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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Taking strolls
Likes Teatime with Gabriel, beautiful things
Dislikes Noisiness, things that are not beautiful

Character Release


Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不明
Height 不明
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies 散歩
Likes ガブリエルとのお茶会、美しいもの
Dislikes 騒がしいもの、美しくないもの

Character Release


Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Here you are, (Captain).
I hear today's your birthday.
The others in the crew let me know.
They also told me what usually happens on this special occasion.
(Captain), here is my birthday present to you. I hope you like it.
I created this talisman by crystallizing the elements that make up water.
Put this on, and it will protect you from all water-related hazards.
Choose: Thanks
The smile on your face is all the thanks I need. Well then—
I'm sorry, (Captain). I forgot to say something very important.
(Captain), happy birthday.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm delighted to be here to celebrate this glad occasion with you.
Here. This year, I wove together the elements that make up water to create a shawl for you.
I've crafted it to keep you cool when the weather is hot, and warm when it's cold outside.
After all, it is the duty of a crew member to look after their captain, is it not?
Haha... Giving gifts is so much fun. I feel like I'm really one of you.
I have a feeling I may enjoy your birthday even more than you do, (Captain).


(Captain), all the best to you and the years to come.
This is my present to you—an outfit crafted from the essence of water. Wearing it will allow you to breathe underwater.
Haha, forgive me. That was a jest.
I picked this up in town, thinking it would look great on you.
It took some bravery on my part to blend in with mortals and enter a shop to choose a present...
But my desire to celebrate your birthday gave me courage.
It was a refreshing experience... And I owe it all to you, (Captain).
Going forward, I hope to learn so much more from you.


Today is your special day, correct? Happy birthday.
I'm afraid it won't be much, but please allow me to celebrate with you.
I'd like to take you to the most delightful places I know today.
I've already made all the arrangements, including dinner, so please leave everything to me.
The world of mortals is quite complicated, so it took some time, but I was somehow able to manage.
By the way, this is what you'd call a... "date," correct?
I plan to keep you all to myself on our date together.
Hehe... I hope you enjoy it. Now then, let's be on our way.


Today is your special day, (Captain). Happy birthday.
I'm delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate this day with you.
I hope that you will accept this humble gift.
Your present is standing in front of you right now.
Yes, that's correct. I myself am your gift. I give you my all.
I consulted with Gabriel, and she assured me that this would be the perfect present.
However... I completely forgot to ask what happens next.
Is there anything specific you would like me to do, (Captain)?
I'm more than willing to do anything within my power. So please don't hesitate to ask.
I shall serve you with all my heart and soul.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), happy New Year.
The others in the crew tell me that is the greeting mortals use on this occasion.
I apologize in advance, but I'll have to take some time off.
I must offer a New Year's greeting to Gabriel as well.
But don't fret. I will return as soon as I've had the chance to say my salutations.
This is where I belong now.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
How has the last year treated you? I hope I feature in at least one of your fond memories.
The times I've shared with you glimmer like stars in the firmament of my memory.
I'll do my best to be at least some small part of your coming year too.
Let's make all the good memories we can.


(Captain), happy New Year.
Thank you for always taking care of me. I'll be in your capable hands this year as well.
I am about to visit Gabriel to give my New Year's greeting.
Would you care to join me?
I have heard that it is a mortal custom to bring those close to you for the trip.
It would also be nice to have another person aid me in recounting what we have been up to this past year to her.
Are you sure?
Thank you very much. It pleases me greatly to have you along.
Shall we head out then?


(Captain). Forgive my tardiness, but Happy New Year.
You visited the shrine early this morning, finished your New Year's greetings, and enjoyed your special dishes.
What are you planning to do now?
Hmm... There's still a lot of daylight left, but you intend to spend it resting? Are you feeling unwell?
You're having a lazy new year? I never realized such a way to enjoy this day existed. I'm ashamed of my lack of awareness.
In that case... would you mind if I lazed about with you?
I thought it might auger well for the coming year if we were to begin it by lying next to each other enjoying a nap.
Now then, (Captain). Let's retire to your room. I'd like you to teach me everything that having a lazy new year entails.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I look forward to another wonderful year together.
Oh, forgive me. I was in a bit of a daze for a moment.
I had a little to drink at the New Year's party that began early this morning, so I'm feeling rather giddy...
At this rate, I may end up acting somewhat bolder than usual.
I'm afraid I'll show you a side of myself that I normally keep hidden...
(Captain), I know this is sudden, but you mustn't come to my room tonight.
I have a feeling that if you do, something... unexpected might happen.
Have I made myself clear? Under no circumstances are you to come to my room.
No matter what...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Valentine's... So this is the day on wich you present loved ones with chocolate.
I understand now.
In witch case, I'd like to give you chocolate too, (Captain).
If you will please be patient a while longer...
I'll be back with the goods in a bit, (Captain).
(Captain), I've returned with the chocolate. I hope you enjoy it.
Teehee. Your smile brings warmth and satisfaction to my heart, (Captain).
I'll prepare something even fancier for you next year.
I hope you'll look forward to it.


(Captain), could I borrow you for a moment?
Today is Valentine's Day. I took the liberty of making you some chocolate, and poured my heart into it.
I hope you'll accept it.
Building on what I learned last year, I made you this rich ganache fudge.
I hope you like it...
Haha, that's exactly the reaction I wanted! I'm so pleased.
By the way, I heard from the crew that I should put some extra effort into how I give my gifts.
So I'll give that some thought.
You can expect a much more extravagant presentation next year.


