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|Craft [[Bullets]]||7
|Craft [[Bullets]]||7
|Buy [[Fury Pebble]] from the [[Shop#Treasure|Treasure shop]]||10
|Buy [[Skill Shard]] from the [[Shop#Treasure|Treasure shop]]||10
|Uncap [[Reunion]] to 4★||20
|Uncap [[Reunion]] to 4★||20

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Blood Amber

Blood Amber is a silver quest treasure from Amalthea Island.


Use Amount
Craft Bullets 7
Buy Skill Shard from the Treasure shop 10
Uncap Reunion to 4★ 20
Uncap 100 Gold Moon weapons (Wind) to 4★ 20
Uncap Dragon Knights to 4★ 20
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 4) 80