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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. I'm glad we get to celebrate your special day together.
Let me take a breath... Phew... We only get to have this day once a year, so I have something I want to say.
I never imagined I would be on a journey with anyone.
Honestly, I'm really glad I came on this adventure with you.
And yet, here I am, having so many new experiences. It's all thanks to you.
Hah. And now I can't imagine my future not traveling with you.
I can't wait to celebrate your birthday again next year.
Haha... Sorry, I'm being weird right now.
Thanks for everything you've done so far, (Captain).


Kumbhira: Haha... (Captain), happy birthday!
There's just something so mellow about this all that I can't help but smile.
I guess deep down, I'm really happy we get to celebrate such an important day to you.
Hamward: Squeeaal!
Kumbhira: Ahaha, even Hamward's a bundle of joy.
Thomboar: Squee-squeal!
Kumbhira: That's right. We owe so much to (Captain).
Pigchelle: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: Hm? You guys think we should do anything (Captain) asks? Great idea!
So, (Captain), me and the piglets are gonna do whatever you ask us to do. Be it cooking, cleaning, a massage, or anything else...
We're gonna make this the best birthday you've ever had, (Captain)!


Happy birthday. I'm always happy to celebrate your birthday, (Captain).
I made you some cake. Though I did have some help from crew members who are better at this sort of thing.
The way the candlelight flickers is so beautiful...
It somehow reminds me of the incredible friends I've made in the crew.
I can't thank you enough, (Captain)...
For shining a light into my life and letting me join you in your travels.
Huh... It's embarrassing to actually put it into words...
W-would you stop gazing at my face already! Why don't you go ahead and blow out the candles?


(Captain)! Um... Can you show me your hand, please?
Oh, I didn't mean hold them up like that! Ugh... This isn't exactly going according to plan. Sorry, forget what I said and let me start again!
Ahem. Say, are you interested in stuff like palm reading?
I've been reading some books on it recently, so I can do a bit of palm reading. Do you want to try?
Choose: Sure.
(Captain) nods and puts out a hand.
O-okay, I'll take a look then.
Kumbhira grasps (Captain)'s hand and pulls it closer to herself.
Then, she reaches into her pocket and fishes out a small package, placing it in (Captain)'s outstretched hand.
Happy birthday! This is a present from me.
The plan wasn't actually palm reading... I just wanted to give you this present.
Ahaha... Sorry it didn't work out so well.
I wanted to give you a surprise, but I ended up getting really nervous.
I don't know anything about palm reading... But I'm always wishing you happiness, so I'm sure you have the best of luck!
Oh, that's not what palm reading's about? Now that I think about it... you might be right.
I-in any case! Happy birthday! That's all!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain).
Ah, the start of a new year. I'd better think of a resolution...
But, wait a minute, what's that large box for?
Wh-whoa! Paper, pencils, tic-tac-toe boards, pin-the-tail on the donkey, fireworks, a ball, and playing cards...
(Captain), it looks like your resolution is to play as many games as possible.
Hehe. I like it. I'll play with you.
But watch out. I've had plenty of practice playing these kinds of games with my brothers and sisters, so I'm pretty good.
So, which one should we start with?


What an impressive shrine. Look at all the visitors today.
It always gets so busy at the Boar Temple when it comes time for New Year's.
Sigh... I hope everyone's okay back there...
All right, I've decided!
I'm going to pray that everyone at the Boar Temple makes it through New Year's okay.
Wha? Shouldn't you pray for yourself before you pray for me?
Ahaha... Maybe we can try offering two prayers.


We made it up the mountain fairly quickly, so there's still time before sunrise.
Are you sleepy? We've been climbing in the dark for a while...
I have hot coffee in my canteen if you want some.
Or would you like to take a nap? I brought a sleeping bag just in case we arrived early.
Don't worry about monsters. I'll keep a lookout and wake you up when it's time.
Ahaha... Is that too much? Sorry, I was so excited I couldn't help but come overprepared.
You want to drink the coffee together? Okay, that sounds good.
We can take our time and reminisce about the past year while we wait.


(Captain)! Happy New Year!
Hm? Oh, this? I wanted to do some calligraphy for the new year, so I'm gathering the supplies for that.
I haven't decided what to write yet, so I'm thinking of just writing whatever comes to mind when I look at the paper...
Wait, I know!
Kumbhira comes up with an idea and begins to move her brush across the paper.
There... Done!
I ended up writing... "Badminton"!
I suddenly remembered I wanted to play badminton with you on New Year's Day, so that's what I wrote.
Hehe. Will you play with me? And of course, whoever loses gets their face doodled on!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Handmade, ready-made... Handmade, ready-made...
Kumbhira is holed up in the hallway, plucking the petals off of a flower.
Ah! (Captain)!
Mmm... You didn't hear anything! I was just, um, doing a little bit of self fortune-telling.
(Mm... Looks like I didn't need to buy chocolates after all...)
Heh, um... I tried making these chocolates for you.
You're always doing your best for us, so I made them with love.
I even asked Lyria and Vyrn what your favorite flavors are...
So, um, please take them.
I hope you like them, (Captain).


(Captain), here's your Valentine's gift: homemade chocolates.
Andira had such a big grin on her face when I had her try one out, so I'm feeling pretty confident about these.
I came to you this year with only homemades ones on-hand.
I figured my feelings—gratitude and all—would get through to you better that way...
Anyway, I really put my heart into making these, so I hope you enjoy them.


