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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Unknown
Hobbies People-watching
Likes Pure, righteous, and beautiful people; good deeds
Dislikes Snakes, evil people, apples

Character Release
The beautiful young man, surrounded by a divine aura, introduced himself as a "former stage actor" when he appeared before the crew. He is very gentle and dislikes conflicts. However, since he does not understand the subtleties of other people's emotions very well, his heart grieves at the sight of people fighting, especially if it's because of his beautiful face. He has profound knowledge about the bottom of the sky - another world called the "Crimson Horizon".

Character Release

先日開催されたイベント「熱闘! 真夏のフードファイト!」にも登場した、夏を目一杯満喫するその水着姿が遂にプレイアブル化!

Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不詳
Height 不明
Race 不明
Hobbies 人間観察
Likes 清く正しく美しい者、善き行い
Dislikes 蛇、邪悪な者、リンゴ

Character Release

Character Release

先日開催されたイベント「熱闘! 真夏のフードファイト!」にも登場した、夏を目一杯満喫するその水着姿が遂にプレイアブル化!

Source [1] [2]


Stamp119.png This section contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own discretion.

Created by the Omnipotent as a Speaker, their servant, he was given the name Helel ben Sahar and was tasked with spreading the Omnipotent's words and their will among the people of the realm they created. He chose not to interfere in his master's conflict with ancient humans even after it resulted in the splitting of the Omnipotent into two conflicting and opposed sides; the god of the skies and the god of the stars. The sky god wished to recreate the sky realm while the Astral god opted to leave and create an entirely new world based on the one they had left, neither paying attention to the fate of the Speaker. Still, he continued to await contact from his master so he might continue fulfilling his role as Speaker. For thousands of years he took on the role of observer, watching over the two realms as they changed and evolved, acting only to deal with threats outwith the gods' powers.

Sensing an upcoming calamity that could befall the sky realm and wishing to protect the world his master created and its inhabitants, he decided to join the Singularity, the only known living human with the power to alter course of fate itself, assuming a new name to hide his true identity as a god's servant - Lucio.

In time the predicted calamity was revealed to have been set in motion by Lucilius, who wished to bring an end to the entire sky realm. Initially Lucio tried to convince Lucilius to abandon his plan and his rebellion against gods, hoping to reach some common understanding as Lucilius was an Astral created in Lucio's image. But negotiations failed and Lucio was forced to feign being defeated by Lucilius, waiting inside the latter's core for the right moment to trap Lucilius in a space between dimensions which would serve as an eternal prison.

After the calamity was halted and the visible threat was dealt with, he started to wonder if he still needed to perform his duties and if his master's wishes could really be good for this world. After all, it was not only the power of Supreme Primarch that saved the world but the combined strength of many different forces. He started to wonder if perhaps the world's current state was already perfect and no longer in need of evolution thanks to living creatures and their ability to support each other and compensate their own weaknesses. He confronted the Singularity with these mixed feelings in a dream. After reaffirming himself in his new stance, he left his role as observer and decided that it was fine to simply continue living on and to use his powers for the well-being of the skies. Aboard the Grandcypher alongside Singularity and their crew, he waits for the day when he can ask his master the true purpose behind himself, the world, and all living beings.

End of spoilers.



  • Belial's claims of being a fashion designer, magician, and patissier are likely a parody of Lucio's dubious background.
  • Lucio has the same base ATK and HP values as Sandalphon (Event).
  • He may look like Lucifer but they are not actually the same entity.[3]
  • His design is primarily based on Lucifer before his fall from Heaven, known as Arch Seraph Lucifer in Rage of Bahamut. Unlike Arch Seraph Lucifer, Lucio has a pair of small white wings that he is almost never depicted without.


  • The name Lucio is an Italian given name derived from the Latin name “Lucius”, and translates to “light” in English.
  • All of Lucio's skills are named after songs by progressive metal band Symphony X.
    • His first skill's Japanese name is "Eve of Seduction". The English translation opted for a different song, "Revelation", before later switching to "Walls of Babylon", yet another song by the band.

Special Cutscenes

Stamp118.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I'd heard that today is the day you were born, (Captain). I wish you all the best.
Sorry? My birthday?
Hm... Well let me think. I suppose that would be the day I was created...
What? You say it's the day we met? Ah, indeed you could say that was the birth of Lucio!
Thank you, (Captain). May the year ahead of you be a great one.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Being given life on this world—that is an irreplaceable miracle.
The fact that I am able to celebrate this joy with you yet again is a true manifestation of happiness.
Go forth on this splendid day with my blessings, (Captain).