This is for you, (Captain).
As today is Valentine's, I wanted to express my gratitude with these chocolates.
Last year, I said I'd put extra thought into how I present my gifts...
But I ended up forgoing that notion and presented my gift in the same manner I always have.
I was going to create an ice statue in my image, then embed the chocolate in the statue's bosom...
The warmth of your heart would open up its chest, giving you access to my chocolate...
But after discussing my plan with Gabriel, she strongly suggested that I give you the chocolate plainly...
Um... What do you think, (Captain)? Was my plan too outlandish after all?


???: House of Thebes!
(Captain) hears a voice call out from the kitchen while taking a stroll through the Grandcypher.
Europa: ...!
My plans have been laid bare... I was cooling some chocolate I had intended to give to you, (Captain).
I thought I could keep it hidden from you since it's almost finished...
I would have prefered to express my feelings without you discovering my plans like this but...
I hope you'll accept this expression of my girlish desires.
Hehe... I couldn't have imagined a day would come when I would speak of my feelings like this.
(Captain). I shall give these to you once they are finished, so please wait just a bit longer.
Hehe... Girlish desires... What a truly strange concept indeed. Hehehe...


There you are, (Captain). I've been searching for you.
Please accept this gift. Since today is Valentine's Day, I decided to make chocolates.
Um... If you wouldn't mind, may I feed one to you?
I've been quite interested in the custom ever since Gabriel told me about it, so if it isn't too much trouble...
Thank you very much. All right, (Captain). Open your mouth...
And say "ah"....
Teehee... That was delightful. There are still a good number remaining, you know. Would you mind if I fed them all to you?
Please, there's no need to be so reserved. Or perhaps...
Are you self-conscious of the fact that the tip of your tongue just touched my finger?
That was an unexpected pleasure for me... Please don't hesitate to enjoy it together with the chocolate.
Now then, say "ah"....

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake
2nd year: Truffles square.jpg Truffles
3rd year: Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake
4th year: Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake
5th year: Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hm, a gift for me? But why?
White Day?
Ah, I see. So today is the day to reciprocate kindness preformed on Valentine's
Forgive me. I'm still trying to get accustomed to the world of mortals.
As for your gift, I gladly accept.
Ah, it's nothing.
I just found it a bit embarrassing to have my affections returned.
Thank you for this, (Captain).


Is this for me? Oh, that's right. It's White Day, isn't it?
Thank you, (Captain).
Is it all right if I open it now?
Tea? And of very high quality, by the looks of it.
I feel a bit bad accepting such a lavish gift.
Oh, I see... Well, in that case, let's invite everyone here for a tea party.
It would be a waste to drink such good tea alone.


(Captain), how are you feeling? Today's weather is just perfect for a vacation.
Did you sleep well last night? Please remember to stay warm, as it's been rather chilly lately.
Ah, sorry, I didn't mean to drone on... Well then...
Huh? Yes?
Oh! You wanted to show your gratitude for Valentine's?
Why, thank you, (Captain).
To be honest, I was waiting for this. I was so eager for it that I ended up speaking at length.
Oh, how embarrassing that was...
But... Teehee... You've made my day, (Captain).


Oh, (Captain). This is thanks for my Valentine's gift, you say?
Thank you very much. But (Captain)... I saw you earlier...
You were handing out gifts to others as well...
Please don't try and hide anything. Did you wait to hand my gift over last because I'm not as important?
Hmph! You can't fool me!
Hehe... My apologies. I was merely playing a little trick on you.
How was my acting? Gabriel suggested I put on a bit of a show.
She said sometimes you must put distance between each other in order to grow closer.
And that, if things went smoothly, I could capture your heart...
Well? Was I able to capture your heart?


Is this a return gift for Valentine's Day, (Captain)?
Forgive me for saying this after you went to so much trouble, but... I'm afraid I can't accept it.
Once I do, this special day will be over, and my remaining time will be hollow and empty...
On that note, I have a favor to ask of you. Would you be willing to accompany me for the day?
I want to have you all to myself.
Actually... My apologies. That was selfish of me. Please consider my words to have been in jest.
My... Are you quite certain?
Thank you very much, (Captain). I have no doubt that this will be a wonderful memory.
And when this day comes to an end, please give me that gift.
I'm sure I will accept it with great emotion. Ah, I simply cannot wait!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

So this is Halloween... What a joyous event this is.
By the way, (Captain), can I ask you a question?
What does it mean when the children say "trick or treat"?
Ah, I see. So it means to either offer up candy or face the consequences.
What an interesting game... Teehee, perhaps I should have a go at it as well.
(Captain), trick or treat.
Which will it be? Will you take the easy way out, or will you take the brunt of whatever I have in store for you?
I leave the choice to you, (Captain).


Towns are always so lively on Halloween.
I still can't help wondering why people dress up as monsters though.
I see... So the disguises are meant to conceal their identities in order to protect them from evil spirits... How fascinating.
In that case, perhaps I should don a costume and venture into town myself.
(Captain), what kind of monstrous garb do you think would suit me best?


I occasionally see people frightening others on Halloween.
I thought to give it a try myself this year, and have been thinking of the best way to do it.
Forgive me for being so forward, (Captain), but is it okay if I try tricking you?
Thank you, (Captain). You are so generous.
Here I go...
House of Thebes!
Um... Are you okay? You took quite a few steps back...
That was the trick. I would never attack you for real.
I didn't think it'd be so effective... It's never easy finding that perfect balance. But now I know it works.
Teehee... I must say, you were quite adorable in the way you panicked, (Captain).


