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Official Profile

Age 21 (as of "Platinum Sky")
22 (as of "Platinum Sky II")
Height 169 cm Race Human
Hobbies Weight loss exercises
Likes Racing ships, apples
Dislikes People without a goal, people with no guts

Character Release
Final Uncap

Character Release


地平線の向こうのまだ見ぬ答えを探す 、彼のスピードの極致をご覧ください!

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 21歳(プラチナ・スカイ 時点)
22歳(プラチナ・スカイII 時点)
Height 169cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 減量
Likes 走艇、リンゴ
Dislikes 目標のない奴、根性のない奴

Character Release
Final Uncap

Character Release


地平線の向こうのまだ見ぬ答えを探す 、彼のスピードの極致をご覧ください!

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

Stamp118.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), happy birthday!
This is a special day that only comes around once a year. Honestly... I'm incredibly thankful I had the chance to meet you, (Captain).
I wasn't dissatisfied with my life or anything. And it was plenty exciting to be sure.
But you've expanded my horizons.
There are so many vistas I've never laid eyes on. And I have you to thank for making me realize that!
Let's make this next year a good one.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
How's this year been for you? I hear that if a year feels extra long, it's a sign that you've accomplished a lot during that time.
I suppose everyone perceives time differently though.
It's already been over a year since I've joined you on this journey, but it all still feels fresh to me!
Thanks for always keeping things exciting, (Captain).
Here's to another year of new adventures! Oh, and one more thing.
We gotta have another speedship race soon! The sooner, the better!


Psst. (Captain), you still up?
Good. You're wide awake.
Happy birthday.
Haha, what's with the surprised look? The date's already changed.
Hey, sorry to barge in on you like this in the middle of the night.
I just wanted to be the first to say it to you.
When it comes to speed, I gotta be at the top of my game, you know!
Hope you have a terrific rest of the day, (Captain)!


Sorry for making you stay so late to help with fixing the Blue Orbit.
It usually doesn't take this long, but I just had something extra I needed to look at today.
Sorry... I lied. I took my time on purpose because you were here keeping me company.
You know, there are more people in the crew now, right? There's always someone who needs you, so it's pretty hard getting a hold of you.
So when you offered to help me with the fixes, I thought it was a good chance for me to keep you to myself...
Oh, look, the date changed. Happy birthday, (Captain).
Of course. I wanted to be the first one to say it—that's why I kept you here.
I just can't let someone else take the number one spot.
Thanks for coming into this world, (Captain). I'm so glad I met you.


Hey, (Captain). Are you all done with the job from yesterday?
What's with that expression? I heard from Rackam that you were on this island, so I flew all the way here to see you.
Haha! I'm glad you're happy with the surprise.
As you can see, I brought the Nightcypher with me. What do you say to a little getaway with me in the skies?
I've told you before—I'm not giving up the number one spot. I want to make sure you have the best birthday ever.
All right, then it's settled! I have a place in mind—you'll love it. Let's get going!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

What're you up to in here, (Captain)? Making a resolution for the new year? Ahh...
Perfect timing. Let me get in on this. Huh? You're surprised I'm doing this kind of thing? I make resolutions too, y'know.
It's important to set goals. Just throwing resolutions out there without seriously going after them isn't how I do things.
How do I put this... It helps put things in focus for me. Making your resolutions come true is all up to you.
Either way, I like the feeling of working towards something one step at a time.


Ah, (Captain). There you are.
I was wondering if you'd wanna go for a ride and see the morning sunrise. You know, to start the year off right.
Flying across glistening fields of snow as the light of dawn dissolves into the white powder, illuminating the sky—there's nothing quite like it.
It's a spectacular sight... I want you to see it with me.
So come on, let's go for a ride! What do you say?


Happy New Year, (Captain).
I don't mind just taking it easy on an occasion like this, but...
Filling ourselves with New Year's treats and then slacking under a kotatsu all day...
Isn't gonna do our bods any favors!
Hahaha! Put on too much weight, and you're gonna have trouble getting into the cockpit of a speedship.
Best watch out!


Wow, you're pretty good, (Captain)! It's catching the wind pretty well and staying up there.
You know, flying a kite might look easy at first glance, but it actually takes a bit of skill to get it going.
And if you let it catch too much wind, it'll rip right out of your hands and fly away...
Whoa, watch out!
Phew... Are you okay? I know you're having fun chasing after the wind, but you've got to watch where you're going still.
I know I'd rather not see you ironically fall to the bottom of a cliff because you're busy staring at the sky.


Morning, (Captain).
Sorry to wake you before dawn. There's somewhere I want to take you.
Think you can get up?
Great, then let's head out! Make sure you wear something over so you don't get cold.
Whoooa! You can really see the sun coming up from the very tip of the mountain!
Apparently you can see this once every few decades on this island. This place acts as a kind of power spot.
Well, I'm the type of person who believes luck and power depend on yourself... but seeing amazing scenery like this really energizes you, huh?
I have a feeling I'll be able to fly to even farther places this year.
All right! Come on, (Captain). Let's go and have our first race of the year!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hm? What's up, (Captain)?
This is for me? For Valentine's?
No, no. Just a little surprised is all... I am not blushing!
I get stuff from my fans on Valentine's every year, and I'm grateful, of course.
But getting something from you is different, (Captain).
It's more... special. It really means a lot to me. Thanks.


For me? For Valentine's Day?
I... I see...
I, uh, I was worried that I wouldn't get any this year, and now you've...
It's just... I'm sorry! Don't look at me right now!
... Thank you.


Ah, this is for Valentine's?
Hey, there's no need to take it so seriously every year...
Actually, never mind I said that.
Truth is I'm always glad to get this from you, so...


Oh... It's Valentine's Day, isn't it?
I thought something was a little different today, what with the ship smelling strangely sweet and all the bustling around since morning.
That being the case, well...
Wh-what? Why are you grinning like that?
Huh? Is this for me?
Phew... I was worried for a second there...
Oh, um, I was just talking to myself. Thanks for going out of your way every year.
I'll be sure to give you something nice in return. Hope you look forward to it.


