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Official Profile

Npc f 3030188000 01.jpg Deliford (SR)
Age 37 years old
Height 180 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Keeping a diary, saving money
Likes Pickled vegetables
Dislikes Today's youth, dreamers

Npc f 3030188000 01.jpg Deliford (SR)
Age 37歳
Height 180 cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 日記、貯金
Likes 漬け物
Dislikes 最近の若者、夢想家




Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain). Is there anything you want to wish for?
I just want to know if there's anything I can do to help make those wishes come true.
When I think about it, there are some things that I could be of help with, with my vast experience.
But there are other things in this world that you can only do right now while you're still young.
Move forward in life with no regrets.
Enjoy your special day.


Happy birthday, (Captain). Is there anything you want to wish for on this day?
Slowly but surely, I've been saving up. Ask me for anything--well, almost anything.
Well, let's hear it then. Don't hold back!
What? You only wish for... me to continue my travels with you?
For you to tell me something like that, (Captain)... I'm speechless.
O-of course. I would also like that more than anything--to continue traveling with you.
Surely there are fierce battles that await us on the horizon. But for today, let us celebrate!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Being on hand to witness a young sapling's maturation is overwhelming. Heh, chalk it up to the fact that I'm getting older as well.
I take it you're getting the most out of your daily affairs?
I'm actually watching how you do things to incorporate into my own day-to-day activities.
If you get hung up on age, you'll never get anything done!


You grow more resolute with the passing years—aye, and more dependable too.
Of course, age isn't what makes a leader. You've got a strong will, broad mind, and sense of humor. They're all essential traits in a captain.
Hah-hah-hah! No, I am not trying to flatter you because it's your birthday.
I've always thought so. Today was just a good day to put these thoughts into words.
Happy birthday, (Captain). May our combined strengths deliver us to the shores of Estalucia!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year, (Captain).
Did you sleep well? There's nothing better than waking up refreshed to a bright morning.
Huh? You were having a good dream?
Well, that's not a bad thing. But when you open your eyes, what you'll find is reality.
Don't get lost in dreams. You must acknowledge what's in front of you as you walk the path forward.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
I was just thinking about all of the travels we had together this last year.
Heh... Looking back now, it seems that nearly every day we were off on a new adventure taking care of one mission after another.
It's been quite a year, (Captain). I do hope next year is just as exciting.
Here's to another year of adventures, and another year of success!


Uh-huh... Mmhmmm...
So you'd like me to use this mallet to pound the mochi in that mortar?
Heh, you don't have a thing to worry about. I'm not about to let any young kids get the better of me.
Here goes! First to draw it back...
And a one... two...
M-my back... Nnngh!
I-I'm sorry, (Captain)... It doesn't look like I can take a single step...


The first sunrise of the new year... What a grand, majestic sight.
It's enough to make these worries about the future seem small and insignificant.
Oh? Why am I worried, you ask? Well, if I were to ever again find myself without a post...
No, no more. This is not a topic to be spoken of so early in the year, and especially not to one as young as yourself.
Besides, do I not belong to this crew now? That's more than enough for me, (Captain). Hah-hah-hah-hah!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Thank you! You're sharp to pinpoint my weakness for sweets.
Though you're still young, your consideration for your older peers is proof that you're maturing wonderfully!
What? Why do you look so down? W-was it something I said?
I'm sorry, (Captain), but I'm at a loss as to why you suddenly became so sad... Um, in any case, do try to cheer up, okay?


Is something the matter, (Captain)?
Huh... This is for me?
Oh, chocolate! You have my thanks.
Hmm? What's inside this little jar here?
P-pickles! You knew they were my favorite...
To think that I'd be receiving pickles together with chocolate... Now that's a first!
I swear... What will you youngsters think of next?
S-sorry! I didn't mean to imply... I meant that you think of truly unique ideas!
Good grief... I almost said something stupid again this year, didn't I?
Chocolates and pickles are my favorite. I'll treasure this gift.
I'm thankful from the bottom of my heart, truly.


Hehehe, Valentine's chocolates are a treat at any age. Thank you, (Captain).
Still, I'm truly impressed by the real kindness you show everyone on the crew.
If only I'd had that sort of superior way back when, why, there's no telling where I...
No, no! This is no time to be looking back at the old days.
You're my superior now, (Captain)!
(Captain), I look forward to working under you in the days ahead.


