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|ougi_name=Mediation Slay +
|ougi_name=Mediation Slay +
|ougi=Massive light DMG to a foe / Boost to ATK
|ougi=Massive Light damage to a foe and gain {{status|ATK Up}}.
|s1_name=Cosmic Blade
|s1_name=Cosmic Blade

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Rarity SSR.png
Cosmic Blade SPEC
Weapon b 1040905000.png

Label Element Light.png Label Weapon Katana.png HP ATK
Level 1 31 423
Level 100 184 2610

ID 1040905400
JP Name
JP TitleIn the past many weapons had custom titles. Now replaced with series titles in game. 律導刀
Minimum RankIf your Player Rank is lower than the weapon's minimum rank, its ATK and HP stats will be reduced by 20%. Weapon Skills are unaffected. 80
Release Date ?

Weapon ls 1040905000.jpg
Weapon s 1040905000.jpg
Weapon m 1040905000.jpg

The red-eyed girl wields a dragon's power and with the assistance of azure prayers forms the blade that brings order to chaos. It is the shining hope for a world in need of restoration.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Mediation Slay + Massive Light damage to a foe and gain Status AttackUp.pngATK UpATK is boosted
Weapon Skills
Ws skill cosmos 10.png
Cosmic Blade 30% boost to ATK and HP of equipped katanas
Ws skill stance 5.png
Special Stance 20% boost to Special allies' debuff success rate30% cap together with other weapons and debuff resistance.
Sword Master Skills
No information.
If you have this weapon please submit info on the talk page or update the weapon.
Base Reduction Materials
Note: This is the amount you get for a 3★ uncapped weapon.
This weapon is safe to reduce or use as fodder.
10% Debuff Resistance Boost for Special allies.
Weapon versionsThis weapon has alternate versions.
Weapon m 1040905000.jpg
Weapon m 1040905000.jpg
Weapon m 1040905000.jpg
Weapon m 1040905000.jpg
Weapon m 1040905000.jpg
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