(Captain), happy Valentine's. I have some chocolate for you this year too.
I'm a little better at making these now...
Though I still can't help but worry that they might not turn out too great...
What's more is the incredible warmth I feel in making them.
Whether it's buying the ingredients, heating the oven, or preparing the packaging...
I think of your face and an uplifting sensation washes over me...
Ahaha... Sorry. It's hard to put into words.
Maybe the chocolate itself will do a better job of explaining my feelings... Or maybe not...


Happy Valentine's, (Captain). I made chocolate for you again!
I'm pretty sure that it turned out nicely this year. And not just the taste—I'm proud of how it looks too.
Thanks for always looking out for me. I hope we'll get to spend even more time together!
Hehe. I don't know who came up with the idea of giving chocolate on Valentine's Day...
But I think it's a wonderful custom. After all, it's important to express your feelings directly sometimes.
I hope I can continue giving you chocolate next year, next next year, and in the years after that too.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Kumbhira: (Captain), is something going on today? Everyone seems on edge.
Huh? It's White Day?
What! You're giving this to me? To thank me for Valentine's Day?
Are you sure?
Hamward: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: Hamward! What have I told you about coming out without telling me!
Choose: Ah! You're hampy!
Kumbhira: H-hey! You know I hate that word!
Mm... But thanks.
I'll try harder on next year's Valentine's Day gift.


Kumbhira: This is to pay me back for Valentine's? Thanks, (Captain)!
This small package is for all the little boars? You went through the extra trouble...
Piglets: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: Hey, don't just jump out like that!
Haha, I guess we can make a special exception for today. (Captain) deserves all the thanks we can give him.


Kumbhira: (Captain)? Did you have something to tell me?
Huh? Ah, today's White Day!
Okay, stop it right there! Just gimme a sec!
Piglets: Squee!
Kumbhira: Whew... Thanks, (Captain)! This makes me so happy!
Choose: What was that for just now?
Kumbhira: Well, it gets embarrassing going hampy every year...
I thought I'd put a stop to that by calling the piglets out first.
Huh, you forbid me from doing that next year?
But why!
Mrg... You can be such a tease, (Captain)...


Kumbhira: A present... in return for Valentine's? You made something for me, (Captain)?
Thank you so much! I really want to treasure these, so I'll eat them sparingly.
Hm? Oh yeah, I did say before that Valentine's is a nice custom, didn't I?
Choose: I'm glad giving back is a custom too.
(Captain) thanks Kumbhira for always being there.
Oh, (Captain)!
Hamward: Squee-squee!
Choose: You're hampy!
Kumbhira: Ooh, you know how embarrassed that makes me... Meanie.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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(Captain), I'm hooome...
Choose: Trick or treat!
Haha, sorry. I'm all out of candy.
Wasn't I just out to buy some more, you ask?
Yeah, but on my way home I saw so many trick-or-treaters, and I handed it all out.
You have to play a prank on me because I couldn't give you any candy?
Well, do what you must. But go easy on me.


(Captain)! Trick or treat!
There! For the first time in my life, I got to say "trick or treat"!
Since we never celebrated Halloween back in my village, it felt really hectic last year handing out candy to children...
Oh, it looks like you don't have any treats, (Captain). That must mean you're prepared for a trick.
I suppose now's a good time as any to try out the tickling antics that Anila taught me...
Why do I find myself hesitating now that it's actually time to do it...
Here goes...
Kumbhira bashfully pokes (Captain) on the cheek.
Th-that's my trick...


H-Happy Halloween... Squee... Are you having fun, (Captain)?
Trick or squee-squee! Give me a squee, or I play a trick on you!
Choose: Are you feeling okay?
Er... I'm just acting the part of my piglets...
When I told Andira about how I forgot to prepare a costume, she said this'd be a good way to get through Halloween...
What do you think?
Huh? You won't answer the question unless I ask in piglet-speak?
Really now, (Captain)! You're such a tease!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Kumbhira: (Captain), welcome back. And happy holidays. Where were ya?
Just buying some stuff for tonight's feast? I see. Glad you're back.
Was it cold outside? Here, my little piglets will help warm you up.
Piglets: Squee!
Kumbhira: Hehe. Sit beside me so they can warm us both up.


Ah, (Captain)... The holiday party sure is lively. Are you enjoying yourself?
Huh? You called out to me because you saw me all alone in the corner over here?
Ahaha... Sorry if I made you worry.
To be honest, I'm feeling a bit anxious right now...
We have the entire crew gathered here, but there's there so many people I've never spoken to. It might be too lively for me...
Eep! (Captain)? What are suddenly grabbing my hand for?
We're going to leave the party to take it easy in your room?
But if you're not here, the party—
With a smile, (Captain) puts a finger to Kumbhira's lips before leading her to the exit.
(Oh, what do I do... I really don't want to stand out...)
(Please don't come out now, Hamward!)


