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Zhu JadeiteXuan JadeiteBai JadeiteQing Jadeite

Jadeites are materials needed to purchase Ciphers from the shop.
They can be obtained from trading Four Symbol Pendants.


Use Amount
Purchase a Cipher from the Shop 5 Jadeites
Purchase Beast Seals from the Shop 5 Jadeites
Uncap a Beast Weapon to 4★ 8 of respective element
Uncap a Ray of Zhuque to 5★ 10× Zhu Jadeite square.jpg Zhu Jadeite
Uncap a Xuanwu Mace to 5★ 10× Xuan Jadeite square.jpg Xuan Jadeite
Uncap a Baihu Claw to 5★ 10× Bai Jadeite square.jpg Bai Jadeite
Uncap a Qinglong Spear to 5★ 10× Qing Jadeite square.jpg Qing Jadeite
Uncap a Beast Summon to 4★ 5 of respective element
Uncap a Huanglong Weapon to 5★ 3 Zhu, 3 Qing Jadeites
Uncap a Qilin Weapon to 5★ 3 Bai, 3 Xuan Jadeites


  • Rise of the Beasts
  • Drops from Shenxian (Impossible)
  • Purchase for 4,000 Four Symbols Pendants