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Official Profile

Age 37
Height 213 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Weapon maintenance, equipment checkup
Likes Nothing in particular
Dislikes Nothing in particular
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 37歳
Height 213cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 武器の手入れ、装備の確認
Likes 特になし
Dislikes 特になし
Source [1]




Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
On a day like today, it would be good to give thanks to your parents-the ones who gave you life.


So today's your birthday, huh?
I don't know all that much about birthdays...
But if today's a precious day to you, then you should be thankful.
As shall I... as this is the day you came into this world.


It's your birthday, eh?
Much time has passed since I first met you.
I considered you to be too carefree, but perhaps that is how you thrive.
I doubt you'll change much going forward. As for me...
Hm, I wonder...


Happy birthday.
How'd the year shape up for you? There's no better day than today to take a look back.
I can't say I know the day I was born on...
Maybe I can use your birthday to a take a long look in the mirror.
Because there's no question... You and your friends changed me.


So your birthday's come again, I see.
Be sure to show your gratitude to everybody who celebrates it. Because there's no guarantee that each and every one of them will be around for your next birthday bash.
Sacrifice is part and parcel of a long, arduous journey like ours. I've lost many friends myself in the past.
It's all too possible for someone laughing next to you today to be a lifeless corpse tomorrow...
What I'm trying to get at is we shouldn't take our everyday pleasures for granted.
Though you can take solace that I'll be around to keep you safe.
It's the least I can do to repay you for giving me a good, stable life in the crew.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Is it New Year's already? People tend to become complacent at this time of year. Back in my thieving days, this was the time to strike it rich.


It's New Years? Has another year passed already...
You know, I thought this way of life would come to an end real soon at first.
But let's see what the next year holds. Whatever comes—I'm ready to accept it.


You all say this day marks the start of new beginnings, but I couldn't care less.
Though I might be alone as there are so many who share your celebratory spirit.
Living here has opened me up to other ways of thinking.
You're truly blessed.


New Year's... I guess another twelvemonth has begun.
What is it? Are you heading somewhere?
Going to check out the festivities in town, huh?
Well, watch your back. You stick out like a sore thumb, and a lot of good-for-nothings will take you for a rube.
You'd feel better if I followed along? That's a bit rich.
Oh well, what choice do I have? All I can do is follow behind you though. You're responsible for the basics of your own defense.


Kite-flying, top-spinning, battledore...
Oh, I just spotted a bunch of kids mucking around real playfully.
I don't recall ever having that opportunity when I was a kid even during New Year's...
Makes me wonder how things might've been different if my parents were around...
Nah, there's no point talking about what-ifs. Doing so isn't gonna change my present or future.
Bleh, do me a favor and forget this nonsense I'm blabbering, will ya?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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I don't consume food items that people give me. Sorry, old habits die hard... But you know what? I'll make an exception for you.


Receiving in lieu of plundering makes me feel uneasy.
Nonetheless... I'll gladly accept your gift.
Just don't count on me to say thanks. That ain't happening.


Hey, hand over that thing in your arms or else.
Heh, got you. Did you forget that I'm a thief by trade?
I don't care if it's Valentine's or whatever, but I don't accept gifts—I plunder them.
That's the way of a thief.


It's Valentine's Day... I know that much.
If you want to get away safely, hand over the box you're holding.
Humph... That'll do.
Huh? Do I really want a Valentine's Day present that much?
What are you asking? I saw what I wanted, and I took it.
And today I felt like taking from you in particular.


Oh? Giving me chocolate before I've even threatened you for some?
You're being far too good a sport about this... You didn't debase the chocolate with poison, did you?
Relax, it's just a joke. I know full well that you lack motive for plotting against me.
Though trust is a different matter. I'm just stating the facts here.
You've had more than enough opportunies to take my life. But you chose not to...
So I've come to accept my place in the crew.
That's all it is—nothing more, nothing less.

White Day Cutscenes
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Apparently today is White Day.
Take it... Heh, don't worry. I didn't pinch it from anyone.


Receiving in lieu of plundering makes me feel uneasy.
Nonetheless... I'll gladly accept your gift.
Just don't count on me to say thanks. That ain't happening.


Yo. It's White Day.
Why don't you try plundering from me?
Heh. Guess you don't have it in you, huh.
I'll leave this here, and you can do whatever you want with it.


Hey, what are you so excited about?
Today's White Day? Huh, how about that.
That face of yours is telling me that you came to swipe something from me.
Humph, well, bring it on.
Steal or be stolen from is the order of the day. I'm not about to take it easy on you, so just try me.


