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The Vintage series is a series of weapons obtained using 30 Gold Moon square.jpg Gold Moons from the gold moon shop. Initially, they were only obtainable through the Premium Draw. They were removed from the draw pool during the 2nd birthday celebration with the introduction of gold moons in March 2016. Spear of Assail is the first weapon to added to the series since their removal from the draw pool.

Most of these weapons are no longer in use - only Weapon s 1040600200.jpg Crimson Finger, Weapon s 1040200700.jpg Gisla, Weapon s 1040416100.jpg Nereus Staff, Weapon s 1040212200.jpg Spear of Assail, Weapon s 1040613900.jpg Sphairai and Weapon s 1040112200.jpg Taming Sari see use in some grids.

Icon Name R El Type ATK HP Skills