High Orb

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Inferno Orb.jpgFrost Orb.jpgRumbling Orb.jpgCyclone Orb.jpgShining Orb.jpgAbysm Orb.jpg

High Orbs refers to Inferno Orb, Frost Orb, Rumbling Orb, Cyclone Orb, Shining Orb, and Abysm Orb. They are much rarer than Low Orbs.


High orbs are primarily used to uncap characters. They are needed for the intermediate and late stars on SR and SSR characters.

Use Amount
Uncap story SR to 2★ 1
Uncap SR to 2★ 1
Uncap SR to 3★ 2
Uncap SR to 5★ 25
Uncap SSR to 1★ 1
Uncap SSR to 2★ 1
Uncap SSR to 3★ 2
Uncap SSR to 5★ 50
Uncap Showdown weapons to 4★ 80
Uncap Hellward Dagger to 4★ 75 Abysm Orb.jpg
Uncap Gleipnir to 4★ 75 Frost Orb.jpg
Awaken Revenant Weapons 50 Shining Orb.jpg
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 3) 100
Uncap Xeno Weapons to 4★ 80
Uncap Trade Moon Weapons to 4★ 150
Uncap SR Seraphic Weapons to 1★ 3
Uncap SR Seraphic Weapons to 2★ 15


High orbs are rarely found in the Scarlet Trial daily quest. Shining Orbs can drop from Angel Halo Very Hard, but the others do not drop from Angel Halo so they tend to be in much higher demand than Low Orbs.