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11:59 UTC, April 21, 201720:59 JST, April 21, 2017

April 22nd - April 29th
Unite and Fight: Fire

April 30th - May ??st
Story Event

Unite and Fight: Light

"In May"
Rise of the Beasts

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09:59 UTC, April 24, 201718:59 JST, April 24, 2017
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Extreme Trial, The Hellfire Trial, 1492977600, , , ,
Showdown, Ifrit Showdown, 1507838400, , , 1, 1508831940
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Latest Episode: Another Sky
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April 19, 2017

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March 27, 2017

We're looking for editors and possibly head editor(s) to staff our wiki Anime section. If you are interested in working on anime-related wiki pages, please contact AdlaiT on the wiki or in our Discord.

February 23, 2017
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