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Official Profile

Age 27 Height 135 cm Race Draph
Hobbies Passionate things, sweltering heat, thrills
Likes Exciting things, spicy food
Dislikes Cold places, indifference, boredom

A woman living on a snowy mountain, where she carries out her duty of guarding an everlasting cave of ice. Though originally from the snowy village at the foot of the mountain, as part of that village's wicked traditions she was offered up as a living sacrifice to the snowy mountain. Because of that, she has little memory of either the village or her parents.
The previous guardian of the ice cave gave her knowledge of the ice magic with which to seal the cave, how to fight and use her ice magic, and the name "Izmir." Unlike the blood relatives who had so easily given her up, her predecessor is more like a father to her than a real father, and she loves him as warmly. She was a normal person until she inherited the power of ice, so she is weak to the cold.
"Izmir" is the name given to the guardian of the ice cave.

Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 27歳 Height 135cm Race ドラフ
Hobbies 情熱的なこと、暑苦しいこと、スリリングなこと
Likes 刺激的なこと、辛い食べ物
Dislikes 寒いところ、無関心、退屈

Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]




  • Her real name is Larana.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

You know, I wasn't sure about what to get for you. Then I asked Io, and she said I should give something that I like myself.
I tried to come up with something I thought you might like, but nothing came to mind.
So here. This is called The Not-So-Spicy-Looking-But-Crazy-Hot-And-Addictive Mouth-Burning Spice Sensation.
Or Crazy Spice for short.
There are barely any places that carry this.
I actually learned about it well after joining the crew.
Recently this has become one of my favorite ingredients. Just one dash of this can turn any dish into a burning-hot sensation.
But not only is it hot, it also tastes incredible. I can hardly believe it myself.
Your whole body feels like it's on fire. It's quite an controllable... thrill.
If you feel the desire, go ahead. Try some Crazy Spice.


Happy birthday!
Last year I gave you Crazy Spice for your birthday.
Hehe. Did it help you build up your tolerance for hot and spicy things?
Many ideas crossed my mind about the right gift for you this year, but I just couldn't find anything.
So I switched gears.
See that lake over there? I blasted it with ice to turn it into a skating rink.
We can skate knowing the ice could break at anytime. It'll be twice as thrilling.
My idea is to give you a different type of thrill that you wouldn't get in a battle.
Shall we get to slipping and sliding?


(Captain)... Happy birthday.
I was looking for a suitable way to celebrate your birthday with you.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come up with any good ideas like everyone else in the crew.
Seeing as how important today is to you, it's only natural that I'd want to give you something equally as important.
Happy birthday to you...
My kiss can grant immortality. Of course that immortality comes from being entombed in ice...
However, if you ever have a need for immortality, just say the word.
When that time comes I will readily freeze your heart.


I'm so glad I get to wish you a happy birthday again, (Captain).
Let me show you something I've never shown anyone else. This is my gift to you.
Izmir sweeps her hand upward, and a blue-white light shoots into the heavens.
Heehee. It's like an illusion, isn't it?
With a snap of her fingers, Izmir's magic transforms the landscape into a winter wonderland.
It always worries me to push my magic this far, but I don't mind if it's for you, (Captain).
Izmir looks up in puzzlement when an especially large hailstone impacts the ground next to her.
Oh my, I might have dropped the temperature down a bit too much.
A barrage of icy pellets bounce off the protective ice shelter that Izmir has erected over her and (Captain.
Mm-hm, I definitely overdid it, haha.


Happy birthday... I'm so happy that we can celebrate this day together again.
But... there's something that's bothering me, you see.
I still don't know what I can do on your special day that'd make you the most happy...
Since joining this crew, I've met a lot of people and have seen what kinds of things others do. I've learned a lot from them...
At the same time, everyone has their own ways, so the more I learn from different people, the less I know which is the correct way to do things.
You're a very special person to me, (Captain)... I want to prepare something that both you and I can be happy about.
So... do you think it'd be all right if I stayed by your side until I discover something that only I can do for you?
Thank you, (Captain)... I love you.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

A new year has begun, it seems.
I had never really thought I would be ringing in the new year with anyone else.
It makes me very... happy.
When I was living on that mountain, I was near what I was supposed to protect. It was that thought that always kept me company.
But now that I know everyone's kindness, I don't think I could ever go back to that mountain.
Hehe. So (Captain), let's ring in the new year... together.


Happy New Year, (Captain). My, what a revitalizing day it is.
I usually don't have such a fresh outlook at the start of a new year. Traveling with you is what made that possible.
It might be natural for you, but feeling refreshed and invigorated is a change of pace for me.
I'm happy for the change, but it's also a little... sad?
I guess it's kind of weird to think of it like that.
I look forward to another year with you, (Captain).


Oh, hello, hello! I din't know you were here, (Captain).
Yeeheehee! Happy New Year!
I just had some New Year's sake.
It's my first time drinking!
Hoo... My body's all hot...
I guess there's not much I can do about being flushed all over. But it feels nice actually.
Heehee... Let's have you and I have a drink when you're older, okay?


Happy New Year, (Captain). I see you've woken up early to catch the first sunrise.
Aah... It's so beautiful. The warm rays feel nice against my skin.
Too bad the wind is a bit chilly. You mustn't let the cold take over your body.
Mm, you're right. You should head back and slip under the kotatsu. By the way, what's a kotatsu?
A table that is covered in a blanket with a fire lit underneath? To think there'd be such a thing.
Are you inviting me too, (Captain)? Heehee, thank you.
It's fun experiencing the unknown. And I have you to thank for giving me all these opportunities.
I wonder what else I'll get to experience from now on? Let's have a wonderful year, (Captain).


You know, when I went to draw my fortune just now, I got bad luck.
Since it's not very nice to get bad luck, I was a little upset...
But I suppose the fact that something might happen means I won't be bored.
It could be thrilling. That's when I thought, maybe it's not so bad after all.
But I would hate it if my bad luck ended up causing trouble for you, (Captain)...
So you'll have to let me stay by your side to protect you this year. All right?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain)... Do you like chocolate?
Oh, good. Well then, here. Enjoy.
No, I want you to eat it here. I want to watch you savor it.
Is that okay? Hehe. Oh, that makes me so happy. You always heed my requests, (Captain). I like that.
Open wide!
Hehe. Was it good?
Oh dear. Was I watching you too much? I'm afraid I can't help myself.
I gave some chocolate to Vyrn earlier. It's funny, you know. You both said the same thing.
You two really are close.


I made chocolates for you this year too, (Captain).
Won't you eat them here?
My heart swells when I see you eating my chocolates.
You will? Heehee... Thank you.
Okay, open wide. Say aaah...
Heehee... How cute.
Do you like it? I'll feed you another one if you do.
Okay, here it comes. Aaah...


(Captain), I have some chocolate for you.
But it looks like you've already got more than an armful...
Let me carry some.
We can eat them back in my room.
I don't want to miss seeing you eat the chocolates I gave you, (Captain).
Because when I see your smiling face, I feel so happy.


Happy Valentine's Day. That means I've prepared more chocolates for you.
Hot chocolate is said to warm people up, so I tried making it myself. It lives up to its name—so hot and sweet.
Well, I made a big batch because I wanted to try some myself. Sipping while sitting next to you, of course...
Bottoms up, before it gets cold.
The two clink their mugs together and drink at the same time.
Heehee, that was delicious. Oh so warming and the right amount of sweet, even more so with you here with me, (Captain).


Well? Did it taste good?
Hehe. This next one has nuts in it. Ready? Say "ahh..."
Oh, did you like that one? I'm glad to hear that.
You look like you're in paradise no matter which chocolate I choose for you...
I just love how your face changes ever so slightly depending on the flavor—whether it's sweet, sour, or bitter... I don't think I'll ever grow tired of it.
But out of all the ones you've had so far, you looked the cutest while eating this flavor.
Do you think you could eat another one for me?
Say "ahh..."

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake
4th year: Rich Hot Chocolate square.jpg Rich Hot Chocolate
5th year: Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, (Captain). Is that a gift? For me?
That makes me so very happy! Thank you.
You know, ever since we met, all my sadness... has turned to joy.
Now I'm just so happy every day.
Sigh... I never would have guessed there would be such a time in my life.
I wish I could go back and tell myself. Tell myself that I won't be alone anymore.
Hehe. I like you, (Captain). Thank you for everything.


For me?
(Captain)... Thank you. This is such a wonderful feeling...
I don't know what to say... I feel like I could grant any wish at this moment.
Is there anything I can do for you?
Go on. Anything.


(Captain)... A gift for me?
Sorry... I'm just feeling so happy... Almost speechless...
I can't get used to this... All your unexpected stimulation has shaken me so sweetly.
Thank you, (Captain). I'll take good care of it...


(Captain), could this gift from you be for White Day?
Thank you. Just holding it in my hands lets me know how lucky I am.
I'll eat every last one. Actually, why don't you have some with me?
You got these for me in return for the Valentine's Day gift I gave you? I'm flattered!
You've really brought me so much joy and happiness.
Huh? You'll feed them to me yourself? I... that...
Ooh, what should I do? I'm feel like I'm burning up!


Oh... Is this in return for Valentine's Day?
Thank you, (Captain). I'm touched.
Hehe. My heart's been aflutter all day wondering if you had something for me.
I have another request for you, if you don't mind me asking, actually...
Um... Do you think you could... feed them to me again this year? I want to feel the warmth you gave me last time...
You will? You're too kind, (Captain).
Okay then... Ahh...
Oh, I'm... I'm burning up again... But it feels so nice...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey... Just what are you planning to do in that costume?
As you can see, I don't have any more candy.
Dear me. Does that mean you'll be playing a trick on me?
Well then, give it your best. I hope that it's stimulating, or at least intriguing.
I like you, (Captain). But if you can't amuse me, then I might just have to... freeze you.


Ooh, what an impressive costume you have on.
Halloween is definitely here. Hehehe...
The prank you pulled last year was absolutely thrilling. I get the shivers just thinking about it.
Can you show me another fun Halloween, (Captain)?
See? There's no candy left...
It's no fun being bored, is it?


Sigh... That's not nice, (Captain). You shouldn't play a trick on me without warning.
I just might end up accidentally encasing you in ice the next time you startle me.
While it's true I enjoy a good thrill, I wouldn't want to put you in harm's way.
If you're going to play a trick on me, tell me before you do.