Oh, yet another gift of chocolates? You have my thanks, (Captain).
Hold... Why are there two boxes?
What! One is from you and one is from my wife?
To think you made the time to visit my home, then conveyed this chocolate from my wife to me... It warms the very cockles of my heart.
Sniff, sob... I cannot believe you would go so far for a single member of your crew. I am overcome with emotion!

White Day Cutscenes
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Excuse me, (Captain), but have you got a moment?
Thanks. First of all I wanted to apologize for the... unfortunate misunderstanding that happened last month.
I ran my mouth without taking your feelings into full consideration.
I've never had much interaction with youngsters before, which is why I failed last time. But your gift really did lift my spirits.
It's my fondest wish that you forgive me. Please take this as well.
Heh. That's more like it. A smile suits you better than a frown any day.


Please take these, (Captain)!
I've brought you some bitter dark chocolate for grown-ups, and a tactical military book.
I thought it'd be perfect for someone as mature and grown as you, (Captain).
Hmm? That's quite an odd face you're making.
Somehow this still feels like I'm treating you like a child?
Oh, I never meant to... Such a thing... Hmm.
Sorry about that, (Captain). Allow me to apologize once again.
I may be thickheaded at times, but I'd earnestly like for you to have these.
You'll accept them? Oh, thank you.
Thank goodness... I was hoping I could see that smile again.


This bunch of flowers is for you, (Captain).
Heh heh, you know this isn't my usual style. But I figured a change of pace wouldn't hurt.
I... I feel so at peace whenever I look at flowers. It's like all the bad stuff slips away...
Aah, there I go again! Today's supposed to be a fun White Day. No time to be complaining...
I also have some chocolates for you. There's nothing like sweets when you're having a break. Go ahead and eat them while you gaze at the flowers.


(Captain), there is much I must express gratitude for. Your actions this past Valentine's, your unswerving loyalty to the crew...
I begin by insisting that you accept this gift.
I would also like to take this occasion to convey emotions that cannot be represented by any object.
And I believe there is but one way to do so. For your sake, I must offer up this body!
I am willing to carry out any task! Bestow upon me anything; be not shy! Come now! Come, come!
Gah! Urk, gah... Perhaps it is because I grew too excited and failed to exhibit the discretion expected of my years... But my back gave out... Guh...

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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T-treats! Treats, anyone? What about you, Sir (Captain)?
I-I can't take much more trickery, I fear!
Do you see how much I'm sweating? There can be no rational explanation for how feisty the children aboard this ship are!
Huff... Huff... Anyway. Treats, everyone? I've got all this candy over here.
Wheeze... Just let me take a small breather...


Did something nice happen, (Captain)? You look quite pleased with yourself.
My spear... has been replaced with a giant spear-shaped biscuit!
My shield... is a cookie? My gauntlets... pumpkin pie! Who is responsible for this?
How did...
Aha! I see. Today is Halloween! Yes, of course.
Regardless, this is quite detailed work for a prank. Whose meticulous handiwork could this be?
Was everyone in on this? Children, the lot of you—surely your talents can be put to better use.
Heh... But to think I would have comrades who would spend such time and effort just to play a trick on me.
In a way, one could say that I truly am blessed. My thanks, (Captain).
So, ahem... May I have my actual armaments back?
H-hey, why are you laughing? Oh, it can't be... another prank!


My word, (Captain) strikes again! My equipment has once more been replaced with treats!
Is it already time for another round of Halloween tricks? Or should I be calling this art?
This cookie, for instance, is not only baked with firm consistency, but the chocolate pattern is applied perfectly.
And my stately spear has been lovingly recreated using candy!
Considering the amount of time and effort invested in these creations, I can't fathom where you draw your impetus from.
You just want me to be happy? That's your only motivation?
(Captain)... You are incredible...


