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Icon New Content.png New Raids

BattleRaid Metatron Impossible.pngBattleRaid Avatar Impossible.png

Icon New Objects.png New Weapons

Mittron's Bow icon.jpg
Mittron's Gauntlet icon.jpg
Mittron's Treasured Blade icon.jpg
Weapon m 1040014400 note.jpg
Weapon m 1040309400.jpg
Weapon m 1040414200.jpg
Weapon m 1040508900.jpg
Weapon m 1040413400 note.jpg
Sephira Emerald Sword icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Dagger icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Fork icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Reaper icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Staff icon.jpg
Weapon m 1040509100.jpg
Sephira Emerald Duke icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Bow icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Harp icon.jpg
Weapon m 1040909100.jpg

Icon Blue Star Full.png New Final Uncap

Summon m 2040047000 02.jpg
Weapon m 1040301100.jpg
Luminiera Bolt Omega icon.jpg
Luminiera Harp Omega icon.jpg
Luminiera Sword Omega icon.jpg
Summon m 2040046000 02.jpg
Celeste Claw Omega icon.jpg
Celeste Harp Omega icon.jpg
Celeste Horn Omega icon.jpg
Celeste Zaghnal Omega icon.jpg
Summon m 2040236000.jpg
Summon m 2040237000.jpg
Summon m 2040238000.jpg
Summon m 2040239000.jpg
Summon m 2040240000.jpg
Summon m 2040241000.jpg
Summon m 2040242000.jpg
Summon m 2040243000.jpg
Summon m 2040244000.jpg
Summon m 2040245000.jpg

Icon New Objects.png New Classes

Glorybringer gran icon.jpgGlorybringer djeeta icon.jpg
Nekomancer gran icon.jpgNekomancer djeeta icon.jpg

ZenithSupportSkill.png New Character EMP Support Skills

Rarity SSR.png Npc s 3040148000 01.jpgIlsaNpc s 3040140000 01.jpgLancelot (Wind)Npc s 3040143000 01.jpgMary (Holiday)Npc s 3040146000 01.jpgVaseraga (Earth)
Rarity SR.png Npc s 3030199000 01.jpgAyer (Summer)Npc s 3030203000 01.jpgBlazing Teacher ElmottNpc s 3030200000 01.jpgCarren (Event)Npc s 3030192000 01.jpgCharlotta (Event)Npc s 3030198000 01.jpgCharlotta (Summer)Npc s 3030202000 01.jpgChloe (Summer)Npc s 3030201000 01.jpgGhandagoza (Summer)Npc s 3030204000 01.jpgGrea (Event)Npc s 3030196000 01.jpgJamil (Dark)Npc s 3030207000 01.jpgOwenNpc s 3030190000 01.jpgPredatorNpc s 3030209000 01.jpgSaryaNpc s 3030191000 01.jpgSevastienNpc s 3030197000 01.jpgWalder (Event)

ZenithAtk.png New Extended Mastery Skills

Chaos Ruler gran square.pngChaos RulerChaos Ruler djeeta square.pngChaos RulerNighthound gran square.pngNighthoundNighthound djeeta square.pngNighthoundApsaras gran square.pngApsarasApsaras djeeta square.pngApsarasSword Master gran square.pngSword MasterSword Master djeeta square.pngSword MasterGunslinger gran square.pngGunslingerGunslinger djeeta square.pngGunslinger
Mystic gran square.pngMysticMystic djeeta square.pngMysticAssassin gran square.pngAssassinAssassin djeeta square.pngAssassinDrum Master gran square.pngDrum MasterDrum Master djeeta square.pngDrum MasterDancer gran square.pngDancerDancer djeeta square.pngDancerMechanic gran square.pngMechanicMechanic djeeta square.pngMechanic