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SSR Characters

Name Link Text
Agielba Link #1
Albert* [urlhere Link #1] Link #2
Aliza Link #1 Happy holidays! I always spend today with my Mama and dad. All day long, I get to enjoy my family's cooking! I'm sure they'd both appreciate it if you came along, (Name). Let's go!
Altair Link #1 [Untranslated] ……今日の艇は随分と賑やかですね。(Name)殿、いったい何事です? なるほど、聖夜のお祝いでしたか。……それにしても、随分と賑やかな聖夜ですね。あなたの故郷の過ごし方なのでしょうか? 郷に入っては郷に従え。私も(Name)殿と過ごす聖夜を楽しませて頂くとしましょう。
Amira* Link #1 Santa Claus? What's that? Do you think he knows a shortcut to Helheim? I know! Let's catch him! He can get us to in Helheim and I can meet my mother!
Andira Link #1
Anila* [urlhere Link #1]
Anre [urlhere Link #1]
Anthuria [urlhere Link #1]
Aoidos Link #1 Oh, it's you, (Name). I was just writing a song for the holiday season. I've been trying to come up with some lyrics, but maybe you can assist me. Purge this night of its silence. Punish the corrupted trees with gentle decoration. For in my heart, the red rose of snow blossoms this night. What do you think? You can be honest with me. Wait, why are you running away?
Arriet* Link #1 What comes to mind when you think about holiday music? I imagine it depends on the person. Young people think of lighter songs, the older generation thinks of solemn classics. What do I think of? Well... Why don't I play some for you?
Arulumaya (Christmas) Link #1 (same as normal version)
Arulumaya Link #1 Happy holidays, (name). Any plans for the night? Would you mind if I spent the night by your side? On a silent and holy night like this, there's nothing better than spending it with a good friend and good conversation.
Ayer Link #1 Gah... Everyone's making a racket. Something tells me I'm not getting any sleep tonight. Interested in tagging along, Captain? You're one for bright, festive places, and I should be able to get some training done, too. Who're you calling lonely? You're asking for some serious season's beatings...
Beatrix Link #1 Another happy day... Sigh. Oh, you were here, (Name). I'm not a big fan of this holiday. Something happened in my past that I don't like to reminisce about. I wouldn't want to spoil your fun, so you don't have to keep me company. Hm? Why are you still here? Oh? I see... Thank you for staying with me, (Name).
Black Knight Link #1
Cagliostro (Halloween)* [urlhere Link #1] Link #2

Happy Holidays #2

Go to sleep already, (Name). You know how important tonight is. I'm going to get to the bottom of this Santa legend. I'll catch him when drops by in the middle of the night and make him cough up everything he knows. Hm? That sounds so interesting that you can't fall asleep now? Sigh... Fine, I'll put you to bed later. Go to your quarters and wait for me, okay?

Cagliostro* Link #1 Happy holidays! Hey! I wonder if Santa is gonna come visit me... He'll only come if I'm a good girl, right?
Carmelina* Link #1 Hey there, holiday-goer! I made the crew something special for tonight's dinner! It's no match for a dinner at the castle though! Heeheehee!
Catherine Link #1 Tis the season, (Name). And what a great season too. Everyone looks so happy, and they've having so much fun. Have you decided who you want to spend the day with? Wait, me? Don't be silly. You'll have to wait at least ten more years for that! But I'm glad you're thinking of me. Well, maybe just for today, I can spend the day with you.
Cerberus Link #1
Charlotta (Halloween)* Link #1 Merry merry Christmas! I really enjoy putting up decorations... Rglgl... If only I could reach the top of the tree to put the star on top...
Charlotta* Link #1 Happy happy holidays! I really enjoy putting up decorations... Oof... If only I could reach the top of the tree to put the star on top...
Chat Noir [urlhere Link #1]
Christina Link #1
Clarisse (Christmas)* [urlhere Link #1]
Clarisse* Link #1 Tis the season to be jolly! (Name), do you have any plans today? Because I was wondering if... you know...You and I... Aaah, this is too embarrassing!
Danua (Summer)* [urlhere Link #1]
De La Fille (Summer)* [urlhere Link #1]
De La Fille* Link #1 Holiday presents... How nostalgic. When I was little, my father gave me a beautiful jewel encasing a snowy night sky. I still treasure it more than anything else in the world.
Eahta* [urlhere Link #1]
Eugen (SSR) [urlhere Link #1]
Eustace (Halloween) [urlhere Link #1]
Eustace Link #1 Happy holidays. ... What? Do I look like I'm having fun? I quite enjoy days like today. Peace and quiet draws near. A good day. You're not going anywhere? Then stay here. No deep meaning intended. But you'll find more relaxation that way.
Feena* Link #1 Oh, (Name)! Today's the big day, right? That means, well, um... Ahaha! This isn't like me at all... I just wanted to tell you that I'd like to spend the day with you! Well? What do you say? C'mon, spit it out! Don't you dare say no!
