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Other Characters

Name Link Text
Ardora [urlhere Link #1]
Canna Link #1 Happy New Year!

Have you decided on a New Year's resolution, (Name)?
I thought long and hard about it and figured agonizing over it isn't going to do any good.
I'll just have to make sure I accomplish a lot more this year than last year.

Diantha Link #1 Ah, (Name)! You're here!

I'm about to start my New Year's performance. Hehe, you came to see it, right?

Diola Link #1 Happy New Year.

Oh, (Name). I feel blessed to be in your presence.
You saved us after all. You're like a god to us.

Drang Link #1 Ngh... Urgh... Morning, Cap'n... After the countdown last night, I wasn't able to sleep til right before sunrise. Time sure flies when you're partying through New Year's Eve! Hm? Say, have you seen Sturm around? I can't seem to find her anywhere... What! She's out to town already? Come on, let's go find her!
Goblin Mage* [urlhere Link #1] [urlhere Link #2]
Gourry Gabriev [urlhere Link #1]
Harie Link #1 Happy New Year!

Preparing for New Year's always keeps us so busy.
But as the de facto leader here...
I do what I can to make sure the ichnia have a good time.

Bishop Link #1 [Untranslated]

(Name)さん。 いらしてたんですね。 その節はお世話になりました。
ふふふ……今年はどんな子が入ってくるのでしょうか。 楽しみです。

Lecia* Link #1 Link #2 #1
Happy New Year. With a new year comes new resolutions... This year I want to continue training, and get just a little bit closer to Father and Monika.

A new year... What should I aim for this year, I wonder.
I'm still continuing my training, so... maybe I should try taking things a little less deadly seriously?
How do you think I should do things this year, (Name)?
If there's anything you think I should work on, I'd love to hear it!

Linaria Link #1 Happy New Year!

Hey, (Name)! You'll be around to watch our New Year's performance, right?
I'm going to wish you a wonderful year with my adorable song and dance!

Lyria* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Happy New Year. I'm sure this year will be filled with all kinds of fun too!
Happy New Year! Our journey was pretty tough last year, but I had lots of fun too! I wonder what this year will bring... Maybe new places to go.. Or new friends to meet! It's all so exciting!

Monika* Link #1 Link #2 #1
Happy New Year. Time to write your New Year's resolutions! If you don't get started now, you'll never get around to it. C'mon, let's get this year started.

A new year. Might as well get started working towards our goals this year, too.
What matters most is remaining resolute and determined no matter what happens.
Focus on the future, and growth will come naturally.
With that being said, I hope you'll grant me the honor of observing your progress this year!

Orchis* Link #1 [urlhere Link #2] #1

Happy New Year... Time flies... Another year gone past... I wonder what this year will be like... I hope it'll turn into a good year. I'll do my best... You do your best too, (Name).

Pommern* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Happy New Year, I say! I hope you enjoy it while it lasts!
What're you looking! This is mine!
Ohh no, you can't fool me! You've been eyeing my New Year's feast ever since I put it on my plate!
Go on and get your own food, stop mooching off of me!

Siegfried Link #1 [Untranslated]


Sierokarte* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Happy, Happy New Year! Stop on by the Knickknack Shack sometime! We're open all year-round!
Huh? Well, well! If it isn't (Name)!
So... Have you already make your rounds for the new year?
If you haven't, would you mind if I tag along with you?
I'll take you to all the best places to turn a profit!

Sturm* Link #1 Link #2 #1

Happy New Year. Hm? Still sleepy? Come on, it's New Year's day. Can't have you half dead on the first day of the year. All right, come with me. We're gonna wake you right up with some morning training. Drang's snoring away and I need a replacement for him. What? No, why should I bother to wake him up. Humph... Let sleeping dogs lie. It's sink or swim in our line of work. You can spend all your time writing New Year resolutions, or you can be out there actually doing them.
Humph, about time you woke up. Time to start the new year. Hurry up and get ready.
I finished my morning training and you still weren't up. How long are you going to keep me waiting?
What? Y-yeah, I've been waiting for you, so what...
Q-quit it! Wipe that smirk off your face! I've got a sword and I'm not afraid to use it!

Vira Link #1 [Untranslated]


Vyrn* Link #1 Link #2 #1
Happy New Year! Let's do this, (Name)! We gotta make this year even better than that last!

Seems to me there are plenty of ways to ring in the new year.
But if you ask me, I just wanna celebrate with everyone and have lots of fun!
There's no better start to a new year, don't you think?