Here you go. It's thanks for Valentine's Day.
That's a curious grin you've caught on... Lemme tell you something.
Some thieves intentionally allow their belongings to be plundered by the enemy, only to later plunder it back while taking something a little extra.
Well then, what significance could my gesture of thanks for Valentine's possibly hold?
Oh, no need to be alarmed. There's nothing I could possibly want to plunder from you at this point in time.
I'm letting you pilfer my chocolates to your heart's content—no strings attached. Hope you enjoy it.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat...
Actually, I shouldn't even have to ask. I'm taking the candy.
Not particularly interested in your thoughts either. I'm just gonna go ahead and grab it all.


I know full well that Halloween is not an occasion for plundering candy.
But that doesn't change a thing. I'm taking all this candy.
You know what to say if you want 'em back.


This spooked-filled festival has come upon us again.
Hold it—why do you give me candy? I haven't said anything yet.
Don't I say every year that I prefer to take my candy by force?
Humph, you care too much.


Trick or treat? Isn't that a bit of a false dichotomy?
Either threats... or thievery...
Most often it's threats followed by thievery...
What? You mean that I'm missing the point of the festivities?
Hah... Who cares? If you want my treats, just try threatening me.


Halloween, eh?
Seeing all those little brats flaunting their tricks across town got me thinking...
Once they've gotten a taste for pranking and start learning to threaten others, they're bound to grow up to be the scum of society.
Getting accustomed to plundering is the first step to becoming a thief like me.
But maybe I'm thinking too hard on it.
With a good-natured captain like you in charge, the brats in the crew are sure to take after you.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays.
I hear this Santa character delivers presents today.
If I can track him down, I wonder if I could make off with all his loot...


Is it that time of the year again?
It's easy to get carried away when you're feeling festive. You'd best be careful.
At the same time, we should be thankful for the opportunity to just kick back and relax.


Happy holidays, eh?
Wrong. I'm not celebrating anything here.
I was just taken aback by what a frivolous greeting that is.
Not that I'd go up in arms about it. You enjoy the holidays as you like, (Captain).


'Tis the season.
Everyone's at home cutting cake and celebrating the holiday with neighbors, not a concern in the world.
Back when I was a bandit, I never thought that I'd be spending the winter like this.
You say I seem giddy? Heh-heh, come on...
I was simply stating a fact. I suppose it might a bit touching though...


Humph... Looks like there's gonna be a holiday tree out in town this year too.
I just don't get how people can set up something so posh in front of everyone.
It's almost like asking all the thieves out there to come and rob you. Am I wrong?
Yet something about it is so heartwarming. Simply glancing at it brings a sense of joy somehow.
Er, don't mind me... I'm just mumbling to myself.

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Twilight Battle

One night, bandits board the Grandcypher. But their leader, Garma, decides to withdraw upon facing (Captain)'s defiant resolve. A few days later (Captain) and the crew run into him again, this time with an opportunity to repay his mercy.

One night, the Grandcypher sails through the sky on a gentle breeze.
Vyrn: Wha? The heck was that! Did we just hit something?
Scoundrel 1: Hehehe. Only little brats awake right now? That's some good timing.
Lyria: O-oh my gosh! There are a lot of strangers boarding the ship!
Lyria: Ack!
Scoundrel 2: Hey, hey. Just relax. We wouldn't want anyone getting hurt, right?
Vyrn: Lyria!
???: Nobody move a muscle. Now come this way.
Caught off guard by the sudden attack, (Captain) and company are gathered onto the main deck of the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Darn it! These guys musta snuck along the side of our ship and hopped on.
Vyrn: Hey, dummies! What're you after? Are you empire lackeys?
Scoundrel 1: You're a mouthy little lizard, aren't you? Shut up unless you want me to shut you up.
???: Leave him alone. No one's going to hear anyone in the middle of the skies anyway.
Garma: I'm Garma by the way. You've probably figured this out already, but I'm a bandit.
Garma: I'm naturally here to take all the valuables on the ship, so don't try to stop me.
Garma: Make this easy and you'll get out of this fine. You won't be keeping your possessions though.
Vyrn: What! Just who do you think you are!
Garma: We're bandits, just like I said. Now behave yourself.
Lyria: E-excuse me!
Garma: Hm? What is it, girl?
Lyria: Um... Wh-why are you doing this?
Garma: Is that a trick question?
Garma: This is how I make a living. Isn't that much obvious?
Lyria: But... there are other ways to make a living, right? Like a job or something...
Garma: A job? Sorry to say, but this is my calling.
Garma: Besides, I don't know any other way to live.
Garma: I don't have a family, and as far back as I can remember, I've been a bandit. What else could I possibly do after all this time?
Lyria: That's terrible...
Garma: There's no need to pity me. I'm used to doing what I need to as a bandit.
Garma: It's not interesting or fun... But it sure beats death.
Lyria: ...
Garma: I think I've droned on for long enough.
Garma: Just behave yourselves. If you do, you'll keep your lives.
  1. No way.
  2. You've got to be kidding me.

