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These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Gripping Freedom - Opening

Amidst a raging blizzard, the swordswoman Beatrix catches sight of the Odajumoki, a fearsome Harvin gang, beating on a pair of settlers. She approaches them and demands to be taken to their hideout.

In the grip of midwinter, nearly entombed beneath immense snowdrifts is the frigid landscape of North Vast.
Known since long ago as the White Continent, this is a world where even now civilization has yet to flourish and silence reigns.
Into this unforgiving climate where no trace of life can be found, a pair of resolute but foolhardy settlers venture forth.
Settler 1: Brr... So cold! So cold, but... so vast!
Settler 2: Brrr... Leaving a vast expanse like this to the elements is such a waste! We can claim this land as our own!
Settler 1: Splendid idea! From now we reign over this land!
The two settlers are in high spirits. They came from far, far away to settle this untamed land.
Settler 2: An expanse as vast as this... Hyehehe, we could sell this land to another country for piles of rupies—huh?
Settler 2: Did you hear that just now?
Ruffians: Hyaaah!
Silver-Haired Youth: Hyaaa! Yahaaa!
Settler 2: Wh-who are these guys?
Ruffian 1: Hiiyaaa! You claim this land to be yours? Who do you punks think you are!
Ruffian 2: Hyehe, what were you prattling on about? This island is ours!
Ruffian 3: Gyahaha! You'd better think again! We don't like anyone threatening our freedom!
Settler 2: Yikes...
Ruffian 2: Take that! And that! Drop-kick!
Tie them up! For our freeedom!
Settler 1: Ar-aaargh! Stop, please!
Settler 1: Ack!
Ruffian 1: No one! Threatens! Our! Father's! Freeeedom!
Ruffians: Hiiyaaa! Yahaaa!
Silver-Haired Youth: Freedom?
Silver-Haired Youth: Hey, you guys. I need to ask, but are we really, uh, free?
Ruffian 2: What? Well, of course we are! Didn't Allfather grant us the freedom to rampage across this land?
Silver-Haired Youth: Of course, yeah! Hehe, it's not like us geniuses to worry about stuff! For now let's give these guys a good beating!
Ruffians: For freeedom!
Settlers: Aaargh!
Screams of unbearable anguish ring out, and the pure white snow is splattered vivid red.
From a faraway vantage point, an observer watches this brutal punishment.
Swordswoman: How horrible... They didn't show him any mercy...
Swordswoman: Whoever heard of such a thing, the freedom to rampage...
Swordswoman: Those outlaws are definitely the Odajumoki I was told about.
Swordswoman: Hehe, looks like the intel I picked up was no lie.
The swordswoman speaks triumphantly and starts to advance toward the members of the so-called Odajumoki Gang.
Swordswoman: Oi, you there! You've had your fun now.
Ruffian 3: Huh? And who are you? Ain't never seen you 'round these parts!
Ruffian 2: My, my, isn't she adorable? Hyehe, let me get a closer look at you, missy!
Ruffian 1: Yeah, why not come spend some time with us! Nyehehehe!
Swordswoman: Humph, who the hell would want to spend time with you lowlives?
Swordswoman: Actually there is something I'd like to talk to you about. Something you'll wanna hear.
Ruffian 1: Oh? Tell us more.
Hehehe, let's see what she has to say for herself.
Swordswoman: Not so fast. Not here. Take me to your hideout.
Swordswoman: There we'll be able to talk without interruptions...

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 1: Reunion Leads to Confrontation - Episode 1

In speaking to a Society elder through a transceiver, Eustace learns that Beatrix is disobeying orders by going to North Vast alone. He is tasked with bringing her back.

On a quiet afternoon in a port town, a young man stands in a back alley, cleaning his gun.
Vibrating Noise: Bzz...
Dark-Skinned Youth: ...
Vibrating Noise: Bzz...
Dark-Skinned Youth: ...
The youth carefully takes out a small black device. Its gentle vibrating ceases when he fits it snugly into his ear.
???: Eustace. Aren't we always telling you to respond as soon as the transceiver starts vibrating?
Only Eustace can hear the elderly voice emanating from the device.
???: The transceiver is a precious device distributed only to a select few within the Society, and yet you always treat it with disdain...
Eustace: What's the job?
???: Sigh, on to business then.
It's just a spot of trouble we're having. Beatrix is up to her usual tricks.
???: She's begun making inquiries about North Vast, without so much as a by-your-leave...
???: She got her hands on information about the primal beasts that slumber in those lands and went looking for them herself.
???: That in itself wouldn't be a problem... if Beatrix hadn't severed all contact with us.
Eustace: ...
???: We're sorry, but in addition to your current mission, we want you to retrieve her. If any of our weapons fall into their hands, we're in trouble.
Eustace: Understood.
???: We're counting on you. And don't forget the other thing either.
Eustace removes the transceiver from his ear and stows it away next to his chest.
He lets out a sigh and gets ready to set off.
Woman's Voice: Hold on a moment, Eustace!
Eustace: Now what...
His foot is stayed by the familiar voice of a woman as he sighs again.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 1: Reunion Leads to Confrontation - Episode 2

The crew is en route to North Vast when they bump into Zeta, Vaseraga, and Eustace. Upon hearing how strong the crew is, Eustace challenges them to a skirmish.

Rumor of primal beasts residing in the frozen wastes of North Vast reaches (Captain) and crew.
They decide to investigate and make landfall in a port town not too far from North Vast.
Vyrn: Yeah, so one of these... one of these, plus a few apples for the road, and now I'm all set!
Vyrn: (Captain), Lyria, you guys ready? Also don't forget to bring along some heavy winter clothing!
Lyria: Yeah, we have a full set of cold-weather equipment right here! What do you think of this one? Does it suit me?
The crew makes preparations in jovial spirits when a girl's shout rings out from the wharf below.
???: I'm going along too! There's no way I'm gonna just leave her be!
???: Leave the matter to him. We have our own mission to carry out.
Vyrn: Huh? I'm sure I know those voices from somewhere...
Intrigued, the crew heads down to the wharf to find a pair of armored warriors and a youth cleaning his gun.
Lyria: Oh! It's those two—Zeta and Vaseraga!
Zeta: Hm? Ah! If it isn't Lyria and (Captain)!
Vaseraga: It's good to see you again.
The armor-clad warriors are Zeta and Vaseraga. Some time ago the crew joined forces with them on the island of Lognos.
But they all went their separate ways after the events there.
Lyria: It's been so long! Are you okay, Zeta? You're looking a little pale.
Zeta: Huh? Yeah... I'm a little under the weather.
Vyrn: What's eating you? Hey, there's no need to hold back! Tell us!
Zeta: Sorry, I'm really okay though. It's not something I can talk about right now.

Vyrn: Huh? Oh look, isn't that Red and Spike?
Zeta: Ah, good to see you too.
Vaseraga: I sure didn't expect to find you guys here though. Talk about a coincidence.
Vyrn: You two said you'd be taking a short leave for a mission. I guess that's why you're here?
Zeta: We... can't tell you that.
Continue 1
Lyria: B-but why not?
Vaseraga: I'm sorry, but the info is classified.
Zeta: As much as I hate the rigid rules, we're not allowed to talk freely about matters concerning the Society.
Vaseraga: All right, you've said enough.
Zeta: Stop getting on my case! I barely even said anything!
The youth watches this back-and-forth while cleaning his gun. Then he points a finger at (Captain) and company.
Eustace: Explain yourselves.
Lyria: Huh?
Zeta: Oh, don't mind him, Lyria. He might seem scary, but he's just incredibly brusque is all.
Eustace: ...
Vaseraga: These youngsters are skyfarers. Some of the best you'll find. We fought together a while back.
Zeta: Yeah, yeah, (Captain) and crew are great at what they do! These kiddos even take down primal beasts!
Eustace nods slightly before pointing the muzzle of his gun at the crew.
But it is the piercing gleam in Eustace's eye that terrifies the crew, making them ready their weapons.
Zeta: Stop! Eustace! They're not our enemies!
Eustace: I know... Just testing their reflexes.
Zeta: What! Cut the crap and drop your weapon now—
Vaseraga: Wait. Eustace never acts without reason. You know that as well I do.
Zeta: But still...
Eustace: I'll go easy on 'em.
Vyrn: What's that supposed to mean! You think we're gonna take that lying down? You're playing with fire! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods in agreement and squares off against Eustace.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 1: Reunion Leads to Confrontation - Episode 3

Eustace discovers for himself how strong the crew is and proposes that they accompany him on his mission.

(Captain) and crew win the little scuffle against Eustace. Yet it hardly feels like a victory.
Vyrn: What is with this sourpuss... There's not a scratch on him, and it feels like he wasn't even trying...
As the crew watches Eustace warily, Eustace gives an approving nod.
Eustace: You've passed.
Vyrn: Huh? What's he even talking about?
Vaseraga: Eustace, I take it you intend to involve these young'uns?
Eustace: You two trust these skyfarers.
Zeta: Yes, but...
Lyria: Um, what's going on here? I'm completely lost.
Zeta: Oh, sorry for keeping you out of the loop. This is Eustace. He's an... associate of ours.
Vyrn: So he's also in that Society you two are part of?
Vaseraga: That's right. And I suppose he wants your help on this particular quest.
Zeta: What do you mean? Eustace is going to take them instead of me? When I said that I wanted to go...
Vaseraga: Zeta. We have our own mission. And you know (Captain) gets things done. We shouldn't hesitate to rely on (Captain) and the crew when we're in a tight spot.
Zeta: Well, you're awfully chatty today.
Vaseraga: Perhaps I've said a little too much. But you know all too well the reason for that.
Zeta: All right already!
Zeta: I didn't want to bother you, but... would it be possible for you to help us out on this mission?
Vyrn: We're not against helping, but it'd be nice to know what we'll be getting into.
Zeta looks to Eustace for approval, to which he nods, before divulging any information.
Zeta: Beatrix, another associate of ours, is supposed to be here with us, but...
Zeta: She went to a place called North Vast all by herself, and we've lost all contact with her.
Lyria: L-lost all contact?
Vaseraga: We've not heard one word from her. We're trying not to assume the worst.
Zeta: Eustace has been tasked with finding Bea.
Eustace: ...
Zeta: But I'm not too sure about Eustace going alone, so I want to tag along, but...
Eustace: I can't allow you to accompany me.
Zeta: Ugh, what's up with you and that attitude!
Eustace: I'm simply better than you.
Zeta: Yeah, you think so? Don't move from that spot.
Eustace: We don't have permission to battle each other. Lower your weapon.
Zeta: Let's settle the question of who's best once and for all! Feel my blade!
Eustace: ...
Vaseraga: Sigh, I don't blame Zeta for losing her cool.
Vaseraga: She hasn't been herself ever since we received that last report.
Vaseraga: I'd have preferred Zeta going in search of Bea, but things didn't quite pan out.
Lyria: I can tell Beatrix is really important to Zeta...
Vaseraga: Yes... Oh, I've said too much again.
Lyria: I know! We'll help out! Won't we, (Captain)?
  1. If that's what Zeta wants.
  2. Weeell, that depends on the pay.

Choose: If that's what Zeta wants.
Lyria: Yes! Zeta was always there for us, so we owe her one. We'll do what we can!
On hearing (Captain) and Lyria's discussion, Zeta puts a stop to her standoff with Eustace and turns to the crew.
Zeta: Are you sure?
Vyrn: Of course we're sure! Right, (Captain)?
Zeta: Thank you.

