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|quote10_en=Shall we dress you up, (Captain)?
|quote10_en=Shall we dress you up, (Captain)?
== Other Appearances ==
== Other Appearances ==
=== Shadowverse ===
=== Shadowverse ===

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Official Profile

Age 26
Height 174 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Thinking about stories, observing people
Likes Happy endings, going to the theater, time in which she can think of ideas while spinning threads
Dislikes (Real) Bad endings

人間観察が高じて、周囲の人間の行動を予測しこれからどうなっていくかを想像して楽しむという趣味を持つ。コルワ自身はその想像を『物語』と呼んでいる。 ハッピーエンドを好むコルワは、糸を介して人々の気分を前向きにさせたりなど、『物語』の登場人物が幸福な結末を迎えるようあれこれ差配している。

* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Source [1] [2]





  • Korwa's skill and buff names are mostly French.
    • Noir et Blanc means "black and white." Esprit can mean "mind" or "spirit."
    • Des Vêtements means "clothes." Astuce means "trick" or "tip".
    • Viscos seems to originate from the Latin verb "visco" meaning "to apply a viscous substance." Col most likely refers to a "collar" or "neckband."
    • Fil means "thread," with Blanche Fil meaning "white thread". The grammar is actually incorrect. Indeed, "fil" being a masculine word, "Fil Blanc" would be the correct form.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

You will encounter many hardships and blessings as you continue to chase your dreams.
When you can no longer move forward, try calling out my name.
I'll cast a spell to give you a little boost. Hee hee. How was that?
Happy birthday. I'll do my best to watch over your story, from here on out.


Happy birthday! How's this past year been for you? Hope you have lots of great memories to look back on
You've got a few unpleasant memories too?
But if there was anything even the slightest bit pleasant, I'd suggest you focus on that.
Why, you ask? Because doing so will help filter out the bad memories and keep the good one forever.
When you look back on your youth and are able to think "man, i really lived such a wonderful life...," you'll be living the happy ending.
Maybe I'm thinking too far ahead, but I'd say it's definitely something to keep in the back of your head.


Happy birthday. Hehe, you've been looking really sharp lately, (Captain).
I like where things are headed! Remember: never let a busy schedule get in the way of your appearance!
What you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside might seem unrelated, but believe me—it all goes hand in hand. A change in your appearance affects your mood.
So don't just slap on any random clothing. Try out some new apparel, and you just might find a new you lying within.
Of course, there's nothing wrong with the confidence boost that well-worn clothing provides either.
What I'm saying is be conscious of the person you want to be and choose your clothing based on that. Your attire will, in a way, help you become that person.
If you're not sure what kind of person you'd like to be, just ask me! I'll open you up to new possibilities you've never even considered!
I usually don't tell people this, but a lazy outfit can actually be helpful sometimes. Never hurts to take a break when you need it!
But when that time comes, I want you to go full-bore just the same and rest like there's no tomorrow! That way, you wouldn't be cutting corners!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year, Captain! The curtain rises on a brand new story!
Look at the people walking outside. They look like they're ready to start a new chapter in life too.
Me? I'm going to keep making more and more dresses, of course.
I don't want to get rusty, you know. Someday, I'm going to make the wedding dress that I've always been dreaming of.


Happy New Year, (Captain). Have you decided on a New Year's resolution yet?
Hm, me? Mine is to continue designing clothes that satisfy my customers.
And I don't just mean when they first pick up clothes either.
I want them to look back when the clothing's all worn out and think, "Oh, man, those were the days..."
The memories you create with each piece of clothing become a part of you.
There is no happier ending for clothing than when the customer looks back on precious memories and fondly remembers what they wore at the time.


My first dream of the year was a nostalgic one. It was a dream of a wedding ceremony I attended as a child.
I may have mentioned this before, but my mind was set on becoming a fashion designer when I first laid eyes on a beautiful, happily-wedded bride.
But why would I suddenly be seeing this in a dream now? I wonder if it's a sign... or perhaps a reflection of my heart.
Yes, it's probably a reminder for me to go back to the basics.
I guess you could also interpret it to mean not to dwell too much on the past as I move forward.
Hehe, in the end it's all a matter of perspective. Either way my motivation's way up after having that dream!
My resolution this year is to utilize my skills as a fashionista to carve out more happy endings in the world—even if it's just one more!
By the way, (Captain), what was your first dream of the year? Tell me all about it!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

All the girls in the crew look like they're getting ready to run away. Even the smooth talkers are going to have trouble today.
Hm? You look like you want something.
Bwahaha! Don't worry! I have some chocolate just for you.
How do you expect me to resist? Those chocolates are all for you, so enjoy them!