Choose: No way.
Garma: Oh? You don't seem to understand the gravity of your situation.

Choose: You've got to be kidding me.
Garma: Do I look like I'm playing games here? Or does this gun look fake to you? Should I show you exactly how real it is?
Continue 1
Vyrn: H-hey now... (Captain), what are you doin'?
Garma: So you're not going to budge at all... Maybe your tune will change if we shoot you a few times. Or should we just knock that stubborn head off your shoulders?
Lyria: ...
Garma: ...
Garma: Hmph.
You lot, get ready to move. We're pulling out.
Scoundrel 1: Say what! What're you doing, boss? We haven't looted anything yet.
Garma: Forget about it. We're going.
Garma: I doubt these kids have anything significant on board anyway.
Garma: They don't seem inclined to give up without a fight either, and that just isn't worth the effort.
Garma: You kids got lucky this time. Next time though, you should think more carefully about when to put your lives on the line.
With that, Garma and his bandits depart.
Vyrn: Sheesh, what the heck was their deal!
Lyria: ...
A few days later, the crew stops in a town for a bit of shopping.
Vyrn: Huh? Is there something happening down that street over there?
Skyfarer: You! Just keep moving, bandit scum!
Garma: ...
Lyria: Oh! Isn't that...
Townsperson: Do you know him? I hope you don't, considering he and his little band of bandits tried to loot this town.
Townsperson: It looks like he's the only one who got caught though.
Vyrn: Oh-ho? Sounds like he got what was comin' to him.
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Wha—
H-hey! Where're you going, Lyria!
Skyfarer: Sigh. You brought this upon yourself, you know?
Garma: ...
Skyfarer: Though sacrificing yourself so your men could escape seems pretty unusual for a bandit...
Lyria: Excuse me!
Skyfarer: Hm? What can I do for you, little girl?
Lyria: Um... This person is our friend, so could you please give him back to us?
Skyfarer: He's your what!
Garma: What are you doing?
Skyfarer: Little girl... Are you telling me you're a bandit too? Which means the rest of you are backup!
Vyrn: You serious? Lyria, what're you doing! We better be able to talk our way outta this!
Vyrn: I said wait! You got it all wrong! This guy got captured by the bandits, but he's actually one of us!
Lyria: Yes, exactly! Right, Garma?
Garma: ...
Skyfarer: Hmm... I dunno...
Somehow they do talk their way out of it and successfully rescue Garma.
Vyrn: Phew. Things were pretty dicey there for a sec.
Garma: Why... Why did you help me?
Vyrn: Shoot, that's right! Why did you help him?
Lyria: Because, well... he let us go that night we met. Right, Garma?
Garma: What do you mean? Aren't you forgetting that we attacked you?
Lyria: You say that, but... I don't believe you're such a bad person.
Lyria: That's why I feel like... You should have the chance to be something else besides a bandit.
Garma: ...
Vyrn: Are you tellin' me you put us in danger just for that?
Garma: ...
Garma: Since you're the one who saved my life, and you've put it that way, then I suppose I can't go back to being a bandit.
Lyria: In that case, why don't you join our crew?
  1. It'll be fun.
  2. You seem cut out for it.

Choose: It'll be fun.
Garma: What makes you so sure about that?

Choose: You seem cut out for it.
Garma: I'm not so sure about that. Being a bandit is all I know.
Continue 2
Garma: But you did save my life, so I'll do whatever you want.
Lyria: Hehe! Then that settles it!
Vyrn: Oh boy. We really know how to pick 'em...
Garma: Hmph. It's not on me if you regret this decision later. You know who I am.
Lyria: That won't happen. Right, (Captain)?
Thus the former bandit Garma joins the crew on their journey.
Only time will tell whether bringing Garma on board will prove to be a good or bad decision.

Blast from the Past

(Captain) and the crew reach a village where they're asked to take care of some bandits. As they approach the bandit hideout, Garma gets suspicious about how the traps are set and the use of the terrain.