Oh, (Captain)! What a coincidence.
I, um, I'm just taking a break from tuning up the speedship. I mean... You gotta eat, right?
Sigh... You've probably seen right through me already, huh?
I admit it... I couldn't concentrate on anything after realizing it was Valentine's Day.
Usually I'm able to stay in control of these feelings, but... when it comes to you, things are different.
There it is. I knew you had something for me this year too.
Thanks, (Captain).
Phew... With this, I think I can finally get back to work now.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, (Captain). Got a sec?
Oh, um... Here you go! I wanted to give you this!
Today's White Day, after all. A day to give thanks for what you did on Valentine's Day... and every other day.
Anyway! I got this for you, so here! Take it!
Whew... I'm feeling tired for some reason. Always feels like my body's out of whack when I'm with you.


This... this is for you.
Um, for White Day. You remember, right?
Well, of course I'd get you a White Day gift! After all, you're...
I mean... Uh, forget I said anything!


Here you go, (Captain). It's for White Day.
Hey, this might seem kinda sudden, but... You're the only person I've ever given chocolate to for the occasion, so...
I don't want you to take this too seriously, but...
Well, maybe I do.
You're special to me!
Whew, got it outta me! Erm, catch ya later!


(Captain), it's me. I'm sorry to bother you so late.
It's White Day still, right? I know I'm cutting it close, but here's your gift.
I just want you to know, I didn't forget or anything. Actually...
I spent a lot of time worrying about what would be a good enough gift for you.
U-um, I'd prefer if you opened it while I'm not around.
Anyway, it's in your hands now. You can boil it or burn it... Do whatever you like.
Good night, (Captain). See you tomorrow!


Today's White Day, right? I didn't forget. Here.
This one's your favorite, right? I'll be honest... I got the intel from Vyrn this time around.
I don't know what you think of me, but...
I think you're one-of-a-kind, (Captain). I hope you consider me someone special in your life, too.
I was just thinking it'd be nice...
Wait, what am I even saying anymore? Sorry. I must be making things awkward, huh?
A-anyways, this is just something in return for Valentine's Day! I hope you enjoy it!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, (Captain). The reason everyone's lurking around right now is because of Halloween, right?
Aren't you gonna change? You're not gonna just lounge around in the same outfit as always, are you?
Shouldn't you consider dressing up?
You and Lyria seem like you'd be all about that.
Me? I'm good. I'm not a kid anymore, y'know.


All right. That should do it.
Oh, hey there, (Captain). I'm just preparing some Halloween candy for the kids tonight.
You want some of this? Heh, why don't you say it then, come on! Trick or...
Hahaha! Sorry about that! I shouldn't treat you like a kid, after all.


Heya, (Captain). Trick or treat, you say? I didn't prepare any—
Oh, you're wondering about my costume?
I might've told you before, but dressing up for Halloween isn't my kind of thing.
Why are you so desperate to see me in one anyway?
Well, since you're so insistent, maybe I'll give it some thought for next year.
Can't promise anything though!


Hey, (Captain)... I mean, I did say last year that I'd give it some thought...
But I didn't think you'd prepare so many costumes for me...
I'm not gonna wear one. It'll be hard to move around in something like that...
Come on, I'll give a treat. So why don't you give up and move on to—
Wha! What are you... Are these ears?
They won't come off! What the heck!
Sigh... Fine, you win.
But you're not getting a treat, you hear! You played your trick on me—that should be good enough!


What, this again? I'm telling you, I'm not putting these weird things on!
I let you have your way last year, didn't I? Putting on ears is still considered as dressing up. I'm not doing it again.
Huh? Is this... fan mail?
"Dear Meteon. I was so impressed by your efforts in dressing up for the festivities. I look forward to seeing it again this year." What!
Wait a second... Only you saw me in that getup, so there's no way I'd be getting fan mail about it.
You wrote this letter, didn't you?
Sigh... Fine.
If you want to see me in costume so badly, I'll do it. But you have to dress up too, all right?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

I haven't had a chance to celebrate the holidays these past few years. The PSC's always been right around the corner.
And I'm usually spending all my time in the pit stall tuning my machine. Good luck doing anything festive in there.
It's really bustling here though. I'm worried about losing focus, but you have to relax from time to time.


All right, just tighten this bolt here... that should do it.
Oh! What's up, Estelle? Sorry, I was just performing some maintenance on the Blue Orbit.
Ah, today's the holiday, huh? Totally slipped my mind.
Okay, then! Should we head out?
It'll be nice to take a break outside tonight, especially with you, (Captain).


Ah, there you are, (Captain)!
I was looking all over for you. Any chance you're free right now? We should head out!
Hm, a speedship? Nah, that'd be overkill. I'm talking about a good ol' walk.
C'mon, it's fun to just hang out around town once in a while.
I mean, today is the holy eve after all...


Hm. This should be everything we were asked to buy, right?
Hey, what's that look for? Don't sweat it. I was already done with maintenance so it's not like I had anything else to do.
We should head back now though. Huh? What's that?
They're setting up food stalls? I guess we did hear that shop owner saying something about that.
All right, let's go check it out then!
No one said we couldn't take a detour.
Besides, there's nothing like a bit of food for some holiday cheer.


The toolbox goes on the shelf in the back. Yup, you can just leave it there.
I'm really glad you came to help. The Blue Orbit's maintenance check went by in a flash today thanks to you.
All right... Let's get going then.
I heard they're going to light up the town plaza tonight, so I was hoping we could go check it out together.
Fixing the ship didn't take as long as I thought, so we've still got a bit of time before it starts...
Since it's the holy night, why don't we find a nice place to sit and take it easy while we wait?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

An Unexpected Offer

(Captain) and Meteon accept Sierokarte's invitation to an upcoming air show. As preparation for the event, Meteon gives the captain a lesson in aerobatics.