That's a wonderful costume you have, (Captain).
I appreciate you making sure to clearly say "trick or treat" to me this year.
Thank you for remembering not to surprise me without warning. I'd hate to see you accidentally encased in my ice.
It made me anxious to think you might suddenly pop out from nowhere. My heart was pounding as I walked through town.
But I feel relaxed now. I'm fine.
Now then. About that trick...


That costume... You look lovely in it.
Can you ask me the usual then, (Captain)?
Huh? You want us to go and prank other people together this year?
Hmm, that's not a bad idea... Being pranked is fun, but I'm sure pranking someone else is thrilling too.
Let's get going then, shall we?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

The fireplace in my home always used to be lit.
On cold, quiet nights, everyone seemed to wander toward it.
I loved that fireplace. It was so warm... and inviting.
When you sat in front of it, it always felt like its warmth was there protecting you. I was so used to that feeling.
In those days it was the one thing that truly gave me solace.
But that was all so many years ago...


Good evening, (Captain). Hm? Did you wish to speak with me?
Ah, that's right. Tonight is the night for holiday celebrations. And is that a present for me?
It warms my heart knowing that you went out of your way to see me on this special day. Thank you, (Captain).
You're as warm and cozy as a roaring fireplace.
When you're with me, I feel happiness even on the coldest nights...
I like you, (Captain)...


Tonight is that time of gift-giving and mistletoe. Oh, are you cold?
Mm... I always end up making things chillier whenever I'm around.
But your kindness and warmth never fails to thaw my frozen heart. Those qualities are irreplaceable.
So I'd love it if you stayed by my side...
I want to feel your warmth. Is that okay?
Thank you. I like you, (Captain).


I'm so lucky I get to spend another holiday with you, (Captain).
Are you sure you're okay, though? I'm very worried that you'll catch a cold from being around me.
And I feel... restless. You're always so warm and kind to me, but I...
I've always wanted to return that favor. Presents can be given early on the eve of the big day too, right?
But what gift can I give? I'd like to think about it for a bit. So will you stay with me?
Sitting here, chatting by a roaring fireplace... I'm positive it'll help me think of something.


I guess it's become customary for us to relax here in front of the fireplace, every year on this holy night...
Ever since we met, I've been so blessed with your kindness and warmth...
I've heard that the holy night is a special occasion to celebrate the time you spend with your loved ones.
I'm very happy that I can experience this kind of appreciation for others...
(Captain), thank you for showing me this warmth. I love you...

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Frozen Glances

(Captain) and company climb an icy mountain to vanquish the snow queen but are soon surrounded by monsters. The girl who saves them turns out to be Izmir, a misunderstood sorceress and the alleged snow queen, who sees their kindness and asks to join them.

Vyrn: Wow... This place is covered with snow!
Lyria: It feels like we're in a fairy tale! You could get lost in all this snow!
(Captain) and the crew stand before a silvery mountain, admiring its beauty.
The snow continues to fall upon the mountain. It fills the air with silence and creates a majestic white landscape.
Having accepted a mission from the nearby village, the crew begins to make its way up the mountain.
Lyria: Umm... Okay, so we have to take care of the ice blocking the way up the mountain. And we have to get rid of the snow queen.
Lyria: I get the part about the ice, but who exactly is this snow queen they're talking about?
Vyrn: Huh? It's a person? If we're supposed to get rid of her, are you sure she isn't a monster or some kinda creature?
Lyria: You think so?
Vyrn: No clue. But if we look for her, I'm sure we'll find her! Let's start by lookin' for those ice blocks she made!
Vyrn: Ow! The heck? What's the deal with this ice?
Lyria: Aah! Vyrn, are you okay?
Giant blocks of ice impede the crew's path. Looking ahead, the crew sees that the road is littered with tons of other ice blocks.
Vyrn: Ow... Everything in front of us is so covered in snow that I couldn't even see! Hey, wait a sec. Isn't this the ice the villagers were talking about?
Vyrn: And look at this thing! There's a monster frozen inside!
Lyria: Oh, wow! How did it get like this? Could this be the work of the snow queen?
Lyria: They said that the snow queen uses her powers of ice and snow to instill fear in others. Looks like she even freezes monsters right in their tracks!
Vyrn: They also said she appears in front of men and kisses them. Then they become frozen solid! The sound of this woman gives me the creeps!
Monsters: Grrr!
Vyrn: Monsters? Where'd all these come from? There's too many!
It seems that in the midst of the blinding snow, a horde of monsters has snuck up on (Captain) and company.
Standing at Lyria's back, (Captain) barely manages to fight off the monsters when they suddenly hear a voice.
???: Red Blast.
Lyria: Huh?
Lyria: Eek!
Vyrn: What the?
Out of nowhere shards of ice fly in, instantly obliterating the wave of monsters.
Vyrn: W-who did that?
???: ...
Vyrn: Over there!
A woman appears before the crew. With pale skin and hair the color of snow, she is the true embodiment of all that is winter.
Without so much as lifting an eyebrow, she turns her frozen gaze toward the crew.
???: Dear me... You look shocked. It seems I'm the woman you've been looking for. I hope I've adequately given you the creeps.
Vyrn: What? That was you just now?
???: Hello there. Were you referring to... this?
With that the woman gives a flick of the wrist, showering down icicles before the crew.
Vyrn: That power! Are you the snow queen?
(Captain) and the crew draw their weapons in preparation for a fight.
???: How rude. Now you've made me sad... and angry.
The woman bares her feelings of malice toward the crew. Unsure of what she'll do next, the crew has no choice but to remain on guard.
???: I saw the fear in your eyes and saved you from those monsters...
But perhaps you didn't want my help?
Vyrn: What? You... uh... saved us?
Confused, Vyrn and (Captain) look at each other.
Vyrn: Oh, sorry. I guess we were just a little paranoid. Thanks for the help!
Lyria: S-sorry that we were afraid of you. We were just startled by what had happened...
???: ...
???: In any case, what are you doing here? I suppose I don't have to sacrifice you just yet...
Vyrn: We're, uh, a crew! We came up here to take care of some business.
???: Business?
Vyrn: Y-yeah. We're supposed to get rid of some ice blocks and a snow qu—
I mean, just doin' some ice removal! Isn't that right, (Captain)?
???: Someone asked you to come here? It wouldn't happen to be those villagers from the foot of the mountain, would it?
Lyria: Y-yes!
???: I see. Those villagers will go to any length to take my home away. How very... infuriating.
Vyrn: Uh, about that. Who are you exactly? And what are you doing up here?
???: I am Izmir. And what am I doing here? Well, I live here.
Vyrn: You live here? So that makes you...
Izmir: Makes me what?
Vyrn: Uh, nothing. Never mind.
So what's the deal with those frozen monsters?
Izmir: So many questions...
Izmir: They were making a ruckus. They were also going to run amok and clutter up my home.
Izmir: So I cast my spell and whoosh! I froze them.
Vyrn: You froze them?
Izmir: And you... You came here to fulfill your mission, I take it.
Vyrn: It's not a mission, really. I mean, it's just this little thing we've gotta take care of.
Izmir: Well, I'm afraid this is my home.
Izmir: And I can't allow you to get rid of those ice blocks. You understand, don't you?
Vyrn: Umm...
Izmir: That being the case, it looks like there's nothing further for you to do here. You're all exempt from being sacrificed, so now you can go out and enjoy the long lives ahead of you.
Lyria: Izmir?
Vyrn: Oy, oy... That's easy for you to say.
Vyrn: But if we just agree and go home, we'd be going back on our word! It'd hurt our reputation!
Izmir: My, how troubling. Do you intend to further intrude?
Vyrn: Intrude? Not exactly...
Vyrn: Huh? What's that light?
Izmir: It's nothing. Now, time for you to go.
Vyrn: Hey, that ain't no natural phenomenon!
Izmir: ...
Looking behind Izmir, the crew sees the entrance to a cave. A strange light emitting from within it grabs their attention.
The crew attempts to get a better look at it and begins to move forward.
Izmir: If you take another step, I'll be forced to destroy you.
Vyrn: What?
In an instant Izmir fills the air with a violent aura, causing the earth to shake below them. She hurls a wave of icicles right at their feet.
Vyrn: What's your deal? First you save us, and now you're tryin' to hurt us? Geez. Get ready for a fight, (Captain)!
(Captain) quickly unsheathes their weapon and points it directly at Izmir.
Izmir: Rotten scoundrels. You barge into my territory.
Izmir: You treat me as a villain and try to take my treasure.
Vyrn: Wait, but...
Izmir: And now you say I'm the one causing trouble? Why are you doing this? It makes me sad, though I don't understand why.
Izmir: I don't understand at all. I'm just keeping a promise I made so long ago.
Lyria: Izmir?
As she mutters her frustrations, Izmir creates a massive block of ice directly above the crew.
Vyrn: Hey, look out!
Lyria: But... Izmir looks so happy all of a sudden!
Lyria: Izmir, wait! We didn't know there was something important in there!
Izmir: ...
Lyria: What in the world is it? What could be making you feel so sad?
Izmir: My treasure is in there. That's why I want you to stay away from it.
Lyria: Okay, we understand! We won't go near it! So please, stop looking so sad!
Vyrn: We were wrong! We'll stay away from it! Just calm down, all right?
Izmir: ...
Izmir considers their response for a moment. She then dissipates the ice block above them, scattering it into a thousand snowflakes.
Lyria: Huh?
Izmir: You're the first ones. Ever since that person passed away, you're the first ones to heed my request.
Lyria: That person?
Izmir: And that's why... I'll let you live.
Lyria: Whew, that's a relief. Thank you!
Izmir: But you came here to get rid of me, didn't you? I must say, you're all very strange.
Vyrn: Are you saying you knew about our mission here?
Izmir: Dear me... Were you trying to hide it? Sorry I didn't play along, but you can't exactly hide that from me.
Vyrn: Gulp...
Izmir: You should also know that it's not the first time someone has pointed a blade at me. Though it does make me sad to say so.
Lyria: Oh Izmir...
Vyrn: We weren't exactly thinking of doing away with you! We didn't even know who or what the snow queen was.
Vyrn: We were just hopin' to do something about those ice blocks.
Izmir: But those people won't give up so easily. They will act like fools until there is nothing left. And that what's truly terrifying.
Izmir: You have to take my life. Either that, or...
Izmir stands there for a moment, as if devising a plan.
Izmir: Skyfarers. The snow queen those villagers are referring to must be me. If you let me go, you would surely fail your mission.
Izmir: But if you brought me with you...
Well, you could say you captured me. That counts as a success, does it not?
Vyrn: Oy, oy, oy. What are you talkin' about? You're supposed to stay here and protect that thing, aren't ya?
Izmir: I have, in some small way, performed my task. So then will you take me with you at least until your next mission is complete? No?
  1. You are always welcome here.
  2. Weren't you about to crush us?

