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Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Opening

A Touken Danshi unit is sent to investigate an anomaly. As the mission wraps up, they feel a strange sensation before noticing Mikazuki's disappearance. The unit returns to the Citadel where Yamanbagiri says he's being sent out with them to search for their missing friend.

Mutsunokami: Say there, Captain...
Izuminokami: What is it?
Mutsunokami: We've been up and down this area and haven't found a thing outta place.
Izuminokami: Well, Konnosuke?
Konnosuke: It's true. There are still no signs of activity.
Izuminokami: Good grief... What are we missing here?
On a mission from their mystical saniwa leader, Captain Izuminokami Kanesada leads a unit of swordsmen called Touken Danshi.
Mutsunokami: If somethin's here, then I wish it'd come out and play already!
Honebami: I'd rather it not be here...
Mikazuki: Ha-ha-ha! Well, I don't get many chances to mobilize with all of you, so I'm quite enjoying myself.
Izuminokami: Nice to see you're as carefree as ever...
Tsurumaru: Mikazuki makes a point though. We were only chosen because we had time on our hands, but you could say our combination is rare.
Mutsunokami: To top it all off, those orders were so sudden, only five of us could go.
Tsurumaru: Well, enough about that. What do you plan for us to do now, Izuminokami?
Izuminokami: Doesn't seem like we'll find anything if we keep searching...
Izuminokami: So let's head back to the starting point for a final check.
Mutsunokami: And if it's all clear, then it's back to the Citadel, eh?
Izuminokami: Yeah, that's the plan.
Tsurumaru: By the way, what brought us here exactly?
Mutsunokami: It wasn't 'cause the Time Retrograde Army was spotted?
Izuminokami: Nope. I heard it was something never before seen.
Konnosuke: Even Master doesn't know whether it's harmless or a threat, so the mission is to check it out.
Izuminokami: I know. We'll leave if it's all clear.
Honebami: Looks like we're back...
Mutsunokami: Yep. We started our search right around here.
Izuminokami: Then let's take one last look around for anything suspicious.
Tsurumaru: Should we split up?
Izuminokami: We should. I'll go that way...
Honebami: !
Izuminokami: Oy, something just...
Mutsunokami: What was that? Somethin' felt weird...
Tsurumaru: You all felt it too?
Honebami: Mikazuki...
Honebami: Hm?
Tsurumaru: Hey, where'd Mikazuki go?
Honebami: He was right behind me just now...
Izuminokami: Oy, hold on! Don't tell me he got himself lost!
Izuminokami: Konnosuke?
Konnosuke: Right! I'm searching for him...
Konnosuke: Huh? It can't be!
Mutsunokami: What's wrong?
Konnosuke: I can't locate Mikazuki! He's... completely disappeared!
Tsurumaru: Disappeared? What are you saying?
Konnosuke: I can't detect him no matter how much I widen the search area.
Honebami: That's impossible. I saw him just a second ago, so he couldn't have gone far.
Izuminokami: Konnosuke, contact our master at once.
Konnosuke: I'm on it...
Konnosuke: Oh! I see we have a message from our master!
Mutsunokami: What's it say?
Konnosuke: Uh-oh...
Konnosuke: Well... It says everyone should return to the Citadel immediately.
Izuminokami: Hold on. What about Mikazuki?
Honebami: Exactly. Are we to leave him behind?
Konnosuke: Well...
Tsurumaru: Looks like our ride is here...
Izuminokami: Unbelievable! What in blazes is going on?
Yamanbagiri: Back already...
The four are forced to return to the Citadel where the first person to meet them is their fellow swordsman Yamanbagiri Kunihiro.
Yamanbagiri: That was quick.
Tsurumaru: What are you doing here, Yamanbagiri? Came to welcome us home?
Izuminokami: Sorry, but we've got something urgent to talk about with Master.
Yamanbagiri: And I've got a message for you from Master. About what happened back there.
Mutsunokami: Oh, do ya then? What is it?
Yamanbagiri: It seems the unknown disturbance that first prompted your mission appeared again just a while ago.
Yamanbagiri: And it was at your last location. Likely... at the exact time that Mikazuki disappeared.
Mutsunokami: You think that weird thing we sensed has somethin' to do with him goin' missing?
Tsurumaru: We can't say for sure, but there's a chance.
Yamanbagiri: There's more...
Honebami: More? What is it then?
Yamanbagiri: Mikazuki can't be located anywhere at the moment.
Mutsunokami: What's that supposed to mean?
Yamanbagiri: Our master isn't even sure what to think.
Izuminokami: Curses... If I'd just paid more attention...
Tsurumaru: Izuminokami...
Izuminokami: I was the captain! It's my fault that Mikazuki...
Mutsunokami: You can beat yourself up, but we still don't know what happened for sure.
Mutsunokami: So there's no point in blamin' yourself or anyone else for this.
Izuminokami: It's just...
Yamanbagiri: Relax, Izuminokami. By order of our master, this unit gets to go out again immediately.
Tsurumaru: I see... So that's the new plan, huh?
Yamanbagiri: This time I'll be going with you. Izuminokami has been named the unit captain again as well.
Izuminokami: Me...
Tsurumaru: Sounds good! You can do it, Izuminokami.
Tsurumaru: Nobody thinks this is your fault, but if you're still feeling guilty about it, then now's the chance to redeem yourself.
Izuminokami: I know. And I will.
Yamanbagiri: The situation is critical since we don't know what's happened to Mikazuki. So we need to mobilize as soon as we're prepped.
Izuminokami: All right! We'll find Mikazuki and bring him back safely!
Fired up by their captain's words, the young men nod eagerly in answer.
Touken Danshi. Inanimate swords brought to life through the power of a mystical saniwa.
In pursuit of an unknown force and their missing comrade, they venture to the frontlines of an all-new battle.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 1: A Curious Encounter - Episode 1

(Captain) and the crew visit an island where a superb blacksmith is rumored to be found. Chatting with the weapon shop owner reveals that the blacksmith hasn't appeared in town for a while. The crew decides to pay a visit to the blacksmith's workshop up the mountain to check on him.

Vyrn: Mm-mmm! Great weather today. Even the wind feels amazing!
Lyria: You said it! And the sky is so blue!
(Captain) and the crew are aboard the Grandcypher, its course set for a distant island.
Lyria: I wonder how long it'll be until we arrive.
Vyrn: We heard Rackam say that it won't be much longer. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods at Vyrn before turning to gaze at the vast sky ahead.
Lyria: I can't wait to meet the blacksmith there!
Vyrn: Me too! I wonder what he's like!
Having heard of a skilled blacksmith who lives on the island, the crew is eager to meet him.
Lyria: If there are good weapons for sale, they could really help us on our journey.
Vyrn: Yep! And we've got a few weapons that are long overdue for some repairs.
(Captain) and the crew are in high spirits as the island comes into view on the horizon.
Vyrn: All right! We made it to the town, so let's go check out the weapon shop!
Lyria: Do you think the blacksmith is there?
Vyrn: I dunno...
Vyrn: But we also heard that you can get pretty nice weapons at the shop here, so we won't find him unless we ask around!
Lyria: Look, Vyrn! Is that the shop over there?
Vyrn: Let's see...
Vyrn: It looks kinda homely, but let's go take a look anyway!
Lyria: Okay!
Lyria: Hello!
Lyria: Oh, dear... It looks like the shopkeeper is gone.
Vyrn: Hm... This looks more like a general store than a weapon shop.
Lyria: Well, it's a small town. Maybe it makes more sense to sell lots of different goods.
Vyrn: Hm... Well, I guess you're right.
Shopkeeper: Welcome! Sorry I was away for a moment, and—
Shopkeeper: Well, I'll be! Are you folks from another island? Can't say I've seen you around here before.
Lyria: Yes, we are! We're on a journey actually.
Vyrn: We're a crew of skyfarers!
Shopkeeper: You don't say! That's a mighty job for youngins like you. But your timing's a little off...
Shopkeeper: I don't think I've got any items here that could be useful to you folks.
Vyrn: Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
Shopkeeper: If you're skyfarers, then you're after some weapons, right?
Vyrn: Well, yeah, we'd sure like to see the weapons you've got.
Shopkeeper: But there's a bit of a shortage in weapons right now. As you can see, household goods are all I've got stocked.
Lyria: Well, we came because of something else we heard...
Shopkeeper: Something else?
Vyrn: We heard that there's a great blacksmith who lives here, you see.
Shopkeeper: Oh! Is that it? Well, you came to the right island, but you'll have a hard time getting in touch with the guy...
Lyria: Really? Why's that?
Shopkeeper: Can't say I know what's going on with him exactly. Just seems like there might be trouble.
Vyrn: Well, how do you know?
Shopkeeper: You see, he lives up the mountain by his workshop.
Shopkeeper: And he comes to town about every ten days to barter with me on his goods.
Shopkeeper: But I haven't seen him in over two weeks.
Lyria: That's pretty worrisome...
Shopkeeper: It is. So I was thinking I'd go up and check in on him.
Vyrn: Yeah, that sounds like the thing to do.
Lyria: Oh dear... I wonder if something happened to him.
Vyrn: Wait! How about we go and see how he's doing?
Shopkeeper: What? You're saying you'll go to his workshop?
Lyria: That's a good idea! We'll go and check in on him ourselves.
Shopkeeper: I'd appreciate it, seeing as I've got a shop to run here. But are you sure?
Vyrn: It's no sweat! Right, (Captain)?
  1. No problem!
  2. Is it far?

Choose: No problem!
Lyria: That's right! We came all the way here to meet him after all!

Choose: Is it far?
Shopkeeper: It's not too far, but you'll be on a mountain path. Might be a little rough.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! A mountain path'll be a piece of cake for us!
Continue 1
Shopkeeper: You'll do it then, huh? I'm much obliged!
Vyrn: Just leave it to us!
After getting directions from the shopkeeper, (Captain) and the crew set off for the workshop on the mountain.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 1: A Curious Encounter - Episode 2

The Touken Danshi arrive at the place where Mikazuki disappeared when a temporal distortion appears nearby. Konnosuke says the portal is unpredictable, but without any other leads they decide to enter it. The portal transports Yamanbagiri to an unfamiliar mountain area where he finds himself alone.

Izuminokami: Well... this was the spot.
Izuminokami: Konnosuke?
Konnosuke: Right. I'm already searching.
With Yamanbagiri now in their ranks, the Touken Danshi have returned to the location where Mikazuki disappeared.
Mutsunokami: Hope we can find a clue or two.
Yamanbagiri: Especially since the disturbance was detected twice in the same place so far.
Tsurumaru: Once before the mission, and again when Mikazuki disappeared...
Yamanbagiri: Right. Master said there's a large chance that it'll happen here again.
Tsurumaru: But other than that, we've nothing else to go on. It might be good to take a look around.
Konnosuke: Whoa!
Honebami: Did you find something?
Konnosuke: It's only faint, but I sense a disturbance! It's northwest of here!
Izuminokami: All right, let's move. We don't know what's waiting there, so be careful.
Mutsunokami: That goes without sayin'!
Tsurumaru: Well, this is a surprise.
Izuminokami: Is this...
Konnosuke: Yes. It's the source of the disturbance.
Konnosuke: I think it might be a temporal distortion similar to the ones used by the Time Retrograde Army.
Honebami: But it looks different. Feels different...
Konnosuke: Right... So we can't predict where it leads or what will happen if you enter it.
Mutsunokami: If it's an unknown risk, then we gotta hold off on it.
Yamanbagiri: But this is the only lead we have to finding Mikazuki.
Izuminokami: Then there's only one thing to do.
Honebami: Right.
Mutsunokami: You know it.
Tsurumaru: It's decided then? No objections here, but... it's going to be a tight fit.
Izuminokami: Move.
Izuminokami: Yaa!
Mutsunokami: Whoa!
Mutsunokami: That's a wild way of gettin' the job done... But at least it worked.
Honebami: It's wide enough to let us through.
Izuminokami: Good. Let's go!
Yamanbagiri: Nghh... Hm?
Yamanbagiri: Agh... What happened?
As his dizziness slowly passes, Yamanbagiri opens his eyes and looks around.
Yamanbagiri: Where am I? We came looking for Mikazuki, and...
Yamanbagiri: !
Where is everybody?
???: Aghhh...
Yamanbagiri: Whoa! What's that sound?

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 1: A Curious Encounter - Episode 3

The unit assembles together again, but Konnosuke can't determine where or when they are—making the Touken Danshi wonder if they've arrived in another world. They decide to look around for clues to Mikazuki's whereabouts and soon come across an empty cottage.