A little while has passed since the skyrace on Nimmus Island and all the hubbub surrounding the Ishkur weather-control device.
Today, (Captain) and Meteon are visiting Fangio's pit stall for some speedship maintenance.
Fangio: That oughta do it. Blue Orbit and Nightcypher are ready to race.
Meteon: Thanks, Fange.
Vyrn: Hehe, sorry to make you do double-duty.
Lyria: We really appreciate you giving the Nightcypher its checkup!
Fangio: Enh. Everyday tuning is something the kid can handle, but overhauls're a different story.
Fangio: I was already under one speedship, so I might as well check 'em both out. Don't worry about it.
Vyrn: Thanks a million, gramps!
Fangio: All they need now is a fresh coat of wax. Sit tight.
As Fangio moves the speedships out for their wax jobs, a familiar voice rings out in the stall.
Sierokarte: Hellooo! Anybody heeere?
Meteon: Oh, hey, Siero. What's up?
Sierokarte: Well, I've got a little request for you guys...
Sierokarte: I'm putting together a big, holiday-themed air show.
Sierokarte: And I'm rounding up skyracers for the aerobatics showcase.
Sierokarte: I'd love to have the Nightcypher and Blue Orbit fly in the show. Whaddya say?
Lyria: What's aerobatics?
Meteon: Acrobatics is trick flying. Maneuvers like flying upside down, or turning loops through the air.
Vyrn: Huh! I didn't know speedships could do that kinda thing.
Meteon: They can. It's a whole different skill set from skyracing though.
Sierokarte: Meteon's right—it'd be a big departure from the races you're used to, but are you interested?
  1. You bet I am!

Choose: You bet I am!
Sierokarte: Hehe! Glad to hear it!
Meteon: Didn't even have to think about it, did you? You're nothing if not gutsy, (Captain).
Sierokarte: Sooo? Are you in too, Meteon?
Meteon looks thoughtful.
Meteon: Usually around this time I'd be too busy prepping in the run-up to the PSC.
Meteon: But if the PSC isn't being held this year, an air show might be a good way to pass the time.
Sierokarte: Is that a yeees?
Meteon: Yeah. I'll do it.
Meteon: With these guys in the mix, I'm sure I won't be bored.
Sierokarte: Hehehe. Thank you! The event won't disappoint—I promise!
Sierokarte: With you two on board, it's sure to be a success!
Fangio returns from waxing the two speedships.
Fangio: You're quite the promoter, roping the two of them into an aerobatics gig.
Sierokarte: Tee hee hee. I knew I could get them.
Sierokarte: No way two crack pilots like Meteon and (Captain) could resist!
Her mission achieved, Sierokarte prepares to depart.
Sierokarte: Well, I have a few other pilots to wrangle!
Sierokarte: I'll be in touch soon with the time and location of the show!
Meteon: Sure. We'll be waiting.
When Sierokarte has gone, Meteon turns to (Captain), a calm look on his face.
Meteon: We'd better get down to some aerobatics lessons then, hm?
Vyrn: Yeah! We need to get those skills down ASAP!
Lyria: I can't wait to see all the different tricks!
Meteon: Heh... Let's see if that enthusiasm lasts once training starts...
Meteon's wry smile makes the crew somewhat wary, but they are still eager to begin preparing for the air show.
Fangio calls out to (Captain) and Meteon as they approach their freshly tuned-up speedships.
Fangio: Hold it right there! Those ships need to be completely rejigged for aerobatics.
Meteon: Whoa, you're right. Lucky thing we've got you, Fange!
Vyrn: Can you get jiggy with the Nightcypher too?
Fangio: Try and stop me.
Lyria: Yay! Thank you so much!
Fangio: Can it. You just concentrate on training, so you don't make fools of yourselves in front of the spectators.
Beneath the bluster, Fangio seems perfectly happy to dive straight back under the two speedships' hoods.
Once modifications are complete, Meteon and the crew throw themselves into daily aerobatics training. Time flies when you're flying, and the air show rolls around before they know it.
Meteon: Well, we're finally here.
Vyrn: Yeah! Time to show everybody what we've learned!
Lyria: Um, Meteon? What's that costume for?
Meteon: Costume? Oh, this?
Meteon: I thought I'd get into the spirit of the season with a new outfit!
Meteon: So? How do I look?
Meteon seems to be in high spirits. He does a turn to show off his new finery.
Meteon: Oh, and look! There are so many people in the audience, you'd think it was a skyrace!
Lyria: Ohh... Now I'm starting to get nervous...
Meteon: That's perfectly normal, Lyria.
Meteon: How are you feeling, (Captain)?
  1. I'm pumped!
  2. I've got butterflies in the breadbasket.

Choose: I'm pumped!
Meteon: Hahaha! I figured you'd say that!

Choose: I've got butterflies in the breadbasket.
Meteon: Huh! So even you get nervous sometimes.
Meteon: You put a lot of effort into your training. Relax and trust yourself.
Continue 1
Meteon: C'mon, let's get this show off the runway.
Meteon leads (Captain) and the others into the amphitheater.
None of them suspects what surprises this day has in store.

The Holiday Air Show

Meteon greets his fans at the amphitheater. When he bumps into Fehr later and sees an argument about to break out over him, he pacifies the situation and encourages the rookie star to do his best for the air show.

