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Official Profile

Npc f 3020012000 01.jpg Jasmine
Age 16 years old
Height 151 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Singing together with birds
Likes Acorns, forest animals
Dislikes Artificial flavors
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3020012000 01.jpg Jasmine
Age 16歳
Height 151cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 小鳥さんとのお歌
Likes ドングリ、森の動物たち
Dislikes 人工的な味がするもの
Source [1]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)!
The birds, rabbits, indeed all the creatures of the forest rejoice on this splendid occasion!
Everyone is looking forward to celebrating your birthday again next year!
(Captain), if you are ever injured or fall ill, I'll be there to heal you!
Here's to your health, (Captain)!


(Captain)! Congratulations on another happy birthday!
Teehee, I'm so lucky to be able to celebrate your birthday every year!
I'll always be by your side, so you can call on me anytime, (Captain)!


(Captain), let's head out together!
I found this wonderful place with oodles of animals!
It'd be the perfect place to celebrate your birthday!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I've been on this journey with you and everyone in the crew.
And thanks to that journey, I've learned so much about the world outside of the forest.
Please continue to show me the wonders out there in the big blue sky.
And I... I want to know more about you, (Captain).


(Captain), happy birthday!
I've really come to love this special occasion! I'm sure it'll be so much fun as always!
I know we still have a long way ahead of us in this journey. And chances are it won't be easy.
I'll support you in every way I can so that we can see this day again next year, (Captain).
If you're ever not feeling well for any reason at all, feel free to talk to me about it.
Though of course, I'd be more than glad to talk to you about anything at all.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I wish you good health in the year to come!
You're not worried because I'm here? Oh, come now, don't say that, (Captain).
My medicine's only for those who take care of themselves. Teehee...


(Captain), I made some tea for the both of us!
This is a special herbal mix that cleans the body of toxins!
Let's drink it together for good health!
Here's to another fantastic year, (Captain)!


Jasmine: Haha. Ah, (Captain), why don't we pet the animals together?
Rabbits are said to be creatures of fortune, so a nice head pat should bring us good luck for the year.
Eep! Oh, (Captain)!
Patting my head won't get you very far! Teehee...


Oh dear, (Captain)! How long have you been waiting outside?
Since how early? But that's still a lot of time before we were supposed to meet...
It makes me happy to know how much you're looking forward to watching the sunrise together.
But you're practically frozen! You're going to catch a cold!
Come over here!
I forgot to bring any hand warmers unfortunately.
So my own hands will just have to do.
Teehee. After the sun comes out, we'll go back to the airship, and I'll fix us some hot tea.
But until then I'll keep your hands toasty.


Ah, (Captain)! You're up already?
Since you ended up waiting so long for me last year, I was planning on waking you up...
Just goes to show how excited the both of us are about this.
We can get a pretty good view of the New Year's sunrise this early in the day.
Afterward we can go visit the shrine.
Oh, and before I forget... Happy New Year, (Captain).

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's, (Captain)!
Have some of this chocolate I made!
Don't worry—it's packed to the brim with nutrition!
Thanks for being our captain, and I hope you enjoy the chocolate!


I tried changing up the taste of the chocolate this year.
Of course I made sure to put in lots of healthy ingredients just like last year!
And I used these exotic herbs for extra flavor!
I... hope you can see the love I poured into making these.
Why don't you come sit beside me so we can eat some together? Teehee...


Deer: ...
Jasmine: (Captain), I made some this year too.
I mixed and matched ingredients to cater to your tastes.
Squirrel ...
Jasmine: Hm, you're worried about the stares from the animals? Ahaha, I'm sure they're just as desperate to thank you for everything you do for us.
Okay, (Captain). Say "ahhh..."
Squirrel & Rabbit ...!
Deer: ...


Here you are, (Captain). Valentine's Day chocolate!
This year the animals gathered new herbs, and I thought about sprinkling some of them into the recipe.
But if I did that, the taste probably wouldn't be the same as last year's batch.
Which is why I made an assortment of chocolates with slightly different flavors!
Which one do you like the most, (Captain)?
I'll make those chocolates again next year!
Oh, I know! I'll eat one too once you've decided.
That way I can remember how it tastes and make sure it's exactly the same.
Have you picked one yet? Okay.


(Captain), I made chocolates resembling the ones you picked out as your favorite last year.
Teehee, have a bite and let me know if I got the taste right.
Huh? It's even better than last year's?
Odd. I didn't change the process or any of the ingredients used. And it definitely tasted the same to me...
But I'm happy as long as you're happy!
Haha, maybe I've just gotten better at making sweets!
Or... could it be... Maybe your feelings for me have blossomed over the past year?