(Captain) stands confused, having been summoned by Europa only to find no one there.
Teehee... Forgive me.
Did I startle you? Since today is Halloween, I thought I'd have a little fun...
Oh... But I ended up playing a prank on you without first asking "Trick or treat?"
I was completely focused on wanting to see your surprised expression...
Please excuse my actions. That was quite unfair of me.
I'm willing to accept any sort of trick from you as an apology.
Now then, (Captain)... Please prank me however you see fit.


Today is Halloween, correct? I'm considering wearing a costume along with the rest of the crew this year.
I always envy how everyone seems to have so much fun dressing up in delightful attire that they wouldn't normally wear.
That being said, I'm rather reluctant to wear something too outlandish...
As a disciple of Gabriel, I must not exhibit shameful behavior.
But perhaps the embarrassment is part of what makes dressing up in costume so appealing?
Yes, I understand. Thanks to you, I am constantly learning about the world of mortals.
Thus, after several days of consideration, I have finally realized something.
I'm sure that I can handle any embarrassing form in front of you, and you alone.
So (Captain)... My wish is your command.
What sort of embarrassing appearance would you like me to assume?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), is everything okay? It's surprising to see you come out to town alone.
Me? I'm shopping for the party later.
Anyway, would you believe how lively it is out here today?
Is this how it usually is during the holidays?
I find it a bit noisy, but not altogether unpleasant.
What I do like is the smiles on everyone's faces...
It's quite a beautiful sight in its own way.
There is so much charm to be found in this world.
Just as Gabriel and the supreme primarch told me.


Look, (Captain). The town is positively glittering. These kinds of decorations only come out around the holidays.
They're so lovely... What a wonderful way to celebrate.
I can understand skydwellers' desire to spend such a special occasion with someone they care about.
That wish has already been granted for me—here I am, walking side by side with you after such a pleasant shopping trip.
Haha... I suppose we should get back to the ship. I'm sure preparations for the party are finished. Everyone must be waiting on us.
Still, there's no need to hurry...


(Captain), take a good look around. There is a distinct lack of snow, despite the approaching holiday.
I've heard that the celebration is improved drastically by the addition of snow.
I am inclined to believe it true. A world covered in pure white is a beautiful sight to behold. It puts the heart at ease.
And yet not a single snowflake is in sight...
Perhaps I should use my power and gather snow around the town myself...
Though leaving the matter to nature might be a better course. I'll place my faith in the skies.
Besides, there is a certain charm in waiting for snowfall together, don't you think?
Would you like to join me this evening, (Captain)?


(Captain), look outside. See? It's snowing.
At this rate, I have no doubt it will accumulate and paint this special night a brilliant white.
By the way, are you alone right now?
Could you lend me your ear for a moment? If you don't mind, that is...
Would you like to disembark from the ship together for a while?
Hehe. I'd like to try strolling through the snow-covered streets, just the two of us.
But I wonder why it is... When I get close to your face like that, my body feels like it's on fire...
Surely going out in the frosty weather will help cool me down.
Now, (Captain)—please rescue me from this blaze. Quietly...


It's gotten quite chilly. Are you cold, (Captain)? Do you mind if I touch your hand?
My, it's freezing. I'll use my own hand to warm it up, so let's continue on like this for now.
By the way, what are your plans for this evening?
Oh, of course... There's going to be a holiday party on the ship. How silly of me...
Er... I'm very much looking forward to the festivities, but I plan to excuse myself early.
If possible, could you come to my room by yourself after everything winds down?
I'd like to celebrate this night together in private, just the two of us... if you would be willing.
Knock three times, nice and slowly...
Hehe. That will be our secret signal. I'll make sure to tidy up my room, so I look forward to seeing you.
I plan to entrust the entirety of this special night to you, (Captain).

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Maiden of Water Descends

(Captain) and company awaken to a gentle murmur in the middle of the night. They go on deck to find Europa, who—with encouragement from Gabriel—wishes to join the crew and help deal with future threats.

A deep silence fills the night air as (Captain) sleeps in private quarters aboard the Grandcypher.
???: Please awaken, everyone...
A clear, gentle voice similar to that of a steady stream sounds off in their heads...
Quietly rousing them from a good night's rest.
Vyrn: Mng... This really beautiful voice was just talkin' to me...
Lyria: Yawn... I wonder who that might be...
Lyria and Vyrn look around while rubbing their eyes.
Lyria: Hm... I don't see anyone.
Vyrn: But I definitely heard it...
Lyria: Yeah... Me too...
???: I see you've woken from your sleep. Please come to the deck.
???: I await you there.
Lyria: Wha! The voice seems to be coming from inside my head...
Vyrn: What in the skies is going on?
Vyrn: It's telling us to go up on deck...
  1. What do you think's waiting for us?
  2. Let's check it out.

Choose: What do you think's waiting for us?
Vyrn: Don't tell me... A ghost?
Lyria: Eep! I-is it really a ghost?
Lyria: Um... Maybe we should just stay here? Especially if it really is a ghost...
Vyrn: I'm not sure ignoring it's the best idea either.
Vyrn: Let's just be careful on our way to check it out.
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Lyria: I-I'll come along too then! Being left behind alone would be the scarier option!
(Captain) and Vyrn give a wry grin in response before vigilantly making their way to the deck.