???: Nghhh...
Yamanbagiri: Where's it coming from?
Hearing a muffled groan, Yamanbagiri picks up his sword and lifts himself up.
???: Finally!
Yamanbagiri: What was that!
Konnosuke: Yamanbagiri! That really hurt, you know!
Yamanbagiri: Oh, it was you... Where'd you come from?
Konnosuke: Right here, where you landed on me!
Yamanbagiri: S-sorry...
Konnosuke: Good grief...
Yamanbagiri: But if we're here, where is everyone else?
Konnosuke: Just wait. I'll do a search!
Mutsunokami: Everyone's here and accounted for then?
After locating the others nearby, the unit gathers together.
Yamanbagiri: Everyone except Mikazuki...
Izuminokami: Well, at least he's the only one we have to find at this point.
Mutsunokami: That's true...
Tsurumaru: So where are we anyway? This doesn't look like any mountain I recognize.
Honebami: This place is different from where we came from... We know that much.
Izuminokami: Konnosuke?
Konnosuke: Well...
Konnosuke seems nervous as he lowers his head, avoiding the gaze of the others.
Konnosuke: I can't pinpoint our exact location.
Mutsunokami: Say what? What's that supposed to mean?
Konnosuke: My search ability should be functioning normally...
Izuminokami: Then what's the problem?
Konnosuke: No matter how deeply I search, I can't determine the time or place we've reached.
Konnosuke: Worst-case scenario, we might be in a time and place that's not in the database.
Yamanbagiri: You mean, a timeline from a changed history?
Konnosuke: Nope. If history was changed, I'd be able to pinpoint our location at least.
Mutsunokami: Huh? I don't get it. Where'd we end up then?
Tsurumaru: We're nowhere at no time... Like another world, so to speak.
Izuminokami: Another world? I've never heard of anything like that happening before.
Tsurumaru: It's just a guess. You don't have to take it too seriously.
Yamanbagiri: That's right. No matter where we are, our mission hasn't changed.
Izuminokami: Yeah, I know.
Honebami: Well? Is Mikazuki here?
Konnosuke: I already tried searching for him, but I haven't detected him yet.
Mutsunokami: So he isn't here? Then comin' out here was a waste...
Izuminokami: But we don't have any other leads for now. So let's have a look around the area at least.
Yamanbagiri: Good. I'm all for it.
Honebami: Me too.
Mutsunokami: Whatever you say, O Captain! My captain!
Izuminokami: Could you be serious for once!
Tsurumaru: All right, all right. Shall we get started then?
Izuminokami: Right. Splitting up is more efficient, but we're strangers to the terrain. So let's stick together.
While searching the area, the Touken Danshi come across a plain-looking cottage.
Yamanbagiri: We're pretty deep into this mountain. Do you think there's anyone here?
Honebami: No. It doesn't seem like it.
Mutsunokami: Maybe they'll be back later?
Izuminokami: Wait. Something looks odd about this place, no?
Tsurumaru: It's like a storm came through...
Yamanbagiri: Yeah... Something happened here.
Izuminokami: I think we ought to take a look around. We might even find something that can tell us about where we are.
The others nod at their captain's words and prepare to investigate.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 1: A Curious Encounter - Episode 4

While investigating the blacksmith's workshop, Tsurumaru finds a strip of cloth that matches Mikazuki's clothes, suggesting he was likely there. Before long the crew joins up at the cottage only to find its owner absent. When the crew decides to report this back to the shop owner, the Touken Danshi ask to accompany them.

Mutsunokami: Say, is this what I think it is?
The Touken Danshi decide to enter the workshop next to the cottage first.
Izuminokami: Is this a foundry or something?
Mutsunokami: Didn't expect to find a place like this out here.
Tsurumaru: The hearth's gone cold. It must've been a while since the fire died out.
Yamanbagiri: Tools are scattered about too. Like they were thrown around in a hurry...
Tsurumaru: Oh dear, we've got a real mess in here.
Honebami: Tsurumaru. What are you smiling about?
Tsurumaru: Ah... It's just that it feels strange to be here.
Honebami: Strange?
Tsurumaru: Just thinking that I might've been forged in a place like this.
Mutsunokami: I get ya. When you think of it that way, the place almost feels a little familiar.
Izuminokami: Hold on a minute. I see what you mean and all, but doesn't it seem odd still?
Mutsunokami: Hm? What's odd?
Izuminokami: It definitely looks like a foundry, but take a good look around. These tools are like nothing we've ever seen.
Konnosuke: Hm...
Konnosuke: It can be easily deciphered that their purpose is for use within a foundry. But in fact their design and material differ from our records.
Yamanbagiri: Which means we're in an entirely different time and place from what we know.
Konnosuke: You could say that.
Mutsunokami: I'm startin' to believe this "other world" theory we had goin' back there!
Izuminokami: But now we've got more questions than answers. Let's keep looking around, and—
Tsurumaru: Hey! Come look at this.
Tsurumaru picks up a piece of the door on the ground and turns it over in his hands.
Yamanbagiri: What'd you find, Tsurumaru?
Tsurumaru: This.
From the broken wood, he picks off a piece of ripped blue cloth with gold embroidery.
Mutsunokami: I don't believe it!
Tsurumaru: If memory serves, then this is a piece of Mikazuki's clothes.
Konnosuke: Yep. That's what it looks like.
Yamanbagiri: So Mikazuki was here then?
Izuminokami: Well, that means we have to figure out where he went...
Mutsunokami: Findin' out he came here at least is a step in the right direction.
Yamanbagiri: But from the looks of this place and this torn piece of cloth, something must've gone wrong.
Izuminokami: I hope he's all right...
Honebami: Mikazuki isn't one to easily get hurt.
Izuminokami: I know, I know. Now is there anything else around here that can give us a clue?
Mutsunokami: Hard to say when the whole place is in shambles...
Izuminokami: Oy, you just knocked something over.
Mutsunokami: As messy as this place is, how can ya tell?
Yamanbagiri: Hey, wait! Look at this!
Honebami: A broken sword.
Yamanbagiri: !
Tsurumaru: Relax, Yamanbagiri. It's not what you think it is, see?
Yamanbagiri: Yeah, I know... It isn't Mikazuki.
Yamanbagiri slowly exhales in relief.
Izuminokami: I guess this sword was forged here then.
Mutsunokami: This place is startin' to give me the
heebie-jeebies. What could've happened?
Tsurumaru: I don't think we're going to find any more useful information here.
Izuminokami: There's still the cottage. Let's take a look there just in case...
Honebami: ...!
Izuminokami: Honebami? What's wrong?
Honebami: I hear people coming.
Izuminokami: People?
The young men go outside and find a group of people nearing the cottage.
Vyrn: Oh, is this the place? The house we're looking for?
Lyria: Oh! And there's someone here already.
Lyria: Hello!
Honebami: We've got company...
Yamanbagiri: Maybe they're locals?
Lyria: Excuse me, but is this where the blacksmith lives?
Vyrn: The owner of the weapon shop in town asked us to come and check in on the guy.
Izuminokami: Oh... Well, it looks like the blacksmith did live here, but no one was around when we came.
Lyria: Oh? You all aren't his neighbors or anything?
Mutsunokami: Nope! We just got here too.
Vyrn: So the blacksmith's gone, huh? I wonder where he went.
Tsurumaru: His cottage is empty and the foundry's in disarray. Something likely happened, but we don't know what.
Honebami: And it doesn't seem like there's anyone else around here.
Lyria: I see...
Lyria: (Captain). Vyrn. What should we do now?
Vyrn: Why don't we go back to town for now and tell the shopkeeper?
Lyria: You're right. Let's hurry then.
Izuminokami: Wait a second. There's a town nearby?
Lyria: Huh?
Lyria: I mean, yes! It's a small town at the bottom of the mountain.
Yamanbagiri: If we can get to a town, then we should do some information gathering there.
Mutsunokami: Nice idea. We're stumped with what we got so far.
Vyrn: You guys in trouble or something?
Izuminokami: Yeah... We're looking for a friend of ours actually.
Izuminokami: But we don't know much about the area. Would you mind taking us along with you to the town?
Vyrn: You got it!
Lyria: It's no problem! Let's all go together!
And thus, they all set off on the mountain path toward the town.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 2: The First Strike - Episode 1

Though dejected to learn that Mikazuki hasn't been seen around town, the Touken Danshi pick up a clue that the blacksmith might be at a village on the other side of the island. (Captain) and the crew head for their trusty mode of transportation with a confused group of Touken Danshi in tow.

(Captain) and the crew return to town with the young men they met at the mountain workshop.
Lyria: Here we are! This is the town we told you about.
Yamanbagiri: This is a town? I've never seen buildings like this before...
Tsurumaru: Ha-ha-ha. Now this is a surprise!
Vyrn: Hey, Hoodie and Silverlocks! What's the hold up? Let's go!
Tsurumaru: Honestly, you're the biggest surprise to me, but I'll keep that to myself...
Vyrn: Huh? What'd you say?
Tsurumaru: No, no, it's nothing. Anyway, where is this weapon shop we're headed for?
Lyria: Oh, it's this way!
Lyria: Hello there!
Shopkeeper: Welco—oh, it's you! Did you find the workshop okay?
Vyrn: Sure did. We made it there, but...
Shopkeeper: I see. So he was gone...
Lyria: We're sorry that we couldn't help...
Shopkeeper: No, it's all right. I've got another idea where he might be, so I'll check there myself.
Shopkeeper: But who're these fellas you brought with you? Friends of yours?
Lyria: Oh! We met them on the mountain actually.
Vyrn: A friend of theirs went missing. Now they're looking for clues to find him.
Shopkeeper: Went missing, you say? What's he look like?
Izuminokami: He's an old man who wears blue, billowy clothing with gold trim.
Shopkeeper: An old man, huh?
Izuminokami: Ah... No, sorry. Not exactly. He looks about the same age as we do and his name is Mikazuki Munechika.
Shopkeeper: Hm... A man in big, blue clothes...
Shopkeeper: Can't say I've seen anyone like that. And this town is pretty small, so any unfamiliar faces would stick out.
Izuminokami: I see...
Shopkeeper: Sorry I can't be of more help.
Izuminokami: No, it's all right.
Tsurumaru: Mikazuki would stand out too... If he hasn't been seen around here, then maybe he never came to town.
Yamanbagiri: Yeah. That sounds about right.
Shopkeeper: By the way, I can't help but notice that you fellas all seem to favor swords.
Izuminokami: Hm? Favor swords?
Lyria: Oh! Now that you mention it, it looks like the weapons you're carrying are all katanas.
Mutsunokami: You sayin' that swords are rare around here?
Shopkeeper: No, not at all. Compared to other places, the islanders here are quite familiar with swords.
Vyrn: Oh, yeah? That's the first we've heard!
Shopkeeper: What? You didn't know? Then I bet you didn't hear that the blacksmith's specialty is sword making!
Lyria: It is? Well, that's news to us!
Mutsunokami: The blacksmith is the guy who's supposed to be livin' in that cottage on the mountain?
Vyrn: Yep! We went there because we're trying to meet him.
Izuminokami: But you haven't yet...
Shopkeeper: That reminds me. If you still want to see him, you could try checking the village on the other side of the island.
Shopkeeper: That village is where the god of metalcraft is enshrined. I heard the blacksmith used to visit there every now and then.
Lyria: Do you think he could be in that village right now?
Shopkeeper: There's no guarantee... But the people there might know something at least.
Tsurumaru: I see... Then shall we go?
Izuminokami: It's the only lead we've got right now...
Yamanbagiri: We have proof that Mikazuki was in that foundry. Talking to the blacksmith is the next step.
Izuminokami: Say, shopkeep. Could we bother you to tell us how to get to that village from here?
Shopkeeper: It's no trouble. But being as it's on the other side of the mountain, it's a bit of a distance...
Shopkeeper: Ah! But you folks said you were skyfarers!
(Captain) nods proudly at the shopkeeper.
Izuminokami: Skyfarers?
Shopkeeper: If you use an airship, it'll be a fast and easy trip around the outside of the island.
Mutsunokami: Airship?
Vyrn: I got ya! If that's the case, then it's settled!
Vyrn: Let's go, guys!
Izuminokami: Oy! Hold on a second!
Vyrn: It's no big deal! We wanna check out the village with you! Right, (Captain)?
Yamanbagiri: No, that's not what I mean...
Lyria: Thanks for everything! If we find out anything about the blacksmith, we'll be sure to let you know!
Shopkeeper: Thanks. I hope you will.
Lyria: Okay! See you!
Izuminokami: Oy, oy, what're we getting ourselves into...
With many questions left unanswered, the Touken Danshi are forced to keep up with (Captain) and the crew as they hurry out of the shop.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 2: The First Strike - Episode 2

The Touken Danshi are surprised and thrilled to see an airship for the first time. Mutsunokami is especially interested in Vyrn and flying ships. Surrounded by all these new and unfamiliar things, the Touken Danshi start to believe that they've been transported to another world.

