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Official Profile

Age 22 years old Height 176 cm Race Erune
Hobbies Part-time jobs
Likes Hanging with his bros
Dislikes Debt, saving money
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 22歳 Height 176cm Race エルーン
Hobbies アルバイト
Likes ダチと一緒にいること
Dislikes 貯金、節約
Source [1]




  • Elsam is voiced by Mark Ishii and Tomoi is voiced by Junya Enoki
  • According to the Table for Six story event, Lowain is responsible for feeding all crew members aboard the Grandcypher, a task assigned to him by the Main Character. Elsam and Tomoi serve as his assistants in the kitchen.
    • Lowain also takes note of each crew member's individual tastes.
  • Lowain has character banter with KatalinaAny version, Lady Katapillar and Vira, or Tyre when in the same party.
  • Lowain is one of the few people who Vira absolutely despises for more than simply being a rival for Katalina's affection. She considers him to be a vulgar, boorish idiot—which is not completely wrong—and is especially upset that despite being inferior to her in every field, Lowain still cooks much better than she does.
  • Lowain has a cousin named Kozo, as stated in the Grand Blues Channel Quest "Rise of the Machos".

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Lowain: Happy birthday, captain! We’re going to have to party reeeally hard to celebrate!
And you know what? I even got you a present! Yay!
OK, you ready to open it? Three! Two! One!
All Three: Waheey!


Tomoi: Boom chicka boom!
Lowain: Hey, happy birthday, Captain!
Tomoi: Chika chika boom boom!
Elsam: Yeah, congrats, man!
Tomoi: Whoa, hold up now, guys.
Didn't we say we'd be singing acapella for the captain's birthday?
Lowain—vocals, Sammy—bass, and me—beatbox. That's what we agreed on. No backing out now, guys.
Lowain: My bad, man.
Elsam: Ahaha! Chill, man, I'm ready whenever you guys are.
Lowain: Then we're doing it now! Three! Two! One!
Tomoi: Boom chicka boom!
Lowain: So we were thinking of what to get you this year, and...
Tomoi: Dude! You're supposed to sing!
Elsam: Bwahaha! Loosen up, bro.
Lowain: Ahahah. My bad, my bad. Let's do it for real this time.
All Three: Celebratin' (the captain's) birthday (oh man)...
We could do this all day (and forever)! Happy birthday...
Tooo yoouuu!


Lowain: Yep, yep, yep! It's that day again!
Tomoi: The best kinda day.
Elsam: We can never get enough of these.
Lowain: Are we ready...
Elsam: To congratulate...
Tomoi: (Captain) on a...
Lowain: Happy...
All Three: Birthday!
Lowain: Duuudes! I thought we agreed on "happy macho"?
Tomoi: Bwahahaha! My bad, bro. Forgot to tell you about the last-minute change in plans.
Elsam: Brou-hahaha! My bad too, bro. Kinda figured "macho" wouldn't fit the occasion, ya know?
Lowain: What the fudge! You still holdin' a grudge for last year?
Tomoi: Ain't all that mad really.
Elsam: How 'bout we...
All Three: Let bygones be bygones.
Lowain: Aight! Let's roll out the red carpet and get this party started!
All Three: Jeah!


Lowain: Aight, (Captain)'s out on a mission. Time for a totally rad strat meet to figure out how to celebrate the captain's b-day!
The Trio: Whoo!
Lowain: You dudes come up with anything?
Elsam: I thought we could maybe go with some kinda surprise?
Tomoi: Sounds pretty rad. Give us the deets.
Lowain: Not the booby trap kinda surprise, but somethin' that'll make the captain feel all warm and fuzzy.
Elsam: That's the only way to do it for an anniversary-type of event.
Tomoi: I've got a few issues of Guide to Love and other trusty tomes that could help us kick off Operation HBD!
Lowain: Let's see... "The surprise starts with mistaking your partner's panties for a handkerchief and using it to blow your nose." The heck?
Elsam: "The opportunity to present a fresh pair of charming undergarments will then present itself..."
Tomoi: Dude, I don't understand a word of that. Stuff is, like, on a whole nother level.
Lowain: Yeah, we shouldn't be joking about (Captain)'s undies... That's outta bounds, man.
Choose: What's everyone talking about?
The Trio: Gaaah!
Lowain: (Captain)! We thought you were out on a mission!
Tomoi: You finished early?
Well, that's our captain!
Choose: Did someone say "undies"?
Elsam: Ah, that's for your birth—
Lowain: Dude! That's supposed to be a surprise!
Tomoi: Nah, we might as well just blow the lid on it.
The Trio: ...
Lowain: Aight, here's the deal! (Captain)! We totally wish you an HBD!
Elsam & Tomoi: Jeeeaah!
Lowain: (Captain), happy...
The Trio: Birthday! w00t!


Elsam: Uh, hey, (Captain)? Happy b-day. We kinda made you sort of a present... type... thing.
Lowain: Yo. Sammy. You sure about this? I get that we all worked hard on it, but... Tomoi: Yeah, we sure sweat over it... But I feel like we missed the mark? It's not party-ready.
Lowain: Sorry, (Captain). If you feel like it's kinda... y'know, then we'll, like, handle it.
Elsam: Here...
Elsam: We drew a portrait of you, (Captain)!
Tomoi: We might not be the skies' greatest artists, but... we just felt like...
Elsam: Lowain's grams loved hers so much, we wanted to hook you up too, (Captain)!
Lowain: Not like you're a grandma or anything like that, (Captain). But it's that level of mad respect.
Tomoi: You're about ten feet tall in our hearts, captain. So we wanted to draw you like the hero you are.
The warm feelings of friendship usually expressed through cooking shine through the amateurish lines of the bros' drawing.
(Captain) is a little bashful, but accepts their heartfelt gift with a smile as bright as theirs.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Haaappy New Year, bro! I'm ready to party like there's no tomorrow!
Huh? You wanna know my New Year's resolution? To score a date with Kat one of these days!


Lowain: Yo, Sammy! Can you bring me the chopped veggies?
Elsam: I'm on it, dude.
Lowain: Tommy, get me some dried spaghetti!
Tomoi: You need me to drain the pasta? I'm on it.
Lowain: Ah, (Captain)! Happy New Year, man!
Elsam and Tomoi: Happy New Year.
Lowain: Man, you seriously helped us big time last year! I'm so glad to be on the crew, Captain!
Elsam and Tomoi: Me too!
Lowain: Ah, my bad. We shouldn't be greeting you while cooking.
Elsam: I don't know about this New Year's party, man. Everyone's ordering so much that I don't know if we have enough food to keep up.
Tomoi: It sure is a fun challenge though, even if we're just helping.
Lowain: Anyway, did you guys see Kat's...
Elsam and Tomoi: Ki-mo-no?
Lowain: Oh yeah! I only caught a glimpse, but she looked so good in it!
Elsam and Tomoi: Totally, man!
Lowain: All right, bros! Let's get this next dish out, then we'll go take a peek at Kat's kimono!
All Three: Waheey!


Lowain: Sup, (Captain)! We're chillin' out to celebrate the new year!
Tomoi: This past year's seriously kicked butt, and we'll just have to keep it up for the next one.
Elsam and Tomoi: Whoa, (Captain)! No offense, but you're lookin' a bit emo!
Lowain: Our captain's just beat from welcoming in the new year. C'mon, bros, let's do what we do best!
Ready, set...
Elsam and Tomoi: Dude!
All Three: Duuuuude!
Lowain: Three, two, one...
All Three: Waheeey!