Hm? You want me to shelter you? Heh, it can't be easy being everyone's favorite captain.
Haha, just kidding. Hey, no pouting! Unless you want me to poke you on the cheek!
Here's your chocolate. I made sure to pick them out from a specialty store, so make sure you savor every last bite.


Oh, you want chocolate? Here you go.
You can be a really curious one, (Captain). I wasn't expecting you to come to my room just for some sweets.
Since it's Valentine's Day, you'd probably be better off getting chocolates from the person you really have feelings for.
Oh, wait, don't tell me... You're not sure where you'd even start?
You should've just told me! I'm always glad to give you relationship advice! Anything for your happy ending!
Oh, you'd rather not? Sigh... You can be so bashful.
Okay, okay, fine... I'll stop prying. Promise.
But if you ever need someone to talk to, know that I'm here for you!
(Looks like the captain wants to keep it secret... Hm, I wonder who (Captain) might have a crush on...)

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, you're giving me a White Day present?
Shouldn't you give this to someone who's more into this stuff?
Just kidding. Hehe, sorry, sorry. I was only trying to hide my embarrassment.
Thank you so much. I'm really happy that you thought of me.


Hey, aren't you supposed to be busy today, (Captain)? You sure it's okay for you to be coming to my room?
A White Day present for me? Teehee...
Oh, it's nothing. I just love how you pay attention to the details. It's obvious why everyone on the crew looks up to you.


Hm, a White Day present? Ah, how sweet of you as usual.
Wow, this is great! The little box is adorable too! I just love how thoughtful you are, (Captain).
Truth is I look forward to your goods every year. They're pretty much always guaranteed to keep me more than satisfied...
Psst, so were you able to pick out the best chocolates for your favorite person?
Oh, so you tried, but things didn't work out? Well, could be worse, right?
Wanna talk about it? No? You want to see how far you can go yourself? Hm, I like that attitude.
But I wouldn't worry too much about a single White Day! Happy endings await at every corner. You just have to be willing to go out and find them!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat! Hee hee, it's fun seeing everyone's costumes, but it's even more fun if you wear one too!
I've been making costumes for you, Captain!
I got carried away and made so many of them!
Be sure to try them all on before the day is over!


Phew, I'm beat... Hm? You're not gonna go trick-or-treating, (Captain)?
Me? Nah,I'm good. My Halloween ended before it even started.
So many orders for my outfits came in; I had to really work at it. Some of the requests that came in really inspired me to come up with awesome designs though.
Hm? You'll give me a massage? Thank you, (Captain). Ungh...
I'll give you-ahhh-a really nice treat in return for this later...


Hrgh... Yawn... I'm all rested up.
I've finished up my work and got in a good nap! Which means it's time to go all out for Halloween!
Hm? What's with that look on your face, (Captain)?
Don't you know I'm always up for a good time? And Halloween's just bursting with fun stuff to do.
And unless I see with my own eyes how everyone prances about on this day, I won't have the ideas to make suitable themed outfits.
Hehe, for starters...
Why don't you try saying trick or treat to me, (Captain)?
I've got candy up the wazoo, and I'm ready for any trick coming my way today! Happy Halloween!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays, Captain! Are we going to have a party?
If we are, you need put on something nice to fit the occasion! That means something besides your everyday duds!
It's not just how you look on the outside. What you wear defines who you are. It can even change your personality.
Come on, if you're going to have fun tonight, then you need to get changed. I'll pick the outfit, ok?


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
So... what can you tell me about your outfit?
Bah! How many times do I have to tell you you're supposed to dress for the occasion?
Can't let our hard work go to waste now! You'll want to really get out there and strut your stuff!
Okay, stand in front of the mirror! I'll pick a nice one out for you! Consider it a holiday gift from me!
Ooh, there's not much time until the party! I can't wait to you get you all suited up!