Deliford's Voice: Ah-ahhhh!
Deliford: (Captain)! A-actually, just now in my room... I saw a ghost!
No, it couldn't have been a prank. I was utterly alone. Then, from out a shadowy corner slunk a most fearsome apparition, wearing the head of a pumpkin...
What! That creature was none other than Lost Jack, you say!
Oh, how I've blundered! Why, if I knew I was face to face with the king of Halloween, I wouldn't have fled, but welcomed him instead!
No, this won't do. I must find Lost Jack, and offer him these treats I've prepared.
(Captain), are you willing to help me with the search?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

There's something I'd like to discuss with you, (Captain). You've noticed that we have quite a few children onboard the ship, haven't you?
I was thinking about dressing up as Santa and handing out gifts to the kids.
What'd you just say? We've got the real Santa, so we don't need some old man imposter?
How dare you! There are two things wrong with that!
First of all I'm still in the prime of life, and you'd do well not to forget that!
And secondly, Santa isn't real—
Gwah! Oof! Ugh!
What was that for, (Captain)... Huff... I thought I was going to die...


Rrrgh... (Captain)... Season's... Ngh... Greetings... Urk!
Ah... As you can likely tell, my body's in quite a lot of pain.
An embarrassing story, really... It happened yesterday when I helped hunt for tonight's supper.
I must've strained myself too hard, because I can barely move today!
I was just so excited to see the children happy... But it appears I must have gone a bit overboard.
Bah, don't mind me though, (Captain). As long as you're having a good time, that's all that matters.
Did you enjoy the meal? If so, I'd say it was all worth... it... Yeowch!


Hah hah hah! This is quite the tree, don't you think?
I wanted to see the surprise on the faces of you and the kids in the crew, so I decorated it last night.
What do you mean? It was for the boys and girls. A little task like this isn't a burden at all, but...
Maybe I used some muscles I normally don't... Because in a single instant, my body started crying out...
And I couldn't move at all, so I spent the night here.
(Captain), I do apologize, but would you mind carrying me back to my quarters?


(Captain)! Can I have a moment of your time? I must tell you of a great miracle that has happened!
When I woke in the morn, I found by my pillow... A gift from Santa!
Oh, my apologies! I've been carrying on in the most undignified manner. I was very eager to share my joy with someone, see.
But I get ahead of myself. I haven't even glanced at the contents. Let me open it now.
! Why, this is... A ticket for a shoulder massage? Oh? It appears there's also a letter. Let's see here...
"Hey, pops! Man, you always look like somethin' the cat dragged in! Well now, you can just say the word, and I'll give you a shoulder rub, 'kay?"
Hm? I say, (Captain), was Santa Claus always one to speak with such frivolity?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Arrival of the Spearman

Lyria got mixed up with some hooligans, and Deliford, Master of the Spear, came to her assistance. As soon as Deliford learned that the party intended to reach Estalucia, the Island of the Astrals, he began to try to convince them to give up on such a reckless dream. However, Deliford was struck by the earnestness of our heroes, and he joined the party with a renewed confidence in his dreams.

(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn disembarked at a town, where they went shopping at the request of Katalina.
Lyria: Wow...! Look at that, (Captain)! Vyrn! It looks like there is something delicious over there too...!
Vyrn: Hey, you! It’s dangerous to run! We have to save her! (Captain)!
Lyria: Whoa! Right, right, (Captain)... That candy...
Lyria: Huh? Where have Vyrn and (Captain) got off to...
Vyrn: Hey! Lyria! Here! Over here!
Lyria: Hey! Vyrn!!! Good, there you were...
Lyria: Ah!
Hooligan: Oi! What are you looking at?!
Lyria: Sorry...
Hooligan: Hahaha... Well if you’re in the mood for apologizing, then why not hand over a little consolation fee to me...
Vyrn: Hey... Looks like she’s surrounded by some troublemakers. We had better hurry up and help her!
???: That won’t be necessary. Get down, kids.
Vyrn: What?
???: Hey, you there! Get away from that girl!
???: She already apologized for what happened. That should have been the end of it.
Hooligan: What? What the heck are you talking about?!
Hooligan: Ugh... Another troublemaker, I am not amused...
Vyrn: Lyria! Are you okay?
???: You weren’t injured, were you?
Lyria: Yes! Thank you... Thank you for saving me.
???: I only did what should have been done. However, you all are being a bit careless...
???: It would be difficult to characterize this town as nice and secure. Two girls and just a lizard all alone in these streets...
???: Hmm? A girl with blue hair and a flying lizard...? Really, you...?!
Vyrn: Wha...?! Are you with the Empire, pops?!
???: Be careful what you say. I’m still a young man. Take that back.
???: And... I’m not with the Empire anymore... So I have no reason to capture you.
Vyrn: Hm? What's that supposed to mean? Hey, old man.
Deliford: I am not your “gramps”! My name is Deliford!
Deliford: I was once lionized as the Master of the Spear.
Deliford: However, I couldn’t see eye to eye with my superiors, and I was relieved of my military duties a few weeks ago.
Lyria: That’s terrible... Even though you are a great...
Deliford: Good guys don’t necessarily get to live a good life...
Deliford: Actually today, I was looking for a position in which I could put my talents to active use, but I have been having trouble finding one...
Deliford: Nah, there is no use in talking about something like this to children.
Deliford: By the way, I saw this in the materials, but is it true that you are looking for Estalucia, Island of the Astrals?
Vyrn: Damn right! A letter arrived stating that the father of (Captain) was waiting for him in the Island of the Astrals!
Deliford: Hm, in the Island of the Astrals... You know, you look wise beyond your years.
Deliford: And because of this it is time to distinguish between your dreams and reality.
Vyrn: What? What on earth do you mean by that?
Deliford: It meant exactly what the words imply. Your goal of reaching the Island of the Astrals is certainly a far-fetched dream...
Deliford: I too aspired to such things when I was young. However, that’s all they were... Just dreams, and ultimately fairytales.
Vyrn: What?! Are you saying that there is no Island of the Astrals, old man?!
Deliford: That is a fact. There is not a single example of someone having gone to and then returned from the Island of the Astrals.
Vyrn: Why you little... Say something, (Captain)!
  1. If we come together then we’ll know
  2. If that is the case I’ll take you there