Vyrn: All right! Now just follow me to the airship!
Lyria: Okay! Here we go!
Honebami: What's an... airship?
Yamanbagiri: He said we'd be going around the island. Could it be a boat?
Mutsunokami: A boat! I'd love to get on one of those!
Vyrn: What are you guys doing? Hurry up and let's go!
Mutsunokami: Roger! I'm right behind ya! It's boat time!
Izuminokami: Sigh... Now's not the time to be goofing around.
Tsurumaru: Ha-ha! It'll be all right. Now let's go before we get left behind.
Mutsunokami: This is unbelievable!
Izuminokami: Not the ocean, but the sky! A ship that floats through the air...
Izuminokami: Now that's a real surprise!
Tsurumaru: C'mon now, Izuminokami. Don't steal my catchphrase.
The young men stare wide-eyed at the endless blue sky and the giant airship built to fly through it.
Yamanbagiri: There's no other way to say it... I'm surprised.
Tsurumaru: Yamanbagiri! Not you too!
Honebami: Ah... I've never seen anything like this before. It's indeed surprising.
Tsurumaru: Honebami!
Mutsunokami: Ha-ha-ha! If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Just admit that you're surprised too.
Tsurumaru: Oh, I am. And I've had my fill of surprises for now...
Tsurumaru: I never thought I'd be seeing something so wondrous in a land like this.
Yamanbagiri: Exactly... And now the idea that maybe we've come to another world is starting to sound reasonable.
Izuminokami: I guess so. But there's lots we haven't figured out yet, so we've got to learn more...
Vyrn: Hey, guys! You seem pretty excited about the airship. Is it a rare sight for ya?
Izuminokami: Ah, perfect timing. Let's start with you.
Vyrn: Huh? With me?
Izuminokami: What are you? I've never seen such a curious-looking creature.
Vyrn: What am I?
Vyrn: I'm a dragon—plain and simple!
Yamanbagiri: A dragon?
Mutsunokami: Hold on! Are you kiddin' me? A dragon is one of those flyin' lizards I saw in a myth book once!
Yamanbagiri: And that's what... he's supposed to be?
Vyrn: Hey, don't give me that look! And I definitely ain't a lizard!
Yamanbagiri: No, I don't mean to doubt you. It's just that you look... different from what I imagined.
Mutsunokami: I thought so, too, but the real thing is much more amazin'! I'll never get another chance like this!
Vyrn: Wh-what do you want!
Mutsunokami: Say, do you mind if I get a closer look? Wow, take a gander at these wings!
Vyrn: H-hey!
Mutsunokami: Are you a baby dragon or somethin'? Are ya gonna get any bigger?
Mutsunokami: Whoa! Are these the horns?
Vyrn: Aaah! Cut it out!
Izuminokami: Leave him alone, Mutsunokami. You're terrorizing him!
Mutsunokami: Come on! You sayin' you're not curious about dragons?
Izuminokami: I'm saying that I don't want you roughing up little animals! I'm worried you'll squash it.
Vyrn: Don't call me little! I'm tougher than I look!
Mutsunokami: Oh, yeah? Then let me see those wings again...
Vyrn: Quit it already!
Vyrn: Don't just stand there and laugh, (Captain)! Say something!
Lyria: Vyrn? Why are you yelling?
Vyrn: Lyria! You gotta do somethin' about these guys!
Lyria: Huh? What's going on?
Izuminokami: There's lots we don't understand, so we've just been talking to your creature-friend here.
Izuminokami: So I think it's all right for you to speak up now too. What do you say, Konnosuke?
Konnosuke: Sure, I don't mind.
Lyria: Wow! Your puppy can talk too!
Konnosuke: I'm not a puppy! I'm a fox...
Konnosuke: Well, I'm actually a pipe fox, but—
Lyria: You're a fox! Could you tell me your name?
Konnosuke: You can call me Konnosuke.
Mutsunokami: Say, I was hopin' to learn a little more about this airship you got, which is way more interestin' than this thing...
Vyrn & Konnosuke: Hey! Don't call me a thing!
Tsurumaru: Look at that! These two seem to have a connection.
Yamanbagiri: Hey, guys! Get it together. This isn't the time to be messing around!
Mutsunokami: No need to shout there, Yamanbagiri.
Mutsunokami: The airship won't fly any faster just 'cause we decided to get serious.
Yamanbagiri: That's not what I meant!
Mutsunokami: Now, now, come on over here! The sky's a beaut to see!
Yamanbagiri: Wha—
Yamanbagiri: Let go of me!
The Grandcypher flies toward its destination as a flurry of voices echoes excitedly throughout the deck.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 2: The First Strike - Episode 3

A little ways back in time, Mikazuki happens upon a foundry, remarking that the warmth of the hearth and the ring of the hammer are soothing. He praises one of the swords there, saying it may one day have a soul harbored within it. Before long Mikazuki finds himself taking a stand against something sinister.

Just a little ways back in time...
???: Oh! A foundry...
???: The heat of the hearth and the ring of a hammer... Quite soothing indeed.
???: This is your handiwork, yes?
???: It's an excellent sword. I can feel the liveliness of the power within it.
???: It's been newly forged, but one day it may harbor its very own soul.
???: The two of you should stay put right there...
???: This guy is too much for either of you to handle.
???: Oh, dear... Now this is unusual...

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 2: The First Strike - Episode 4

The Touken Danshi are still marveling at the airship. As the airship approaches its destination, the Time Retrograde Army begins appearing from a temporal distortion in the sky. The Touken Danshi tell the crew to stay back, but (Captain) insists on joining the fight.

The deck of the Grandcypher is still abuzz with excitement as (Captain) and the crew, along with the Touken Danshi unit, make their way to the village.
Yamanbagiri: I said let me go!
Mutsunokami: What's wrong? Don't tell me you're scared!
Yamanbagiri: I'm not... It's just that you'll rip my cape with all that pulling...
Mutsunokami: Is that it?
Izuminokami: Oy, keep it down! You're running around like little children!
Mutsunokami: By the way, Izuminokami, what's got ya standin' so still?
Izuminokami: Huh? I don't know what you're talking about...
Mutsunokami: Aw, I was just thinkin' that you might be afraid of heights!
Izuminokami: What? Who's afraid of heights? Not me!
Mutsunokami: Are ya sure?
Mutsunokami: Then how about you come over here and we get an eyeful of this incredible sky!
Izuminokami: Why do I have to prove anything to you? Besides, right now, I'm, uh...
Mutsunokami: Ah... I knew you were a scaredy-cat.
Izuminokami: I told you I'm not! I just want to be cautious around all this new stuff we're trying to figure out!
Mutsunokami: Still sounds like you're scared to me. Yamanbagiri's no different.
Yamanbagiri: Hey. I never said I was scared either.
Tsurumaru: Look at that! We're so close to the clouds now! You can practically reach out and touch them.
Yamanbagiri: Who cares!
Vyrn: Oh, boy... These guys are a riot.
Lyria: But I think they're having fun still.
By the way...
Honebami: ...?
Lyria: What's your name?
Honebami: Honebami Toushirou.
Lyria: Honebami, don't you want to hang out with your friends?
Honebami: No thanks...
Honebami takes a glance at the others shouting at each other nearby before shaking his head.
Honebami: That's one skirmish I'd prefer to avoid.
Lyria: Heh-heh, I see...
Vyrn: Hey, come and look! We're almost to the other side of the island!
Vyrn is excited to announce their arrival, but another voice shouts out in alarm.
Konnosuke: Hold on a second!
Konnosuke stares up into the sky.
Konnosuke: There's a temporal distortion!
Izuminokami: What! That can only mean one thing...
Retrograde Army: ...?
Yamanbagiri: The Time Retrograde Army!
Mutsunokami: You sayin' that they found their way here?
Vyrn: Who are these guys?
Lyria: I've never seen monsters like that!
Vyrn: All right, let's get 'em, (Captain)!
Nodding at Vyrn, (Captain) brandishes a weapon.
Izuminokami: Oy! What are you doing?
Vyrn: What do you mean? We've gotta fight!
Izuminokami: Just stay back! We'll handle this ourselves!
Lyria: But we can help too!
Lyria: Eek!
Lyria: (Captain)!
(Captain) destroys the Retrograde Army monster that popped up behind Lyria.
Lyria: Thanks, (Captain). I'll be more careful...
Mutsunokami: It's gettin' sticky here, little lady. So just hang back for a while!
Vyrn: No way! We're fighting with you! (Captain) might not look like much, but—
Izuminokami: I said stay back!
Tsurumaru: Whoa, there! Now's not the time for bickering about it.
Retrograde Army: ...!
Izuminokami: Fine... So let's do it!

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 3: Pieces to the Puzzle - Episode 1

Vyrn becomes curious about who the Touken Danshi really are, but Izuminokami only says that they've come from a faraway place. They all arrive at the village, but the villagers seem to be avoiding them. Suddenly a monster begins to attack.

Mutsunokami: Whew... Looks like we got 'em all. Never thought we'd be runnin' into the Retrograde Army here...
Lyria: Is everyone all right?
Lyria runs toward the others, but something lurks behind her.
Honebami: Look out!
Lyria: Huh?
Retrograde Army: ...!
Yamanbagiri: No!
Lyria: Eek!
Izuminokami: Take that!
Izuminokami: Whew...
Mutsunokami: One left over, huh? That was close.
Lyria: I'm sorry! I just...
Lyria: Oh no! Your arm is bleeding, Yamanbagiri!
Yamanbagiri: It's just a scratch. No big deal.
Vyrn: It is a big deal! We've got to hurry and treat it!
Yamanbagiri: Don't bother.
Lyria: You shouldn't say that...
Yamanbagiri: Truth is, I'd rather be bloody.
Lyria: Sorry?
Tsurumaru: You know, it's a nice gesture after all. So we'll go ahead and borrow a cloth to wrap it up.
Lyria: Okay! I'll be right back with one!
Yamanbagiri: ...
Vyrn: I've been scratchin' my head, but can't figure it out... Who are you guys exactly?
Tsurumaru: Who are we?
Vyrn: Well, you guys are no strangers to battle... But if you've never seen an airship before, then you're no skyfarers either.
Vyrn: On top of that, you seem to know about those attackers back there, but we've never seen anything like that...
Izuminokami: We've come from a faraway place. That's why.
Vyrn: Oh, yeah? Then it figures you're pretty worried about your friend going missing all the way out here.
Izuminokami: Right. I hope we can find him soon...
Izuminokami: So this is the village we've been looking for?
Lyria: It's supposed to be, at least...
Mutsunokami: Is it me? Or does this place seem a little gloomy?
Villager 1: ...
Villager 2: ...
Yamanbagiri: Are they avoiding us?
Lyria: Excuse me!
Villager 1: ...!
Tsurumaru: That's the best welcome we've gotten so far.
Vyrn: Did we rub them the wrong way or something?
Everyone is perplexed by the behavior of the villagers. Just then, a scream erupts through the air.
Villager 2: Aaah!
Monster: Groarrr!
Vyrn: It's a monster! We've got trouble!
Mutsunokami: What's that thing supposed to be!
Honebami: Some sort of beast?
Vyrn: Time to go, (Captain)!
Izuminokami: Oy! Wait up!
Good grief... I can't keep up with all this!

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 3: Pieces to the Puzzle - Episode 2

After being rescued from the monster attack, a villager seems willing to talk. But once it's explained that they're looking for the blacksmith, the villager refuses to answer and runs off. Suddenly they're approached by a stranger who asks if they're friends of Mikazuki.

The monster is defeated, but the Touken Danshi share a puzzled expression on their faces.
Mutsunokami: That was bananas... What was that thing anyway?
Vyrn: What do you mean? It looked like an ordinary monster to me.
Tsurumaru: A monster... Like a type of demon?
Vyrn: Aren't there monsters where you're from?
Izuminokami: No. That's the first one I've seen.
Mutsunokami: Do ya think they're like the Retrograde Army creeps or somethin'?
Konnosuke: They're entirely different. I don't see a record about monsters in the database.
Izuminokami: I guess we really are in another world...
Vyrn: Hm? What's that you say?
Izuminokami: Nothing... Anyway, you folks fight these things a lot?
Vyrn: Well, we're skyfarers after all! We're always getting missions to fight monsters.
Izuminokami: I see. That's why you're so good at it.
Villager 1: Pardon me...
Lyria: Huh? You mean us?
Vyrn: Are you a villager here?
Villager 1: Yes, I am.
Villager 1: I just... wanted to thank you. For rescuing me.
Lyria: It's no problem!
Lyria: Are you hurt?
Villager 1: No, I'm fine. But you're not from around here, are you? What's the reason for your visit?
Lyria: Well, we're looking for someone. Do you know the blacksmith?
Villager 1: The blacksmith?
Vyrn: He lives in the mountains with his own workshop. We heard he comes to this village a lot too.
Villager 1: I don't know who you're talking about!
Lyria: Huh? But he—
Villager 1: Thank you for getting rid of that monster, but I've nothing else to say to you!
Izuminokami: Wait!
Izuminokami: Please tell us anything you know—anything you know at all!
Izuminokami: Our friend's gone missing. And it might have something to do with the blacksmith.
Mutsunokami: We could really use any tidbit of info you've got.
Izuminokami: Please!
Villager 1: Hm...
Izuminokami bows his head in hopes of swaying the villager, which seems to work at first.
But the villager ultimately refuses.
Villager 1: Forget it! I've nothing to say to you!
Villager 1: Just get out of here. I won't be a part of any misfortune!
Vyrn: Well, that was helpful...
Izuminokami: Curses!
Mutsunokami: Hm... Guess we reached another dead end.
Tsurumaru: The villagers here have a strange attitude. It's reasonable to think that something happened here, no?
Yamanbagiri: You're right. And if we could figure that out somehow...
???: Hello there...
Everyone turns toward the timid voice calling out to them.
???: Sorry to bother you, but...
Vyrn: Hm? What is it?
???: Are you folks friends of a guy named Mikazuki Munechika?
Izuminokami: Wha—Mikazuki? Are you saying you know him?

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 3: Pieces to the Puzzle - Episode 3

The stranger, who turns out to be the blacksmith's apprentice, says that Mikazuki came to the workshop ten days ago. But after a powerful entity attacked them, both Mikazuki and the blacksmith disappeared. With a fearful voice, the apprentice says that the attacker might have been Amatsumaula, a god of metalcraft enshrined in the village's temple.