Wow... These are all ornaments for the tree?
Candies, socks, ribbons, sparkling orbs... Everything's so pretty, I don't know what to choose.
We had a tree in my village, but we hung amulets and paper strips instead.
Ahaha... I'm starting to think we had the wrong idea.
Oh, but we at least put a proper star on top.
My brothers and sisters always fought over who got to do it, so I've never actually done it myself...
What? You'll let me be the one to place the star?
Hehe... I appreciate it, but isn't it a big responsibility? Kind of makes me nervous...
Oh! How about we do it together? That way I can relax a little bit.
Would that be all right?

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Seaside Treasure Hunt

Kumbhira receives a letter from her predecessor containing instructions on finding a certain treasure. The crew land at a small island in the Auguste Isles and stop by a shop to get Kumbhira's swimsuit. There, they meet a mascot named Marmie and the shopkeeper, who tells them she is a friend of the previous Divine Boar. Kumbhira follows the shopkeeper's recommendation and buys a swimsuit similar to one that her predecessor once bought.

The sun smiles on a fine spring day, gifting the skies with warmth from its gentle rays.
(Captain) and the crew make their landing on a small island somewhere in the Auguste Isles.
Kumbhira: Sparkling white sands... an endless blue... and this unique fragrance in the breeze...
Kumbhira: Amazing... So this is the ocean!
Piglets: Squee-squee!
Lyria: Hehe. It's your first time coming, isn't it, Kumbhira?
Vyrn: I hear it was rainin' like crazy until yesterday, but looks like it's cleared up!
Vyrn: It's perfect temperature for a swim. Since it's off-season, there aren't a lotta other folks around—we've practically got the whole place to ourselves!
Kumbhira: Yeah! All right, time to go wild until the sun goes down...
Kumbhira: Hey, wait a minute! That's not what we came here for. Don't forget we're on a mission!
Kumbhira (Event) not in crew, Kumbhira not in crew

The Guardian of the North-Northwest, Kumbhira, takes a deep breath, a look of determination on her face.
Having completed her previous duties as the year spirit, she now travels with (Captain) and the others on the Grandcypher.
The reason for this trip started with a letter that was sent to Kumbhira's hometown.
As it turns out, the letter addressed to Kumbhira was from the previous Divine Boar. The temple priestess had immediately forwarded the letter to the crew.
Kumbhira: My predecessor, who's supposedly missing, sent me a personal letter telling me to search for a treasure hidden on this small island...
Kumbhira: That's why I have to find it! Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to live up to the name of Divine Boar!
Vyrn: Is it really that big of a deal? I mean, the letter was kinda...
Former Divine Boar: Heya! How's it going, Kumbhira?
Former Divine Boar: Actually, I'm just writing you a little message 'cause I wanted to tell you about this awesome treasure in Auguste!
Former Divine Boar: If you do exactly as I say, I'm sure you'll find it in no time too. So give it a try, 'kay?
Vyrn: From what I remember, it didn't sound that serious to me.
Kumbhira: I guess that's true...
Kumbhira: But I wanna give it all that I've got, you know?
Lyria: Your predecessor is someone very important to you, isn't she?
Kumbhira: Yeah. I really respect her.
When she was little, Kumbhira had almost given up on becoming the Divine Boar because she didn't possess the blessed might of her ilk.
Former Divine Boar: Silly sow, you won't know unless you try!
With the encouragement she received from the previous Divine Boar, Kumbhira worked hard and was finally able to inherit the sacred role.
Kumbhira: But it's not just me. Everyone from the village loves her.
Former Divine Boar: Oh yeah, bring it! Hehe, Recker's tip works perfectly as a shovel!
Villager: Whoa, what's with this giant hole! I can't believe you used a sacred weapon for digging... You won't hear the end of it from the temple priestess.
Former Divine Boar: Be a darling and keep this a secret, 'kay? I wanna make a hot spring here! Care to help?
Villager: Huh? Me? A hot spring does sound pretty nice... Sure, why not!
Former Divine Boar: Snort, snort! Wait up! I'm gonna get you!
Child: Eeeek! Run!
Former Divine Boar: Oh, Kumbhira! Wanna try this on? It really helps you picture what it's like to be a boar!
Vyrn: Haha. She sounds like a lively one, that's for sure!
Kumbhira: Yup, she had the entire village in the palm of her hands.
Kumbhira: But thanks to that, everyone had a great time. She brought warmth to us... almost as if she was the sun of our village.
Lyria: But why did she decide to leave the village after that?
Kumbhira: No one knows. Even the temple priestess doesn't know the reason.
Kumbhira: Geez... Everyone's here worrying about her, and when she finally decides to contact us, all she talks about is treasure-hunting.
Vyrn: Haha. But you don't seem that mad about it, Kumboara.
Kumbhira: Hehe, well, I guess I'm just relieved that she's her same old self.
Kumbhira: And knowing her, this has to be more than just hunting for treasure. So I gotta make sure I go all out!
Kumbhira: Oh, but you guys don't have to worry about anything. Since we're here at the beach, you should go enjoy yourselves!
Kumbhira smiles, her eyes bright and full of energy.
Vyrn: It's nice that you're all pumped up for this...
Vyrn: But, uh, you did read the rest of the letter, right?
Former Divine Boar: In order to find the treasure... First, you have to jump into the water! Then swim around and go wild!
Former Divine Boar: I promise it'll feel great! Why don't you try surfing while you're at it? Oh, but be careful not to get sunburnt!
Former Divine Boar: After that, you gotta have a barbecue on the beach, with tons of prawns, not so much veggies, and no bell peppers! And then...
Lyria: She wrote down all these ways to enjoy the beach, didn't she?
Vyrn: Yeah! You aren't plannin' to do all that by yourself, are ya, Kumboara?
Kumbhira: B-but if we follow what the letter says, then you won't be able to take your time to relax.
Kumbhira: Besides, we don't know what the treasure is anyway. What if it's actually some kind of test? It's entirely possible...
Vyrn: Come on, don't worry about it! Either way, you're plannin' to do all the stuff in the letter, right? Then we're comin' with ya!
Lyria: That's right! We get to spend time with you and look for treasure—it's two birds with one stone!
  1. We can have fun together!
  2. Let us help you!

