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Extra Drops Event
Icon Drop Up.png Current Extra Drop Raids
Element changes every period as follows:
Icon Element Light.pngLuminiera Omega Showdown
Apollo Showdown
Luminiera Omega (Impossible)
Metatron (Impossible)
Icon Element Fire.pngColossus Omega Showdown
Twin Elements Showdown
Colossus Omega (Impossible)
Shiva (Impossible)
Icon Element Water.pngLeviathan Omega Showdown
Macula Marius Showdown
Leviathan Omega (Impossible)
Europa (Impossible)
Icon Element Earth.pngYggdrasil Omega Showdown
Medusa Showdown
Yggdrasil Omega (Impossible)
Godsworn Alexiel (Impossible)
Icon Element Wind.pngTiamat Omega Showdown
Nezha Showdown
Tiamat Omega (Impossible)
Grimnir (Impossible)
Icon Element Dark.pngCeleste Omega Showdown
Dark Angel Olivia Showdown
Celeste Omega (Impossible)
Avatar (Impossible)

  • The discoverer of the displayed raids receives double the item drops upon quest completion.
  • Purple bonus loot chests may appear for all participants in the displayed raids. The drop rate increases based on honors obtained in the raid.
  • Event
    ends in 20:00 UTC, June 5, 202105:00 JST, June 6, 2021
    04:59 JST, June 13, 2021
Current Events What's New?

Ends in 10:00 UTC, June 13, 202119:00 JST, June 13, 2021
16:59 JST, June 21, 2021


Icon New Objects.png New Characters

Npc m 3040340000 01.jpg
Npc m 3040341000 01.jpg

Icon New Objects.png New Weapons

Weapon m 1040614900.jpg
Weapon m 1040813700.jpg

Icon New Objects.png New Character Skins

Npc m 3710099000 01.jpg


Icon New Content.png New Raid

Icon New Content.png New Quest


Icon GBVS.png GBVS News

RPG TA Banner GND.png

  • The in-game event "Boss Battle Time Attack" has begun.
Event duration:
08:00 UTC, June 1, 202117:00 JST, June 1, 2021
11:59 UTC, June 6, 202120:59 JST, June 6, 2021
Draw Promotions

Ends in 09:59 UTC, June 21, 202118:59 JST, June 21, 2021

Upcoming Events
Dread Barrage
Wind Bosses
June 22nd - 29th

New Story Event
June 29th - July 7th

Unite and Fight
Water Bosses
Late July

Icon Renown Pendant.pngRenownIcon Prestige Pendant.pngPrestigeArcapoint square.pngArcapoint
Weekly currency reset:
20:00 UTC, June 20, 202105:00 JST, June 21, 2021
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