Meteon, (Captain), and the crew are about to participate in a holiday air show.
With some time to kill before their performance, they explore the amphitheater where it is being held.
Meteon: According to the pamphlet, there are food and drink stalls, speedship exhibitions, and all sorts of other entertainment.
Lyria: Oooh! I want to see all of it!
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's go check it out!
Meteon: Hahaha. No hurry—it's not going anywhere.
Meteon, however, is enough of a celebrity that there is no way his stroll through the venue could go unnoticed.
Laura: Hey... That guy over there... Is that Meteon?
Dora: Look, I know we both love him, but when the hallucinations start, it's time to... Wait a minute. That really is him!
Joe: Yo... What's Meteon doing here?
Moe: M-Meteon! Can... Can I get an autograph?
Boy: Look, Mommy, look! It's Meteon!
Boy's Mother: Oh, my! Aren't you lucky to see him in the flesh! Maybe if you ask nicely, he'll shake hands with you.
(Captain) and the others can't help but be impressed at the stir Meteon causes just by walking through the venue minding his own business.
The skyracer slips into customer-service mode with the ease of long experience.
Laura: We'll be rooting for you in your next race!
Dora: We're really looking forward to today's show too!
Meteon: I appreciate that. I won't let you down.
Joe: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to sign my book!
Moe: I'll pass this autograph down to my children... and my children's children!
Meteon: Hahaha, don't make such a big deal out of it. If you lose it, I'll give you another one anytime.
Boy: Um! Meteon? Could I shake your hand?
Meteon: You bet, champ.
Boy: When I grow up... I wanna be a kickass skyracer, just like you, Meteon!
Meteon: Whoa! Like me? I'm honored! What's your name?
Boy: I'm Paul!
Meteon: Paul, huh? I'll remember that.
Meteon: Looking forward to seeing you on the track, Paul!
Paul: Y... Yeah! Wait for me, okay? I'll get there as soon as I can!
Meteon: You got it. Guess I'd better stay at the head of the pack so you can always find me.
Paul: Yeah! That's where I'll look for you!
Meteon: I'll be expecting you, Paul.
Meteon grins and ruffles Paul's hair.
Paul's Mother: It was so kind of you to spend so much time talking with my son.
Meteon: It should be me thanking him. That really gave me an extra boost.
Meteon: And now, I'm afraid I have to get going.
Duties as a skyracing idol discharged, Meteon returns to (Captain) and the others to resume their stroll through the venue.
Lyria: Wow, Meteon. You've got fans of all ages!
Vyrn: It was kinda weird seeing you handle your fans so professionally.
Meteon: What's that supposed to mean?
Vyrn: I dunno... When we met, you came off like all you cared about was crossing the finish line first.
Vyrn: I didn't expect you to shake hands and kiss babies too.
Meteon: Well... It's true that when I first started out, I had my hands full just trying to win. I didn't have the energy or attention left to worry about people's opinions of me.
Meteon: But without the spectators, there'd be no skyracing, so the fans deserve our consideration, you know?
Meteon: Popularity is important to racers too. Cultivating a unique persona to fire up the crowds is part of the job.
Meteon: So every skyracer takes care of their fan base in their own way.
Meteon: There, look. He's doing it now.
Meteon points up ahead, where one young man is surrounded by a large group of women.
Fangirl Fiona: I... I only came to this event because I heard you'd be flying, Fehr!
Fehr: Wow... That really makes me happy.
Fangirl Felicity: I watched your last race! You were sooo cool!
Fehr: Haha, thank you. I'll try to place a little better next time.
Fangirl Fiona: Uh... Um! Could I... shake your hand?
Fehr: I'd be honored!
The young man's name is Fehr. He is the only son of a very popular former racer named Quark.
He competed with Meteon and (Captain) in his debut skyrace on Nimmus Island's legendary course.
Fehr takes the time to speak to each of his fans individually, looking them in the eye and smiling, clearly giving each person his full attention.
Vyrn: Whoa, he's got his own mob of fans, doesn't he!
Lyria: Yeah! Fehr sure is popular!
Two surly-looking types slouch up to the throng of Fehr's eager fans.
Jake the Jerk: Look at mister big shot over here, pressin' the flesh even though he can barely handle a speedship! Guess he's a better flirt than he is a pilot.
John the Jerk: Must be nice to ride around the track on daddy's coattails, huh?
Jake the Jerk: Ooh, the light of his papa's star is blindin' me!
Fehr: They're not wrong... I'm still—
Fangirl Fiona: Hey, you two! Where do you get off insulting Fehr? You're just jealous because no one likes you!
Fangirl Felicity: Yeah! Why don't you try skyracing, if you think you can do better!
Jake the Jerk: What'd you say, you little brat!
John the Jerk: You poser skyrace fans make me sick!
Fehr: Oh... Really now!
Fehr: Please! You mustn't fight—
Meteon: Heeey! When'd you get here, Fehr?
Fehr: Meteon?
Sensing an imminent explosion, Meteon inserts himself between the Fehr fans and naysayers.
Jake the Jerk: Me-Me-Meteon?
John the Jerk: Um... We... We've always been your biggest...
Meteon: Oh, I know. You sit front and center to watch every one of my races, don't you?
John the Jerk: We dooo!
Meteon: Thanks, you two.
Jake the Jerk: O-oh, please! It's nothing! I wouldn't! I can't believe! You... You remember us?
Meteon: Of course I do.
John the Jerk: We've been to every race you've ever flown!
Meteon: Hahaha, you don't know how happy that makes me.
Jake the Jerk: When we heard you'd be in the air show, we lined up all night to make sure we could sit in the front row!
Meteon: Wow, you must be exhausted. Thanks for doing that.
Meteon: But how are you gonna cheer for me if security tosses you out for getting in fights? I need you in the stands.
Jerkie Bois: Yes, sir!
Meteon: That's more like it. You won't let me down now, will you?
Some kind words and a handshake apiece from Meteon appease the two men who seemed on the verge of starting a fight.
The other fans disperse and Fehr turns to Meteon.
Fehr: Thank you for that.
Meteon: I really didn't do anything.
Meteon: I just didn't want anyone coming to blows over something so silly.
Fehr: I see...
Meteon: Anyway, the best way to please the fans is on the racetrack.
Meteon: That goes for both of us, Fehr.
Fehr: Yes... You're right.
Fehr: That's why I have to win against you as soon as possible.
Meteon: Haha! Yeah, you do that!
Meteon glances at his watch and appears to remember something.
Meteon: Oops! I've got somewhere to be. Don't wanna be late!
Meteon: See you later!
Fehr: Yes, of course.
Vyrn: That's our cue! C'mon, guys!
Lyria: Right! Bye, Fehr!
(Captain) and the others hurry after Meteon.
???: Well! Quite the show of virtue...
It would seem someone has been watching from the shadows as the events of the last few minutes unfolded.