Congratulations on another birthday, (Captain).
Another year's worth of strength has been added to your frame.
But it's not simply about how you look. I speak, of course, about the strength within.
Your mighty heart will carry you far, helping you overcome any hardships that sail your way.
I'll always be watching over you on your journey through life. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
The Grandcypher is filled with delight today, isin't it?
Now that I think about it, it is rather strange that our crew is composed of vastly different individuals.
But despite our differences, we've all come together to celebrate your life.
This is proof enough that you extend your love and grace to each and every member aboard your ship.
Of course, I count myself among those that you spoil with love.
Therefore, please accept my heartfelt blessings this year as well.
I pray that I shall be able to deliver you birthday blessings for many years to come.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Many eras have passed since I was created, but these past five years have been particularly special to me.
We've rejoiced together, laughed together... I've learned so much in such a short span of time.
Once, I told you the story of my own birthday. I suppose this means "Lucio" has finally turned five years old.
I am the light that protects you, yet I'm constantly learning from you, much like a younger brother. Heh. It's odd, but that's the feeling I get.
I hope you will be blessed with many more birthdays to come.
And may this day be as special as you are.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, you've been awake all this time?
And you're waiting for the new dawn? Why?
If that is what you wish to see, I can show it to you right now...
That's not the dawn you meant? Oh, I do apologize!
Then allow me to keep you company. To watch the dawning sun in this sky is a real treat...


Ah, greetings, (Captain). I'm glad to see you this new year as well.
This is wonderful... Spending today with you, gazing at the sunrise.
Times like this are so peaceful. I wish this moment could stretch on forever.
Let's watch the sunrise together again next year. Haha. I'm looking forward to it already.


What did you pray for on your first visit to the shrines on New Year's Day?
Knowing you, I assume you wished for the happiness of others.
Yet securing your own happiness is a requisite for making that dream a reality.
Others derive no joy in the absence of your own.
Ah, I'm sorry. It was not my intention to preach.
May you have the blessings of my master.


(Captain), I heard that mortals like discussing their futures during the new year.
Some even get their fortune told, predicting their year ahead.
You don't think that these fortunes are divine messages, do you?
Hmm... I don't mean predictions. They regard these thoughts as precepts, rules for living. Right?
I find this behavior fascinating. I too want to get my fortune told.
Do you know of such an oracle? If you could discretely guide me to one, I would appreciate it.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
May the coming year bring happiness and good fortune to us all.
Heh. Was that a bit excessive? I must admit, I have a fondness for seasonal greetings.
Time has flowed in a straight line since the very beginning, yet mortals transformed it into a loop with the creation of the calendar.
Gleaning truth from the universe and using it to add beauty to my master's world is a prime example of the hidden power of mortals.
This applies to you especially, (Captain). There are times you accomplish things that I never would have thought possible.
I look forward to witnessing that power of yours in the yearly loop to come.
Until then, here's to another magnificent year together.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Now then, (Captain). I understand you have something to tell me...
Well, you said you wanted to tell me in private! It will be thousands of years before any person finds this place, let alone any monster...
Oh? Are these... chocolates?
Gracious me... This is a real surprise! Thank you, (Captain)!
I'm afraid today may be a bit dangerous for me to go out... Another senseless war could erupt, so I shall remain here for a while.
But this is a very welcome gift. Thank you, (Captain).


Thank you for the Valentine's Day gift. I'll proudly accept it.
I'll be spending the day here. If I go outside, I might cause a commotion...
What is this place? That's a tough question. To explain it in your language, I would need a few days at least.
Haha. You want to know what you can find here? You can look around if you want.
But be careful. If you step out of bounds, even for a moment, it will be hard to return.
Ah, then perhaps I should give you a tour. Come on. Hold on to my hand tight.


This aroma—it's chocolate. Thank you for gracing me with another year of Valentine's Day gifts.
When this day comes around, spending time in this place almost feels natural.
Are you fine with this though, (Captain)? For only the two of us to be here where no others can reach us...
No, that was a rude question to ask.
The fact that you came here with me is all I need to know. I can feel your eagerness without you needing to utter a single word.
If we could spend time like this again next year, it would make me very happy.


It seems I am to be given a gift yet again. Thank you, (Captain).
Haha. When I think of Valentine's Day, this place is all I can imagine. Do you enjoy it so?
If that's the case, then I am glad to meet you here.
Before I was under the impression that Valentine's Day was an event that led only to conflict.
However, after spending time alone with you, I believe it an occasion to chat freely with you. It's a wonderfully enjoyable time.
Now, may I eat the chocolates you've given me?
Hm? Yes. I am going to eat them right in front of you.
The other day I overheard someone saying something to the effect of, "The best thanks for a gift of food is the smile of delight after the gift has been imbibed."
This is a perfect opportunity to express my thanks.
Now. Down the hatch.