Garma: Bandits?
Villager: Yes... It looks like they recently set up a hideout in the mountains.
(Captain) and the crew reach a village that requested help with clearing out some bandits.
Villager: I don't know where they came from. They just showed up out of nowhere one day.
Vyrn: Hmm... Well, should be no problem for us! Right, Garma?
Garma: Are you implying something, lizard?
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard! All I'm sayin' is that dealing with bandits should be no problem for you, right?
Garma: I suppose I do know how they operate.
Lyria: Then let's get going! The sooner we make the village safer, the better!
Vyrn: Wait up! Don't just wander off by yourself!
Garma: Hmph The sun will go down soon if we don't pick up the pace.
Lyria: But... Do you even know where their hideout is?
Garma: Yeah. The terrain gives me a pretty good idea.
Garma: Sure never thought my banditry experience would come in handy like this before.
Vyrn: Hehe! Sounds like all we have to do is follow you, and we'll get there in no time—
Vyrn: Whoa!
Lyria: Vyrn!
Garma: Oh, right. Maybe I should have warned you.
Garma: The closer we get to the hideout, the more traps there will be. Be careful.
Vyrn: You coulda said that earlier!
Garma: But I must say... the use of terrain and style of trapping are uncomfortably familiar.
Lyria: What's the matter, Garma?
Garma: Well... I can't be sure yet, but—
Monster: Groar!
Vyrn: Oh, right... This forest's got bandits and monsters!
Garma: And they're getting in the way of the job. Let's do this quickly, (Captain).

Blast from the Past: Scene 2

While searching for the bandit hideout, (Captain)'s crew reaches a suspicious cave and finds Garma's old bandit comrades. They laugh at him and try to convince him to return to a life of banditry.

While searching for the bandit hideout, (Captain) and company reach a suspicious cave deep in the forest.
Vyrn: Gulp... S-so this is the hideout?
Garma: Yeah. The terrain, the evidence of traps... There's no mistaking it.
Lyria: Then we should be careful moving forward.
Garma: Hmph.
Vyrn: Wha, hey! It's not safe to rush ahead like that!
Lyria: We better go after him!
Garma: Hey! I know you're all in here. Answer me.
Vyrn: What're you doing! Did you forget we're in a base full of bandits!
Garma: You'll understand in a moment.
Scoundrel 1: That voice... Is it really you, boss?
Garma: So it was you guys all along.
Garma: I wasn't sure at first, but the hideout and traps are set up just the way I taught you.
Lyria: Ah! They're the people who were with Garma when we first met him...
Garma: That's right. We used to plunder everything in the skies together.
Garma: And now I find you guys here, working out of the mountains.
Scoundrel 2: Well, that's... More importantly, what the heck have you been up to?
Scoundrel 2: Don't tell me you gave up your old ways to run around as a skyfarer.
Garma: Well, that's not far off from the truth.
Scoundrel 1: Hahaha! Very funny! You're a criminal to the bone, boss! Like you could change now!
Garma: ...
Scoundrel 1: Don't try to be something you're not, boss! Why don't you come back?
Garma: Yeah. I see your point.
Lyria: Garma, what...
Garma: Maybe I can't change. Maybe my new lifestyle doesn't suit me.
Garma: But I made a promise to myself.
Garma: The day these guys saved my life, I decided to make a change.
Garma: And I'll never go back.
Garma: No matter how tempting it is to do so.
Scoundrel 1: Wha? You... Well, if that's the way it's gonna be, then I hope you're ready go down with the rest of 'em!
Garma: Don't just stand there with your mouth open, (Captain). Let's take these guys out and get the job over with.

Blast from the Past: Scene 3

After wiping out the bandit hideout, (Captain) and company leave to report back to the village. Garma strengthens his resolve to make amends for his past as a criminal and continues his journey as a skyfarer.

After wiping out the bandit hideout, the crew leaves to report back to the village.
Lyria: Um, G-Garma! You're not bad at heart, you know?
Garma: Hmph. Are you worried about what they said?
Garma: Well, they weren't wrong. I grew up as a criminal and lived as one for my whole life.
Lyria: But that's...
Garma: Still, you guys taught me how to live differently.
Garma: Maybe the criminal life is the only one that really suits me.
Garma: But you helped me realize that living without a guilty conscience isn't all that bad either.
Garma: I'm sure my past will catch up with me one day.
Garma: But until then, I'll keep living as I am now. I won't return to my old life.
The crew heaves a collective sigh of relief in response to his words.
With newfound resolve, the ex-bandit ventures out into the vast skies once more.

Just Beyond Reach

Chivalrous knight Deliford and former bandit Garma take on a job to protect some children. Garma's rough demeanor toward their charges does nothing to dispel Deliford's prejudices against bandits. In the end, Garma reveals that his behavior was not without reason, forcing Deliford to reexamine his assessment of Garma's character. The unlikely pair grow a little closer.