Choose: Weeell, that depends on the pay.
On hearing (Captain)'s tongue-in-cheek remark, Eustace puts a stop to his standoff with Zeta and turns to the crew.
Eustace: Remuneration will be paid by the Society.
Zeta: I'll talk to the higher-ups too. The pay should be good!
Zeta: Huh? (Captain), what's the matter? You're blushing.
Vyrn: Hahaha... The captain was only kidding!
Vyrn: So when you took it so seriously, (Captain) got all embarrassed.
Zeta: Pfft, hahah! Aww, (Captain), you've turned the same color as my outfit!
Zeta: Joking aside, do you accept?
(Captain) nods solemnly in response.
Zeta: Great! Thank you.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Well, we were heading to North Vast anyway, so we might as well take the job. Not that we're being opportunistic, mind you.
Eustace: It seems we share an interest in North Vast.
Eustace reaches out to the crew. (Captain) takes his hand, and the pair shake on their newly-forged alliance.
Eustace: The die is cast.
Zeta: The sooner Vaseraga and I complete our tasks, the sooner we'll be able to meet up again. I'm counting on you, (Captain)!
Zeta: We need to get going, Vaseraga!
Vaseraga: Yes... Take care, (Captain).
After Zeta and Vaseraga take their leave, Eustace levels his gun at (Captain) once more.
Eustace: Show me the airship.
Vyrn: What? Steady on, tough guy! You're saying you wanna come aboard our ship?
Eustace: That works for me.
Vyrn: Ungh, what's up with this guy? I'm not so sure I can trust him...
Eustace: I don't need your trust.
Vyrn: Why you! You're getting right on my tail!
Lyria: Ahaha... W-we can all be friends, right?
The crew brings Eustace onboard, and they plot a course for North Vast.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 1: Reunion Leads to Confrontation - Episode 4

The crew sets a course for North Vast. Not a man of many words, Eustace is silent at first, but ultimately divulges details of the mission so that things will go smoothly.

On the way to North Vast, Eustace doesn't utter a word, spending the entire time cleaning his gun.
The atmosphere aboard the ship eventually gets so oppressive that Vyrn can no longer contain himself.
Vyrn: Hey, Sourpuss! Something I wanna tell ya; could you come over here a sec?
Eustace: ...
Vyrn: Enough already! What is it with you! You haven't opened your mouth since you came aboard!
Eustace: Hush. I just prefer peace and quiet.
Vyrn: Look... Can't you at least share what you know about the mission with us? We're on the same team after all...
Eustace: What do you want to know?
Lyria: Really? You'll tell us?
Eustace: If it's something you need to know, I'll tell you. If it's not, I won't.
Vyrn: On my apples! (Captain)! This is like trying to get blood out of a stone!
Lyria: Um, Vyrn, maybe we should start by calming ourselves down...
While Eustace sits motionless, staring at the crew, (Captain) questions him about their destination, North Vast.
Eustace: North Vast is a frozen land. Long ago it served as one of the battlegrounds for the War. As such numerous primal beasts now lie dormant there.
Vyrn: I guess the rumors we've been hearing weren't lies after all.
Eustace: North Vast is the largest continent in all of Phantagrande, but the freezing climate is so harsh that it remains largely unexplored.
Eustace: But in recent years, many tribes and nations have scrambled to claim swaths of the land, and that continues unabated.
Eustace: Among those laying claim to the land, a gang of outlaws calling themselves the Odajumoki have spread the furthest.
Eustace: Their domain stretches over much of the western lands, the Vestrfell. That's where Beatrix was headed.
Vyrn: Gulp... So that's where this Beatrix gal went missing, huh.
The crew brace themselves and prepare for the trip to North Vast.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 1: Reunion Leads to Confrontation - Episode 4: Scene 2

The crew arrives at Vestrfell, western lands of North Vast. There they untie two youths tied to wooden stakes, only to be attacked by the Odajumoki Gang.

The crew makes landfall in Vestrfell, in the western territories of North Vast, and advances into the snow-bound tundra.
Lyria: Wow! Look at all the snow...
Lyria looks puzzled at the sight of the wooden stakes wrapped with chains that sprout up across the entire snowfield.
Lyria: What are these stakes used for?
Eustace: For that.
With a disinterested mutter, Eustace gestures toward two of the stakes with his gun.
Youth 1: Ungh... So painful...
Youth 2: Ack... So cooold...
Two youths are bound to the stakes that Eustace points to.
Lyria: How horrible! We should help them quickly!
The crew approaches the youths bound to the stakes in order to help them.
Youth 1: Thanks for getting us out of this mess, but you need to get out of here fast!
Youth 2: Let's get outta here! Now! Hurry, hurry!
Vyrn: Calm down! What are you trying to get away from?
Youth 1: From them! They're coming back!
Youth 2: We're going back to our homeland! And you lot should too! This isn't a place you want to be!
The two youths, in a state of extreme agitation, flee the scene at full pelt.
Vyrn: Well, what was that all about?
Eustace: They're coming.
Lyria: Huh? Who's coming?
Ruffians: Hiiiyaaa!
Lyria: Eek!
Ruffian 1: Well, well! We sure have had a lot of guests lately.
Ruffian 2: Huh? Hold on a minute! They're gone! We were gonna use them as kindling! You guys better not have let them go!
Ruffian 3: We had the campfire all ready to go and everything! Perhaps you can be the kindling instead!
Skull: Hah! Looks like we got ourselves some fresh meat too! Who's up for some lizard hotpot tonight?
Vyrn: Uh, who are these guys? I don't like where this is headed...
Skull: All right, there's no escape for you now! Rope 'em, boys! Let's play with them a while first!
Ruffians: Heeeyaaa!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! They're coming, (Captain)!

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 2: Betrayal Begets Betrayal - Episode 1

The defeated Odajumoki beat a swift retreat. However, one of their members, Skull, is a little slow in his getaway and ends up captured by Eustace.

Ruffian 1: Ai yai yai! These guys are good!
Ruffian 3: We can't hold out much longer! Tell the boss we have to retreat!
Ruffian 2: If that's the plan, I'm not waitin' around! Let's get outta here! Hiiyaaa!
Skull: W-wait! Don't leave me!
The boy with the skull painted on his face flees, dropping a blue barrette in his panic. Eustace snatches it up at once.
Eustace: This is...
Skull: Waargh! Lemme go!
Ruffian 3: Skull's been caught! Hyehehe, I guess that skull of his really is hollow!
Skull: Who dares call me Hollow-Skull! I'm a genius! Come and free me this second!
Ruffian 2: Haaahaha! You certainly talk a good fight!
Vyrn: Wow. Talk about cold-hearted...
Skull: Why you! Unhand me this instant! I'm a genius! And I'm gonna be a big shot!
Without a word Eustace shoulders the boy named Skull and turns back to the path they came on.
Lyria: Er, Eustace... Where are you headed with him?
Eustace: I'm gonna make him talk. By brute force if need be.
Vyrn: You're scaring me, Sourpuss...
Skull: Let me go, you dastard! Monsters roam these parts! If you get attacked, you'll be sorry!
Eustace: We'll be fine.
Monster: Oof!
A monster camouflaged against the snow ambushes the crew, but is felled by Eustace's bullet.
Eustace: I won't kill you until you tell me what I need to know. Until you fess up.
Skull: Oh, phew, that's a relief!
Skull: Wait, that means if I confess, you'll kill me! You told me not to worry! That was a mean trick!
Skull: What rotten luck! Let me go this instant!
The crew return to the airship, bringing Skull, still cursing loudly, along with them.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 2: Betrayal Begets Betrayal - Episode 2

Through interrogating Skull, the crew pinpoints Beatrix's location. Meanwhile at the Odajumoki's hideout, their leader, Guzaletha, strikes a secret pact with her.

The crew returns to the airship with Skull in tow. Eustace, his gun trained on Skull, takes out a blue barrette from his pocket.
Skull: Urk! That's—
Vyrn: He hasn't told us anything...
Skull: Hah, what're you gonna do about that! You grungebags!
Eustace: You know the woman who this barrette belongs to. Where did you take her?
Skull: Hah! Can't find your friend?
Eustace: You know, you could've gotten a much higher price for Beatrix's sword than for this barrette.
Skull: You don't say? Curses! I should've taken the sword off her when we took her to the hideout!
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Skull: What! You can stare at me all you like; these lips are sealed. No matter what you do to me, I won't talk!
Vyrn: Actually, Crossbones, I think you might have already let something slip.
Skull: Wh-what? Oh no, what have I done! Whatever, you blowholes are still stuck without my help!
Eustace: Hollow-Skull. How apt that name is.
Skull: Blow it out your nosehole, you guff bucket! Don't make fun of me! I'm gonna be a big shot! And a genius to boot!
Ignoring Skull's carping, Eustace takes a seat and begins stroking his chin.
Eustace: We're in a tight spot...
Vyrn: If Crossbones here is telling the truth, then right about now this Beatrix is in the Odajumoki hideout...
Lyria: How awful! I hope Beatrix is all right...
Eustace: ...
The crew grows concerned for Beatrix's safety.
Ruffian 4: Hehe, Chief! We got a visitor! And she's quite a beauty!
Guzaletha: Oh? Bring her here.
Beatrix: So you're the head of the outlawed Odajumoki Gang, then?
Guzaletha: Indeed I am. Aren't you a little young to be doing this kind of thing? What's your name, miss?
Beatrix: Nothing that I want you calling me!
Ruffians: Oooh!
Ruffian 6: Who d'ya think you are!
Ruffian 6: Gyargh!
Beatrix: I'm pretty handy with a blade, and I think you'll agree. A gang as shockingly dim-witted as you could use someone like me.
Beatrix: So, Chief of the Mountains. How about you tell me where the primal beasts lie dormant?
Beatrix points her sword at the man standing before her.
Guzaletha: That sword... it's—
Guzaletha: You... Why are you so interested in the primal beasts?
Beatrix: I might well ask you the same question! What are you planning on using the primal beasts for?
Guzaletha: You mean you don't know anything of the beasts? Or perhaps I should say... you weren't told anything?
Guzaletha: But of course! If that's the case, then you're just a sacrificial pawn. Oh, you poor thing.
Beatrix: Wh-what are you talking about!
Guzaletha: Hehehe... A pawn and nothing more.
Guzaletha: Want to strike a deal? I'm sure we can come to an arrangement that benefits both of us.
Beatrix: A deal? I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.
Guzaletha: You have a hunger for acclaim, don't you? To bring down a primal beast... that would be quite the trophy.
Beatrix: What are you suggesting?
Guzaletha: What indeed? So you would be interested in hearing my proposal?
Beatrix continues to scowl at the chief of the mountains, but she slowly lowers her blade.
Guzaletha: Very well...
The chief smirks brazenly and whispers something to Beatrix.
Beatrix: ...!
Beatrix: Do you speak the truth?
Guzaletha: Heh heh heh...
Looking at the shamelessly grinning chief, Beatrix has the sense that she is staring into the abyss.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 2: Betrayal Begets Betrayal - Episode 3

Insults fly as Skull and Eustace have a little chitchat. Eventually Eustace succeeds in cajoling him into betraying the Odajumoki.