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain).
I'm delighted to meet you here in this place again.
It means a great deal to know how you feel, and being able to reveal my secret like this is wonderfully comforting.
There are times when mortals fight over me, for that is how I was created by my master.
By making that truth known, future struggles may be prevented, but new, different struggles would surely take their place.
However, you exist outside those bounds. Meeting you has released me from my isolation.
Thank you, (Captain).

White Day Cutscenes
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Thank you for the gift you gave me, (Captain).
Today I'm very eager to repay you in kind.
But material possessions are the seeds of war, and I must stay true to my beliefs.
So, instead, I wonder if you might enjoy an interplay of light and shadow...
In the sea of clouds beneath the Grandcypher, a magnificent show of illusions with both light and sound plays out.


Greetings, (Captain). I've come to repay you for your gift last month.
I thought long about what I should get you... After mulling it over, I decided something tangible wouldn't be enough.
And so tonight, when everyone is fast asleep, would you please come to my room?
I'll take you on a special journey through the sky, to a place far above where the Grandcypher can sail.
I'll see you later tonight. The upper skies are cold, so be sure to wear something warm.


This is in return for Valentine's Day, (Captain).
Again I couldn't decide upon a tangible gift that was suitable. It's hard to understand the ways of this world.
By the way, do you enjoy the stars?
Last year I took you high above to peer at them, but this year I plan to make a small change.
To the upper strata we will go, where not a cloud can obstruct our view of the night sky's unparalleled beauty.
I'd like to share this profound experience with you. Come. Take my hand.


You may look now, (Captain). We have arrived.
This year I wanted to give you this splendid view.
Yes. At first I thought to bestow upon you the scenery from the sky.
However, such a gift is not tangible, so I have also prepared this.
Here. It is warm cocoa.
It will last only for a fleeting moment. But the connection that remains beating secretly in our hearts is forever.
Let us spend this time together, reveling of fine days, drinking of cocoa, and staring at the stars above.
There now. I believe this will become a beautiful memory for us both.


(Captain), can you hear me?
While out on a monster-hunting assignment, the captain suddenly hears Lucio's voice.
I'm sorry I wasn't able to help with the mission.
But I do want to thank you for Valentine's Day.
Please raise your eyes to the sky.
As (Captain) looks up, the clouds floating overhead begin to arrange themselves into strange shapes, eventually forming words.
(Captain), I wish you great victory and glory in your endeavors. My light will ever be your shield.
I shall prepare some hot cocoa in preparation for your triumphant return. With love, Lucio
The words in the sky appear for such a brief moment that the other crew members fail to notice them.
(Captain) smiles, taking heart in the secret, personal message.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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A festival of darkness... I can't say I approve of deliberately trying to open the gates to the spirit world...
But I suppose it does no harm. Vyrn and Lyria certainly seem to be enjoying themselves.
Just remember, (Captain). Don't let those two out of your sight...
And don't let them have too many sweets either! Understood?


Here, (Captain). Have some candy. This piece is especially for you.
I can't leave the ship today. If I do, then everyone will attempt to give me candy.
I thought about wearing a costume to disguise my appearance, but the better the disguise, the more persistent the candy-givers become.
It's truly perplexing. Why... Why was I given this form that mortals find so beautiful?


Trick or treat.
I tried to scare people like you skydwellers do, but it doesn't suit me.
I tried it on other crew members too, but they just stared at me.
At first I thought they were humoring me with surprise, but then it struck me that they were captivated by my face.
I've come to learn that bewildering people isn't as straightforward as it seems. You're all truly perplexing beings.


I must ask, why do people relish in donning costumes for Halloween?
Yes, I already understand that there is meaning behind each individual costume.
What I am more curious about is the simple joy they seem to illicit.
Ah! So they represent an opportunity for the wearer to assume a different form for a night? What fun.
Curious, however, that the psychology of skyfarers dictates they would desire to look gruesome. Even if only for a single night.
Then again, I suppose I can understand a mortal's longing for new experiences.
Oh, but imagine how pointless it would be for me to wear a costume—I would be found out immediately.
It's too bad, but I may never be able to fully appreciate the revelry of Halloween after all.


Trick or treat. Can you tell which of us is the real Lucio?
Actually, I suppose it was pointless to ask—it seems the answer was far too obvious for you. Alas, this won't do at all.
I had thought perhaps I could send my doppelganger to the Halloween festival as a decoy.
There are signs of a gate opening to the spirit world. I asked Lost Jack about it, and he agreed that something was afoot.
How do I go about driving away evil that might have found its way into the festival?
I cannot ignore any who would invade this world my master created. They must be stopped before they can harm its beloved people.
You can be sure I'll protect you too, of course. Please let me know if any trouble arises.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

How do I usually spend the holidays? Well...
I used to count the festival fires burning on each island from way up high.
Everyone prays for their loved ones during this season.
There is a great peace that blankets the world...
It's a truly wonderful time of year... Sorry?
Yes, of course I spend it alone... Now why have you given me this plate of food, (Captain)?
It's very kind of you, but I think perhaps Vyrn would enjoy it more than I...


