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Official Profile

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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Hee-hee! I don't often get to celebrate people's birthdays.
I know it's your day, but still I can't help but be happy too!


Pavidus: Happy birthday!
Birdie: Cheep, cheep! Cheep!
(Heheh! We've got a surprise this year!)
Bird: Caw! Caw, caw!
(We put together a dance just for you, (Captain)!)
Pavidus: They've been practicing all this time. It's incredible, so I hope you'll enjoy it!
Birdie: Cheep?
(Huh? You're dancing with us! Hurry up and get in position!)
Pavidus: What!
Nobody told me that...
Bird: Caw, caw!
(Well, we're telling you now! Stop dallying and get into position!)
Pavidus: Eeeeep!


Pavidus: Happy birthday to you, (Captain)!
I'm so grateful you let someone like me, as well as my animal friends, join your crew.
We want to do everything we can to help you. So if there's anything...
Bird: Caw, caw!
(Hey, hey, hey! You want to do everything you can, you say?)
Caw, caw!
(How's about you dig a hole? And then bury yourself in it!)
Pavidus: Huh? But I was talking about doing things to help!
What's the point of doing that anyway?
Bird: Caw, caw!
(There's no point! Now dig a hole! And put yourself in it! Right now!)
Pavidus: Th-that makes no sense at all! Help me, (Captain)!


Pavidus: (Captain), Happy birthday!
I made a bracelet inspired by the forest. Here you go!
Bird: Quack, quack! (Oh, that's nice! Where's mine!)
Pavidus: Master, I don't have one for you... Where would you even put a bracelet if I made one for you?
Bird: Quack, quack! (You little! You mocking me, boy! Obviously it'll go on my devilishly handsome foot!)
Pavidus: Ouch! Understood, master! I'll make you one too! Please stop pecking me!


Pavidus: Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Chick, Bird & Boar: Chirp, chirp! Quack, quack! Snort, roink! (Happy birthday!)
Pavidus: My animal companions and I have put together a party in your honor!
I can't believe this is the fifth year we'll be celebrating this day together... We've been friends for so long...
Chick: Chirp! (It really flew by. Even you've grown up a bit, Pavi.)
Bird: Quack! (He damn well should have, with all the care we and (Captain) have taken of him.)
Boar: Roink. (Thanks, (Captain). I hope you'll keep looking out for all of us.)
Pavidus: I'm still an airhead, and have so much more to learn. I know I'm always relying on you and my animal friends...
But I'm truly happy I get to travel with you, (Captain). Here's to another great year!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Pavidus: Happy New Year! How exciting!
Boar: Snort snort...
(Happy New Year! It sure is chilly outside.)
Boar: Snort snort...
(Be sure not to catch a cold, Pavi. That goes for you too, (Captain)).
Pavidus: We won't! We'll be extra careful. Come on, (Captain)! Let's get our coats before we go outside!


Bird: Cheep, cheep!
(Pavi! Pavi! Tell me your new year's resolution!)
Pavidus: Huh? My resolution? I haven't thought of one yet!
Bird: Coo, coo!
(Oh really? You haven't?)
Coo, coo! Coo, coo!
(Then you have to come up with one! I'll give you ten seconds!)
Pavidus: To pick only one for the whole year? Gimme a break!


Pavidus: Oh, it's you, (Captain)! I'm just finishing up some New Year's chores for my animal friends...
I wrote up their resolutions and got the bite-sized mochi snacks... Let's see... What else...
Birdie: Cheep, cheep! Cheep!
(Pavi! Pavi! Don't forget the feast! A New Year's feast!)
Pavidus: What! You want a feast too? I haven't prepared for any of that! I was busy writing out your resolutions...
Bird: Caw, caw!
(Oh, that's perfect! Hand 'em over so I can check!)
Caw, caw!
(But food is a whole other matter! So bring on the grub! I'll give you ten seconds!)
Pavidus: To cook a feast to start off the year? Gimme a break!


Pavidus: Oh, it's you, (Captain)! I'm just finishing up some New Year's chores for my animal friends...
I wrote up their resolutions and got the bite-sized mochi snacks... Let's see... What else...
Birdie: Cheep, cheep! Cheep!
(Pavi! Pavi! Don't forget the feast! A New Year's feast!)
What! You want a feast too? I haven't prepared for any of that! I was busy writing out your resolutions...
Bird: Caw, caw!
(Oh, that's perfect! Hand 'em over so I can check!)
Caw, caw!
(But food is a whole other matter! So bring on the grub! I'll give you ten seconds!)
Pavidus: To cook a feast to start off the year? Gimme a break!