Eustace weighs the significance of what Skull has told them and thinks of a way to break the deadlock.
Skull: Oi! Oi, oi! Oi, oi, oi!
Eustace: ...
Skull: Oi, oi, oi! Oi, I say!
Eustace: Shut up.
I need my peace and quiet.
Skull: Peace and quiet is for chunkheads! How long are you buckweeds planning on keeping me here like this, anyway!
Skull: I'm a genius! I'm gonna be a big shot! What's a guy got to do to get a drink around here!
Vyrn: Doesn't this guy understand that he's our prisoner? Some nerve he's got...
Lyria: Um, what do you mean by becoming a big shot?
Skull: Seriously? A big shot! You know, like, a big shot!
Vyrn: Yeeah, so what exactly is a big shot?
Skull: Like I just said! A big shot! Like, um... Wait, what does that even mean?
Vyrn: You mean you don't even know? How stupid can you be!
Skull: Silence! I'm a genius! So anyone who calls me stupid is stupid themselves! Stuuupid!
Skull: Anyway! I'm gonna be bigger than Allfather! I'll have more freedom than any man alive!
Lyria: Allfather? You mean your father?
Skull: Hrm? He's not my real father. He's our boss, the chief.
Vyrn: So, Crossbones, you want to surpass this Allfather.
Skull: I don't want to surpass him—I will surpass him! Then I'll be more free than ever before!
Eustace: ...!
Eustace stands and levels his gun at Skull.
Eustace: Call yourself free? Take that grin off your face.
Skull: Huh! What are you doing!
Eustace: (Captain) and crew here represent real freedom. You should learn from them.
Skull: You're telling me these losers have more freedom than me? Impossible!
Vyrn: Well, we're all skyfarers. I suppose that alone makes us free...
Skull: Skyfarers! You mean those people that fly through the skies, right? So they're free, you say?
Skull: Oi, you there! Tell me more about skyfarers! I'll behave myself!
Though irritated by Skull's egotistical ranting, (Captain) tells him about their skyfaring journeys so far.
(Captain)'s tale has a dramatic effect on Skull, leaving him trembling in excitement.
Skull: What a story that was! Who would've imagined you skyfarers to be even more free than I am!
Skull: Hopping from island to island! Visiting all kinds of countries and cities and villages! You've seen whole worlds unknown to me!
Skull: Darn it, how can this be! I don't think I can bear this! This is driving me nuts!
Skull: I couldn't think of anything more free than to be the chief of a gang, but their world seems hella cramped now.
Skull is mortified to discover that a freedom greater than what he has aspired to exists.
In his stricken state, Skull is surprised when Eustace gently places a hand on his shoulder.
Eustace: So you want to be free.
Skull: You bet I do!
Eustace: You want to surpass the Allfather?
Skull: Yes, that's exactly it! Tell me what I should do!
Eustace: Betray him.
Skull: Wh-what?
Eustace: Tell us where the hideout is. Do that, and we'll wreak havoc there.
Eustace: And in the chaos, you topple the Allfather.
Eustace: After that you're free. You can join (Captain)'s crew and soar through the skies.
Vyrn: Hey, that's not your decision to—
Skull: That's it... I'll become a skyfarer! And then I'll be free! Hehehe... bring it on!
Vyrn: Wow... This guy's eager! I'll give him that...
Skull: Listen up, all of you! Hehehe, I'm going to reveal the location of the hideout!
Skull: And then I'll act as a decoy! While I'm doing that, you guys can rescue the girl!
Vyrn: Are you sure about this? Doesn't this mean that you're going to betray the Odajumoki?
Skull: Who cares? If I double-cross them, then I get to be friends with you guys!
Skull: Hyehehe... that's a massive lie of course. I'd just be pretending to be (Captain)'s friend...
Skull: When I get the chance, I'll destroy both (Captain) and the chief, steal this airship, and make good my escape!
Vyrn: Um... Does he realize he's saying this out loud? Is this guy really all right?
Eustace: It'll be fine. We just have to use him before he uses us.
Skull: Nyehehehe... All right now! Untie these ropes!
Skull: And then I'll lead you directly to the hideout!
Vyrn: Erm... Is this a good idea?
Lyria: Well, this way we'll be able to help Beatrix! And that's a good thing, isn't it?
Vyrn: You're right, I guess... My head hurts. I'm gonna stop thinking now...
Although concerned about Vyrn's state, (Captain) unties the ropes binding Skull.
In order to stop the newly freed Skull from betraying them, the crew temporarily welcomes him into their ranks.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 2: Betrayal Begets Betrayal - Episode 4

Thanks to Skull's precise instructions, (Captain) and crew sidestep every hazard on the way to the Odajumoki hideout. They also learn a few details about the primal beasts in the region.

With the fired-up Skull leading the way, the crew advances across the snowscape.
Skull: It's easy to lose your footing around here. Watch your step!
Vyrn: Steady now...
Skull: Oi, don't go that way. You can more-or-less walk across it, but there's a frozen pond under that snow.
Lyria: O-oh, thanks for telling us.
Skull: Stop a second. Get down! Snow is going to come blasting out any second!
The crew does as Skull says and ducks down, avoiding a sudden blast of snow.
Vyrn: Crossbones, I might've underestimated you. That was amazing!
Skull: You chunkhead! Didn't I tell you that I'm a genius! It's well established that I'm amazing!
Skull: Actually I've just lived here a long time. Anyone in the Odajumoki would've been able to dodge that blast.
Vyrn: I see... Hey, Crossbones. Just what are these Odajumoki?
Skull: Hmm? They're a gang of free men devoted to the Allfather, our chief.
Skull: The Allfather is a man who goes by the name of Guzaletha. It's amazing how he formed the gang.
Skull: One day a large group found themselves at this site by chance. He gathered everyone around him and then yelled out the following with tremendous force.
Guzaletha: What is freedom to you? Spending your days lazing around? Gorging yourself until every craving has been slaked?
Guzaletha: Heh heh heh... Indeed that is freedom of a kind. But it is not true freedom. For are your desires ever sated with this current freedom you have?
Guzaletha: No, they are not. Because you have not grasped what true freedom means.
Guzaletha: True freedom is rampaging with abandon. Beholden to nothing except your instincts, freewheeling and running riot!
Guzaletha: But I hear you cry: such true freedom cannot be found in all the skies! And why is that?
Guzaletha: Because of those who repress freedom!

Because of those who fetter freedom!

Because of those who take your freedom!
Guzaletha: No more, say I! Never again! Those cheating rulers will pilfer the world's freedom no more!
Guzaletha: To all those who would threaten our freedom, I hereby expel you from the skies! And to the sky realm, I bestow freedom!
Guzaletha: And you... you are my family. Unto you I give the freedom to rampage unfettered!
Skull: And so the Odajumoki was formed out of everyone taken with Allfather that day.
Vyrn: Wow, that was quite some speech. I didn't understand much of it, but it sounded really impressive.
Eustace: ...
Skull: Yeah, the Allfather can do anything. The other day, he dug up pri... primal... uh, whatchamacallit.
Lyria: You don't mean primal beasts, do you?
Skull: That's it—primal beasts! He tamed the primal beasts we'd dug up, and in no time at all, he'd gained control of all Vestrfell.
Vyrn: This Guzaletha is really something, huh...
Skull: Basically he rocks.
Oh, careful! This place is a breeding ground for monsters!

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 2: Betrayal Begets Betrayal - Episode 4: Scene 2

The Odajumoki gather together for a feast. Guzaletha, in addressing them all, laments the loss of Skull and introduces Beatrix into the Odajumoki family.

Skull: All right, now it's my turn to ask you guys stuff. Not you skyfarers, the dude with the gun.
Skull: You've hardly said a word, mister. Just who are you anyway?
Eustace: ...
Skull: You can at least tell me that, no?
Okay, so where are you from?
Eustace: I don't feel like answering that.
Skull: In that case we'll try to guess! Let's see, with that scowling face of yours and that dead-eyed glare...
Skull: Hyehehe, I got it! You're a specter that crawled out from the pits of the sky! How'd I do, how'd I do?
Eustace: Imbecile.
Skull: Only an imbecile would call a genius like me an imbecile!
Eustace: Oi, imbecile.
Skull: Go suck on an armpit, maggot breath!
Lyria: Now, now, let's all try to get along...
Vyrn: Heads up, we're almost at the hideout.
Lyria: Yeah, I'm starting to feel a little... nervous...
While Skull and Eustace continue to bicker, (Captain) and crew brace themselves for what's next as they get closer to the hideout.
Ruffians: Yahooo! Snow juice, snow juice!
The Odajumoki, rulers of North Vast, are holding a great feast in their hideout.
Ruffian 7: All right, all right, shuddup a second, you numbskulls! The chief is about to make a toast!
The Odajumoki fall silent instantly. With a calm nod of his head, their chief Guzaletha raises his drinking horn into the air.
Guzaletha: My sons. Today is a sad day.
Guzaletha: My beloved son Skull has been snatched from us. Once again, my sons... we are a man down!
Ruffian 6: Oh, Allfather, does Skull really mean that much to you...
Guzaletha: Not just Skull! Every one of you is part of my precious family.
Ruffians: Yaaay! Allfather! Allfather!
The Odajumoki rise in uproar. Seeing them in a frenzy, Guzaletha grins brazenly and continues speaking.
Guzaletha: The loss of Skull is a serious blow, and it leaves an indelible scar in our hearts.
Guzaletha: However, today is also a joyous day that promises to heal this scar. For I have gained a daughter, and you have gained a sister.
Ruffian 6: A sister? We have a sister?
Guzaletha: Yes, that's right! Tell them, Beatrix!
Beatrix: Humph, in your face!
Guzaletha: Hyehehe! See how strong-willed our new member is? And now a toast!
Ruffians: Yeeehaaa! Skal!
Beatrix: Skal...
Beatrix reluctantly joins in with the Odajumoki toast, raising her horn sullenly.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 3: The Getaway - Episode 1

Beatrix and Guzaletha discuss the details of their secret agreement. Unsure if he can truly trust her, Guzaletha devises a plan to test her.

Beatrix joins her new family, the Odajumoki, who are happily chatting and feasting away.
Beatrix glares sullenly at the scene.
Beatrix: (Ergh, they're so rowdy and annoying... Their infernal clamor is offensive to my ears.)
Beatrix: (How many even are there... They're practically the size of an entire nation's military.)
Guzaletha: What is it, my daughter?
Beatrix: Don't call me that. It creeps me out.
Guzaletha: Nyehehehe! How rude of me... Do you not want a drink to celebrate becoming part of the family, Beatrix?
Beatrix: I never joined your family. Stop fooling yourself with such preposterous delusions.
Guzaletha: Gyehehe, how heartless... But that's fine.
Beatrix: Anyway, was it true what you said before?
Guzaletha: It was. In the future I intend to destroy all primal beasts!
Beatrix: If I help you fight, in return I request permission to take down all the primal beasts you intend to destroy.
Guzaletha: Oh, isn't this great! Beatrix wants to destroy primal beasts, and so do I...
Guzaletha: Nyehehehe! How wonderful! Our interests match!
Beatrix: ...
Beatrix: (My only goal is to find the primal beasts you've hidden... But you're too careless to even notice.)
Beatrix: (I'll bide my time and destroy them when the chance comes!)
Ruffian 8: Hey, you, Northsister! You gonna come drink snow juice with us? Come on, come over here!
Beatrix: Humph, do I look like your Northsister? Get the hell away from me!
Ruffian 9: Ooh, she's a feisty one, isn't she! She's got a really cute face too! Now if only she was more ladylike...
Beatrix: Shut your traps! Come and say that to my face! I'll cut you to pieces!
Ruffian 6: Oohoohoo, she's sooo scary! Hey, Allfather, is she really one of us now?
Guzaletha: Hmm, what do you mean by that? Do we have a problem?
Ruffian 6: N-no, I wasn't complaining, Allfather... I-I don't have a problem with any of your almighty decisions. Hehehe!
Guzaletha: (I see his reasoning though... He doesn't want her to affect the morale of the other sons of Vestrfell.)
Guzaletha: (Hmm, I'll just have to test her.)
Guzaletha: Hey, Beatrix... Although it is only because our interests match, for now you are our brethren.
Guzaletha: So to prove it, you should do one thing for us... Something that helps us.
Beatrix: Huh?
Beatrix and Guzaletha are as boats on calm seas under pressure from rough currents below, as they begrudgingly play along while masking their true agendas.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 3: The Getaway - Episode 2

As planned, Skull acts as decoy and mingles with the Odajumoki at the feast. Beatrix, however, foils Skull's plot in order to curry favor with Guzaletha.