What was it... Ah yes, happy holidays. That is the greeting that the people of this world use today, is it not?
And there's a banquet tonight? Then I shall try to pass the time without sowing any seeds of unrest at your gathering.
But spending this holy night alone would be sad, you say? No... It's just I don't particularly understand the minds of people yet.
However, I now see that you were concerned about me spending the holidays alone.
Just knowing that you are there brings me joy, (Captain).


Happy holidays. Hm. I can't say that I've grown accustomed to speaking such a greeting.
I do apologize for declining to attend the party last year.
However, I was overcome by a mysterious feeling while watching from afar.
As I observed the smiles and laughter of that wintery scene, I felt a warmth spreading across my chest.
Is that what you call happiness?
If it is, then conversing with you now at this very instant is also my moment of happiness.


Happy holidays, (Captain). I feel as though these greetings have become second nature to us, don't you think?
That being said, I have something I would like to discuss.
This year I would like to observe the holy banquet firsthand.
Yes. I have previously kept my distance because I was afraid my presence would disturb the occasion.
But that was an unfounded fear. The members of your crew are focused solely upon you, (Captain).
I do not suspect I will cause a ruckus at all. And thus, I will join the festivities this year.
Oh? You're happy to hear that?
I am not sure why you are elated, but...
As long as you have the merriest of nights, that is the most important thing of all.


Happy holidays, (Captain).
I decided to enjoy the holiday banquet with everyone again this year.
It wouldn't be wise to let myself get carried away, but avoiding others on this day would surely be a source of concern.
Heh... You look relieved. I had no idea you were so worried on my behalf.
Throughout my time with you, mysteries that I previously couldn't fathom have been unraveled one by one.
I've come to understand that seemingly ordinary activities, like mingling and sharing meals, are actually incredibly important.
If you're happy, you should express it. That is yet another way to love the people of this world.
Interaction is key—much like how you reach out to those who seek to sever their bonds. And so I plan to enjoy myself to the fullest this year as well.
However, as I mentioned earlier, I'll take the utmost care not to overdo things. Heh.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Bringer of Dawn

At a theater a young man calls out to (Captain) and claims to know the truth about the Crimson Horizon legend, but his handsome features get him tangled up in a fight. The young man later finds (Captain) on the Grandcypher, and through a memory explaining his goal to defend this world from the beasts of the Crimson Horizon, he convinces (Captain) to let him join the crew. He asks to be called Lucio, but will reveal nothing more about his true identity.