Feower* [urlhere Link #1]
Ferry [urlhere Link #1] This takes me back. I haven't celebrated winter festivities in decades...Oh, I had so much fun then. My father was there, my mother was there...and that little girl too...Oops, I didn't mean to dampen the mood. But I'm not sad at all. Reminiscing with you about old times helps me enjoy the holiday. I'm happy just like I was in my memories. Thank you, Captain.
Fif* [urlhere Link #1]
Forte Link #1
Gawain* Link #1 Humph... Why the hell is everyone getting so excited? It's just some dumb holiday thing. What? I was invited to the celebration? Tch... Fine, I'll come along, but only for today!
Ghandagoza* Link #1 Happy holidays! Hm? What's all this? Red socks, red hat, red suit... I think I know where your're going with this. But you won't get your way! There's no way I'm going to dress up like Little Red Riding Hood!
Hallessena Link #1 Yeeaaah! Happy holidays! Let's make this holiday crazy happy! Crazy crazy happy! Hey, hey! Did ya ask Santa for anything? I haven't! I guess I've just been so happy since I met you, I don't even want anything else. Aaah! That's pretty weak, right? Let's think of something to ask Santa for! Come on, Captain!
Heles (Summer) Link #1 You'd better hurry off to bed before Santa Claus arrives. I know you want to stay up later. But to me you're still a child. I hope you enjoy the holiday season! Happy holidays!
Heles* [urlhere Link #1]
Io (SSR)* [urlhere Link #1] Happy holidays! Come on! Let's go get some cake!
Io (Summer)* [urlhere Link #1]
Izmir Link #1 The fireplace in my home always used to be lit. On cold, quiet nights, everyone seemed to wander toward it. I loved that fireplace. It was so warm... and inviting. When you sat in front of it, it always felt like its warmth was there protecting you. I was so used to that feeling. In those days it was the one thing that truly gave me solace. But that was all so many years ago...
Jeanne d'Arc (Dark) [1] Merry Christmas, Captain. A holy night like this... does not suit me the way I am now... Haha, how kind of you. But please don't make such a sad face. Your smile is the greatest gift for me now. Something more would be... It's really cold can you give me a hug? Haha... Please?
Jeanne d'Arc (Light)* Link #1
Juliet Link #1 Hm? Do I have any holiday memories? Let's see now. Oh, I remember one! This is embarrassing, but when I was little, I was afraid of the dark, and I couldn't fall sleep alone. So my father got me a teddy bear, and after that I felt safe enough to doze off. If you ever have trouble sleeping, please don't hesitate to come by and borrow my teddy bear, okay? Its name is Beary Sleepy, and it's so adorable!
Katalina (SSR)* Link #1 Season's greetings! Tonight I'll be serving a cake I baked all by myself! Hey wait, where are you going!
Korwa Link #1 Happy holidays, Captain! Are we going to have a party? If we are, you need put on something nice to fit the occasion! That means something besides your everyday duds! It's not just how you look on the outside. What you wear defines who you are. It can even change your personality. Come on, if you're going to have fun tonight, then you need to get changed. I'll pick the outfit, ok?
Lady Grey* Link #1 In my family we used to spend the holidays singing together. How I used to love those songs... I pray that such happy times may come again someday.
Lancelot* [urlhere Link #1]
Lecia (SSR) Link #1 There's something so romantic about a snow-filled sky. I hope I can enjoy it with someone special someday...
Lennah Link #1 What a wonderful holiday night... Everyone seems so happy. Spending a night like tonight with someone you know is important too, yes? Oh, how wonderful it would be if a day like today were to last forever. Hee hee hee... I'm so happy to have the opportunity to travel with you and the rest of the crew, (Name).
Lilele* Link #1 Happy holidays! I got a present for you! Go ahead! Open it, open it! Huh? There's nothing inside? Huhhh? There's so much in there! Why can't you can't see any of it? See? It's filled with my feelings! To show the gratitude I have for you every day, I'm gonna sing you a special song... It's called Don't Forget Santa...
Lily Link #1
Magisa* Link #1 Tonight's a very special night... I don't mind celebrating with the rest of the crew... But doesn't going to a quiet place for two sound so much more romantic?
Melissabelle [urlhere Link #1]
Melleau* Link #1 Happy holidays! Let's go eat some candy canes! Yum... Look, Sachy's hungry too!
Metera (Fire) Link #1 Happy holidays! Huh? You want a present? How about... me? Just kidding! That might have been a little too... stimulating for a little darling like yourself, I suppose.
Metera (Wind)* [urlhere Link #1]
Narmaya (Summer) Link #1 Happy holidays, (Name)! It's freezing today. Maybe we should huddle up together for warmth? Hee hee... Come on, I don't bite!
Narmaya* Link #1 Happy holidays, (Name)! It's freezing today. Maybe we should huddle up together for warmth? Hee hee... Come on, I don't bite! Hee hee...
