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Aurora HazeChaotic Haze

The Hazes are Aurora Haze and Chaotic Haze.

They are materials used to trade for and upgrade Arcarum Summons.

Aurora Haze is used for fire, wind, and light summons.

Chaotic Haze is used for water, earth, and dark summons.


Use Amount
Trade for Arcarum Summons (SR) 1
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SR) to 1★ 3
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SR) to 2★ 7
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SR) to 3★ 16
Upgrade Arcarum Summons (SR) to SSR 24
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SSR) to 4★ 32
Uncap Arcarum Evokers to 4★ 3