Choose: We can have fun together!
Choose: Let us help you!
Kumbhira: Oh, you guys...
Kumbhira: Thanks so much. All right, if you insist... Let's take this on together then, shall we?
Lyria: Yeah! First up is taking a swim in the ocean, right?
Kumbhira: Before that... I actually didn't bring my swimsuit with me. Do you think we can drop by the shop first?
The crew visits the swimwear shop listed in the letter to look for a swimsuit for Kumbhira.
Kumbhira: Wow! There're so many different kinds of swimsuits!
Vyrn: Apparently all the swimsuits here are designed by the shop owner, who's a super famous designer.
Lyria: The previous Divine Boar said in her letter that she first came to this island just to shop here!
Kumbhira: Hmm, which one should I get... Maybe a simple one, like one with pink and gold stripes or something.
Vyrn: Uh, that sounds pretty flashy if you ask me. Your fashion sense never changes, huh?
The crew continue wandering through the racks of swimsuits when the owner of the shop approaches them.
Shop Owner: Pardon me, but... could you perhaps be the Divine Boar Kumbhira?
Kumbhira: Huh? Oh, yes, I am...
Shop Owner: I knew it! Wow, I can't believe I'm meeting the current Divine Boar in person!
The shop owner excitedly takes Kumbhira's hand and continues.
Shop Owner: The previous Divine Boar also came to my shop, you see. That's when we got to know each other and became friends!
Shop Owner: I could tell who you were right away. You have the exact same aura as your predecessor!
Kumbhira: Ahaha... That's what everyone said back at the village too. But it's really only our appearances that are similar.
Shop Owner: Since it's off-season right now, did you come just to buy a swimsuit?
Kumbhira: Well, actually... we're here to look for some treasure.
Shop Owner: T-treasure?
Kumbhira struggles to find the right words to explain their situation.
???: Squeak, squeak!
Kumbhira: Whoa!
All of a sudden, something furry makes a playful pounce at the crew.
Vyrn: Wh-what the! It's... not a monster. Is that some kinda costume?
???: Squeak...
Lyria: Vyrn, you can't say that! Of course it's not. It's the real thing!
???: Squeak!
Vyrn: Ohh... Er, sorry 'bout that. So who's this?
Shop Owner: This is Marmie, the official ambassador and mascot for our little island's tourism industry!
Shop Owner: Hehe, you're lucky you got to meet Marmie during the off-season.
Marmie: Squeak, squeak!
Marmie jumps up and down and points energetically to a corner of the shop.
Shop Owner: Ahh, yes. Good idea, Marmie!
Kumbhira: Um... Is there something special about that swimsuit?
Shop Owner: In fact, yes. I'd like to give it to you, Kumbhira!
Kumbhira: Wha! What's this all of a sudden?
Shop Owner: Your predecessor helped me out with a lot of things, so this is the least I can do! Now come on, let's get you in this swimsuit!
The shop owner puts on a devilish grin and pulls Kumbhira toward the changing room.
Kumbhira: This is really, um, breathable... Maybe a bit too much so... Do I really have to wear this?
Shop Owner: Of course you do! It fits you perfectly!
Finally, the curtain is drawn back to reveal a very flustered Kumbhira.
Kumbhira: Wh-what do you... think?
Lyria: Oh, wow! The black swimsuit makes you look very mature! You look fantastic!
Vyrn: Leave it to the owner to choose somethin' for ya! It's really you! Whaddya think, (Captain)?
  1. It matches you.
  2. You look beautiful.

Choose: It matches you.
Kumbhira: Y-you really think so? I was surprised how little, erm, material there was...
Kumbhira: But if you say so... Okay.