Choose: You are always welcome here.
Izmir: Wow... Well, that... pleases me.
Vyrn: This girl can hardly take a compliment.

Choose: Weren't you about to crush us?
Izmir: If you wouldn't have gotten so close to my treasure then none of that would have happened, believe me.
Lyria: Well, you did save us from those monsters before anything else happened! I believe you!
Vyrn: She's right. And if we just let her go, we'd be letting those villagers down. I say we give her a chance!
Continue 1
Vyrn: So it's decided! We wouldn't want to hurt you anyway.
Izmir: Oh, well thank you. You're so kind. I like that.
Vyrn: What? M-me?
Izmir: It was very nice of you all to heed another one of my requests. I like... all of you.
Lyria: I like you too, Izmir! We're going to have so much fun together!
Izmir: Yes. I look forward to it.
Vyrn: Oh, that's what you were talking about. You had me goin' for a sec.
Though they don't fully know her story, (Captain) and the crew see that Izmir is a good person underneath it all. And so they decide to take her in as one of their own.

The Icy Smile

The crew takes a job hauling lava stones in the Valtz Duchy, where they become concerned over Izmir's fatigue from the heat. The tides turn, however, as Izmir protects them from incoming monsters. But she takes things too far and (Captain) has to step in.

Izmir: Hehe...
The crew takes a job hauling lava stones in the Valtz Duchy. They commence their work at a mine near the source of the flow.
The air is filled with intense heat and steam that ruptures up from below.
Merely standing in the mine slowly saps the crew's vigor away.
Izmir: Ah... It's so hot...
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong? Are you feeling okay there, Winter Wondergirl?
Izmir drifts slowly behind the crew, panting in the intense heat.
Lyria: Maybe Izmir can't handle the heat! It's tough for us too, after all!
Vyrn: Yeah, maybe you're right! She might not be the snow queen, but she looks like she's gonna melt!
Vyrn: Hey, Winter Wondergirl! You can leave the rest to us and head back to the ship!
Izmir: What a delightful feeling. My fingertips, they're... tingling. Hehe.
Brushing the crew's concerns aside, Izmir continues to stare at her fingertips with a smile plastered on her face.
Lyria: Huh? She looks completely fine.
Vyrn: Yeah. She actually looks happy. Like she's excited or something.
No longer concerned, the crew decides to let Izmir be.
Vyrn: Heave! All right, let's put this one on the cart.
Just as (Captain) lifts the red-hot lava stone, a monster suddenly appears and approaches menacingly.
Monster: Graw, graw!
Vyrn: Huh? Oh no! (Captain) has their hands full!
Lyria: Oh no! If (Captain) drops that lava stone, it'll—
Izmir: Red Blast.
Izmir: No one's going to ruin my fun.
Vyrn: Nice one! Hehe! Good to know you've got our backs, Winter Wondergirl!
Izmir continues to blast the area with ice.
Izmir: Red Blast.
Lyria: Wow! Your ice is covering everything! It's actually getting kind of cold...
Vyrn: Yikes! (Captain), we gotta jump in and help before she freezes this whole place!

The Icy Smile: Scene 2

With their mission behind them, the crew goes for dinner before leaving the Valtz Duchy. Izmir decides to order an unusually spicy item, which stirs up a ruckus in the tavern. This ultimately upsets the shopkeeper, forcing Izmir to cool things down.

Izmir: Have I... caused trouble for everyone?
Vyrn: Well, everything still turned out okay.
Lyria: That's right! Hehe. You've saved us again, Izmir!
Izmir: I see. Well, that's good. Being able to help the crew makes me... happy.
Izmir: And it was such exhilarating work.
Despite the minor setback, the crew is able to prevent the mine from freezing and complete their mission.
Lyria: There are some seats in here!
Before heading back to the ship and leaving the Valtz Duchy, the crew decides to go for dinner.
Izmir: I've never been to a place like this.
With a look of excitement and wonder, Izmir glances around the tavern.
Vyrn: There sure are lots of things you've never seen, Winter Wondergirl! You were livin' on that mountain though, so I guess that makes sense!
Izmir: Hehe. Hey, you be nice.
Lyria: Yeah, Vyrn! Be nice.
Vyrn: I wasn't tryin' to be mean! Eh, whatever. Anyway, what do you wanna eat?
(Captain) hands Izmir the menu, and she soon points to something.
Izmir: I'll have... this.
Looking at the menu, the crew sees that Izmir wants the restaurant's special Certain Death Chicken.
Vyrn: I've never heard of anything so crazy!
Lyria: Huh? Do you really want something that spicy?
Burly Shopkeeper: Hah hah hah! You sure you wanna eat that, miss? It's so hot, no one has ever even finished it before!
With their dinner choices decided, the brawny-looking shop owner approaches their table.
Burly Shopkeeper: What the? You're just a bunch of kids! Well, as long as you've got the rupies, you're welcome here! Hah hah!
Vyrn: Don't go mouthin' off! We're a crew! You can't talk down to us!
Burly Shopkeeper: Hey miss, I like the cut of your jib. How's about we make a wager on this meal?
Burly Shopkeeper: If you can finish this whole thing, I'll let you have it for free! But if you can't...
Burly Shopkeeper: Then you'll have to pay me a hundred thousand rupies!
The other customers overhear this wager, and soon the entire tavern erupts with energy.
Vyrn: What did you say? Hey, are you all right, Izmir?
But Izmir thinks nothing about what's happening around her. Neither Vyrn, nor the owner, nor the other patrons seem to faze her in the least.
Izmir: This is what I want.
Lyria: Are you sure?
Izmir: Yes. You see, I'm... very hungry.
Burly Shopkeeper: Tch. Heh heh, I gotcha. I'm lookin' forward to seeing your hoity–toity face turn red after you take a bite!
Burly Shopkeeper: Well, here ya go! If you think you can eat it, go ahead and give it a try! Don't go dying on me though!
Vyrn: Hey, what the heck is this! It looks like it's on fire!
Lyria: My mouth is on fire just looking at it.
Izmir: Time to eat.
And so Izmir begins to eat the fiery red food that barely resembles chicken.
The crew looks on in horror, but Izmir just sits there quietly enjoying her food.
Izmir: Hmm... Nom, nom... Mmm... Gulp.
Izmir: Ahh... This is good.
Izmir: Om nom. Mmm.
Burly Shopkeeper: Little miss, your face, it's...
The sound of Izmir's breathing and the color of her face attract the looks of the men in the tavern, who cannot help but turn their attention to her.
Realizing that everyone around is watching her, Izmir stops for a moment and smiles.
Izmir: Oh. Do you all want to try some too?
Vyrn: Huh? N-no, we're okay! My mouth is burning enough just from watching...
Lyria: Uh, yeah. I'm okay too.
Izmir: You sure? I guess I'll just eat it all then.
Vyrn: How does it taste?
Izmir: If I were to put it into words, I'd say it tastes... passionate, stimulating, and very... intriguing.
Vyrn: I have no clue what you're talking about, but as long as you're happy with it.
Izmir: Thank you for the food.
Burly Shopkeeper: She actually finished it! But no roughneck has ever even finished it before.
Lyria: That's amazing, Izmir!
Izmir: Amazing? What do you mean?
Vyrn: You're the first person that's ever finished that crazy dish! That's legendary!
Izmir: Oh, really? It wasn't even as spicy as I thought it would be.
Burly Shopkeeper: Unbelievable... Your senses must be broken or somethin'!
Vyrn: Hey, musclehead! I told you to watch your tongue!
Izmir: He must be very lonely. That's why he makes food like this.
Burly Shopkeeper: What did you say? And here I thought you were just some girl. If you're gonna talk like that, you better be ready for a fight!
The shopkeeper abruptly draws his saber.
Lyria: Calm down for a second! There's no need to—
Izmir: Step aside, Lyria.
Lyria: B-but...
Izmir: I can't stand hot-headed fools.
As Izmir mutters this, a cold smile draws upon her face.

The Icy Smile: Scene 3

As they return to the ship, Izmir opens up to the crew about her real name—Larana—and a person very important to her. But when pressed, she refuses to say more. Just when mixed feelings are lingering in the air, ice crystals and monsters from the mountain suddenly appear on deck.

Izmir responds to her foes by freezing the entire tavern.
Izmir: Looks like you aren't so hot now.
Burly Shopkeeper: Arg... You better remember this day.
Izmir: No. I don't think I will.
Izmir: People who are all talk make me... angry.
Soon after the battle ends, a crew of enforcers arrives on the scene to arrest the shopkeeper for multiple accounts of suspected fraud.
Izmir: Hmhmm!
Lyria: Hehe. You look like you're in a good mood, Izmir.
Izmir: Well, we did go to a hot place. And we tried some stimulating cuisine. I'm very pleased.
Lyria: You mean you like things to be hot and spicy?
Izmir: Yes. Very much so.
Izmir: They all remind me of that person.
Lyria: That person?
Izmir smiles and considers her next words carefully.
Izmir: Someone who gave me... so many things.
Izmir: There were once despicable people that gave me a terrible name. They made me... angry.
Izmir: But that person made that name into something good. They made it into something to be proud of.
Izmir: Until then, no one had ever made me smile before. But that someone could and always called me by that name.
Lyria: Izmir, can I ask what your real name is?
Izmir: It's... Larana.
Lyria: Larana.
Izmir: Izmir is... my destined name, you could say.
Izmir: That someone... taught me everything with fervorous warmth and kindness, even showing me how to use my powers.
With a flick of her wrist, Izmir causes snowflakes to fall from the sky, cascading around the crew.
Izmir: They called me Izmir and showed me everything. How to fight... and how to protect myself.
Vyrn: Oh. We might not know much about you, but now we can start to see where you're comin' from.
Lyria: Larana, you were all alone on that mountain. Does that have something to do with that person?
Izmir: ...
Izmir: You know, Vyrn, Lyria, and (Captain)... I like that you're all so kind.
Izmir: But if I tell you any more, there will be no more reason for us to continue our journey.
Izmir flicks her wrist again and the snow suddenly stops.
Vyrn: You might be right.
Izmir: Don't be sad. It's not like I want to hide anything from you. It's just that... I made a promise.
Lyria: Larana...
The crew returns to the ship, but an unpleasant air lingers among them.
Vyrn: Hey, something's coming toward us!
Izmir: ...
The crew gazes upon the deck, where ice crystals have begun to pour down silently.
Vyrn: That ice looks just like Winter Wondergirl's!
Izmir: ...
Seeing this, Izmir's expression changes and she begins to rush toward the ice.
Monster: Grrr...
Izmir: Agh! Are you going to follow me everywhere? Be gone!
Lyria: How did the mountain beasts get here?
Vyrn: I'm not sure what's goin' on, but we gotta help fight those things off!