The Holiday Air Show: Scene 2

After a skyracing Q & A session with Meteon and Maddie, the crew helps Beatrix out with her creperie in the food stall area. Meteon seems suspiciously on guard the entire while; it turns out he usually avoids sweets to stay fit as a skyracer.

Host with the Most: All righty, gentlefolk! It's time for the Q & A segment you've been waiting for—Ask a Skyracer!
Host with the Most: Our guests are none other than ace skyracers Meteon and Maddie!
Meteon: Thanks for having me.
Wow... This is quite the crowd.
Maddie: Hah! You all turned out to see us even without a speedship in sight? No accounting for taste.
Lyria: Gooo, Meteon! You can do it!
Vyrn: Hey, Machine-Man's onstage too!
The promise of an up-close-and-personal chat with Meteon and Maddie has drawn a sizable audience.
Host with the Most: Let's get right into it! Raise your hand if you'd like to ask a question!
From the sea of hands that shoot up, the host manages to pick one.
Sully Spectator: This is a question for both of you! What's the most important thing you need to win a skyrace?
Maddie: What a dumb question! You need the determination to win no matter what!
Maddie: You gotta have that burning resolve not to lose to your rival. That's what wins out in the end. That's it.
Host with the Most: Exactly the kind of straight answer I'd expect from you, Maddie! What's your take on it, Meteon?
Meteon: This might sound strange, but lately I'm starting to think that experiencing defeat is essential if you ever want to achieve a true victory.
Meteon: Accepting your defeats and learning from them... Not losing to yourself... I think that might be where the real victory lies.
Host with the Most: You're really giving us something to think about!
All right, hands up! Who else has a question?
Once again, almost every hand in the house rises, and the host selects one.
Sammy Spectator: Um... What do you think is the most important quality in someone who wants to become a skyracer?
Maddie: What a dumb question! Use your brain, why don't you!
Maddie: You an' me are different. There's no guarantee that what works for me would work for you. That's it.
Sammy Spectator: Th... Thank you!
Host with the Most: Uh... Another distinctly Maddie answer! A little tough-love for my tastes, but it looks like the question-asker was happy with it!
Maddie: Shut it! One more dumb question and I'm outta here!
Host with the Most: Yikes! Okay! Sorry, I got a little carried away there.
Host with the Most: So... What would your answer be, Meteon?
Meteon: If you're asking for advice, I'd recommend studying under someone more experienced. Learn all you can, and start out by imitating the way they race.
Meteon: But in the end, Maddie's right.
Meteon: Everyone's different, you know? So every racer has their own style.
Sammy Spectator: Their own style... I see! Thank you!
Host with the Most: Another thoughtful, practical answer from Meteon! He sure is good at giving advice!
Host with the Most: Well! Does anyone else have a question for our guests?
Maddie's sharp answer seems to have discouraged many of the spectators, but one girl eagerly waves her hand in the air.
Lyria: Me! I do, I do!
Vyrn: (Augh, Lyria! Don't get Machine-Man mad at us by asking something weird!)
Host with the Most: Yes! The girl with the blue hair!
Lyria: Yay! He picked me!
Lyria: Um... Is there a new racer either of you are keeping an eye on?
Maddie: A new racer, you say?
Maddie's eyes narrow and the audience members shrink back in their seats, collectively holding their breath.
Maddie: Nicholas and Dr. Rashomon.
Maddie: I got a chance to see their work in action during the race on Nimmus Island. Nicholas is a solid skyracer.
Maddie: Along with their mechanical skills, that's a killer combo.
Maddie: Theirs is a good team to watch.
Lyria: Okay! Thank you!
Vyrn: (So he thinks Mecha-Nick's got what it takes, huh?)
Lyria: (Nicholas and the Rashomon crew really are impressive. Even Maddie has to admit it!)
Host with the Most: They do say that a mechanic is even more important to a skyracer than their speedship itself.
Meteon: The most advanced speedship in the skies is no better than a pushcart without a talented mechanic to take care of it.
Host with the Most: Sounds like you have a few words to say on the subject, Meteon.
Meteon: Yeah, although I'm departing a little from the original question.
Meteon: The old man—uh, Fangio, my mechanic—deserves a lot of the credit for my success as a skyracer. No matter how unreasonable my demands, he always manages to meet them.
Host with the Most: That's right! Your mechanic is none other than Fangio, one of the biggest names from the early days of skyracing!
Host with the Most: Behind every great racer is a great mechanic, as they say!
Meteon: Fangio taught me that a good skyracer needs a mechanic's knowledge and techniques too.
Meteon: Which is why I don't just leave the Blue Orbit's customization to him—I'm involved every step of the way.
Host with the Most: You heard it here first, race fans! This is the kind of exclusive peek into skyracing life you won't get anywhere else!
Host with the Most: To return to the little lady's question though, Meteon, who have you got your eye on out on the track?
Meteon: As far as promising new racers go...
Meteon's pensive gaze swings around to the audience.
Meteon: I'd have to say (Captain)'s team.
Lyria: Huh? Us?
Meteon: They debuted pretty recently, but they've already made their mark on the racing scene.
Meteon: Anyone in the know will have their eye on the Nightcypher.
Maddie: Hunh... I don't like it, but the results don't lie.
Host with the Most: Now that is a surprise! The blue-haired girl in the audience turns out to be on the Nightcypher's crew!
Lyria: Ehehe... You're making me blush.
Vyrn: Next time, we're shooting for first place!
Maddie: What? Don't get cocky, lizard! The only way you cross the finish line is covered in my exhaust!
Vyrn: Yeek! I-I... I ain't no... lizard...
Host with the Most: Whoops! That's about all the time we have for questions!
Host with the Most: To wrap up, how about a word from Meteon and Maddie about today's aerobatics display?
Maddie: Hunh... Keep your eyes peeled. You're about to see that power isn't all I've got going for me.
Meteon: This is a great chance to see techniques no one uses on the racetrack. I hope you all enjoy the show.
The interview segment wraps up amid clear appreciation from the audience.
???: He even has a way with words...
Someone has been watching the Q & A session with rapt interest.
Meteon, (Captain), and the others head to the area where all the stalls are set up.
Beatrix: Huff... Puff...
You guys! Your timing couldn't be better!
Lyria: Beatrix! What's wrong? Why are you so out of breath?
Beatrix: I need help making crepes! Please! You're my only hope!
Vyrn: Hey, hold your horseradishes. Why do we need to make crepes now?
Meteon: Maybe you should start from the beginning.
Beatrix: Okay, so here's the thing. Sierokarte asked me to participate in this event.
Beatrix: The Pinky Bearheart Pop-Along Fighter was totaled, so I decided to convert it into a crepe stand!
Beatrix: I call it the Pinky Bearheart Pop-Along Creperie!
Beaming with pride, Beatrix points to a stand which is, clearly, a converted speedship.
Lyria: Ohh! What an adorable crepe stand!
Vyrn: That name did always sound like it belonged on a candy store or something.
Vyrn: But it seems like a bit of a waste just to sell crepes when you have a speedship you could use to perform.
Meteon: So what is it you need our help with?
Beatrix: Some urgent business came up, and I need to leave...
Beatrix: So could you take care of the stand while I'm gone? I won't be long! Pleeease, I'm begging you!
Lyria: Watching it shouldn't be a problem, but I'm not so sure about the crepe-making part.
Beatrix: Don't worry! I'll give you a crash course right now!
Meteon: Crepes, huh?
Beatrix: Don't you like crepes?
Meteon: It's not that...
  1. C'mon, we can do it together!
  2. Don't you wanna make crepes with us?