Choose: You look beautiful.
Kumbhira: B-beautiful?
Hamward: Squeeee!
Vyrn: Haha, you're goin' all hampy! Did that compliment make you that happy?
Kumbhira: Wh-what! It's because you guys say such embarrassing things!
Kumbhira: But... thank you.
Continue 1
Shop Owner: Ahhh, it really does look good on you!
Shop Owner: To tell you the truth, the previous Divine Boar bought the exact same swimsuit. That's why I thought it'd look great on you too.
Marmie: Squeak, squeak!
Kumbhira: I see... Now that you mention it, a showy swimsuit like this does seem like something my predecessor would've chosen.
Kumbhira stands nervously in front of the mirror, gazing at her own reflection.
Kumbhira: (I look different... Is it weird?)
Kumbhira: (This reminds me of when I inherited the formal attire from the previous Divine Boar...)
Kumbhira: (But this is different from how it was back then. I've already completed my duties, and now I have (Captain) by my side.)
Vyrn: Well, now that you have your swimsuit...
Lyria: Let's go and enjoy the waves, Kumbhira!
Kumbhira: Yeah! Oh, but one more thing before that.
Kumbhira: Miss, will you please let me pay for this swimsuit?
Shop Owner: Huh? Oh, no, you don't need to pay for it! Your predecessor was very kind to me, so...
Kumbhira: I'm very happy to hear that. Still, that's what the previous Divine Boar did.
Kumbhira: As the current Divine Boar, I'm walking a different path from my predecessor—one that I chose, together with my friends.
Kumbhira: Compared to my predecessor, I still have a lot to work on, of course.
Lyria: Kumbhira...
Kumbhira: But that's why I hope you'll let me pay for this!
Shop Owner: Oh!
Kumbhira hands over some money to the shop owner before bowing with a smile.
Kumbhira: Thank you for all the help! Off to the beach I go!
Together with the crew, Kumbhira runs out toward the glittering, blue sea.
She looks up at the sky, feeling the soft tingle of spring on her skin.
The sun shines bright, enveloping her in a gentle warmth.

Into the Glistening Waves

The crew follows the letter's instructions and enjoys some time in the water before having a barbecue. After their meal, they proceed to pick up seashells and play beach flags, in addition to some volleyball. Kumbhira finds herself enjoying this valuable time with her friends.

One day, a letter from her predecessor arrives for Kumbhira.
The message describes a certain "treasure" that the former Divine Boar wants Kumbhira to find.
In order to look for this treasure, the crew follows the letter's instructions and visits the beach to spend some time there.
Kumbhira: ...
Vyrn: Hey, Kumboara! You done puttin' on that sunscreen yet?
Lyria: Come join us! The water's perfect!
Hamward: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: O-okay! Just give me a sec—
Kumbhira: Eek!
As if to intimidate the Divine Boar, the waves crash onto the shore with a thunderous sound.
Kumbhira: U-up close, the waves are kinda intense...
Kumbhira stops in her tracks, eyeing the waves as they retreat from the shore again.
  1. Take her by the hand
  2. Splash water on her

Choose: Take her by the hand
Kumbhira: ...!
Um, (Captain)?
(Captain) pulls her along, and Kumbhira cautiously steps into the foamy, white waves.
Kumbhira: Oh! I've never experienced anything like this before. It feels kinda tickly under my feet.
Kumbhira: There's nothing to be afraid of? Hehe, thank you, (Captain).
Kumbhira: But do you think... we can hold hands for a little while longer?
Kumbhira: Maybe until the water's up to our knees... or even just the ankles!
(Captain) nods and gently guides her along as the two slowly make their way into the water.

Choose: Splash water on her
Kumbhira: Eep! Th-that surprised me...
Kumbhira: You really did it this time! Get ready for some payback!
Kumbhira bends down, reaching into the waves to scoop water with her hands and splashing it on (Captain).
Kumbhira: What's that? There's nothing to be afraid of?
Kumbhira: Geez... You could've just told me that from the start!
Kumbhira: Thank you, though. You helped me calm down a bit.
Together, the two slowly make their way into the water.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Whoa! Do you swim fast or what!
Kumbhira: Hehe, the former Divine Boar taught me! It's pretty different swimming here than in a lake, but I think I've gotten the hang of it!
Kumbhira now paddles around with ease after spending some time in the water.
Hamward: Squee-squee!
Kumbhira: Good idea! You wanna have a race? Let's ask (Captain) if—
Lyria: Eeek! W-wait! Kumbhira, behind you...
Kumbhira: Huh?
Kumbhira turns around to see a dark shadow looming just beneath the surface of the water.
Kumbhira: Looks like it's coming up... Is it some sort of fish?
Vyrn: Watch out, Kumboara! It could be dangerous... You never know what's comin' here in Auguste!
Kumbhira: What!
As the crew starts to panic, the shadow grows bigger and leaps out of the water.
Marmie: Squeak!
Kumbhira: M-Marmie! It's the mascot from before...
Lyria: Ooh... I'm glad it wasn't anything scary.
Vyrn: Uh, you sure about that? What kinda weirdo swims with a furry costume on—
Lyria: Vyrn! It's not a costume, remember?
Marmie: Squeak! Squeak!
Kumbhira: Hm? You want to play with me?
Marmie takes Kumbhira's hand and brings it up and down in a handshake.
Kumbhira: Hehe, all right then. What shall we play—
Marmie: Squeeeak!
Kumbhira: Eeee!
Marmie suddenly begins to swim at top speed, still holding Kumbhira's hand.
Marmie: Squeeeak!
Kumbhira: Hey, wait! Blargh... You're going... really fast!
Vyrn: Whew... That thing's more intense than it looks.
Marmie: Squeak! Squeak!
Lyria: Hehe. Marmie looks so happy playing with Kumbhira!
Kumbhira: S-stooop!
Vyrn: Kumboara doesn't look so happy though...
Kumbhira: (What's with... this person... Is it even a person?)
Kumbhira: (But now that I've gotten used to this speed... It's kind of relaxing... and fun.)
Marmie: Squeeeak!
Kumbhira: Never mind! Stooop, pleeease!
Kumbhira's desperate cries echo across the shore for some time.
Kumbhira: Okay, this batch is done. Check out these juicy prawns!
Lyria: Wow, thank you so much!
Vyrn: These are just about done too. All these prawn skewers... It's practically a prawn party!
The crew is now following the letter's next set of instructions and having a barbecue on the beach.
Kumbhira: My predecessor really loves prawns. I followed what's in the letter and bought a large amount of them.
Vyrn: Boy, you're really serious about following your predecessor's orders.
Kumbhira: Well, she did take the time to write all of this down, so maybe it's necessary for finding the treasure.
Vyrn: What kinda treasure requires you to eat a heck load of prawns?
Kumbhira: Ahaha... I'm afraid I don't have the answer to that quite yet.
As she munches on her prawns, the Divine Boar checks the letter again.
Kumbhira: Let's see, next up is...
Former Divine Boar: Once you're full, let's do some light exercise and gather seashells on the shore!
Former Divine Boar: Oh, and if you see any garbage around, make sure to pick that up too, okay? Karma, you know!
Former Divine Boar: After that, it's time for some beach flags and volleyball! The two are a set, so you have to do both! Work off those prawns!
Kumbhira: That's what it says. Sounds like some pretty intense exercise...
Vyrn: Whew, I gotta mentally prepare myself for this!
Lyria: Munch, munch... Then I better get one more serving of prawns!
Lyria: Hehe. More food means more energy!
Kumbhira: Hehe, Lyria just might be right.
Kumbhira: All right! Let's feast hard, then play hard!
Kumbhira: I think I'm gonna have some more prawns myself!
Kumbhira savors the time with her friends as they continue their so-called treasure hunt.
The Divine Boar looks on happily, stuffing herself with freshly grilled prawns.

