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Dragon Language is a language that is spoken by Lindwurm and Six-Dragons. It's a language that is unintelligible by Main Character.

Dragon Language is a phonetic language, which means the vowels and consonants are spelled as-is. While in the game, the language is translated into perceivable language during the free quest.

The language is derived from Japanese language, but with reversed romaji spelling. That means, both language shares similar structure of subject-object-verb word order. The similar is also true; the sentence might not have subjects, and the listener can infer the subject based on context and the form of verb.

Notes for readers

  • You can help by contributing a transcription, interpretation, or translation.
    • (Note: Machine translations, such as Google Translate, are not acceptable.)
  • For wiki purposes, all lines inside square brackets are marked as intelligible, and don't need to be deciphered.
  • Interpretation of original and Japanese speech comes from various sources:

Voice Lines

All Six Dragon's voice lines are scrambled through a cipher, which works as follows:[1][2]

  • The words are separated per word and per particles, then romanized. For example:
    空図の欠片 → 空図 の 欠片 → くうず の かけら → kuuzu no kakera
  • The letters are reversed per character basis, based on its romanization.
    kuuzu no kakera → uzuuk on arekak
  • Some subject names and interjections aren't reversed, and thus spoken normally.
    オイラはビィ → オイラ は 「ビィ」 → oira ha [bii] → ario ah [bii]
    おお、強いの特異点な → [oo], tuyoi no tokuiten na → [oo], ioyut on netiukot an
  • There are some discrepancies on how the words are separated and ciphered.
    • For example, we would expect the phrase "光よ" to be separated as "hikari yo". However, the game treats it as a single word, resulting in the ciphered phrase being "oyrakih".
    • Another example is the interjection "saa". While Fediel and Ewiyar's lines doesn't cipher the said interjection, Wilnas and Lu Woh's lines ciphers the interjection, resulting in the ciphered interjection "aas".
  • Since the process involves reversing character order per word basis, the same method can be used to decipher the cipher sentence to recover the original speech. External application such as Audacity can be used to reverse sections of voice.
    agaw ezak on arakit ow etesim uoray
    waga kaze no tikara wo misete yarou → 我が風の力を見せてやろう
  • Lindwurm calls the Main Character the "painter of the singular pigment" (世を染む特異の色), while most of the other dragons simply call them the "Singular"/"Singular One" (特異) as opposed to the conventional "Singularity" (特異点). While there is currently no official translation for "特異", we have chosen to keep the term distinct from "Singularity".

OriginalThis is an unofficial, amateur transcription. JapaneseThis is an unofficial, amateur transcription/interpretation. EnglishThis is an unofficial, amateur translation. Play
Battle Start 「いざ、真龍の裁くを下さん」 Now, the judgement of a true dragon shall be delivered.
「真龍リンドヴルム、いぞ!」 I am the true dragon Lindwurm, come!
Phase 1 Normal Attack ウゥン! Nnhh!
ウオォ Hooo!
Readying Spindleston/Wurm's Thunder 「抗うか。よかろう!」 So you resist. Very well!
Spindleston ヴォオオゥ Vroooaaah!
Wurm's Thunder [yokarou]. irakih oy orezah! 「よかろう」。光よ爆ぜろ! Very well. Light, burst forth!
Readying Hound's Flame 「は、は、は!真龍と渡り合うか!」 Ha, ha, ha! So you wish to contend with a true dragon!
Hound's Flame ヴォオオオォォァアアァ! Vrroooooaaaaaaaaahhhhh!
Entering Overdrive 「フゥゥン…いいだろう、ならばゆくぞ!」 Hmm... All right, then here I go!
Phase 2 Battle Entry 「世の色を染む者、平伏せよ」 Those muddying the colors of the world, fall prostrate.
「これも定めだ、人の子よ」 This too, is destiny, Mortals.
Normal Attack フゥン! Hmmmh!
oyrakih 光よ O, light.
Readying Meteor/Meteor Shower/Wurm's Thunder [naraba]. agaw owim ikijnok in 「ならば」。我が身を金色に Then. With my golden shine...
Meteor 「受けよ!!真龍の裁きよ!」 Take this! True Dragon's judgement!
Meteor Shower/Readying Divine Breath 「人の子よ、この力を使わせてれるな」 Mortals, don't make me use this power.
Wurm's Thunder etisos irakih ow usagah そして光を剥がす Then be flayed by the light.
Divine Breath 「ぬははは、目覚めた甲斐有りよ」 Hahaha! Someone worth awakening for.
Upon Defeat 「吾の力及ばずか。人の子よ、許せよ」 So my power couldn't reach yours. Mortals, forgive me.
「特異の色、斯く在りきか…」 So, this is the color of the Singular One...