Choose: Let's check it out.
Vyrn: Yeah. We'd better keep our eyes peeled on the way up there just to be safe.
Lyria: Definitely...
(Captain) gives a knowing nod before heading up.
Continue 1
(Captain) and company step on deck to find a lone young woman looking up to the skies.
Upon noticing their presence, she holds the ends of her skirt and gracefully curtsies at the crew.
With her silky smooth skin and translucent dress illuminated by the silvery moonlight, the young woman's beauty transcends mortal boundaries.
Europa: It's been some time since our last encounter, Singularity.
Europa: And it's nice to meet you, girl in blue and crimson dragon...
Europa: I am Europa... disciple of Gabriel. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Taken by her graceful, refined movements, (Captain) and company watch with mouths agape.
Europa: Is something the matter?
Lyria: Ah! N-no, erm, nice to meet you?
Lyria: I was just surprised... by how beautiful you are.
Vyrn: Ah... So you're buddies with that primarch lady, huh?
Europa: Not quite. More precisely I am her disciple.
Lyria: Disciple? Um... What exactly does that...
???: It can mean many things. But in this case, you can take it to mean that she places the greatest amount of trust in me.
A blue light fills the surroundings, converging on a single point and taking on the form of a woman.
Lyria: Gabriel!
Gabriel: Long time no see. I'm glad to know you're all doing okay.
  1. What brings you here?

Choose: What brings you here?
Gabriel: It's about Europa. I'm sure she can explain herself, but...
Gabriel: I thought it'd be more fitting if I, too, gave a proper explanation.
Vyrn: Hm? Whaddya mean?
Europa: (Captain), do you remember the words I conveyed to you once before?
Europa: Like Gabriel before me, I shall remain by your side to assist you.
  1. You mentioned remaining by our side...

Choose: You mentioned remaining by our side...
Europa: Yes... That, I did.
Europa: And I've come today to fulfill that promise.
Europa: Please use my powers as you see fit, (Captain).
(Captain) and company incline their heads at Europa.
Lyria: Um... Do you mean that you'll join our crew?
Europa: Yes, that's right.
Vyrn: But what for? And whaddya mean "use your powers"?
Europa: Gabriel gave me orders to support your crew.
Gabriel: You all stand by the singularity—an existence deeply involved with the future of the skies.
Gabriel: As such, you are bound to encounter threats and engage in wars all too great.
Gabriel: Some of these perils may be too much for you all to handle.
Gabriel: But I firmly believe in you.
Gabriel: If we work closely together, we can surely overcome any threat.
Gabriel: And in order for that to be true, we need someone who can bridge the gap between us.
Gabriel: In essence, someone who travels by your side while maintaining close communication with us primarchs.
Gabriel: I've decided to ask Europa to take on that role.
Gabriel: What's more, she wishes for this opportunity herself.
Europa: After the cataclysms, Gabriel and the supreme primarch spoke to me at length.
Europa: There is so much beauty in this world, little different from that of the verdant greenery all around us.
Europa: The willingness of brave skyfarers to come together in solidarity—to help and safeguard each other where one can accomplish little alone...
Europa: Therein lies the greatest beauty of all... I was told.
Europa: They also mentioned that your crew was the one responsible for making such sweeping vistas of valor and graciousness possible.
Europa: I wish to see such loveliness with my own two eyes.
Europa: And that's when I decided, (Captain)...
Europa: That it would be best to be by your side.
Europa: So won't you please allow me to accompany you?
Gabriel: Europa's powers match mine in strength.
Gabriel: I'm sure you'll find her to be of great value.
  1. Glad to have you, Europa.
  2. There's room for you too, Gabriel.

Choose: Glad to have you, Europa.
Europa: You have my thanks, (Captain).
Gabriel: And mine as well...

Choose: There's room for you too, Gabriel.
Gabriel: Haha, I appreciate the invite. You're making me blush.
Gabriel: But I'm sorry to say... that I still have much to accomplish on my own.
Gabriel: So I'll have to turn you down.
Lyria: That's too bad.
Gabriel shares a faint smile.
Continue 2
The primarch then turns to her disciple.
Gabriel: Europa. I'm sure this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to explore the world's beauty.
Gabriel: And it will in turn make you a better person.
Gabriel: Europa, I'm expecting much from you. Perhaps we'll be able to stand together as equals when this is all over...
Europa: Gabriel... I'll do my best to meet your expectations.
Europa: Your wish is my wish.
Europa: All that I am... is yours to command.
Europa bows in deference to Gabriel.
Gabriel: Europa, my disciple... May the blessings of water be with you.
With that, Gabriel vanishes in a gust of wind, leaving behind a fountain of feathers.
Europa: Well then, (Captain). I hope we'll enjoy our time together.
Europa once again lifts the hem of her skirt and politely curtsies at the crew.
They look on with smiles.

The Beauty in People

After a nice meal in a suspiciously quiet town, (Captain) suddenly collapses. The crew brings the captain to a nearby clinic and learns from a local doctor that (Captain) has fallen to an epidemic that's been ravaging the town.

The crew stops by a nearby town to resupply.
After a busy shopping spree, the crew takes a break and grabs a meal at the local tavern.
Lyria: It's so quiet in this town...
  1. I hardly saw anyone on the streets...
  2. It's pretty empty in here too...

Choose: I hardly saw anyone on the streets...
Vyrn: Kind of a surprise given how nice the town is. Makes it feel kinda gloomy.

