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Other Characters

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Npc m 3050001000 01.jpg Vyrn

Happy New Year!
Let's do this, (Captain)! We gotta make this year even better than that last!

Seems to me there are plenty of ways to ring in the new year.
But if you ask me, I just wanna celebrate with everyone and have lots of fun!
There's no better start to a new year, don't you think?

Happy New Year, (Captain)! Let's go make our rounds for the new year!
Speaking of which, we gotta swing by the shrine at Zinkenstill!
I mean, who knows who or what we might run into, right?
But more importantly because Zinkenstill is our home, after all!

Happy New Year!
Since it's that time of the year, whaddya say we head to that shrine in Zinkenstill?
Right... Everybody's so serious here. Makes me a little nervous, but overall this place's still got a good vibe.
How about we think up some new goals for the year!
Cuz, you know, this is where it all began for us!

Npc m 3050002000 01.jpg Sierokarte

Happy, Happy New Year!
Stop on by the Knickknack Shack sometime! We're open all year-round!

Huh? Well, well! If it isn't (Captain)!
So... have you already make your rounds for the new year?
If you haven't, would you mind if I tag along with you?
I'll take you to all the best places to turn a profit!

Happy New Year! This year, whatever knicks you lack, leave 'em to the Knickknack Shack!
Everyone's been such good help to me this past year, so let me open up the new year and pay you back a little.
The bond between an entrepreneur and her client is a wonderful thing. And, who would've thunk it, this year I received a new year's present from one of my patrons!
Oh, you want to see it? Let's see... I put it in this pocket...
Uh-oh... Can't seem to find it. Did I forget where I put it? Or...
Maybe my new year's present is not present... Right? Get it? Hehehe.

Haaappy New Year! The Knicknack Shack is always open for business, even on the first day of the year!
I was thinking of selling grab bags for the occasion, but I couldn't decide what to put inside.
I asked Lyria for ideas, but every suggestion was some kind of pastry!
That's just a bag of bread to fill your breadbasket, Lyria! Teeheehee...

Npc m 3990010000 01.jpg Pommern

Happy New Year, I say!
I hope you enjoy it while it lasts!

What're you looking at! This is mine!
Ohh no, you can't fool me! You've been eyeing my New Year's feast ever since I put it on my plate!
Go on and get your own food, stop mooching off of me!

I do say, there's nothing quite like having a fine glass of wine while watching the first sunrise.
After that, some hot tea and biscuits to warm you up from the cold!
You'd do well to try it some day. When you're of age of course.

Happy New Year.
Hrm? Why are you looking at me like that?
I am not intoxicated every single year, you know!
I understand that New Year's greetings are formal matters that require a certain delicacy...
But, the New Year must be celebrated properly...
For me, that means it must include delicious spirits!

Npc m 3990151000 01.jpg Goblin Mage

Happy New Year!
Lets see... I wanna visit the festival at the shrine!
Feena told me, you see! If you go to the festival there, the gods will give you some shiny things to take home!
If I get a bunch, then I'll give you some!

Happy New Year! I'm gonna get even more shiny stuff for my collection this year!
Is your resolution to get more shiny stuff too, (Captain)? Then let's help each other get lots and lots!

Wow! I wanna ride the airship over there, (Captain)! I saw a big shiny thing!
What did Feena call it... Oh! The New Year's sunrise!
Hurry, hurry! Full speed ahead! We gotta get all the big and shiny sunrises!

(Captain), happy New Year!
Let's get lots of shinies this year!
There were already lots of shinies in the New Year's meal!
They were yellow, and they smelled sweet like chestnuts.
If you eat them, then you can be healthy and collect more shiny stuff!
We've gotta hurry! (Captain), eat together with me!

Npc m 3990152000 01.jpg Ardora

Happui New Yea!
I'm gunna do my bestest to hewp you out dis year choo, Cap'ain!

Happy New Yea!
I'm so gwad you came with me and Papi to the feschiwal, (Captain)!
Oh no! Youa hands are fweejing col!
I'll warm dem, okay?
(Captain), I hope we can go to wots and wots more feschiwals togeja dis yea!

Happy New Yea!
Papi chay make a new year re-relu-relushun!
Wha dat?

(Captain), happy New Yea!
I made wice cuwackas!
Hea! (Captain), you want one too, waight?
Papi said I dwid good. So I know dea taschy!

Npc m 3990353000 01.jpg Imperial General Adam

Happy New Year.
Today is the year's turning point. The biggest change occurs now.
Take this time to examine your physical well-being.
Unlike myself, the beauty found in others hides a deep frailty...
Living day to day, I assume it's difficult to notice that change.
A person's life is such a rare thing... Please treasure it.

Happy New Year.
You're all dressed up. Can I assume you're about to take your first shrine visit of the new year?
Then please take this. It's a hand warmer produced using repurposed golem technology.
I understand the importance of offering a prayer for the new year, but it will all be for naught if the weather negatively affects your body.
I will have hot drinks ready when you return. Please do not linger too long in the cold.