Choose: C'mon, we can do it together!
Meteon: Sure... Yeah, okay.

Choose: Don't you wanna make crepes with us?
Meteon: No... That's not the problem...
Vyrn: Hey, we're not gonna twist your arm, y'know.
Meteon: Argh, fine! I'll do it, okay? I'm in!
Continue 1
Beatrix: Thank you sooo much! You're saving my life here! Just sit tight while I get everything ready!
Meteon, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn dutifully listen to Beatrix's lecture on crepe-making.
Lessons imparted, Beatrix heads out, leaving the crew to handle the Pinky Bearheart Pop-Along Creperie.
Meteon: ...
Meteon and (Captain) stand side by side, making crepes just as instructed by Beatrix.
Lyria: Ooh, look! Meteon's crepes look delicious!
Vyrn: Wow! You've got a knack for this!
Meteon: Maybe.
(Captain) is surprised just how well Meteon wields a spatula.
Vyrn: I figured you didn't wanna do this 'cause you were a lousy cook.
Meteon: Don't be ridiculous.
Meteon: A pilot has to make thousands of minute adjustments with the control stick during a race, all split-second decisions.
Meteon: We tend to be good at tasks involving fine motor skills—cooking included.
Why did Meteon hesitate then, (Captain) wants to know.
Meteon: Well...
The skyracer seems to struggle with his reply.
Meteon: I was worried about... the crepes.
Vyrn: Why? They won't bite you.
Meteon's friends persist until he gives them a reason.
Meteon: Since I set my sights on a career as a skyracer, I've avoided sweets in order to keep my weight down.
Meteon: I try not to even look at them, so I won't be tempted.
Lyria: Oh...
Meteon: I've worked so hard to keep junk food out of my life that I didn't want to make any myself.
(Captain) and the others find themselves smiling at Meteon's unusually flustered demeanor.
Meteon: Hey, don't laugh at me! That's why I didn't wanna explain!
A group of customers step up to the Pinky Bearheart Pop-Along Creperie.
Crepe Lover Clem: Ooh, a crepe stand! I gotta have one!
Crepe Lover Clem: Hmmm... What toppings do I want...
Excuse me! Can I have—
Crepe Lover Clem: Whuh! Meteon? You're making crepes? Nooo waaay!
Word spreads quickly that Meteon is manning a crepe stall, and soon the Pinky Bearheart Pop-Along Creperie is doing a booming trade.
When Beatrix returns, Meteon and the others slip out back.
They take with them some piping hot crepes as a thank-you from Beatrix.
Lyria: Ooohhh, Beatrix's crepes are sooo goood!
Vyrn: Yeah! They look just like the ones we made, but they're a cut above!
Meteon: ...
Meteon seems to have frozen with a crepe held in both hands. (Captain) asks if he's trying to absorb it psychically.
Meteon: Well... I don't need to slim down at the moment, so there's no reason I can't eat it...
Meteon: But as a skyracer, I have to be strict about my weight.
Lyria: That makes sense. The lead-up to a race really is demanding. There are so many preparations to make.
Meteon: That said... I'd feel bad to waste a gift like this.
Vyrn: I'll eat yours, if you don't want it.
Meteon: Wha...
Meteon's eyes open wide.
Meteon: I hadn't thought of that... Of course, that's a perfectly good solution.
(Captain) stops Meteon in the act of handing over his crepe.
The captain insists that because it was a gift to Meteon, Meteon should be the one to eat it.
Meteon: You have a point, (Captain). I should at least try a bite.
Meteon slowly raises the crepe to his lips, then takes a huge bite.
Meteon: Mmph... Munch... Munch...
Meteon: ...!
This is incredible!
Meteon devours the crepe with an appetite his friends have never before seen him display.
Meteon: Phew... That was delicious...
Vyrn: Wow, you really looked like you enjoyed that!
Lyria: Hehehe... I never guessed you had such a sweet tooth, Meteon.
The dreamy look in Meteon's eyes takes quite a while to fade as he savors the lingering taste of whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
???: Munch... Munch... Crunch, crunch... Even his crepes are delicious...
The solitary figure is still observing Meteon, this time with a cream-topped snack in hand.
Over the loudspeakers, a voice announces the beginning of the aerobatics show.