Performer: Ladies and gentlemen!
Silence please!
Performer: Thank you for joining us tonight to witness the reenactment of a bloodcurdling, yet true, tale.
Performer: The story of the bottom of the sky...
The Crimson Horizon!
Performer: Are you ready? Then I challenge you to watch until the very end without once covering your eyes!
Having heard excellent reviews, (Captain) and the crew visit a theater to watch a stage performance.
The play is a terrifying tale based on the legend of the bottom of the sky.
Lyria: Oh w-w-wow! That p-p-play was amazing!
Io: Humph! That show was for babies! I w-w-wasn't scared at all!
Vyrn: Whoa... I'm getting dizzy. Let go of me already.
Rackam: Oh, you're shakin' in your boots! I bet it was too much for you kids, huh?
Rackam: But come on... A world deep at the bottom of the sky? With monsters more terrible than anyone's ever seen?
Rackam: It's total fantasy.
Io: How can you say that? No one's ever come back from the bottom of the sky to say what it's like, have they?
Rackam: Then how'd you figure the place must be a monster-ridden nightmare?
Io: Oh!
Rackam: Besides, how do you think those monsters know everything that goes on in the Sky Realm?
Rackam: They prey on the wicked, trying to trick their way into our world.
Rackam: But it's all just a bedtime story for kids, you see.
Rackam: Do bad things and the monsters will come for you!
Io: Yikes...
???: But you don't know for sure that's all there is to it...
Rackam: Huh?
???: The legends of old have always been based on some truth.
???: It's simply that few people possess the power to peer into the mysteries of the future.
???: Their lifetimes are mere fragments of the grand tapestry, which lies beyond mortal comprehension.
???: So it is. And so it has been.
From the shadows of the theater, a young man walks slowly up to (Captain).
???: In days gone by, a tale of such gravity would never have been made up.
???: Such is the vast span of time that has passed since the beginning of the world.
With sorrow in his eyes, the young man extends his hand toward (Captain).
???: A great crisis is facing us all.
???: If you wish, I will tell you the truth about this world... (Captain).
Theatergoer: ...
Rich Lady: ...
A hush falls over the throng of people in the lobby.
Rackam: Uh... nice performance, kid! Are you one of the actors here?
Io: That was amazing! I thought the play had finished already!
???: The play? No, you misunderstand me.
???: Hey there! You!
Manager: You wanna be an actor, son? I could make you the star of my next show!
Rival Manager: Hey! Butt out, pal! I scouted this guy first. He's mine!
Manager: What?
Young Lady: What a handsome face! Please accept this flower as a symbol of our meeting like thi—
Young Lady: Aaah!
Rich Lady: No, no, you must take this piece of my handiwork instead. I insist.
Rich Lady: That silly girl must be out of her mind offering you a flower like that!
Young Lady: What did you say?
Vyrn: Oh boy, they're coming at him from all sides!
In a flash, a huge argument breaks out around the young man. (Captain) and the crew can only watch in silent awe.
???: Stop! Please!
Vyrn: Whoa! Don't tell me this guy is going to stop these folks all at once!
Rackam: Yeah, they're all fired up. They're not even listening now.
Io: No! Look! Everyone's so captivated by him that he's got all their attention.
Rackam: Huh? How?
???: My master told me something once...
???: He said I must bring peace and prosperity to this world.
???: So please. I implore you!
Managers: Oh...
???: You must not fight over me!
Ladies: Huh?
Silence reigns once more in the room, but only for a moment.
Manager: Take that!
Rival Manager: Then take this!
Rich Lady: You little—
Young Lady: Aaah! How dare you!
Ignoring the young man's plea, everyone begins fighting again.
Vyrn: Oh boy... What's wrong with these people?
Rackam: Come on! We're leaving! Let's go, kiddos!
Io: Now? But what about all these people fighting?
Rackam: Leave 'em to it. Nothing good's gonna come from getting involved.
Rackam: And, besides, there's something about that guy I don't like.
Io: Really? He sure seemed nice to me...
Rackam: Yeah, yeah, yeah! You kids wanna think everyone's your friend...
Rackam: Now let's scoot out of here! Before we get hit by a stray punch...
Io: Oh! Wait for me! Hey!
At that moment, the young man's voice can be heard clearly above the din of the crowd.
???: Wait! There's something you have to know!
???: I must tell you the truth about the Crimson Horizon!
Vyrn: Huh? What's the matter, (Captain)?
(Captain) turns to look back at the young man.
But the theater's security arrives and surrounds the brawling crowd. The young man vanishes from sight.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain), you know what? Something keeps bothering me...
Vyrn: How come that guy Spangles knew your name?
Lyria: Gosh, you're right! That's sort of strange.
Rackam: Come on, it's not such a stretch.
Rackam: After all our struggles with the empire, we're a pretty well-known crew now.
Rackam: It's not too hard to imagine that some people might know our captain by name.
Vyrn: Maybe... But it's still weird the way he walked up to (Captain) like that.
Vyrn: And then the bickering started before he had a chance to finish what he was saying.
Io: I wonder what he was trying to tell you, (Captain)...
Io: Maybe it was something super important.
Rackam: Yeah. Maybe something like asking to join our crew, right?
???: Indeed, that's an interesting idea!
Vyrn: Huh? It's you! What are you doing here, Spangles?
???: What am I doing here? You mean, why have I come?
???: To finish giving (Captain) my message, of course.
Rackam: No, we mean how the heck did you get here!
Rackam: You just stay right where you are, buddy!
Rackam: What makes you think you can just breeze in after all that craziness before, huh? Just who are you anyway? Answer me!
After a brief pause, the young man lets out a heavy sigh.
???: I didn't expect it would be so hard to get to talk to you, (Captain)...
Rackam: Hey! What'd you say?
The young man murmurs, and the world starts to warp strangely before (Captain)'s eyes.
???: There's no cause for alarm. What you are about to see is a scene from my memory...
???: Of how the world looked at the very start.
(Captain)'s eyes flutter open.
A sea of clouds covers the world.
???: In the beginning there was only the void.
???: But after an immeasurable amount of time, a being of great power arrived.
???: And life blossomed on the land that this great being created.
???: This, (Captain), was the dawn of the world.
???: It was yet undivided. And there was an era of great happiness.
???: But then the gods rent the great being in two. One half fled this world, and at the bottom of the sky the Crimson Horizon was cast open.
???: The Crimson Horizon.
Another plane. The source of chaos in all its many forms.
???: And once the otherworldly beings of that plane began to plot against the sky realm, a gate began to open as well.
He points to a parting in the sea of clouds through which an ominous-looking tower slowly comes into view.
???: It is called... Pandemonium.
???: The Astrals, who came from beyond the stars to rule this world, sent it down to where it now floats.
???: First they used the power of the gods to seal the terrible beasts inside it. Then they buried it all at the bottom of the sky.
???: But little by little, the otherworldly beings, with their sights set on power, began to breed...
???: ...!
???: And after ages of imprisonment in the Crimson Horizon on the edge of this rift in the sky...
???: They're trying to spill out of Pandemonium into the Sky Realm, having amassed unimaginable power.
???: That is why I've come to this world. To give you this message.
???: Will you help me, (Captain)? Will you lend your strength to the battle against these terrible fiends?
  1. All right. I'll do all I can.
  2. Just what are you exactly?