Lowain & Tomoi: Happy New Year!
Lowain: Sammy's just about done flying his kite.
Elsam's Voice: Wahey!
Tomoi: I think we're breakin' new ground with this free-form style of kite-flyin'.
Lowain: We figured doin' it on the deck of the G. Cyph can't be all that safe, so we made sure to tack on a lifeline.
Tomoi: See, Lowain went zoom and ran right off the deck. Good thing we were prepared.
Lowain: I thought I was a goner for sure, but man, what a thrill...
Elsam: Huff... Huff...
Elsam: Whew... That was the bomb!
Lowain: Climbing up the kite via the lifeline is hella tough, I gotta say.
Tomoi: You gotta try it out, (Captain)—kite-flying like you've never experienced it! Whaddya say?
Elsam: Pant... Wheeze... Seriously though?
Elsam: Do we even need a kite for this?
Lowain & Tomoi: Good point.


Lowain Bros: Happy New Year!
Lowain: Man, the last year's been seriously crazy. Especially with... what's her name? Frygal?
Tomoi: She had this shining aura... She was real passionate about premiums or something.
Elsam: Right, and she chewed us out for working too hard. Fri D? Fry-fry? Dayday?
Tomoi: For real though, anytime I hear the words "oh my Bahamut" near the beach, I need a change of shorts.
Lowain: And how does she make those killer fried prawns? They stay crispy no matter how long you store 'em! You think she's got some kinda alien tech?
Elsam: You could ask her to teach you the secret recipe... But she'll prolly just shove a buncha self-help books atcha.
Lowain: Yeah, and then I'll be in for a premium lecture. Oh my Bahamut, for serious.
Tomoi: Still... Gettin' read the riot act by Dayday ain't that bad... Those glasses, tho.
Lowain & Elsam: Mood.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's!
Aww yeah, I am totally pumped and ready to fill the Grandcypher with all this chocolate I got from the ladies!


Lowain: Ah, (Captain), I... I've finally gotten my hands on Katalina's you-know-what!
Elsam: No way, you've gotta be kidding!
Tomoi: Katalina gave you some of her handmade chocolate! Mm, you lucky dog!
Lowain: Just one bite, and then I'm gonna make another move on her.
Well, here goes nothing...
Elsam and Tomoi: Lowaaaiin!


Lowain: Nom, nom... Dudes, I gotta be real. Kat totally blew my mind and then some when she gave us these chocolates.
Elsam: Munch... Y'know, I think she's gotten better at it.
Tomoi: Yeah, they're actually edible for once. Chomp...
Lowain: Don't forget it's also possible we've just gotten used to the taste.
Tomoi: Dude, I never thought of that. It's like how after you catch a cold, you can never catch the same type again.
Elsam: Aw, shoot. Now it feels like I just cut a few years off my life.
Lowain: Nah, we gotta take it like men. Now we're man enough to—
Elsam: What the? Lowairrrgh! Lo... wa...
Tomoi: Oh, snap. We might've taken more than the recommended dosage...


Lowain: ...
Ah, (Captain). We got some from Kat this year too.
Elsam: We've decided life's too short to be wimping out every time we see her chocolates...
Tomoi: Figured it was do-or-die time again this year, but Lowain made me see the big picture.
Lowain: I mean, as a cook, I know all too well what it means to put your heart and soul into good grub.
Her chocolates are handmade after all. And she makes 'em every year.
Elsam: We sorta came to expect it, but, man, does it put a smile on our faces...
Tomoi: Point is, (Captain)...
The Trio: It's chow time...


Lowain: Oh, hey (Captain). Lookin' at my fifth year of chocolates from Kat.
Like, I'm mega-grateful she hooks me up every year, you know?
Tomoi: Bwahaha. Can't believe you say that every year.
Elsam: Yeah, but like. Bonds unbroken down the years? That's a blessing, bro. Gotta appreciate that.
Lowain & Tomoi: Word.
Lowain: So yeah. Just in case things go south... Take this notebook, (Captain). Got a month's worth of recipes all laid out in there for ya.
Elsam: We couldn't really do the pre-pro for everything that far in advance, but we did what we could.
Tomoi: Every year, scarfin' down that chocolate's like takin' your life in your hands... But that's love, y'know?
Lowain: Aight, (Captain). See ya on the other side.
Lowain Bros: Later...

White Day Cutscenes
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Lowain:Hey, Captain!
We're gonna take the day off to get a present for Kat.
All Three: Way!
Lowain: We've been pulling our weight on the Grandcypher, all in preparation for today!
It's gonna be a beautiful White Day with Kat!
All Three: Waheey!


Lowain: This here's what we picked out for (Captain)...
Gotta get something for Kat too, of course, but that could take a while, so (Captain) first...
Hey, isn't today the day for... Well, you know... You do know what I'm talking about, right? That totally epic...
Elsam and Tomoi: Epic...
Lowain: Return gift!
All Three: Think (Captain)'ll accept?
Lowain: I'm gonna hand over this letter too. I sure hope she looks inside...
Elsam: (Captain)'ll love it! I stake my reputation on it!
Tomoi: In Lowain we trust!
Lowain: And off I go!
All Three: Wahey!


Lowain: Oof, (Captain)!
(Wait up, (Captain).)
Tomoi: We White Dayed!
(We ran out to town to buy you a gift for White Day.)
Elsam: Ss yours!
(It's all yours.)
Lowain: Huff... Talk about a close call. The date almost changed on us.
Elsam: Whew, I'm beat from all that running. (Captain)'s all confused from what we were trying to say.
Tomoi: Our bad, Captain. We musta tried too hard picking out the perfect store for gift shopping.
Lowain: Hm? What's that, (Captain)? You think we would've done better picking out a shop beforehand?
All Three: True dat. True, true, true...
Lowain: Come to think of it, kitchen duty wasn't on us yesterday.
Tomoi: Shoulda taken the chance to check out the area instead of goin' on what felt like a wild goose chase...
All Three: Joke's on us...


The Trio:...
The Trio: Agh!
Lowain: Whoa! All it took was one bite outta Kat's Valentine's chocolates for an out-of-body experience!
Elsam: Feels like our bodies actually did move though. Wait, where are we?
Tomoi: What's that. (Captain)? Today's event? It's Valentine's, of course.
The Trio: Today's White Day?
Lowain: Wait a sec... You sayin' we were out of it that entire time?
Elsam: Nuh-uh-uh, you're kiddin', right? The G. Cyph kitchen must've been a mess without us!
Tomoi: Wha? We were workin' the whole time, just more quietly? Seriously?
Lowain: Dude, I don't even know where to get started...
Elsam: How 'about we whip up something for White Day?
Tomoi: Which reminds me... We gotta give some to (Captain) too.
Lowain: ...
Elsam: ...
Tomoi: ...
The infectiously dazzling smiles of the brosome trio puts (Captain) in a good mood.


Lowain: Oh, (Captain)! I've been looking everywhere for you!
Elsam: Thank goodness! Now we can give you our thank-you gifts!
Tomoi: We made these ourselves to express our deepest gratitude.
Lowain: We've learned so much from you and Kat...
Elsam: About friendship, love, and the ties that bind...
Tomoi: And about just how precious life is...
Lowain: We'll fight by your side till the bitter end, (Captain)! In that battlefield called the kitchen!
(Captain) watches in silent stupefaction as the three cooks bow their heads and take their leave. The captain makes a firm decision not to get involved.
Surely this baffling behavior is the result of something they ate. It's the least disturbing explanation (Captain) can come up with.

Vacation Slip square.jpg Vacation Slip
3rd year:
Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Huh? You'll strike me down if I so much as try to play a trick on you? Understood! So sorry!


Lowain: Sorry, Captain, but do you mind if we spend the day away from the ship?
Elsam:Yeah. The crew's pranking powers are, like, crazy strong.
Lowain: Seriously, bro. They've been merciless recently. I got scared so bad this one time that I thought I was gonna die.
Tomoi: Even Lily was telling me to prepare myself. I was so ready to write my will.
Lowain and Elsam: True, true.
Lowain: These ain't your average pranks either. They're straight up deadly.
Huh? You're letting us leave the ship? Sweet! You're our savior! Tomoi: We gotta get outta here while we still can! Thanks, (Captain)!
Lowain: All right, let's jet, dudes!
All Three: Aaaah!
Lowain: Dude... the captain totally owns at pulling pranks...
Elsam and Tomoi: Word.