Into the Glistening Waves: Scene 2

After enjoying the beach thoroughly, the crew make their way to a small mountain where the treasure is supposed to be located. As they are climbing up the mountain, suddenly, large boulders come falling from above them. A mysterious shock wave blows the rocks away just in time, saving the crew. However, their savior disappears in a flash, and the crew decide to proceed on their way.

(Captain) and company do as the previous Divine Boar instructs and participate in various activities on the beach, from picking up seashells to playing volleyball.
After that, the crew take a walk and find themselves at a small mountain in the middle of the island.
Vyrn: All that's left is climbin' to the top of this mountain and getting the actual treasure.
Lyria: Whew... This is steeper than it looks, isn't it?
Kumbhira: Yeah. The letter says climbing it should be a cinch, but I don't know...
Lyria: The peak doesn't seem to be in sight yet. Maybe we should go a little faster—
Lyria: Ahh!
Lyria's foot slips in the mud, but Kumbhira catches her by the arm just in time.
Kumbhira: Are you okay, Lyria?
Lyria: Thank you... I slipped and lost my balance.
Kumbhira: The ground's still wet from the heavy rainfall before. Let's take it easy and make our way up slowly.
The crew continue along the mountain path as beams of sunlight shine through the leaves, softly lighting their way.
Kumbhira takes in the surrounding nature and smiles, a nostalgic feeling growing inside her.
Kumbhira: (Come to think of it, the previous Divine Boar and I used to play on the mountain a lot when I was little.)
Kumbhira: (Hehe, this brings back memories. I still remember it as if it were yesterday...)
Former Divine Boar: Hmph! Hah! Hraaah!
Young Kumbhira: Wow! The Divine Boar is amazing...
Former Divine Boar: Hm? Is that Kumbhira hiding behind the tree over there?
Young Kumbhira: Eep! I-I'm sorry! I couldn't help watching you train...
Former Divine Boar: Ahaha, coming this deep into the mountains all by yourself... You sure are a hardworking one!
Former Divine Boar: That's no good! Children like you should be spending their time playing!
Young Kumbhira: O-oh, but... if I don't work hard, I won't be able to become someone strong like you.
Former Divine Boar: Hmm...
Former Divine Boar: All right, that's all for training today! Instead, I'm gonna teach you some fun things you can do in the mountains!
Former Divine Boar: Come on, follow me! That's an order from the Divine Boar!
Young Kumbhira: Wh-wha!
Kumbhira: (We spent the rest of the day swimming in the lake, climbing trees, running around... She really had her way!)
Kumbhira: (We played until we were exhausted. And then, if I remember correctly...)
Just then, Kumbhira senses something overhead and looks up.
A boulder that had come loose from the rainfall wriggles free from its place, breaking off of the cliff above them.
Lyria: Eeek! It's going to fall on us!
Kumbhira: Haaaaah!
In a split second, Kumbhira swings Recker into the incoming rock, immediately pulverizing it.
Vyrn: Nice work, Kumboara! You saved us!
Kumbhira: Phew... I'm glad no one's hurt.
The crew breathes a sigh of relief—but it is too soon.
The cliff itself begins to crumble, and a multitude of large boulders begin crashing down from above them.
Lyria: Oh no!
Vyrn: Ack! What should we do? There's no place for us to run!
Kumbhira: We have no choice but to smash all of them! Vyrn, Lyria—you two stand back!
(Captain) and Kumbhira stand next to each other, bracing themselves for the rain of boulders.
All of a sudden, a shock wave ripples through the air and sends the boulders flying into the sky.
The crew's eyes widen in shock as the boulders are blown away. They fall one by one into the ocean, giant pillars of water surging up from the impact.
Vyrn: What the! What happened just now?
Kumbhira: I-I'm not sure, but I swore I caught a glimpse of someone just now... It seems that person saved us.
The crew turn to look around, but their savior is no longer in sight.
Kumbhira: How in the skies did that person send so many boulders flying?
Lyria: Wow... In any case, I'm really glad that everyone's safe!
Kumbhira and the others stand in a daze, still processing the events that had just happened.
Though unable to shake off their surprise, the crew decide to continue to the top of the mountain and finish their treasure hunt.

