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May 05 2017 02:00:00 PST since the last Surprise Ticket.

Current Events What's New?

Unite and Fight

10:00 UTC, April 22, 201819:00 JST, April 22, 2018
23:59 JST, April 29, 2018


Icon New Content.png New Main Quests

  • Chapters 108-110 added.

Icon New Content.png New Side Story

Story SideM Fantasy- To the Sky Realm for Some Reasons.png

Icon Blue Star Full.png New Final Uncap

Npc m 3040008000 03.jpgVenustas icon.jpg
Fudo-Kuniyuki icon.jpg


Icon New Objects.png New Stickers



ZenithSupportSkill.png New Character EMP Support Skills

Rarity SSR.png
Npc s 3040144000 01.jpgCharioce XVII
Npc s 3040151000 01.jpgMedusa (Valentine)
Npc s 3040149000 01.jpgTherese (SSR)
Npc s 3040150000 01.jpgZooey
Rarity SR.png
Npc s 3030210000 01.jpgEzecrain (Event)
Npc s 3030228000 01.jpgFeena (Holiday)
Npc s 3030222000 01.jpgKarteira (SR)
Npc s 3030230000 01.jpgKarva (SR)
Npc s 3030220000 01.jpgMimlemel and Pun-Kin (Halloween)
Npc s 3030224000 01.jpgMirin
Npc s 3030225000 01.jpgSophia (SR)
Npc s 3030221000 01.jpgVania (SR)
Draw Promotions

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09:59 UTC, July 20, 201718:59 JST, July 20, 2017

Element changes every day as follows:
Icon Element Fire.png Icon Element Water.png Icon Element Earth.png Icon Element Wind.png Icon Element Light.png Icon Element Dark.png

Upcoming Events
A Thousand Reasons
April 30th - May 8th

Persona 5 Collaboration
In June

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Weekly currency reset:
20:00 UTC, April 29, 201805:00 JST, April 30, 2018

For Beginners:


Content & Progression:


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May 06, 2017

Character pages now accept subjective strategy data. High-priority tasks include popular characters typically recommended for Beginner's Draw Set/Surprise Ticket and characters with a learning curve (such as Narmaya, Beatrix, Korwa, etc.).

See Meta:Manual of Style/Character Pages/Strategy for page style guidelines.

April 19, 2017

<ref> tags now work on This is the same citation system Wikipedia utilizes. Users are encouraged to cite information and data sources whenever possible.

March 27, 2017

We're looking for editors and possibly head editor(s) to staff our wiki Anime section. If you are interested in working on anime-related wiki pages, please contact AdlaiT on the wiki or in our Discord.