Lowain: Kitchen duty is da bomb, amirite?
Elsam: Totally, Lowain. No one comes in here tryna prank us.
Tomoi: Plus, we get to treat everyone. Don't get much better than this.
All Three: Totes genius, man.
Lowain: Aight! You bros up for makin' the treats to end all other treats?
All Three: Jeah!
Elsam: Dude, did that potato just explode?
Tomoi: All right now, who set up the potato—or whatever that thing was?
Lowain: Check out this note.
"Forgive my trick, Lowain."
That supposed to be a butt chin symbol on the end?
All Three: It's Ty...
Lowain: Bwahaha! Bro's one-upped us for once!


Lowain: So what's the action plan for Halloween?
Elsam: This is our fourth time. Maybe we oughta be the ones playing a trick this year.
Tomoi: High five to that. I've already got somethin' up my sleeve...
Lowain: Spill it, bro. You gonna, like, sprinkle some impossible-grade spices on someone's grub?
The Trio: ...
Lowain: Nah, I wouldn't be able to stomach seein' people in pain while munchin' on my chow.
Elsam & Tomoi: Word.
Tomoi: How 'bout we let off some firecrackers? Sparklers would be kinda tight too.
Elsam: Nah, I dunno know about that. Wouldn't want any kiddies in the crew to get caught up in the stuff...
Lowain & Tomoi: Totes.
Lowain: So our fate—more like our calling—is decided then?
Elsam: We let the kids prank us...
Tomoi: While we dish out candy.
Lowain: Trick...
Elsam: And...
Tomoi: Treat...
Lowain: All righty, let's do this, bros!
Elsam & Tomoi: Aight!


Lowain Bros: Gyaaahhh!
(Captain) hears screaming and hurries to find the source.
Lowain: Oh, hey, (Captain). We're practicin' our screams for when we get tricked.
Elsam: The kids on the crew are gettin' pretty wily.
Tomoi: Yeah. So we don't wanna freak out if someone runs up sayin' they blew off their digits in a gunpowder accident, right?
Lowain: It's gettin' pretty tough to tell a prank from a crisis at a glance, and still give 'em a good reaction.
That's why we're practicing to scream just loud enough.
Aight. Next up, let's try mixin' in a little "wahey" with our "gyaah." Ready? One, two...
Lowain Bros: Gwaaaheeeyyy!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
This season's gonna be the best ever! Be merry!


Lowain: Smarts!
All Three: w00t! w00t!
Elsam: Moolah!
All Three: w00t! w00t!
Tomoi: Generosity!
All Three: w00t! w00t!
Lowain: Well, if it ain't the captain! Season's greetings!
Elsam and Tomoi: Happy holidays!
Lowain: We were talking about the presents we want from Santa!
I could never ask for Kat though. If she really came to me all gift-wrapped, it could only mean Santa brainwashed her! And that's not what I want!
Wait up, bros! I just realized something!
Elsam and Tomoi: Tell us about it, man!
Lowain: Listen good... Santa... and Kat...
All Three: Kat dressed up as Santa?
Elsam: My mind's exploding just thinking about it!
Tomoi: Oh man, can you picture that?
Lowain: Aah! I think my heart just skipped a beat!
All Three: Tubular, dude!


Lowain: You bros got any ideas?
Elsam: It ain't ever an easy choice...
Tomoi: Might as well just stick with the usual chicken.
Lowain: Goin' traditional's always nutritional, but with our crew gettin' so big, I dunno anymore, man...
Elsam: Word up. Everyone's got different tastes.
Tomoi: We could always go eeny, meeny, miny, moe, you know.
Lowain: Ah, season's greetings, (Captain). We were sweatin' hardcore over what to serve tonight.
Tomoi: This is, like, boss-level stuff we're talkin' here.
Elsam: Well, if we're just goin' up against a few imperial imp-eciles, us three with Kat wouldn't even break a sweat.
Lowain: But when the ship hits the fan, Kat ain't against getting a helping hand from Lancey.
Elsam: Synergy's everything in battle, if you know what I'm talkin' about.
Lowain: But, dude, we're still kinda screwed with this dinner menu...
How 'bout we kick up the vibes for now? Might spark a few ideas.
A one, and a two...
All Three: Wahey!
Lowain: Whoooaa! I just got, like, a major flash of inspiration, dudes!


Elsam & Tomoi: Season's greets, (Captain)!
Elsam: Oh, Lowain? He's preppin' tonight's holiday grub.
Tomoi: We're tryna reach new heights, so it might take a while.
Lowain: Dum-de-do...
Whew, talk about a close one... Almost infected the grub with my barf...
Ah, happy holidays, (Captain). We were tryna make eats the Baotorda way.
That Draph hunk's really got his own style down.
Elsam: He's just burstin' with Lumiel vibes.
Tomoi: We figured Lowain could be more Lumiel-like by incorporatin' humming into his routine.
Lowain: Tonight's, like, the Holy Eve after all. We figured a change of pace was in order.
Elsam: So I thought long and hard about what makes the dude's cookin' so special, and then I figured it out! The secret ingredient's gotta be his hummin'!
Tomoi: I can't get enough of how his low-frequency humming's totally in sync with the simmer of his frying pan.
Lowain: The Lumiel way ain't so much about vibes; it's more about goin' with the flow.
Like, if you put too much heart into it, the flavor ends up full of heart too.
Tomoi: Anyways, we figured humming would be a good place to start...
Lowain: La-di-da— Ngh...
Elsam: Looks like you're not cut out for that bass sound, Lowain...
Lowain: Shoot... I might have to get in some voice training before next year rolls around...


Lowain Bros: ...!
(Captain) enters the galley to find the Lowain bros gathered around a cutting board.
Elsam: Oh hey, (Captain)! Kappa holidays!
Tomoi: Sorry, fam. We got all caught up watchin' Lowain slice that salmun.
Lowain: The voice training I started wasn't really workin' out, so I ditched it and decided to try makin' some kappa-style sushi this year.
But just tryin' to cut the fish right was gnarly enough, so instead of makin' it all neat, we're doin' deconstructed sushi.
Elsam: ...
Tomoi: I dunno though, dude... Deconstructed? I just don't like the sound of it.
Elsam: Yeah... I mean, deconstructed's got con right in the name. Think we oughta change it?
Lowain: ...
Tomoi: Well, maybe it's kappa. Not everybody'd hear it that way, right?
Lowain: Mmm... Just to be safe, maybe we call it... Unlaced sushi? Unleashed? Inside out?
The bros furrow their brows, grappling with this thorny problem even as they continue to slice.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Work is Ever Over

Lowain falls for Katalina while working at a tavern. He invites her out and confesses his love but is curtly dismissed. And yet he refuses to give up. He quits his job and manages to get (Captain) to accept him and two friends as cooks for the crew.