The Holiday Air Show: Scene 3

After Meteon, (Captain), Fehr, and Maddie put on an incredible air show, someone collapses in the shadows. It turns out to be Santa Claus, who had planned on dropping presents from the air at show's end. So as not to let the spectators down, Meteon decides to take on this role.

The amphitheater is filled with spectators eager for the main event—the aerobatics show—to begin.
Commentator: Ladies and gentlemen! Speedship fans of all ages!
Commentator: To celebrate this wonderful season, we've got something a little different to amaze and delight you!
Commentator: And of course, manning the mics and keeping you up to speed will be myself and Sierokarte!
Sierokarte: Happy holidays!
Commentator: Happy holidays, Sierokarte!
Commentator: I heard you were the main backer of this event!
Sierokarte: That's right! I want to spread the joy of speedships to even more people!
Sierokarte: And what better introduction than an aerobatics show that people of all ages can appreciate?
Commentator: You're right! What a great idea!
Commentator: This will be my first time commentating on an air show, but I'll give it a hundred and twelve percent!
Commentator: Oh! While we've been shooting the breeze, it looks like they've gotten everything set to begin the show!
Commentator: It's time for some holiday wonder and magic! Is everyone ready?
Commentator: The Holiday Spectacular Air Show is about to begin!
At the signal, four speedships take to the air in a diamond formation, drawing thick trails of smoke behind them through the blue sky.
At the head of the diamond is Blue Orbit, with Nightcypher at the left point and Lightning Violet on the right.
Bringing up the rear is Beokaiser. The four ships fly in flawless formation, keeping perfect pace with each other.
Meteon: This is Azure 1! Squadron, check in!
  1. Azure 2 here!

Choose: Azure 2 here!
Vyrn: Everything's A-okay aboard the Nightcypher!
Lyria: Yes! Just like we practiced!
Fehr: Azure 3, Lightning Violet here! All systems go!
Maddie: If you skyslugs keep dragging your tails, I'm gonna leave you all in my wake!
Vyrn: Yeesh, even when he's not racing, Machine-Man's trying to bite our heads off.
Maddie: Ugh! That's because I shouldn't be in the back!
Meteon: Sorry, Maddie! I figured you were the best pilot to handle that position, since it means flying through the other ships' smoke trails.
Maddie: Tch... Yeah, there's no way your puny little ships could handle it back here.
Maddie: But if you don't fly like your lives depend on it, I'll crush you all into scrap metal!
Vyrn: Yikes!
Commentator: Wow! Four speedships have taken off in formation!
Sierokarte: This formation is called Diamond in the Blue! The beauty lies in how the ships maintain a fixed distance from one another.
Meteon: Squadron, change formation!
  1. Roger!

Choose: Roger!
Fehr: Copy that!
Maddie: Roger!
Commentator: Oh! All four ships just performed a 180-degree roll and started flying upside down!
Sierokarte: A Four-Ship Roll! Flying upside down like that, they have to work their control sticks in reverse, so it's quite the tricky maneuver.
Commentator: And now they seem to be climbing higher!
Lyria: Nngh... It's still kinda scary flying upside down!
Meteon: Doing fine, squadron. Are you ready?
  1. Standing by!

Choose: Standing by!
Fehr: Ready!
Maddie: Hahaha! Finally, we're getting to the good part!
Commentator: Ohh! First a dive, and now they seem to be spreading out in different directions!
Sierokarte: Ooh! A Sky Flower maneuver! See how the formation opens up like a huge flower?
Meteon: Next is the big finale! Here we go!
  1. Copy that!

Choose: Copy that!
Lyria: Copy!
Vyrn: Roger!
Fehr: Let's do this!
Maddie: Hah! Don't mess it up, now!
Commentator: What's this? The other ships have peeled off from Blue Orbit and are zigzagging through the air!
Sierokarte: Hmm! I don't recognize this maneuver!
Commentator: They're drawing zigzags in three directions, and climbing again...
Commentator: They seem to have leveled off... And now they're crossing each other's trails...
Commentator: Oh, is this a star formation? Wait... Wait just one minute! Don't tell me...
Sierokarte: I seee! It's a holiday tree, complete with a star on top!
Sierokarte: Hehehe... These aerobats really know how to celebrate the holiday season!
Commentator: Now that's what I call a generous spirit! That's one heck of a festive gift they got us!
The four speedships' smoke trails have outlined a huge, decorated tree in the sky above the amphitheater.
A resounding cheer goes up from the audience as they gaze skyward.
Meteon: Hahaha! I think they like it!
Fehr: Yes! They seem so happy!
Maddie: Heh! Guess you're not all useless after all.
Vyrn: Hehe! You're darn tootin'!
Lyria: We did it, (Captain)! I'm so proud of us!
(Captain) and the others congratulate each other on their performance.
Still riding high on their success, they come in for a perfect landing.
???: Hngh... Gyah!
In the middle of a high five with his neighbor, an audience member collapses with a cry of pain.
With the aerobatics display over, closing ceremonies are about to begin.
Meteon and the other pilots are relaxing backstage, waiting for their cue, when Sierokarte runs in.
Sierokarte: Bad news, everyone!
Meteon: What is it?
Sierokarte: Well, Santa Claus was scheduled to do a flyover and drop gifts for the audience during the closing ceremonies.
Sierokarte: But he threw his back out, so now he can't do it!
Lyria: Poor Santa... I hope he'll be all right.
Vyrn: Couldn't we just hand out the gifts on the ground then?
Sierokarte: That'd be fine, but it seems word got out there wouldn't be any gifts, and so everybody started going home...
Meteon: And here the event was going so well...
Meteon thinks of all the dejected speedship fans.
Meteon: We can't let them go home disappointed.
Meteon: Say, Siero. Could I do it?
Sierokarte: You? It's a fine idea, but I think everyone's gone home by now...
Meteon: Don't worry. Blue Orbit and I can catch up.
Flush with the holiday spirit, Meteon decides to take on Santa Claus's mantle and finish the air show off right.

