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Label Rarity SSR.png
Weapon b 1040906000.png

Label Element Wind.png Label Weapon Katana.png HP ATK C.A.×
Level 1 23 356 ??
Level 100 148 2155 ??

ID 1040906000
JP Name 河豚毒
JP TitleIn the past many weapons had custom titles. Now replaced with series titles in game. 重剛斬
Release Date ?
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A nameless craftsman forged this far-too-large sword on a whim. Simply being struck by the back of the massive blade is intensely painful, and legend states that even the foulest demon lacks strength enough to wield it in battle.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Senpuu Retsuzan Massive Wind damage to a foe.
Gain Status Mirror Image.pngMirror ImageNext one-to-one attack received will be ineffective
(Effect removed on next all-foe all-ally attack)
Weapon Skills
Ws skill atk a 4 3.png
Self-taught Swordsmanship Big boost to wind allies' ATK
Ws skill job weapon.png
Self-taught Mastery When main weapon and superior element, you have 20% / 100% boost to critical hit rate20% chance of dealing 100% more damage..
Sword Master Skills
Effect Cooldown Duration Cost
Awaken All allies gain Status WindAtkUp.pngWind ATK UpWind ATK is boosted
10TAs Sword Master / 8TAs Glorybringer / 6TAs Master Lvl 30
3T -
Resonance 400% elemental DMG to a foe in overdrive 5T - Costs 2 energy
Attack ~24% Bonus Wind Damage - - Costs 1 energy
Defend Gain Status AttackUp.pngATK UpATK is boosted
- 3T Costs 2 energy
Base Reduction Materials
Keep a fully-uncapped copy for main weapon. Others are safe to reduce or use as fodder.