OriginalThis is an unofficial, amateur transcription. Japanese
(Interpreted)This is an unofficial, amateur transcription/interpretation.
EnglishThis is an unofficial, amateur translation. Play
Battle Start uys on uyr [wilnas]. iukot on oonoh ow uoaruk. 朱の竜、「ウィルナス」、特異の炎を喰らおう。 I, Vermillion Dragon Wilnas, will devour the flames of the Singular One.
onos ori iah om nasokon その色、灰も残さん Not even ashes of that pigment shall remain.
Phase 1 Normal Attack usubut! 潰す! I'll crush you!
ウンッ! Unnh!
Readying Heat Ray/Black Creavasse/Magma Chamber omotukasiit iukot ka 小さくとも、特異か… You may be small, but you are the Singular One...
Heat Ray uneik oonoh ow ourayeteruk 消えぬ炎をくれてやる I'll show you my undying flames!
Black Creavasse imati ag ukibagan ekad oz 痛みが長引くだけぞ You're only prolonging your suffering.
Magma Chamber amustamnad om nasokon! 断末魔も残さん! Not even your death throes shall remain!
Readying Hadron Sphere [fufufu]. okasiit om anioyut 「フッフフ…」小さくも強いな Fufufu... you're small, but you're strong.
Hadron Sphere ikiiama ow umozon ak 甘い息を望むか Do you long for a sweet breath of air?
Entering Overdrive eraw ow neroso itaruh onom em! 我を恐れん不埒者め! A wretch who is not scared of me!
Phase 2 Battle Entry irumen ow ategatamas onom ah usoboroh 眠りを妨げた者は滅ぼす I will destroy those who disturb my rest.
inum esik iukot oy! 無に帰せ、特異よ! Return to nothingness, Singular One!
Normal Attack agisum! 虫が! Pests!
oyih! 火よ! O, flame!
Readying Magma Chamber/Heat Ray/Pale Fire aas ogukak ow oresamus! さぁ覚悟を済ませろ! Now, prepare yourselves!
Magma Chamber adabaras. oyomodisum さらばだ。虫共よ This is goodbye, pests.
Heat Ray awot in oyerakay 永遠に焼かれよ Burn forever...
Pale Fire フゥァァァァァアッ! Fuaaaaaaaaaaah!
Readying Hadron Buster usokon ah amasik on egak adimon 残すは貴様の影のみだ The only thing left of you will be your shadows.
Hadron Buster フゥウゥン…ハァァァアァッ!! Hmm... Haaaaaaah!!
Upon Defeat オォォ…ウワアアアァァ!! Oooh... uaaaaaaaaaagh!
iukot on onom eraw ow uarah ak... 特異の者、我を払うか… So the Singular One can wipe me away...