Deliford: What!
Very well. Garma and I shall undertake this task.
Garma: We will?
Several hours earlier, (Captain) tells Deliford and the rest of the crew about a job.
The job is to protect a group of wealthy children who are being chased by monsters as they evacuate to somewhere safe.
Deliford and Garma, now separated from the rest of the crew, make their way through a dense forest with the children.
Garma: This way. Hurry up.
Child 1: ...
Child 2: ...
Deliford: Garma, is there no way you could speak more gently? You're scaring them.
Garma: No. I'm here to protect the kids. No one said anything about talking nice.
The two skyfarers can't seem to stop bickering as they carry out their escort mission.
Deliford: (What could have possessed (Captain) to allow such an uncouth person into the crew?)
The serious and chivalrous Deliford does not think highly of the former bandit, Garma.
Deliford: (How many bandits did I encounter during my time in the army? And not a decent man among them...)
"Children depend on adults, so it is the duty of adults to be dependable."
Deliford, who believes wholeheartedly in this creed, finds it difficult to trust Garma.
Deliford: (But I suppose if (Captain) trusts him, then I should give him the benefit of the doubt...)
A child trips in the mud and falls over.
Child 1: Ugh, I don't wanna walk anymore!
Garma: Stop being such a crybaby. Get up—we need to keep moving.
Garma carries on in his irascible way.
Child 2: What! How dare you! I've had quite enough of your insolence! You've been paid to do a job, now do it!
Garma: We've been paid to protect you, so we are. Coddling costs extra.
Deliford: Inconceivable... To talk in such a way to such small children...
Deliford gently helps the child to his feet.
Child 1: Th-thanks...
Deliford: Not necessary. After all, if children are to depend on adults, it is the duty of adults to be dependable.
Deliford: Now, let us venture forth! I shall take responsibility for your safety from here on!
Garma: ...
As soon as Deliford leads the children out of sight of Garma, something leaps out from the bushes.
Monster: Graaaarrr!
In the blink of an eye, Garma dashes over and shields the children.
Garma: Ugh!
Deliford: Huh? Garma!
Garma: Rgh! Don't fuss over me! Get that monster!
Deliford: Haaaahh!
Garma and Deliford successfully fend off the monster.
Deliford: Apologies... If I hadn't gone off with the children, this never would have happened...
Deliford: I'm sorry, Garma... In the end, it was you who saved the children.
Garma: I said I was here to do a job, didn't I?
Deliford: Heh. I was wrong about you, Garma.
Deliford turns to face the weakened monster and is about to put it out of its misery.
Garma: Deliford, wait.
Garma stops Deliford, then pushes the children toward the monster.
Child 1: Eek!
Child 2: Agh! What are you doing?
Monster: Grrrr!
Deliford: What! What is the meaning of this?
Garma: Come on, now. Hand it over.
The children open their bag and pull something out.
It is a monster egg. The monster retrieves the egg and runs away.
Deliford: So that is why the monster has been pursuing these children.
Child 1: Sob... Sniff... W-we're sorry...
Child 2: Waaaah! We won't do it again, we promise! Just don't tell our parents!
Garma: I will tell them. Brats need to be taught a lesson while they're young.
Garma may be harsh, but he did ferret out the real reason why the children were being harassed by the monster.
As they head back to make their report to the client, Deliford asks Garma a question.
Deliford: How did you know that the children had stolen that egg?
Garma: Heh, it was obvious. You can tell by looking in someone's eyes if they're hiding something.
Deliford looks at him admiringly.
Deliford: Impressive... You were keeping a closer eye on the children than I was the entire time.
Deliford is embarrassed by the fact that he let his preoccupation with Garma get in the way of his duty to protect the children.
Deliford: It seems there is still a lot I need to learn...
Deliford has gained a newfound respect for Garma.
Several days later, Deliford spots Garma on the deck of the Grandcypher.
Deliford: Well, well! If it isn't Garma! So this is where you've been hiding!
Garma: What's up? Another job?
Deliford: No, no new job...
Garma: Then what? I can't think of any other reason you'd come and talk to me.
Deliford: Heh. Do I need a special reason to talk to a fellow crewmate?
Garma: Tch... I sense an incoming pain in the horns...
Deliford: Hahahaha! Don't be difficult. A little small talk won't kill you!
Ignoring Garma's unwelcoming demeanor, Deliford makes himself right at home.
From then on, Garma can often be seen on deck, suffering through Deliford's obliviously merry conversation.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.


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