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21 Million Players Celebration!
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20:00 UTC, June 22, 201805:00 JST, June 23, 2018
04:59 JST, July 1, 2018

08:00 UTC, June 23, 201817:00 JST, June 23, 2018
16:59 JST, June 30, 2018
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Side Story Campaign
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  • Half off Side Story AP costs
  • Half off Side Story Treasure Trade costs
  • Campaign
    08:00 UTC, March 10, 201817:00 JST, March 10, 2018
    16:59 JST, April 17, 2018
Current Events What's New?

Unite and Fight

10:00 UTC, July 16, 201819:00 JST, July 16, 2018
23:59 JST, July 23, 2018


  • Zooey (Grand) is now categorized as a grand character (previously summer) and her character weapon Cute Ribbon will now also be categorized as a grand weapon.

Icon New Objects.png New Characters

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Icon New Objects.png New Weapons

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Summer Souteyrand icon.jpg

Icon New Objects.png New Stickers


Icon New Content.png New Side Story

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  • Elemental Skill level cap increased from 75 to 100.
  • The in-game English update notes for 2018-07-15 incorrectly states that Sleipnir Shoe square.jpg Sleipnir Shoe's first skill upgrades to Zion's Enmity (Big boost) at level 120. It is Thunder's Enmity (Medium boost) in Japanese. Please do not change the weapon skill on the Sleipnir Shoe page to anything else.
The in-game English update notes have been corrected to say Thunder's Enmity for Sleipnir Shoe.
  • [Wiki] We are still in the process of updating pages and verifying data related to today's update.

Icon Blue Star Full.png New Uncap

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Erichthonius icon.jpgBow of Sigurd icon.jpgSolomon's Axe icon.jpgIndra's Edge icon.jpg
Sword of Pallas icon.jpgWilhelm icon.jpgSpymur's Vision icon.jpgPlume of Suparna icon.jpg
Sleipnir Shoe icon.jpgGungnir icon.jpgObscuritas icon.jpgPhantasmas icon.jpg
Draw Promotions

09:59 UTC, July 25, 201818:59 JST, July 25, 2018

Summer characters available until
02:59 UTC, August 31, 201811:59 JST, August 31, 2018

Upcoming Events
Poacher's Day
July 24th - 30th

New Story Event
July 31st - August 8th

Love Live! Collaboration
In August

Lonesome Dragoness
In August

L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G.
In September

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Weekly currency reset:
20:00 UTC, July 22, 201805:00 JST, July 23, 2018

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