Under Skull's directions, the crew finally arrives at the Odajumoki hideout.
Vyrn: Gulp... So this is the Odajumoki hideout.
Skull: Right, time for me to play decoy.
Skull: I'll pretend to escape from you guys and then my Northbrothers will be so happy; they'll throw me a welcome home feast.
Skull: And then when everybody falls asleep from drinking too much snow juice, I'll send you a signal.
Vyrn: Err, I'm not sure it'll go that smoothly...
Lyria: Erm, Skull... Are you really okay with this?
Skull: Don't worry! I'll finally be free! If I have to betray Allfather to achieve my freedom, then so be it!
Skull: Hehehe, but then again, I might betray you guys later too...
Vyrn: We can hear you loud and clear, you know...
As Skull sneaks into the hideout, Eustace and crew hide behind cover, waiting for an opportunity.
Ruffian 4: Oho! If it's not Skull!
Guzaletha: What!
Ruffian 5: Y-you're alive! We totally thought you were dead! Hehehe!
Skull: Hehe, I'm invulnerable 'cause I'm a genius!
Skull: But I did have a really hard time... Oooo, ow, owww.
Ruffian 5: Hyehehe, Skull... You aren't even injured there, look!
Skull: O-oh, really? I meant here... Owww, ouchie, ooo, ow...
Ruffian 6: Nyehehehe. You're still the same bonehead as ever, Hollow-Skull.
Skull: Hey, you cheese log! Who're you calling Hollow-Skull? I'm not stupid! I'm...
Guzaletha: A genius.
Skull: Allfather...
Guzaletha: I don't want to hear any more banter. Skull, you came back like I thought you would.
Guzaletha: Sons of Vestrfell! Raise your drinking horns!
Guzaletha: The most beloved of the sons of Vestrfell, Skull, is returned!
Ruffians: Woop! Woop! Woop!
The Odajumoki are delighted at Skull's return and the snow juice flows. Nobody even thinks to doubt him, that is aside from one person.
Beatrix: (Hmm, what is this I'm picking up... Who's outside?)
Beatrix points her sword toward the entrance of the hideout and the blade starts to glow faintly.
Beatrix: (There's no mistaking it. Members of the Society are out there.)
Beatrix: (Ergh, why are they here now of all times... They're going to ruin my plan.)
Beatrix glares quizzically at Skull.
Skull notices her looking at him and meets her gaze.
Skull: Oh, it's you! The others are here too, you know!
Ruffian 6: Huh, who are you on about?
Guzaletha: What do you mean?
Skull: Huh, what's up? Did I say something wrong?
Beatrix: Guzaletha, it seems the time has come to fulfill my promise. This cretin has brought people with him. They're outside.
Skull: What? How did you know? I covered all my tracks!
Guzaletha: Skull, you filthy traitor!
Skull: Oops! Hehehehe!
Skull: Time for me to run away! Nyeheheh!
Ruffian 6: Argh, he's run off! Wh-what should we do, Allfather?
Guzaletha trembles with anger, crushing the drinking horn in his hand.
Guzaletha: You've betrayed me?

How dare you, Skull!

This treachery is unforgivable!
Guzaletha: Sons of Vestrfell... After him! Call for the dogsled-tank warriors! We will hunt him to the bounds of the sky!
Ruffians: Hiiyaaa! Haaaah! For the Allfather! For Vestrfell!
Guzaletha: Run all you like. You will never escape! Find the fallen son of Vestrfell and those he brought to our door. Destroy them all!
Guzaletha: Beatrix, how wonderful. It seems you are useful to the family after all.
Guzaletha and the Odajumoki chase after Skull.
The Sons of Vertrfell pour out of the hideout, and now only silence remains.
In the quiet of the empty hideout, Beatrix lets out a pained sigh.
Beatrix: Who in the skies has come to help me? Maybe Zeta?
Beatrix: In any case whoever it is, they're getting in my way. I, and I alone, must slay the primal beasts.
Beatrix: The acclaim... the honor... it must be mine... The Society will acknowledge my power!
Beatrix mutters to herself, her voice tinged with the fevered bitterness of the obsessed.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 3: The Getaway - Episode 3

When Eustace realizes that Skull's plan has failed, he suggests using the confusion to sneak into the hideout. However, the crew refuses to abandon him and rushes to his aid.

The crew pops their heads out from behind cover to see what's happening at the hideout.
Vyrn: Huh, Crossbones is coming out? That was quick. He seems to be in a bit of a hurry though...
Eustace: The plan has failed.
Lyria: Th-then we have to help Skull!
Eustace: I knew this'd happen. Time to sneak in.
Lyria: What... A-are we just going to abandon Skull?
Eustace: I did say we would be using him.
Vyrn: Wait, Sourpuss, you came into this knowing Crossbones's plan would fail?
Eustace: We're going.
Lyria: No! We cant just abandon Skull!
Eustace: Why? I see nothing but treachery in his eyes. He'll just end up betraying us.
Lyria: Even then we can't just leave him behind! Who knows what they'll do to him!
Lyria: I won't abandon him!
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Eustace: Do as you please. My duty is my priority.
Eustace quickly disappears in the direction of the hideout.
Lyria: Ahh, Eustace can be such a coldhearted person...
Vyrn: Let's not forget this is also the perfect chance to save Beatrix.
Lyria: That's true...
Vyrn: Well, what's done is done. I guess it's up to us to rescue Crossbones!
Lyria: Yes! Let's go, (Captain)!
Ruffian 1: Stop right there, traitorous scum!
Skull: Not a chance! Damn it, where could they have gone...
Skull: Surely, they didn't abandon me!
Lyria: Skull, over here! Quickly!
Skull: Ooh, heeheehee! You guys didn't abandon me after all! You're all so nice!
Skull: Even though I tried to betray you... Wahoo!
Vyrn: We didn't need to know that! You're saying your thoughts out loud again!
Vyrn: Just hurry up and get over here! We need to escape now!

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 3: The Getaway - Episode 3: Scene 2

The Odajumoki spur on their north huskies, chasing after (Captain) and crew. In the face of this predicament, Skull explains how he can guarantee a safe retreat for the crew.

Ruffians: Hyaaa! Yahaaa!
Circle 'round them! Close in for the kill!
Ruffian 7: We won't let a single one get away! They'll all be food for the north huskies!
Vyrn: Dang, there's too many of them!
Skull: Aaargh! Now to play my trump card!
Lyria: Huh, what do you have in mind?
Skull: Oho, it works every time! We'll just have to beat those sludge kernels blocking our path! Then we'll be able to get away!
Vyrn: How in the skies is that supposed to be a trump card?
Ruffian 7: Huh! Are you going to fight us?
Skull: No, I'm not going to fight you... I'm going to crush you! Aargh, come at me!

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 3: The Getaway - Episode 4

The crew struggles against the mobs of Odajumoki. When their Ultra Dogsled-Tank Jenkins arrives, Vyrn is utterly shocked at its sheer savagery.

Skull: Aargh! Show me what you've got!
Ruffian 1: Ngh!
Ruffians: Hiiyaaa! Get him!
(Captain) and the crew try to escape while dealing with the attacking Odajumoki.
However even though many Odajumoki fall, their numbers never seem to dwindle. And soon the crew find themselves at an impasse.
Skull: Ergh, if we don't finish up soon, we'll have to deal with the pre-ultimate weapon!
Vyrn: Pre-ultimate weapon? What are you on about?
Skull: It's a tank so massive you've never seen anything like it!
Vyrn: Well, I sure don't wanna be around when it gets here!
Ruffian 5: Hehehe! I bet you don't! I bet you don't!
Ruffian 6: Oooh, it's coming! It's coming! The pre-ultimate weapon!
Ruffians: Raah!
As the Odajumoki war cries resound, a giant war chariot appears before the crew.
Butchagee: Hiiyaaa!
Ruffian 7: Haha, this is the end for you! Just give up and be destroyed like good little—
Ruffian 7: Argh!
Chariot Driver 1: Did you just run somebody over, you pignut?
Chariot Driver 2: Nah, it must be your imagination...
Chariot Driver 3: Hmm... Yeah, of course.
Let's get the traitors!
The massive dogsled-tank bears down on the crew, running over any Odajumoki in its path.
Skull: Great mother of Astrals... It's here!
Vyrn: Th-they're flattening all their own people...
Chariot Driver 3: You fools are done for! The north huskies are hungry!
Lyria: I-it's coming! Watch out, (Captain), Skull!
Skull: Curses! We'll have to face it! Chaaarge!

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 4: From One Crisis to Another - Episode 1

Shortly after (Captain) and crew defeat the Ultra Dogsled-Tank Jenkins, Guzaletha appears with the Odajumoki's true secret weapon: the primal beasts Agyo and Ungyo.

Ruffian 4: What the! But how! Even with the super secret pre-ultimate weapon, we still lost!
Skull: Take this! And that! And that! Do you see what happens when you mess with us?
(Captain) and the others take down the almighty tank in which the Odajumoki had placed so much faith.
Skull: Now! Press our advantage!
Ruffian 8: Waaah!
Skull: Come on, (Captain)! Let's push forward!
Vyrn: Heheh! You're pretty good at this, Crossbones!
Skull: Are you really surprised? I am a genius after all!
Okay, it's the final push!
Ruffian 9: Nooo! Don't let them get away! Bring in the replacement pre-ultimate weapons!
Lyria: R-replacement? You mean there's more?
Skull: Yes, there are literally dozens of Ultra Dogsled-Tank Jenkins just waiting to roll right over us!
Vyrn: Are you serious? You're joking, right?
Just as things look bad for the crew, they take a turn for the worse.
Lyria: Ah! No, not now...
Lyria: The primal beasts... I can feel them getting closer...
Skull: Primal beasts? Now? But then that means...
???: That means me! Boy!
Skull: Th-that voice! It's Allfather!
Skull and the others turn to face the voice.
There they see the hulking forms of a pair of primal beasts and a man riding on their shoulders.
Guzaletha: Nyehehe, end of the line!
The crew looks at the towering primal beasts and is lost for words—but not simply due to fear of their overwhelming presence.
Stripped of their former majesty and glory, these once noble primal beasts are now no different from common thugs.
Agyo: ...
Ungyo: ...
Ruffian 8: Bwahahaha! Are you scared of our ultimate weapon?
Ruffian 9: Don't they look cool? They're the pride of our arsenal!
Ruffian 6: I can tell you it took a lot of effort to dress things this big!
Lyria: Wh-what are they talking about?
Vyrn: Unbelievable! Do you guys know how much danger you're in?
Guzaletha: Let me tell you something...
Guzaletha: We are the Odajumoki! We bend our knee to no one!
Guzaletha: Even primal beasts are nothing more than weapons to use against our enemies!
Vyrn: That's crazy talk!
Skull: This is bad... No matter which way you slice it, this isn't gonna end well!
Vyrn: Oh yeah, that's right. You used to be one of them.
Guzaletha: Mwahaha. Okay, kiddies, time to say goodnight!
Agyo: ...!
Ungyo: ...!
As if reacting to Guzaletha, the two primal beasts immediately spill golden light from their fingers.
Vyrn: Wh-what's happening...
The threads of light twirl about like a living entity, connecting the primal beasts by their fingers.
Guzaletha: This is a special skill that only twin primal beasts can perform. It's quite a sight—I'll have you know!
Guzaletha: Here it comes: the Ah-Un Death Punch!
Skull: Not good! Get down! Now!
Hearing the desperation in Skull's voice, the crew move faster than they can think.
Agyo: Ah!
Ungyo: Un!
The primal beasts breeze past the crew at an alarming speed.
Golden shafts of magical light graze the tops of the crew's heads.
When they look up, they see little round chunks where the mountain ahead used to be.
Vyrn: Whoa, look at the mountain... or what's left of it. They don't look like much, but they sure pack a punch!
Guzaletha: Humph, you got lucky. Next time I won't miss!
Skull: Watch out! If we get caught between them, we're done for!
Vyrn: This is bad. We gotta get outta here!
(Captain) nods, and the crew runs away at full speed.
Guzaletha: Mwahaha, so you think you can run?
Guzaletha: Boys! Call for Beatrix! Have her chase them down!
Ruffian 6: Yes, Allfather!
Guzaletha: Ohohoho. Now things are gonna get interesting.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 4: From One Crisis to Another - Episode 2

Eustace finds Beatrix in the Odajumoki hideout and tries to bring her back. As she is adamant about staying, Eustace has no choice but to take her weapon, the Embrasque Sword.