The Icy Smile: Scene 4

After defeating the monsters, Izmir approaches the core of the ice crystals and hears a mysterious voice. Despite its warning that both she and the ice cave are in danger, Izmir begs (Captain) and company to let her stay with them—to which they gladly accept.

Lyria: What's going on here?
Vyrn: Does this have something to do with that ice? Winter Wondergirl's got a funny look on her face too.
Just as the crew defeats the monsters, Izmir approaches the core of the ice. 
Lyria: Eek!
Vyrn: What is that?
The crystals emit a powerful white light, encompassing the surrounding area.
Mysterious Voice: Larana. My dear child. The tranquility of the ice cave is threatened.
Mysterious Voice: You are in danger. You must... take the crystal.
With a bright flash, the mysterious voice disappears and a silence falls upon the deck.
Izmir: ...
Lyria: Was that...
Vyrn: That thing was talking to you, right? But what is the ice cave? Hey, hey, are you all right?
Vyrn looks at Izmir, who stands there with a blank look upon her face.
Izmir: ...
Lyria: Um, Larana?
Izmir: Izmir is the name given to the protector of the ice cave.
Vyrn: So does that make you the protector of that place?
Izmir: Yes... It does.
Vyrn: That reminds me. When we met you, you said you were protecting something important. Was that thing the ice cave?
Izmir: ...
Izmir: Everyone, please... Let me continue traveling with you, even for just a little longer.
Vyrn: But wasn't that thing sayin' you have to get back or you'll be in danger?
Izmir: Vyrn, please. Don't say any more. All I ask is that you let me stay here a little bit longer.
Izmir: I put you in danger... and I apologize for that.
Izmir: But I will always protect you. Even if I lose my life, I will protect you.
Izmir: So please... Just let me be here.
Vyrn: Well...
Izmir looks at the crew as they become filled with complicated feelings.
Vyrn: Sigh. Well, Winter Wondergirl. You're here with us now.
Vyrn: Of course you can stay! You don't have to ask us twice!
Lyria: I know there are things you can't talk about. But this crew is filled with all kinds of people like that!
Lyria: So whatever you're thinking of doing, just do it!
Vyrn: But don't think about throwing your life away! We'd get pretty mad at you if you did!
Lyria: Yeah! And we want to help you protect what's important to you.
Lyria: You don't need to worry anymore. Just stay here with us!
Izmir: ...
Hearing Vyrn and Lyria's kind words, a stream of tears begins to fall down Larana's face.
The crew begins to wonder why she lived alone on that snowy mountain for so long.
And they wonder what it is that drives her to pursue an adventure in the skies.
Larana reaches out her hand to (Captain), who grips it tightly.
Izmir: Thank you.
Larana smiles in her own way, her hand reminding (Captain) of the sensations of winter.

Kingdom of Isolation

Izmir makes plans to go shopping with (Captain) and crew, but she fails to materialize on the day. They visit her room, only to find it empty, save for a sheet of magic ice. However, Izmir's memories are reflected in the ice, and they learn that she is being consumed by her own powers and has returned to the cave where they first met.

(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn lounge on the deck of the Grandcypher, occasionally exchanging looks.
They have promised to accompany Izmir on a shopping trip. But the time of their rendezvous was over a quarter of an hour ago, and she is nowhere to be seen.
Lyria: Still no sign of Larana. Do you think she overslept?
Vyrn: Winter Wondergirl was over the moon about this trip. Bet she had a hard time catchin' z's last night!
Lyria: Hehe. And I bet you're right! Come on. Let's go wake her up.
Vyrn: Rise and shine, Sleepin' Snowqueen! I'd get my butt outta bed if I were you. The good stuff's gonna sell out by the time we get there!
Vyrn puts his snout to the door and screeches, but there is no response.
Lyria: Don't think you woke her. Hm... Let me put my ear to the door, see if I can hear⁠—
Lyria: Eep!
Vyrn: Lyria? What's wrong? You'da jumped straight out of your boots if you had any!
Lyria: The door's freezing. It surprised me...
(Captain) steps forward and lays a hand on the door. It is as cold as ice and hums with magic.
  1. Something must've happened to her.
  2. I'm going in.

Choose: Something must've happened to her.
Choose: I'm going in.
The captain swallows hard and flings the door open.
A blast of chill air rushes forth and slaps all three friends in the face.
Vyrn: What in the stormy skies? The whole room's frozen over!
Lyria: Oh no! Where's Larana?
A thin layer of ice covers the bed, the lights, even the odds and ends scattered over the desk.
But it seems that Izmir herself has simply melted away.
Vyrn: Ain't this Wondergirl's magic ice? Think she got attacked?
Lyria: She might be in danger! We have to help!
Vyrn: Huh? Your feet are... glowing.
Vyrn: Wait, no. There's an image... reflected in the ice...
Vyrn: Seems like this room. And look, Lyria. It's you and Wondergirl.
Lyria: Wait... I recognize this scene! It's from last night! I was here, talking to Larana!
Vyrn: So... you're saying this is a projection of her memories?
Vyrn: Well. Not the first time we've seen a playback of Wondergirl's brain.
Lyria: Yes! And remember? Larana's magic and mind are deeply interwoven.
Lyria: Watch closely. We might be able to find some clues.
The three lean over and watch the small figures conversing and gesticulating in the ice.
Lyria: Larana, it's almost time for dinner! I hope you're in the mood for curry!
Izmir: Oh, Lyria. Thanks for letting me know.
Izmir looks up from her desk, over which she has been hunched, face tense with concentration.
Izmir: I'll be along in a minute. I just need to wrap this up...
Lyria: Hehe. Looks like someone found a new hobby.
Izmir: Is that what this looks like?
Lyria: Yeah! I mean, lately, as soon as your schedule frees up, you rush back here. What are you working on anyway? I've been curious.
Izmir: Oh. So you noticed...
Lyria: Um... Sorry. Was it a secret?
Izmir: Oh, no. Not at all. I'm just... a little embarrassed.
Izmir: Would you like to see?
Izmir beckons. Lyria tiptoes to the desk and peers over Izmir's shoulder.
Lyria: Gasp! Is this the sea of Auguste? It's gorgeous!
Lyria: Looks like... a watercolor, right? Did you paint this yourself?
Izmir: Yes, I did... But it's only half-finished...
Lyria: You're so talented! And I never even knew you painted!
Izmir: You were what inspired me though. Seeing you write in that journal, I started thinking... about how nice it'd be if I could give shape to my memories too.
Lyria: Eheh. You're giving me too much credit.
Lyria: Oh. Here, on the beach, there's two people. Is that us, Larana? I remember drinking⁠...
Izmir: A Blue Auguste and coconut smoothie. It's all still so fresh in my mind.
Lyria: Same. I can almost taste the drinks now—sweet, cold, and so very delicious!
Izmir's desk is buried under a patchwork quilt of paintings. Lyria reaches out and gently brushes a square with her fingers.
Lyria: This is that mine we visited in Valtz, right? It was sweltering, but I remember... you just kept on twirling and dancing.
Izmir: Well, it felt amazing. The heat, the steam... everything was perfect...
Lyria: Oh. I recognize this flaming ball of fun. "Certain Death Chicken!"
Izmir: Mm... The spice was just right. I'd finished my share before I knew it.
Izmir: We've had quite the adventure, haven't we? Time's flown, since I met you and (Captain)...
Once, Izmir promised someone dear to her that she would guard a cave of eternal ice deep in the mountains. And so she faithfully had, until (Captain)'s crew came along.
To this day, Izmir still doesn't understand why she climbed aboard the Grandcypher, and her promise haunts her like a ghost out of the past.
But she built up trust with the crew and, like a gentle flame, melted her defenses. It's why she told them the name her parents gave her: Larana.
Lyria: I'm glad we're friends, Larana.
Lyria: There's so much that's fun and interesting about you! Like how you love spicy food and sunbeams... or how there's still a sense of wonder in your heart.
Izmir: Oh, Lyria. I'm glad you'd have me as a friend.
Izmir: Before I joined the crew, my world was all white. And now, it's bursting with color.
Izmir: I don't know how to thank you...
Lyria: Don't! Our journey's barely begun. Just think of how many more colors are out there, waiting for us to find them!
Izmir: ...
Izmir: You're right. I'd love nothing more than to see them with you...
Lyria: You know, looking at all this... it makes me want to paint.
Lyria: Now, it'd be helpful if I had a brush and palette but...
Izmir: Well, why don't we go shopping?
Izmir: Actually, I was planning on dropping by an art store tomorrow. Need to pick up a few supplies.
Lyria: Gasp! Really?
Lyria: Ooh yay! A shopping trip with Larana.
Lyria: Um, would you mind if I invited (Captain) and Vyrn? I could ask them at dinner.
Izmir: Of course not. The more the merrier.
That night, when all the rest of the crew is deep asleep...
Izmir: Huff... Huff...
Izmir: Ugh...
Izmir struggles with her ice magic, desperately trying to hold it back.
This is nothing new. Even before the vacation, Izmir's magic has been stirring inside her, beating at the walls of her body.
Izmir: Huff... Huff...
Izmir: Ah...
Izmir: I can't take it anymore...
The power is like a storm, slowly but surely eroding away at her defenses. It is only a matter of time before the levee collapses.
Izmir: Ah... Mmph!
Izmir bites her lip so her groans do not reach the crew. She closes her eyes.
A shallow sleep washes over her, and like a wave, fragments of memory and dream are gently swept up from the depths of her mind.
Lyria: Don't! Our journey's barely begun. Just think of how many more colors are out there, waiting for us to find them!
Izmir: I don't know if I'll be any good...
Izmir: Aah... Hot... So this is Auguste...
Vyrn: Of course you can stay! You don't have to ask us twice!
Lyria: Yeah! And we want to help you protect what's important to you.
Mysterious Voice: Larana. My dear child. The tranquility of the ice cave is threatened.
That sentence is all it takes to drain Izmir's world of color.
???: Ugh! Gaaah!
Young Izmir: No! Please! Don't leave me!
Izmir: (This again? How many more times must I watch you be torn away from me?)
???: Huff... Huff... All my hope... rests on you now...
???: Larana... The ice cave... Grant it peace...
???: I believe... in you...
Unfamiliar Voice: Awake, child of solitude... Our brethren.
Izmir: ...!
Izmir: Where did this ice... No... Did I...
???: You can no longer control it. There is no time.
???: You must return to the ice cave immediately. The hour has come. Our duty must be fulfilled.
Izmir: The guardians of the past... Well, I'm honored you came all this way for me.
Ghost Guardian 1: You can fly to the ends of the sky, but you cannot escape fate...
Izmir: I don't need you to tell me. I made a promise.
Izmir: And from the very beginning, I knew. To fulfill it, I'd have to give up everything...
Lyria: Don't! Our journey's barely begun. Just think of how many more colors are out there, waiting for us to find them!
Izmir: ...!
Ghost Guardian 2: Then show us the strength of your will.
Izmir: ...
Izmir: Death will find me wherever I go. But I will not lead it here.
Izmir: I love you, everyone... Goodbye.
Izmir takes one last look at her room, which already resembles a relic from the past, buried in the clear amber of ice.
She begins to cry. But her magic drains even the warmth from her tears, leaving small icicles which hang painfully from her lashes.

