Macula Marius (Raid)

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This article is about the tier 2 raid. For the summon stone, see Macula Marius.

Macula Marius is a tier 2 raid who can be summoned from Auguste Isles at the top area, Auguste Falls. If you own the Macula Marius summon, hosting and defeating Macula Marius will unlock the summon's blue star.

Stats Host Join Renown Pendants

Icon16Water.png 120,000,000 HP
Diamonds: 3

Rank 40
40 AP
Tidal Whorl square.jpg Tidal Whorl x50
Blue Dragon Scale square.jpg Blue Dragon Scale x6
Rank 40
5 EP
50 (host), 25 (join)
Rarity R.png bonus: 8
Rarity SR.png bonus: 4
Silver Gold Flip Red

Macula Marius Anima.jpg MM Anima
Macula Marius Omega Anima.jpg MM Omega Anima
Leviathan Gaze Omega square.jpg Leviathan Gaze Omega
Leviathan Spear Omega square.jpg Leviathan Spear Omega
Leviathan Scepter Omega square.jpg Leviathan Scepter Omega
Leviathan Bow Omega square.jpg Leviathan Bow Omega
Auberon square.jpg Auberon
Ancient Auberon square.jpg Ancient Auberon


After hosting and defeating Leviathan Omega (Impossible), you will be able to summon the 6-man raid Macula Marius (Impossible) from the same location as the Extreme version, August Isles, Auguste Falls. Macula Marius (Impossible) always drops a Water Urn square.jpg Water Urn, which are required to 4* uncap Leviathan Omega weapons.

Stats Host Join

Icon16Water.png 220,000,000 HP
Diamonds: 2
Prestige Pendants:
40 (host), 20 (join)

Rank 101
80 AP
True Water Anima square.jpg True Water Anima x1
Rank 101
5 EP
Gold Flip Red
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