Cutscene link missing. Please add links to the character's lore page.
Cutscene link missing. Please add links to the character's lore page.
Npc m 3990364000 01.jpg Gourry Gabriev

Has the new come year come upon us already? Looking back... I really owe so much to you and the crew.
Haha... You know, I couldn't pry Lina away from the crew even if I wanted to. As her guardian I just wanted to say thanks.
Lina might be a handful sometimes, but know that I'll be around to keep watch this year too. And hopefully many more to come.

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Cutscene link missing. Please add links to the character's lore page.
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Npc m 3990391000 01.jpg Linaria

Happy New Year!
Hey, (Captain)! You'll be around to watch our New Year's performance, right?
I'm going to wish you a wonderful year with my adorable song and dance!

Oh! (Captain)!
You came to see my New Year's performance? Eheheh...
I'm almost sure—No, I'm positive that I'll be getting more cheers than Diantha!
If not now, then at least by the end of the year! I'll be counting on your support too, (Captain)!
Teehee! I know you're secretly my biggest fan, (Captain). No use trying to hide it!

Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Thanks for dropping by to check out our first concert of the year.
Teehee... I guess the new year doesn't start for you until you get a good look at me onstage.
I'll start off by blowing you a New Year's kiss... Hehe...

Happy New Year, (Captain).
Hehe, I guess the new year doesn't start for you until I say those magic words, huh?
Ehehe. I bet it makes you feel so good to hear that, doesn't it? You must really want to watch me perform.
I'll think about it if you say "please."
Hehe... Make that "pretty please."
I can't hear you, (Captain)... Teehee, louder, louder!

Npc m 3990392000 01.jpg Harie

Happy New Year!
Preparing for New Year's always keeps us so busy.
But as the de facto leader here...
I do what I can to make sure the ichnia have a good time.

Agh! Cough!
Ehehe, sorry about that. We're so caught up in New Year's preparations—there's no time to sit and enjoy our meals.
The New Year's performance determines the fate of Xochitl Island for the coming year, so we take it very seriously.
We're so happy you'll be watching us this year, (Captain).
Oh, I almost forgot.
We'll be having a little break after the performance. Can we talk some more then?

I feel invigorated just seeing your face for New Year's, (Captain).
It's kind of embarrasing to say this, but you're my role model, (Captain).
Just being around you gives me the strength to push on. Haha.
I'll be sure to put on the best show I can for you, (Captain)!

Happy New Year.
(Captain), can you tell me what you think of my New Year's resolution?
I want to take steps in becoming more like you.
I doubt I'll ever be leading my own crew and leaving behind such major accomplishments, but...
It's definitely an ideal that I want to strive for.
Choose: Best of luck.
You'll cheer me on? Thanks, (Captain).

Npc m 3990393000 01.jpg Canna

Happy New Year!
Have you decided on a New Year's resolution, (Captain)?
I thought long and hard about it and figured agonizing over it isn't going to do any good.
I'll just have to make sure I accomplish a lot more this year than last year.

Happy New Year, (Captain)!
How'd your previous New Year's resolution work out? I did pretty bad with my own.
Huh? You too? Eheheh, I wouldn't worry too much about it though!
One resolution a year, ten in ten years, a hundred after a century.
The things we're able to do only increases with each passing year, meaning we can go so much farther than we envision ourselves capable of.
All right, I'm all fired up and ready for another fantastic year now!

Happy New Year, (Captain)! This feels like "happy holidays" all over again!
Hm? You want to know my resolution for the new year? Well, I...
Don't actually have one! Yowzers!
I mean, there's lots of things I want to do, and then there's things that I just have to do.
But there's nothing that's like, "Bam! This is where it's at!" Maybe I just have a bit of a one-track mind...
I know! I just have to make "expanding my horizons" my goal!
What am I going to do specifically? Well, I only know about this island right now; so for starters I ought to begin learning more about the outside world.
Maybe I can even tag along on your adventures, all the while keeping it hush-hush to the head priestess!
I'll be looking forward to it, (Captain)!

Happy New Year (Captain)!
My resolution last year was to learn about other islands.
Xolotl's prophecy instructing us to go to Auguste ended up fitting right in with my personal goals!
And thanks to that, I've come up with a new resolution for this year.
After that performance in Auguste, we went for a swim at the beach, but I wasn't all that great at it.
So my goal this year is to learn how to swim properly!
I've been practicing underwater breathing in my bathtub lately!
Hehe... But I can't call myself a swimmer until I've braved the oceans!

Npc m 3990394000 01.jpg Diola

Happy New Year.
Oh, (Captain). I feel blessed to be in your presence.
You saved us after all. You're like a god to us.