Kingdom of Isolation: Scene 2

(Captain) and crew discover a village at the foot of the mountain where Izmir's cave is entrenched. They learn from its headman that Izmir is one of many children sacrificed to the Ice Phantom and that, if she does not die alone, the Phantom's curse will obliterate the village. The crew march on to the cave to speak with Izmir one last time.

The glow dwindles and fades like a dying candle, and the trio is left in heavy silence. Vyrn is the first to shatter it.
Vyrn: So... Winter Wondergirl went back? To that freezing mountain? All so she could keep a promise?
Lyria: Larana... She looked so sad.
Vyrn: I mean, that wasn't just any old "goodbye." It sounded like she was leaving us for—
Lyria: Don't say it!
Lyria: Please... Don't say that we'll never see her again...
Lyria turns towards Izmir's patchwork quilt of memories. An icicle must have cracked and skidded off the desk, leaving a path of furrows and tears in the Augustean sea.
Vyrn: Uh, in any case, we know that Wondergirl's headed for the ice cave. And not for some fun little trek either.
Lyria: (Captain)... I feel like Larana's going to do something she'll regret. We have to go after her!
Within minutes, the Grandcypher is airborne, speeding towards the distant mountains where (Captain) and Izmir first met.
Vyrn: What a blizzard! Lemme get a firm grip on you, (Captain), 'fore I get blown away with one of those snowflakes.
Lyria: My face feels like it's freezing off... Where are we, anyways?
Vyrn: Beats me. All our magic navigation tools are actin' up.
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria climb up the snow-blanketed mountain, pausing every now and then to squint into the white distance, searching for the ice cave.
They may as well be peering through tar. About them, a blizzard rages with unnatural ferocity, driving all monsters deep into their dens and obscuring the land.
Vyrn: North, snow. South, snow. East, snow. West, more snow... I don't know about you guys, but I've lost all sense of direction. At this rate...
Lyria: No! We need to find the ice cave! Larana's in danger!
Vyrn: Yeah, well, so are we! But... can't turn back if you don't know where "back" is...
The trio struggle on, lost and frightened, at the mercy of the fanged winds that tear at their skin and hair.
Calling Voice: Look! Someone's there!
They turn their eyes towards the voice and see several shadows moving towards them, grey against the blowing snow.
Lyria: We owe this village our lives. If you hadn't found us, I don't know what we would've done...
Village Head: I'm just glad we sent out a search party. We'd heard reports of travelers passing by, but with this poor visibility... well, they weren't too certain.
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria were saved by residents of a village huddled against the base of the mountain.
Now they are recovering the house of its headman, blowing and rubbing the heat back into their frozen fingers and limbs.
Village Head: But—lo and behold—there you were. The same skyfarers who vanquished the snow queen, no less.
Village Head: What brings you back here, anyhow? No, let me put it this way. What made you desperate enough to brave a raging blizzard?
Vyrn: Lemme just ask you somethin', 'fore I forget. Did your scouts see anyone else around the village?
Lyria: We're looking for a friend! Her name's Lara—I mean, Izmir...
Village Head: ...!
Village Head: Did you just say "Izmir?"
The crew tells him the true story about the snow queen, about how she was no more than a girl, about how she had found a home on their ship.
There is a silence, and the headman's eyes are distant, as if he is being wracked within by some powerful emotion.
Village Head: I can't believe it... The sacrifice is alive?
Village Head: I'd thought the snow queen was a manifestation of the Ice Phantom, but...
Lyria: Ice... Phantom? What are you talking about?
Vyrn: Hey... You know somethin', don't you?
Village Head: ...
Lyria: Please, we need information! If you know something, anything, you have to tell us!
Vyrn: We're tryin' to save our friend, okay? Come on. I'm begging you!
Village Head: Oh, Izmir... I never thought I'd hear anyone call you friend.
Village Head: All right, I'll speak. But the story you're about to hear must never leave this room.
The headman's voice is dark and heavy, as if every word is a burden.
Village Head: It's a long and sad tale...
Village Head: About the blood and tears that stain this village.
Long ago, not far from where we now sit, there lived a boy with special powers.
Though the ice he commanded was beautiful, the townspeople hated his magic, for they did not understand it. Even his family turned their backs on him.
They took their son to a hut on the outskirts of the village. And there they kept him, like a bird in its cage, from dawn until dusk.
Boy in the Hut: Please... I don't want to be alone anymore...
As the winters came and went, the boy's magic grew stronger until, one day, he could no longer contain it.
With a deafening blast, he blew away the hut that had been his home and prison for so many years.
Frightened of the villagers and frightened of himself, the boy⁠—now a young man⁠—concealed himself in a cave high up in the mountains.
Man in the Cave: I never asked for these powers!
Man in the Cave: Someone... anyone... help!
In the bitter cold and darkness, he lost all hope⁠—for, unable to love himself, he believed none would ever love him. And so, lost, lonely, and loathing his powers, he died.
But even then, he could find no rest. His magic and hate lingered in this world and turned his last dwelling into a cave of ice.
Ice Phantom: Don't leave... Die with me!
His soul too had frozen over. No longer able to seek warmth, he summoned snow slides and blizzards, gathering companions to him under the shade of death.
Villager: It's the boy! He has cursed us! Quick, we must bring him an offering!
A party set out to appease the phantom, but as they neared the cave, all were transformed into sculptures of snow.
Desperate, the village sent forth all sorts of people—large and small, young and old—to try the ascent by way of many paths...
Until at last they realized: the only beating hearts that could approach the cave were those marred by solitude, as the phantom himself had been.
And once they entered, the winds would die and the clouds would roll away to reveal a white sun.
Henceforth, in appointed years, a child is chosen by ritual to be sacrificed to the Ice Phantom.
They are taken from their families and secluded in a hut on the outskirts of the village—to await the day they are offered up as guardians of the cave.
These children are given a new name, Izmir, and it is their doom to die in cold and solitude so that others may live.
Vyrn: They die? All alone up there?
Village Head: Yes... The ice magic is too strong. All who enter the cave freeze to death—or they did, up until now.
Village Head: I don't know why, but it seems the "Izmir" you know has... some sort of tolerance...
Vyrn: Who cares about that! Seclusion? Sacrifice? How do you sleep at night?
Village Head: Not well. The ritual is savage and cruel.
Vyrn: Then why!
Village Head: You know why. Weren't you caught in the blizzard outside? Didn't you sense how unnatural it was? The Phantom's curse has reawakened.
Village Head: We were just talking about it, you know... About how it's time to select our next Izmir.
Lyria: What? The rituals are still happening?
Village Head: Of course they are! They must!
Village Head: If we don't offer up a new guardian, this storm will rage for all eternity. Our village will be cut off from the outside, doomed to freeze and starve!
Village Head: Listen. I know—more than anyone—how cold-blooded our ways must seem. But I am the head of this village! I have no other choice!
Vyrn and Lyria: ...
Village Head: Please... If you know of a way I can save Izmir and the people of this village...
Village Head: Then tell me! I'd do anything to help them! I'd lay down my life! So please!
The headman's voice is rough, shredded by desperation, and all the crew can do in response is stare.
Minutes later, they retire to a room picked out for them. (Captain) and Vyrn sit, shifting uncomfortably, as Lyria paces the floor before them.
Lyria: So that's her duty? To die all alone in the cold?
Lyria: Not on my watch! We have to stop her, before it's too late!
Vyrn: ...
Vyrn: Hey, uh... Do you really think that... stopping her's the right thing to do?
Lyria: Vyrn? What are you saying?
Lyria: If we let her go through with this, we'll never see her again!
Vyrn: Yeah. And I hate that, as much as the next dragon, but...
Vyrn: But... Sigh... When Larana left for the ice cave, she knew what she was gettin' herself into. She made a choice, Lyria.
Lyria: What? No... She just... doesn't want to break her promise, is all...
Lyria: Come on! You saw it! She was struggling, suffering!
Vyrn: Yeah. And even after all that... she chose to leave us.
Lyria: ...!
Izmir: Death will find me wherever I go. But I will not lead it here.
Izmir: I love you, everyone... Goodbye.
Vyrn: Musta taken a lot of courage... But... how do I put this...
Vyrn: But if we go after her... we'd be disrespectin' all that. You know, just ignorin' her decision.
Lyria: Yeah, but I-I mean...
Lyria bites her lip hard, and (Captain) worries that she'll burst into tears.
But then the captain's head turns. A familiar presence seems to be standing outside, steady despite the raging wind and snow.
Lyria: I can sense her! Larana!
The three rush out of the house.
Vyrn: Wondergirl? Where are you? Hey! Answer—
Izmir's Voice: This is... my duty...
Lyria: It's Larana! Her voice! But I don't see her anywhere...
Vyrn: The snowstorm flashed! It ain't lightning, is it? What's goin' on?
There is another flicker.
Izmir's Voice: I made a promise.
Lyria: Oh, I know! Her magic ice! It's mixed in with the snow!
Lyria: That's where her voice is coming from!
Vyrn: Ey! You're a genius!
Vyrn: But wait.
Vyrn: This blizzard's the work of that Ice Phantom, right? If Wondergirl's magic's floatin' around in it...
Lyria: It must mean she's already in the cave...
Izmir's Voice: It all ends here.
Izmir's Voice: Goodbye...
Izmir's farewell is soon swallowed up by the howling wind.
(Captain) shivers and bows over. Just then, a single snowflake glides out of the sky and settles on the captain's hand, glowing like a frozen firefly.
Izmir's Voice: (Captain)... Lyria... Vyrn...
Izmir's Voice: I wish I could've seen you... one last time...
Vyrn: ...!
Lyria: Did you catch that? She said she wants to see us!
Vyrn: Yeah. I've never heard her so broken-hearted.
Lyria: I know... Like she's about to dissolve into tears...
Vyrn: I guess... she ain't so sure about her choice after all.
The three friends, however, are now certain of their choice.
Vyrn: But... she sure wants to see us!
  1. Let's go find her.
  2. There's only one thing left to do.

