Bitterwood of Faith

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Bitterwood of Faith square.jpg

The intertwining branches that make up this bitterwood symbolize the mutual love and support that any thriving community is built on, while its sturdy nature represents the charisma of a capable leader.



Can only be obtained after clearing Chapter 1 (115) Quest: In Search of Lost Treasures, which presents the player with a riddle to solve, seen below:

Researcher: Bitterwood roots seen not since the beginning of creation. Would faith take the one on a descent into the ascent of radix.
Researcher: Perhaps a captain needs the roots to see the beginning of creation?
Researcher: A man must get his hands on them by all means.
Vyrn: Even I coulda told you that...
Lyria: Descent... Ascent... Sounds like a path...
Sierokarte: I think so too. Maybe this clue is talking about a route you need to take.
Bitterwood of Faith hint.png

After completing Chapter 1 (115) Quest: In Search of Lost Treasures, go to Zinkenstill. Similar to the treasure hunt in Town, you must click the stars as follows:

  • Bottom Left ((Captain)'s Home)
  • Bottom Right (Hermit Village)
  • Top Left (Golden Fog Woods)
  • Top Right (Outer Mountain Ridge)
  • Bottom Right (Hermit Village)
  • Bottom Left ((Captain)'s Home)