In a certain town, the crew is getting ready to eat lunch at a tavern Katalina found.
Katalina: Hehe. I heard the food here is great, so I've been wanting to come by.
(Captain) and company sit down but find themselves flinching away from the jeers and boos echoing around the room.
Grouchy Owner: Hey, Lowain! The food's getting cold, you idiot! Hurry up and bring it out!
Lowain: Okie dokie. I'll get right on that.
Grouchy Owner: What's that? It sounds like you don't even care about your job!
Lowain: Dude, if I yelled like you and accidentally spit in the food, our customers would be kinda grossed out.
Grouchy Owner: Excuse me? What a load of steaming dragon dung! You got any more brilliant arguments?
Lowain: Nope, I'm all chill. But I'd better serve these dishes before they get chill too.
Grouchy Owner: Ugh!
Regular Customer: Ha-ha! Looks like he got the boss again.
Vyrn: Huh? Do those guys not get along?
Katalina: Hmm... What's with that guy? He seems rather flippant. Does he work here?
Regular Customer: Oh, he's a better guy than you'd think. He's really good at his job, and he even watches the boss's kids when he has time.
Lowain: Sorry to keep ya waitin'! Here's your order!
Lowain: This here grub's really tasty, you know! You've gotta eat it nice and slow to really appreciate it.
Regular Customer: If he could just fix that attitude, he'd do so much better. What a waste.
Lowain: Nah, fam. I'm both a total stud and a hotshot cook. And that makes me the perfect man!
Katalina: Hmm... Well, the cooking certainly lives up to this place's reputation.
Lowain: Oh? This your first time here?
Katalina: It is. I've heard good things about the place, so I thought I'd give it a try.
Lowain: Awesome! 'Cause, like, the owner's got the finest damn sense of taste ever!
Grouchy Owner: Hey! Watch your filthy mouth around the customers, scum!
Lowain: If we added in my grandma's secret ingredients from home, the food woulda be outta this world!
Lowain: Her cooking is da bomb, and so is the owner's! If we just added them together...
Lowain: It would be legendary. A totally legendary flavor!
Grouchy Owner: Hey! Stop chatting and get back to work! Idiot!
Lowain: Roger that! I'm going! Enjoy your food, miss!
(Captain) and company finish eating and go to pay, but little do they know that a certain young man's life is about to be turned upside-down.
Lowain: You leavin' already? How was it? Our food, I mean.
Katalina: Oh, it was delicious. Though this tavern can be a bit noisy. Hehe.
Lowain: Heh... Guess that's normal when a place is this popular, but—whoa!
Katalina: Huh? You okay?
Lowain: (Now that I get a good look at her...)
Lowain: (This girl's a total babe! Super hot!)
Katalina: ...?
Lowain: Um... Miss! When I finish work this evening... would you come and meet me?
Lowain hands Katalina a piece of paper with the meeting place and time written on it.
Katalina: But why? What do you need me for all of a sudden?
Grouchy Owner: Hey! Am I paying you to chat? Get back to work, idiot!
Lowain: Aight. I'll be right there.
Thus Lowain sees (Captain) and the crew off as they leave the tavern.
After he finishes working, he kills time with his friends until the time of the meeting.
Lowain: So this girl I met at work... Her name's Kat, and she's a mega-babe! Totally devastated my world!
Lowain: I've completely fallen for her. Like, my heart was about five secs away from stopping! That sorta thing doesn't happen every day. So you know...
Elsam: Gyahaha! You? Falling in love at first sight? No way, Jose! How does that even happen?
Tomoi: You really got it bad, don't ya? She must seriously be your type! Can't wait to see her!
Lowain: Kat... You bros think she'll show?
Elsam: Heck yeah!
Tomoi: Booyah!
All Three: Totes!
All Three: Wahey!
Elsam: She'll come! I mean, I want her to!
Tomoi: I've just gotta see her! I can't wait! It'll drive me crazy if she doesn't show!
Lowain: Whoa! It's already time! Gotta go, bros!
Elsam: Ha-ha! I'm right behind you!
Tomoi: Me too!
And so Lowain and his friends look for Katalina at the meeting place.
Katalina: ...
Lowain: (There she is!)
Elsam: (Is that her? Really?)
Tomoi: (Ha-ha! She's a knight! In shining armor! She looks crazy strong! That really her?)
Lowain: (Quiet already, ya goons! Get outta the way and don't butt in!
Elsam and Tomoi: (Gotcha!)
Lowain: Sup... I mean, good evening.
Katalina: Hello, Lowain. So what did you need to see me about?
Lowain: Um... Well... the sky is really pretty tonight, isn't it?
Katalina: Huh? I guess so... You surprise me. I wouldn't have thought you were the type who cares much about scenery.
Lowain: Huh? Scenery? Oh, yeah, I really love scenery! This city's really pretty at night, don't you think?
Katalina: Sure. It's certainly got a nice atmosphere.
Lowain: If I went out on a date with a girlfriend, this would totally be the best kind of atmosphere! And she'd look even more beautiful...
Lowain: You're incredibly pretty too, Katalina! Especially in this light! Almost too pretty! Ugh... What am I saying?
Katalina: I'm... pretty? What are you saying all of a sudden?
Elsam: (Ha-ha! What does he think he's doing? This is like watching an airship crash!)
Tomoi: (Ha-ha! Dude's sweeping himself right off his own feet! Just hilarious!)
Lowain: (Aw crud... This isn't goin' well, but I can't turn back now!)
Lowain: I'm, like, totally in love with you, Kat! I'm spinnin' outta control here! You gotta be my girl!
Katalina: Wha... You have a lot of nerve teasing me like that! What has gotten into you all of a sudden!
Lowain: I'm not teasing you! Okay... Maybe we could start by being friends?
Katalina: A-anyway! I'd just like to forget this ever happened! Goodbye now.
Lowain: K-Kat!
Distraught by his uncharacteristic blunder, he falls to his knees, no longer able to stand.
He can only watch Katalina's back with despairing eyes as she disappears into the darkness, cloak fluttering.
Elsam: Lowain...
Tomoi: That was... interesting...
Lowain: Don't say anything yet... Please...
Elsam: Sorry... but there's something we just have to say.
Tomoi: Yep! That's what friends are for! That female knight was...
Elsam and Tomoi: Totally amazing!
Lowain: Right? So pretty she was practically sparkling!
Elsam: And so pure!
Lowain: Now I'm even more in love with her...
Elsam: I think I love her too.
Tomoi: Me too! Kaaat!
Lowain: Right!
Elsam and Tomoi: Definitely!
All Three: Totally!
All Three: Absolutely!
The three friends meet in a tavern later to talk. They talk about Kat late into the night, spending almost all their money.
And the next morning, Katalina is in a cabin on the airship.
Katalina: I just didn't sleep at all last night... That was even worse than getting hit by a monster...
Katalina: Huh? It sounds like there's someone up on the deck.
Katalina comes out onto the deck, rubbing her eyes. Rackam is standing there, surrounded by the three men from the night before.
Thinking that some kind of trouble might be afoot, she gets ready to draw her sword, but she's in for a surprise.
All Three: We're on the Grandcypher! Rackam is at the controls! Dreamboat Rackam is in charge!
All Three: Rackam! Rackam! Raaackam! Raaackam!
Rackam: Ha-ha! You guys are funnier than I thought!
Katalina: Wha? What are you guys doing here?
Lowain: I quit my job, Kat. Put my head right on the floor and told the manager I was leaving.
Katalina: You did what? But why?
Lowain: I just can't forget about you. Like, I thought I'd do something to surprise you...
Elsam: So Lowain's gonna be a cook aboard the ship! And we'll be around to help out!
Tomoi: Would you let us work for you?
Rackam: Ha-ha! Sounds good to me. You seem different from the other thugs in this town.
Katalina: Normally I'd throw you right off the ship, but how can I do that now that you've quit your job? Ugh...
Katalina: But wait! What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. I don't really mind.
  2. Taking all three would be kind of annoying.

Choose: I don't really mind.
Katalina: Ugh... But if that's what the captain wants, then I'll go along with it...

Choose: Taking all three would be kind of annoying.
Lowain: Annoying? My fault...
Elsam: We totally misread the situation... Our bad.
Tomoi: But we'd never do anything bad! You can trust us. And... sorry.
Katalina: Ugh... Now you're suddenly obedient?
Continue 1
Katalina: Fine! But if you do anything out of turn, you'll have to answer to me!
Lowain: Really? Seriously? Truly? Yes!
Lowain: All right! Just you wait, Kat! I'll be your number one soon enough!
All Three: Wahey!
Katalina: As long as you don't get in the way...
Thus Lowain and his two buddies join the crew.
Katalina doesn't quite know what to make of him at first, but she gradually starts to open up.