Choose: It's pretty empty in here too...
Vyrn: Yeah. Even back outside, I hardly saw anyone walking the streets.
Continue 1
Lyria: Mm-hm... I'm feeling lonely already.
Europa's expression is one of bafflement.
Europa: You think so? Personally I find it to be considerably lively...
Europa: In fact I'd call the atmosphere in this tavern rather boisterous.
Europa: Even if this... tea, as you call it, has gone to their heads, I find their conduct unbecoming.
Lyria: A-ahaha...
Vyrn: Anyhoo, I'm just about full. Let's get back to shopping.
The others bob their heads in agreement, and they all head out of the tavern together.
(Captain) and company make their way back to the Grandcypher.
(Captain) takes frequent sips of water as they go.
Vyrn: You've been chugging that nonstop, (Captain). Everything okay?
  1. I'm just really thirsty.

Choose: I'm just really thirsty.
Europa: Did the meal not suit your tastes?
Vyrn: Nah, that food was just the kind that (Captain) likes.
(Captain) is suddenly hit with vertigo and nearly falls over.
Vyrn: Whoa!
Europa firmly holds (Captain) up.
Europa: (Captain), is something the matter?
Europa: You appear pale.
Lyria: A-are you okay, (Captain)?
Lyria: You're burning up! And what are those blue spots covering your skin...
???: Hm? You folks all right?
Noticing something amiss, a concerned citizen approaches (Captain) and company.
Lyria: I'm not sure... (Captain) just suddenly fell ill...
Lyria: And now those blue spots are breaking out all over...
???: All of a sudden, you say? The rash and swelling I see here is...
???: Oh my!
The man touches the back of his hand to (Captain)'s forehead and throat.
Gran is the Main Character

???: Can I ask you folks a question? Did he happen to say anything about feeling really thirsty?
Djeeta is the Main Character

???: Can I ask you folks a question? Did she happen to say anything about feeling really thirsty?
???: And then proceed to guzzle bucketloads of water?
Europa: Yes. (Captain)'s mouth was on the water bottle almost nonstop.
???: Just as I thought...
Vyrn: You've got a clue what this might be?
Gran is the Main Character

???: I'll explain later! For now we must get him to a clinic.
Djeeta is the Main Character

???: I'll explain later! For now we must get her to a clinic.
The concerned citizen quickly piggybacks (Captain) and then runs off.
Lyria: W-wait!
Europa: We should follow them.
Still dazed at the whole situation, the others give chase.
The crew soon arrives at a nearby clinic.
Other patients are already lying in the beds, wheezing in pain.
???: We'll let your friend rest here for now.
The man lays (Captain) down on an empty bed.
???: Just lie still and relax.
Europa: I don't mean to be rude, but just who are you?
Town Doctor: I'm just a doctor working at this clinic.
Town Doctor: Sorry for dragging you all here without so much as an explanation.
Town Doctor: I didn't mean to panic you.
The town doctor offers the crew an apologetic bow.
Europa: A doctor? Ah, right, that's the profession of one who diagnoses and cures sicknesses, if I recall.
Europa: Well then, Doctor, I have a question for you.
Gran is the Main Character

Town Doctor: Lemme guess... You want to know his condition?
Djeeta is the Main Character

Town Doctor: Lemme guess... You want to know her condition?
Europa: Yes. What sort of illness could have possibly befallen (Captain)?
Europa: And the people here...
Europa: They all seem to have the same blue rash as (Captain).
Town Doctor: Some kind of epidemic has begun spreading across town.
Town Doctor: The people you see on these beds have all been infected.
Gran is the Main Character

Town Doctor: Just like him...
Djeeta is the Main Character

Town Doctor: Just like her...
Europa: You mean (Captain)'s fallen to some kind of plague?
Lyria: That can't be!
Europa loses her composure at the doctor's words.
Europa: Hm... I've heard skydwellers are prone to all sorts of illnesses.
Europa: But how did you know so soon that (Captain), too, was affected?
Town Doctor: Complaining of thirst and endlessly wanting to drink water are telltale symptoms.
Town Doctor: They'll take as many sips as they can get.
Town Doctor: But that thirst is never quenched.
Town Doctor: In fact the more they drink the worse the symptoms get.
Town Doctor: At a certain point, they succumb to a nasty fever and pass out with blue rashes all over their body.
Europa: I see. That's exactly what happened to (Captain).
Gran is the Main Character

Town Doctor: Yep, that's why I figured he was probably infected with this mysterious disease too.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Town Doctor: Yep, that's why I figured she was probably infected with this mysterious disease too.
Europa: Doctor... If there's anything at all we can do to help you determine the cure for this illness, please let us know.
Town Doctor: We physicians have been trying all sorts of remedies...
Town Doctor: But nothing seems to work.
Town Doctor: Truth be told we can't even pinpoint the cause of this disease.
Town Doctor: So we're pretty much at a loss on how to cure everyone...
Lyria: That's terrible...
Town Doctor: Either way I suggest your friend simply take it easy for now.
(Captain) responds with an affirmative grunt.
Lyria and the others look on with painful uneasiness.

The Beauty in People: Scene 2

The doctor explains that the symptoms of the illness get worse with every sip of water taken. Europa drinks some herself and learns that the town's water supply is contaminated. She generates her own purified water to help (Captain) recover.

Although the crew originally stopped in this town to resupply, things took an unexpected turn with the epidemic.
Though (Captain) is resting safely at the clinic, the captain's condition worsens with each passing minute.
Gran is the Main Character

Town Doctor: How is he?
Djeeta is the Main Character

Town Doctor: How is she?
Lyria: (Captain)'s noticeably worse off than before...
  1. Water... Please...