Into the Glistening Waves: Scene 3

The crew discovers a hot spring at the top of the mountain. Kumbhira is reminded of a time when she soaked in a hot spring with her predecessor and realizes that this memory is the treasure she has been searching for. As the crew enjoys the sunset together, the former Divine Boar looks at the same setting sun from a different location, happy to know that Kumbhira has grown since the last time they met.

Despite the perilous encounter a few moments ago, the crew continues trudging up the mountain path.
Just as the sun begins to make its descent, they finally reach the mountain peak.
Lyria: The letter says we'll know what the treasure is when we get there, doesn't it?
Vyrn: That's what I thought, but there's nothin' here. No buildings, no landmarks... Where's this treasure supposed to be?
Kumbhira sweeps her gaze across the area and realizes something.
Kumbhira: Hey, look over there. Is it just me, or is smoke coming out from behind those rocks?
Vyrn: You're right... I think it's steam.
Lyria: Sniff, sniff. It gives off a rather relaxing smell. Do you think... it could be a hot spring?
Sure enough, when the crew approach where the steam is coming from, they find a heated pool of water accumulated between the rocks.
Lyria: Wow, it really is a hot spring! And it looks perfect for soaking in too.
Vyrn: Does that mean... the treasure we've been lookin' for is this hot spring?
Kumbhira: ...
Kumbhira: The mountain top... A hot spring...
Former Divine Boar: What do you think? Isn't it so beautiful?
Kumbhira: Wait! The treasure! It's...
Vyrn: You figured it out?
Kumbhira: Yeah! We'll probably see it once we get in the hot spring!
The others follow Kumbhira's suggestion and get ready to enter the water.
Vyrn: Wheeew! Boy, does this feel good... Just what my body needs after a long day!
Lyria: Wow! Look, everyone! The sun's sinking into the ocean!
Kumbhira: The sun looks so big from here. It's beautiful...
The crew take in the waning rays as they watch the crimson sun slowly sink below the horizon, not a single obstacle obstructing their view from the summit.
They hold their breaths, captured by the spectacular scene.
Kumbhira: The treasure my predecessor wanted us to find isn't the hot spring itself...
Kumbhira: It's the beautiful sunset that can only be seen from where this hot spring is.
Lyria: So that's how it is! It's breathtaking... The sun almost looks like a sparkling gem!
Vyrn: Yeah. Just watchin' the sun set like this is making me forget all the aches I got from our volleyball session...
Vyrn: Wait, but if the treasure's just seein' this view, then what was the point of us playing at the beach?
Lyria: Hmm... Do you think it's so that we could catch the sunset at the right time?
Kumbhira: Hehe, or maybe it was so that we'd be just the right level of exhausted—soaking after a long day feels extra nice, after all.
Kumbhira gives a childish grin, thinking back to a time when she was just a little girl.
Kumbhira: I remembered something similar that happened long ago.
Kumbhira: When I was little, I once spent the day playing in the mountains with the previous Divine Boar.
Kumbhira: Or, more precisely, she made me spend the day playing with her.
Lyria: Ahaha... Somehow, I can imagine that.
Kumbhira: Just as the sun was about to set, my predecessor ran to the mountain peak. And when I followed her, I remember seeing steam then too.
Kumbhira: It was an artificial hot spring. She'd made it herself by digging a hole and drawing hot water from somewhere else.
Kumbhira: My predecessor jumped straight into the water, saying something like how she lived for that hot spring.
Kumbhira: The sunset we saw together that day was really beautiful.
Kumbhira looks toward the sinking sun, her memories coming back to her.
Lyria: Then the true treasure must be your memories with the previous Divine Boar!
Kumbhira: Yeah. She must've been reminded of our time together after seeing this view, and decided to write me after.
The memory of that precious day spent with her predecessor comes back, more vivid than ever.
Former Divine Boar: What do you think? Isn't it so beautiful?
Former Divine Boar: Watching the sunset while soaking in a nice, hot bath after a long day of fun is the best thing ever!
Young Kumbhira: Yeah! It's so pretty...
Young Kumbhira: But the sun's gonna be gone soon. Then it'll be all dark, won't it?
Former Divine Boar: Ahaha. Thinking about how to get home? I'll carry you back, so don't you worry about a thing.
Young Kumbhira: ...
Young Kumbhira: Why does the sun have to go away like this? Why can't it just stay and keep everyone warm?
Former Divine Boar: Wow, those are some tough questions you have, Kumbhira!
Former Divine Boar: Hmm. I can't say I know what the sun's thinking exactly, but...
Former Divine Boar: I'm guessing it's the sun's way of telling us that today's a different day than yesterday.
Young Kumbhira: Huh?
Former Divine Boar: You know how the temple priestess gets mad sometimes? By the time the sun sets and comes up again, she's usually not angry anymore, right?