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hm? Something wrong, Captain?
A present? For me? Aaah! B-bunny? Birdie? What are you doing?
Oh no... They ran off with your present, Captain.
Sorry, I'll go after them right away.
Wait, you want to come too? Hee hee, okay! Let's look for them together!


I get a gift this year too? Teehee, thank you, (Captain)!
Um, is it okay if I make a bit of a selfish request?
I'd be so happy if I could get one next year too...
You'll get something special for me? Really? Yay! That's a promise!


Thank you! It's always nice to receive these for the occasion.
I'm happy you remembered our promise from last year.
Let's spend the day like this next year too, (Captain).


What seems to be the matter, (Captain)?
Oh, could that be what I think it is in your hand?
Yay! Thank you for—
...! Oh dear, we can't do this here.
Please come with me, (Captain)!
I'm sorry for suddenly dragging you to the tail of the ship like that.
If any of the animals caught wind of the gift you're giving me, they would find a way to come take it.
I wanted to open it in peace and away from curious eyes.
Heehee, (Captain)'s gift is all mine.


This is to say thanks for Valentine's? I really appreciate it every year, (Captain)! I'll relish every bite... Ah!
The animals are up on deck too...
You have an additional package? Just for them?
You packed their favorite nuts and fruits... Thank you so much!
Teehee, I'm sure they'll love it just as much as I do.
We'll be sure to savor every last piece.
Actually, why don't I put on some herb tea for all of us to go with the treats!
I'll let you know when it's ready, (Captain).

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
You’ll get plenty of treats today, (Captain), but be sure not to eat too much!
If you end up with a tummy ache, let me know, and I’ll fix you up!


Look, (Captain)!
I made animal costumes!
Let's all wear them and go to town together!
We'll give everyone a sight they won't believe and get lots of candy in return!


Bird: Chirp, chirp!
Jasmine: Eep, someone help! I'm scared!
Oh, (Captain). I was practicing how to be scared for when the children scare me.
Why don't you join me for this scare practice? Best to go all in for trick-or-treating tonight.


(Captain)! I was just looking for you!
I had made treats to hand out to the towns children.
Knowing that kids eat a lot of candy, the least I can do is make something healthy for them...
But they won't eat it if it doesn't taste good. Kids can be a handful.
So I want you to be my taste tester, (Captain).
Once we get the recipe right, we'll go hand out our treats!


Ah, there you are! (Captain)!
I need help right away!
I tried making some healthy food for the children just like last year!
They loved the treats so much that they gobbled it all up in a flash!
Since I no longer had any treats to keep them at bay, they came at me with their tricks in full force...
They get me everywhere I go... And without any spare treats on the ship, you're my only hope...
Please, (Captain)! Won't you please keep me safe until the sun rises?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! I hear today is going to be a wonderful day!
Yeah, hehe! Looks like I heard right! The rabbits, the squirrels... oh, everyone looks so happy!
(Captain), are you happy today too?
Huh? Oh no! Your hands are half-frozen!


Hey, (Captain)! Over here!
It's really chilly today, so let's have the animals warm us up!
Hm? It's better if the animals aren't here? You mean you'd rather be alone with me?
Eheheh... No, I don't mind at all... Let's spend the day together then...


Today's a day to spend with your loved ones... Will you spend the day with me, (Captain)?
Teehee, thank you. I hope you don't mind my animals joining us.
I love you all the same!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Why don't we decorate the tree together this year?
The animals have gathered lots of ripe fruits and berries for us.
It's all for making the tree look super pretty.
You can hang up the ones you like too, (Captain)!
Hehe, with you and all the animals hustling about...
Decorating the tree tonight feels like a party!


(Captain)! Happy holidays!
I made little stockings for all the animals to make sure Santa's presents reach them too!
Of course, I saved one just for you!
Here you go, (Captain)! Don't forget to hang it by your bedside!
When morning comes, we'll be able to compare our presents!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Warmhearted Healer

(Captain) and the crew, intrigued by Jasmine's regular trips into the forest, go out to help her gather herbs for medicines. They learn that she has been writing down her knowledge on instructional parchments and giving them secretly to those in need. Jasmine explains that she has been able to save many lives by passing on her knowledge in this way. The crew is impressed by her resolve, and decides to help her, taking her medicine and instructions to several villages on the island.