Aah. (Captain), isn't that outfit something I picked out for you a while back?
You like it that much, huh? Puts a smile on my lips. Yeah, you're all ready to rock out at tonight's party!
But no.
Why, you ask? This holiday dinner is not a repeat of last year's. Think of them as one-shot events.
That goes for anything in life. It's your loss if you don't approach everything with a fresh mind-set and a fresh outfit!
Got it? Good. Now follow me to my room.
Even if it's the same outfit, you can coordinate the parts differently to achieve a different feel. This is as good a chance as any to show you.
Also you might as well use this chance to look in the mirror and take note of just how attractive you are.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

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Much Ado About Endings

The crew meets Korwa the fashion designer through a request from a tailor shop. Together, they deliver a dress to a young man who can't decide if he is ready for marriage. The crew watches him from the shadows and, with their help, the marriage proposal is a success. Korwa joins the crew in hopes of finding more interesting stories.

(Captain) and company answer a tailor shop's request to help carry a dress to a customer.
The dressmaker accompanies the crew on their delivery.
Korwa: Lyria, can you please hand this over to the customer for me?
Lyria: Good afternoon! We're here to deliver the dress that you ordered.
Worry Wart: Thank you! I wasn't expecting the designer herself to come, too.
Korwa: I'm confident in my work but please tell me what you think. Is it to your liking?
Worry Wart: This is absolutely stunning! She'll definitely be happy wearing this!
Lyria: Oh, so it's a present for someone!
Worry Wart: Yeah, it's my girlfriend's birthday. I'm going to propose to her after I give her the dress. I think. Maybe?
Vyrn: Why do you look so down? You're proposing! Get a grip!
Worry Wart: Well, that's what I'd planned to do but I'm not so sure anymore.
The crew quickly exchange glances with each other.
Korwa: Think positively. You went through all the trouble of getting her such a nice present. Don't back out now.
Worry Wart: Yeah, you're right. It'll work out, right?
Korwa: Please take this too. I made a handkerchief out of the leftover material.
Korwa: I pray for your story to end happily ever after.
Korwa nods, and leaves. The crew worries about the young man, but follows her out of the house.
Korwa: Geez! What a wishy-washy guy! You can't begin a new chapter in life like that.
Korwa: And the dress I made? Of course she's going to like it. She'll be jumping for joy.
Korwa: You hold her tightly, then bam! You pop the question! Perfect ending!
Korwa: This doesn't happen every day, you know. You've got to be a little more... dynamic! That's how you recapture a girl's heart!
Korwa: Right? Am I right, you guys?
Lyria: Er, I don't really know too much about that kind of thing, but I'm sure it'll work out well for those two!
Korwa: I know, right! Things should always end happily every after. If you get it, then follow me!
Korwa: Hey, (Captain). I've an extra assignment for you. Consider these gloves a down payment.
Korwa gives (Captain) the gloves and starts to walk away.
Lyria: Hey, wait! Where are you going, Korwa?
The crew follow behind a determined Korwa.
Vyrn: Looks like we're here. Now what?
Worry Wart: Ahh, what should I do? Okay man, get psyched! Wait, wait, but what if she says no?
Vyrn: You're peeping through the window!
Korwa: Shh! The story will be ruined if he finds us.
Vyrn: Story, uh-huh. I think you just like spying on people.
Korwa: Humph. In any case, he's still worried, even though he's got one of my masterpieces.
Korwa: Oh well, I guess it can't be helped. Time to give the opening chapter a little push.
Korwa: (I weave my clothing with magical thread which lets me manipulate the feelings of whoever wears it.)
Korwa: (These kids seem a little too uptight, so I think I'll keep that to myself.)
Worry Wart: No no no! If I keep acting like this I'll never be able to propose to her!
Worry Wart: You only live once. Okay, let's do this!
Lyria: Looks like he's going to go give her the present. Hee hee, I think it'll go well!
Korwa: Hm... not quite. This story needs a few more characters. Come on!
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, wait!
Lyria: What is it (Captain)? Are you worried about the outcome too?
Vyrn: Hah! Who's worried? I'm sooo not worried. It'll be fine, no worries... But Korwa gave us the gloves, so we should probably follow.
(Captain)'s curiosity is just as uncontainable. They chase after Korwa.
Young Woman: Gasp! What a gorgeous dress! It's like a dream come true! I'll definitely wear this the next time we go to the theater!
Worry Wart: I'm so glad to hear you say that. I can't wait to see you wear it.
Korwa: Noooo! Nononono! Bzzt, wrong! What kind of wimpy response is that?
Korwa: You've got to lead the conversation! First, you say, "There's something I want to give you."
Korwa: Then you say, "If you accept my hand in marriage...you get to wear this beautiful, white dress!" or something like that! Come on!
Vyrn: Uh, Korwa? Aw forget it, she's lost in her own world.
Young Woman: Tee hee, this is the nicest gift I've ever received in all my life.
Worry Wart: Oh, really? I see. Um, so about that...
Young Woman: What is it? Ah! Could it be that you had this tailor-made? I want to hear all about it!
Worry Wart: Er, well, yes it is but that's not what I...
Korwa: Ugh, this is going nowhere. He's never going to propose at this rate. Come on, (Captain), we're going over there!
Vyrn: Hey, you can't just...
Ignoring Vyrn's objection, Korwa pushes (Captain) out from the hiding spot.
Worry Wart: What the? It's you guys!
  1. Please be my girlfriend
  2. We gotta hang out!