Choose: Water... Please...
Town Doctor: Sure thing. I'll be right back.
Town Doctor: Here you go.
The doctor hands (Captain) a cup with a small amount of water.
Vyrn: Really now, couldn't you have filled it up a little more?
Town Doctor: My apologies, but I can't afford to administer any more water than this.
Vyrn: Why not?
Town Doctor: As I said before, the symptoms only get worse the more water the patient drinks.
Gran is the Main Character

Town Doctor: And judging from your friend's current condition, I'd say this is the most he can handle.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Town Doctor: And judging from your friend's current condition, I'd say this is the most she can handle.
Europa: That water...
Europa looks suspiciously at the contents of the cup.
Europa: I must ask, Doctor—where did you get that water?
Town Doctor: Our water supply's not too far from here.
Town Doctor: It leads into a river that flows all the way to our town.
Town Doctor: I fetched the water from there... Why do you ask?
Europa: Can you hand that cup to me?
Town Doctor: Sure.
Europa takes the cup and sips.
Vyrn: Whoa! What are you drinking (Captain)'s refreshment for, Europa?
Europa's expression turns sour the moment the liquid passes her lips.
Europa: The smell and color of the water seemed foul... I needed a sip to confirm my suspicions.
Europa: And it seems I was right. The water's been contaminated with a terrible substance you wouldn't find under normal circumstances.
Europa places the cup on the table.
Vyrn: So you're saying it's rotten? Looks like plain ol' water to me though.
Europa: Yes, well... Perhaps it's because I've received Gabriel's blessing of water that I can sense it so easily.
Europa: Doctor, can we have another cup in here?
Town Doctor: Um, sure, I don't see why not...
Though puzzled at Europa's request, the doctor brings another cup from the kitchen.
Europa: (Captain). Leave it to me to prepare for you the purest of water.
Europa: If you must, please drink from this.
Europa places a hand over the cup.
The next moment, magical blue particles begin to form inside the empty cup.
They radiate with an intense brightness before turning into water.
Town Doctor: Wha!
Town Doctor: What in the skies did you just do!
Europa: I converged and compressed the moisture in the air to form water.
Europa: Impurities still remain in that initial state of course, so I used my powers to filter the water.
Europa: Here, (Captain). See if this makes you feel any better.
Europa: Please drink it slowly.
Europa brings the cup to (Captain)'s lips and helps the captain drink.
Town Doctor: Hey, now! You keep this up, and—
Europa: No need to worry. I'm certain this will make things better.
Eager to lubricate a dry throat, (Captain) eagerly swallows every last bit of water formed by Europa.
Shortly after, the captain begins to perspire profusely.
Lyria: Yikes, look at all that sweat...
Vyrn: Er... This can't be good, can it?
Europa: It's fine. (Captain) is simply purging the toxins in the form of sweat.
Europa: How about it, (Captain)? Are you feeling better?
  1. That was just what I needed...

(Captain) gets up from the bed.
Europa breaks into a grin at the sight of a healthy captain.
Choose: That was just what I needed...
Europa: I'm glad.
Vyrn: Is it just me, or is the color coming back to (Captain)'s face?
Lyria: Yeah. Even talking was difficult a moment ago, but now...
Lyria: The blue spots are all gone too!
Town Doctor: Holy smokes! How did you even do this?
Town Doctor: This is the first patient I've seen make such a recovery!
Town Doctor: No matter what we tried, the symptoms only got worse...
Town Doctor: Please, you have to tell me! How did you go about curing your friend?
The doctor's expression is one of ghastly dread as he desperately clutches at Europa.
Europa: I converged the elements that make up water and transformed them into a special essence...
Europa: Different from normal water, mine has toxin-purifying properties.
Europa: I used it to cleanse the impurities—or should I say poison—accumulated within (Captain)'s body...
Europa: By diluting that poison and allowing it to be discharged as sweat.
Town Doctor: What... Did you say poison? But then why would everyone fall ill at the same time?
Europa: The reason lies with this town's water supply.
Town Doctor: Huh?
Europa: The cup of water you brought us earlier...
Europa: It was filled with a very strong poison.
Town Doctor: Hold on a sec! That water came directly from the source—
Europa: Exactly. We can assume that the source itself is polluted.
Town Doctor: That... can't... be!
Europa: Drinking that water led to a buildup of toxins in (Captain)'s body.
Lyria: So basically everyone who drinks the water in this town falls sick...
Lyria: Is that what you're saying?
Europa: Precisely. In addition to enjoying a meal here...
Europa: (Captain) continued to drink this town's water.
Europa: That is likely how our captain was infected.
Vyrn: But me and Lyria ate at the tavern too. How come we're okay?
Europa: It could be either the amount you consumed... or a difference in your bodies' natural resistances...
Europa: To state another possibility...
Europa: You might be unaffected because of your form.
Town Doctor: Those infected naturally crave water in order to expel the toxins in their bodies...
Town Doctor: Yet the more they drink, the worse their condition becomes...
Town Doctor: To think that the town's water supply is polluted seems a sound conclusion.
Gran is the Main Character

Town Doctor: Not to mention that he recovered right before my eyes...
Djeeta is the Main Character

Town Doctor: Not to mention that she recovered right before my eyes...
Town Doctor: So you think everyone'll recover if we bring them water from elsewhere?
Europa: Yes. I believe that should work.
Town Doctor: We have more than enough reason to test the theory. Problem is where would we get clean water...
Town Doctor: Actually for starters, I should warn everyone to stop drinking the town's water.
A stern frown overtakes the town doctor's countenance.
But in his eyes shine a ray of hope.