Choose: Let's go find her.
Choose: There's only one thing left to do.
Lyria: Yep! Wait for us, Larana! We're coming!
The crew turn away from the devouring gales and duck back into the house.
Almost feverish with worry and impatience, they begin to make fresh preparations for a second trek up to the ice cave.

Kingdom of Isolation: Scene 3

Atop the mountain, Izmir resigns herself to death so she can fulfill a promise to bring peace to the cave. However, (Captain) and crew arrive on the scene and almost convince Izmir to live. This enrages the ghosts of past guardians, and Izmir is forced to send the crew flying far away with an icy blast to save their lives.

Young Izmir: Hey... Want to see something impressive?
Guardian: What! I taught you that trick only yesterday!
Guardian: Come here, you little genius! Best daughter in the skies!
Young Izmir: Hehe. Do you remember your promise? You're gonna tell me a story, right?
Guardian: Wouldn't dare to forget a promise I made with you. Now, let me guess... You want to hear the one about the prince and the princess?
Guardian: But I tell you that one every day! You aren't sick of it? How about something new for—
Young Izmir: No! I'll never get sick of it! A tale of love and adventure! Makes my heart pound just thinking of it!
Guardian: Could that smile get any wider? All right, milady. Will you be listening from your special box tonight?
Young Izmir: Yep. I always feel safe when I'm sitting on your lap...
Izmir: He was so warm... I wish I could go back. I miss him.
Izmir lies in the ice cave, a place drained of all color.
The magic of the cave sets its teeth in her and gnaws at her life.
Izmir: ...
She lets it, looking as peaceful as if she were welcoming the sun's rays into her body.
She begins to feel like she is melting away, becoming a part of something far larger than herself...
Guardian's Voice: Welcome home! My daughter, my Larana...
Izmir: So you really were here.
Izmir: I felt it, you know... Your presence, in this cave.
Guardian's Voice: Yes. I've always been here—with the other guardians. You see, after we offer ourselves up to the Spirit, we become part of this cave.
Guardian's Voice: And to lessen his solitude and our own... we remain here for eternity.
Izmir: So, I get to sit in my special box forever, right? What's not to like?
Guardian's Voice: This isn't true peace, Larana...
Guardian's Voice: But anyway, tell me, how were your adventures?
Izmir: Oh... They were wonderful...
Izmir: Thank you for—it was you, wasn't it? Who made the wind blow?
Guardian's Voice: Haha! Guess I wasn't being as sneaky as I thought!
Izmir: No, you weren't. Judging from that reaction, I guess you also remember... everything that happened when I first met (Captain)...
Vyrn: We were just hopin' to do something about those ice blocks.
Izmir: But those people won't give up so easily. They will act like fools until there is nothing left. And that's what's truly terrifying.
Izmir: You have to take my life. Either that, or...
Izmir: I didn't know what to do. But just then, a breeze blew from the cave...
Izmir: And it seemed to be whispering, "You still have time. Go out and see the world."
Izmir: At first, I didn't know who it was, giving me that push... But now I'm sure. It was you. It was always you.
Guardian's Voice: Larana, you're strong. You've withstood his ice magic for far longer than any of the guardians before you. No one's ever made it past twenty years.
Guardian's Voice: That's why I urged you on. Because I thought that you'd have a chance at finding real peace... and that that would bring peace to this cave.
Izmir: But... I'm running out of time...
Izmir: I made you a promise, and I intend to see it through. Then we can finally rest again...
Guardian's Voice: Not like this, Larana. I won't have you just give up your life.
Izmir: ...?
But isn't that—
Izmir: ...!
Guardian's Voice: Seems like we have visitors.
Izmir: ...
Guardian's Voice: Go on. The ritual can wait.
Izmir: ...
Izmir: I won't be long.
Vyrn: Hey, this place looks familiar. Wonder why... Oh, I know! It's 'cause the scenery's been the same for the past hour! We really goin' in the right direction?
Lyria: Don't worry. The trail's marked, just like the headman said it'd be. We'll get there.
Vyrn: Ohh, you mean the trail they use when they feed children to the cave! Yeah, I'm sure it works fine for them, but I can hardly see it.
(Captain)'s head snaps up. There, in the distance, a figure can be seen coming towards them.
They struggle towards it because, even though they cannot see her face yet, they know who it is...
Izmir: ...
Lyria: Larana! Oh, thank goodness you're okay!
Vyrn: Man, you have no idea how long we've been searchin' for you! Gave us a fright, when we saw your room lookin' like a slice of North Vast.
Vyrn: Oh, and uh... we talked to the headman of the village—down by the foot of the mountain. We know the truth about the guardians now.
Izmir: So... you've come to stop me.
Izmir: This is why I left without a word...
She says this more to the wind than the crew, and they do not hear her.
Izmir: There's nothing you can do. I'm begging you—go home.
Vyrn: Listen. We traveled through ice and more ice to save you. So we ain't leavin' without you, Wondergirl!
Lyria: Your ice magic told us, Larana! About how much you wanted to see us.
Izmir: ...!
Vyrn: There's a million things you haven't done. You sure you want to shuffle off so soon?
Izmir: ...
Izmir: No... That's beside the point...
Izmir: I made a promise with him. A promise I would gladly die to keep.
Izmir: Don't you see? I've prepared my whole life for this. I'm happy where I am.
Lyria: Then why do you look so sad?
Izmir: ...!
Lyria: You had that exact same look on your face when we met! You haven't changed at all—always trying to shoulder your burdens alone.
Lyria: But I hate seeing you look like you're about to get crushed... I want to help you. I said we'd help protect everything important to you.
Lyria: There has to be another way. And we'll find it, togeth—
Ghost Guardian 1: Izmir. Your connection to the spirit grows weak. Return to the cave immediately.
Izmir: ...
Vyrn: Not on your freaky spirit lives! Wondergirl stays with us!
Ghost Guardian 2: They must be the cause of the disturbance. We'd better deal with them, or they may interfere with the ritual.
Izmir: ...!
Izmir: No! I'm going back now! See?
Ghost Guardian 1: But they'll continue to weigh on your mind. We must rid you of all... temptation.
Ghost Guardian 1: ...!
Lyria: Ahh!
Vyrn: What? I can't move!
(Captain) moves to take sword in hand, but the spell moves quicker. Izmir looks in horror at the captain, who is now motionless despite the violent storm.
Izmir: This has nothing to with them! Let them go!
Ghost Guardian 2: It's no use begging. This is what the Spirit commands.
Ghost Guardian 1: Don't worry. Their deaths will be quick and painless.
The ghosts raise their hands, and magic begins to spill from their fingers...
Izmir: Hah!
Ice magic bursts like a tidal wave from Izmir's palms.
Ghost Guardian 1: She's helping them escape!
It sweeps up (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria, and they roll like boulders down the hard, glossy snow.
Darkness begins to encroach on their senses, but the captain struggles to stay awake, keeping both eyes focused on Izmir.
Izmir: ...
She smiles awkwardly, like clumsy hands have attached strings to the corners of her lips and are tentatively yanking them up.
She speaks, and though the sound does not reach (Captain), the meaning does.
Izmir: Thanks for everything.
The next moment, there is a heavy impact, and all five senses flee from the captain.

Deadly Promise

Steeped in Izmir's magic, the crew begins to see visions of her past. They learn that she met the last guardian when she was sacrificed to the cave and that he became like a father to her. When he died, he asked with his last breath that Izmir bring true peace to the cave.

One day, (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria pile into Izmir's room, only to find it glazed over in ice and the woman herself gone.
She has left for the distant ice cave where they first met—to keep a promise she made with the last guardian, her father figure, long ago.
Once you boil down the pretty words and are left with only the deeds, that means she will sacrifice her life to a spirit known as the Ice Phantom.
The crew is torn, wanting both to save her and to respect her decision. But when a magical snowflake tells them Izmir does not want to die alone, it patches their will back together.
They struggle up steep slopes and white ice to meet her and, with their words, sway her resolve to die. Seeing this, the ghosts of the previous guardians attack the crew.
Izmir: Hah!
Izmir steps in and blasts the crew away with a wall of wind, sending them skidding down the ice-gilded slopes like boulders.
The frost encases their motionless bodies, drinking away their warmth and their senses.
Vyrn: Phew... Was worried you weren't gonna wake up, buddy.
  1. Where are we?

