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Europa (Holiday) Label Type Balance.png Label Race Primal.png Label Weapon Staff.png
Npc m 3040434000 01.jpg
  • Role: Attacker/Debuffer/Support
  • Europa is a good option for CA-based OTK strategies thanks to her Unworldly charge attack, especially 0-2 button setups.
  • Icon Support Skill.png Lustrous MercuryNo charge bar gain upon normal attacks, amplifyMultiplier: Seraphic normal attack damage by 20%, guaranteed triple attacks, and buffs can't be removed.
    (When Status 4042.pngEpaminondasLustrous Mercury affects all allies (Can't be removed)
    is in effect:
    Affects all allies.)
    makes Europa a potent normal attacker. Unlike characters with similar skills, she can apply this effect to the whole party under the right conditions.
  • Heals and clears upon CA, and has a source of Status 1003.pngVeilDebuffs will be nullified (1 time)
    "Veil" is an unofficial name used by the wiki for this status effect. Its actual in-game name is "Immune."
    . This makes Europa effective in sustaining the party in longer fights.
  • Although rare in Earth, additional sources of Status 7297.pngGlaciateMultiattack rate is lowered based on lvl (Max: 10 / Can't be removed)
    will allow her to reach her maximum potential within a couple of turns. She doesn't take very long to do this herself, however.
Site RatingThe character's overall rating out of 10. GrindingThe character's general efficiency in repeatedly clearing menial content with an emphasis on real-time speed.
GW Max Grade: SS
KG Max Grade: SS
Full AutoThe character's general performance in Full Auto parties.
GW Max Grade: SS
KG Max Grade: SS
High DifficultyThe character's capability relative to the game's most difficult content.
GW Max Grade: SS
KG Max Grade: SS
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