysterious fugitive Balurga joins the crew on their journey.

Fishing for Trouble

While journeying with (Captain)'s crew, Balurga encounters Skull, another traitor to the Odajumoki Gang. Balurga asks him about Guzaletha, but Skull demands a fishing contest before giving any answers.

Skull (Event) not in crew

(Captain) and crew spend a few days in a small village as they work on a minor job request.
Coincidentally they stumble upon the man BalurageTypo is in the in-game text. desperately wants to meet while they're there.
Skull: Is this where you were hiding all along?
Balurga: Are you... Skull? Why are you—
Skull: Do you even have to ask? I'm in the same boat as you—running from your old buds. Of course I'm avoiding big cities.
Balurga: ...
Skull: Heh, from the looks of it, you're not here to avenge the Allfather, huh?
Balurga quietly lowers the Vulcan Claw and relaxes.
Then, Balurga asks Skull for the truth behind why Guzaletha would order a hit on his own right-hand man.
Skull looks up at the sky for a while before he replies in an unsure voice.
Skull: Hmm... Now why would you ask me that?
Balurga: Well, the Allfather was pretty fond of you, so I thought you might know.
Skull: Pfft! Hahaha! Had a feeling you'd say something like that.
Balurga: Does that mean you know the truth?
Skull: Of course. If that's what you want to know, well... Come with me for a sec.
Balurga: Huh? Go with you? Where are you taking me?
Skull: Don't flip out. Just trust me and leave everything to this genius right here! Hahaha!
Skull (Event) is a crew member

(Captain) and crew spend a few days in a small village as they work on a minor job request.
Coincidentally they stumble upon the man Balurage desperately wants to meet while they're there.
Balurga: Hey, you there. I heard you betrayed us and went off to be a skyfarer, but...
Balurga: I didn't know you joined this crew, Skull!
Skull: Heh, from the looks of it, you're not here to avenge the Allfather, huh?
Balurga quietly lowers the Vulcan Claw and relaxes.
Then, Balurga asks Skull for the truth behind why Guzaletha would order a hit on his own right-hand man.
Skull looks up at the sky for a while before he replies in an unsure voice.
Skull: Hmm... Now why would you ask me that?
Balurga: Well, the Allfather was pretty fond of you, so I thought you might know.
Skull: Pfft! Hahaha! Had a feeling you'd say something like that.
Balurga: Does that mean you know the truth?
Skull: Of course. If that's what you want to know, well... Come with me for a sec.
Balurga: Huh? Go with you? Where are you taking me?
Skull: Don't flip out. Just trust me and leave everything to this genius right here! Hahaha!
Balurga: Hey, what's the big idea, Skull? Explain yourself!
Skull: There's nothing to explain! If you're a North Vast man, then fishing's the only way to settle this!
Balurga: Are you kidding me? Quit screwing around!
Skull: I'm dead serious. We're Odajumoki, and fishing's our thing. This'll be a true match between men.
Balurga: Fine. A true match between men.
Skull: I'll tell you why the Allfather did what he did since you wanna know so badly... If you manage to beat me, that is.
Balurga: You should have said so sooner! Heh heh, it's on, Skull! You're gonna regret challenging me!
And so, the two decide to have a fishing competition at a nearby beach.
Skull: Hey, hey, hey, here they come! This is how you fish by chumming!
Lyria: Wow, that's amazing! Look at all the fish!
Vyrn: Whoa! Lyria, stay back! Fish may be fish, but those ones don't look friendly!

Fishing for Trouble: Scene 2

Skull and Balurga drop their lines in the ocean and enjoy a moment of rest. As they fish, the two slowly come to an understanding.

Skull: Yeehaw! What's the matter, bud? Ain't you supposed to be good at this?
Balurga: Quit showboating. Just shut up and watch me. I'll fish one up in no time.
Under the warm sun, surrounded by fresh ocean air and the sound of the endless waves...
Far removed from their dangerous lives, the two fugitives enjoy a rare moment of respite.
Skull: Hey, I got a question for ya. Don't you have a grudge against me?
Balurga: Don't make me laugh. I've never held something as petty as a grudge in my life.
Balurga: You just found a freedom worth more to you than the one Allfather offered. Pretty straightforward and manly in my book.
Balurga: Even the Allfather gave you credit for that.
Skull: ...
Balurga: If I had to choose one thing to be mad about... it's that you were the one to do him in and not me.
Balurga: Heh heh heh... To think his most loyal son would be the one to steal the honor from me.
Like the weight of the world has been lifted from his shoulders at those words, Skull smiles softly. However, his expression quickly changes.
Skull: Hey, aren't you gonna do something about that?
Balurga: Huh? About what?
Skull: You know there's been tugging on your line this whole time, right?
Balurga: Y-you cheat! You should've told me sooner!

Fishing for Trouble: Scene 3

The fishing contest between Skull and Balurga comes to a head as a big one yanks on their lines. Along with this fish comes an understanding between the two of them, and a vow to surpass the man that Guzaletha was.

Balurga: Get a load of this huge catch! I think we can both agree that I win!
Skull: What? Are you stupid? I'm clearly the winner here! Look how many I caught! I crushed you!
Balurga: Hahaha! With those tiny sardines? They're almost as small as you!
Skull: Whatever, man! I won!
Balurga: No you didn't! I won! Now be a man and admit it!
As they argue back and forth, Balurga's line begins to twitch.
Lyria: Hey, Balurga! There's a tug on your line!
Balurga: What?
Balurga hastily grabs the fishing pole and gives it a hearty tug.
Balurga: Nngh... This feels like a whopper! The line's not coming up at all...
Vyrn: Wait, seriously? You sure you didn't just snag it on something?
Skull: Whoaaa! It's a party over here! Looks like it ate my bait too. Damn, but now our lines are tangled! How are we gonna pull it up!
Balurga: I don't think we can... The way the line is pulling is...
Balurga's face drains of color, and Skull, too, realizes what they're struggling against as he grips onto his fishing rod for dear life.
Skull: No way... This isn't just a whopper... This is like, Leviathan-level huge!
They continue their struggle, until finally their fishing poles fly up into the air as they give one last yank.
Having successfully reeled in the whopper, Skull and Balurga heave a huge sigh of relief before promptly collapsing.
Balurga: Heh... heh heh heh...
Skull: Gahahaha!
Balurga: Now I get why you invited me to go fishing.
Balurga: As you were drawn to the freedom Allfather offered, I was drawn to his manly code.
Balurga: We wanted completely different things, but now here we are, seeing eye to eye.
Skull: Pfft, haha! Look at you, talking like you know it all.
Balurga: But that's exactly it, isn't it? Just because someone's path was different, doesn't mean they're wrong.
Balurga: The Allfather knew that. He knew that, and he knew you would help me see that, so he set things up so I'd get driven out of the gang.
Balurga: That's what you wanted to tell me, right, Skull?
Skull doesn't confirm or deny the question. He simply gazes contentedly at the sky and compliments Balurga.
Skull: Hmph! To be honest... If you'd been there, I probably couldn't have done him in.
Balurga: Hah! Easy enough for you to say now.
Balurga also turns to gaze up at the sky.
Balurga: (You're a real piece of work, Allfather, using this guy to say what you never could.)
Balurga: (Not very manly of you, Allfather... Not very manly at all...)
Gazing up at the endless blue sky, the two of them make a silent vow in their hearts.
Someday, they would beome better, freer men than the Allfather ever was.