Lowain's Special Attack

Lowain and his two brosome friends almost get into trouble with imperial soldiers while shopping for food. The soldiers let them go, but the bros later return to the airship to find them trying to arrest Katalina.

(Captain) and company stop by a town and split up to do some shopping.
Lowain and bros, hired on as the Grandcypher's cooks, are in town buying ingredients.
Lowain: Dudes, who woulda thought coming up with a dinner menu would be such a pain in the butt?
Elsam: Least you're a good cook, Lowain! Tommy and I can't make anything if we don't follow a recipe!
Tomoi: And then there's Farrah! Holy smokes is she good in the kitchen! Not to mention she's got that cute underclassman vibe going on.
Lowain: Word. Plus she cooks something different every day and has some original recipes. I totally respect that.
Elsam: Huh? Lowain, you got a thing for Farrah now?
Tomoi: Whooaaa... Well, Farrah is kind of cute in a puppy dog way.
Lowain: Yeah... She's cute and all, but...
All Three: No way!
Lowain: The age difference is too much!
Elsam: Way too much!
Tomoi: It's probably illegal!
All Three: Totes!
Lowain: Sides, I'm no cheater!
The three chatter as usual, oblivious to the figures approaching from ahead...
Figure: ...
Lowain: Whoa!
Elsam: Oof! Watch it!
Tomoi: Ha-ha! Say sorry, you dumb-dumb!
Lowain: Hey, you guys all right?
Imperial Soldiers: ...
All Three: (Uh-oh! Imperial soldiers!)
Lowain: Sorry. I didn't see you there...
Imperial Soldier 1: A little late for that! Watch where you're going!
Imperial Soldier 2: Damn thugs... We don't have time for the likes of them. Forget it. Let's go.
Lowain: Whew... Those were imperial soldiers! Freakin' terrifying!
Elsam: Yeah... You really do need to watch where you're going.
Tomoi: Don't drag us into trouble with your clumsiness.
Lowain: Man, that was too close! My bad! But it's all good, because we're...
All Three: Safe!
Lowain: But are we really?
Elsam: Hmm...
Tomoi: Yep. It's pretty clear that we're...
All Three: Safe! Super safe!
After narrowly avoiding danger, the three finish their food run and head back to the airship. And they're just in time.
Imperial Soldier 2: Hey! There she is! Lieutenant Katalina!
Katalina: It can't be... There were imperial soldiers around here?
Rackam: That's not good! We better get out of here! Are those three back yet?
Imperial Soldier 1: Oh? Why are you all in such a hurry?
Imperial Soldier 2: You're coming with us! We can do this the easy way or the hard way.
Lowain: Hold on! What's going on here?
Imperial Soldier 2: Ugh... You thugs again?
Lowain: What? You guys are after Kat?
Elsam: You wanna, like, take her away?
Tomoi: Whatever plans you have for Kat, I bet it's nothing good! You better keep your dirty mitts off her!
Imperial Soldier 2: Trying to play the hero? Lieutenant Katalina fled with knowledge of imperial secrets. If you plan to harbor her—
Lowain: Screw you! Like I care about that!
Lowain: If you so much as lay a finger on my future girl...
Elsam: I don't care if you're an imperial soldier...
Tomoi: Or an Astral...
Lowain: I'll beat the snot outta you! Let's get 'em, boys!
Elsam: Is it time to unleash our secret weapon?
Tomoi: Prepare for ignition!
All Three: Hyman Pyramid Attack!

Lowain's Special Attack: Scene 2

Lowain and bros make fools of the soldiers with their bizarre fighting style. He orders the infuriated soldiers to stay away from his woman. They think he's serious about Katalina, and their shock adds still more chaos to the scene.

Lowain: Yeehaw! Who's next, you imperial scumbags?
Elsam: Broster Lowain! Incoming enemy at 9 o'clock!
Tomoi: Ha-ha! That's 3 o'clock, dummy! Bwahaha!
Imperial Soldier 1: What's with these guys? They're actually pretty strong!
Imperial Soldier 2: Damn them! Are they mocking us with that stupid fighting style?
Elsam: Ha-ha! Never judge a book by its cover!
Tomoi: This formation is undefeated where we come from!
Lowain: Ahem! Our H.P.A has no weakness!
Imperial Soldier 1: Don't think you'll get away with messing with the Erste Imperial Army!
Lowain: Huh? Do you idiots think I'll just stand around and watch you make off with my girl?
Elsam: Don't make us repeat ourselves, interior scum!
Tomoi: Hey, you mean imperial! Interior is, like, furniture! Furniture scum? Ha-ha!
Imperial Soldier 1: This sucks! It's bad enough that these guys fight like idiots, but one of them is Lieutenant Katalina's boyfriend?
Imperial Soldier 2: This can't be... What will I even write in my report? There's too much wrong with this!
Katalina: Wait! He's not my boyfriend! Don't write that in your report!
Lowain: There's no need to worry, Kat.
Lowain: I... We will protect you!
Katalina: Uh-huh...
Lowain: Charge!
All Three: Yeehaw!

Lowain's Special Attack: Scene 3

The Grandcypher prepares for takeoff as Lowain and bros distract the imperial soldiers, and the crew somehow escapes. The crew credits the three for the escape, which makes them even rowdier than usual.

Lowain and his buddies manage to buy time for the Grandcypher to prepare for takeoff.
It turns out to be a close call, but the crew safely escapes the island.
Rackam: Well... We got away thanks to you three. Thanks for buying us time.
Katalina: You have my thanks as well.
All Three: No! No way! Not even close to right!
Lowain: We did it for you, Kat!
Elsam: For our beloved Kat...
Tomoi: Would we go through hell and back?
All Three: Abso-mega-lutely!
Katalina: I have to admit... It was really brave of you three to stand up to the imperial soldiers like that.
Katalina: ...
Rackam: What's wrong, Katalina? Something on your mind?
Katalina: It's just that... when they said they'd protect me, it felt strange...
Katalina: Heh... I guess I'm just used to doing the protecting, not the other way around.
Lowain: Oh? Kat, you were just thinking about me, weren't you?
Elsam: Nuh-uh! She was thinking about me!
Tomoi: Yeah right! It was obviously me! Right?
Katalina: Wait! I think there's a misunderstanding here...
Lowain: Yes! Sweet words from our dear Kat!
All Three: Wahey!
Lowain: How about we help you soar higher than you've ever soared before?
All Three: Here we go!
Lowain: Let's throw her up in the air, boys!
All Three: On the count of three!
Katalina: Wha? Wait! Not on the deck!
All Three: One... Two... Three!
Katalina: Aahh!
Rackam: Ha-ha! You guys are always good for a laugh!
Lowain and his crew are as rowdy as usual.
Their liveliness is gradually accepted by the others as they continue to help others both on and off the airship.

Crucial Culinary Battle

Lowain and Vira engage in a culinary showdown, at the end of which Lowain fears for his life as she draws her sword. Fortunately Katalina is there to save the day.