Tsurumaru: Whoa. Did you just say Mikazuki Munechika?
???: Yes. From the looks of you, I thought you might be friends of his...
Yamanbagiri: The guy you're talking about is likely our friend who's gone missing.
???: Ah! I knew it! I'm so glad I found you...
Izuminokami: What do you mean? Where did you see Mikazuki?
Apprentice: Well, I'm an apprentice of the blacksmith on the mountain.
Vyrn: That's the blacksmith we're looking for!
Mutsunokami: So you're his apprentice...
Apprentice: And you're looking for the blacksmith?
Vyrn: We came to this island to meet him...
Vyrn: But first, tell us what you know about Mikazuki! These guys are trying to find him.
Apprentice: Oh, that's right! About ten days ago, he just suddenly showed up at the workshop.
Apprentice: But the truth is, the blacksmith had been acting strangely for a while up until then.
Apprentice: He'd stopped eating and sleeping... He just kept forging and breaking weapons over and over like he was possessed.
Apprentice: But as soon as he saw Mikazuki, something must've lifted—he turned back into his normal self.
Yamanbagiri: Did you say ten days ago?
Apprentice: Yes, I think that's right...
Honebami: Mikazuki hasn't been missing for ten days though.
Konnosuke: I guess going through that portal must've caused a difference in elapsed time.
Tsurumaru: I see. That sounds about right.
Izuminokami: And so? Where is Mikazuki now?
Apprentice: Well...
The apprentice seems nervous as he continues to speak.
Apprentice: I don't know whether to call it a god or a demon... but he was attacked by something terrible.
Apprentice: I'm not sure what happened though... I'm really sorry!
Yamanbagiri: Apologizing doesn't get us anywhere. What are you trying to say?
Apprentice: I think Amatsumaula attacked him...
Apprentice: The blacksmith must've gotten into something he shouldn't have...
Lyria: Amatsumaula?
Apprentice: I'm so sorry. If I'd just stopped the blacksmith in time—
Vyrn: Just calm down!
Apprentice: But I honestly didn't know what to do...
Mutsunokami: Ah, well. Sometimes ya can't help it if ya panic!
Apprentice: Yeah... I guess.
The man lifts his gaze as Mutsunokami places a hand on his shoulder.
Mutsunokami: And I bet it was mighty scary.
Mutsunokami: But it's all right now. There's nothin' to worry about—we're tough enough to help!
Apprentice: Thanks...
Mutsunokami: All right!
Mutsunokami: Now, let's cut to the chase... Who's this Amatsumaula guy?
Apprentice: Amatsumaula is a god enshrined here in this village.
Izuminokami: Sounds like the god of metalcraft that the shopkeep mentioned.
Apprentice: Long before Mikazuki came, it was discovered that the blacksmith had snuck into the temple.
Lyria: The temple built for Amatsumaula?
Apprentice: Right. It was a little after that when he started acting strange.
Tsurumaru: Wow... I guess he was starting to feel the wrath of the gods.
Apprentice: On top of that, the villagers here got pretty angry with him.
Yamanbagiri: I see. That explains their attitudes toward strangers...
Apprentice: There's more though. Ever since then weird and unfamiliar monsters have been popping up around the village.
Lyria: Weird monsters? Different from the one we just fought?
Apprentice: I think so. The villagers say they look like skeleton snakes carrying swords between their teeth.
Yamanbagiri: Hey, that's the...
Honebami: Time Retrograde Army.
Vyrn: The time army you're talking about is what we saw back on the airship, right?
Mutsunokami: You got it.
Tsurumaru: Sounds like all the pieces are starting to come together.
Izuminokami: But we've still got a messy puzzle to solve...
With a troubled look on his face, Izuminokami absently grips the sword hanging at his side.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 3: Pieces to the Puzzle - Episode 4

Lyria suggests visiting the temple to see if Amatsumaula might be a primal beast, but the apprentice advises against it as the villagers are wary of outsiders. The Touken Danshi devise a plan to sneak in, but they—along with Lyria—suddenly sense a primal beast outside the village.

Izuminokami: To recap, you all were attacked by something at the workshop, and then both the blacksmith and Mikazuki disappeared.
Apprentice: Right. All I could do was run...
Izuminokami: Don't beat yourself up about it. Running was the right thing to do.
Izuminokami: So now you're thinking that what attacked you was the god enshrined in this village.
Apprentice: Yeah...
Mutsunokami: Don't forget that the Retrograde Army might have somethin' to do with all this. These twists and turns are makin' my head spin...
Lyria: Well, do you think it could be a primal beast?
Vyrn: That's right! The village god could turn out to be a primal—it's not unheard of!
Yamanbagiri: Primal beast? What's that?
Vyrn: Huh? You guys don't know what that is either?
Lyria: A primal beast is super powerful, and...
Vyrn: Hm... To put it simply, it's even more dangerous than your typical monster sometimes.
Mutsunokami: By typical monster, you're referring to the brutes who attacked us just now?
Tsurumaru: Ha-ha... A primal beast sounds quite formidable!
Lyria: So, do you think we could get a look at the temple here in the village?
Apprentice: I doubt it... The villagers have been on edge since the incident.
Lyria: I see...
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria. Do you sense a primal around here?
Lyria: No, not in the village. I just thought that we might find out something if we saw the temple...
Izuminokami: We could wait for nightfall...
Mutsunokami: Sounds like a plan to me.
Vyrn: Nightfall? What's gonna happen at night?
Izuminokami: We can sneak into the temple while it's dark.
Lyria: What!
Lyria: We can't just sneak inside...
Mutsunokami: Shhh! Don't say it too loud!
Lyria: S-sorry!
Vyrn: I dunno. Going in there like a bunch of bandits can't be good...
Honebami: We've no intention of bringing harm to the village.
Lyria: Yeah, but the villagers don't know that...
Tsurumaru: It's the most efficient way to do it though. To avoid dealing with any misunderstandings.
Izuminokami: Besides, if this primal beast is as dangerous as you say, it'll do the village no good to sit around and do nothing.
Mutsunokami: Good point. Sometimes you're smarter than ya look, Captain!
Izuminokami: Oy! What's with that last part?
Yamanbagiri: Could you quit fighting for one second?
Vyrn: Hm... I guess these guys might have the right idea. But what do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Let's sneak in now!
  2. I guess we have no choice...

Choose: Let's sneak in now!
Vyrn: Hey! What're you saying? The villagers are already wary of us! We'll get caught!
Tsurumaru: Ha-ha-ha! You've got a lot of guts.
Honebami: Let's just wait until it's dark. I'll lead the way.

Choose: I guess we have no choice...
Yamanbagiri: If you don't like the idea, then don't force yourself to go along with it. We'll go alone.
Mutsunokami: That's right. We're grateful you got us this far anyway.
Lyria: No, I think it's best we all go together. If there really is a primal, then I'll be able to help you.
Continue 1
Apprentice: Well, I want to help you guys too.
Izuminokami: Help? You mean, to sneak into the temple?
Apprentice: Yeah. I know all about the village. I can show you a path to the temple's back entrance.
Vyrn: That's a big help! Are you sure you want to?
Apprentice: It's fine. If you're real friends of Mikazuki, then I know you won't bring any harm.
Apprentice: Besides, I want to do something for him...
Tsurumaru: You really think highly of Mikazuki, eh?
Apprentice: He's such a fascinating person. We don't look much different in age, but he's like something out of this world...
Apprentice: And as he watched the blacksmith and me hammering away at work, I could see a childlike sparkle in his eyes.
Yamanbagiri: In Mikazuki's eyes?
Apprentice: Yes. And he wasn't just interested in the blacksmith's crafts. He even complimented the small sword I'd made.
Apprentice: I've just got to find him. Both him and the blacksmith.
Izuminokami: I see... And we could use your help. Thanks a lot.
Apprentice: No problem. You can count on me!
Mutsunokami: All right! All we have to do is decide on a start time...
Lyria: ...!
Wait! I sense something...
Lyria: And it's a primal beast!
Vyrn: Really! Then it's nearby?
Honebami: I sense something too...
Izuminokami: Yeah. Something familiar.
Mutsunokami: No mistake. It's the same thing we felt back when Mikazuki disappeared.
For once, it's not only Lyria who senses the presence of something powerful as an uneasiness settles into the air.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 4: The Rescue - Episode 1

The Touken Danshi run off in search of the primal beast to stop it from attacking the village. (Captain) and the crew follow after them but take some time to catch up. When they do, they find the Touken Danshi surrounding a man and demanding to know how he got Mikazuki's sword.

Vyrn: Does this mean you guys can sense primal beasts too?
(Captain) and Vyrn are unable to hide their surprise at learning that the Touken Danshi can sense what Lyria senses.
Izuminokami: I don't know if it's a primal beast or what, but I know the feeling I'm getting.
Yamanbagiri: I wasn't there when Mikazuki disappeared, but I do sense something strange in the air.
Honebami: It's coming from... over there.
Honebami points toward a mountain beyond the village, and his comrades nod in agreement.
Lyria: I'm sensing a primal beast in that direction too. It seems to be far away from the village though...
Mutsunokami: Now's not the time for thinkin'.
Izuminokami: Exactly. Let's move!
Vyrn: Hey! Are you just gonna run off after it?
Tsurumaru: Of course we are. Primal beasts are a danger to others, right?
Yamanbagiri: And it's still a distance from the village. There's time to stop it.
Lyria: He's right... If they attack now, then the village will be out of danger.
Vyrn: Well, yeah, but we don't know what kind of primal we're up against.
Lyria: I guess it's about more than finding their friend; they want to help the villagers too.
Vyrn: That's the only explanation I can see. They're a pretty brave bunch!
(Captain) nods in answer before taking off after the Touken Danshi.
Vyrn: Pant... Pant...
Vyrn: Where'd they go exactly?
Lyria: Oh, boy... We just can't catch up to them!
Vyrn: They're so fast! What are they—timber wolves or something?
Lyria: Pant... Pant... I'm too tired...
Vyrn: Hey! Look! I think I see them over there!
Their backs are turned, but Vyrn can see the Touken Danshi a short distance away through the trees.
Vyrn: We finally found you!
Mutsunokami: ...
Honebami: ...
Lyria: Huh? Everyone's just standing around... What's wrong?
Vyrn: Doesn't look like they were doing us a favor and waiting either...
Vyrn: Hm? Looks like they're staring at some old man.
???: ...
Lyria: Something seems off about him though.
Vyrn: Speaking of off, something's odd about the guys too!
Tsurumaru: Well... What a surprise.
Yamanbagiri: Tell us why...
The Touken Danshi have surrounded the strange man, but their expressions are fearful.
???: ...
The man's stare is vacant as he clutches a long, brilliant sword to his chest.
Izuminokami: How did you do it...
Izuminokami: How did you get your hands on Mikazuki!

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 4: The Rescue - Episode 2

The Touken Danshi knock out the man, who appears to be the blacksmith, and recover Mikazuki's sword. Before long the primal beast Amatsumaula appears, and Konnosuke detects Mikazuki inside the monster.

Izuminokami: Tell us why you have Mikazuki!
Vyrn: Whoa! What's he saying? Have Mikazuki... Does he mean the sword?
Honebami turns his head.
Honebami: Oh, you guys made it here.
Lyria: What's going on?
Lyria: Is Mikazuki a sword and not a person?
Konnosuke: The sword that man is holding is Mikazuki's.
Vyrn: Oh, I get it. But that man isn't Mikazuki, right?
Honebami: Wrong.
Vyrn: What's that supposed to mean! Is he the primal beast then?
Lyria: He's giving off something close to primal power, but he's not a primal. He's a regular person.
Vyrn: Hm... But all this means something happened to your friend Mikazuki, right?
Tsurumaru: Can't say for sure, but we can't stand around like this forever either... Izuminokami.
Izuminokami: Right. We're taking it back.
Mutsunokami: Here we go!
Mutsunokami: Don't try anything funny.
Tsurumaru: It's all right. We'll just be taking this sword off your hands.
???: Agh...
???: Aghhhhhhhh!
Mutsunokami: Whoa! What's he doing? He's gone crazy all of a sudden!
Yamanbagiri: That's enough!
Yamanbagiri: Haa!
???: Nghh...
Yamanbagiri: Whew...
Tsurumaru: Wow... You can be surprisingly rough, Yamanbagiri.
Yamanbagiri: It's not like I hurt him.
Tsurumaru: But you knocked him out cold... Ah, well.
Tsurumaru: Now then... Konnosuke?
Konnosuke: On it! Scan says... it's definitely Mikazuki Munechika.
Tsurumaru: No mistaking it, huh?
Izuminokami: How can his sword be here, but he's still missing! Where could he have gone?
Mutsunokami: If he's without a sword, then it's got to be bad news...
Lyria: By the way, do we know who this person is?
Lyria points to the man lying on the ground.
Izuminokami: Just a guess, but he's probably the blacksmith.
Vyrn: Whoa! Are you serious?
Vyrn: How can you even tell?
Izuminokami: I can't really explain it...
Honebami: But we feel iron and heat coming from him.
Vyrn: You feel iron and heat? I don't get it.
Vyrn: How about you, Lyria?
Lyria: Nope, me neither...
Lyria: Do you get it, (Captain)?
  1. Let me take a quick whiff...
  2. Beats me...

