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7th Birthday Bonus Bash Underway!
News 7th anniversary bonus 1.png
7th Birthday Bonus Bash campaign ends in 20:00 UTC, March 30, 202105:00 JST, March 31, 2021
04:59 JST, April 14, 2021

Half AP etc. ends in 20:00 UTC, March 30, 202105:00 JST, March 31, 2021
16:59 JST, April 14, 2021

Pendant Boosts end in 08:00 UTC, March 31, 202117:00 JST, March 31, 2021
04:59 JST, April 19, 2021
News 7th anniversary bonus 2.pngNews xmas2016 7.pngNews year end campaign 5.pngNews 201703 campaign 2.pngNews 1400campaign 7.pngNews gbvscampaign 4.pngNews sidestory 6.pngNews 7th anniversary bonus 3.pngNews 1400campaign 9.pngNews 3rd anniversary 7.png
Current Events What's New?

Unite and Fight

Ends in 10:00 UTC, April 7, 202119:00 JST, April 7, 2021
23:59 JST, April 14, 2021

Finals Round 3
ends in 22:00 UTC, April 11, 202107:00 JST, April 12, 2021
23:59 JST, April 12, 2021

Finals Round 4
ends in 22:00 UTC, April 12, 202107:00 JST, April 13, 2021
23:59 JST, April 13, 2021

Final Rally
ends in 22:00 UTC, April 13, 202107:00 JST, April 14, 2021
23:59 JST, April 14, 2021


Icon Blue Star Full.png New Character Uncap

Npc m 3040044000 03.jpg
Icon Bonus Debuff Resist.png Updated Characters
Rarity SSR.png Npc s 3040044000 01.jpgSociette


Icon GBVS.png GBVS News

Blitz Banner 00.png

  • The in-game event "GBVS: Blitz" has begun.
Event duration:
15:00 UTC, April 4, 202100:00 JST, April 5, 2021
14:59 UTC, April 11, 202123:59 JST, April 11, 2021


We've finally fixed our issues with our PayPal account and are now able to take Ko-fi donations again.

If you happened to have donated during the time the donation button was hidden, your donation was thankfully still received!

The increased bandwidth demands during anniversaries (and april fools) does increase our costs, so donations help us a lot when we don't run ads!

I hope you all enjoyed our fun April fools this year and thanks for your continued support!

Draw Promotions

Ends in 09:59 UTC, April 17, 202118:59 JST, April 17, 2021

Element changes every day as follows:
Icon Element Fire.png Icon Element Water.png Icon Element Earth.png Icon Element Wind.png Icon Element Light.png Icon Element Dark.png

Summer charactersNot all Summer characters are currently available in the draw pool. More characters gradually become available over time. Check in-game for draw availability. available until
09:59 UTC, April 19, 202118:59 JST, April 19, 2021
Upcoming Events

April 15th - 23rd

Proving Grounds
Dark Bosses
April 23rd - 29th

In April

New Story Event
April 29th - May 7th

Icon Renown Pendant.pngRenownIcon Prestige Pendant.pngPrestigeArcapoint square.pngArcapoint
Weekly currency reset:
20:00 UTC, April 11, 202105:00 JST, April 12, 2021
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