As the crew make good on their escape, Eustace successfully infiltrates the hideout.
Eustace quickly finds Beatrix and confronts her.
Beatrix: I was hoping that nosy Zeta would be the one to show up. But I should've known the Society would send one of their favorites.
Eustace: Leave this place. Now.
Beatrix: No! If anyone should leave, it's you!
Beatrix: You're gonna blow my cover!
Beatrix: Those idiots think I'm on their side. I can use this opportunity to take down the primal beasts!
Eustace: So that's what you've been planning.
Beatrix: Right! I'm going to take these primal beasts all on my own! The glory will be all mine!
Eustace: I can't let you. My orders are to bring you in.
Beatrix: What! No!
Beatrix: They still don't trust me, huh? I'll show them I can handle myself! They'll see!
Beatrix: I... I... I'm going right to the top! I'm gonna be the best! And I won't let anyone get in my way!
Eustace: You're getting ahead of yourself. Even if you take these primal beasts down, it won't change what you've done.
Beatrix: I know... I know that. But still...
Eustace: Have it your way. Hand over your sword.
Beatrix: Fine. Taking my sword from me won't change anything. I'm still going through with my plan.
Eustace: This is getting us nowhere.
Eustace shoots Beatrix's sword from her hand.
Beatrix: Ah! What are you—
Eustace picks up Beatrix's sword from the ground and then turns his gun on her.
Eustace: You've obviously made up your mind, so I won't stop you. But I'm taking the Embrasque Sword.
Eustace: You want my advice? Don't get so worked up.
Beatrix: Humph, as if the Society's golden child could ever know what I've gone through!
Beatrix: I... I have to make it! I have to rise in the ranks!
Beatrix's cries echo throughout the hideout.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 4: From One Crisis to Another - Episode 3

After a successful escape, the crew meets up with Eustace and berates him for leaving Beatrix with the Odajumoki. The argument comes to a close when pursing Odajumoki catch up to them.

The crew finally escapes from the Odajumoki Gang.
Lyria: I think we're safe. Maybe we should get back to the airship.
Eustace: Agreed.
Skull: Whoa! When did you get here? And that sword, isn't that...
Eustace: My mission is complete. I need to return to base.
Lyria: It is? So that means... Beatrix, is she...
Vyrn: I thought you were sent here to bring Beatrix back. I don't see her anywhere.
Eustace: I left her.
Vyrn: What? How could you!
Eustace: She wanted to stay.
Vyrn: I don't get it, Sourpuss! You're seriously going to abandon her here?
Skull: Abandon? You mean you're going to betray a comrade? How low can you go, you puddlegoo!
Eustace: Look who's talking!
Eustace raises his voice, clenching his fists.
Lyria: I can tell Eustace didn't want to abandon Beatrix...
Eustace: Shut up. Let's go.
  1. No.
  2. You're acting like Skull.

Choose: No.
Eustace: (Captain)! Don't you turn on me too!
Vyrn: Turn on you? Gimme a break! You're the one that's turned on us!
Eustace: ...
Eustace: This is a waste of time.

Choose: You're acting like Skull.
Eustace: What?
Skull: Right! You're acting like a real idiot, just like me!
Skull: Wait, look what you just made me say! You're the idiot here! Not me!
Vyrn: What are you trying to say?
Eustace: This is a waste of time.
Continue 1
Skull: A waste of time? What does that even mean?
Eustace: They're here.
Ruffian 1: Graagh!
Vyrn: They've found us already?
Skull: Ack! They're persistent! I'll give 'em that. Everyone, let's do this!

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 4: From One Crisis to Another - Episode 4

While despairing over the loss of her sword, Beatrix discovers that a few Odajumoki had overheard her conversation with Eustace. Her cover is blown, but it turns out Guzaletha had seen her true colors all along.

While the crew fight off the Odajumoki, Beatrix despairs in the dark at the loss of her sword.
Beatrix: Damn him! I'll just have to make do without my sword!
Ruffians: Eeehehehehehe!
Beatrix: Wha!
Ruffian 8: Hey, Northsister, what happened to your sword?
Beatrix: Ugh, you disgust me! And stop calling me that already!
Ruffian 9: So what? Would you prefer we call you a traitor? Hehehe.
Beatrix: Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
Ruffian 10: Allfather sent us here to get you.
Ruffian 8: And when we got here, we saw you talking to that guy with the gun.
Beatrix: Th-that was...
Ruffian 10: Shut up! We're not in the mood to listen to your lies! Get her, boys!
Beatrix: L-let me go!
Ruffian 9: Allfather! Allfather! Wait!
Ruffian 8: Get over here!
Beatrix: Ugh... Huh?
Ah! Those must be the primal beasts!
Ruffian 10: Allfather, it's about Beatrix! She—
Guzaletha: Betrayed us?
Ruffian 8: E-exactly! Allfather, you already knew?
Guzaletha: I suspected she came here acting all friendly in order to find out where we keep the primal beasts.
Beatrix: Shoot, he's worked it all out...
Guzaletha: Of course I have! I've been leading you along the whole time!
Guzaletha: Heh heh heh... To be honest I'm surprised you never worked out that this was a trap. Your ambition must have blinded you.
Beatrix: Uh... Ugh...
Ruffian 10: What are we gonna do with her, Allfather? You want us to take care of her for ya?
Guzaletha: Heh heh heh... Not just yet. She may still be of use to us.
Ruffian 9: Hmm? Oh, I get it. Good thinking, Allfather!
Beatrix: What's going on here?
Guzaletha: Heh heh heh...
Ruffians: Nyehehehe...
Beatrix: N-no, don't come any closer! Stop! Eeep!

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 5: On the Offensive - Episode 1

Beatrix appears before the crew, tied and bound to a dogsled-tank. Just as (Captain) and crew are about to throw in the towel, Zeta and Vaseraga come to their aid.

Fleeing from the Odajumoki, the party remonstrates with Eustace for leaving Beatrix behind.
Just then the ground begins to shake.
Skull: Ack! They've already got reinforcements!
Skull: Curses! They'll catch us at this rate. We need to hide!
The crew follows Skull's suggestion and gets behind a nearby rock.
Just after they finish concealing themselves, the Odajumoki begin to appear one after the other.
Ruffians: Hiiyaaa!
Observing the proceedings from behind the rock, the crew are shocked by what they see on the dogsled-tank.
Eustace: !
Skull: Th-that's...
Beatrix: Argh... Darn it all... This can't be... There's gotta be a way out of this!
Chariot Driver: Heh heh heh... Not a chance! Just be a good girl and stay tied up there!
Chariot Driver: No use trying to slip out of those ropes either!
Chariot Driver: We tied 'em niiice 'n' tight, niiice 'n' hard, ya see! Hya ha!
Beatrix: U-ugh... Blast it... Don't screw with me!
Skull: Hey, that's playing dirty!
Just then Guzaletha shows up with the two primal beasts.
Guzaletha: Heh heh heh... Skull, you traitor... and you miserable intruders!
Guzaletha: Play nice and come out now. I know you're around here somewhere...
Guzaletha: Come on out, now! If you don't, I can't guarantee this girl'll come through unscathed!
Lyria: (No!)
Agitated, Lyria nearly jumps out from their hiding spot, but Eustace grabs her by the arm.
Lyria: Eustace?
Eustace: Don't fall for it. He's trying to shake us.
Vyrn: Gimme a break! At this rate Blue's gonna be—
Eustace: Now's not the time. We can't rush it.
Skull: Whaddaya mean, not the time? Aren't we gonna save her?
Lyria: O-okay, when will we rescue her then?
Eustace: That's—
Transceiver: Bzz...
Eustace: !
Eustace feels the vibrations of the transceiver by his chest.
He lets go of Lyria's arm and walks on.
Skull: Hey, hey! Are we gonna save her now? Are we gonna go for it at last?
Eustace: Yeah. It's time.
Eustace preps his gun and steps out from the shadow of the rock, revealing himself.
Although suspicious of Eustace's actions, the party follows suit.
Guzaletha: Well... You lot have certainly given us the run-around. So... will you give us this girl's sword?
Beatrix: Heh, so that's what you were after.
Guzaletha: Heh heh... Hand us that sword, and we'll hand her over to you.
Guzaletha: You have no need to doubt me. I'm a man true to his word as well as his family.
Eustace: I need to know something first: the sword and the primal beasts—what will you do with them?
Guzaletha: Well, I suppose it makes no difference. You won't be around to make use of the information.
Guzaletha: We Odajumoki shall acquire true freedom.
Beatrix: True freedom?
Guzaletha: Yes, that's right. Freedom.

Not oppressed by anyone...

Not bound by anyone...
Guzaletha: We will obtain the freedom to wreak havoc unrestrained. For that purpose the only ones fit to control primal beasts are us.
Beatrix: So you're planning on destroying anything that could pose a threat to you... including all the other primal beasts.
Vyrn: Destroying all the other primal beasts? Is that even possible?
Guzaletha: Heh heh heh... Well, with just these two primal beasts, I suppose it would be difficult.
Beatrix: Ah, I get it now... That's why you want my sword! To take down all the primal beasts!
Beatrix: Hah! What a joke. I'm the only one who can use that sword—
Guzaletha: Yes, you are bound to the sword, as it is to you.
Beatrix: !
Guzaletha: But as I'm sure you know, a special technique can be employed to forge a new pact with the sword.
Beatrix: Where did you get your hands on that info? That's classified information even within the Society!
Guzaletha: Heh heh heh... You'd like to know, wouldn't you? But I'm afraid our talk ends here.
Guzaletha: Are you going to surrender the weapon?
Actually... No, enough of this. We'll just finish you off and take it ourselves!
Ruffians: Yaaahh! Get 'em! Hyaaaaaa!
As vulgar laughs echo all around them, (Captain) turns to Eustace, realizing his lips are curled into a defiant grin.
Eustace: It's time.
Guzaletha: What?
As Guzaletha glares quizzically at Eustace, a thunderous roar suddenly resounds.
Ruffians: Gyaaah!
Guzaletha: Wh-what? What's happening?
???: Beeaaa!
Beatrix: That voice... It can't be...

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 5: On the Offensive - Episode 2

When Eustace hits one of the primal beasts with a well-aimed shot, Guzaletha tumbles into the snow and becomes embroiled in a scuffle with Skull. The rescue of Beatrix is a success, but now Skull has gone missing.