Choose: Let me take a quick whiff...
Yamanbagiri: Forget it... It's not a smell.

Choose: Beats me...
Tsurumaru: There's no other way to say it. It's just something we recognize.
Continue 1
Izuminokami: Anyway, we've got ourselves a big clue now. We can ask him all sorts of things when he wakes up.
Mutsunokami: But he might be asleep for a while thanks to Yamanbagiri.
Yamanbagiri: I had to do it...
Izuminokami: Enough about that. Right now we need to—
Honebami: Wait.
Lyria: I sense a primal beast! And it's making its way here quick!
Mutsunokami: Well that's pretty sudden!
Izuminokami: Here it comes!
???: Groarrr!
Yamanbagiri: So this is a primal beast...
Izuminokami: And it looks like it's ready to go all out!
Mutsunokami: Might as well give him the fight he's lookin' for!
Konnosuke: Ah! Wait a minute!
Mutsunokami: Come on, Konnosuke! What is it now?
Konnosuke: It's faint, but I'm detecting Mikazuki!
Yamanbagiri: What! Where?
Konnosuke: Actually... he's inside this thing you call the primal beast!
Izuminokami: Say what?

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 4: The Rescue - Episode 3

The Touken Danshi are careful to battle the primal beast, since Mikazuki is detected within it. As the battle continues, the Touken Danshi—save Yamanbagiri—become unable to move. Lyria decides to use her powers to hold back the primal.

Izuminokami: Mikazuki is inside that thing? How is that even possible!
???: Groarrr!
Konnosuke: I can't say, but I know he's there!
Lyria: Maybe he got swallowed up by it somehow.
Mutsunokami: What's that mean? Can that even happen?
Vyrn: We don't know anything about this primal, so it's hard to say...
Tsurumaru: Which means that it's not impossible, huh? For now, we need to just—
???: Groarrr!
Tsurumaru: Whoa!
Tsurumaru: Looks like he's out of patience!
???: Grrr!
Mutsunokami: Yikes!
Mutsunokami: I think we're done talkin'! Can we fight back now?
Yamanbagiri: But what about Mikazuki?
Izuminokami: Blast it! What are we supposed to do!
???: Groarrr!
Izuminokami: There we go! A block is as good as a counter...
Izuminokami: Nghh!
Shaken by the force of the primal's attack as it resonates through his blade, Izuminokami begins to stumble.
Honebami: Hah!
???: Grrr...
Izuminokami: Agh!
Honebami attacks the primal, distracting it long enough for Izuminokami to retreat.
Mutsunokami: What're we supposed to do against hits like that!
Izuminokami: My strength...
Honebami: Ugh...
???: Groarrr!
Tsurumaru: Honebami!
Honebami falls to his knees, but Tsurumaru jumps in between him and the primal beast. However, he's unprepared for what happens next.
Tsurumaru: Ah!
Tsurumaru gasps as his strength is suddenly drained from his body.
Mutsunokami: It got Tsurumaru too? What's goin' on here?
Mutsunokami: Whoa!
Yamanbagiri: Hey! What are you guys doing!
Yamanbagiri is rattled to find that his friends have all fallen to their knees.
Izuminokami: I don't know... But I can't move!
Mutsunokami: Ugh... What's it doin' to me?
Tsurumaru: This was a surprise... It's like all my power left me through the sword in my hand.
Yamanbagiri: What are you talking about!
Mutsunokami: Yamanbagiri, you sayin' you don't feel it?
Yamanbagiri: No, I just...
???: Groarrr!
Yamanbagiri: Nghh!
Izuminokami: Yamanbagiri!
Yamanbagiri: I'm fine! My legs feel a little heavy, but I can still move!
Vyrn: (Captain), that thing's not affecting you, right?
(Captain) nods, sidestepping the primal's attacks.
Mutsunokami: What's all this mean! How come (Captain) and Yamanbagiri are the only ones who can move?
Yamanbagiri: Now's not the time to worry about that!
Tsurumaru: He's right. It's not like we can fight back without knowing what will happen to Mikazuki.
Yamanbagiri: Curses...
Izuminokami: But if we don't do something, we'll all be knocked out. We need to slow it down...
Lyria: I'll do it!
Yamanbagiri: No! It's too dangerous!
Lyria: But I can try holding back the primal.
Vyrn: That's right! We've got Lyria...
Izuminokami: What do you mean? Is that even possible?
Vyrn: Lyria has a mysterious power that she can use against primal beasts.
Lyria: I might even be able to find out something about Mikazuki...
Lyria: I'll give it a try!
Lyria: So just hold on a little longer, everyone!
(Captain) nods at Lyria before getting back into a battle stance.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 4: The Rescue - Episode 4

After Lyria brings Amatsumaula to a halt, Yamanbagiri attempts to call out to Mikazuki using the sword recovered from the blacksmith. Mikazuki responds to the call, giving Yamanbagiri and (Captain) strength enough to overcome the primal.

Lyria: ...
With most of the Touken Danshi unable to move, Lyria focuses her concentration on the primal beast.
Lyria: Nghh...
???: Grrr... Groarrr!
Vyrn: The primal looks like it's taking a hit!
Izuminokami: It's stopped moving!
Mutsunokami: Is that her doin'?
Lyria: Nghh...
Konnosuke: Ah! Mikazuki's force is getting stronger!
Lyria: I sense something... from within the primal beast. I think it's Mikazuki...
Honebami: Is he really inside that thing?
???: Grrr...
Lyria: Agh...
Vyrn: Lyria! Are you okay?
Lyria: I'm all r-right! But the primal is stronger than I thought...
???: Groarrr!
Lyria: Eep! I can't hold it off for very long!
Vyrn: Gimme a break! What are we supposed to do then?
(Captain) protects Lyria as the primal beast begins its rampage once again, but even the young captain is starting to grow worried.
Yamanbagiri: ...!
Yamanbagiri grabs the sword that was taken from the blacksmith and turns to face the primal. His gaze is sharp and unwavering.
Yamanbagiri: As long as we have this sword, then your soul... your heart is still within reach.
Yamanbagiri: Mikazuki! Are you there? How long do you plan on sitting around!
???: Hm... Not much longer, I suppose.
Izuminokami: Oy! Did you hear that just now?
Yamanbagiri: Mikazuki! Is that you?
???: I'll try to hang on a little more. Sorry, but I'll need you to take care of things over there.
Vyrn: Was that your friend Mikazuki? And how are we supposed to fight this thing?
Yamanbagiri: (Captain), I need a favor. Please help me to fight.
Yamanbagiri's expression is grave as his eyes meet (Captain)'s.
Yamanbagiri: I'm the only one in this unit who can move... So I need your strength to win this battle.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! Relax! We were gonna help you from the beginning, right, (Captain)?
Yamanbagiri: I see... If that's the case...
Yamanbagiri: Then here we go!

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - A Moment's Reprieve

Though Mikazuki is freed, the primal beast escapes. The blacksmith awakens and elaborates on how Mikazuki got caught up in the mess. The swordsman says he believes protecting people in need of help is the right thing to do regardless of the world they're in.

Amatsumaula: Groarr!
Vyrn: Did we do it?
???: Ha-ha-ha. I should say you did.
Mikazuki: Hm... It's nice to be outside again.
Izuminokami: Mikazuki!
Mikazuki: Oh! You all look to be faring well.
Yamanbagiri: What about any of this looks well to you!
Yamanbagiri: Besides, we're not done yet...
Amatsumaula: Grrr...
Mutsunokami: Whoa! It just ran away!
Tsurumaru: Chasing after it now wouldn't be such a good idea, I suppose?
Izuminokami: Right... We were powerless against that thing. It's dangerous to go after it without a plan.
Mikazuki: Does that mean it's all over then?
Yamanbagiri: What is it with you... Here.
Yamanbagiri sighs as he hands Mikazuki the sword he'd lost.
Yamanbagiri: Hold on to it this time.
Mikazuki: Right. Thanks!
Izuminokami: It's a relief we found you unharmed, at least.
Mikazuki: Mm. I guess I caused you a bit of trouble.
Honebami: Did anything else happen to you?
Mikazuki: Let's see... Nothing strange in particular, I suppose.
Mutsunokami: Well, at least you're safe now!
Mikazuki: Ha-ha-ha. Thanks to all of you! And you as well...
Mikazuki slowly turns to face (Captain).
Mikazuki: You risked a great deal for me back there... You have my thanks.
Vyrn: Ha-ha! It was no biggie! Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: I'm just glad we found you safe and sound!
Just then, they hear something stirring nearby.
Blacksmith: Nghh... Where am I?
Lyria: Oh... The man is awake!
Mutsunokami: Is he now? Great news, huh, Yamanbagiri?
Yamanbagiri: Humph...
Vyrn: You all right?
Blacksmith: Yeah... But what happened to me?
Mikazuki: I'm relieved to see you're uninjured.
Blacksmith: Mikazuki! Are you hurt?
Mikazuki: Not at all, as you can see.
Izuminokami: Oy, Mikazuki. Why don't you tell us what happened already?
Tsurumaru: Yeah. We're glad you're okay and all, but how'd you get inside that primal beast?
Mikazuki: Primal... beast?
Honebami: The creature we fought just now.
Mikazuki: Oh, so that's a primal beast, you say?
Yamanbagiri: Well, what happened?
Mikazuki: Nothing really. He appeared before me, and suddenly I couldn't move.
Izuminokami: So it happened to you too...
Mikazuki: Yes. And that's how I ended up in a bit of a fix.
Blacksmith: No, that's not how it happened!
Mutsunokami: Hm? What do ya mean?
Blacksmith: Mikazuki was protecting me and my apprentice. He tried to defend us...
Mikazuki: Even so, it doesn't change the fact that I couldn't.
Blacksmith: But...
Izuminokami: Ah... I've heard enough. I think I've got it figured out now.
Tsurumaru: I see... But the thing is, Mikazuki...
Mikazuki: What's that, Tsurumaru?
Tsurumaru: It looks like this world is on a timeline separate from the one we have to protect.
Mikazuki: So it would seem.
Tsurumaru: If you knew already, then was it really necessary to do what you did?
Mikazuki smiles calmly before answering.
Mikazuki: Our mission is to protect history.
Tsurumaru: Yeah, that's right.
Mikazuki: But history is the people who make it... So wouldn't our mission include protecting them?
Mikazuki: Even if it's a world outside our own, protecting people in need of help is always the right thing to do.
Mikazuki: At least, that's what I think!
Tsurumaru: Ha-ha-ha-ha! Couldn't have said it better myself!
Izuminokami: That's fine and all, but what's the deal with you losing your sword? That's pretty careless, don't you think?
Yamanbagiri: Actually, I wouldn't go so far as to say that.
Mutsunokami: What are you gettin' at?
Yamanbagiri: I was only guessing that Mikazuki would be able to come back as long as his sword still existed outside the beast. But I didn't know until I tried...
Mikazuki: Ha-ha-ha! It was a lucky guess indeed.
Yamanbagiri: It's no laughing matter.
Mikazuki: Sorry! But I did believe my sword would be safe if the blacksmith could get to it.
Tsurumaru: Whatever the case, in the end you just wanted to save them. Isn't that right?
Tsurumaru: I don't see a problem with that.
Mikazuki: Mm. I guess you're right.
Mutsunokami: Oh, then I think I'm startin' to understand how you felt too.
The Touken Danshi smile at each other, having discovered a connection in their desire to protect others.
But not everyone there is on the same page.
Vyrn: Say... Can I ask you guys a question?
Izuminokami: Sure. What is it?
Vyrn: So... who are you exactly? With the history and protection stuff?
Tsurumaru: Ha-ha-ha! It's a long story. We'll tell you next time.
Vyrn: Hey! No fair! Now I'm even more curious!
Mikazuki: Ha-ha-ha. All is indeed well.
Vyrn: What do you mean all is well? It's not well at all!
(Captain) can't help but smile as the air begins to fill with the warmth of gentle laughter.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 5: Forsaken Folklore - Episode 1

After learning that Konnosuke still can't contact their master, the Touken Danshi try to figure out a way home on their own. The primal beast appears to be the key to their return, but they must first determine how to fight—and defend—against it.

