Buster Sword

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Label Rarity R.png
Buster Sword

Label Element Earth.png Label Weapon Sabre.png HP ATK
Level 1 18 190
Level 50 104 1205

ID 1020001000
JP Name バスターソード
Release Date ?

Just as you'd expect, this difficult-to-wield weapon is a trustworthy piece of equipment for those who master it.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Cross-Slash Medium earth DMG to a foe
Weapon Skills
Ws skill hp 3 1.png
Earth's Aegis Small boost to earth allies' max HP
Sword Master Skills
No information.
If you have this weapon please submit info on the talk page or update the weapon.

Gameplay Notes

  • This is a datamined weapon, it has never been released.