The Beauty in People: Scene 3

Europa generates enough water to help the town recover from the illness. She is stunned by the beauty of everyone coming together to overcome this epidemic. When the crew goes to check on the town's water supply later, they find a giant creature nesting there.

(Captain) has regained mobility thanks to Europa's specially-formed water.
But it is still a far cry from the captain's usual self.
Europa: (Captain), I recommend you drink lots and lots of water to expel the toxins and get well soon.
Europa: I'll make you some more right away.
Europa generates another helping with each mouthful (Captain) takes in.
(Captain): ...
  1. I've never been so hydrated!

Choose: I've never been so hydrated!
Europa: Have you had enough already? More wouldn't hurt...
Vyrn: You sure that's a good idea? Looks to me like (Captain)'s tummy about to explode...
Europa: Explode?
Europa: Hm... I suppose that's a fair point. Even good things should be taken in moderation.
Europa: (Captain), my sincerest apologies.
Europa bows apologetically to (Captain).
Europa: Apparently the body of a mortal is more sophisticated than one may think.
Europa: From this point forward, I will keep in mind the fragility of a mortal's body.
Lyria: A-ahaha...
Town Doctor: Erm, if I may interrupt...
Europa: Yes? What is it?
Town Doctor: From your explanation earlier, it sounds like you're able to conjure water out of thin air?
Town Doctor: The type of water that can cleanse a poisoned body of toxins... If it's not too much to ask...
Europa: Of course. That would be a most simple feat.
Town Doctor: Please lend us... No, please lend this town your strength!
The doctor inclines his head toward Europa in deference.
Europa: ...
Town Doctor: With your powers... Saving everyone here would no longer be an impossible dream.
Town Doctor: So please!
The doctor looks straight into Europa's eyes.
And she is in turn moved by his determination.
Europa: The earnest look in your eyes... Your willingness to help others... I see nothing but beauty.
Europa: Please raise your head, Doctor. I'll gladly lend you my assistance if it will help.
Town Doctor: Why, thank you! I'll never forget this kindness! Now the people of this town will be...
Town Doctor: Aah... I've never been happier...
The town doctor bursts into tears of gratitude at Europa's words.
  1. You're gonna save the day, Europa.

Choose: You're gonna save the day, Europa.
Europa: I'm only doing what is natural.
Europa: Besides, isn't helping those in need...
Europa: How you do things in this crew?
Lyria: Mm-hm! We just can't ignore anyone who might need our help!
Europa: My mission from Gabriel is to stay by your side and lend you my powers...
Europa: So if it is your wish to save the people of this town...
Europa: I would be more than glad to assist in that endeavor.
Europa: After all it is during difficult times that people must come together.
Europa: That, in essence, is what brings about the greatest beauty in people.
Europa: Gabriel and the supreme primarch said as much.
Europa: Which is why I find so much meaning in being here.
Europa: Besides, I still have to thank the good doctor for helping you, (Captain).
Europa cracks a smile.
Europa: Doctor, where should I place my water?
Town Doctor: Erm, maybe we can use these cups...
Town Doctor: No, that would be terribly inefficient, especially if we factor in distribution to everyone.
Town Doctor: Not to mention the amount of stress it'd place on you...
Town Doctor: Ugh, there must be some other way...
Europa: Doctor. Is there no place around here where I can store mass amounts of water?
Town Doctor: Well, there is a reservoir for tilling the fields that's not in use anymore...
Europa: I'll make my preparations there then.
Europa: If I can fill an entire reservoir with water, there should be enough to hand out to everyone without any delay.
Town Doctor: W-would you really be okay with that? I can't imagine it being easy to generate that much water...
Europa: It won't be a problem. Please leave this to me.
Town Doctor: Ah... Bless you! I will never forget this kindness!
Wearing an expression of astonishment mixed with exuberance, the town doctor lowers his head into a deep bow.
Town Doctor: I'll call the townspeople still in good health and have them help distribute the water.
  1. Count us in.

Choose: Count us in.
Town Doctor: A-are you sure? You've only just recovered...
Vyrn: Of course we'll chip in!
Lyria: Uh-huh!
Town Doctor: Thank you all so much!
Afterward the crew helps dispense the pure water that Europa generates.
And the inflicted townspeople gradually recover.
Vyrn: So what now?
Lyria: Hm, didn't Europa say the water supply's contaminated?
Europa: ...
Lyria: Did I remember that right?
Europa: Mm...
Europa: Ah, sorry. My thoughts were focused elsewhere.
Vyrn: Is there something on your mind?
Europa: Well, it's just... The view is so beautiful here.
Europa is captivated by the sight of the town slowly coming to life.
Europa: They support and encourage each other, spreading the happiness within their hearts...
Europa: That joy serves as a life force and leads to the revitalization of the town in its entirety.
Europa: How lovely...
Lyria: Haha, I've never seen you so taken with something like that, Europa.
Europa: (Captain), I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for presenting me with such beauty.
Europa: ...
Ah, forgive my random musings.
Europa: You mentioned something else earlier?
Lyria: Um, you said the water supply's contaminated, right?
Europa: Yes. That seems rather obvious from the way the town's water looks.
  1. Let's go see that water supply then.
  2. Let's go after things settle down here.

Choose: Let's go see that water supply then.
Europa: Agreed. It would be too painful to bear the loss of the beauty that this town currently represents.
Town Doctor: I'll lead the way.