Lowain: Whoo! This has gotta be it... My time's finally come!
Tomoi: Word? What's the deal, bro? You're lookin' pretty turnt!
Elsam: Wahey! What's the haps? How 'bout you give us the skinny on what's goin' down!
Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi are on the Grandcypher with their eyes glued to a letter.
Lowain: Whatcha think? I mean, look at it. It's gotta be a love letter, right?
Tomoi: No way! I. Can't. Even! From one of the G. Cyph peeps? Not in a million years!
Elsam: Totally! The dudes and dudettes on the crew have other things goin' on, you know?
Lowain: Ahaha! That's how it goes—a pretty young thing sees me and falls head over heels in love!
The letter Lowain holds is an invitation just for him. An invitation to the back of the bridge.
The sender had written her name in a tiny script, a sender by the name of Vira Lilie.
Lowain: So ya see? There's no mistakin' it! My time's come!
Tomoi: Noooo, no, no, no, no! Seriously? I can't even believe it's Vira...
Elsam: Way to go, dude! Guess even a broken clock's gotta get its chance once in a while! Right, Lowain?
Lowain: Aw man! I already got my eyes on a saucy little number called Katalina, but y'know...
Lowain: Oh, what the hell am I sayin'? I gotta get going!
Lowain: All right now! S'time she got a look at a real man!
And so, puffed up ten times his size, Lowain struts to the bridge.
Vira: ...
Lowain: Wahey! Sorry for the wait, Vira!
Lowain: I just wanna say... I know it is what it is, but I've already set my sights on a lady—
Vira: Haaah!
Lowain: Wha?
Vira: Tsk... missed. Focus, Vira...
Vira: Grr... I'll get it this time!
Lowain: Ulp! Dude! What's the deal?
Vira: What? Do I have to spell it out for you?
Lowain: Hold up. I'm really not diggin' what you're puttin' down...
Vira: Hehe... what? Do you have to give the garbage a little pep talk before you throw it out?
Lowain: Hey! Garbage? Don't tell me...
Vira: Silence... I won't tolerate the buzzing of insects when my moment is so close at hand...
Lowain: Huff... Huff... Seriously? Tell me what's goin' down, will ya? You angry or somethin'?
Vira: Don't be stupid... You spend all your time fawning over my dear Katalina!
Vira: But she's mine, you understand? You're just a bit of a blip that needs correcting...
Lowain: Aw, c'mon... Say what you want, but what I feel for Katalina is the real deal. Holy... Gah!
Vira: She's mine... Mine, you hear...
Lowain: (Aw, crap... She's gonna kill me for real. What do I do?)
Vira: Snkt... heehee... relax. Soon you'll be nothing but the foggiest of memories...
Vira: Haha... it will all be over in a second... Just you wait...
Lowain: All right now! I think I got it! This is some kind of showdown, right?!
Vira: Er... what?
Lowain: You mind? I'm top dog when it comes to the kitchen! I'm here to win, baby! I gotta say sorry.
Lowain: What I'm saying is once Katalina gets a taste of my dish, she's never gonna want another bite of anything else!
Vira: ...
Lowain: Lemme spell it out for you... I fight with a spatula, not a sword. You'd better bring it!
The next day, Vyrn, Lyria, and (Captain) find themselves in a tavern.
Lyria: My heart's beating like crazy... I've never judged a cooking contest before...
Vyrn: Sigh... I mean, a cooking contest between Vira and Lowain? Sounds like a big pain in the butt...
Vyrn: And I'm so hungry I could eat Katalina's cooking... When're they going to finish...
Vyrn: Eh? What's that smell...
Lyria: Huh? Vyrn? Where are you going?
Lowain: Wahey! The soup is hot, hot, hot! And I mean hot!
Lowain: Pfft! Hahahaha! Looks like we already got ourselves a winner. And that winner is me...
Lowain: Oh? That smells super tasty...
Lowain: No way, Vira... You're great shakes with a sword and a spatula?
Vira: Heehee... I suppose insects aren't known for their philosophical inclinations...
Vira: This is all for Katalina... There's nothing I wouldn't do for her...
Vira: Hehe... And I'll have to figure out how to cook them up once this battle is over...
Vyrn: Whew... I'm stuffed...
Lyria: Oh! Where did you get off to, Vyrn? You should have stayed... the food is on its way...
Vyrn: Oh, er... it was nothing! Nothing at all! Urp.
Both Vira and Lowain finish making their dishes. The time for judging has come.
Lyria: Wow! Oh my gosh! They're both so good!
Lyria: Munch, munch... I don't think I could ever get enough of either of them!
Vyrn: ...
Lowain: What'chu think? Go ahead, Vyrn. Eat up! There's plenty to go around!
Vyrn: Nah... To tell you the truth, I'm kinda full...
Vyrn: I, uh... I was starving, you know. So I had a few apples...
Vira: Huh?
Vyrn: I mean, they were just sitting there, all shiny and tasty... and I got the okay from the staff. Guess I'm not cut out for judging...
Vira: Gah... We should've never asked a lizard to judge...
Vira: Lyria. Surely I can count on your vote. Can't I?
Lyria: Wha? Oh... Well, um... Hrm...
Lyria: Uh... Ahem... you see...
Lyria: I can't! I just can't decide! They're both just so good...
Lowain: Wahey! What's that mean? You're the last one standing, (Captain). Whaddaya say?
Vira: It would seem so... Well, (Captain). Which dish was better?
The air is thick with tension as the verdict is announced.
  1. Vira.
  2. Lowain.

Choose: Vira.
Vira: Thank you, (Captain).
Vira: Hehe... I thought that (Captain) surely would have chosen my dish.

Choose: Lowain.
Lowain: Yeehaw! (Captain)! You're the real deal! I knew you'd be down with me!
Vira: ...
Lowain: Awesome! Lemme hear it, Vira! Tell me how awesome I am...
Vira: (Captain). To tell you the truth, I'd polished my sword to a mirror sheen just the other day.
Vira: But as luck would have it, I haven't had the chance to engage in battle since then.
Vira: Hehe... I've searched high and low for the perfect target to use my sword on...
Vira: Oh? My apologies. That doesn't have much to do with anything, does it... Well, then...
Vira: Tell us, (Captain)... Whose dish is worthy of the title?
  1. Vira
  2. LowainTakes you back to "(Captain). To tell you the truth..." until you pick Vira.

Choose: Vira
Lowain: No way! Ya really think so?
Vira: Ah, (Captain). Precise as ever. You've made a wise decision.
Continue 1
Vira: Heheh... And now it's time to exterminate the pests!
Lowain: Hey, now... I don't know if you know about a little thing called "vanity"...
Vyrn: Hey, what do you think you're doing!
Vira: Keep talking and you'll be next on the menu, lizard...
Katalina: Oh... Is this where you've all been?
Vira: K-Katalina? What are you doing here...
Katalina: What an odd question. Did you not realize it's dinner time?
Katalina: Hehe... Feel free to fill me in later. Let's go, Vira.
Vira: Katalina...
Lowain: Whew, leave it to our resident goddess to bail me out of a tight spot...
Katalina: What's wrong? You're looking pretty blue...
Katalina: Hehe... You'll feel better with a little something to eat. I hope you're ready for the Katalina special!
Katalina's sudden appearance helps to avert disaster that day.
But an even greater one awaits them back on the Grandcypher.
(Captain) and company pray in hope that they never have to eat another bite of Katalina's cooking.

Cook-off for Katalina

Farrah and Lowain are assigned to kitchen duty and not working well together, botching dish after dish. An infuriated Farrah kicks Lowain out of the kitchen. Vyrn discovers that they're actually fighting over Katalina. When Farrah despairs over the failure of yet another dish, Lowain swoops back in to save the day. When all is said and done, Farrah sees Lowain in a different light... but only slightly.