One day, the crew notices that Jasmine often goes out into the woods whenever the Grandcypher touches down on an island.
Whatever could she be doing? (Captain) and the crew go with her into the forest.
Jasmine: La-la-la! It's so lovely to have some company, (Captain)!
Jasmine: Oh, is that so, little bird? Heeheehee!
Lyria: Walking through the forest all together like this… it reminds me of when we first met!
To help Vyrn, who had been feeling under the weather, (Captain) and the crew visit an island where a herbalist is said to live.
Jasmine: Oh dear, oh dear… What should we do, birdy? It's been so long since anyone came to see me!
Lyria: Erm… we heard that there's an herbalist who lives in this forest… We're looking for some medicine…
The crew met a young girl in the forest on the island. They realized that she was the famous herbalist, Jasmine.
The crew ask her if she can prepare medicine, but she laments that monsters are preventing her from making any.
Lyria: I see! So if we get rid of the monsters, you'll be able to mix some medicine?
Jasmine: Yes! They're all that stands in the way of reviving the forest!
And so, the crew fights off the monsters menacing the forest, and Jasmine makes the medicine for Vyrn.
Vyrn takes the medicine and makes a swift recovery. Jasmine's herbalist skills impress the crew.
Lyria: Hey, (Captain)! Wouldn't it be great if Jasmine came with us as a crew member?
Jasmine: Could I really join your crew?
And that is how Jasmine the herbalist came to join the crew of the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Aww man, I'm so glad that you were there that time! It must have been something I ate…
Jasmine: Well, you should stop eating things you find on the ground!
Vyrn: You've got a fair point… Anyway, what are you doing, Jasmine?
Lyria: Oh yeah… she's been picking up all kinds of plants…
Jasmine: I want to experiment and find out what potions I can make with the herbs from this forest!
Jasmine: I think I've picked most of them now, shall we take a little break?
The crew decide to rest and relax at the foot of a large tree.
Jasmine takes some cakes, as well as a pen and parchment from her bag.
Jasmine: These are acorn cakes! The little animals can eat them too! Help yourselves!
Vyrn: Hmm… Acorn cakes… Well, I'll try anything once…
Lyria: Om nom nom… Ooo, these cakes are delicious!
Lyria: Huh? Are you not eating anything, Jasmine?
Jasmine: I have something that I must do first… Please, have as much as you like.
Jasmine started writing something on the parchment.
  1. Peek at what she's writing.
  2. Mmm… cake…

Choose: Peek at what she's writing.
(Captain) peers over, interested to see what Jasmine was writing.
Lyria and Vyrn, seeing (Captain)'s interest, also look over at Jasmine.
Jasmine: Erm… please stop staring at me… It's very embarrassing…
Lyria: Ah, sorry. We were just wondering what you were writing, that's all!