Choose: Where are we?
???: ...
(Captain) sits up. The crew is in a small, poorly-lit room. A young girl sits in a corner, half-submerged in the murk.
She bears a striking resemblance to Izmir.
Lyria: I think we're in Larana's memories.
Lyria: My guess is... when she sent us flying with that blast, she steeped us in her magic, and that unlocked for us the deepest recesses of her mind.
Young Izmir: ...
Lyria is right. The girl before them is Izmir, many, many years ago, when she was forced to dwell in a hut.
Vyrn: She hasn't moved at all...
Vyrn: Not that there's any space to move in. And it's so dark. You're telling me she was trapped in here for years?
Empathy and pity seep into them as they watch the girl. Silent moments pass, before the door creaks open.
Village Head: Izmir. It's time to fulfill your duty.
White passes like a flurry of snow before the eyes of the crew. When it clears, they see they are stranded in the cavernous silence of the ice cave.
Izmir looks at the emptiness around her.
Young Izmir: So... I'm gonna die here, huh? But it's so lonely...
Guardian: Well hello, little one.
Young Izmir: ...!
Guardian: Oh! No, don't be scared. I'm a guardian, just like you.
Young Izmir: ...
Guardian: Ohh. They told you down at the village that the guardians all freeze to death—just like that, right?
Guardian: Well... that's not true. Actually, we've all got resistance to ice magic, and the stronger it is, the longer we survive. But, alas, we will expire in the end...
Guardian: Now! That's enough doom and gloom for now. Want to tell me your name?
Young Izmir: Why?
Guardian: Why? So I can throw you a party! You don't expect me to write "small skinny child" on the banner, do you?
Guardian: Haha. But, uh, there's only two people on the guest list: you and me. Hope you don't mind.
Young Izmir: ...
Young Izmir: Iz... mir...
Guardian: That's the name they give to the guardians. I'm called Izmir too, you know.
Guardian: I'm asking about your real name.
Young Izmir: ...
Guardian: You don't like it, do you? The name your parents gave you.
Young Izmir: ...
Guardian: But listen... Names are magical things. They've got special meaning—power, even.
Guardian: Doesn't have to be now, but someday... I want you to be able to shout your name up to the rooftops with pride.
Young Izmir: ...
Guardian: Aw, you're so cute when you're confused!
Young Izmir: ...!
Guardian: I want to be friends... real friends.
Guardian: So won't you tell me your real name?
Young Izmir: ...
Young Izmir: Lara... na...
Guardian: Larana, is it?
Guardian: What a pretty sound. Larana... I think it's perfect for you!
Young Izmir: ...!
Guardian: Well, Larana, it's very nice to meet you! From here on out, I've got your back, and I hope you've got mine.
Vyrn: This must be who Wondergirl made that promise with... The last guardian of the cave...
Lyria: Yeah... And her first friend.
Guardian: Ugh! Gaaah!
Young Izmir: No! Please! Don't leave me!
Another gust of white. The crew opens their eyes to see the last guardian writhing, fangs of the ice magic sunk deep into his vitals.
Guardian: Don't worry, Larana. I'm not going anywhere.
Young Izmir: Cause when you die, you'll be part of the cave? But I wanna hear your voice...
Guardian: No, Larana. I meant that'll I'll always be here... in your heart.
Young Izmir: What?
Guardian: When people die, their bodies disappear and their souls move on. Or... that's how it should be.
Guardian: Death is what makes life beautiful. And it's what makes love—the love the prince and princess shared, the love I feel for you...
Guardian: Gah!
Young Izmir: Your body! It's fading!
Guardian: Huff... Huff... All my hope... rests on you now...
Guardian: Larana... The ice cave... Grant it peace...
Guardian: I believe... in you...
Izmir: ...
Izmir: It's quiet now... Well, it figures... I'm all alone.
Izmir: But I've got a promise to keep.
Izmir: I'll protect the cave until it's time for me to...
Vyrn: Wow... This place is covered with snow!
Lyria: It feels like we're in a fairy tale! You could get lost in all this snow!
Izmir: ...!
What are they doing here?
Village Head: Oh, thank the skies. You're awake!
Vyrn: Wha... How'd we get back here?
Village Head: Your guess is as good as mine. We found you collapsed at the entrance to the village. Now, sit tight for a moment. I'm going to call the doctor.
As the minutes trickle by, it washes the fog from the minds of the crew, and they recall what happened to them.
Lyria: So I guess the last guardian was really important to Larana...
Lyria: He's why she was so set on keeping her promise.
Vyrn: Yeah... But now she's conflicted.
Izmir: (Captain)... Lyria... Vyrn...
Izmir: I wish I could've seen you... one last time...
Lyria: Well, if she's in trouble, we need to be there for her!
Lyria: She's not the only one with a promise to keep. I said I'd help her—so she'd never lose anything important again.
Vyrn: Yeah! We ain't givin' up!
Vyrn: Come to think of it, we promised to go shopping too!
Lyria: Larana still has so much to see and do. Once all this is over, we're going to travel and paint the skies! Together!
Now that they've seen the whole film roll of Izmir's past, the crew understands why she made the choices she did.
But they also know that she is a girl starved of life and friendship, and that her tale shouldn't—and can't—just end here.

Deadly Promise: Scene 2

In the world between life and death, Izmir speaks to the last guardian and realizes her desire to live. The ghosts of the other guardians try to make her go through with the sacrifice, but (Captain) arrives in the nick of time. The love Izmir shares with the crew allows her to overcome the Ice Phantom's powers of solitude and vanquish him.

Izmir: ...
Izmir lies in the ice cave, her face as peaceful as a death mask.
It is silent, it seems that air itself has been sucked from the space, leaving the vibrations of sound nothing to travel through.
The magic continues to bite into Izmir's flesh, eating ever nearer and nearer to the pith of her soul.
Izmir: (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria... I'm so glad you came for me...
Izmir: I got to speak with you... one last time... Now, I can let go...
Light wraps her body like a shroud, and her consciousness begins to fade.
Izmir: Isn't this... Auguste?
When she comes to, she sees she is standing on baked ivory dunes.
But in her gut, she knows she is not truly in Auguste. For the place feels oddly vast and empty, devoid of the pulse of life.
Izmir: My body is now one with the Spirit... I guess the ritual worked after all.
Izmir: Now, all that's left is to wait... until my soul is bound to the cave...
Izmir watches the waves lap at the sand, mesmerizing herself with the repetition, falling into a calm trance.
Izmir: I must've really wanted to see Auguste...
Izmir: It brings back so many memories... A happy ending to a happy life...
Izmir: ...
Izmir: That's right... I'm... happy...
Guardian: Larana! I've missed you!
Izmir: ...!
Izmir: I've missed you too! I've missed you so much!
Izmir's heels kick up sand as she runs towards the last guardian and throws herself into his arms.
Guardian: My daughter! You did it! You showed the skies what tough stuff you're made of. Just like I knew you would.
Izmir: I did... I sure did!
He ruffles her hair.
Guardian: So, how was it? Seeing the outside world? I bet a lot happened.
Izmir: Yeah. I don't know if I could ever tell you everything.
Izmir: Oh, but... I guess we'll be together forever now. That leaves enough time for a billion stories.
Izmir: Um, mind if we take a walk? I want to show you the beach. It's special to me.
She grabs hold of his hand and begins to skip and scrabble on the sand.
Izmir: It must've been a thousand degrees down in the mines of Valtz. Oh, I'd never felt more alive.
Guardian: I still can't believe there are mountains that breathe fire. The opposite of here, huh?
Izmir: Yes. Oh, and the food was...
As Izmir speaks, all her senses relive her adventures.
She can see the colorful shopfronts of foreign streets, hear the creak of the Grandcypher's boards, smell the singed air of volcanoes.
Izmir: And oceans are just these huge bodies of water, but there's something about them that draws you in... I could watch the waves roll forever.
Guardian: That's what we looking at now, right? An ocean... It seems endless.
Izmir: It almost is. And all sorts of creatures live in its depths. Once, I made a net of ice and fished up—oh, I don't know—a whole aquarium.
Izmir: There were shellfish, crabs, an octopus, and starfish... I couldn't believe it.
Guardian: Well, I certainly can. You've always been a natural at whatever you do, Larana.
Izmir: The ocean's generous, that's all... We rode through it too. On floats we hooked up to Swimmys. That certainly was a thrill.
Izmir: But you know what left the deepest impression on me? Fireworks. After dark, they set gunpowder alight—and send it flying up to explode into fountains of light.
Guardian: Explode? That sounds kind of scary.
Izmir: Yeah... The noise startled me at first. But, you know, everyone was there with me...
Izmir: ...
Lyria: It's so pretty!
Vyrn: Got that right.
Izmir: I felt so safe and whole... and the lights were so beautiful... It was like a dream.
Vyrn: You've still got space in your head for more mementos! I wonder what we'll do tomorrow...
Lyria: Hmm, I wonder...
Lyria: Ooh, look! The lights really look like flowers now!
Izmir: And I started thinking...
Izmir: About how I didn't want it to end...
Guardian: Larana...
Izmir: I hate winter... I wish it didn't exist...
Izmir: Why can't it always be summer? Then I could've stayed on that beach forever.
A storm is brewing within Izmir. She feels it as a prickling in her nose and heat behind her eyes.
Finally, tears slide like large raindrops down her cheeks.
Izmir: What? That's weird... Why am I crying?
Izmir: I just wanted to share... how happy I was in that moment!
Guardian: ...
The guardian rubs her tears away with his thumb, before bending down and looking into her eyes.
Guardian: You did, Larana. Beautifully. Thank you for sharing your joy with me.
Guardian: And to tell the truth, I'm glad you're crying. Because it means you can change the fate of the ice cave.
Izmir: The fate... of the ice cave?
Guardian: That's right. Listen, you have the right to chart your own course. You can fulfill your duty and cast your anchor down right here or... you can keep sailing the skies with your friends.
Izmir: What?
Guardian: Well? Assuming there was nothing tying you down, no duties to worry about, what would you choose?
Izmir: What are you saying? You know I came back to... do what needs to be done, right?
Izmir: And I can't hold back the magic anymore... It's eating away at me. I can't keep sailing like this.
Guardian: Really now? You're a guardian of ice that's walked beneath the summer sun, Larana. You're stronger than you think.
He puts large, steadying hands on her shoulders.
Guardian: Seal the whole mountain away.
Izmir: ...!
Guardian: The village, its evil customs, this very cave... Lock it all in a prison of ice, where even time is frozen.
Guardian: You could expel the poison that's been eating at you and destroy the chains that bind you—that bound all of us—to a lonely death. You could be free.
Izmir: No... It's impossible! I can't freeze the entire mountain.
Guardian: Yes you can. Do you know how much magic you've got stored in you?
His conviction is so strong, Izmir can feel it in the pressure of his gaze.
Guardian: And you've been using it too, fighting, exploring the skies. You've got a better handle on these powers than the rest of the guardians combined.
Guardian: Experience... and inborn resistance. That's what I call the perfect recipe for success.
Izmir: But if I seal the ice cave... what'll happen to you?
Guardian: Well... I'll sleep. Forever, in the ice. So I guess I won't be seeing you again.
Izmir: What? No! But I finally found you.
Guardian: Larana, listen. Me... the other guardians... none of us should be here right now.
Guardian: We need to move on—to the eternal home of all souls. It's the only way to bring peace to this cave.
Izmir: Peace...
Guardian: Larana... The ice cave... Grant it peace...
Guardian: I believe... in you...
Guardian: But we can't. We'd have to destroy the cave, and the Spirit is too powerful.
Guardian: Still, at the very least... we can lock it away forever.
Guardian: Then, when the time comes, you can rest⁠—truly rest. And knowing that is peace enough for me.
Guardian: I don't hate eternal winter too much, you know? Because all I have to do to feel warm is close my eyes and imagine you out there, drinking in the colors of the seasons...
Izmir: ...
Izmir: I... I choose...
Guardian: Thank you for coming back and talking to me. I couldn't have asked for a happier ending!
Guardian: But you have to go now. As soon as I open a portal to the cave, dash through and don't look back.
The last guardian raises his hands, and a jagged gash streaks across the sky. Peeking through the opening is the perfect white of the ice cave.
Guardian: Goodbye! Take care of yourself!
Ghost Guardian 1: What's all this? You dare interfere with the ritual?
Guardian: Larana! Hurry!
Izmir: But...
Guardian: No buts! Go!
Izmir: ...!
Ghost Guardian 2: Oh no you don't!
As Izmir leaps upwards into the rift, cold fingers close around her ankle.
Izmir: Just... a little further!
She thrusts her face forward and peers with wide eyes at the stillness of the cave, but the malicious force at her heels is too strong, pulling her back down...
  1. Grab on!