Hey, (Captain). Did you know that it's a sign of good luck when Xolotl shows up in your first dream of the year?
There's been someone who's been seeing dreams of a giant dog. And now I'm starting to see what it all means.
By the way my first dream of the year was all about you, (Captain). Teehee.

Happy New Year.
Did you dream of me in your first dream of the year?
Mm-hm. I made a wish to Xolotl.

(Captain), happy New Year.
The shops are selling all sorts of good luck charms this time of year.
Don't you want good luck too, (Captain)?
Then just stay near me. I'm a maiden, so I'm bound to bring good luck.

Npc m 3990396000 01.jpg Head Priestess

Ah, (Captain), you came! Thank you so much for everything you did for us back in our time of need.
Xochitl Island has been the definition of peace ever since then.
We too are welcoming the new year... and hope to eventually welcome a new maiden as well.
Hehehe... I look forward to seeing what kind of promising apprentice will join us next.
After all it is my duty to help the maidens grow into their own and oversee their performances.
I have to spread the word of Xolotl in a way that'll please him—a lesson I learned from you, (Captain).

Happy New Year, (Captain).
It's become a tradition to see you at these important performances.
The maidens are thrilled to see you pop in too of course.
Please continue to be there for those young ladies.
It's my sincerest belief that your presence plays a part in their maturation.
I never had any friends off the island to talk to when I was in their position back then. I can't say I'm not a little jealous.

Happy New Year, (Captain).
The maidens are currently preparing for a New Year's performance.
Their show is coming up soon, so they're sure to feel a bit jittery. Give them some words of encouragement if you would.
Me? I've asked Xolotl to care for the island again this year.
Yes, it might be the job of the maidens to take on the power of Xolotl...
But I'm wishing for the island's peace in a personal capacity.

I'm thinking of shaking things up a bit for the New Year's performance.
At the end, I'll be laying out a giant poster on the stage...
Then ask the ichnia to come up and write down their New Year's resolutions on it.
The maidens will then offer the poster to Xolotl in prayer that those resolutions come true.
Praying to Xolotl together with the maidens should give a motivational boost that improves ichnia's chances of meeting their goals.
Why don't you write something on the poster too, (Captain)?

Npc m 3990510000 01.jpg Queen Orchis, Erste Kingdom

Happy New Year, (Captain).
The first sunrise is so beautiful. I'm so glad I was able to wake in time.
(Captain), have you made your New Year's resolution?
I've been thinking of Erste...
No... I mean the whole sky... I want everyone to be happy.
I may not be able to live up to my mother's legacy, but this is now my responsibility.
Oh... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to burden you with my worries...
What if we go eat mochi?
The Erste House has their own way of enjoying them.
Just this once, I'll teach it to you, (Captain)!

Happy New Year! What was this past year like for you, (Captain)?
Seeing you steadily working toward your goal of reaching Estalucia fills me with determination.
I have my own lofty goal, you know. Sometimes I get discouraged because I'm so far from filling my mother's shoes though.
Ahaha... Here I am again, starting off the new year with such serious talk.
How about a snack? Are you up for another serving of the Erste royal family's famous sandstone mochi?
You must have been surprised last year when I offered you something that looked like a hunk of rock from Mephorash! It's just regular old mochi with roasted soybean flour once you bite into it though.
I'm really good at making it look convincing. People mistake it for real rock.
You don't believe me, do you? Well then, how about I serve it to you alongside a piece of actual sandstone, and you see if you can pick out the mochi?
Haha, just kidding. You must be hungry though, right? So let's go eat! C'mon!

Cutscene link missing. Please add links to the character's lore page.
Cutscene link missing. Please add links to the character's lore page.
Npc m 3990788000 01.jpg Pholia, Sovereign of Idelva

Oh! You've come at the perfect time!
I am currently being pursued... Would you care to hide me?
Every New Year's Day is the same... The greetings, the ceremonies. It's positively frightful...
Agh! Those footsteps... It's them... So my pursuers have grown in number.
Eek! I did not ask for any of this! Shall we disguise ourselves and flee from this dreaded fate together? Just for today!
Now, now, you can't refuse me, (Captain). Come on. Take my hand—we're going to make a run for it!

Happy New Year. May it be a boon for the both of us.
Sometimes I get the itch to spend New Year's secluded on a faraway island. It's nice to get away.
But I would never think to completly shut out people who come to give their regards.
Very well! Bai Ze and I will go around wishing a happy new year to everyone!
It'll be a good chance to visit all the shrines on this island.
And you're coming with us too, (Captain)!

Pholia: Happy New Year!
Hey, hold on to this kite, won't you? Actually, why don't you join in on the kite-flying show!
Hehe, so you noticed? I made the kite myself, using the shape of Bai Ze's face as a template.
I'm giving anyone who can fly the kite better than me the special privilege of petting Bai Ze in all his fluffy glory!
Bai Ze: I don't mind people admiring the lining of my fur in the slightest...
But to see my face take to the skies and back repeatedly does feel somewhat bizarre...

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