Nemone Link #1 Merry Christmas! I'm gonna be Santa this year! Although I've never dressed as Santa before... Or ridden in a sleigh. So this is like my first day at work! Heehee, what do you want as a present, (Name)? Ah, but you'll have to pay for your present! Heeheehee!
Nezahualpilli* Link #1 Happy holidays! I just crashed into an old man. He was pretty well-built for his age! Hahaha!
Niyon* [urlhere Link #1]
Percival (Summer) Link #1
Percival* Link #1 Ah, the holiday season. I remember celebrating with my siblings when I was a child. Would you look at that... I haven't seen this many people out on the town since my days with the Dragon Knights. Heh. I suppose it doesn't hurt to enjoy yourself every once in a while.
Petra* Link #1 It's the holiday season, isn't it? Do you want me to use my powers to make it snow? I'm not so sure I can, but since you're the one that's asking, Captain, I'll give it my best shot!
Rackam (SSR)* [urlhere Link #1]
Romeo [urlhere Link #1]
Rosamia [urlhere Link #1]
Rosetta (SSR) [urlhere Link #1] Happy holidays, Captain. This is a special time of year, so let's make tonight a night we'll never forget!
Rosetta (Christmas)* [urlhere Link #1]
Sara* Link #1 Happy holidays! I get so excited looking at all the lights in town and all the decorations. The trees look so pretty!
Sarunan (Dark)* Link #1 Every holiday season brings my dream of bringing Honey back closer to reality. With each hardship she endures, she gets that much closer to being made flesh once again. Then finally we can share so many romantic evenings together! The ringing of the bells, the falling snow—we will enjoy all of it hand in hand! Aaah!
Sarunan (Light)* [urlhere Link #1]
Seofon* [urlhere Link #1]
Seox* [urlhere Link #1]
Seruel* Link #1 Happy holidays! My homeland of Irestill also gets rather lively around this time of year. However, I haven't celebrated with friends like this since my father, the king, was in good health. But very well. If we must celebrate, we should do it right. I don't do things halfway after all.
Siegfried* Link #1 Happy holidays. Santa's on his way, but have you been good this year? I see... You're not a kid anymore, eh?
Silva* Link #1 Season's greetings. I may not be as young as I once was, but whenever the holiday rolls around I still get so excited. Can I add something to the tree?
Societte (Fire) [urlhere Link #1]
Societte (Water)* [urlhere Link #1]
Sophia* Link #1 Happy holidays! I want to put smiles on all the kids faces! Just like Santa does!
Threo* [urlhere Link #1]
Tien* Link #1 Happy holidays. I always used to feel a little sad whenever I saw the town so nicely decorated. But I don't feel that way any more. Now that you're here with me...
Tweyen* [urlhere Link #1]
Vania* Link #1 Hey, hey! Have you been in town yet? There are lights everywhere! It looks amazing! Everyone's laughing theirs heads off and having a blast! Are you having fun spending time with me, (Name)? Since your my bloodkin, I order you to have a good time!
Vaseraga* Link #1 My old crew used to celebrate the holidays too. This? It's the wine we'll be having at the holiday feast. It's Erune-made so it's very good stuff. Will you be having any, Captain? Ah you're not of age yet...
Veight Link #1
Vira (Summer)* Link #1
Vira* Link #1 Happy Holidays. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Ah, to spend such a special evening with Katalina...
Yngwie [urlhere Link #1]
Yodarha* Link #1 People keep mistakin' me fer this Santa Claus guy! A-hyuk-hyuk-hyuk! They keep callin' me a fake Santa and chasin' me all around town!
Yuel* Link #1 Hey! Isn't today the day good kids get lots and lots of presents? I heard there's like this old grandpa guy who wears red and he brings everyone tons of cool presents! Oh that is sooo cool! I can't wait! I've been good all year, too! That means I'm gonna get lots and lots! I hope you get loads, too!
Zahlhamelina Link #1 Season's greetings! Hey Captain, let's try to finish up our work early today! We've gotta be up early tomorrrow! Hehe. After all, Santa's coming tonight! Aw, what's the matter? You think you're not a kid anymore? Teehee. Well now, we'll just have to see about that in the morning!
Zeta (Summer)* [urlhere Link #1]
Zeta* Link #1 Happy holidays! Hey, are you preparing a big feast for today? Everyone's so excited for the holiday festivities... And it's the kind of peaceful life that we work so hard to protect.
Zooey (Summer) Link #1 [Untranslated] メリークリスマス。 なぁ、今日はどんな日なんだ? みんな幸せそうにしている。……大切な人と過ごす日。 そうか、なるほど。 うん、ならば(name)と過ごそう。(name)は間違いなく、私にとって大切な人だ。……む、なんだ…… 妙に、胸が高鳴るし頬が熱い…… 風邪……か? いやでも私は風邪などひかないし…… まぁいい。すぐに治るさ。さ、一緒に過ごそう。 メリークリスマス、(name)。
Zooey [urlhere Link #1]