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Classes represent the main character's role in the party. Each class can be leveled up to 20, earning active skills and passive bonuses along the way. Upon reaching level 20, the class will earn a Mastery Bonus, which is a permanent, passive stat boost that applies to the main character regardless of the current class. Additional levels gained beyond level 20 will instead generate 1 Extended Mastery Point (EMP).

Row I Classes

Fighter gran profile.jpgFighter djeeta profile.jpgKnight gran profile.jpgKnight djeeta profile.jpgPriest gran profile.jpgPriest djeeta profile.jpgWizard gran profile.jpgWizard djeeta profile.jpgThief gran profile.jpgThief djeeta profile.jpg
Enhancer gran profile.jpgEnhancer djeeta profile.jpgGrappler gran profile.jpgGrappler djeeta profile.jpgRanger gran profile.jpgRanger djeeta profile.jpgHarpist gran profile.jpgHarpist djeeta profile.jpgLancer gran profile.jpgLancer djeeta profile.jpg

Row II Classes

Warrior gran profile.jpgWarrior djeeta profile.jpgSentinel gran profile.jpgSentinel djeeta profile.jpgCleric gran profile.jpgCleric djeeta profile.jpgSorcerer gran profile.jpgSorcerer djeeta profile.jpgRaider gran profile.jpgRaider djeeta profile.jpg
Arcana Dueler gran profile.jpgArcana Dueler djeeta profile.jpgKung fu artist gran profile.jpgKung fu artist djeeta profile.jpgArcher gran profile.jpgArcher djeeta profile.jpgBard gran profile.jpgBard djeeta profile.jpgDragoon gran profile.jpgDragoon djeeta profile.jpg

Row III Classes

Weapon Master gran profile.jpgWeapon Master djeeta profile.jpgHoly Saber gran profile.jpgHoly Saber djeeta profile.jpgBishop gran profile.jpgBishop djeeta profile.jpgHermit gran profile.jpgHermit djeeta profile.jpgHawkeye gran profile.jpgHawkeye djeeta profile.jpg
Dark Fencer gran profile.jpgDark Fencer djeeta profile.jpgOgre gran profile.jpgOgre djeeta profile.jpgSidewinder gran profile.jpgSidewinder djeeta profile.jpgSuperstar gran profile.jpgSuperstar djeeta profile.jpgValkyrie gran profile.jpgValkyrie djeeta profile.jpg

Row IV Classes

Unlocking Row IV classes requires 2500 CP, 20 corresponding Class Distinctions, and having completed a special class quest. The quest is unlocked by crafting a Class Champion Weapon in its entirety.
Berserker gran profile.jpgBerserker djeeta profile.jpgSpartan gran profile.jpgSpartan djeeta profile.jpgSage gran profile.jpgSage djeeta profile.jpg
Warlock gran profile.jpgWarlock djeeta profile.jpgBandit Tycoon gran profile.jpgBandit Tycoon djeeta profile.jpgChaos Ruler gran profile.jpgChaos Ruler djeeta profile.jpg

Extra Classes

Unlocking Extra classes requires CP, Warrior Creeds or Mage Creeds, and a trophy from having hosted and completed various Extra Coop Quests.
Alchemist gran profile.jpgAlchemist djeeta profile.jpgNinja gran profile.jpgNinja djeeta profile.jpgSamurai gran profile.jpgSamurai djeeta profile.jpg
Sword Master gran profile.jpgSword Master djeeta profile.jpgGunslinger gran profile.jpgGunslinger djeeta profile.jpgMystic gran profile.jpgMystic djeeta profile.jpgAssassin gran profile.jpgAssassin djeeta profile.jpg