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Rubeus CentrumIndicus CentrumLuteus Centrum Galbinus CentrumNiveus CentrumAter CentrumSilver Centrum

A splendid orb whose dark core twinkles with traces of light.

Centrums are High Level materials needed for advanced crafting. There is one for each element, as well as the Silver Centrum needed for various summons and weapons.


Use Amount
Elemental Silver Centrum square.jpg Silver
Raid Hosting
Host Tiamat Malice (Impossible) 5 Galbinus Centrum square.jpg Galbinus or
5 Ater Centrum square.jpg Ater
Host Leviathan Malice (Impossible) 5 Indicus Centrum square.jpg Indicus or
5 Rubeus Centrum square.jpg Rubeus
Host Phronesis (Impossible) 5 Luteus Centrum square.jpg Luteus or
5 Indicus Centrum square.jpg Indicus
Awakening SR to Lvl 6 1 -
Awakening SSR to Lvl 5 5 -
Uncap Omega weapons to 4★ 15 -
Uncap Normal Showdown weapons to 4★ 20 -
Uncap Proving Grounds weapons to 4★ 20 -
Upgrade Seraphic Weapons to SSR 20 -
Uncapping Eternals to 5★ 30 -
Change a Replica-based Class Champion Weapon's element 30 3
Uncap Replica-based Class Champion Weapons to 5★ 30 3
Uncap Draconic Weapons to 4★ 30 5
Forge a Rusted-based Class Champion Weapon 40 6
Uncap a Cosmos Weapon to 4★ - 2
Uncap Dark Opus Weapons to 4★ - 5
Uncap Astral Weapons to 4★ - 5
Craft Golden Relics - 10
Create Ultima Weapons - 10
Craft Recharge Draft square.jpg Recharge Draft - 1
Uncap Providence Summons to 4★ - 3
Uncap Optimus Summons to 5★ 30 -
Upgrade Arcarum Summons to SSR - 5


Elemental Centrums:

Silver Centrum:

Silver Centrums are usually farmed from Grand Order raids. Players can start joining them at Rank 50, and can start hosting them at Rank 80. The host is guaranteed 2 Silver Centrums and the Share Chest has a ~50% chance of containing one as well. Other raid members can't get Silver Centrums directly from chests, but they get materials to trade for them in the Treasure Trade shop.