  • Voice Actor: ???
OriginalThis is an unofficial, amateur transcription. Japanese
(Interpreted)This is an unofficial, amateur transcription/interpretation.
EnglishThis is an unofficial, amateur translation. Play
Battle Start umokimon のみこむ Swallooow.
uosisio おいしいそう Seeeeems deeeeliciooouuusss.
Phase 1 Normal Attack - ンムゥンウゥゥン Mnnnuuugggn.
umon んのぉおぉむぅ Driiiiiiinkkkkkk.
Incanted Attack Readying iasiit odorek uosisio! ちぃさいいけぇどおおいしそぉお! Tiiiiinyyyy buuuuut seeeeems taaaaastyyyyy!
Hydrozoa eamisettook こおってしまえ Freeeeeeezzzzze.
Vortex Core enuara あらうね Waaashhhh dooooowwwnnnn.
Stance Attack Readying eamo urebat おまぇたゔぇる I'll eaaaaaaaat yoooooou.
Innocence Drain urebat たべええええええるう Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt.
Vessel Fall イィイヒィヒヒヒィ Hiiiieeee heheheeeeee
Entering Overdrive eu... edeu?? うええ…うえええでえ?? Aaaaa... frooooom aboooovveeee??
Phase 2 Battle Entry iukot on onome とくいいうのえもおのお Siiinguulaaar oneeeee iiiiisss prreeeyyy.
Normal Attack emuzis! しいずうめえ! Siiiink doooooown!
Readying Innocence Attractor urebat... urebat! urebat!! たべる…たべる!たあああべるううう!! Eaaaattt... Eaaaattt! EAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!
Innocence Attractor uosisio おいしいそう Seeems deeeeliciooouuusss.
Readying Forceful Bite/Hydrozoa/Vortex Kernel uresarook, ukaduk, usakot! こおらせるう、くだくう、とおかあすう! Freeezzeee, crussshhh, meeellltttt!
Forceful Bite urebat たべええええええるう Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt.
Hydrozoa ンモォオオオオオゥ! Mnnmmmggoooooaaaaahh!
Vortex Kernel usaganiso! おおしいなあがあすうう! Waaaashhhh aaawaaaayyyy!
Upon Defeat アァッ!アァァァ… Aaa! Aaaaaaaaa...
iuta... ukawak... あとういい…かあわあく… Hooootttt... Me dryyyiiinnggg...

OriginalThis is an unofficial, amateur transcription. Japanese
(Interpreted)This is an unofficial, amateur transcription/interpretation.
EnglishThis is an unofficial, amateur translation. Play
Battle Start [oou], uognok on ubut uoaruk 「オォウ」、金剛の粒喰らおう Ooh, an indestructible grain, I eat.
akuregin. etiura uoo 逃げるか。歩いて追おう You run away. I follow.
Phase 1 Readying Island Hurl/Atomic Vise [galleon] ozoioyut 「ガレヲン」強いぞ Galleon strong, you know.
Island Hurl ヌゥウゥゥン! Nggghhh!
Atomic Vise ヴォオオォオオォォゥ!! Uoooooouuuuuuh!!
Readying Swat/Clast Regain ウゥゥン Unngh...
Swat etekakio uoaruk 追いかけて喰らおう Chase and eat.
Clast Regain aros in ometi imuh usubut 空にいても踏み潰す Even in the skies, I trample.
Phase 2 Battle Entry iatak ori ad iorisomo 硬い色だ面白い Stubborn pigment, interesting.
Island Hurl amis eruh! 島ぁ降れ! Island, crash!
Readying Atomic Vise [galleon] on arakit uoyesim 「ガレヲン」の力見せよう Galleon will show his power.
Readying Rubble Rain/Terranean Paroxysm usubut 潰す Crush...
Rubble Rain [galleon] on utat orokot it urodo 「ガレヲン」の立つ所地踊る Galleon stands, ground dances.
Terranean Paroxysm ヴゥエ ヴゥオォオォオオォォ!! Fuah... hoooooouuuh!!
Upon Defeat adarak... ureruzuk... 体…崩れる… My body... crumbling...
[ooo...] [galleon] ow... atiaduk... 「オォオ…」「ガレヲン」を…砕いた… Ooogh... Galleon... was crushed...