Choose: Mmm… cake…
Jasmine: Hmm? Have the cakes all gone?
Jasmine: Ah, there's one left! Open wide, (Captain), here comes the airship!
Giggling, Jasmine moves the cake to (Captain)'s mouth.
But just as (Captain) opens their mouth…
Rabbit: Boing!
A little rabbit bounds up and grabs the cake from Jasmine's hand!
Jasmine: Oh, bunny! You're so greedy!
Jasmine: Sorry, (Captain)! I'll make you some more later.
Vyrn: Hey, didn't that rabbit seem kinda angry? It was like it didn't want (Captain) to have the cake!
Lyria: No… it must have been your imagination.
Vyrn: Hmm, I guess it is a bit far-fetched. Anyway, what are you writing, Jasmine?
Continue 1
Jasmine: I'm just writing down the effects of the different plants, and how to mix them into different potions.
Jasmine: Then, even if the person who has the medicine isn't a trained herbalist, they can still use it!
Lyria: Oh, that's clever! Can I take a look at them?
Jasmine: Of course! I just finished this one, so here you go!
Lyria: Ah! You have such lovely handwriting. And these instructions are so detailed! What's this thing?
Vyrn: Hey, isn't the flower you're writing about here the one that's growing just over there?
Vyrn finds the flower growing in the shadow of the tree, and goes to pick it.
Jasmine: Ah! Stop! Don't touch that flower with your bare hands!
Jasmine shouts, and suddenly a deer jumps out of the forest, butting Vyrn out of the way!
Vyrn: Oof! That hurt! What are you trying to pull, you dumb animal?
Lyria: Vyrn, it says here that the flower growing there is poisonous! It'd be dangerous if you touched it!
Vyrn: Wha-? Poisonous? How can Jasmine use that in a potion?
Jasmine: Erm… well, that plant certainly is poisonous, but…
Jasmine: If you wash and dry the leaves, you can remove the poison and it can help to cure colds!
Vyrn: Wow… Really?
Jasmine: With just a little preparation, even poisonous plants can become effective medicines!
Vyrn: Wow… from poison to potion!
Jasmine: All you need is the right herbal knowledge. Then you can make potions with all kinds of effects!
Jasmine: And you can help people who are suffering from illnesses.
Jasmine: I just want to pass this knowledge on to others so they can help too. That's why I write these.
Vyrn: I see… What do you do with the parchment when you've written it?
Jasmine: I write lots of copies of the same one, and then make up a batch of the medicine!
Jasmine: Then I go and deliver it to a doctor on the island to give out!
Jasmine: But if I were to hand it over directly, there would be a huge fuss about it, they'd start calling it a new "miracle medicine"…
Jasmine: So I just leave it in front of the doctor's house with a note to avoid all of that.
Lyria: Ahh… well, if a new medicine was discovered like that, I'm sure people would make lots of noise about it!
Vyrn: Isn't that a bit of a waste? You could be famous, making those new medicines!
Jasmine: Well… I don't really want to become famous, you know?
Jasmine: I just want to help as many people as possible. I'm satisfied with that!
Lyria: (sniff)
Jasmine: Lyria? Are you all right? Aah, what should we do, birdy? Lyria's crying!
Jasmine: Can you point to where it hurts? Shall I mix you a potion?
Lyria: (sniff)… No, I'm fine. I just… got a bit emotional there. Jasmine, you're so nice.
Lyria: Actually, Jasmine! Surely there must be something that we can do to help you with your work!
Jasmine: Oh! Thank you! I'm sure I can find something for you.
The crew decide to help Jasmine, and they go to deliver the medicine and parchment to a nearby village.
The crew delivers the medicine and parchment to various towns on the island, and before they know it, night falls.
Vyrn: Phew… This is the last village, right, Jasmine?
Voice: Wait! Jasmine?
Just as Vyrn says Jasmine's name, a man's voice resounds from inside the doctor's house.
The crew are confused at this, and suddenly a man, his eyes brimming with tears, runs out of the house!