Zeta: Spear of Arvess! Give form to my faith and become a piercing fang!
Vaseraga: Great Scythe, Grynoth! Drink in the blood of the primal beast and let your soul shape my blade!
Ruffian 8: Gyaaah!
Guzaletha: Rrrg! That weapon! Reinforcements from the Society, huh?
Guzaletha: Don't just stand there! Hurry up and surround them! There's only two of them!
Surprised by the sudden onslaught of Zeta and Vaseraga, Guzaletha turns his attention to them.
The opening this creates does not go unnoticed by Eustace.
Agyo: Ah!
Eustace scores a direct hit on one of the primal beasts' right knee.
Guzaletha: Ugh... Whoa!
The primal beast loses its balance, and Guzaletha, perched atop its shoulder, tumbles into the snow.
Skull: Now's our chance!
Not one to let an opportunity slip by, Skull runs up to Guzaletha and pounces on him.
Skull: Hiiyaaa!
Guzaletha: Guh! Skull... you miserable wretch!
Skull: Allfather... I guess I owe you thanks for everything up till now, but I'm gonna surpass you.
Now take this!
Zeta: Huff... huff... Beaa!
Vaseraga: Go, Zeta. I'll open up the path for you.
Vaseraga: Raaahh!
Ruffians: Gyaah!
Zeta: Vaseraga, they're all yours!
Zeta bum-rushes the dogsled-tank Beatrix is tied to and rescues her.
Beatrix: Z-Zeta...
Zeta: What's with that pitiful tone? Don't tell me you were scared now. Hmm?
Beatrix: I-I'm not being pitiful! And I wasn't scared! I would've gotten out of it somehow...
As Beatrix puts on a brave face, Zeta gently raps her on the head.
Zeta: No, you wouldn't have. Your weapon was taken, and you were tied up pretty good.
Zeta: Bea, I know you. You drove yourself into this mess.
Zeta: You dug yourself into a hole, until you were in so deep that you couldn't get yourself out of it. Am I right?
Beatrix: I... I wanted to better myself and climb the ranks. I can't lose to you either, Zeta...
Zeta: Bea... I'm aware of your circumstances. I've told you there's no need to rush yourself, remember?
Beatrix: Sob, Zeta...
Eustace: It appears we've succeeded in retrieving Beatrix.
Vyrn: Y-yeah, and we can thank our lucky apples for that...
Vyrn: Hm? Hey, where'd Crossbones disappear to?
Eustace: ...
Eustace: (Captain), ready your weapon. We're going to create a distraction.
Eustace: The more chaos we create, the better our chances of victory.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 5: On the Offensive - Episode 2: Scene 2

There is no time to breathe as the primal beasts Agyo and Ungyo now move in on the party. But Beatrix, now reunited with her Embrasque Sword, boldly stands forth.

Vaseraga: What's the matter? Is it over already? Come at me, all of you.
Ruffian 11: Argh! What's with this big guy? He shrugs off everything we hit him with!
Vaseraga: This body of mine is specially-made. You're going to have to do better than those half-hearted attacks to stop me.
The Odajumoki turn their attention to Vaseraga.
Beatrix and Zeta use the opening to join up with the crew.
Zeta: Eustace! I can't believe you! You brought Beatrix's weapon back but left her there to rot?
Zeta: Why! Why didn't you save her?
Eustace: ...
Beatrix: It's all right, Zeta. I'm the one at fault.
Beatrix: If I hadn't tried to take credit for everything here, this never would've happened...
Eustace: ...
Eustace flings Beatrix's weapon toward her.
Beatrix: Wha? Huh?
Eustace: Don't rush things. You're strong.
Beatrix: Yeah.
Zeta: Eustace, you know, sometimes I just don't understand how your mind works...
Eustace: I just want peace and quiet. That's all.
Zeta: That again? C'mon, Eustace, fess up: that's just your way of covering up your embarrassment.
Eustace: ...
Zeta: Well, whatever. You saved Bea, and that's what matters.
Lyria: Oh! The primal beasts are heading this way!
Agyo: Aah!
Ungyo: Uhn!
Zeta: Aha. It looks they're reacting to our weapons.
Zeta: Geez. If only Vaseraga had drawn those primal beasts over too...
Vyrn: This ain't the time for jokes! Those things are insanely strong!
Beatrix: I'll deal with them.
Beatrix readies her sword with determination.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 5: On the Offensive - Episode 3

Beatrix deals a devastating blow with her Embrasque Sword. But the Odajumoki, in their indomitable spirit, continue to assault the crew.

Vyrn: You're gonna deal with them alone? That's crazy!
Eustace: Seems you've finally calmed down.
Beatrix: I've never been more calm.
Zeta: Okay. Well, go for it, then.
Vyrn: What? You're not gonna stop her?
Eustace: No need to. Not with the way she is now.
Zeta: Exactly. Now that Bea's all charged up...
Eustace: She might be stronger than everyone here.
Vyrn: Wh-what do you mean?
Zeta: Watch and you'll see.
Though still surprised at Zeta and Eustace's calm and collected composure, the crew decides to trust their instincts.
Readying her weapon, Beatrix walks toward the approaching primal beasts.
Agyo: Aah!
Ungyo: Uhn!
Beatrix: I thought I'd pulled the wool over Guzaletha's eyes when I joined him, but he saw right through me...
Beatrix: Not only did I dig my own grave, having my weapon taken from me... but on top of that, I found myself in such an embarrassing sitution...
Beatrix: The hell I had to go through... The shame I had to endure...
Beatrix: Arrggh! Just thinking about it riles me!
As Beatrix's voice rises, the sword she wields begins to glow an indigo hue.
This indigo aura gradually assimilates itself with the blade, which before long seems to be wreathed in a giant flame.
Agyo: Aah!
Sensing Beatrix to be a threat, the primal beasts assume a defensive stance.
Ungyo: Uhn!
Golden light emanates from their fingertips.
Vyrn: Watch out, Blue! If you get caught in that, you're gonna—
Beatrix: Hah. Bring it on!
Agyo: Ah!
Ungyo: Un!
Attempting to catch Beatrix in the shafts of light, the primal beasts dash toward her with incredible force.
Beatrix: Embrasque Sword! Devour the surging karma before me and carve open the path to victory!
As if responding to her invocation, the light of her sword swells ever stronger and larger, overtaking the shafts of light from the primal beasts.
Beatrix: Take this!
Agyo & Ungyo: !
The golden shafts of magic are torn asunder as the primal beasts halt in surprise.
Beatrix: I'm not done yet!
Beatrix swings her blade sideways, cutting across the sides of the primal beasts.
Agyo: Aah!
Ungyo: Uhn!
The air seems to explode as the atmosphere is rent, and a flash of light envelops the field of snow.
Vyrn: Wh-what just happened...
As their field of vision gradually returns, the party stands in awe at the events that have just transpired.
Agyo: Ah...
Ungyo: Un...
The primal beasts are stooped on one knee, seemingly in pain.
Beatrix: Huff... Huff... Darn it! These two are tough! I can't believe that didn't finish them off!
Ruffian 11: Good North, how can this be?
Ruffian 12: Ack! What is this girl? She brought our ultimate weapons to their knees...
Zeta: Seeing that just now must have dampened their morale! Let's press our advantage...
Vaseraga: No, I strongly doubt that.
Zeta: Whoa! Don't just come out of nowhere like that!
Vaseraga: Their fortitude is on par with Beatrix's.
Beatrix: What?
Ruffian 10: Curses! Withdraw the ultimate weapons! There's still time!
Ruffian 11: Let's not forget we still have superior numbers! Surround and crush them!
Beatrix: Huff... Idiots... It's not like you can make up... the difference in fighting strength... with just... numbers...
Zeta: Bea!
Eustace: This doesn't change our plans. We're retreating.
Vaseraga: Their numbers may have decreased, but they still have a great force. A wise decision, Eustace.
Ruffian 12: Remember the Allfather's words! This is to obtain freedom! Do not fawn before the enemy!
Ruffians: Do not concede to the enemy! Show the enemy no mercy!
Ruffian 2: Hunt 'em down and crush 'em! Hiiyaaa!
Zeta: Well then, (Captain)... Let's take these ones out and get back to the airship!
(Captain) nods and prepares the party for retreat.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 5: On the Offensive - Episode 4

Skull comes out on top in the brawl. However when Skull hesitates to pull the trigger, Guzaletha reverses the situation and heavily wounds him. Skull wakes up later in a bitterly cold snowfield.

As the party prepares to retreat, Skull faces off against Guzaletha.
Guzaletha: Graggh!
Skull: Guh! That really smarts! I'll get you for that!
Guzaletha: Argh!
Heh heh heh. You're not half bad, I see.
Skull: You'd better believe it! Hyah!
Skull kicks a pile of snow into Guzaletha's face, trying to obscure his field of vision.
In the instant Guzaletha dodges to the side, Skull predicts his movement, tackling and pinning him to the ground.
Guzaletha: Guh!
Skull: Hehe! Don't hate me now. All's fair in love, war, 'n' snowfights! And I've just won this one!
All while uttering a coarse laugh, Skull restrains Guzaletha with his feet and points his gun at the Allfather's head.
Guzaletha: Ngh...
Skull: Allfather... I'm gonna surpass you and have more freedom than any man alive! I'll be bigger than anyone!
Skull: Gahaha! Hahaha!
With a maniacal laugh, Skull gets ready to pull the trigger.
Skull: Huh?
Skull: Wh-what... Why won't my trigger finger move? This is my chance to finish off Allfather, and yet...
Guzaletha: Weakling!
Skull: Ngh!
Kicking Skull off of him, Guzaletha reverses the situation and stands atop his former underling.
Guzaletha: Hah, you really are a child to the end. Hesitant to take out your own family. To think that you would be swayed by emotion!
Skull: Rrghh...
Guzaletha: Skull. You are a fool, a worthless piece of trash... Yet the fact remains you are my beloved son. Return to me.
Skull: Wha? If I returned to your side, true freedom would never be within my grasp!
Guzaletha: Humph. I see someone's been pouring nonsense into your ear. You really are easy to mold, aren't you?
Skull: Wh-what?
Guzaletha: Listen, Skull. Do you know of the Society?
Skull: The Society?
Guzaletha: That girl, Beatrix... She is one of their agents.
Guzaletha: The fact that those who tried to lure you away came to her rescue means they must also be members.
Guzaletha: The Society is a threat to our freedom, you see. They are attempting to take over the world with their weapons.
Skull: Weapons? You mean like the one the Northsister was using?
Guzaletha: Exactly. It's the same for the man in black armor and the girl in red.
Guzaletha: Those weapons possess the power to defeat primal beasts, and as such they present the same threat to us.
Guzaletha: The Society is using those weapons in a bid to rule the skies and to take over this world.
Guzaletha: The Society poses a grave threat to the skies. And you have been on the receiving end of their deceit!
Skull: Arrgh... curse it! I don't know what to think...
Guzaletha: Skull... you desire freedom, do you not?
Skull: Y-yeah! I wanna be free! I wanna be bigger than you!
Guzaletha: Humph. You're an outspoken fool. That's why you're easily manipulated by others.
Guzaletha: But I still love you all the same. Come. Return to me, my beloved son of Vestrfell.
Guzaletha: I can bestow true freedom upon you—the freedom to wreak havoc unrestrained.
Guzaletha: You will be oppressed by no one. You will be bound by no one. And you will fear no one.
With a bold laugh, Guzaletha removes his foot from Skull's arm, which he had been pinning down, and proffers his hand in its place.
However, Skull's brows narrow in a frown, and he does not grip the hand outstretched before him.
Skull: You know, something's been bugging me, Allfather...
Skull: I mean, is freedom really something you can give people?
Skull: The thing is if I have to get my freedom from you... How exactly does that make me free?
Skull: And another thing... You seem pretty clued-up on this Society. Just who are you anyway?
Guzaletha: ...
Guzaletha withdraws his hand and stomps on Skull as hard as he can, causing him to scream in pain.
Skull: Gyaaahh!
Guzaletha: Looks like the idiot's gotten a bit smarter.
Skull: Uuurhhh...
Ruffian 11: Allfather! Are you okay?
Guzaletha: You're late. What became of those lot?
Ruffian 11: Sorry, they got away from us. And on top of that, our ultimate weapons were taken down...
Guzaletha: Say what? But you withdrew them successfully, I trust?
Ruffian 10: Yeah! We managed to recover them more or less.
Guzaletha: Very well. The primal beasts will need some time to recuperate. Have everyone return to the hideout for now.
Ruffian 10: Roger that! Um, Allfather, what's that you're standing on?
Ruffian 11: Oho! If it isn't Skull! That traitor!
Guzaletha: The fool attacked me just now. Taught him a little lesson.
Ruffian 11: Rarrgh! That idiot! How dare that worthless Hollow-Skull raise arms against Allfather!
The indignant Odajumoki start to swarm around Skull, taking out their anger on him.
Skull: Ugh! Ack!
Ruffian 11: You stupid wretch! You'll pay for this!
Skull: Argghh...
Minutes later Skull is found with his face buried in the snow, his body covered in wounds.
Ruffian 11: Hya ha ha! This is what happens to traitors, Hollow-Skull!
Guzaletha: Skull... I'll leave you there to think about what you've done. When you've come to your senses, you may rejoin the family...
Guzaletha: Heh heh... Well, if you're still alive by that point, that is...
Guzaletha's words echo dimly in Skull's ears as his consciousness slowly fades...