Choose: Grab on!
Izmir: ...!
Izmir: (Captain)? What are you doing here?
Izmir looks in disbelief at her hand, which still clings desperately to the captain's. Slowly, she relaxes her grip.
Lyria: We're here to talk with you! Properly!
Vyrn: We didn't, uh, come to eavesdrop... but we mighta heard your discussion with the last guardian, 'cause of all the ice magic floatin' in this cave.
Izmir: And then you saved me...
Izmir: But how are you even in here? I thought the Spirit's magic froze everyone who hasn't suffered complete solitude.
Vyrn: That's... a good question. Man, we were so focused on savin' you, we never stopped to think.
Izmir: ...
Lyria: Um, Larana? We heard about your two choices...
Lyria: Keep flying or drop your anchor here... And before you get the wrong idea, I want to say that I realize a big choice like this... should be yours to make.
Lyria: It's not our place to do more than watch over you...
Lyria clutches at Izmir's sleeve, and it seems she will never let go.
Lyria: But let us do that at least! Let us be here for you!
Izmir: Lyria...
Vyrn: Wondergirl, you left without a word 'cause you were worried about us, right?
Vyrn: You thought if we found out all you'd been through and all you still had to go through, it'd break our hearts.
Izmir: ...
Vyrn: And you're not wrong, but still... we want to share your pain and sadness... 'cause that's what friends do!
Vyrn: But, uh... I guess us sittin' here cryin' with you doesn't really solve anything, huh?
Izmir: No. You three gave me just the push I needed.
Izmir: I'd spent so long denying my feelings that I'd forgotten what warmth and courage felt like...
Izmir: But you reminded me.
Izmir: And now I'm sure that what I really want... is to keep living with all of you!
Vyrn: That's my Wondergirl!
Izmir: Um, so mind if I ask a favor? Will you fight alongside me?
  1. Thought you'd never ask!
  2. Yes. To the bitter end.

Choose: Thought you'd never ask!
Choose: Yes. To the bitter end.
Lyria: Oh, Larana. Why do you think we came here?
Izmir: Thank you... so much...
Izmir looks at (Captain), then Vyrn, then Lyria.
Izmir: But you know... I have no intention of breaking my promise.
Vyrn: Huh? But didn't you just?
Izmir: Don't worry. I'm not going to let the cave have me.
Izmir: Now that you're here, I think I can keep my promise and walk away with my life. No guarantees, but...
Ghost Guardian 1: This is why I said we must get rid of all temptation.
Vyrn: You ghosts again!
Ghost Guardian 2: Izmir... Child of solitude... Our brethren.
Ghost Guardian 2: We felt it, you know. When the last guardian crossed over, the void in your heart grew bigger.
Izmir: ...
Ghost Guardian 1: Giving up your "friends" may inspire the same pain.
Ghost Guardian 1: But the moment you become part of the cave, you will cease to feel. Then you can be at peace for all eternity.
Izmir: That's not peace... That's just going numb...
Ghost Guardian 2: What?
Izmir: People don't always do what you want them to do. Trusting someone means getting hurt.
Izmir: And I've been hurt... a lot...
Izmir: These past few years, I've felt pain and joy I never would've known on my own. I finally know what it means to be alive... and I love it.
Ghost Guardian 2: What! Do you mean you will not cross over?
Izmir: Sorry. You've done nothing wrong but...
Izmir: I want to live!
Izmir: Red Blast!
Ghost Guardian 1: Gah!
Izmir pins the ghosts to the wall with blades of ice, where they stay like mounted butterflies.
Izmir: Now! Follow me!

Deadly Promise: Scene 3

With the Phantom gone, the village no longer has to rob children of their lives. The headman apologizes to Izmir, who does not forgive him but offers understanding—the villagers were only trying to protect their friends and family. Izmir returns to life aboard the Grandcypher, and the joy of it makes her cry.

Izmir is back where the ice cave once stood.
Izmir: ...
She builds a grave on the tender grass, honoring the first man ever blessed and burdened with ice magic and all the guardians that came after.
She steps back so she stands shoulder to shoulder with (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria, and the village head. Their heads are all bowed in respect.
Izmir: (I hope you've shed all your burdens...)
Izmir: (And that you can finally rest in peace.)
Izmir: (Oh, and...)
There rises in her mind an image of the last guardian.
Izmir: (Don't worry about me. I'm going to keep living—with the memory of your love.)
Izmir: (Watch over me... from your eternal home.)
The wind caresses her hair like a soothing hand.
Village Head: Now that the Phantom's gone, we won't need to continue the sacrifices.
Village Head: How can we ever thank you?
Izmir: I don't deserve all the credit. My friends helped.
Village Head: Yes, of course. You all have my deepest gratitude.
Village Head: That, and...
Village Head: I'm sorry... for almost ruining your life.
Izmir: ...
Village Head: I know it's too little, too late... but as head of our village, I wanted to apologize to you. Properly.
Izmir looks at the face before her, crisscrossed with lines like a map of care and worry.
Izmir: Those words can't revive the dead. They can't bring back lost happiness.
Izmir: What you did can never be forgiven.
Izmir: I hate the village. And I'll go on hating it for the rest of my life.
Village Head: ...
Izmir: But... I get it. You all had people you were trying to protect.
Izmir: When I was out traveling, I learned what it felt like... to be afraid of losing someone.
Village Head: Izmir...
Izmir: My name is Larana.
Izmir: I hope this place changes for the better.
Village Head: It will! I promise!
When they return to the ship, it is like Izmir never left. They continue their journey and their missions.
A few weeks later, when there is room to take a breather, Izmir, (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria visit a little art store in town.
Lyria: Whoa... Look at all these brushes. And there's so many types!
Izmir: Yeah, but let's start with the round tips, okay? If you can get yourself a thin, a medium, and a thick, you should be good to go.
Izmir: Go on, try drawing with them. See how they feel in your hand.
Lyria: Hehe.
Izmir: ...?
What's so funny?
Lyria: Nothing! It's just... I'm having so much fun! And when you're having fun, you laugh!
Izmir: This is true.
Izmir: I'm enjoying myself too... even though we haven't bought anything.
She smiles, a genuine one that came from the heart.
Vyrn: Well, aren't you a happy sunbeam?
Vyrn: I remember when we first met, I thought your smile muscles were broken... Feels like forever ago now...
Izmir: ...
Izmir: You know, that tail of yours looks really flexible... I bet if I plucked it off, it'd make a good brush.
Vyrn: Uh, Wondergirl? You're scarin' me!
Izmir: Haha. I'm kidding. Just felt like teasing you a little.
Izmir: For old time's sake. Really does feel like forever ago when you said I "gave you the creeps."
Vyrn: Oh, uh... Sorry 'bout that!
Lyria: Larana! Come look! These brushes are so... rectangular!
Izmir: Well... those are the flat tips. You use them to...
They spent the next hour looking at the cut of bristles, feeling the texture of watercolor paper, comparing the hues of paint.
They come away from the store laden with purchases and stroll through town.
Lyria: Look at all this stuff! I can't wait to get home and start painting!
Izmir: What are you going to draw?
Lyria: Hm... I think I'll start with our summer vacation... Or no, with Valtz... Actually, today's shopping trip.
Lyria: Oh, there's too much to choose from!
Vyrn: Well, if you're plannin' on paintin' our adventures, why don't you read over your journal? Take your time; choose somethin' from there.
Lyria: Yeah! That's a great idea!
Vyrn: You did some heavy duty shoppin' yourself, Wondergirl. What are you gonna draw with all those new watercolors?
Izmir: ...
(Captain) looks at Izmir and sees large tears raining down her face.
  1. What's wrong?
  2. What'd Vyrn do this time?

Choose: What's wrong?
The captain stops, worried.

Choose: What'd Vyrn do this time?
Vyrn: What! I didn't do nothin'!
Vyrn: Or, at least... nothin' I remember...
Continue 1
Izmir: Don't worry. It's just... I feel so happy and warm and complete... the tears started flowing on their own.
Izmir: I'm not sad at all.
Vyrn: Phew. You had me panickin' for a sec, Wondergirl.
Lyria: Oh, Larana, your tears. They're not freezing.
Izmir: Yeah. My ice magic doesn't come from the cave anymore.
Izmir: Now I cast spells using my own power. The magic's just another part of me.
Izmir: And that means I have complete control. Watch.
Izmir's face breaks into a grin, like a kid about to pull a prank.
She steps up to (Captain), leans over...
And, gentle as a petal dancing over on a breeze, her lips brush the captain's cheek.
Lyria: Gasp!
Vyrn: Did you just...
Izmir: It once was said I could freeze with a kiss.
Izmir: But that's no longer the case... Right, (Captain)?
  1. ...

Choose: ...
Lyria: (Captain)'s not moving! Oh no! How do we defrost you?
Vyrn: Nah, still feels like flesh to me! (Captain)'s frozen in shock is all!
Izmir: Hehe. Guess a kiss is still too much for you.
Izmir looks pleased with herself.
Izmir: Oh, I know what I want to draw. Your face just now.
Izmir: I can't describe it, but it was just... perfect.
Izmir: Well, hurry up. We have to get back before I forget what it looked like!
She takes (Captain)'s hand and begins to run.
The captain realizes, as if for the first time, how her hand is as warm as a sunbeam.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
目障り……消えて You're wasting our time... Begone.
退屈させないで…… Don't bore me...
冷たい女は嫌い? Do you not like cold women?
刺激的なこと、教えてくれない? Tell me something that will electrify me.
私の口づけで……凍りなさい With one kiss from my lips, you will freeze.
供犠となった子供の末路は……悲惨より……いくらかマシよ Can you imagine what misery sacrificed children go through?
冷たくしてあげる…… I will keep you cold.
私の指先、冷たいの……まるで氷ね…… My fingers are frozen... like ice.
命まではとらないわ……ただ……永遠に凍るだけ…… I won't take your life. You'll just freeze, forever...
暖かいところへ行きたいわ…… I want to go some place warm.