Choose: All right. I'll do all I can.
His tale is full of unanswered questions and powers unthinkable...
But (Captain) knows deep down inside that it's the truth, and there's no avoiding the fight ahead.

Choose: Just what are you exactly?
???: You want to know more about me, do you? I'm afraid the time is not yet right...
???: Even if I were to tell you now, it would slip from your memory without a trace.
???: One day when you've surpassed the skies... When you've ventured beyond the stars...
???: Then I will tell you my real name.
???: Will you accept this answer for now?
His tale is full of unanswered questions and powers unthinkable...
But (Captain) knows deep down inside that it's the truth, and there's no avoiding the fight ahead.
Continue 1
???: Thank you, (Captain). For believing in me...
???: It is still some time into the future that these otherworldly beings will make their move.
???: But there is much I must learn about your world before that time comes.
???: So please, (Captain), allow me to join your crew of skyfarers.
(Captain) blinks and looks around to see the deck of the Grandcypher.
The young man is laughing and chatting with Rackam and the others, as if none of the visions were real.
???: Well, thanks to (Captain)'s magnanimous nature, I'm delighted to be able to say that I'll be joining you.
Rackam: Sure! Welcome aboard, my friend!
Io: With a former actor joining the ranks, we've gotten a pretty flashy lineup now, huh?
Vyrn: Hey. What's wrong, (Captain)? You look confused.
Vyrn: Something bothering you?
(Captain) asks the young man what they should call him now that he's a member of the crew.
???: Ah, yes... I should have introduced myself properly before.
Lucio: Please call me... Lucio.
And so Lucio, a former actor perhaps, joins the crew to better understand people and learn about the world in turn...
Radiating brilliance yet shrouded in mystery, like a faraway star in the night sky.

Serpents and Apples

Inside a dream (Captain) visits another one of Lucio's memories and is warned that otherworldly beings have come to this world. Vyrn wakes (Captain) to say that monsters are attacking the Grandcypher.

The dawn of the world.
Even in its infancy, the landscape is wondrous, stretching out as far as the eye can see.
Lucio: Master, I await your command. What am I to do?
Lucio: For what reasons have you bestowed me with life?
The master speaks wordlessly, answering within the young man's heart.
???: Peace and prosperity...
???: To bring harmony and happiness to this realm...
To drive away darkness and the chaos it brings...
???: To be a beacon of light for this world...
Lucio: As you wish! I shall see to it even if it costs me my life...
Lucio: ...!
???: You fool...
???: Do you still call upon your sleeping master?
???: When you ask about your true purpose, have you even once received an answer?
Lucio: Silence.
???: Of course you haven't! Your master abandoned this realm long ago!
???: Aaagh!
Lucio: Begone!
A scene from the young man's memory plays out, just as it did once before.
As (Captain) realizes what's happening, the young man begins to speak.
Lucio: (Captain), they've come. The otherworldly beings are here...
Lucio: Don't let... out of your sight...
Unable to hear the message, (Captain) calls out.
Lucio: Don't let... out of your sight...
I can't hear you...
Lucio: I'm sorry. There's no time left...
Vyrn: Whoa!
Wake up, (Captain)!
Vyrn: The Grandcypher's under attack and crawling with monsters!

Serpents and Apples: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew make a supply stop, but find the island is facing a food shortage. Driven by hunger, Lyria and Vyrn are tricked into entering the lair of an otherworldly being. (Captain) and Lucio soon arrive at the ready.