Choose: Please be my girlfriend
Young Woman: Huh? Who, me? Um, I...
Worry Wart: Whoa, hold on a second!
Young Woman: I'm sorry, but I can't. I've already chosen the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with.
Worry Wart: Wait, what?! Who is he? Do I know this guy?
Young Woman: Sigh, slow as usual. It's you, you big dummy.
Worry Wart: Me?
Young Woman: Say, there's one more present I was hoping for. Will you marry me? I promise to make you happy!
Worry Wart: Yes! Yes, of course, I will! I promise to love you forever!

Choose: We gotta hang out!
Young Woman: Excuse me?
Worry Wart: Wait a minute, you can't just barge into someone else's conversation!
Worry Wart: I'm trying to figure out the right time to propose to her, will you please just go aw—ah!
Young Woman: Hahaha! Oh, is that so? I knew you were acting kind of strangely, today.
Worry Wart: Hold on, hold on! Just...forget about what happened there for a sec.
Young Woman: Uh-huh, I got it. Well?
Worry Wart: Ahem. Will you marry me?
Young Woman: Yes! I'm so happy! That's way better than the dress!

Worry Wart: Who are you!
  1. You call yourself a man?
  2. It's not good to keep a woman waiting!

Choose: You call yourself a man?
Young Woman: Excuse me, who do you think you are, interrupting like that? Please don't insult my boyfriend!
Worry Wart: Sigh, no, they're right. I'm not manly enough.
Young Woman: I don't care about that! It doesn't matter if you're "manly", all that matters to me is that you're a kind and caring person.
Worry Wart: Thanks. But this time, I've got to man up.
Worry Wart: Will you marry me?
Young Woman: Gasp! Really? Are you sure?
Worry Wart: Since the day I met you, I've thought of no one else. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Young Woman: Yes! I will marry you!

Choose: It's not good to keep a woman waiting!
Young Woman: Hm, eavesdropping, are we?
Worry Wart: Uh, right! Please don't interrupt!
Young Woman: Well, they've got a point, though. Being too indecisive isn't a good thing. Say, I've got a favor to ask.
Worry Wart: Huh? Oh, sure. It's your birthday so ask me anything!
Young Woman: Well then... let's get married!
Worry Wart: Yesssss!
Continue 1
The proposal seems to have gone well. (Captain) and company leave the happy couple.
Vyrn: That was surprising, especially coming from (Captain) of all people.
Vyrn: It turned out all right, but I was still nervous.
Korwa: Well, if the unexpected hadn't happened, he never would have proposed, don't you think?
Korwa: I only have one rule: the story has to be a hit. Observing people is my hobby, my work.
Lyria: That's why you forced (Captain) into doing that with you?
Korwa: Yep. Although I certainly didn't expect things to work out like that. You're really good at acting.
Korwa: If I stick with you guys, I think I can make a lot of interesting stories.
Korwa: Let me tag along. I'll pay, of course.
Vyrn: I don't know about this...
  1. What about the tailor shop?
  2. Are you okay with danger?

Choose: What about the tailor shop?
Korwa: I'll always be second-rate if I only take orders from the tailor shop.
Korwa: Let me rent a room on the airship, ok? I've got some savings I can use.

Choose: Are you okay with danger?
Korwa: Oh my, that's the kind of exciting life I've been looking for!
Continue 2
Korwa: Don't worry, as long as you give me a room, I can take care of myself.
Vyrn: Well, if (Captain) says it's okay then I guess it's okay.
Korwa: Hee hee, then it's decided. Nice to meet you, (Captain)! This is turning out to be a fun tale.
And so, Korwa persuades her way onto the crew.
She is sure to find plenty of interesting stories, and happy endings, on her travels with (Captain) and company.

Interwoven Fates

Korwa receives a request to make a wedding dress but decides to turn it down. She explains the significance of a wedding dress, and why she hasn't made one that she is happy with. The party heads toward the customer to deliver the bad news.