Choose: If we come together then we’ll know
Deliford: Together...? Are you telling me to join with you in your travels?

Choose: If that is the case I’ll take you there
Deliford: Say what now? Do you mean you want me to come with you on your journey?
Continue 1
Deliford: Hmph... You are quite self-confident, aren’t you. Where on earth does such confidence come from?
Deliford: However, such recklessness... For me now, it is both nostalgic and dazzling...
Vyrn: What are you saying, (Captain)? Is this old man going to join us?
Deliford: I would like to apologize for my rudeness earlier.
Deliford: Also, if I am up to it... I would like to join you in your travels.
Vyrn: What? What kind of change of heart is this, old man?
Deliford: As I said before, I once also longed for Estalucia, Island of the Astrals.
Deliford: However, I forgot that dream with the passage of time, and merely resolved to live a more serious life...
Deliford: However, after taking a look at the eyes of (Captain), once again I began to believe in dreams and wanted to try doing something a bit rash.
Lyria: Hahaha... It’s not a dream. We absolutely will make it there!
Vyrn: Ah... Describing that as something reckless might’ve been right on the money!
Thus Deliford joined (Captain) and company as his new companions.
At some point his eyes seemed to glow with a newfound glimmer.

The Trick to Staying Young

Deliford is having difficulties moving due to sore muscles. He realizes that the rest of the skyfarers are lively and youthful, so he asks Eugen for some advice. Eugen advises that he'll be fine if he keeps his body moving. Monsters appear right on time, and Deliford happily goes to face them so get some exercise.

Deliford: Ugh... Ergh... Aggh...!
Vyrn: What's wrong? You're moving awkwardly.
Deliford: I-It's noth... ing...! Ow ow ow...
Lyria: A-Are you alright!? Did you get hurt during the battle yesterday...?
Deliford: N-No, I wasn't injured but... You see...
Deliford: M-My muscles are really sore, and it's hard to move around...
Vyrn: Ahh... Well it can't be helped. You're an old man after all!
Deliford: I'm not an old man! I'm in my 30s... that's still borderline young... Agh?! Ow ow ow...
Vyrn: Hey old man... you shouldn't overexert yourself.
Deliford: Ugh... How sad. This didn't happen when I was younger... Well, I'm still young, but...
Deliford: How odd... The rest of the skyfarers have been on a rough journey but they always seem so energetic.
Deliford: If they know some health secret, I'd like to know...
Lyria: Why don't we go ask, then?
Eugen: Hah! The secret to youthful energy?
Eugen: Forget it! Why are you asking an old man like me?
Deliford: No! There's no one better to ask than you! Please, tell me!
Eugen: Well... You know, if you always keep moving around, you won't get sore muscles!
Deliford: I-Is that so...?
Eugen: Look, some monsters are getting close to the airship. This is a good chance for some exercise. Go take care of 'em!
Deliford: Got it! Just watch! There's nothing my spear can't pierce!