OriginalThis is an unofficial, amateur transcription. Japanese
(Interpreted)This is an unofficial, amateur transcription/interpretation.
EnglishThis is an unofficial, amateur translation. Play
Battle Start ius on uyr [ewiyar]. iukot ow uuhug in nasek. 翠の竜「イーウィヤ」。特異を颶風に消さん。 I, Emerald Dragon Ewiyar, will destroy the Singular One with my hurricane.
iasiit uoniasiit 小さい小さいのぅ Tiny, so tiny...
Phase 1 Normal Attack フンッ Fuuh.
ebot 飛べ Fly.
Incanted Attack Readying [fufufu]. nubnoz in arakit ow uouruh 「フッフッフッ」。存分に力を振るおう Fufufu. I shall use my power to its utmost extent.
Wind Speed: 180 m/s [fufufu]. uuhug in erodo 「フッフッフッ」。颶風に踊れ Fufufu. Within the hurricane you shall dance.
Mach 3 コオォォォ…オォッ!! Kooo...ooooah!!
Stance Attack Readying [saa]. iiagukonono 「サァ」。慄くがいい Now, tremble in fear.
Easy Collapse nasis agurus ioy 四散するがよい You shall be scattered in all directions.
Flying Debris ukakoj ot inon iiaguam 城郭と野に舞うがいい Flit about this fortress.
Entering Overdrive iisakazok! 小賢しい! Such insolence!
Phase 2 Battle Entry ubustanus em etisabotikuh uoray 砂つぶめ吹き飛ばしえやろう These grains of sand before me shall be blown away.
orionos atakota om nasokon その色跡形も残さん Not even the trace of your pigment shall remain.
Normal Attack ヌゥン Nnn!
orekas 避けろ Dodge this.
Incanted Attack Readying isum em inarah ettamis uoray 虫め腹にしまってやろう Damn insects, I'll put you away in my stomach.
Meteor Feather negak ag unakik uon. [fufufu]. 加減が効かぬのぅ。「フッフッフッ」。 Perhaps I should stop holding back. Fufufu.
Mach 3 usubut 潰す Be crushed.
Wind Speed: 256 m/s [oya]. ahera atiabah ozekad? 「オヤ」。あれは羽ばたいただけぞ? Oh? Am I just flapping my wings, though?
Readying Dragon's Nest agaw ezak on arakit ow etesim uoray 我が風の力を見せてやろう Witness the power of my wind.
Dragon's Nest ikuh ubasus ezak in erit! 吹き遊ぶ風に散れ! Scatter to the fiercely blowing winds!
Upon Defeat aaaaamasik!! 貴様ぁぁぁぁあ!! Damn yoooouuu!!
eraw ah uyr oz! uyr on os oz! 我は竜ぞ!竜の祖ぞ! I am a dragon! The progenitor of dragons!