Korwa has a request for (Captain).
Korwa: The tailor shop received an order for a wedding dress but the customer asked for me, specifically, to make it.
Korwa: I hate to do this to a customer but, unfortunately, I have to turn it down. Can we go talk to the customer?
Lyria: Ooh, a wedding dress? I'm sure the bride would love a wedding dress made by you.
Korwa: You're making me blush. But to me, a wedding dress means something more.
Korwa: I saw a wedding dress for the first time at a wedding when I was a little girl. That's why I became a fashion designer.
Korwa: The dress was beautiful, of course, but it wasn't just that.
Korwa: For a bride, it's only the beginning of a long journey toward a happy ending.
Korwa: There are many hardships on the road of marriage, but it's the blissful memories that help us overcome them.
Korwa: A wedding dress is part of those blissful memories. It's so much more than just a dress.
Vyrn: This is the first time I've ever heard you say something so serious.
Vyrn: That's some really deep stuff!
Korwa: Yeah. I still haven't been able to make a wedding dress that I'm satisfied with.
Korwa: As an artisan, giving a customer an incomplete work is unimaginable. That's why I can't accept this job.
Seeing Korwa's resolve, (Captain) decides to help Korwa.
Korwa: Thanks. Okay, let's get going!

Interwoven Fates: Scene 2

The wedding dress was intended for the customer's daughter, who is being married off as part of a strategic marriage. The crew escorts the hapless bride to another island to see what kind of man she is marrying.

The crew arrive at the customer's house.
Korwa: I'm terribly sorry, sir. I'm grateful that you asked for me personally, but my skills are still lacking.
Korwa: I can't accept your request at this time. I apologize from the bottom of my heart.
Bride's Dad: I see. You came all the way out here to tell me personally so I guess it can't be helped.
Bride's Dad: Since this is going to be a marriage of convenience, I'd hoped to at least give my daughter the most beautiful gown in the world.
Bride's Dad: You could say it's my way of being a loving father.
Korwa: Marriage of convenience? What do you mean?
Bride's Dad: I understand how my daughter must feel, but this is what you would call a tactical marriage.
Lyria: I...see...
The dejected crew leave the house.
Korwa: Tactical marriage! Did he say tactical marriage?
Korwa: Ugh, what a greedy slimeball! He doesn't care about his daughter at all, he's just in it for the money and power!
Korwa: There's no way this could end happily ever after, no matter how you look at it!
Korwa: Think, think, think! Okay, what if she runs off with the person she truly loves?
Korwa: No, actually, what if she seizes her happiness with her own two hands?
Vyrn: Geez, she's still off in her own little story world.
As if on cue, the bride suddenly appears beside Korwa.
Bride: Um, excuse me. Were you the ones that came to my house just now?
Lyria: Your house? Oh, are you the one getting married, by any chance?
Bride: Yes. Um, I know we're complete strangers, but if you have a moment, I would like to ask you for a favor.
Lyria: Sure, no problem! What can we do for you?
Korwa: Do you want us to kidnap you?
Bride: Oh no, nothing like that. I want to meet the man I'm supposed to marry, just once, before the wedding.
Korwa: Huh? You've never even met him before?
Bride: We used to play together when we were kids but I haven't seen him since then.
Bride: I just want to know what kind of person he's become. I've prepared myself for the worst.
Vyrn: So, we need to take you to the island he's living on, right?
Bride: Yes. Is that okay?
Korwa: Leave it to me! I'll even cover your travel expenses.
Bride: You really shouldn't...
Korwa: It's fine; this is my mission. I'm going to make sure you find happiness.
Bride: Thank you!
Vyrn: Great, let's get a move on, (Captain)!

Interwoven Fates: Scene 3

The groom is a good-natured person who suffers from an illness. The couple quickly develop a close relationship as the crew watch on. A scoundrel tries to cut in, and the crew rush over to save the day.