Doctor: Excuse me! Did I just hear that Jasmine is here? Please! Where is she?
Jasmine: Erm… I-I'm Jasmine…
Doctor: You? Amazing! I wanted to meet you at least once… I have nothing but the deepest respect for what you're doing.
As the doctor sings Jasmine's praises, more and more people begin to gather.
Townsperson: Wow! That girl is the Jasmine? We need to prepare something nice for her!
Jasmine: Huh? Wait! Eek… what should I do, bunny?
Lyria: Erm… Do you people all know Jasmine from somewhere?
Doctor: Of course! She's the person who delivers those amazing medicines and the parchment instructions to villages!
Doctor: There's not a doctor in the Skydom who hasn't heard of her! I can't say how many lives have been saved thanks to her medicines!
Vyrn: What's going on, Jasmine? How do they know your name?
Jasmine: I-I'm not sure… Squirrel, do you understand any of this?
Lyria: Ah!
Lyria: Jasmine! Your name was written on the parchments!
Jasmine: Of course! It'd be rude to give out a parchment… with… no name…
Jasmine: Ohhh… I see. They knew who was making the medicine because my name was on every one of the instructions…
Jasmine: Bunny! What should I do? This is so embarassing…
Lyria: Aww, you're so adorable when you're embarassed, Jasmine!
Jasmine: Urgh…
Jasmine picks up the rabbit to hide her own blushing face.
The crew have a wonderful evening as the villagers put on a big feast to celebrate everything Jasmine has done for them.

A Spoon Full of Sugar

(Captain) and the crew are out helping Jasmine collect medicinal plants when they decide to take a break and drop by a nearby town. When they arrive, the crew hears a child crying and asks one of the villagers what happened. They find out that the child is sick and refuses to be cured with magic, so Jasmine offers to make a sweet medicine for him to take instead. Then the crew sets out to go help Jasmine collect herbs.

One day, Jasmine and the crew are out collecting medicinal plants when they decide to take a short break.
The crew finds a town that looks like a good place to rest. When they arrive, they hear a commotion.
Child: No! (Cough!) I won't!
Villager 1: But you must! Please drink it!
Jasmine: What's the matter?
The crew senses something is wrong, so they ask the villager what happened.
They find out that the child has become gravely ill and the townspeople have been trying to cure him with magic.
Villager 2: We have magic that can heal wounds and cure sicknesses.
Villager 2: To use this magic, we have to perform a ritual where the boy drinks a special water, however…
Villager 2: The water is bitter and he refuses to drink it.
Vyrn: Oh, dear… That's awful…
Jasmine: Excuse me, but would it be all right if I took a look at him?
Villager 1: You mean you… I'm sorry, who are you again?
Vyrn: Hehe! Jasmine is an herbalist!
Villager 2: An herbalist? That's someone who makes medicine, right?
Jasmine: Yep! I think I might be able to make a medicine that can cure him!
Jasmine takes a look at the boy as the villagers look on.
Jasmine: This doesn't look good. He's burning up with fever, birdy.
Jasmine: Yes, you're right. I need to start making the medicine right away.
Jasmine tells the villagers that since the child cannot be cured with their magic, she will need to make medicine.
Villager 3: But we've always used magic to cure our wounds and sicknesses. For us to start using medicine now would be…
Villager 1: But we can't just leave him like this…
Jasmine: Rabbit, what do we do? If we don't hurry, this poor child could…
Jasmine: You're right! We need to gather the ingredients to make the medicine right away!
Child: Huff huff… Miss? Are you going to make some medicine for me? I don't want anything bitter…
Jasmine flashes a big smile at the ailing boy.
Jasmine: Leave everything to me. I'm going to make a yummy medicine that'll make you feel all better!
Jasmine: (Captain)! Can you help me find the ingredients for the medicine?
Lyria: We'll help, too!
Vyrn: All right, let's get to it, (Captain)!

