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#REDIRECT [[Cosmic Blade]]
|name=Cosmic Blade SPEC
|image=Cosmic Blade.png
|obtain_text=[[Grand Order (Raid)|Grand Order]]<br />[[Shop#Treasure Trade|Treasure Trade]]
|ougi_name=Mediation Slay +
|ougi=Massive Light damage to a foe and gain {{status|ATK Up}}.
|s1_name=Cosmic Blade
|s1_desc=Boost to ATK and HP of equipped katanas
|s2_name=Special Stance
|s2_desc=Boost to Special allies' debuff success rate and debuff resistance
|flavor=The red-eyed girl wields a dragon's power and with the assistance of azure prayers forms the blade that brings order to chaos. It is the shining hope for a world in need of restoration.
|notes=10% Debuff Resistance Boost for Special allies.

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