Former Divine Boar: The sun's telling us that it's natural for things to change and move on.
Young Kumbhira: To change and move on... Does that go for me too?
Former Divine Boar: Of course!
Former Divine Boar: You're gonna grow up someday, one way or another, so there's no need to rush anything!
Young Kumbhira: Okay!
Former Divine Boar: All right, I think I wrapped that up pretty nicely! Most of that was just random stuff off the top of my head though!
Young Kumbhira: Whaaa! I-it was random?
Former Divine Boar: Ahahaha! Maybe, maybe not!
Kumbhira: (Change and move on, huh?)
Kumbhira unconsciously shifts her gaze to (Captain) and the others.
Kumbhira: (I never thought a day would come where we'd watch the sunset together like this...)
Vyrn: Hm? What's the matter, Kumboara? Is there somethin' on my face?
Kumbhira: Oh, no. It's nothing.
Kumbhira: I was thinking how... I had such a great time with all of you today.
Lyria: So did I! I hope we can have another prawn party sometime!
Vyrn: Haha! Are the prawns all you care about, Lyria? That's so you!
Kumbhira: Hehe, it really is! Our little foodie!
Lyria: Not you too, Kumbhira!
Lyria: Everything was great, of course! Not just the food!
The crew breaks out in laughter.
Kumbhira: (It was here with me all along.)
Kumbhira: (The real treasure...)
Kumbhira gazes fondly at her friends, their smiling faces lit by the glowing rays of the setting sun.
Meanwhile, somewhere else on the island.
Two people are watching the same sunset from the shore of a dusky beach.
Shop Owner: Um... Are you sure you didn't want to talk to them yourself? I'm sure Kumbhira would be happy, seeing as you're both Divine Boars.
Marmie?: Hey, I'm not the Divine Boar anymore, remember? Kumbhira is.
Shop Owner: Oops, sorry. Sometimes I still think you are.
Shop Owner: Anyway, how long are you going to keep that marmok costume on for?
Marmie?: Ahaha, whoops! I got kinda used to it.
The costume is cast aside to reveal a Draph woman with large horns and gleaming, blonde hair.
Former Divine Boar: It's okay, we got to play together for a bit! Now's not the time for me to show myself yet.
Former Divine Boar: Hey, did you see Kumbhira's alarmed face earlier? Wasn't it just adorable?
Marmie: Squeak! Squeak!
Kumbhira: S-stooop!
Former Divine Boar: I've always loved teasing her. I can't help it.
Shop Owner: Hehe, you looked like you were having a lot of fun. It made being your accomplice worth it.
Shop Owner: So did you get what you wanted?
Former Divine Boar: I sure did! Just as I thought—she's grown a lot since I last saw her!
Shop Owner: Ah, yes. She did say she's walking a different path from her predecessor.
Former Divine Boar: I was so happy to hear that! Though, it also felt a little bittersweet.
The former Divine Boar chuckles as she looks out at the sunset.
Former Divine Boar: But in all seriousness, there're still some things left to do.
Shop Owner: Are you talking about... blessed might?
Former Divine Boar: Yeah... That's part of it.
Shop Owner: Speaking of which, those rocks that went flying into the ocean from the mountain... Was that your blessed might?
Former Divine Boar: Oh my gosh, I totally panicked for a second back there! I was scared they'd be done for, so I snuck in a punch.
Shop Owner: A punch?
Former Divine Boar: Okay, fine. Maybe two.
She gives a cheerful laugh, her eyes still on the crimson sun in the distance.
Former Divine Boar: ...
Former Divine Boar: Thanks for taking care of your duties, Kumbhira. I hope you like my little present.
Former Divine Boar: You know, I thought you wouldn't make time for yourself to relax if I didn't force you to. But it looks like you've found yourself some wonderful friends.
Former Divine Boar: I had a great time today too. Hopefully, next time we meet, we can have a proper conversation where I don't have to squeak!
Former Divine Boar: ...
Former Divine Boar: Kumbhira... I think she's gonna be just fine.
Her words fade into the spring breeze as it blows over the glittering, golden waves.
Finally, the sun sinks out of sight as twilight sets in, gently covering the skies with a blanket of stars.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
次は海の生き物にも 会ってみたいな It'd be nice if I could meet a sea creature next time!
わっ……! 砂浜って こんなに歩きづらいの? Eep! I didn't know it'd be this hard to walk on sand...
花のツノ飾り…… 先代も着けてたんだって Apparently the previous Divine Boar also wore a flower accessory on her horns.
波打際の雰囲気、 結構気に入ったかも I really like the whole beach atmosphere.
海に沈む夕陽って、 なんだかじーんとくるね There's something about an ocean sunset that gets you emotional.
あはは、ヒコウリってば、 砂遊びが気に入ったの? Ahaha! Oh, Hamward! Do you like playing in the sand?
先代に負けないくらい、 服のセンスも磨かないとね I wanna have a better sense of fashion, like my predecessor!
マルモちゃんの強引さ…… なんだか懐かしい感じ Marmie's kinda pushy, huh? It almost reminds me of someone...
ねぇ (主人公)、 どうして海は青いの? What do you think makes the ocean blue, (Captain)?
(主人公)と見た夕陽、 ずっとずっと忘れない I won't ever forget the sunset I watched with (Captain).