A Spoon Full of Sugar: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew go searching for a tree that carries the special sap they need to make the medicine. Jasmine explains to the crew that they need to keep an eye out for a tree where lots of insects have gathered. Vyrn finds one with lots of insects, but some monsters have gathered around it as well. The crew must fight off the creatures to get to the precious sap.

Vyrn: So what do we need to make this medicine?
Jasmine: The medicine we're making is going to be sweet, so we'll need a special kind of tree sap.
Jasmine: We can get it from a big tree somewhere in this forest.
Lyria: Let's see, a big tree… But there are so many around here…
Jasmine: Hmm, you're right. What do you think, my little squirrels?
Jasmine: Since the tree we're looking for is very sweet, it attracts lots of insects.
Vyrn: Insects, huh? Hey, wait a minute…
Vyrn is left speechless when he spots the massive tree.
Vyrn: Um, could that be it?
The crew takes a good look at the tree and finds that it's covered in insects.
Lyria: Eek! Look at all of them!
Jasmine: They're not alone. It looks like some monsters have gathered around the tree as well.
Jasmine: This is kind of scary…
Hmm, you're right, birdy. We have to think of that poor boy!
Jasmine: All right, (Captain)! Let's get rid of these things!

A Spoon Full of Sugar: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew return to the village along with Jasmine and her medicinal concoction. However, the villagers don't trust the medicine and refuse to take it. Jasmine explains that it's safe and easy to use, so after the villagers understand, they give it to the sick child. It proves to be very effective and the boy starts to get better. Afterwards, Jasmine begins to share her knowledge of medicine with the thankful townspeople.

The crew successfully drives the creatures away, and Jasmine collects the tree sap.
She then hurries to mix the medicinal concoction.
Jasmine: That should do it! Now we've got a nice, sweet medicine all ready to go!
Vyrn: I knew you could do it, Jasmine! Now let's hurry and get back to the village!
The crew returns to the village with the medicine.
However, the villagers are waiting for them at the entrance and refuse to let them enter.
Villager 3: I'm sorry, but we can't let you in.
Lyria: But why? We have the medicine!
Villager 2: Be that as it may, it's just not our way to use medicine.
Villager 3: Besides, we can't just take something made by a complete stranger. We have no idea what could be in it!
Villager 2: Yes, that's true. But maybe if you could tell us what's in it…
Jasmine: All right.
Jasmine takes out sheets of sheep-skin paper and carefully explains what the medicine is made of.
Villager 2: My word… You really do know a lot about this. I think I understand now.
Villager 3: Hold on! There's also something written here about poisonous plants! Does that mean they're in the medicine, too?
Villager 2: What! Poison! Were you planning on poisoning this poor child?
Jasmine: N-no! Listen…
Villager 3: What do you mean, "listen"? You didn't make medicine at all! This is poison, isn't it?
The villagers get angrier and angrier, and start yelling at Jasmine.
The crew tries desperately to calm them down, but they refuse to listen.
Jasmine: Oh, what do we do? This is awful! We don't have time for all this…
Jasmine: Hmm, that's a good idea, rabbit. I'll drink the medicine myself!
As soon as she speaks those words, Jasmine gulps down the medicine in front of the enraged villagers.
A hush falls over the crowd as they watch.
Villager 2: But… isn't that poison? Are you all right?
Jasmine: Yep, I'm just fine! It's really sweet!
Jasmine: It's true I used some poisonous plants in the ingredients, but it's perfectly safe. I prepared it very carefully.
Jasmine: While it's true that taking medicine may be more inconvenient than using magic…
Jasmine: Not everyone is going to be able to use high-ranking spells that can cure any type of injury or sickness.
Jasmine: But as long as people understand medicine, anyone can use it and everyone's life can be saved.
Villager 2: Hmm… I understand now.
Vyrn: OK, then how 'bout you get outta the way and let us pass through, huh? We have a sick kid that needs to take his meds here!
Villager 3: Y-yes, of course! Right this way!
Jasmine: Oh no!
Jasmine: The medicine! I drank all of it!
Vyrn: You did what! Then that means…
Jasmine: I-it's OK! I'll try to make some more!
Her face flushed with embarrassment, Jasmine hurries to make up a new batch of medicine.
When it's all ready, Jasmine gives it to the child.
As soon as he drinks it, the color returns to the boy's face and he starts to feel well again.
Villager 1: Oh, thank goodness!
Child: Thank you, miss!
Jasmine: You're very welcome! Everyone, take these!
With a smile on her face, Jasmine gives the villagers sheets of sheep-skin paper with the instructions for preparing the medicine.
Jasmine: If you follow these directions, you can make more any time you need to!
Jasmine: So if anyone else catches the same thing, you'll know just what to do!
Villager 2: Listen, Ms. Jasmine… I want to apologize for our behavior earlier. Thank you so much for all of your help.
Villager 3: And if it's not too much trouble, would you be willing to teach us more about medicine and how to make it?
Jasmine: You bet! I'll leave some for you, too!
Later on, Jasmine teaches the villagers how to make and use medicine.
The crew is moved as they watch a joyful Jasmine teach the villagers.