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 6: Newfound Resolve - Episode 1

Drifting in and out of conciousness, Skull sees a vision of Guzaletha reaching out to him. Skull grasps the hand tightly and discovers that it is (Captain) who has come to save him.

The tremendous snowfall rages on, and snow begins to pile up around Skull's heavily wounded body.
Skull: Heh... Hehe... What a mess...
Skull: Lyin' here like... a wild animal... Damn... This feels... familiar...
Fading out of conciousness, Skull recalls events from long ago.
Abandoned as a child, it was in a snowfield like this one that he found himself unable to move any further.
Skull: Damn, it's cold... I can hardly even see anymore...
Ruffian: Hm? Whoa! Allfather! There's some kid buried in the snow over there!
Guzaletha: What?
Guzaletha: An abandoned child out here? People can be so cruel.
Guzaletha: Hey, can you stand?
Skull: Ah... yeah...
Skull looks over to see where the voices are coming from.
There he sees Guzaletha with a wide smile and a hand held out in aid.
Guzaletha: Come with me, and I'll give you freedom. From now on you'll be one of my sons of Vestrfell!
Skull: Freedom... Son...
With the last of his strength, Skull reaches out and grasps the hand held out before him.
But in reality it is not Guzaletha's hand that is held out to him.
Skull: Y-you...
Skull realises that it is the hand of (Captain). The crew had been searching for him ever since he went missing.
Skull: Heh... hehe. I see... This time it was you... You're the one... offering your hand.
Vyrn: Hey! Crossbones! Time to wake up!
Skull: ((Captain), you're the one that's truly free... travelling all over the skies of the world...)
Skull: (But me? All I did with the freedom from Allfather was rampage across these snowy wastelands...)
Skull: (What is freedom really? True freedom...)
Vyrn: Hey, come on! Hang in there!
Lyria: Sob... No, Skull... Please don't die!
Skull: (Huh? Is she crying? Why would she waste her tears on trash like me...)
Skull: (That's what the Odajumoki thought of me anyway...)
Skull: (True friendship... True freedom... Maybe that's what I should believe in now...)

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 6: Newfound Resolve - Episode 2

The crew return to the Grandcypher and plan their next course of action. Eustace proposes the use of his Flamek Thunder, usable only under certain conditions, to wipe out the Odajumoki in one fell swoop.

The party rescues Skull and makes it back to the Grandcypher.
Volunteering to treat his wounds, Beatrix takes Skull to a special room.
Lyria: Umm, how does he look...
Beatrix: He'll be okay. There's no way I'm going to let him die.
Vyrn: Phew, that's a relief.
Zeta: It sure does feel strange seeing Bea tend to someone's wounds though.
Beatrix: This whole affair was a giant mess. And part of it is my fault.
Beatrix: But this isn't just about atonement. I want to help out, even if only a little.
Eustace: And you?
Beatrix: Huh?
Eustace: Are you okay?
Beatrix: Oh... Yeah, I'm okay, though just barely. I might've used a little too much power going up against those primal beasts.
Eustace: I see...
Vaseraga: Well then, what should we do now? We can't just leave North Vast like this.
Lyria: Those Odajumoki said they're going to defeat all of the primal beasts in the world...
Zeta: They had to be bluffing though, right?
Beatrix: Those primal beasts... Their power level is astronomical. Even though I fought with all my might, I couldn't beat them.
Eustace: I too was naive in gauging their power. The fault is not yours alone.
Beatrix: Oh, umm... That's unusually kind for you... I expected you to get angry.
Vaseraga: Well, what do you know? I suppose he has a heart after all.
Zeta: Or maybe he just feels bad for being so heartless before.
Eustace: ...
Eustace: At any rate we can't afford to avoid the problems at hand any longer.
Zeta: Heeey! Don't just ignore me! Though you do have a point.
Zeta: So what do we do now? Should we smash that gang of savages first?
Eustace: If we even can.
Vaseraga: Despite their roughshod appearance, they represent a serious force. I would even say that they're as strong as any nation's army.
Zeta: Bleh! They have that many?
Beatrix: Yeah, their massive numbers totally floored me when I was at their hideout.
Vyrn: That means we'll just have to take them all out in one go.
Vaseraga: Agreed. Taking them on one by one would only exhaust us to the point of defeat.
Zeta: No argument there... So how are we going to take out all of them at once?
Eustace: Why do you think I was sent here?
Zeta: Ooh, that's right! You're here! Your Flamek Thunder'll do the trick!
Vaseraga: Hey, don't say too much.
Eustace: It's fine. I'll release the restriction on this info. I have the authority to do so.
Beatrix: As expected, special treatment for the Society's star member...
Eustace: Humph...
My weapon is known as Flamek Thunder.
Eustace: This gun can send powerful lightning to rain over a set area.
Vyrn: Whoa, really? Then you can attack their hideout...
Eustace: That I cannot do.
Lyria: But why not?
Vaseraga: Eustace's weapon is special. If a primal beast is not within sight, it won't discharge.
Zeta: And I only know this from hearsay, but Eustace supposedly has to be outdoors for that skill to work.
Vyrn: Hold on, doesn't that mean he could've used it when we were running away earlier?
Beatrix: Well, the skill doesn't allow to him to set the target range. I suppose he didn't want you getting caught in it.
Vyrn: I see... You really do have a heart, Sourpuss!
Eustace: ...
Lyria: That seems like a really difficult set of limitations to work around...
Vaseraga: With Eustace's weapon I'm sure we could defeat the whole of the Odajumoki, but...
Zeta: First we have to figure out where the primal beasts are stowed away and lure them out. Only then can Eustace unleash the Flamek Thunder.
The party begins to think of ways to bring the Odajumoki primal beasts out of hiding.
However, nothing comes to mind as the clock continues to tick. Just then they hear the sound of a door opening.
Skull: The primal beasts are below the hideout!
Lyria: Skull!

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 6: Newfound Resolve - Episode 3

Skull volunteers to blow up the gunpowder stores in the Odajumoki basement where the primal beasts are. This would give Eustace a clear view of them, allowing him to use his Flamek Thunder.

Vyrn: Are you sure you're all right to move?
Skull: I've been worse. You wanna know where the primal beasts are, right? Well, they're kept way down, beneath the hideout.
Vyrn: Hmm... is that really true?
Skull: As true as true can be! Why would I lie?
Skull: I've... been doing lotsa thinking. About true freedom and true friendship too.
Skull: And no matter how I approach it, every answer leads to you, (Captain).
Skull: You are free. No one granted you that freedom. You grasped it for yourself.
Skull: And now it's my turn to grasp for true freedom, not some bogus imagined freedom that Allfather said I could have.
Skull gazes at the party with a firm resolve in his eyes.
Eustace: Sounds like you should wait and see about this.
Skull: Aw, shut up! I've made my decision. And once I make a decision, I don't back down! Ever!
Skull: Allfather and the rest of the Odajumoki only get in the way of my freedom. As long as they run wild, I will never see true freedom.
Skull: So count me in on that plan to lure out the primal beasts!
Eustace: Heh... No one's stopping ya.
Skull: So, Eustace, let me get this straight. Your gun'll work only if the primal beasts come out and play, right?
Eustace: Correct.
Skull: All right, then how about I try breaking the ceiling of the basement?
Skull: The Odajumoki keep all their gunpowder down there too. A spark in the right spot and the whole place'd go boom!
Lyria: But wouldn't you get caught in the explosion too?
Skull: Oh, I'll be fine. I'm already pretty beat up. It can't be worse than this, right?
Zeta: Well, that's a foolhardy way of looking at things.
Skull: Shut up! I'm not foolhardy! I'm a genius!
Eustace: Skull. Can you do it?
Skull: I was waiting for you to say that! I'm more than ready!
Skull looks at Eustace with a determined look in his eyes. Eustace returns the gaze with a slight smile.
Eustace: Heh, I like that conviction.
Skull: I'm surprised you know how to smile.
Eustace: It happens every now and then.
Eustace: Let's put this plan into action. We're counting on you, Skull.
Beatrix: Hold on, I was thinking... Won't Skull be able to sneak in more easily if we draw them out first?
Beatrix: I'll play decoy and get them all to focus on me.
Zeta: Wha! What are you saying! You want to make yourself bait? It's too big a risk, even if you were at full strength!
Vaseraga: Zeta's right. I should be the one to draw their attention. You need rest.
Beatrix: No... it should be me. I've said this before, but I'm largely to blame for all of this.
Beatrix: It's all because I came out here on my own and stirred up so much trouble that things turned out this way. Tell me I'm wrong.
Eustace: Well, you summed it up pretty well.
Beatrix: Then let me help!
Eustace: I'm warning you: you might get caught in the lightning.
Beatrix: Doesn't bother me. Actually that might work out for the better. Put me in a life-or-death situation, and I'll be stronger than everyone.
Beatrix: The more danger I fall into, the more dire my situation, the more powerful my sword gets.
Vyrn: So that's how you were able to injure the primal beasts before...
Beatrix: My sword sensed how big of a threat those primal beasts were and magnified in power to match that threat.
Beatrix: But I digress. I should be the decoy. Is that all right with everyone?
Zeta: Wait! If Bea's going, then I'm going with her!
Beatrix: Please understand, Zeta. I'm just a disgrace if I don't right my own wrongs.
Zeta: ...
Beatrix: I'll need you and Vaseraga to secure a path of retreat, just in case something goes wrong.
Zeta: Fine...
Vaseraga: Of course. We'll handle it.
Eustace: Then it's decided. I'll be standing by from an elevated vantage point.
Lyria: Umm, are you two really okay with this?
Skull: Yes! Yes! Yes! How many times do I have to say it!
Beatrix: I'm ready for whatever happens.
The crew trusts the two with their respective roles of demolitionist and decoy.
Eustace: All ready? Let's go.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 6: Newfound Resolve - Episode 4

Beatrix and Skull successfully carry out their roles, exposing the primal beasts. Eustace swiftly blasts them apart with his Flamek Thunder.