Izuminokami: Oy. Move that out of the way.
Mutsunokami: What are you thinkin'! Aren't you gonna take that back over there?
Izuminokami: What? That makes no sense. It clearly belongs on that side!
A lively argument echoes within a cottage on the mountain.
Mutsunokami: Ahhh! I've had it up to here! Your head's as thick as the soles of your stinkin' boots!
Izuminokami: Say that again!
Yamanbagiri: Hey. Quit fighting and get back to cleaning.
Honebami: Yamanbagiri, you're in my way.
Yamanbagiri: Sorry...
Tsurumaru: Say, wouldn't it be a better idea to just tear down the place and rebuild it again?
Yamanbagiri: Tsurumaru. Now's not the time to joke around.
Tsurumaru: Wait, I'm being totally serious. As shabby as it is, tidying up won't be of much help.
Mikazuki: Don't say that, Tsurumaru. I'd like to think of it as having its own unique charm.
Tsurumaru: Mikazuki. You've been sitting there the whole time and haven't helped once.
Mikazuki: Oh, I'm just taking a little break is all.
Tsurumaru: This house got turned upside down because of a primal beast or whatever, and I don't mind helping to clean it up...
Tsurumaru: But aren't you the main one who should be grateful after all this?
Mikazuki: Yes. And I'm so very grateful!
Yamanbagiri: Just give it up, Tsurumaru. He's a lost cause.
Tsurumaru: You said it...
Izuminokami: All right. I think we're done here.
A collective sigh can be heard as everyone takes a long look around the cottage.
Mikazuki: Oh! It looks quite tidy now!
Mutsunokami: In the end, you barely did anything to help though...
Vyrn: By the way, you guys said you came from some place pretty far away. So what are you gonna do now?
Lyria: Yeah. Now that you found your missing friend and all...
Tsurumaru: That's right...
Mutsunokami: I guess our next problem is figurin' out how to get back.
Izuminokami: We found Mikazuki, but the mission isn't a success until we can all return to the Citadel.
Yamanbagiri: Konnosuke, do you have any information that can help?
Konnosuke: Well, I still can't contact our master. So we might have to find a way back ourselves...
Honebami: Do we even know if there's a way for sure?
Mikazuki: Well, we made it here somehow. Surely there's a way to go back.
Yamanbagiri: I don't think it's going to be that easy though...
Tsurumaru: But Konnosuke has a point. There's no harm in trying something.
Konnosuke: Everyone seemed to have felt the presence of the primal beast back in our world. So it must be the key to returning there.
Mutsunokami: Which means we gotta come face-to-face with it again, huh?
Tsurumaru: But the last time we saw it, we couldn't muster enough strength to fight it.
Izuminokami: Fight it? We could hardly even defend against it.
Izuminokami clenches his fists in frustration.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 5: Forsaken Folklore - Episode 2

Since more information is needed about Amatsumaula, it's decided that the blacksmith and his apprentice, hammering away in the workshop next door, should be paid a visit.

Mutsunokami: Fightin' that thing was a nuisance. Any ideas on what to do?
Lyria: Well, (Captain) and I were able to move!
Lyria: And I can try holding it back again...
Izuminokami: You were able to move too, right, Yamanbagiri?
Yamanbagiri: Right. But honestly, I was far off from my usual speed. I'm not sure if I can take it down like that...
Vyrn: By the way, wasn't that primal beast supposed to be sealed once in the village temple?
Vyrn: Can't we try sealing it up again?
Tsurumaru: I see. It sounds like it could work.
Izuminokami: But we don't know anything about primal beasts. And much less about sealing them up.
Izuminokami: So, how about it, Lyria? Can it be done?
Lyria: I don't know for sure... But if there's a way, I think the temple could give us a clue.
Vyrn: Makes sense to me. And if we can lure the primal beast to the temple...
Konnosuke: I think I have an idea.
Izuminokami: What is it, Konnosuke?
Konnosuke: I see we're going to need more information about the temple as well as this primal beast.
Konnosuke: So how about we ask the blacksmith to tell us more about it?
Mutsunokami: I see. That's just the thing to do! We can't fight it without knowin' what it is!
Izuminokami: I'd like to go and ask him and his apprentice right now, but I don't see them anywhere.
Lyria: I just saw them outside...
Just then, the sound of metal being hammered reaches the ears of everyone in the cottage.
Mutsunokami: That sound...
Blacksmith: Look! Now this side's wider than the other!
Apprentice: Sorry!
In the workshop they find the blacksmith and his apprentice covered in sweat and hammering away.
Blacksmith: Come on! There's no power in your swing!
Apprentice: Sorry, sir!
Mikazuki: Hm... Looks like they're in the middle of forging something.
Blacksmith: Oh? What brings you all out here?
Lyria: We're sorry. We didn't mean to bother you...
Blacksmith: Aw, it's no bother! And it's a good time to take a break. Come on over.
Tsurumaru: Thanks a lot. When we first came, there wasn't even a fire in the hearth, but I've been curious to see how you work.
They all take a few steps into the workshop, now alive with a blazing fire, two skilled craftsmen, and everything in its place.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 5: Forsaken Folklore - Episode 3

The blacksmith explains that Amatsumaula is a god of metalcraft and has had a hand in all weapons forged in the skies. Konnosuke thinks this may be why the Touken Danshi lost mobility while fighting the primal. Mikazuki adds that Yamanbagiri likely kept his mobility because, unlike the other Touken Danshi, it was his first encounter with Amatsumaula.

Apprentice: I'll be right back. Gonna get some water from the well.
As the apprentice leaves, the blacksmith approaches the others.
Vyrn: We came because we have something to ask you.
Izuminokami: In regards to that primal beast... we were hoping you could tell us what you know about the god enshrined in that village.
Blacksmith: You mean, about Amatsumaula? I'll tell you all that I know.
Mutsunokami: Thanks! That'd be a big help.
Blacksmith: As you might know, Amatsumaula is the god of metalcraft.
Blacksmith: It's said that Amatsumaula has had a hand in all weapons ever forged in the sky realm.
Lyria: All weapons ever forged...
Blacksmith: We blacksmiths pray to Amatsumaula so that it will continue to lend us power in the creation of weapons.
Blacksmith: That's the belief here on this island.
Konnosuke: I see. And if the folklore surrounding it is true...
Konnosuke: Then it might have something to do with how your movement was confined when you stood before the primal beast.
Konnosuke: If that primal beast is a god who's helped to create all weapons, then it could have the power to weaken Touken Danshi who are weapons themselves...
Konnosuke: It seems quite probable.
Mutsunokami: If that's the case, how come Yamanbagiri was movin' around?
Yamanbagiri: Maybe because I'm a replica...
Izuminokami: Does that even matter?
Mikazuki: I wonder if it could be that Yamanbagiri had never come into contact with it before...
Yamanbagiri: What?
Mikazuki: The first time we sensed its presence in our world, Yamanbagiri wasn't there.
Honebami: You mean, that time you disappeared?
Mikazuki: Exactly. It's possible that in that moment, it formed some sort of link with all of us there.
Mikazuki: A link strong enough to bring me into this world.
Yamanbagiri: I guess that's possible...
Tsurumaru: Well, setting that aside for a moment... Do you have anything else you can tell us about this thing?
Blacksmith: Let's see... There's a story about Amatsumaula before it was enshrined in the village.
Tsurumaru: And what story is that?
Blacksmith: Amatsumaula helped create all sorts of weapons, but at some point it became warped...
Blacksmith: It wandered in search of the weapons it birthed and attacked people—especially the strongest warriors wielding mighty weapons.
Apprentice: And then to quell its anger and remind it of its true purpose, it was enshrined at the village as the god of metalcraft.
Blacksmith: Oh, you're back! And yes, that's how the story goes.
Apprentice: I've heard that legend a million times from both you and my folks at home.
Izuminokami: I see... That story has been passed down for generations then.
Apprentice: Oh! Since we're all here, I'll go and bring us all some ice tea to drink.
Honebami: I think I'll go with you...
Honebami quickly follows the apprentice out of the workshop.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 5: Forsaken Folklore - Episode 4

While Honebami and the apprentice are off getting ice tea, the others start to form a plan where they can lure out Amatsumaula. Just then they hear a clamor outside and run out of the foundry to find Honebami defending the apprentice against a Time Retrograde Army attack.

Lyria: Huh? Honebami left. Did something happen?
Lyria seems puzzled about Honebami quietly slipping out of the workshop with the apprentice.
Tsurumaru: Don't think too much about it.
Mikazuki: Mm... Maybe it was getting a little too hot in here for him.
Mikazuki takes a quick but obvious glance toward the fire blazing in the hearth.
Vyrn: Too hot? Because of the hearth?
Mikazuki: No, never mind what I said.
Vyrn: Hm? What are you even talking about?
Yamanbagiri: Let's get back to the topic.
Mutsunokami: I second that.
So what now? I don't feel like we learned anything useful after all that talkin'...
Izuminokami: That's not true.
Izuminokami: If the primal beast is looking for powerful weapons, then we can use ourselves as a lure to draw it out.
Tsurumaru: How about we parade around the island banging drums? It's sure to rear its head then.
Mutsunokami: Hey! Now that's an idea!
Mikazuki: Ha-ha-ha. Not a bad suggestion.
Izuminokami: I guess... Maybe then we can lead it back to the temple—
Yamanbagiri: !
All at once, the Touken Danshi reach for their swords and begin to look around.
Izuminokami: I sense something!
Mutsunokami: It's outside!
Upon hearing a loud clamor, everyone rushes out of the workshop.
Retrograde Army: ...!
Apprentice: Yikes!
Honebami: Haa!
Retrograde Army: ...?
Honebami: Yaa!
Outside they find Honebami defending the apprentice from a Time Retrograde Army monster.
Honebami: Nghh!
Izuminokami: Honebami!
Vyrn: This is getting ugly! Let's back him up!

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 6: Ace in the Hole - Episode 1

The Touken Danshi approach the crew with a plan to lure Amatsumaula to the temple where it was enshrined. They all bid farewell to the blacksmith and his apprentice before departing the foundry.

Retrograde Army: ...!
Tsurumaru: Whew... Is it over now?
Mutsunokami: I guess the Time Retrograde Army is on the lookout for us, eh?
Izuminokami: Sure looks like it. Good grief... They're a real pain in the neck.
Honebami: Let's hope there aren't any more around.
Yamanbagiri: Yeah... Otherwise these innocents will get dragged into it.
Izuminokami: Then let's do this. Although we don't have a concrete plan yet, for now—
Mutsunokami: By the way, I think I realized somethin' from that Retrograde Army fight just now...
Mutsunokami: When we were battlin' the primal beast, our movement wasn't affected until we pointed a blade at the thing, remember?
Honebami: Ah, I think you're right. We started to lose strength during attacks or from taking attacks.
Izuminokami: Really? I didn't notice...
Mutsunokami: That's 'cause you're never lookin' at your own teammates.
Izuminokami: What!
Izuminokami: Are you getting on my case because I face the enemy instead of turning my back?
Mutsunokami: Nah, it's fine. Otherwise your waggin' of your tail will give you away...
Izuminokami: Just what are you trying to say!
Yamanbagiri: Give it a rest! You two are always at it...
Tsurumaru: Now, now, let's all calm down.
Tsurumaru: Either way, we need to find the primal beast. Then all we have to do is lead it back to the temple without using our swords.
Tsurumaru: Does that sound about right?
Honebami: No arguments here.
Izuminokami: If that's the plan, then I have something for you to do, (Captain).
Vyrn: Oh, yeah? What is it? Don't be shy and spill it!
Izuminokami: I'd rather not get any of you or your crew involved in anything dangerous...
Izuminokami: But if we're going to seal the primal, then we'll need Lyria's power.
Mutsunokami: That's right. When it comes to that part of the plan, it's beyond us to do anything.
Izuminokami: So you should go to the temple and wait for us. We'll figure out a way to bring the primal beast to you.
Vyrn: All by yourselves?
Hearing the concern in Vyrn's voice, (Captain) insists on coming along to find the primal beast.
Izuminokami: No way. There's no need to get you caught up in something that dangerous.
(Captain) stubbornly refuses to accept his answer.
Izuminokami: Based on that last encounter, we won't have a way to protect you.
Izuminokami: That's why I'm telling you to stay in a safe place. Why can't you understand—
Vyrn: If you know how dangerous it's gonna get, then you should let us help!
Vyrn: (Captain) and Hoodie can fight it to create a diversion like before.
Lyria: And I know I can be of help if you let me come along!
Izuminokami: But—
Mikazuki: I agree that it'd be best to have them come with us.
Izuminokami: ...
Mikazuki: ...
Izuminokami: Fine...
Lyria: Izuminokami!
Izuminokami: I hate to allow this, but I hope you'll help us out.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! What's there to hate? We're ready to do whatever we can!
Lyria: Yep! Let's all work together!
Mutsunokami: I know we can count on ya!
Tsurumaru: If that's settled, shall we get going then?
Apprentice: Are you really leaving?
Mikazuki: I appreciate all you've done for me. And I'll never forget you.
Apprentice: It's just...
Blacksmith: Come on. Don't make Mikazuki feel bad.
Apprentice: I wanted you to see the small katana I'm making...
Mikazuki: Mm. It's unfortunate that I won't get to see it when it's finished, but I'm sure you'll be a fine blacksmith by the time it's done.
Apprentice: Really? I won't let you down then!
The apprentice is elated by Mikazuki's words, smiling ear to ear.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 6: Ace in the Hole - Episode 2

Lyria and Konnosuke struggle in tracking down the primal beast. Before long the Time Retrograde Army appears, along with Amatsumaula shortly after.