Farrah: Hey! Where did the onions I put here go?
Lowain: Nyahaha! I chopped 'em and threw 'em in the pot already! I don't wanna see any onion tears from you on my watch.
Farrah: Quiet you! Stop fooling around! I can't have ingredients disappearing on me.
Lowain: Gotcha! Anyway, can you pass the salt, Farrah? You were just using it, right?
Farrah: Hmm? I just used it all up. What do you need salt for?
Lowain: What! Oh man, we are so screwed... Today's main dish is gonna have no flavor.
It's another fine day on the Grandcypher, and Farrah and Lowain are on kitchen duty.
They just seem to keep getting in each other's way, however.
Farrah: Hey! Why is this burner off? This dish needs to be simmered steadily until it's done!
Lowain: Geez, relax. It gets lumpy if you keep it on the heat too long.
Farrah: That's why I let it cool once already! If you do it twice, it ruins the flavor!
Lowain: No way. For real? Mamma mia, will we have this ready in time for dinner?
Elsam: Gyahaha! Someone forgot to put in the pickles and chili. Some teamwork this is, dudes.
Tomoi: Right? And they're both supposed to be great cooks. The world's just too small for the two of 'em.
Lowain: Whoa, slow down now. Like, stop standing there and give us a hand already!
Elsam: No, no, no, you've got it all wrong. We wanna help, but with you two all over the place, we'd just get in the way.
Lowain: Uh-huh. Well we'd both be less salty if you'd make yourselves useful an' go score some actual salt from the storeroom.
Tomoi: Sure thing, bro. Hey... Dude, behind you!
Lowain: Wagh!
Farrah: Look what you did to the stew! Lowain, this is all your fault!
Lowain: Sorry... Oh man, I really brewed the pooch this time.
Farrah: This is unforgivable! You're fired, Lowain! I'll do this alone!
Lowain: Whut? You can't cook enough for a whole crew by yourself.
Farrah: I don't want to hear it! Get out, get out!
Lowain: Aw, shucks...
Farrah chases Lowain out of the kitchen.
Elsam: Gyahaha! Lowain getting laid off means it's our chance to make dinner now!
Tomoi: Sweet! So what now, Farrah? I know, let's start over with the stew!
Farrah: You're all fired! Every one of you! Out!
Elsam and Tomoi: Figures...
Farrah: Sigh... I'll start by chopping some more vegetables. Next is...
Vyrn: Hey, what happened? Lowain and his bros are sitting outside like a box of abandoned puppies.
Farrah: I have more important things to worry about, Vyrn. Namely tonight's dinner! Thanks to Lowain, I'm running out of time!
Vyrn: Haha! You two really don't get along. What did he do this time?
Farrah: Umm, well... It was just an accident, but...
Vyrn: I know he can be weird sometimes. But he does take some things seriously.
Farrah: ...
Farrah: I won't argue with that... It's true I'm a bit irritated right now...
Farrah: I'm panicking a bit, honestly. He might not look it, but Lowain's really good in the kitchen. His meals are delicious and nutritious.
Farrah: He goes so far as to tailor the flavor of each plate to the individual crew member's tastes. But that's precisely the problem...
Vyrn: Hmm? How is that a problem?
Farrah: The other day, even Katalina was singing Lowain's praises. I feel like he's going to take my place...
Farrah: But I should be the one to cook for Katalina! I'll never give that honor up to Lowain!
Vyrn: Ahh... So that's what you were fighting over.
Yeesh, it must be tough for Katalina to be so popular.
Farrah: But enough of that! Time to get back into cooking mode! I've gotta get this done before dinner!
Vyrn: You go, Farrah! Hey, do you smell that?
Farrah: Hmm? Now that you mention it, something smells like it's burning...
Farrah: Aiiieee! What have I done! I was in the middle of roasting the meat!
Vyrn: Wow... It's pretty much charcoal now.
Farrah: Sob... I don't know if I can recover from this...
Vyrn: Umm... So what about dinner?
Farrah: I'm... so sorry... I'll have to apologize to everyone...
Lowain: Lowain to the rescue!
Farrah: Lowain... What are you three doing here?
Elsam: Yooo! If there's a damsel in distress, Team Lowain will be there in a flash!
Tomoi: Yooo! Dude, you were totally just pouting outside the door.
Lowain: All right, I'm all revved up and ready to go! Elsam, cut off the burnt part of the meat. Tomoi, I need you to beat those eggs up good!
Lowain: As for me, it's time to unleash the secret technique passed down from my master... Double frying pans, let's do this!
The Trio: Wahey!
Farrah: This just might work... Lowain, don't count me out just yet!
The dishes for the night's dinner line up across the counters as Team Lowain and Farrah exercise their culinary talents to the fullest...
They manage to finish on time and breathe a loud sigh of relief.
Lowain: Nyahaha! How about that, Vyrn! Smells good, doesn't it?
Vyrn: That was super impressive! I can't believe you did all this in a rush!
Farrah: ...
Elsam: Heck yeah! Hey, Farrah... Is everything okay? Don't tell me you've fallen for me!
Tomoi: No way, man. In your dreams. I'm the one she's fallen for, right, Farrah?
Farrah: I'm so sorry for firing you earlier... I was actually ready to toss you overboard.
Lowain: Eh? Aww, c'mon now. Forgive and forget, right? Maybe I asked for it a li'l bit too.
Elsam: (Dude... Forget kitchen duty... We're lucky we're not at the bottom of the sky right now!)
Tomoi: (Yeah, dude. I can feel the wind in my hair just thinkin' about it.)
Lowain: All's well that ends well, I guess... But now I get to treat Kathy to my cooking!
Farrah: Grr... Oh no you don't! I hereby forbid you from going anywhere near Katalina!
Lowain: What, no way! That's no fair, Farrah! You're evil!
Farrah: Call me what you want. I'm thankful for your help today, but you and Katalina aren't meant for each other.
Lowain: But, Farrah, isn't that what love is all about?
Farrah: Excuse me?
Lowain: There's just something about Kathy. Something I'm missing that draws me to her. Her brains... Her class... Somethin' like that.
Lowain: Hehe... So I think it's fine if we're not a perfect match just yet. You'll understand when you're older.
Farrah: ...
Tomoi: Heh. Lowain's really makin' it sound grand.
Elsam: Gyahaha! Wasn't it just love at first sight?
The Trio: Totally hot.
Lowain: Wahahaha! Gimme a break, you two! Just when I was being totally cool!
Vyrn: Whoa... These guys are as weird as ever...
Farrah: That's for sure. The order to keep away from Katalina stands.
Just as Farrah is about to revise her opinion of the Lowain bros, they confirm that they're just a bunch of weirdos after all.
Secretly, however, Farrah decides that their culinary skills and reliability under pressure may be worth emulating.

Il Sole Mio

While Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi are out for a drink, Yngwie happens to show up with a girl they were previously fawning over. Yngwie agrees to take the awestruck boys under his wing, and they soon see the full extent of his abilities.

