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Location of Charge Bars in the battle UI.

Charge Attacks (ougi in Japanese) are powerful attacks used by characters with 100% charge bar. A Charge Attack automatically replaces a Normal Attack when the Charge Attack button is set to Auto.

The Main Character's Charge Attack is based off the Main Weapon equipped in the weapon grid.

To prevent Charge Attacks from being used, toggle the Charge Attack button to Hold during battle. You can toggle the Auto button after launching your attack, but your turn was already calculated when you tapped "Attack," so any Charge Attacks that would go off will still go off.

The toggle button for Charge Attacks

Charge Bar

A character's charge bar fills at these times:

  • How many times the character normal attacks, up to a cap of three attacks
  • When they receive damage (higher damage charges more)
  • If a party member higher in position makes a charge attack
  • When an ability or skill raises the charge bar
  • When a Full Elixir square.jpg Full Elixir is consumed
  • When you join or start certain raid battles during your Crew's Strike Time, all party members begin battle with a full bar. There is also a crew skill that boosts the starting % for all battles.

Party members who use a Charge Attack fill the charge bars of other members by 10% unless that character already used a Charge Attack this turn.

When you are using the Samurai class and the Charge Attack begins at more than 100%, allies' charge attack bars fill to 100%.

After a Charge Attack, that character's charge bar drains to 0%. For samurai-type characters (e.g. Jin (Wind)), if the charge bar is over 100% but less than 200%, only 100% is subtracted after the Charge Attack is performed, so any leftover is retained. However, if the charge bar is at 200%, the character will perform the Charge Attack twice.

Chain Burst

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When multiple characters make damaging Charge Attacks in a single turn, they deal an extra burst of damage to all foes. This is called a Chain Burst, and its strength depends on the number and power of individual charge attacks. The Chain Burst's element is the same as the first charge attack. Chain Bursts have a soft damage cap of 1.65 million damage.

  • Charge attacks beyond the fourth one don't affect the chain burst.
  • Characters whose Charge Attacks do not deal damage (e.g. Korwa) will not contribute to a Chain Burst.
  • Chain Burst damage completely ignores defense. This can be used to kill high-defense adds in some raids. For instance, against Baal (Raid), the bottom Spymur only has 10 million health but high defense. If the raid manages to hit the damage cap on every Chain Burst, it will take nine bursts to kill this Spymur without ever directly attacking it.
  • Keep in mind Status Effects when looking to create a Chain Burst, as anything that prevents or may prevent a character from acting can trigger, and there is even a specific effect that just prevents Charge Attack usage. However, Blind will not affect Charge Attacks.

Enemy Charge Attacks

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Enemies use a different system for Charge Attacks. Most turns that an enemy acts, it fills a charge diamond (sometimes referred to as an ougi bead). When all the counters are full, the enemy will perform a Charge Attack on its next turn, barring extenuating circumstances (mainly if the enemy is in Break mode, or if a HP or state trigger takes priority).

While in Overdrive mode, the charge attacks are usually more powerful and most enemies will retain a charge diamond after using one. Note, however, that not all enemies have a mode bar.

Enemies do not fill charge diamonds when in Break mode or afflicted by certain status effects such as Status Petrified.pngPetrifiedStops enemy's charge diamonds from filling.
or Status Paralysis.pngParalysisCan't attack
. Keep in mind that a petrified enemy with full charge diamonds can still launch its Charge Attack, whereas a broken or paralyzed enemy cannot. Status Charm.pngCharmedAttacks are slightly limited
will waste the Charge Attack if it prevents the enemy from acting with full charge diamonds, though it will not prevent diamonds from being filled.

The number of charge diamonds on the counter can change in battle, Status Gravity.pngGravitySpecial attack max charge turn is extended
can temporarily add one while some bosses will lose one or more at lower health %.

Enemy Charge Diamonds and Triggers

Sometimes, reducing the enemy to a certain HP threshold, having/applying certain status effects, or having enough turns pass will provoke an automatic Charge Attack. These are colloquially known as triggers and take priority over any other action the boss takes that turn. Triggers can never be prevented by Status Charm.pngCharmedAttacks are slightly limited
but can be delayed by Status Paralysis.pngParalysisCan't attack
. Triggers are most often a Charge Attack the boss already possesses, but some triggers (usually status-based) may be unique moves. Enemy Charge Attacks cast as triggers may differ in effect or damage compared to a normal cast.

If the boss has multiple HP-based triggers, only the last one applies. A good example of this is Luminera Omega. the fight normally begins with a triggered Aegis Merge, but once reduced to under 50% HP the boss will not use Aegis Merge on new players. It will instead cast its 50% HP Blades of Light and then attack normally.

Charge diamond behavior with triggers depends on the trigger. It is sometimes possible to "skip" an enemy Charge Attack by forcing a trigger at full diamonds, but some moves may preserve diamonds (like Celeste's anti-buff Fogs).