  • Voice Actor: ???
OriginalThis is an unofficial, amateur transcription. Japanese
(Interpreted)This is an unofficial, amateur transcription/interpretation.
EnglishThis is an unofficial, amateur translation. Play
Battle Start uruyara irakih ah agaw inet あらゆる光は我が手に All light is within my possession.
eraw ag iukot on ori ow ukoris uosubut 我が特異の色を白く潰そう I will crush the Singular One's pigment into white.
Phase 1 Normal Attack usaret 照らす Illuminate.
ukuyabam 眩く Glimmer.
Readying Radiant Spear [hou]. inaras esaret ot usuom ak 「ホゥ」。更に照らせと申すか Ooh. You wish for me to shine even brighter.
Radiant Spear ukuysi oyes etebus ow utagu 萎縮せよ全てを穿つ Shrink away, as I pierce all and everything.
Readying Thunderblast/Magnetic Storm/Violectric Refraction ukoris on urasawa ag oris oy? 白くの合わさるが白よ? Is this not bright enough for you?
Thunderblast imay in ikut usomot ag agaw irakih oy 闇に月灯すが我が光よ Not even the moon's darkness can hide my light.
Magnetic Storm ukenama etebus oris ot nasak 遍く全て白と化さん All and everything will be made white.
Violectric Refraction egokekay egak imon etisokon oyeik! 焼け焦げ影のみ残して消えよ! Scorch, burn, may naught but your shadow be left!
Entering Overdrive aas irakih on ehakan さぁ、光の中へ Now, into the light.
Phase 2 Normal Attack - フンッ Hnnh!
Readying Binding Illumination agaw irakih ah ukuyabam 我が光は眩く My light will blind all.
Binding Illumination utahuoj oris! 蒸発しろ! Disappear!
Readying Magnetic Storm/Violectric Refraction em ow aberekumos ureik adimon 目を乖ければ消えるのみだ Turn your eyes away, and naught but oblivion awaits you.
Magnetic Storm ubutok in abegin ah ozian 小粒に逃げ場は無いぞ There is no escape, you speck of dust.
Violectric Refraction etisaret uoray ekaras esad! 照らしてやろうさらけ出せ! Let me illuminate you, lay bare all you have!
Readying Flashpoint Trajectory irakih aharak eragon ozunerar 光からは逃れられぬぞ You can't escape from the light.
Flashpoint Trajectory irakih on ineam etebus ah ureik 光の前に全ては消える Vanish before the light.
Upon Defeat eraw... ah... aheraw... uyrukor... 我…は…我は…六竜… I... am... I am... one of the Six Dragons...

  • Voice Actor: ???
OriginalThis is an unofficial, amateur transcription. Japanese
(Interpreted)This is an unofficial, amateur transcription/interpretation.
EnglishThis is an unofficial, amateur translation. Play
Battle Start uruyara ori ah oruk in ukuzisak あらゆる色は黒に傅く All colors tend to black.
iukot ow ukoruk etisubut uoray 特異を黒く潰してやろう The Singular One will be crushed into black.
Phase 1 Normal Attack - ハッハッハッハッ Hahahaha.
- オォオン! Hoooo!
Incanted Attack Readying ehimay 闇へ Into the darkness...
Miasma Storm ageraw oruk in etegaemos ouray 我が黒に染め上げてやろう I'll dye it all black.
Flame of Reversal iassi on eragek ow urasiabu 一切の穢れを奪い去る I will take away of all the impurities.
Stance Attack Readying [hora], iraka ow uorai 「ほら」、灯りをやろう There, let me illuminate you.
Cursed Stakes [khakaka], ukaga ag ii! 「クァクァクァ」、足掻くがいい! Kahaha, struggle all you want!
Death's Seduction [saa], imay ow inaras ukok 「サァアアアァ」、闇を更に濃く Now, the darkness grows even deeper...
Entering Overdrive etebus ukoruk usubutirun 全て黒く塗りつぶす I will paint it all black.
Phase 2 Normal Attack - ックァァァァァ Kuaaaaah.
- ムウウウンンン Mnnnnnh.
Incanted Attack Readying imay on akan iodam uobutez oris 闇の中惑い絶望しろ Wander and despair within the darkness.
Soul Breaker ominan unaim ohsab eh 何も見えぬ場所へ Go where none can be seen.
Flame of Reversal ikoruk uyrnoh in orerubut 黒き本流に潰れろ Be crushed by a torrent of darkness!
Stance Attack Readying imay in eodam iukot oy 闇に惑え特異よ Lose yourself in the darkness, Singular One.
Calamitous Rain orito 落ちろ Fall down.
Death's Seduction imay in eterabokah akuroyiresa? 闇に運ばれて焦りよるか? Will the darkness swift you away?
Upon Defeat anakab... adezan... 馬鹿な…何故だ… No way... how...
[haaa... haaaah...!] iisubam!! 「ハァアァッ…ハァアァァッ!」眩しい!! Hah... haah...! How dazzling!!