The crew docks the ship for a night of rest and relaxation.
Lowain: Bwahaha! I think tonight calls for another round of brewskies, my broskies!
Together: Bottoms up!
After loading up on supplies, Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi waste no time visiting the local bar.
Lowain: Heheh! Did you get a load of the waitress at the last place? I'm tellin' you, she was the bomb, dude!
Elsam: I know, right? I tried giving her my contact info but got totally denied.
Tomoi: That's rough, man. So, wait. You thinkin' about jumping ship from the SS Kat?
Lowain: Tommy boy, please. I've only got eyes for Kat. That waitress of yours is out of sight. As in: I can't see her, bro.
Elsam: No way. No freakin' way. You were into her too, man!
Lowain: Sammy. I acknowledge that waitress of yours was smoking. Crispy. Possibly even rotisserie.
Lowain: But Kat, bro... She's got a vice grip on my heart!
Elsam: Got that right.
Tomoi: Got that right.
Together: Got that right.
Lowain: Ready or not... here I come, Kat!
Lowain and his squad are living it up as usual when they hear the signature sound of the door chime. A new customer?
Yngwie: Heh. Doesn't matter where I go. There's always a quaint little watering hole for me to call home.
Lowain: Hold on. Is that Uncle Ingy? We gotta say hi to—
Lowain starts to get up when he notices the beautiful woman Yngwie's escorting into the bar.
Lowain: Gwah!
???: Tee hee... It's an honor to be in the company of a legend like yourself, Yngwie.
Yngwie: Bravo, baby. Our rendezvous was inevitable. And tonight... you'll understand that completely. Body and soul.
???: Oh, Yngwie...
Yngwie's blushing companion is none other than the waitress Lowain and friends had fallen head over heels for just moments earlier.
Lowain: Huh? Wait a sec! We just got into town, and you already scored her?
Tomoi: Whoa! That's crazy! Uncle Ingy is a true bro!
Elsam: Hoo boy! That is out. Of. Control. Mad props to you, Uncle Ingy. Respect.
Together: Got that right!
Lowain: So, uh. Bros. We can't mess with this, right? Let's... go home?
Elsam: Ha ha! I mean... Seriously...
Tomoi: Break!
Lowain's squad silently slips out of the bar in order to give Yngwie room to breathe.
Yngwie: (Heh... Grazie, boys.)
Yngwie winks in the squad's general direction, piercing Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi's hearts instantly.
Elsam: Urk!
Tomoi: Agh!
Lowain: Hrg!
(That was a serious wink! Legend-class! I think I'm... melting down!)
Lowain's squad now fully understands Yngwie's majesty and returns to the ship to sleep off the excitement.
Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi are scrubbing the deck the following morning when Yngwie returns from town.
Lowain: Sup, Yngwie! Bet you had the time of your life last night, huh?
Yngwie: Howdy, boys. Been scrubbing the deck all morning? Don't work too hard now.
Lowain: Right on! Oh, and... we just wanted to say that we, uh, have mad respect for you, Ingy.
Lowain: Is it... cool if we call you Uncle Ingy from now on?
Yngwie: Hrm. We're all on equal footing as crewmates, so... sure. Whatever you like.
Together: Radical!
Yngwie: Good grief... Bet you want to know how I met her, don't you?
Yngwie: Unfortunately for the three of you, that's a secret that only she and I will ever know. Everything else, on the other hand, is open information.
Yngwie: After I take a little nap of course. I need one after last night.
Lowain: Whoa. Whoa. Uncle Ingy's so cool, I'm not sure I can feel my extremities...
Together: Got that right.
Yngwie heads back to his room with an aura of impenetrable coolness. Lowain, Tomoi, and Elsam can only look on with tearful eyes.
That night... Lowain's squad heads back to the bar to receive Yngwie's benediction.
Together: Radical!
Lowain: So basically... You've got one main squeeze per town, yeah?
Yngwie: That's right. No other way to do it.
Tomoi: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! This is seriously getting out of control!
Elsam: Full speed ahead!
Each of Yngwie's tales leads Lowain's squad deeper into his thrall. And then the door chime rings again.
Pretty Girl 1: Excuse me... Is a Mr. Yngwie present?
Pretty Girl 2: Sorry to barge in, but has anyone seen a handsome man come through here? His name's Yngwie.
Pretty Girl 3: Hey! Yngwie's in here, ain't he?
A group of beautiful women enters the bar, and they all ask for Yngwie.
Lowain: Whoa! Surprise special babefest! This is nuts. Seriously nuts!
Lowain: Call this a hunch, but, like, are they all Ingy's? Looks like twelve of 'em! A baber's dozen!
Elsam: Lowain. Think about it. This place is about to turn into a battlefield, bro!
Yngwie: Calm down now. No need to push, dears. Welcome to Port Breeze's finest—
Without a moment's hesitation, Yngwie asks each of the women for their names and hometowns.
Pretty Girl 1: Well... I heard that Yngwie was staying here, and I was travelling through the area, so...
Pretty Girl 2: Same here. I'm here to visit family, and I heard you were here.
Pretty Girl 3: Tee hee hee... Sounds like my situation. No worries, though. I came here of my own free will!
The girls stress that they've carefully followed Yngwie's special rules of engagement.
And they all explain—in breathless, rapturous detail—just how much they wanted to see Yngwie again.
Lowain: Heh heh! They'd walk right off the side of an island for you, Ingy!
Yngwie: Ha ha... Another little quirk of fate, this.
Lowain: Dang! You're totally stone-faced? Even now? You're a freakin' iceberg, man!
Together: Got that right!
Yngwie: I'm overjoyed to reunite with all of you again, of course. However... I'm afraid this is as far as we go.
Yngwie: I don't want to cause any undue heartache for my woman in this town. You understand, don't you?
Yngwie explains this with caring, loving honesty.
As things begin to wind down, he turns to the entrance and opens the door.
Waitress: Eek! Oh, I'm sorry... I just thought I might take a peek inside, and...
Yngwie: You came to get me? Tres bien!
Waitress: Huh?
Yngwie: This is my woman in this town, my radiant mademoiselles. You understand, yes?
Waitress: Oh, Yngwie...
With a small nod, Yngwie's harem smiles gently at the waitress.
Yngwie: That understanding is what makes you so wonderful. Next time... I'll come to visit all of you instead.
Yngwie: Which means this is arrivederci. When I dream... I'll be sending you all my love.
Lowain: Dudes! Ingy is, like, the freakin' god of romance! I don't get how he does it, but I... I...
Yngwie: Spare me. A man's tears are meaningless. Only a woman has the right to weep.
Yngwie: And I'm no god. Just a regular guy who's been this way and that.
Yngwie: I just have a little more... passion than most.
With these lofty words hanging in the air, Yngwie places his hand gently on the waitress's shoulder and leads her out of the bar.
One town. One woman. Yngwie lives by this rule. Embodies it.
All Lowain and his friends can do is look on in awe.
Lowain: I'm dying here! Bros! I don't think I've ever respected anyone as much as Uncle Ingy!
Tomoi: Oh? What about Kat?
Lowain: Tommy. You've seriously gotta think before you start talking, bro.
Together: Got that right.
Another day comes to an end, and with it, a new legend of Yngwie's exploits. Can Lowain's squad ever hope to get to his level? Only time will tell.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
キャタリナさん…マジパネエ。激マブ。 Hoo boy... Kat's lookin' smokin' hot!
自分…テッペン取るつもりなんで I'm gonna be the bestest there is! There, I called it!
っべぇー事になんぞ!オラァ! Dude, things just went from bad to wicked!
キャタリナさん…俺を頼っていいぜ? Anything for you, Kat!
エルっちとトモちゃん俺のダチ公だぜ Sammy and Tommy are my brofams!
せぇーの!ウェーイ! A one, and a two, and a whee!
マジヤベーだろこれ?レジェンドだべ? Oh, sweet! Talk about epic!
っしゃぁーオラ! Oh yeah! Gimme five!
俺、(主人公)の事超リスペクト的な? You got mad respect for me, right, (Captain)?
(主人公)も一緒にウィー! Say it with me, (Captain)! Woo-hoo!

Other Appearances



SV Lowain of the Brofamily.png SV Lowain of the Brofamily E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Put an Elsam of the Brofamily into your hand.

Sorry to keep you, like, salivating. Here's your grub with all the—whoa! That lady knight sitting over there... Total babe city!


Guess I've got Katalina fever, you know? But I won't stop till I show her the way this heart beats. Kat, watch out! Cuz someday I'm gonna be your numero uno! Waaheey!

Class Neutral
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Lowain of the Brofamily
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


SV Elsam of the Brofamily.png SV Elsam of the Brofamily E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Put a Tomoi of the Brofamily into your hand.

Yo! I'm Elsam. It's, like, I'm so honored everybody could get together to share this grindage. As for my lady type... I've got a thing for fashionable girls. Here's to a rad evening, everyone!



All right, you guys ready to begin the forty-fifth grand tourney of the primal beast name game? w00t! w00t!

Class Neutral
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Elsam of the Brofamily
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


SV Tomoi of the Brofamily.png SV Tomoi of the Brofamily E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Put a Human! Pyramid! Attack! into your hand.

Prime Minister Freesia... Nay, dearest Freezie. Just order me to protect you, and it's done!



Freezie, stop... I'm still on duty... Zzz...

Class Neutral
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Tomoi of the Brofamily
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


SV Human! Pyramid! Attack!.png SV Human! Pyramid! Attack! E.png
Click to reveal card data

Whenever this follower attacks, randomly give +1/+0 to all allied followers or restore 2 defense to your leader.

"Brofams! Time to let 'er rip!"
"This formation is undefeated back home!"
"Dudes, let's get on it! Three, two, one..."


(Same as the unevolved form.)

"H!" "P!" "A!" "HPA!"
"Human Pyramid Attack!"

Class Neutral
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Human! Pyramid! Attack!
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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