The crew and the bride arrive at the estate of the fiance.
Many people are busy preparing the grounds in preparation for the big day.
Korwa: I wonder if someone who lives here is sick.
Lyria: Hm? What makes you think that?
Korwa: Everyone's wearing spotless clothes, and there's a lot of laundry being hung out to dry. Feels like a hospital, don't you think?
The workers steal glances at the party as they enter the mansion.
Ailing Man: Who is it? Please, come in.
Bride: Excuse me.
Ailing Man: You look familiar. Ah, I remember now! We used to play together sometimes, as kids.
Bride: Yes! I'm glad you remember.
The young man is delighted by her visit, and greets the crew warmly.
Ailing Man: I'm deeply sorry for not coming to see you sooner. I was stricken with an illness last year, and I still haven't recovered from it.
Bride: Yes, father told me about it. You seem to be in good health, now. I'm so relieved.
Ailing Man: It warms my heart, knowing that you were worried about me. Would you like to go for a walk together?
(Captain) and company follow from a distance to let the two lovers walk and talk in peace.
Lyria: Aww, he's such a nice guy.
Korwa: Yeah, that was a surprising twist. Is this it? Have we come to the exciting conclusion?
Korwa: "She lovingly nurses the bedridden man back to health, and their love blooms like never before."
Korwa: Hm, not yet, I can't let my guard down. He might just be pretending to be sick. He could be evil.
Korwa: "Here comes the bride, her once beautiful face now covered in dirt and tears." Boo! Bad ending, no thank you!
Vyrn: Eh, Korwa? Ah, it's no use.
Korwa: I can't stand it! Someone prove this man's worth to me!
Ailing Man: Hehe, how nostalgic. We used to walk down this road, didn't we?
Bride: Giggle. Remember the time when we got lost? Now that I think about it, how did we get lost in the first place?
The couple are deep in conversation as they walk around the city, oblivious to the party walking behind them.
Lyria: I don't think we have to worry about those two anymore. What do you think, Korwa?
Korwa: Mm, it certainly seems that way. Aside from his illness, he seems like the perfect fiance.
At Korwa's suggestion, (Captain) decides it's time to stop following the couple.
Bride: Eeeek! What are you doing?
Arrogant Man: Hehehe, dump this weak loser and come with me with instead.
Lyria: Oh no, those two are in trouble! We have to go help them!
The crew dash back toward the couple.
Ailing Man: Stop it! Let her go right now!
Arrogant Man: Tch, whatever, you annoying runt!
Ailing Man: Oof!
(Captain) steps in just as the young man is about to be punched.
Korwa: Anyone who gets in the way of two lovers' fate deserves to be crushed like a bug.
Arrogant Man: Huh? What the heck are you talking about?
Korwa: It's useless explaining it to you! Someone who's never experienced pain would never understand!

Interwoven Fates: Scene 4

The groom tries to protect his bride, despite his illness. The bride, seeing his steely resolve, falls in love with him. The scene provides Korwa with the inspiration she needs, and she rushes back to the Grandcypher to create many new designs.

Arrogant Man: Ahhhh!
Korwa: Get back here! I'm not through punishing you yet!
Vyrn: Whatever, we drove him off. That's good enough. Let's make sure nobody's injured. Hey buddy, are you ok?
Ailing Man: Yeah, I'm okay. I'm sorry to drag you into saving us.
Ailing Man: And I'm sorry I couldn't protect you. I'm useless.
The young man looks at his betrothed, and hangs his head in shame. The bride's face turns red.
Bride: Please don't say that! I know you were trying to save me. That's enough to make me happy.
Korwa: We just witnessed two people falling in love.
Korwa: Hee hee, the look on your faces says it all.
(Captain) and company escort the bride back to her home. They return to the Grandcypher.
Korwa: Thanks to today, I've got some great ideas for new designs. I'd better get to work before I forget them.
Lyria: Korwa! It's dinnertime! Oh my, how many sketches did you draw? I can't even see the floor.
Korwa doesn't notice, and continues to draw. (Captain) and Lyria quietly close the door.
Thanks to what happened today, Korwa will surely create a new masterpiece.

Peek into the Forbidden Garden

Chloe and Korwa engage in rapt discussion about love and life. Vyrn joins in, but soon leaves as the conversation transitions from Chloe's dating troubles to their personal tastes in partners. The two continue to laugh and giggle well into the night.