Vyrn: Are you kidding me!
Lyria: Oh no!
The following day the crew stops off at an island for supplies only to find the market completely empty.
Frequent monster attacks have prevented shipments from getting through, leading to a food shortage on the island.
Rackam: Well, we're not getting any supplies here...
Rackam: We'll just have to cut back on rations until we land on the next island.
Lyria: Awww! Do we really have to?
Lyria: Sigh...
Vyrn: Come on, Lyria. Cheer up!
Vyrn: I mean, if I can manage without any apples...
Lyria: Oh... I guess you're right. You must be feeling pretty down too...
Lyria: I must... be strong...
Lyria: Ohhh... But I'm so hungry...
???: Young lady...
Lyria: Who? Me?
A voice from the shadows stops Lyria in her tracks.
Old Woman: You're hungry, aren't you? You poor thing...
Old Woman: I have a granddaughter just like you, you see. The apple of my eye...
Old Woman: Here, come with me. I'll give you lots of things to eat, my child.
Lyria: Really? Things to eat? And lots of them?
Lyria: But... I can't eat while my friends are hungry too.
Old Woman: Then take some for them as well! I've got plenty. Now come, child. Come with me...
Lyria: Plenty? Well, okay then! So I can get enough for everyone?
Lyria disappears into the shadows, as if swallowed up by the darkness itself.
Vyrn: Huh? Where's Lyria?
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria! Where are you?
Vyrn: Say, (Captain), I better go look for her!
Vyrn zooms off, but suddenly a lone apple rolls across his path.
Vyrn: Wow! It's an apple!
Vyrn: Hm? But that's weird... What's an apple doing here?
Vyrn: There wasn't a single apple at the market...
The apple suddenly starts rolling, picking up speed before disappearing down a dark alley.
Vyrn: Hey! Not so fast, juicy!
Vyrn: Huh? What's this place?
Vyrn: Oh! Lyria!
Lyria: Vyrn?
After chasing the apple, Vyrn finds Lyria in a peculiar place.
The old woman then appears before the astonished pair, a warm smile on her face.
Lyria: What's going on?
Old Woman: I'm sorry, child. I don't bear either of you any ill will. It's just...
Old Woman: I was promised. If I brought you here, then I'd get to see my granddaughter again. She passed away, you see...
Vyrn: Who promised you... exactly?
???: At last... At last you're in my clutches!
Lyria: Yikes!
Vyrn: Aaah!
Vyrn: We're in deep trouble here!
???: Ughhh...
Lucio: Gracious me... You're as unsightly as ever.
Vyrn: Whew! Thank goodness you found us, (Captain)! And... Spangles?
Vyrn: What'd you bring him along for, (Captain)?
Lucio: Vyrn, I understand your passion for apples. But please remember...
Lucio: You mustn't let your stomach do the thinking or you'll fall into peril!
Vyrn: Yeah, I know...
Vyrn: No, wait! That doesn't explain what you're doing here!
Lyria: Eep...
Vyrn... Behind you...
Vyrn: Huh?
???: Groarrr!
Vyrn: Aaah!
Vyrn: You win! No more questions! Just hurry and save us, (Captain)!

Serpents and Apples: Scene 3

The otherworldly being is defeated, but the old woman who lured Lyria and Vyrn to the lair is consumed by her desire to see her granddaughter again and turns into a monster. Lucio explains that her wriggly extensions must be removed in order to save her as (Captain) and the crew prepare to fight.

???: Aghhh...
Old Woman: Dear me... This wasn't our agreement... I was supposed to see my granddaughter...
Old Woman: Even though I did my part...
Ah, I see now.
Old Woman: It's all your fault! You're all wicked!
Her body starts to twist and contort as monsters emerge from within her.
Old Woman: I bet you're wondering how I got this power...
Old Woman: Well, you see, I practiced witchcraft once when I was younger.
Old Woman: Yes, it wasn't long after I lost my dear granddaughter.
Old Woman: After I shut myself in the attic, I began to hear it... A voice from an ancient magical seal!
The old woman recalls the voice whispering to her.
Bring me the girl with the blue hair and the little dragon, and I will grant you any wish...
Any wish at all...
Yes, I'll even allow you to live once again with your beloved grandchild!
Old Woman: Can you imagine how overjoyed I was to be given such an opportunity?
Old Woman: So listen well...
Old Woman: I won't let you two slip away with my chance!
???: Groaaar!
Lyria: Please! Don't do this!
Lucio: I'm sorry, but she's now beyond anyone's reach...
Vyrn: Wait! You can't seriously be thinking of fighting an old lady, Spangles!
Lyria: You can't! The poor woman only wanted to see her granddaughter again!
Lyria: Do we really have to go up against her like this?
Vyrn: Yeah! There's gotta be another way. Right, (Captain)? Spangles?
Lucio: There is no cause for worry!
Lucio: These hideous beings you see now are feeding on her energy. They are not her true essence.
Lucio: But if we fail to eradicate them, they will simply continue to bleed her of her life force.
Lucio: There is no way to help her other than to exterminate these writhing beasts!
Vyrn: Huh? Uh... So you're saying we'd be doing her a favor if we rid her of the wriggly things?
Vyrn: Then why didn't you say so before! Come on, (Captain) and Spangles! Let's give these worms the chop!
Lucio: To safeguard life's light...
Lucio: And to deliver the innocent from evil...
I shall wield this power!