Healer of the Horned

(Captain)'s party takes on a request to apprehend a group of thieves. When Vanzza appears to lose control of himself while fighting a thief who has a concealed weapon, Jasmine appears concerned for him. After learning his girlfriend is in an eternal sleep as a result of a mysterious poison, she asks for information on the poison's symptoms, and begins research to create an antidote.

Vanzza: HAAA!
Thief: Ugh!
Vanzza: Humph. Is that the last of them?
Vyrn: Yeah, looks that way. Sorry to ask for your help again, Vanzza!
Vanzza: I'm looking for information on that person. This just happens to overlap with my objective.
After a tip-off about an arrest bounty, the party has raided the lair of a group of thieves who have been menacing a certain town…
Reeling from the attack, the thieves are soon tied and bound, and the bounty seems to be all but in hand, but…
Vyrn: (Sigh)… Sorry, Vanzza. I thought these guys might be connected to the rival you were searching for, but looks like they're not…
Vanzza: Humph… as I keep telling you, I can search by myself. You guys don't have to help me.
Jasmine: Hee hee… all right! I've finished dealing with the thieves!
Vyrn: Hey… there's no need to look after those guys. Just leave 'em…
Jasmine: But… when I see someone hurt, I just have to apply medicine…
The group bring the tied up thieves with them along the mountain trail. Suddenly, one of the thieves lets out a shady laugh.
Thief: Geh heh heh…
Suddenly, having loosened the rope around themself, the thief breaks free suddenly, assaulting Jasmine.
Thief: Hya ha! I'm taking you down with me, you naive fool!
Jasmine: Huh?
Vanzza: Watch out! Jasmine!
Taking out a weapon he had concealed, the thief holds it against her neck.
Vanzza: !
Seeing this, something snaps in Vanzza's head…
Thief: Eek!
With a cry like a wild beast, he unhesitatingly charges the thief, knocking him down with a single blow of his tonfa.
Vanzza: Huff… Huff… It's just a small blade. Looks like… there was no poison.
Jasmine: Thank you, Vanzza.
After they hand the thieves over to government officials, Vanzza holes himself up in his room with a gloomy expression.
Jasmine: Um, I wonder why Vanzza's shut himself up like that? He's been acting strange since I was attacked that time…
Vyrn: Yeah, there was something like that before, too. (Captain) was struck by a poison dart and collapsed…
Vyrn: Vanzza was there at the time, so I guess he must have been thinking about that time before.
Vyrn: And it looks like a lot of stuff happened before he met us, as well. He must have a lot on his mind.
Jasmine: Hmm… poison, you say? Was it a strong poison?
Vyrn: It sure was. (Captain) went down seconds after getting hit. And antidotes are hard to come by.
Jasmine: That's awful! Vyrn, please tell me about that poison!
Vyrn: Huh? Um, what are you gonna do if I tell you?
Jasmine: Well, I was thinking I'd make an antidote myself. As an herbalist, I can't ignore the existence of such a toxic substance!
Vyrn: Hey, wait a sec… You mean can do that even without having the actual poison to hand?
Jasmine: Not exactly… but from understanding how the poison and antidote were used, I should be able to narrow down the type.
Jasmine: Then, if anyone is afflicted by this poison again, I could make a prototype antidote which will slow the effects of the poison.
Vyrn: Hmm… you wanna know how the poison worked, huh? It all happened so fast, it's kinda hard to remember…
Vyrn: Erm… I think it was a poison dart, covered in the stuff…
Jasmine: I see… And which part of the body did the dart strike?
Vyrn: Um, I think it was around the neck… but, I can't say exactly…
Pressed by Jasmine, Vyrn tries hard to recall the incident.
Drawn to the pair's conversation, Vanzza comes up.
Vanzza: It was the back of the neck… near a bone…
Jasmine: Huh? Vanzza? You know how the poison was used?
Vanzza: I've seen it… many times.
Vyrn: That's right… it was your girlfriend that got poisoned the same way before, wasn't it…
Jasmine: My, that's terrible… As an herbalist, I'll do everything in my power to help!
Vanzza: Humph… leave it. You shouldn't make that kind of promise…
Vanzza: Listen, this antidote… can you make it? The only person who currently has it is Acorazada, the one I'm searching for…
Jasmine: Yes. I'm sure I can make it. Identifying the ingredients is the job of the herbalist.
Jasmine: Um, Vanzza… this may be painful for you to recall, but… please tell me everything you know!
Jasmine: Would it be possible for this poison to be naturally present in regular food?
Vanzza: I think so… probably. It was the same with (Captain) and Carolla.
Jasmine: Hmm, I see… In other words, it won't take effect if administered orally…
Vanzza: I know because I was fine after I tried to suck the poison out of the wound.
Vanzza listens carefully to Jasmine's prompts, earnestly telling her everything he can remember.
Commanding her medicinal knowledge, Jasmine works out several potential candidates for the poison mixture, writing them down.
Jasmine: Hmm… I can't guarantee that the poison that afflicted Carola is among these…
Jasmine: But, even without Acorazada's antidote, I will save Carolla in time!
Vanzza appears to force himself to remain silent, restraining himself from voicing his usual hatred of promises.
Possibly, his thoughts are clinging fervently to the newfound possibility of a link to the antidote.
Vanzza: Hey… Jasmine. Why? Why go this far?
Jasmine: I… Even if it's just one person, I'd like for someone suffering under illness or poison to be saved… to feel well again…
Jasmine: That's… that's all.
Vanzza: ..guh…
Vanzza: Don't make me cry like that…
Jasmine: Eek! Oh no! Vanzza, are you hurt somewhere?
Vanzza: Ha ha… no, no. I'm fine, I'm fine.
Vanzza: Thanks, Jasmine. I must repay you sometime for this.
Vanzza: Hmm… that's it, I'll introduce you to this cake shop. Carolla and I used to go there all the time.
Vanzza: Heh heh… Carolla said the cakes were a little too sweet, actually. It's an important place for the two of us, that shop…
Jasmine: You don't have to… I mean, I haven't done anything for you yet.
Jasmine: Hee hee… but why not? If we ever go to that cake shop, I want to have some acorn cake!
Vanzza: A-acorn cake? I've never seen that before…
Vanzza: Huh… guess I'll try and order it next time, though. Might be fun to see what I get.
Jasmine: Hee hee! I'm looking forward to it. Vanzza, I'll do my best!
And so, Jasmine begins her research in order to save Vanzza's girlfriend, Carolla.
And thus, a ray of hope brightened the darkness Vanzza had come to be enveloped with.