The Trick to Staying Young: Scene 2

The party worries about Deliford as he continues to suffer from sore muscles, but he replies that he must protect (Captain) and the others becuase he's the adult of the group. Just then, a group of monsters approaches the ship. Deliford grits through his muscle pains and heads out to battle.

Deliford: Uuuurgh... Hng... Agh... buh...
Lyria: He looks like he's in pain...
Vyrn: Sigh... It's obviously getting worse... Don't you think?
Deliford: I-I should trust in the wisdom of my senior... but...
Deliford: N-No matter how you look at it... It's getting worse...
Lyria: Um... Maybe you should take it easy?
Vyrn: She's right! You shouldn't worry, (Captain) is strong after all.
Deliford: I agree that (Captain) is very skilled... But that's no good.
Vyrn: Wha?! What do you mean that's no good?
Deliford: I mean I can't just sit by and let him do all the work. (Captain) may be strong, but he's still a kid and I'm the adult here.
Deliford: Children depend on adults, and adults must protect the children. That's our responsibility as adults.
Deliford: If I fail here... If I'm this weak... I would be a failure as an adult!
Katalina: Everyone! More monsters are coming! A group of them are approaching the airship from behind...
Deliford: Leave it to me! I'll... Argh?! Hnnngg! T-This is nothing...!!
Katalina: Umm... What's wrong with Deliford?
Lyria: Haha... Well you see...
Vyrn: Hey! There's no time to stand around! We need to join the fight!

The Trick to Staying Young: Scene 3

Although he defeats the monsters, Deliford is no longer able to move due to muscle pains. In the end, Eugen's secret to youthfulness was his own, and Deliford was able to recover by resting for several days. Through this ordeal, Deliford earns the respect of his friends and they start to refrain from calling him an old man.

Deliford: Ugh... I-I can't take another step...
Vyrn: You exerted yourself way too much.
Lyria: Hehe... But you were quite dashing when you were fighting, Deliford!
Deliford: Heh... Hearing you say that makes it all worth it... Oww...
Vyrn: But it makes me wonder... What's the real secret to Eugen's youthfulness?
Lyria: I was wondering the same thing... Deliford did as he was told, and it only got worse...
Deliford: Maybe Eugen is so sprightly just because he's Eugen...
Lyria: Haha... That might be it...
Vyrn: Oh boy... I guess you chose the wrong person to ask from the beginning.
Deliford recovers from his sword muscles by resting for several days, after all.
Through this ordeal, Deliford earns the respect of his friends and they start to refrain from calling him an old man.

Jolts, Sores, and Groans

The crew finds Deliford sore from head to toe and calls Albert in to try some relieving electrotherapy. Midsession, Vyrn says something that upsets Albert, who then gives Deliford a real shock.