Serpents and Apples: Scene 4

After (Captain) and the crew rescue the old woman who tricked them, Lyria and Vyrn are sent back to the market. Lucio warns (Captain) that the otherworldly beings will continue to come after Lyria and Vyrn. Soon they are all reunited at the market and Lucio gives Vyrn an apple. Lyria and Vyrn fight over the apple until the old woman offers them more to eat. The two share apples as she looks on with a smiling face.

???: Groaaar!
Vyrn: We did it! Those writhing worms have gone!
Vyrn: Whew... Whoa! What's going on here!
Lyria: Huh?
Lyria: Um, Vyrn? What were we doing here again?
Vyrn: Let's see... I think we were looking for apples, right?
Lyria and Vyrn are transported back, but (Captain) and the young man remain in the eerie realm.
Lucio: To manifest in the world, these otherworldly beings must find people who will answer their call.
Lucio: People who would deceive others...
People who would sacrifice their souls to have their wishes granted...
Lucio: Or even people, like the old woman, whose hearts are hollow from the ravages of sorrow...
Lucio: The otherworldly beings will keep coming, whispering in the ears of victims to manipulate them.
Lucio: They will strike again for the girl with the blue hair and the little dragon.
(Captain) can't help but wonder why Lyria and Vyrn are being targeted.
Lucio: That's because they are of vital significance to the Sky Realm. And to another world...
(Captain) tries to ask about that world, but the man offers no answer.
Lucio: The two of them chose you, which means you are capable of overcoming any obstacle.
Lucio: And that is why I choose you as my apprentice. To fight the hordes of the Otherworld.
Lucio: Those of the Otherworld would see this realm sink once again into darkness.
Lucio: And now you have seen them with your own eyes. Witnessed how they manipulate your kind.
Lucio: So I ask you once again, (Captain)...
Lucio: Will you join with me in the fight? To protect those you hold dear from the clutches of the Otherworld?
  1. You can count on it.
  2. Why do you fight them?

Choose: You can count on it.
Lucio: I thank you, (Captain), from the bottom of my heart. You are an uncommon ally.
Lucio: You question so little, yet you take on so much.
Lucio: Yes, I think with you there is a chance. The two worlds may yet return to their rightful form.

Choose: Why do you fight them?
Lucio: My master once instructed me to shine a light on this world of confusion. To guide its people.
Lucio: And now as the world struggles against a descent into the darkness, I have come to do my duty...
Lucio: To bring light into this realm and beyond the stars.
Continue 1
The world starts to twist and bend before (Captain)'s eyes, signaling an end to their chat.
And yet his voice can still be heard.
Lucio: If it means that I can see my master again one day...
Lucio: There is nothing I would not do...
Vyrn: Ahhh... I'm so hungry...
Lyria: They're not selling apples anywhere, are they?
Vyrn: Ohhh... My kingdom for an apple!
Lucio: Here you go, Vyrn.
Vyrn: Huh? I can't believe my eyes!
Vyrn: You're a good guy, Spangles! Did you go and find this just for me?
Lucio: No, no. It was given to me by that woman over there...
Lucio: But I don't eat such things, you see.
Lucio: So I would be delighted for you to have it.
Vyrn: Oh, I see... You're as nice as ever, Spangles.
Lyria: Wow... That apple looks so tasty, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Whoa! Hold it there, Lyria! This is my apple!
Old Woman: Oh, dear me... You mustn't fight over it now. Come here.
Old Woman: I have plenty more where that came from.
Vyrn: Huh? Is this the woman you saw?
Lyria: Is she the one who gave you the apple?
Lucio: Yes, that's right. Is that... significant?
Old Woman: This really takes me back. I had a granddaughter just like you once. She got ill and passed away, sadly.
Old Woman: But whenever I see a young girl who reminds me of her, I can't help but want to spoil her!
Old Woman: So you take as much as you want, you hear?
Lyria: Mmm!
Crunch... Why do think... Chomp... Is Vyrn?
Vyrn: Huh? Is Vyrn? Lyria?
Lyria: Mmm! Gulp...
Why do you think it is, Vyrn?
Lyria: That I feel so happy right now!
Vyrn: Mmm! Slurp...
I don't know. But I feel it too!
Lyria and Vyrn blissfully stuff themselves with apples while the old woman looks on with a smile.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
この輝きで君を導こう… My light shall guide you...
やれやれ… Gracious me...
蛇…!あの卑しき者め You are a snake and a coward...
なぜ人は、彼らの囁きに耳を貸す…? Why do people listen to their whispered lies?
光ある生のため…私は力を尽くそう To safeguard life's light...
本来、争いは好まないのですが… It's not that I enjoy fighting, you see...
私は…間違っているのか…? Could I... be mistaken?
(主人公)…君は不思議な人間だな (Captain), you're an uncommon ally.
主よ、なぜ私の声に応えないのです…? Master! Why won't you answer me?
(主人公)、私と共に戦ってくれるか Will you fight by my side, (Captain)?