Battle for Jasmine

Pressed on by his elders who are infatuated with Jasmine, Pavidus helps Jasmine pick out herbs. As the elders discuss the finer points of Jasmine, it quickly breaks out into a fight when her own animals join the discussion. Pavidus intervenes and Jasmine turns furious at the petty squabble. The two return first to the Grandcypher leaving the animals behind.

One day, Jasmine visits the forest in her spare time to collect herbs.
For some reason, the large and timid Pavidus is by her side.
Pavidus: Hey Jasmine, do you think we can use these herbs too?
Jasmine: Yes, they're perfect! Thank you so much for your help!
Pavidus: Ahaha, don't mention it...
Pavidus gives an embarrassed smile as he looks down at the bird observing Jasmine.
Bird: Kaww... (Jasmine, you're looking lovely as ever...)
It turns out Pavidus is not helping Jasmine out of pure altruism.
The elder animals wanted to observe Jasmine and made Pavidus come along in order to do so.
To put it simply, Pavidus's elders are infatuated with Jasmine.
Birdie: Chirp! (I can't get a good look, it's too bright. But she looks like a goddess from what I can see!)
As Pavidus's elders remain entranced, Jasmine's animals come into the fold.
Hare: (Heheh, isn't our princess just splendid?)
Birdie: Chirp...? (Princess? Are you talking about Jasmine?)
Bird: Kaww! (Why not? She's cute so she fits the bill if you ask me!)
Hare: ... (There's more to it than that! Our princess is kind and gentle!)
Birdie: Chiiirp! (Yeah, I got it... I wonder if she'll be a good match!)
Deer: ...! (Hmm, a match for what?)
Birdie: Chirp chirp! (A match for me, as in a companion who'll preen my feathers every day.)
The squawking birdie begins to feel the anger of Jasmine's animals.
Birdie: Caw... (Gah, what is it?)
Hare: ...! (How dare you even think of taking our princess!)
Hare: ...! (Know your place, dodo!)
Birdie: Kaww! (Who do you think you're talkin to, bucky!)
Bird: Skrawk! (Simmer down you two! Jasmine belongs to no one!)
Bird: Skraaaaawk! (Don't get carried away just because Jasmine is close by!)
The situation becomes volatile as the animals squabble.
Pavidus: Birdie, please calm down. Fighting solves nothing...
Birdie: Kaww! (Quiet you!)
Pavidus: Gyaah!
The frightened Pavidus looks to Jasmine for help.
Jasmine: Hahaha, it looks like everyone's having so much fun.
Pavidus: Huh?
Pavidus: Can you understand the conversation they're having?
Jasmine: But of course! They're getting heated up over their favorite acorn recipes!
Pavidus: Umm... (Oh no, I don't think she hears their voices...)
Pavidus: (But I can't possibly tell her that they're fighting over her.)
Pavidus: Ehehe... Yeah, they must really love acorns...
Bird: Kakaw! (Let me be clear, Pavi! This is no acorn business!)
Pavidus: Aagh! I-I'm so sorry. I know, but...
Bird: Kaww... (Anyhow, Jasmine belongs to no one!)
Bird: Squaawwk! (At least not until I confess my love for her!)
Hare: ...! (What!)
With herbs in beak, the bird runs off to Jasmine but is blocked halfway there by the deer.
Deer: ... (I can't let that happen. You'll have to get past me first.)
The deer looks down at the bird menacingly with its giant antlers.
Boar: Snort... (Yo, did you just point those antlers at my buddy here?)
Boar: Snort! (You better be ready for some hurtin'!)
The boar moves in front of the bird as if to protect it, and kicks off the ground, getting ready to charge.
Deer: ...! (Looks like it'll ram me with its head. Let's see who has the stronger headbutt!)
Pavidus: Stop it! Please stop it everyone!
Pavidus's frail screams fail to reach the boar and the deer as they charge at each other.
Pavidus gets right in between them to break up the fight.
Pavidus: Oof!
Boar: Snort! (Pavi!)
Deer: ... (Oh no, what have I done? Pavidus...)
Pavidus: Nghh, why... must we fight? We all like her.
Pavidus: Fighting is never the answer. If we share the same passion for something, that's all the more the reason to get along.
Birdie: Kaww... (Pavi...)
Hare: ... (Pavidus is right. Forgive me.)
Bird: Chirp... (Pavidus has a point. I'm so sorry everyone.)
As the animals begin reconciling their differences, an angry Jasmine comes over.
Jasmine: Cut that out right now! Can't you animals discuss the best acorn recipe in peace?
Jasmine: Oh gosh, I can't believe you hurt Pavidus over this!
Deer: ... (We're so sorry, Princess. And about the acorns...)
Jasmine: Are you OK, Pavidus? I'll treat your wounds right away!
Jasmine: Ugh, unbelievable! I hate naughty animals more than anything else!
Hare: ! (No, please don't say that!)
Jasmine: Humph, I baked all these acorn cookies for naught!
Jasmine: Now Pavidus and I are going to keep them all to ourselves!
Birdie: Squaawwwk! (Nooo, please!)
Jasmine: C'mon, Pavidus! Let's get back to the Grandcypher!
Pavidus: Well... okay... (I'm sorry, everyone. Please don't hold a grudge against me.)
Pavidus follows the disgruntled Jasmine toward the ship.
Deer: ...! (Wait, Princess!)
Bird: Kaww... (This isn't over yet, Pavi! Just you wait!)
The animals, feeling vengeful yet guilty, desperately chase after the two.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
うさぎさん、一緒にドングリ食べましょう Shall we have a snack, little rabbits?
森のみんな、いつもありがとう I'm grateful for all the forest animals.
小鳥さん小鳥さん!一緒に歌いましょう? Hi, little birdy. Shall we sing?
怪我をしたら、すぐに言ってくださいね! Let me know if you get hurt!
お薬が必要ですか?すぐに用意しますね Do you need salve? I'll get it straight away!
お腹すきました…うう、ドングリ… I'm getting hungry... Any acorns around?
ドングリケーキ、今度お作りしますね! Let's make an acorn cake soon!
ドングリには栄養がたくさんあるんですよ Acorns are very nutritious, you see!
(主人公)さん、お怪我はないですか? (Captain), are you hurt?
(主人公)さん、私がいつでも癒します (Captain), I'll help you feel at ease!


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