Apprentice: Ah... He's really gone...
Blacksmith: Come on! Don't sound so glum! It's time to get back to work!
Blacksmith: You'll never forge anything good with an attitude like that—even in a hundred years!
Mikazuki: ...
Hearing the blacksmith and the apprentice in the distance, Mikazuki quietly chuckles to himself.
Tsurumaru: You look pleased, Mikazuki.
Mikazuki: Mm. I was just thinking that people learn all sorts of things through working with each other.
Tsurumaru: You mean, like the blacksmith and his apprentice?
Mikazuki: Unlike us objects, people's lives are short and precious. But they've learned to preserve their knowledge and skills and, in a way, their existence.
Tsurumaru: You could say that's what makes history.
Mikazuki: Ha-ha-ha!
Konnosuke: Hm... I'm having trouble locating anything strange here.
Lyria: You too, Konnosuke? I'm not sensing anything either...
In an attempt to find the primal beast using their abilities, Lyria and Konnosuke are running into difficulties.
Lyria: I feel like there might be something this way, but it's not clear...
Mutsunokami: Maybe it's 'cause we're too far away, but I'm not gettin' anything either.
Tsurumaru: Is it too late to try my drum parade idea and let it know that we're here?
Mikazuki: Hm... But we don't have any drums.
Tsurumaru: All we have to do is pick up whatever's around and make some noise...
Konnosuke: Ah! Something's here!
Lyria: Huh? But I don't sense anything...
Yamanbagiri: I feel it...
Izuminokami: So you finally decided to show up, huh?
Without another word the Touken Danshi unsheathe their weapons.
Retrograde Army: ...!
Mutsunokami: No need to go easy on this one!
Lyria: Oh no!
Lyria: ...!
Tsurumaru: What've we got now?
Amatsumaula: Groarrr!
Izuminokami: Oy, oy... You've got some awful timing here.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 6: Ace in the Hole - Episode 3

Amatsumaula suddenly swallows up the Time Retrograde Army, greatly enhancing its strength. But the plan to lure Amatsumaula is failing as the primal refuses to come near the temple. Honebami appears to have suddenly remembered something and speeds off into the distance.

The air is tense as both the primal beast and the Time Retrograde Army have appeared unexpectedly.
Vyrn: This wasn't the plan at all!
Vyrn: What do we do now?
Izuminokami: Don't panic! First we'll get rid of the army scum.
Izuminokami: Yamanbagiri and (Captain). You hold off the primal beast!
Yamanbagiri: We're on it.
Yamanbagiri: But you be sure to watch yourselves!
Retrograde Army: ...
Mutsunokami: I'd like to say that handlin' an average one like this is gonna be a piece of cake, but...
Honebami: Something's off.
Retrograde Army: ...
Mutsunokami: Why won't it come after us?
Tsurumaru: Do you think it's getting shy because of the primal beast?
Retrograde Army: ...
Amatsumaula: Groarrr!
Yamanbagiri: What's it doing!
Retrograde Army: ...
Izuminokami: Are my eyes deceiving me? The Retrograde Army just...
Mikazuki: Just got swallowed up by the primal beast.
Amatsumaula: Groarrr!
Mutsunokami: Whoa! Is it my imagination or is that thing a lot stronger now?
Honebami: It's not your imagination.
Izuminokami: ...
Izuminokami: Whatever the case, it doesn't change what we came to do!
Izuminokami: If the primal's all that's left, then we're all the better for it! We lure it back to the temple just like we planned!
Mikazuki: Mm.
Mutsunokami: Izuminokami. Don't get too excited and try fightin' it again! It's supposed to chase us, you know!
Izuminokami: I know!
Izuminokami: Good grief... I'm literally running from a fight... What would Hijikata-san say?
Tsurumaru: ...
Amatsumaula: Groar!
Tsurumaru: Whoa there...
Tsurumaru: Too slow, too slow! I'm over here!
With their plan in action, everyone tries their best to lure the primal beast in the direction of the temple.
But the plan is slightly flawed.
Vyrn: Hey! It's not coming anywhere near the temple!
Lyria: I think that maybe it's upset...
Vyrn: Upset about going to the temple?
Tsurumaru: If that's where it used to be sealed, then it only makes sense for it to be upset.
Izuminokami: That means it's smart enough to know when it's being tricked.
Yamanbagiri: ...
Yamanbagiri: But we're out of options! We need a way to make this work!
Honebami: ...
Mutsunokami: Hey! Where are you going, Honebami?
Honebami suddenly turns to run as his friends call after him.
Honebami: Just hold it off for a little longer. I'll be back soon!
Without any further explanation, Honebami speeds off into the distance.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Chapter 6: Ace in the Hole - Episode 4

The battle against Amatsumaula is getting grim as Yamanbagiri and (Captain) become the only ones able to move. Honebami appears with the sealing sword from the temple, which weakens the primal's power and frees the other Touken Danshi. With the battle now in their favor, the Touken Danshi ready themselves for the final face-off.

Izuminokami: Where is Honebami off to?
Mikazuki: The temple is that way...
Mikazuki murmurs quietly to himself as he gazes in the direction where Honebami ran.
Tsurumaru: All right... But we've got something else to focus on right now.
Amatsumaula: Groarrr!
Mutsunokami: This thing is gettin' more and more cranky as we speak.
Izuminokami: We've got not choice.
Izuminokami: It's time for plan B!
Yamanbagiri! (Captain)!
Yamanbagiri: Right! Let's do it!
(Captain) nods and draws a weapon to face off against the primal beast.
Mikazuki: ...
Mikazuki: ...!
Amatsumaula: Groarrr!
Mutsunokami: Nghh... We're gettin' nowhere fast here!
Mikazuki: Mm. Sorry, Yamanbagiri and (Captain). We're only holding you back.
Izuminokami: It's frustrating, but true... What a vexing foe we've got on our hands.
Yamanbagiri: Don't waste your breath! If you're well enough to moan, then—
Amatsumaula: Groar!
Yamanbagiri: Agh!
Izuminokami: Yamanbagiri!
Yamanbagiri: I'm all right! But not sure for how long...
Vyrn: If this keeps up, we're gonna lose! Let's just retreat and think of another plan!
Izuminokami: No. Honebami's not back yet. But he must've figured out a strategy.
Tsurumaru: Ah, I'm sure he'll be back with something that'll really surprise us!
Mutsunokami: I hope so. All we can do now is stand around and wait for him!
Lyria: Right! If you can all hang on a little longer, we'll keep doing our best here! Right, (Captain)?
  1. Nothing to it but to do it!
  2. You think he'll really come back?

Choose: Nothing to it but to do it!
Yamanbagiri: You said it. Let's fight this thing together!
(Captain) nods at Yamanbagiri before they both turn to attack the primal beast. But the situation is still grim.

Choose: You think he'll really come back?
Mikazuki: Ha-ha-ha! I'm sure he'll be back soon enough.
Vyrn: That's right! So we've gotta keep up the fight! Let's go, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods at Yamanbagiri before they both turn to attack the primal beast. But the situation is still grim.
Continue 1
Amatsumaula: Groarrr!
Yamanbagiri: !
Yamanbagiri: No!
Mutsunokami: Is that thing only goin' after Yamanbagiri?
Izuminokami: Don't wanna play with us anymore, huh? We've had about enough of you too!
Yamanbagiri: If I can move... just a little faster...
Amatsumaula: Grrr!
Yamanbagiri: Agh!
Having failed to block the hit, Yamanbagiri's sword goes flying into the air.
Lyria: Eep! Yamanbagiri!
Amatsumaula: Groarrr!
Yamanbagiri: N-no!
Amatsumaula: Grrr?
The primal beast looks as if it's about to attack Yamanbagiri, but suddenly stops in its tracks.
Honebami: Pant... Pant... Did I make it in time?
Izuminokami: Honebami!
Mikazuki: Mm. Took you long enough.
Vyrn: Where have you been?
Vyrn: Hm? And what's that you're holding?
Honebami: Yeah. I went to get this.
In addition to his own wakizashi sword, Honebami holds another sword in his hands.
Mutsunokami: What is that?
Honebami: I found it in the temple. It's what we need to seal the primal beast.
Amatsumaula: Grrr... Grrr!
Lyria: Seems like it's suffering... It doesn't like that sword at all!
Izuminokami: I see. So that's its weakness? In that case...
Izuminokami: Take that!
Amatsumaula: Groarrr!
Mutsunokami: We can fight back now?
Yamanbagiri: It seems that way. My body feels less restricted now.
Mutsunokami: Well, all right! How'd you figure out its weak spot, Honebami?
Honebami: I'll tell you later.
Tsurumaru: Yeah, it can wait. We've gotta strike while the iron is hot, right?
Mikazuki: Now let's begin...

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Ending

After Lyria reseals Amatsumaula, Honebami explains that he'd learned from the apprentice of a sealing sword inside the temple and went to retrieve it. Mikazuki remarks that they were saved by memories and legends passed down through people. Using residual power from the primal beast to create a portal, the Touken Danshi return to their own world.

Amatsumaula: G-grrr!
Izuminokami: Good! We're wearing it down...
Vyrn: Lyria! Are you ready?
Lyria: Yep! I can do it now!
Amatsumaula: Grrr...
Lyria: Whew... It's sealed.
Vyrn: We did it! Everything's gonna turn out all right!
Mutsunokami: Wow! That was a doozy of a battle!
Tsurumaru: Well, as least we all made it through okay.
Tsurumaru: Now then, Honebami...
Tsurumaru: How exactly did you figure out its weakness?
Honebami: Back at the blacksmith's workshop, I had a chance to talk to the apprentice.
Yamanbagiri: Did he tell you something different from the story we heard?
Honebami: Not different. More like, the ending...
The apprentice leaves the workshop to bring the others ice tea, and Honebami follows him outside.
Honebami: ...
Apprentice: Oh? Is something the matter?
Honebami: I'll help you.
Apprentice: Ah! I'm much obliged!
Honebami: I wanted to ask you a little more about that story just now.
Apprentice: The story? The one about Amatsumaula?
Honebami: Right.
Apprentice: Has it got you curious?
Honebami: I'm not sure, but I just wanted to hear more.
Apprentice: Hm... Well, everyone knows the story that the blacksmith told you. But what else...
Apprentice: Oh, that's right. There's a story about the sealing sword too.
Honebami: Sealing sword?
Apprentice: See, the people were pretty troubled by Amatsumaula running rampant and all.
Apprentice: And there wasn't a single weapon in the sky realm that could hurt the god.
Apprentice: But the very last sword it had blessed was the only exception.
Apprentice: They ended up using it to subdue Amatsumaula and finally enshrine it in the temple.
Honebami: A sealing sword, huh?
Apprentice: Yep. That sword is said to be the only thing that was able to stop it.
Honebami: I see...
Apprentice: Did any of that help?
Honebami: Yeah. It's fascinating the memories that people keep alive by passing them on.
Apprentice: Sorry?
Honebami: Never mind...
Apprentice: Well, the people of that village don't really like that story though, it seems...
Honebami: Why is that?
Apprentice: Who knows? My guess is that maybe the idea of hurting a god sounds like you're asking to be cursed.
Apprentice: But personally, I really like this legend.
Apprentice: It inspires me to strive for craftsmanship that could one day exceed my father or even my mentor.
Honebami: I see...
Izuminokami: I get it now. You knew of that story, so you went to retrieve the sealing sword.
Tsurumaru: A legendary sword, huh? What a curious twist of fate.
Mikazuki: Indeed. We were rescued by memories.
Yamanbagiri: You can say that again.
Mutsunokami: Aaah!
Yamanbagiri: !
Izuminokami: What is it? Why are you yelling?
Mutsunokami: We were so focused on the battle that we up and sealed the primal beast!
Izuminokami: We know that! What's your point?
Mutsunokami: Weren't we supposed to use that thing to figure out how to return to our world? What are we supposed to do now?
Izuminokami: Oh...
Konnosuke: Don't worry! I just completed my analysis for a solution.
Mikazuki: Oh!
Konnosuke: It's a connection to our world. Let's go while we still can!
Yamanbagiri: Can we really get back using this portal?
Konnosuke: The impetus of all this was a temporal distortion caused by the Time Retrograde Army and the primal beast's greed for powerful weapons...
Konnosuke: Those forces caused our worlds to overlap and connect.
Mutsunokami: Oh... Can't say I understand much of what you just said.
Mikazuki: Ha-ha-ha. All you need to know is that we can finally return.
Izuminokami: Sigh... Whatever the case, I can finally get back to our master and give a proper mission report.
Tsurumaru: Konnosuke, can you open a portal connecting our world and this one at any time?
Konnosuke: That would be impossible.
Konnosuke: I used residual power from the primal beast we sealed in order to make a connection. Once the portal is closed, it's closed forever.
Yamanbagiri: It's not surprising considering the phenomenon itself is unnatural.
Honebami: And it's our only option.
Mikazuki: Mm...
Just then, Mikazuki turns to look back.
Mikazuki: Oh, just look at that...
Tsurumaru: What is it, Mikazuki?
Mikazuki watches as a pillar of white smoke rises into the blue sky above.
Honebami: The workshop is that way.
Izuminokami: Yeah. We're too far to hear it, but I bet they're hammering away...
Mutsunokami: They helped us out more than they'll ever know.
Vyrn: You know, you guys seemed pretty curious about the blacksmith and his work. What's up with that?
Mikazuki: Ha-ha-ha!
Vyrn: Come on... Stop laughing about it and fill me in.
Vyrn: You haven't even told us who you are yet!
Vyrn: Didn't you promise to explain it to us?
Tsurumaru: You're right. I guess we could tell you now—
Konnosuke: There's no time! I don't know how long this portal can stay open.
Izuminokami: So says the fox. Sorry, but it looks like we have to go now.
Vyrn: What!
Lyria: No way... Is this goodbye?
Mutsunokami: Guess so. But we'll never forget ya, little lady.
Izuminokami: We owe you a lot. I don't know what we would've done without you and your crew, (Captain).
Yamanbagiri: I'm glad I had you fighting by my side.
Honebami: Thanks.
Vyrn: Aw, you guys...
Tsurumaru: If you really hate goodbyes, how about you come along with us?
Vyrn: Huh? You mean me?
Tsurumaru: Mutsunokami seemed to really like you, and mythological dragons are pretty unheard of...
Tsurumaru: And it might be fun to show you off to the guys back at the Citadel.
Vyrn: Back at the where?
Vyrn: Wait a sec! I'm not some sideshow exhibit!
Mikazuki: Mm, but you would've made a cute souvenir.
Lyria: Oh, boy! Even Mikazuki's in on it!
Mikazuki: Ha-ha-ha. All joking aside though...
Mikazuki: Thank you for everything. And take care.
Lyria: We will. And we won't forget you.
Konnosuke: Let's be off then!
Mikazuki: Mm, let's go.
Lyria: Aaah... They're gone now.
Vyrn: And in the end, we never got to find out who they were.
Lyria: It doesn't matter! They were all strong, kind, and wonderful people.
(Captain) smiles cheerfully at Lyria before gazing into the clear blue skies high above.
The chapter closes on this adventure, but their journey continues in the sky.
Katsugeki TOUKEN RANBU: Fate Horizon
The End

