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Damage Formula: Basic Concepts | Detailed Formula | Damage Cap | Examples and Guidelines

Apart from fixed damage instances, all damage in Granblue Fantasy is based on the characters' ATK stat, which is then affected by a series of modifiers coming from skills effects, weapon skills, summon calls, etc.

For computations, the notion of Base Damage is useful to factor in all these modifiers. It is then used to compute actual damage values such of normal attacks, charge attacks, etc.

Base damage

Base damage is a virtual damage value that is used as a basis in the computation of the actual damage values for in-game attack types (normal, counters, charge attacks, etc.).

It can be expressed as:

Base damage =
  Character total ATK ×
  Elemental boost ×
  NormalOmegaEx boosts ×
  Char Enmity boost × Char Stamina boost × Perpetuity boost x Total Char Unique ATK boosts ×
  Crew Ship boost × Crew Skills boost ×
  ATK down debuff effect

NormalOmegaEx boosts is a composite value:

NormalOmegaEX boosts = (
  Normal ATK boost × Normal Enmity boost × Normal Stamina boost ×
  Omega ATK boost × Omega Enmity boost × Omega Stamina boost ×
  EX ATK boost × EX Enmity boost
  ) - Fixed ATK Modifiers

The different boost categories that appear in these formulas are detailed below. Within a boost category, the modifiers always stack additively. Sometimes, two modifiers will not stack with each other: in that case, priority rules appear, which depend on the type of modifiers. Link?

Character total ATK

The sum of the grid weapons' ATK values and the summons ATK values. If a weapon matches the character's weapon proficiencies, it contributes at 120% of its base ATK instead of 100%.

Elemental boost

Elemental boost = 1 + Elem superiority + Elem summon mod + Elem EMP buffs + Elem ATK buffs - Elem ATK debuffs

Elemental superiority is 50% when the character is element-superior to the enemy, -25% when element-inferior, 0% otherwise.

Elemental summon modifiers are auras of the type X% boost to [Element] Elemental ATK.

Elemental EMP buffs are EMPs of the type [Element] ATK up.

Elemental ATK buffs and debuffs are the [Element] ATK up/down effects that can be come from skills, weapons, enemies or summon calls.

Normal ATK boost

Normal ATK boost = 1 + Norm ATK mod × (1 + Optimus aura) + Bahamut mod + Ultima mod + NormSummon aura + Norm buffs - Norm debuffs

Normal ATK modifier encompasses all the Normal weapon skills that increase ATK with no requirement on character HP level.

Optimus aura is the modifier from the Optimus Series summons aura (and their Demi Optimus counterparts): Agni, Varuna, Titan, Zephyrus, Zeus and Hades.

Normal summon aura is the X% boost to Normal ATK modifer from summons such as Grand Order.

Normal buffs/debuffs are the ATK up/down effects that can come from skills, enemies or summon calls.

Omega ATK boost

Omega ATK boost = 1 + Omega ATK mod × (1 + Omega aura)

Omega ATK modifiers encompass all the Omega weapon skills that increase ATK with no requirement on character HP level.

Omega aura is the modifier from the Omega Series SSR summons aura: Colossus, Leviathan, Yggdrasil, Tiamat, Luminiera and Celeste.

EX ATK boost

EX ATK boost = 1 + Usual EX ATK mod + Mysterious EX ATK mod × (1 + Ranko aura)

Usual EX ATK modifiers encompass all the EX weapon skills that increase ATK with no requirement on character HP level, excluding the iDOLM@STER event weapon Mysterious EX skills.

The Ranko Kanzaki aura affects the Mysterious EX ATK modifiers from iDOLM@STER event EX weapons.

Normal/Omega/EX Enmity and Stamina boosts

Normal Enmity/Stamina boost = 1 + Norm Enmity/Stamina mod × (1 + Optimus aura)
Omega Enmity/Stamina boost = 1 + Omega Enmity/Stamina mod × (1 + Omega aura)
EX Enmity/Stamina boost = 1 + EX Enmity/Stamina mod

Enmity and Stamina modifiers are the ATK up weapon skill modifiers that depend on the HP level of the character. They are present on Normal, Omega and EX weapons.

Normal and Omega Enmity/Stamina modifiers are affected by the Optimus/Omega auras, but not the EX modifiers.

Fixed ATK Modifiers

Absolute modifiers of the ATK computation, such as the 15% ATK cut from Qinglong Manewhip.

Char Enmity/Stamina boosts

Char Enmity boost = 1 + Jammed mod + Enmity EMP mod + Ring Enmity mod
Char Stamina boost = 1 + Strength mod + Stamina EMP mod + Ring Stamina mod

Jammed and Strength are character buffs originating from skills, weapons, summons or charge attacks.

EMP modifiers and Ring modifiers respectively come from the EMP perks and the Coronation Rings, Lineage Rings, and Intricacy Rings associated to the character.

Perpetuity boosts

Perpetuity modifiers are ATK boosts originating from the Perpetuity Ring, the Shield of Eternal Splendor Wonder, and rarely some buffs, such as Status Heavenly Howl.pngHeavenly HowlATK, DMG cap, and triple attack rate are boosted (Can't be removed)

Total Char Unique ATK boosts

Total Char Unique ATK boosts is the product of all the Unique ATK up effects present on a character. Essentially, each Unique ATK up effect behaves like its own boost category, applied multiplicatively in the damage formula.

Each Char Unique ATK boost = 1 + Unique ATK mod

Crew Ship boost / Crew Skills boost

Crew Ship boost = 1 + Crew Ship mod
Crew Skill boost = 1 + Crew Skill mod

Crew Ship modifier is the X% [Element] ATK up effect present on the active crew airship.