Ruffian 5: Hm? Hey, isn't that Bea—what's her name again? Anyway that's definitely her!
Guzaletha: What could she have possibly come back for?
Ruffian 4: No idea, Allfather, but she's approaching fast with that weapon of hers!
Beatrix: Come out here and face me, you maggots! I'll destroy you all!
Ruffian 10: Whaaat! You didn't get enough before? We'll dump you back in the snowfield you came from!
Ruffians: Hiiiyaaa!
Beatrix: Embrasque Sword! Devour this karmaaa!
Meanwhile Skull successfully infiltrates the hideout's basement.
There the two primal beasts stand dormant with their eyes closed.
Skull: Are they sleeping? Well, that suits me!
Skull: Heheh, this place is gonna go kaboom when I get done here! Too bad it won't be enough to kill those two though. Probably.
Beatrix: Raaagh!
Ruffian 2: Guh!
Ruffian 4: Attack, attack! She can't beat us all! Gahaha!
Ruffian 4: Gyaaah!
Ruffian 6: Wh-what's with her! I don't remember her being this strong!
Beatrix: Hah! You caught me in a good mood!
Ruffian 12: Guurgh!
Guzaletha looks on with suspicion as Beatrix mows down the Odajumoki troops.
Guzaletha: This is strange... It's as if she's trying to distract us...
Guzaletha: No! A decoy?
Beatrix: Hahaha! So you figured it out? But you're too late!
Guzaletha: Tch!
Guzaletha makes a mad dash for the hideout's basement.
Inside he finds Skull setting fire to the gunpowder stored there.
Guzaletha: Skuuull!
Skull: Heheheh! Looks like we're taking a trip together—to the depths of the sky!
Skull ignites the gunpowder.
A white-hot explosion that seems to rend the very air shoots into the sky.
Ruffian 5: Nooo! Our hideout!
Ruffian 10: Oh, no, no, no! Allfather just went in there! Allfatheeer!
Beatrix: Well then, now it's my turn...
Beatrix: I can push through the pain.
Come on now, Eustaaace! Do it!
At their vantage point nearby, Eustace and (Captain) hear an explosion followed by Beatrix's screams.
Vyrn: Whoa, not much of a hideout now... Crossbones really did it.
With the hideout in ruins, the primal beasts become visible from the crew's vantage point.
Eustace: They pulled it off.
Eustace smiles and sets his gun toward the skies.
Eustace: Flamek Thunder! Your hour is nigh. Bring forth your fury and scorch the heavens!
Eustace points his gun sky high and pulls the trigger.
Dark clouds begin to gather.
Moments later the clouds rain down bolt after bolt of lightning.
Ruffians: Aaauugh!
Beatrix: Ahh! Guh... This is nothing!
Despite having withstood the explosion, the two primal beasts crumble to the ground when faced against Flamek Thunder.
Agyo: Aah!
Ungyo: Uhn!
Wicked thunderbolts continue to pour from the dark clouds, charring the snowfield black.
Vyrn: Whoa, that's some powerful lightning...
Lyria: Skull! Beatrix!
Eustace: We need to hurry.
Eustace and the party descend from their vantage point and make their way toward the hideout.
The crew enters the hideout to find Beatrix with her sword thrust into the ground to support herself.
Lyria: Beatrix!
Beatrix: Huff... huff. Okay, that hurt a lot...
Eustace: Need a hand?
Beatrix: Nah, I'm fine. Haha... ha.
Beatrix: (Really I'm... all but beaten, but... Ack, this hurts...)
Eustace: Stop acting tough.
Beatrix: Who's acting? I'm just... a little surprised I could feel it at all...
Vyrn: I can't believe you're still standing. I'd have been struck down in a second!
Beatrix: I hate to break it you... but it looks like I'm not the only one still standing.
Ruffian 10: Oof... That smarts... Hey...
Ruffian 12: You... are... sooo... going to regret that!
Eustace: Tough little punks...
Eustace: (Captain), let's put them out of their misery.

Gripping Freedom - Chapter 6: Newfound Resolve - Episode 4: Scene 2

(Captain) and crew find Guzaletha heavily wounded, but he refuses to surrender and goes on to unleash the true power of the primal beasts. The crew musters the last of its strength for one final confrontation.

The crew takes out the remaining Odajumoki and heads toward the epicenter of the blast, now utterly razed.
There they find Guzaletha, battle-scarred and on the point of collapse.
Lyria: Skull? Are you around?
Eustace: Is he dead?
Skull: S-sorry to disappoint... But I'm still breathing...
Eustace: Heh, quite the die-hard, aren't you?
Lyria: Oh, thank goodness you're safe!
Beatrix: Guzaletha... Is he... dead?
Beatrix approaches Guzaletha's body to check for signs of life.
Beatrix: Eep!
Guzaletha: Heheheh... What a lovely voice, even sweeter than I remember... Sing for me, won't you?
Beatrix: You irritating twit!
Guzaletha: Hehehe...You got me good with those lightning strikes on top of the explosion... It's been too long since my last brush with death.
Eustace: Surrender.
Beatrix: Hand over the primal beasts. Do that and we'll spare your life.
Guzaletha: Surrender? Me? Hah, hahaha!
Guzaletha: Never!
Guzaletha: Surrendering to the likes of you—to those who would threaten freedom—is out of the question!
Dripping blood with every step he takes, Guzaletha slowly makes his way toward the crew.
Guzaletha: I am a free man! I fear no one! I will be repressed by no one! And I will take threats from no one!
Guzaletha: I'm right here! Come at me! Try and make me surrender! Even death cannot take away my freedom!
Guzaletha: For freedom! For the realization of true freedom, I'll wipe out the lot of you!
Vyrn: How's he still so fired up? Is he even injured?
Guzaletha: Mwahahaha! You're right! Be afraid! You picked the wrong side!
With a fearless laugh, Guzaletha produces a crystal emanating a bewitching radiance and shows it to the crew.
Beatrix: What is that!
Guzaletha: It holds the power to control primal beasts... It is the control device created by the Society!
Beatrix: The Society? How do you know so much! Who are you?
Guzaletha: Bahahahaha! Who am I? Does it even matter anymore?
With a crazed grin, Guzaletha crushes the crystal gripped in his fist.
At that instant the primal beasts genuflect on one knee and begin trembling violently.
Agyo: Aaah!
Ungyo: Uuhn!
Shining an almost blinding light, the primal beasts rise to their feet with great force.
Agyo & Ungyo: ...
Lyria: H-how is this possible? They're getting more and more powerful!
Guzaletha: Mwahahaha! I have released the primal beasts from my control and unleashed their full power!
Guzaletha: Now to destroy you all! And I won't stop there! With these primal beasts, I'm going to wipe out the entire world!
Guzaletha: All will be destroyed!

All will perish!

All will fall into my hands!
Guzaletha: Run wild! Run riot! All for true freedom!
Agyo: Aah!
Ungyo: Uhn!
Beatrix: They're coming! (Captain), it's time we read them their last rites!

Gripping Freedom - Ending

Eustace's true mission was to take out Guzaletha—founder of the Society who later went rogue. Skull protests, wishing to carry out the deed himself. When all is said and done, Skull heads off in search of new adventures in the skies.

Agyo: Aah!
Ungyo: Uhn!
Guzaletha: Mwahahaha! These primal beasts were made for wreaking havoc!
Guzaletha: If I put them into overdrive, they'll do everything possible to complete their objective—even if it kills them!
Vyrn: What's he talking about?
Lyria: If the primal beasts continue like this, all the power stored inside them will explode!
Beatrix: You mean they'll self-destruct?
Vyrn: Isn't there something we can do? Lyria!
Lyria: I've been trying, but they've grown too strong for me. I don't know if I can still...
Lyria: At this rate they could explode at any moment!
Beatrix: Aah, hahaha... I don't know if I can handle another fight against them... This is just too much.
Vaseraga: Over here!
Zeta: There's a way out over here! Hurry!
Vyrn: Nice timing! (Captain), let's go!
With Zeta and Vaseraga leading the way, the crew beats a hasty retreat.
Vyrn: Huff... Huff... Phew, this should be far enough... for now.
Beatrix: Hold on, where did Eustace and Skull go?
Lyria: Oh no... They're not still over there, are they?
Agyo: Aah!
Ungyo: Uhn!
Glancing warily at the primal beasts, Eustace approaches the battle-scarred Guzaletha who is on the verge of collapse.
Eustace: Guzaletha. The founder who betrayed our Society.
Eustace: I came here to dispose of you on orders from above. And I'm going to see it through.
Guzaletha: Mwahaha! I see. So you're the one they sent to put me away!
Guzaletha: Curse that Beatrix. She really pulled one over me.
Guzaletha: If it weren't for her, I would've been better prepared for you.
Guzaletha: I apologize for not rolling out the red carpet for you, Society dog!
Eustace: Any last words?
Guzaletha: Oh, how gracious of you, heheheh. Let's see...
Guzaletha: Let me tell you something. The Society's mission has become a hollow facade. Their ideology is now utterly degenerate.
Guzaletha: The Society's goal was once to bring freedom to all in the skies, by destroying all primal beasts. And what of that goal now?
Guzaletha: Now the Society wield their very own special weapons. They just want to set themselves up as the rulers of the skies!
Guzaletha: They've become a menace to freedom—the very antithesis of what they once stood for!
Eustace: It is as you say.
Guzaletha: What! You choose to side with the Society, knowing how corrupt their ideology is?
Eustace: I just want peace and quiet.
Guzaletha: Mwahahaha! In that case my last words to you are...
Guzaletha: Bite me, stinkfist!
Eustace narrows his eyes as if in sorrow and gets ready to squeeze the trigger.
Suddenly someone grabs his leg. His eyes widen when he sees who it is.
Eustace: !
Skull: Hey! This one's mine!
Skull grips Eustace's leg tightly, glaring at him fiercely.
Eustace: ...
With a smile playing on his lips, Eustace lowers his gun and leaves the hideout.
Skull: Allfather... No, Guzaletha.
As Skull utters the name of the person he so admired and wanted to surpass, he cocks his gun.
Skull: I'm constrained by you. As long as you're alive, I'll never be free...
Skull: Freedom is not something that can be given. I know that all too well now.
Skull: That's why I'm leaving your family, Guzaletha!
Guzaletha: Hyeheheheh! You're leaving?
Guzaletha: You plan to kill me and leave the family? Imbecile! You can never leave the family!
Guzaletha: Are you gonna pull that trigger? A spolied brat like you! Well, are you?
Guzaletha: You're just a spoiled little boy who's gotten a little too big for his britches! You're not gonna pull that trigger!
Skull: You know, if it were the old me standing here, you might actually have a point...
Skull: But now that I've met those skyfarers, my mind's made up.
Skull: True freedom! I'm determined to get my hands on it!
Guzaletha: Oof...
Skull turns his back on Guzaletha and starts walking calmly.
Guzaletha: Ungh... Heheheh... Spoiled brat! I'm still alive...
Guzaletha: I'm still alive! Skull!
Hack, hack, splutter...
Skull: ...
Guzaletha: Skull... you're just the same as me... I've spent my entire life searching for freedom!
Guzaletha: Just as I... betrayed the Society in pursuit of freedom, you're now... betraying our family...
Skull: ...
Guzaletha: How can you say you're leaving the family when you're just like me! You're my son!
Skull doesn't answer the voice coming from behind him, but just keeps walking.
Guzaletha: Forever... Skull... You will always be my son, Skull. Forever!
The voice gradually grows hoarse and faint. Skull neither answers nor turns around, but keeps on walking.
Agyo: Ah!
Ungyo: Un!
Guzaletha: Skull...
Guzaletha: True freedom will be within your grasp... I'm certain of it...
Agyo: A...
Ungyo: U...
A father utters departing words to his son. But the words are drowned out by a thunderous roar and fail to reach anybody's ears.
Skull gazes at the ruins of his former home, obliterated by the dramatic explosion.
Skull: Farewell, Allfather...
With these parting words, Skull's slow gait turns into a brisk walk. To seize the eventual freedom that will come, he returns to his new friends.