The Holiday Air Show: Scene 4

It begins to snow as Meteon distributes presents from Blue Orbit. Seeing how jolly he can be, Santa Claus asks him to take the mantle of Kris Kringle one day. It isn't long before Meteon becomes an expert in evading job offers.

Meteon loads the Blue Orbit up with presents and takes to the skies to follow the departing event attendees.
Meteon: Don't worry. My partner and I will get these presents where they need to go.
Meteon: Let's go, Blue Orbit! Time for a nitro boost!
As they make their separate ways home, the fans have the sudden, inexplicable urge to look up.
Paul: Hmm? Whoa! Mommy, look! Blue Orbit's flying over us!
Paul's Mother: Oh, so it is! I wonder why it's heading this way?
Meteon performs a roll and tosses down an armful of gifts. His voice crackles over Blue Orbit's megaphone.
Meteon: Happy holidays! Special delivery!
Meteon: There should be enough for every kid who attended, so help me out and make sure all the children near you get presents!
Paul: Happy holidays, Meteon! Thank you for the present!
Meteon: Happy holidays, Paul!
Snow begins to fall, dancing in between the falling gifts.
The spectators raise their eyes in silent wonder as a shooting star draws a glowing blue trail across the dark sky.
Paul: Wow... It's so pretty...
Paul's Mother: It really is...
Meteon: Hahaha... Wow. Even the weather's full of the holiday spirit.
Once all the gifts are distributed, Meteon rejoins (Captain) and the others, looking satisfied with a job well done.
Meteon: All the gifts are where they should be.
Lyria: Amazing, Meteon! Great job!
Vyrn: What kinda spell did you cast to get it to snow on top of everything?
Meteon: I can't take credit for that. It was just a coincidence.
Meteon: You can't control the weather. At least not usually.
Meteon: Which is probably why it was so special to everyone who saw it fall tonight.
Lyria: Yes, you're right.
Meteon's and Lyria's expressions turn thoughtful as they recall the incident with the weather-control device on Nimmus Island.
Sierokarte: Thank you for everything, you guys.
Sierokarte: Especially you, Meteon. You really rolled up your sleeves and got your hands dirty. I have to say, I was surprised.
Sierokarte's observation seems to give Meteon pause.
Meteon: In the past, I probably wouldn't have wanted anything to do with this event. All I cared about was flying as fast as I possibly could.
Meteon: But everything I experienced today was truly valuable to me.
Meteon: Getting to interact directly with the fans and feel their support and excitement made me even more motivated to chase that next win.
Meteon: The air show was a nice change of pace too. I feel refreshed and ready to dive into training now.
???: It seems you've had quite the busy day, Meteon.
Someone totters unsteadily up to the crew.
Sierokarte: So here you are, Santa Claus!
Meteon: Oh, you're Santa Claus?
Santa Claus: Ho ho ho! I am indeed.
Santa Claus: My back went out, so I was resting in the corner of that room over there.
Santa Claus: I truly appreciate you giving out those presents in my place, Meteon.
Meteon: Oh... Don't mention it. I just felt like doing it.
Santa Claus: I'd heard the Cobalt Comet would be here, so I've actually been observing you all day.
Meteon: Huh?
Santa Claus: Your reputation is well deserved. You're an impressive young man.
Santa Claus: You fly these skies for the sake of others... That's the purity of heart I'm looking for in the next Santa Claus.
Meteon: Santa Claus? Me? What are you talking about?
Meteon parrots the stranger's words, nonplussed.
Santa Claus: I can see you now driving my sleigh, calling out to the reindeer as you travel the skies delivering presents to all the good boys and girls.
Meteon: I'm honored, but I'm not ready to give up my speedship just yet.
Santa Claus: All right then! What if you delivered presents in the Blue Orbit?
Meteon: Um... That's not quite what I meant...
Meteon: I don't want to quit skyracing to become Santa Claus!
Meteon: C'mon, (Captain)! You guys! Back me up here!
The Holiday Spectacular Air Show has been a dazzling success.
Meteon seems to have gained a particularly persistent fan in one Santa Claus, and spends the rest of the evening trying to evade his job offers.
Watching their antics, (Captain) can't help but think that the costume would suit Meteon quite well.
Meteon, on the other hand, is coming around to the opinion that the most desirable quality in a fan is the ability to take no for an answer.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
今日もブルーオービットは絶好調だぜ Blue Orbit is in fine form today!
いい空だ一緒に飛ぼうぜ! It's perfect weather for some skyracing!
飛ばしていくぜ?しっかりついてこいよ Keep up now... I'm about to hit the gas!
たまにはショーってのも悪くないな An air show is a pretty good change of pace!
(主人公)、お前もファンは大事にな You'd better take care of your fans too, (Captain).
聖夜にリンゴのケーキってのはあるのかな? Is there such a thing as an apple-flavored holiday cake?
この衣装…割と着心地もいいんだ This outfit is pretty comfortable.
クレープ…いや、なんでもない Crepes... Never mind. I didn't say anything.
サンタってのはさすがにちょっとな… That Santa guy is a little much...
(主人公)、どんどん先へ進もうぜ Let's keep pushing forward, (Captain).