Crew Skill boost is the X% [Element] ATK up effect triggered by certain crew skills.

ATK down debuff effect

ATK down debuff effect = 1 - ATK down mod

ATK down modifier encompasses all non-elemental X% ATK down debuffs present on the character.

Final Damage

Seraphic boost

Seraphic boost is an effect present on some characters' passive skills (Eternals and Lancelot (Wind), for instance), and on the Seraphic Weapons skills.

It is applied after every other modifier has been applied, on every damage instance, and also affects the character's damage cap.

Therefore, in all the following subsections describing the different instances of damage, the final damage will be computed as such if a Seraphic modifier is present:

Final Damage = Instance Damage × (1 + Seraphic mod)
Final Damage cap = Instance Damage cap × (1 + Seraphic mod)

Normal Damage

Normal damage is the damage of one hit of a normal attack. For multiattacks, each hit will be computed independently.

Normal Damage = (Base Damage × Sleeping boost × Random Modifier / Enemy DEF) + Supplemental Damage

Random Modifier is a random number between 0.95 and 1.05 (step size 0.01); in other words, there is a 5% variance in the expected value for each hit.

Every enemy has an innate defense stat, which is then modified by the DEF up buffs and DEF down debuffs.

Enemy DEF = Innate DEF × Total DEF mods
Total DEF mods = 1 + DEF up mods - DEF down mods - Unique DEF down mods

Innate DEF has a nominal value of 10, with high defense enemies using higher values and low defense enemies using lower values.

DEF up mods are all the DEF up effects present on the enemy. Damage Cuts and Repel effects are not taken into account.

DEF down mods encompass all the DEF down or [Element] DEF down debuffs present on the enemy.

Note that the total value of DEF up and DEF down mods is hard capped at 50%.

Unique DEF down mods are DEF down effects that are not affected by the hard DEF down cap. These include for instance Feower's Status Forfeit.pngForfeitDMG taken is boosted / DMG dealt is lowered
and Gabriel's Status Pureflow 1.pngPureflowDMG taken is boosted / DMG dealt is lowered
Local status effect
(10% each, but don't stack).

Sleeping boost is associated to the Status Stared Stiff 1.pngStared StiffCan't use special attack / Chance that attacks are inhibited / Takes big DMG
Takes 10% more damage
Local status effect
, Status Sleep.pngSleepCan't attack and takes big DMG (Ends upon taking DMG)
Takes 25% more damage
and Status Sleep.pngComatoseCan't attack and takes big DMG
(Chance to end upon taking DMG)
Takes 50% more damage
Local status effect
status effects applied to the enemy. The boost depends on the status: Status Stared Stiff 1.pngStared StiffCan't use special attack / Chance that attacks are inhibited / Takes big DMG
Takes 10% more damage
Local status effect
= 110%, Status Sleep.pngSleepCan't attack and takes big DMG (Ends upon taking DMG)
Takes 25% more damage
= 125%, Status Sleep.pngComatoseCan't attack and takes big DMG
(Chance to end upon taking DMG)
Takes 50% more damage
Local status effect
= 150%.

Supplemental Damage is an effect present on certain skills, such as Halluel and Malluel's Status Everbane.pngEverbaneBoost to DMG taken / HP is lowered on every turn (Can't be removed)
Local status effect
debuff or the Hollowsky Weapons's Covenant skills. They are directly added without taking into account Base Damage or Defense.

Critical Damage

Critical attacks have a chance to replace Normal attacks when using an element-superior team (or under certain field effects). They are described by a chance and a multiplier, usually labeled X% chance to deal Y% supplemental damage.

Critical Damage = Normal Damage × (1 + Critical mods)

Critical mods is the sum of every multiplier linked to the critical skills that have successfully triggered for this damage instance (since critical damage only has a fixed chance to happen for each critical skill).

Bonus Damage

Bonus Damage = Normal Damage without Supplemental × Bonus multiplier + Bonus Supplemental Damage

Bonus Damage, colloquially referred to as "echo", originates from certain skills, charge attacks, summons or weapons. It is another instance of damage present alongside the normal attacks. Each echo is computed independently.

Bonus multiplier is the X% Bonus Damage description of the echo-providing skills.

Bonus Supplemental Damage might be different from the Normal Supplemental Damage, for instance on Hollowsky Weapons Covenant effects.

Counterattack damage

Counterattack Damage = Normal Damage × (1 + Counter multiplier)

Counter multiplier is the percentage value present on the Counter skill description.

Charge Attack damage

Charge Attack damage = (
  Normal Damage ×
  CA multiplier ×
  CA buff boost ×
  CA weapon boost
  ) + Fixed CA damage
CA buff boost =  1 + CA Damage Up mods
CA weapon boost = 1 + CA weapon mods

Charge Attack multiplier is a percentage value associated to the "strength" of the Charge Attack (medium, big, massive, otherworldly). (Detailed values or link)

CA Damage Up mods are boost to Charge Attack DMG effects, that can originate from EMP perks, active or passive skills or summon calls.

CA weapon mods are boost to Charge Attack DMG effects present on certain weapon skills, in particular Sentence or Mystery.

Fixed CA damage is present in very small amounts (2000 for Shiva) on all Charge Attacks and in large amounts on certain characters' Charge Attacks, such as Yodarha (SSR).

Chain Burst damage

Burst damage = Total party Charge Attack damage ×
  Burst constant ×
  Elem superiority ×
  Burst boost

Burst constant depends on the number of Charge Attacks involved in the Chain Burst: 25% for 2 CA, 33.3% for 3 CA, 50% for 4 CA and more.

Element superiority is the same modifier as in the Elemental boost: +50%, -25% or 0%.

Burst boost is the sum of all stacking Boost to Chain burst DMG effects from skills, weapons or summons.


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