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Health is the amount of damage an entity can take before becoming knocked out, measured in Health Points (abbreviated as HP). Once the HP of an entity reaches 0, they are considered dead or knocked out. If all enemies are defeated, you win the battle. If all allies are defeated, you lose the battle. You can revive allies by using a resurrection skill or a Full Elixir square.jpg Full Elixir, though most difficult content restricts Full Elixir usage. Maximum HP for allies can be increased with weapon skills, summons with high base HP or Plus Marks. Defeated allies will be replaced by available sub party members.

Alternative Uses

  • Sword Master can wield swords such as Weapon s 1040008600.jpg Disparia or Weapon s 1030002700.jpg Purity Blade to convert health into plain damage.
  • Fimbul square.jpg Fimbul users can gain additional HP to make their Frontwater passive last longer, as it has massive falloff at lower health percentages.
  • Alternatively, using weapons such as Cortana square.jpg Cortanas and combining them with Enmity allows you to do higher burst damage, at higher risk of dying.
  • The Splitting Spirit subskill at 11669 HP will instantly grant 70% charge, allowing you to start a fight with a MC's charge attack.
  • Some characters have abilities that additionally cost some of their health to use.