Choose: Let's go after things settle down here.
Town Doctor: Oh, I assure you the town's all good now. We still have more of that pure water Europa made us after all.
Vyrn: All righty, let's go check out this water supply.
(Captain) gives an affirmative nod.
Europa: Agreed. Nothing will change in the long-term unless we solve the root of this problem.
Town Doctor: Okay, I'll be your guide.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Chop, chop, guys.
The crew follows the town doctor to the water supply.
Under the good doctor's direction, (Captain) and company arrive at the water supply.
What they encounter is an abundance of monster and animal corpses floating on the surface of the water, their rotting flesh creating white, frothy waves across the pond.
Town Doctor: My goodness! How did things come to this... I can hardly believe it...
The flabbergasted doctor totters to the edge of the pond.
In the next instant, a huge column of water shoots up and out comes a gigantic creature.
In its vicious fangs lie a deceased animal half torn apart.
Town Doctor: Eek!
Vyrn: Run for it!
The town doctor makes a mad dash back to (Captain) and company.
Tossing the animal corpse aside like a rag doll, the creature hisses in intimidation and goes on the alert.
Europa: I see... So this creature preys on all who approach the pond.
Vyrn: Then all the bodies floating in there must be...
Europa: The remains left behind by this creature.
Europa: The blood and other fluids from those corpses mixed with the water, contaminating the entire pond.
Lyria: So that creature's responsible for dirtying the town's water supply?
Europa: It's certainly one factor.
Europa: At any rate we can't save the town's residents for good unless we deal with the creature first.
Town Doctor: The water that wells up here is the lifeblood of our town...
Town Doctor: We may as well be doomed if we're not able to drink this water anymore...
  1. Creature's just asking for a thrashing.
  2. We've got a town to save.

Choose: Creature's just asking for a thrashing.
Europa: Yes, that may be so.

Choose: We've got a town to save.
Europa: I thought you might say that, (Captain)...
Continue 2
Town Doctor: Thank you so much... Really, thank you... You truly are the saviors of this town.
Tears pouring out of his eyes, the doctor expresses his gratitude many times over.
Europa: You're thanking us for something we haven't even done yet? How strange mortals can be...
Europa: Well then, (Captain), shall we get on with the deed?

The Beauty in People: Scene 4

Even with the creature defeated, the contamination in the town's water source proves intractable. Europa resolves the issue by letting loose the fresh, untainted water that runs underground. This series of events greatly piques her curiosity about mortals.

Having defeated the creature, Europa reaches out to the muddied surface of the pond.
Europa: Ah!
The moment her hand makes contact with the water, the young maiden immediately pulls back with a pained expression.
Europa: I was not expecting such contamination...
Europa: This is on the level of deadly venoms—and I say that without exaggeration.
Europa: It will take a considerable amount of time for the water here to return to its naturally clean state...
Town Doctor: Sigh...
The town doctor's countenance is overcome with despair as he crumples to the ground.
  1. There must be something we can do...
  2. Europa, do you have any ideas?

Choose: There must be something we can do...
Europa: (Captain), please leave this to me.

Choose: Europa, do you have any ideas?
Europa: Yes. Allow me to handle the matter.
Continue 1
She places her hand on the frothy waves once again.
Immediately after, fresh water gushes forth in the manner of a geyser.
Like a tidal wave, it quickly overtakes the contaminated, bubbly water.
Vyrn: Wha!
Lyria: Yikes!
Europa: I used my powers to forcefully eject the water that lies underground, beneath the pond.
Europa: As long it keeps gushing forth at this rate, the town's water supply will be clean in a matter of days.
Town Doctor: I-I must be dreaming...
(Captain) and company stare at the miracle in disbelief.
  1. Thank you.

Choose: Thank you.
Europa: Oh, it's nothing.
Europa: Lending you my powers...
Europa: Is my mission after all.
Europa: And especially after the people of this town showed me such beauty...
Europa: This was the least I could do to repay them.
Europa: I've never held much interest in mortals up to this point, but...
Europa: The series of events that transpired here have really opened up my eyes.
Europa speaks with a soft smile on her lips.
Though mortals had never piqued her curiosity in the slightest before now...
A significant change is slowly beginning to take shape in her heart.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ガブリエル様のご期待に応えて見せます I'll do my best to meet Gabriel's expectations.
醜いものは好みません I'm not fond of the unsightly.
私の力、好きにお使いなさいませ Use my powers as you see fit.
落ち着いて、お茶を飲みたいものです How nice it'd be to sit down with a cup of tea.
騒々しいのは好きではありません I have a distaste for the clamorous.
美しいものを見るのは大好きです I love gazing at the beautiful.
ガブリエル様の使徒の名に恥じぬ様にしなければ…… I must live up to my role as Gabriel's disciple.
人の絆……中々に美しいものですね The bonds mortals share is most lovely.
(主人公)様、よろしくお願いいたします I'm glad to be here, (Captain).
(主人公)様の在り方には美しさを感じます I sense the beauty emanating from you, (Captain).

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


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Fanfare: Enhance (5) - Evolve this follower.

Due to her godhood, she is immortal. She has never born a scar from the passage of time. But even so, she is a frail, tender, and eternal flower from heaven with beauty beyond compare.



Some flowers mustn't be plucked. Some flowers can't help but be plucked. One god sought out her beauty. After accepting the god's favor, she reached full bloom.

Class Runecraft
Card Pack Starforged Legends
SV Portal Europa
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