Extinction Blade

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Label Rarity SSR.pngWeaponSeries Revans Weapons icon.pngRevans Weapons
Extinction Blade
Icon Blue Star Full.pngCan be uncapped to 4★Awakening Attack.pngCan be Awakened
Weapon b 1040023500.png

Label Element Fire.png Label Weapon Sabre.png HP ATK C.A.×
Level 1 34 429 ??
Level 100 219 2594 ??
Level 150 265 3135 1050%

ID 1040023500
JP Name 滅尽剣
Release Date 2022-08-24
4★ Date 2022-08-24
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Referred to as a sword for the sake of convenience, this relic was discovered in the ruins of a fierce battle that shook an entire island—and a selfless boy—to the core. With a blade that appears to be carved from stone and power capable of causing even its own wielder to tremble, it holds the potential to transform endlessly, just like the boy.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Extinction Impact Unworldly Fire damage to a foe (Damage cap: ~2,550,000).
Plain damage to MC based on 30% of current HP.[1]
Additional effect at 4★:
Also gain Status Repel.pngUnchallenged (2 times)Next DMG received will be ineffective
Weapon Skills
Ws skill guard 1 3.png
Inferno's Garrison Big boost to fire allies' DEF based on how low HP is
Ws skill moment 1 1.png
Fire's Celere Small boost to fire allies' ATK and critical hit rate
120 Unlocks at level 120: Unlocks at level 120:
Ws skill job weapon.png
Scarlet Craft Supplement fire allies' critical hit DMG
Sword Master Skills
Effect Cooldown Duration Cost
Awaken Expend 30% of current HP to deal 30× current HPPlain DMG = Current HP * 0.3 * 100 as Plain damage to all foes (Damage cap: ~1,160,000). 10TAs Sword Master / 8TAs Glorybringer / 6TAs Master Lvl 30
- -
Resonance Gain Status DefenseUp.pngDodge AllTakes no DMG or debuffs while in effect
Duration: 1 turn
6T 1T Costs 2 energy
Attack ~35%Verification needed. Bonus Fire DMG effect. - - Costs 1 energy
Defend Dodge-and-Counter (1 time) for 300% damage. - - Costs 4 energy
4★ Uncap
Rupies square.jpg Rupies ×10,000
Base Reduction Materials
This weapon should not be reduced or used as fodder.
Revans Weapons
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Gameplay Notes

Scarlet Craft

  • Supplemental damage for Fire allies' critical hits is equal to 1% of a foe's max HP (Damage cap: 20,000):[2]
    • Damage cap stacks up to 100,000 when equipping multiple copies.
    • Damage and cap is affected by Seraphic boost where applicable.
    • Shares the same cap with the following weapons: Hollowsky Weapons