The crew gathers to depart on a new mission one day but finds that Deliford is nowhere in sight.
Concerned, they head to his room, where they find him in pain from head to toe.
Deliford: My muscles ache... Ouch, ouch!
Lyria: Are you okay, Deliford? You're pale, and you're sweating all over...
Deliford: Ack... Ah. Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry to make you worry, Lyria.
Vyrn: What's your plan here, gramps? It's time to head out on our mission.
Deliford: Hmm. Is that so... Well then, I guess I'll just have to get up and—Ow!
Rackam: Oy, Deliford! Don't strain yourself.
Deliford: But I could never forgive myself if you had to turn down that mission because of me...
Rackam: Well, I did hear about this electrotherapy that's supposed to relieve muscle pain.
Vyrn: Huh. How 'bout that. I'll bet we could try that out right now!
Albert: Hmm? What's going on here, (Captain)? It's just about time to go, isn't it?
Rackam: Hey, nice timing, Albert! Help us out here, would ya?
Albert: Ugh... What is it this time? You better tell me what's goin' on!
Rackam explains the situation with Deliford and how electrotherapy might be able to help.
Albert: Gimme a break. How did he strain himself that bad? Unbelievable...
Rackam: Come on, don't talk like that! All we can do now is help him!
Albert: Jeez. And what do you want me to do, exactly?
Rackam: Well, from what I've heard, you should be able to stimulate his muscles by sending a small current through his body.
Albert: Humph. Fine.
Deliford: Hey, wait a second! You can't just make this up as you go along! We'd better look into it more first.
Rackam: Oy, quit your blabberin'. I thought you were sore.
Deliford: Well, I am, but...
Albert: Don't worry. It won't hurt a bit. Just relax.
Deliford: ...!
Aaah! The juice is loosening my muscles!
Deliford: Ah, ack! It does... feel like... it's working!
Deliford: Ack! Hey, Albert. Could you maybe turn it up a little?
Albert: Humph. Just tell me if it hurts.
Deliford: Ah! Ah, ack! That's... That's...
Albert: Humph. Too much for ya?
Deliford: No, that's just right. Ack! Oh...
Vyrn: Wow! It looks like it's really working! Hard to believe Albert's fixing up that geezer with electricity...
Vyrn: Haha! You'd never have imagined you'd grow up to be Old Man Sparks!
Albert: Don't call me an old man!
Deliford: ...?
Rackam: Albert! What are you doin'!
Albert: Huh? Oh, sorry. I guess when I got mad I increased the power... Are you all right, Deliford?
Deliford: ...
Rackam: Hey, he's not dead, is he?
Albert: The voltage wasn't that high... At least I think not.
Rackam: Oy, oy, are you okay?
Albert: Ugh. You know, Vyrn is as much to blame as I am!
Vyrn: What! I didn't even do anything!
Albert: Yeah, right! If you wouldn't have called me an old man, then this never would have happened!
Deliford: ...!
I... I feel...
Rackam: Hey, Deliford, are you feelin' all right?
Deliford: Hmm. I feel kinda numb, but other than that I'm fine.
Albert: I'm really sorry, Deliford.
Deliford: It's fine, Albert. It was just because of what Vyrn said.
Deliford: I don't blame you.
Albert: I appreciate that, Deliford...
Lyria: Umm, well, I guess everything's okay now.
Rackam: Ah... Yeah, I guess so.
Deliford: About that... Why do people call you an old man?
Deliford: What could be the reason? You don't look the part...
Albert: Hmm. You don't think so either huh. To be honest I'm not sure why anyone does!
Vyrn: Your conversations are always too serious! That's why they call you an old man!
Albert: Hey! I said cut it out!
Deliford: Aaah!
Albert: Ah! Sorry. Looks like I did it again...
Deliford: Ack. That lightning worked like a charm, Albert.
Albert: But, Deliford, I...
Deliford: ...
Albert: Hey! Wake up, Deliford!
Lyria: Oh no! We have to help him!
Rackam: Crud... Deliford's completely fried now.
Vyrn: Oops... My bad, gramps.
Rackam: Great... Looks like we're gonna have to turn down that mission.
The next day Deliford wakes up and his soreness has completely gone away. He now feels better than ever.
Albert's electrotherapy becomes popular among the crew. They all start to think maybe they'd like to give it a try someday.

Just Beyond Reach

Chivalrous knight Deliford and former bandit Garma have taken on a job to protect some children. Though having little love for bandits, Deliford tries his best to approach Garma with no prejudices. However, Garma's rough demeanor toward their wards does nothing to dispel Deliford's preconceived notions of him. In the end Garma reveals that his rough demeanor was not without a reason, forcing Deliford to reevaluate his assessment of Garma's character. The unlikely pair grow a little closer.

