Blue Sky Crystal

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Blue Sky Crystal

A crystal that brilliantly shines in the light.

Blue Sky Crystal is a rare material that can only be gathered in very limited quantities over time. They are mainly obtained by completing all 3 daily co-op missions.


Use Amount
Uncap SR Characters to 5★ 2
Uncap SSR Characters to 5★ 3
Class Champion Weapons
Reforge a Replica-based CCW 5
Rebuild a Replica-based CCW 5
Change a Replica-based CCW's element 15
Uncap a Replica-based CCW to 5★ 20
Forge a Rusted-based CCW 60
Revenant Weapons
First upgrade 3
Second upgrade 5
Third upgrade 7
Fourth upgrade 10
Fifth upgrade 15
Sixth upgrade 30
Other Weapons
Uncap Trade Moon Weapons to 4★ 5
Uncap Rarity SSR.png Premium Draw Weapons to 4★ 5
Upgrade Bahamut Weapons to Nova form 7
Uncap Hollowsky Weapons to 4★ 30
Uncap Cosmos Weapons to 4★ 50
Uncap Rotating Showdown summons to 4★ 5