Chloe: Okay, boys and girls. This story's gonna have tons of biased opinions.
Korwa: Please proceed only if you're ready to peek into the forbidden garden of subjectivity.
Chloe: Otherwise, you might want to tap through this whole thing. lol
One early afternoon, cheery voices can be heard aboard the Grandcypher as the crew heads toward its next assignment.
Lyria: Huh? Hey, it sounds like someone's around!
Chloe: I felt soooo sorry for him at first, seeing how he gives up everything for his friends.
Chloe: But he, like, goes so far it's ridiculous, makes me wonder what I saw in him in the first place. Total mystery. lol
Korwa: I get that. No matter how much you love someone, when that love goes unrequited...
Korwa: It's never a happy ending.
The two most outspoken crewmates, Chloe and Korwa, are in the midst of a discussion about relationships.
Korwa changes the topic when she notices others in the crew walking in.
Korwa: Oh, everyone's here. How about a cup of tea? The special blend we made is really good.
Chloe: Lyrina, Vyrnathan, and the Captain! What's up, guys! OMG, this tea is delish! Mmm!
☆ (o´∀`o)ノ
Lyria: This is for us? Thanks!
(Captain) and company gladly join in on the conversation.
Vyrn: So what were you two talking about?
Korwa: About living happily ever after, or what you need to get there, at least. Chloe's having dating troubles.
Lyria: D-d-dating troubles!
Chloe: Lol. Yeah, I was asking Korwa for advice.
Chloe: Like, I've been watching my friends' BFs, and it got me thinking that a total nice guy just might be up my alley.
Chloe: But nice guys are so hard to find, y'know? Lol, maybe you know someone, Lyria?
Lyria: Me? Umm, not really...
Korwa: Well, chance encounters are waiting at every corner. You just have to be willing to look for them.
Korwa: Anyway, I agree that sincerity is definitely a good thing, but a Mr. Nice Guy through and through only spells trouble.
Korwa: A person who's nice all the time is just indecisive. Sometimes, you need a man to take you by the arm to get through the thick of it all.
Chloe: Lol, sounds like you're speaking from experience, Korwa. But sometimes I just wanna be a little selfish, y'know?
Korwa: A bit of selfishness makes a girl; no problem there.
Korwa: Acting like a pampered princess would be a problem of course, but everyone's got things they'd rather have their way.
Chloe: No way I'm letting my guy tell me to lighten up with the makeup, though. I'll shave his eyebrows off if he tries a stunt like that!
Korwa: I'd teach him a lesson he'll never forget if my partner didn't respect my values and goals. I'd cut him off from my life then and there.
Vyrn: Wh-whoa, harsh...
Korwa: What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. It's important to respect your lover's wishes.
  2. Selfishness should be kept in check.

Choose: It's important to respect your lover's wishes.
Chloe: Haha. I thought you'd say that, Captain!
Korwa: Could it be that your love story has already begun, (Captain)?
Lyria: Huh! Is that for real?

Choose: Selfishness should be kept in check.
Korwa: Have you had some trauma in that department, Captain? Perhaps you've had partners who tried to push their every whim on you?
Chloe: The captain's experience points are prolly off the charts, lol. Like, how long have you been doing this?
Lyria: Wow, I'm curious too.
Continue 1
Chloe: You know what else I can't stand? Guys who like to butt in on how we look. You know what I mean, right? lol
Korwa: Oh yeah.
Lyria: You think so?
Vyrn: What's that like?
Chloe: You know, stuff like "No makeup today?" or "Your nails are uneven. You need to take care of 'em better," or "Huh, what kinda clothing is that?" lol
Chloe: "Ew, what kinda ring is that?" (・∀・)

"What's with the change in style?" (・∀・)