Deliford: What! Very well, Sir Garma and I shall undertake this task.
Garma: We will?
—Several hours earlier—
Deliford, with the rest of the crew, learn of a job from (Captain).
The job is to protect a group of wealthy children who are being chased by monsters as they evacuate to somewhere safe.
Deliford and Garma, now separated from the rest of the crew, make their way through a thick forest with the children.
Garma: This way, hurry up.
Child 1:
Child 2:
Deliford: Sir Garma, is there no way you can try to speak a little more politely? I'm afraid you're scaring the poor younglings.
Garma: No. I'm here to protect the kids, no one said anything about talking nice.
The guardians Garma and Deliford can't seem to stop bickering.
Deliford: (…What could have possessed Captain (Captain) to allow such an uncouth person such as this into the crew…)
The ever serious and overly chivalrous Deliford does not think highly of the former bandit Garma.
Deliford: (…How many bandits did I arrest during my time in the army? And not a single decent man among them…)
"Children depend on adults, so it is the duty of adults to be dependable."
Deliford, who believes wholeheartedly in this creed, finds it difficult to trust Garma.
Deliford: (…Hmm, but I suppose if (Captain) trusts him, then I should give him the benefit of the doubt…)
A child trips in the mud and falls over.
Child 1: Ugh, I don't wanna walk any more!
Garma: Stop being such a crybaby. Get up, we're moving out.
Garma carries on in his irascible way.
Child 2: What! How dare you! I've had quite enough of your insolence! You've been paid to do a job, now do it!
Garma: Of course. The job we have been paid for is to protect you. Good manners will cost you extra.
Deliford: Inconceivable… To talk in such a way to such small children…
Deliford takes the children by the hand.
Child 1: Th-thanks…
Deliford: Not necessary. After all, if children are to depend on adults, it is the duty of adults to be dependable.
Deliford: Now, let us venture forth! I shall take responsibility over your safety from here on!
Just as Deliford takes the children away from Garma, something appears from the bushes.
Monster: GRRRRRR!
In the blink of an eye Garma rushes over and protects the children.
Garma: Ugh!
Deliford: Huh? Garma!
Garma: Guagh! Get the monster!
Deliford: YEARGH!
Garma and Deliford successfully fend off the monster.
Deliford: Apologies… If I hadn't gone off with the younglings, this never would have happened…
Deliford: I'm sorry, Sir Garma… In the end it was you who saved the children.
Garma: Of course it was. I told you that I'm here to do a job, didn't I?
Deliford: Heh, I was wrong about you, Sir Garma.
Deliford turns to face the weakened monster and is about to put the beast out of its misery.
Garma: Deliford, wait.
Garma stops Deliford, then steps in between the children and the monster.
Child 1: Eek!
Child 2: Agh! What are you doing?
Monster: GRRRRRR!
Deliford: Wha-! What is the meaning of this?
Garma: Not quite yet… Come on, hand it over.
In response to Garma's words, the children produce something from their bag.
It is a monster egg. The monster retrieves the egg and runs away.
Deliford: …So that is why the monster went for the children…
Child 1: Sob… Sniff… W-we're sorry…
Child 2: Waaaaaah! We won't do it again, we promise! Just don't tell our parents!
Garma: I will tell them. Brats need to be taught a lesson while their young.
Garma and Deliford continue admonishing the children for bringing the monster upon them.
As they make their way to tell the client that the job has been completed, Deliford asks Garma a question.
Deliford: How did you know that the children had stolen that egg?
Garma: Heh, it was obvious. You can tell if someone is hiding something from their eyes.
Deliford listens to Garma and contemplates his words very carefully.
Deliford: Impressive… You were keeping a closer eye on the children than I was the entire time.
Deliford is embarrassed by the fact that he let his preoccupation with Garma get in the way of his duty to protect the children.
Deliford: …It seems there is still a lot I need to learn…
Deliford has a newfound respect for Garma.
—Several days later—
Deliford spots Garma on the deck of the Grandcypher.
Deliford: Well, well, if it isn't Sir Garma! So this is where you've ben hiding!
Garma: What's up? Another job?
Deliford: No, no new job…
Garma: Then what? I can't think of any other reason you'd come and talk to me.
Deliford: D-do I need a reason to want to talk to a fellow crewmate?
Garma: Tch…
Deliford: Hahahaha! Well if you really don't mind, how about a little gossip!
Ignoring Garma's discomfort, Deliford continues talking.
Aboard the deck of the Grandcypher, a gloomy looking Garma chats with Deliford.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
この槍に貫けないものなどないのだ! There's nothing my spear can't penetrate!
決して無理はしていない! Nothing I can't handle!
私はギリギリお兄さんだ! Hey, I'm still young, you know?
む……鎧が蒸れてきたのだ Phew, it's getting hot in this armor...
現役を貫くのだ! I shall fulfill my role!
ぐ……筋肉が悲鳴を! Ugh... my muscles are not happy.
負けんのだ……筋肉痛などには! I won't lose... to sore muscles!
オイゲン殿は若々しいのだ Eugen is so youthful.
(主人公)殿、湿布はないだろうか Do we have a poultice, (Captain)?
(主人公)殿、若さは一瞬なのだ (Captain), youth is not everlasting.