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 1

Izuminokami: A different world. Huh... I somehow find it hard to believe.
Mutsunokami: Bud, we've been hoppin' across time for so long now. How's hoppin' into another world any different?
Izuminokami: Try completely different.
Tsurumaru: Considering how we swords have taken on a human form, I'd say anything's possible.
Izuminokami: True enough, but it's still quite the shocker, isn't it?
Tsurumaru: No argument there.
Mutsunokami: Likewise. Nice to know we can agree on somethin' for once.
Tsurumaru: This must be a sign! Good things await us!
Izuminokami: I hope it stays that way.
Izuminokami: Either way, we must brace ourselves for what's to come.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 2

Tsurumaru: Is this airship a total engineering marvel or what?
Mutsunokami: Right? I still can't get over how awesome a name Grandcypher is.
Mutsunokami: I bet even Ryoma never imagined a ship that could soar through the skies.
Mutsunokami: I wonder how it all works.
Tsurumaru: There's one thing in particular that I'm all too curious about.
Mutsunokami: Shoot.
Tsurumaru: This secret to this ship's mobility must lie either in the ship itself or the skies.
Mutsunokami: The ship or the skies, huh? What are you getting at?
Tsurumaru: If this is a different world, then the skies could be operating on different rules from the skies we know!
Mutsunokami: Heh, you've got a good point there.
Tsurumaru: Yeah, it's just too bad we can't exactly jump off the ship to test out my theory.
Mutsunokami: That's for sure...
Mutsunokami: Aaah, the curiosity of it all is drivin' me mad!
Tsurumaru: You too, huh?
Mutsunokami: Might as well ask the people of this world! I'm gonna do just that!
Tsurumaru: Hahaha, he's as restless as ever.
Tsurumaru merely chuckles as Mutsunokami runs off.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 3

Izuminokami: Say, Honebami.
Honebami: What?
Izuminokami: You belong to the First Unit. Don't you find it odd for us to be fighting together out here?
Honebami: I guess...
Izuminokami: Yamanbagiri's the captain of the First Unit, right?
Honebami: Uh-huh.
Izuminokami: Except I'm the captain of all of you now. I hope you're not finding it difficult to adjust.
Honebami: Not really...
Izuminokami: That so?
Izuminokami: Well, do let me know if you notice anything.
Honebami: I will.
Izuminokami: All right! We're good to go then!

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 4

Mutsunokami: Whoa! This world's packed with all sorts of weapons!
Mutsunokami raises a shout of joy at the impressive display of weapons at the weapon shop.
Yamanbagiri: ...
Mutsunokami: Sweet! They've even got guns!
Mutsunokami: Mm, this one's pretty big...
Mutsunokami: Except it's way too big to handle with a sword in one hand.
Yamanbagiri: Mutsunokami, you've been ogling those guns forever.
Mutsunokami: What's wrong with that?
Yamanbagiri: Hm, whatever floats your boat...
Mutsunokami: It's not every day that I get the chance to check out so many gun types. This stuff doesn't interest you?
Yamanbagiri: Nope, not really.
Mutsunokami: Aww, don't be such a bore.
Mutsunokami: How 'bout these?
Mutsunokami: Along with axes, they've got swords and spears... We aren't the only Touken hotties out and about, you know.
Yamanbagiri: I doubt ogling makes a difference though.
Yamanbagiri: Doesn't matter how many weapons fill this world—I will always be Yamanbagiri Kunihiro.
Mutsunokami: Haha! Well said, buddy!
With a hearty chuckle, Mutsunokami smacks Yamanbagiri on the back as he walks away.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 5

Tsurumaru: ...
Honebami: Is everything okay, Tsurumaru?
Tsurumaru: Oh, it's you, Honebami.
No, it's nothing.
Honebami: You're unusually quiet.
Tsurumaru: Hahaha! You think so? I was just staring at the skies we're soaring across right now.
Tsurumaru: It's such a surprise, I'm still taking in the thrill of it all.
Honebami: I see.
Tsurumaru: Now that I'm able to take flight, it feels like I've gotten closer to a tsuru, also known as a crane.
Honebami: Mm-hm.
Tsurumaru: Whoa! You see that, Honebami? Didn't that cloud formation look like a tsuru?
Honebami: ...
Honebami: Oh, I get it. A tsuru with its wings outstretched.
Tsurumaru: Yep. Let's see if there's anything else...
Honebami: That cloud... looks like Vyrn.
Tsurumaru: Huh?
Tsurumaru: Ooh! No kidding! Hm...
Tsurumaru: You know, Honebami, you make for a pretty good conversation partner when you try.
Honebami: Yeah?
Tsurumaru: Yeah, you've caught me by surprise.
Tsurumaru gives Honebami a very satisfied smirk.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 6

Yamanbagiri: So how did you spend your time inside that primal beast, Mikazuki?
Mikazuki: Hm... I didn't exactly do much.
Yamanbagiri: Didn't do much? What was it like in there?
Mikazuki: It's hard to explain, but...
Mikazuki: It was pitch black, and all I had to keep me going was my consciousness.
Yamanbagiri: How about your body?
Mikazuki: I couldn't feel it.
Yamanbagiri: Oh...
Mikazuki: I probably couldn't have stayed conscious much longer if I'd remained in there.
Yamanbagiri: Wha... It was that bad?
Mikazuki: Hahaha. It was definitely a close one.
Yamanbagiri: This is no laughing matter! How can you be so laid-back about it!
Mikazuki: Hm... All's well that ends well, right?
Yamanbagiri: True enough, but...
Yamanbagiri: You're right. We should just be glad you made it out okay.
Mikazuki: Thanks to all of you.
Yamanbagiri: Humph...
Yamanbagiri Kunihiro tugs on his hood harder than usual as if to cover his facial expression.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 7

Izuminokami: ...
Tsurumaru: You okay, Izuminokami?
Izuminokami: Our battles have never been easy, but what we've been dealing with lately is something else entirely.
Tsurumaru: What's that supposed to mean?
Izuminokami: We have no means of contacting our master, and we have no idea when we'll be able to return.
Tsurumaru: Yeah... 'Cept it's more like we don't know how we'd return.
Izuminokami: I bet even our master is clueless of our current whereabouts. If only there were something we could do...
Tsurumaru: Nah, I'd say the master's not even breaking a sweat as usual.
Izuminokami: Cool as a cucumber, eh?
Tsurumaru: It doesn't change what we have to do though.
Izuminokami: That's for sure.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 8

Mutsunokami: Mm! Yum!
(Aagh! Too good!)
Mutsunokami: Thiff waff toff! (This is what I'm talkin' about!)
Mutsunokami grins from ear to ear as he stuffs his mouth full of nourishment.
Mikazuki: Hahaha. Watching you eat is always a joy, Mutsunokami.
Mutsunokami: Chomp...
Mutsunokami: Yauff eauff tooff, Miff. (You ought to eat up too, Mikazuki.)
Mikazuki: Me?
Mutsunokami: Nom... Glug...
Mutsunokami: What's up with you? You haven't touched a thing on your plate.
Mikazuki: I'm already full just from watching you.
Mutsunokami: Man, what a waste.
Mutsunokami: A lotta this food I've never eaten before, but I've gotta say this world has some mighty fine chow.
Mikazuki: Yeah. I kinda miss the food we had back at the Citadel though.
Mutsunokami: Hm, I'm with you there.
Mutsunokami: We're gonna have to get together for a feast and share our stories of this world when we get back.
Mikazuki: Hehe, looking forward to it.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 9

Yamanbagiri: Izuminokami.
Izuminokami: Hm?
Yamanbagiri: There's something I've been meaning to ask you.
Izuminokami: Yes?
Yamanbagiri: About my brother's red piercings... Are they from you?
Izuminokami: Brother?
Izuminokami: Ah, you mean Kunihiro? Yeah, I gave 'em to him on our first mission.
Yamanbagiri: Just as I thought.
Izuminokami: Why do you ask?
Yamanbagiri: Oh, it's just that I heard you fought alongside my brother under the same master.
Izuminokami: Yes, Hijikata Toshizo of the Shinsengumi. Kunihiro and I stuck with Hijikata the entire time.
Yamanbagiri: You share a strong bond with him.
Izuminokami: I don't know if I'd call it a bond per se, but he is definitely special.
Yamanbagiri: I see...
Yamanbagiri: Izuminokami, I'm sure you're already on it, but...
Yamanbagiri: I hope you'll continue to take care of my brother.
Izuminokami: You can count on it.
Izuminokami Kanesada gently raises a hand to caress his own scarlet piercing.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 10

The sound of steel being forged can be heard from the foundry.
Mikazuki: ...
Tsurumaru: Hey! Mikazuki, what are you up to?
Mikazuki: Mm. I was just listening to the sound of the hammer as it pounds away.
Tsurumaru: That all?
Mikazuki: Yep, that's all.
Tsurumaru: ...
Tsurumaru: You really are the same everywhere.
Mikazuki: You think so?
Tsurumaru: I remember all too well how you used to just sit around and take in the sun back at the Citadel.
Mikazuki: Haha. So you were watching me, eh?
Mikazuki: ...
You know, Tsurumaru, I could say the same about you.
Tsurumaru: Heh.
Tsurumaru: Still, I'm definitely having a blast here—there's so much to see and do in this world.
Mikazuki: Hahaha. Having a blast, huh?
Tsurumaru: Oooh yeah. I can't wait to get back to the Citadel to tell everyone some surprising tales!

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 11

Yamanbagiri: This mission's lasting quite a while.
Honebami: Indeed.
Yamanbagiri: We haven't returned to the Citadel for some time. No way to contact our master either.
Honebami: Mm-hm.
Yamanbagiri: Surely your brothers must be worried sick about you.
Honebami: Hm, I wonder about that.
Yamanbagiri: What if the roles were reversed? Imagine your brothers went off one day without a word.
Honebami: My brothers?
Honebami: ...
Honebami: I'd be restless.
Yamanbagiri: I figured.
Yamanbagiri: Now consider again how long you've been away. How would your brothers react when you return?
Honebami: Ah, I see your point.
A faint smile sweeps over Honebami's face.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 12

Izuminokami: Haah!
Izuminokami: Hyaagh!
Izuminokami: Doryah!
Izuminokami: Phew.
Mikazuki: Practicing as usual, huh.
Izuminokami: Ah. Didn't know you were here, Mikazuki.
Mikazuki: I'm impressed. You haven't missed a day since coming here.
Izuminokami: Meh. What are you doing here anyway?
Mikazuki: Just taking a stroll.
Izuminokami: A stroll, eh...
Izuminokami: You know what? Since you're already here, why not fight me?
Mikazuki: Eager to test your skills, I see. You're on.
Mikazuki: I might be an old coot in sword years, but you'd better not hold back.
Izuminokami: As if I would!
For a short time thereafter, the sound of sparking swords rumbles across the mountainside.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Fate Horizon - Day 13

Mikazuki: Was the Konnosuke sent with you from the Second Unit?
Honebami: Yep.
Yamanbagiri: Is that a problem? I'm surprised you're even paying attention to such details.
Mikazuki: It's just a thought.
Honebami: We had members from both units fighting together in the world of the skies after all.
Yamanbagiri: Izuminokami's been the captain from the start. And the Konnosuke from that side came along for the ride.
Mikazuki: Ah, I get it now.
Mikazuki: Well, we've all made it back to the Citadel okay. There will be so many stories to tell the First Unit Konnosuke.
Honebami: Sharing what you know, huh.
Yamanbagiri: Well, this mission was quite an exceptional one, wouldn't you say?
Yamanbagiri: I'm not sure sharing what I know would do much good though.
Mikazuki: Does it matter? He'd be ecstatic simply to learn of something so extraordinary.
Honebami: Might as well let Higekiri and the others know too then.
Yamanbagiri: I'll call everyone here. It's better we discuss it all at once.
Mikazuki: I'll have snacks and tea ready.
Honebami: You'll do that?
Yamanbagiri: How unusually kind of you...
Mikazuki: Hahaha. It's a joyous day to be back in the Citadel. I just want everyone to have a good time.
As Mikazuki Munechika slowly gets up, his eyes light up against the serenity of the gentle sunbeams.