"Meh, your hair always looks the same."
Chloe: Yeah, so what? lol
Korwa: Totally, I get you, Chloe! Those sorta guys seem to think that women stay beautiful 24/7.
Korwa: Or maybe they're just full of themselves and don't realize how insulting they are.
Chloe: But gosh, do they have to mention it every time?
Chloe: Ugh, I can't even!
Korwa: We know how important it is to keep up appearances, and we definitely do try!
Korwa: But there are just times when we need to kick back and relax, you know?
Korwa: And there're days when it's better for our skin to not put on makeup!
Korwa: And no matter how much we take care of our nails, they just chip off sometimes!
Chloe: Not like it's causing 'em any harm anyway, so, like, shut up, right? lol
Lyria: Hahaha.
Vyrn: I see...
Chloe: Trying to be a Mr. Know-it-all and talking down a girl's appearance gets you nowhere.
Korwa: Although it's not so bad if they're not just trash talking and are genuinely trying to offer advice.
Chloe: Yeah, I can totally dig that. 'Cept it's gotta be good advice though. lol
The heated discussion between the two continues.
Korwa: And let's not forget the guys that go like, ugh women, as if they know all about us!
Chloe: I know, right? (´艸`*)
Guys who say that don't know a thing about us girls. lolz
Korwa: And then there're the guys who don't know what it's like picking out a dress for a special date.
Korwa: Like, some guys are all, "Every dress is the same." "There's nothing to decide." "Ugh, women..."
Korwa: You've gotta be kidding me! How can every dress possibly look the same?
Chloe: Ugh, totally, right?
Korwa: Just how insensitive do you have to be to not understand the desire to wear something nice for a special occasion?
Chloe: Totes magotes. lol
Korwa: Guys and girls in a relationship should be more agreeable with each other. But when guys say things like that, it's like they don't care.
Korwa: They'll say things like, Love is all that matters.
Korwa: But I say if you've got so much love, you ought to know what I'm feeling inside!
Chloe: You go, girl! lol
Vyrn: I, um, I think I should get going...
Lyria: Wow, I learned so much!
Vyrn: For real, Lyria?
Korwa: Understanding each other isn't easy, but do it right and it feels so incredibly rewarding.
Korwa: That's why couples who can pull it off tend to live happily ever after.
Chloe: You mean they, like, get married?
Korwa: Right. A wedding dress is so wonderful because it really emphasizes the couple's happiness to come.
Korwa: And I hope to make a lovely wedding dress befitting of that happiness one day.
Korwa: That's why I'm always trying to meet new people and hear their stories. That's where I get so many of my fashion design ideas.
Chloe: No way, Korwa! Your dresses are already totes amaze! I seriously want one!
Lyria: Wow, I want to try one of Korwa's dresses too!
Korwa: I think by the time you two are ready to take your vows and walk down the aisle, I'll be able to create the perfect wedding dress.
Lyria: I can't wait!
Chloe: You can bet I'll be studying up on the perfect bridal makeup until then!
Lyria: Oh, oh! Chloe! Will you do my makeup when it comes time for me to wear Korwa's dress?
Chloe: You got it, Lyrina! I'm sure you'll look cray cray adorbz. lol
Lyria: Ooh, just thinking about it is getting me excited!
Chloe: Lol, I almost forgot I have to find myself a Hottie McHotterson first!
Chloe: But, like, where would I find myself one anyway?
Korwa: Ah, so you like the Hottie McHotterson type of guy, Chloe?
Chloe: Mm, not quite. I'm more of a—oh, look at that! We're out of snacks.
Korwa: Now that you mention it, the tea's getting cold too. I'll go make some more.
Lyria: I'll help!
Chloe: I'll go get some more snacks!
Vyrn: Sigh, I have no idea what they're talking about...
Vyrn leaves the room, confused and bewildered.
As the crew heads towards its next destination...
Chloe and Korwa's cheerful banter, along with Lyria's occasional laughter, continue to brighten up the atmosphere aboard the Grandcypher.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
戻ったら刺繍の 続きをしないとね I have to sew when I get back.
んふふ…面白い 物語が見られそう! This looks like a fun story!
次のドレスのテーマ 何にしようかしら? What should I do for my next dress?
魔物もデザインの 参考にできそうね Monsters make a great reference for fashion design.
ハッピーエンド以外 現実には不要なの! It should always end happily every after!
お芝居の衣装も よく依頼されるわね Theaters love my costumes.
なかなか刺激的ね! That was exciting!
う~ん、イマイチ いい案が浮かばない… Hrm... I need a good idea...
(主人公)は 見てて面白いわ Looking good, (Captain)!
(主人公)も お洒落しましょ? Shall we dress you up, (Captain)?

Other Appearances


  • Korwa appears as both a card and as an alternate leader for the Forestcraft class.

Korwa, Ravishing Designer

SV Korwa, Ravishing Designer.png SV Korwa, Ravishing Designer E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Give your leader the following effect - At the start of your turn, put a Fil into your hand. Put 2 Fils into your hand instead if at least 4 damage was dealt to your leader during the opponent's previous turn. (This effect is not stackable and lasts for the rest of the match.)
Fanfare: Enhance (8) - Put 3 Fils into your hand, and recover 3 play points.

Haha... Look at him try to ask her out for coffee. Cute. Someone should tell him old-fashioned flirting doesn't work anymore. A true gentleman has a certain je ne sais quoi to his approach. But, ugh, he's hopeless!


I want everyone—absolutely everyone—who wears one of my dresses to find happiness. I mean, why would you wear something if it doesn't help you find your own happy ending?

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Korwa, Ravishing Designer
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


SV Fil.png
Click to reveal card data

Give an allied follower +0/+1.
If you have played at least 4 other Fils in this match, that follower can attack twice per turn.

Oho! Let's make this a liiittle bit more chic!

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Fil
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other