Pavidus: Wow... The first sunrise of the year is a beautiful one, isn't it, (Captain)?
I feel refreshed and ready to take on the new year!
Hehe. I'm glad I have you and all my animal friends to look after me!
Chick: Chirp, chirp! (What're you playing at, Pavi! You were supposed to wake me up before the sun rose!)
Pavidus: B-but when I tried to wake you, you said you didn't care about the sunrise, and to let you sleep!
Chick: Chirp? Chirp, chirp! (You talkin' back to me? Take some responsibility! Turn back time or something!)
Pavidus: Whaaat? Is it going to be another year of this?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Pavidus: Happy Valentine's Day!
Speaking of which, what is Valentine's Day anyway?
Do you know, (Captain)? Living in the mountains for so long, I'd never heard of such a holiday...
Hm? Is this for me?
Well, um... thank you?
Aw... (Captain)'s gone off now...
Bird: Quack!
(I'll tell you what today is if you wanna know!)
Pavidus: Do you really know?
Bird: Quack, quack!
(Surely I do! I've spent lots of time around people. You could say I'm a city bird!)
Quack, quack!
(Today's the day you give candy to people who are special to you!)
Pavidus: Give candy to people who are special to you...
Bird: Quack!
(And aren't you lucky! Heheh! Be sure to give a thank-you gift back!)
Pavidus: I will! Heheh... Lucky me!


I can't believe you remembered me again this year. You're so kind, (Captain).
Thank you. I'm so grateful! What's that? Chocolate for my animal friends?
You brought chocolate they can eat? I see! You've thought of everything, (Captain)!
I know they'll love it. Thank you so much!


Y-you got a gift for me and my animal friends again this year? Thank you! I'm so happy...
My animal friends were very happy with the gift last year too...
But after they ate their share, they pestered me for more...
Huh? That's why you decided to add more to the gift this year?
(Captain), you're always so kind! I need to learn to be more considerate... like you...
Thank you so much! I'll do my best to make you a thank-you gift!


Whoa! This snack is shaped like a nut! It's for the animals?
You made snacks for them to enjoy too? Thank you, (Captain)!
So... these ones are for me? Wow! This wrapping is so nice!
This is great! Look at all these little chocolates! My heart is melting!
Thanks! Hahaha. I'll be sure to eat them all!


Pavidus: Hehe, thank you for remembering me this year too, (Captain)!
Hm? This package is decorated with twigs and berries. Is this...
I knew it! I can't believe my animal friends wrapped this for me! Sniffle... I'm so touched...
It was all your idea, (Captain)?
A present made by my captain and my animal companions... It's a dream come true!
Bird: Quack! Qua-wack! (Yeah, so eat hearty and be grateful! We helped with the cooking too!)
Pavidus: Y-you did?
Bird: Quack quack! (Yeah! I taste tested and gave it my seal of approval! So don't forget me next month! The rule is, White Day gifts should be worth ten times as much as valentines!)
Pavidus: Does that really count as cooking?
Well anyway, I'm really happy! I'll definitely get you something next month!
For you too, of course, (Captain)! Something great!

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day, (Captain)! I'm here to give you something in gratitude for all you do.
So thanks for everything! I worked my fingers to the bone making this!
I hope you like it, but in any case...
May we continue to work together in the days to come!


(Captain)! I made something again this year! For you!
Heheh! I tried to make it just the way you like.
I even got my animal friends to help! Oh! But don't fret! You won't find a single strand of fur!


Pavidus: (Captain)! I made something again for you this year! If you'd like...
Bird: Caw, caw!
(Hey! Listen to this, (Captain)!)
Caw, caw!
(Guess what Pavi did to us...)
Caw, caw!
(He made us go find out what your favorite things are!)
Birdie: Cheep, cheep! Cheep!
(That was pretty bold of you, Pavi! You deserve a pecking! Get ready for it!)
Pavidus: W-wait, you guys! Ow! You promised you'd keep that a secr—ow, ow, ow!
Oh, I mean, never mind what I said! So, uh... I sure hope you like the sweets I made!


Pavidus: Happy White Day! I made treats this year too! Here you go...
Bird: Quack, quack! (Hey, listen up, (Captain)!)
Pavidus: M-master... You said we'd keep that a secr—
Bird: Quack! (Pavi's been improving the way he makes sweets!)
Quack! (He's gotten pretty good too! I tried some earlier!)
Pavidus: Master... Thank you!
Wait... When did you try some? How much did you eat! Hey! Don't steal more and run away!
Ahaha... It's not as much as I wanted to give you, but here you are...


Here you go, (Captain)! Thank you for the valentine last month!
I gave it a lot of thought, and decided to make candy using things I like.
I used all ingredients from the forest to make you this wild berry cobbler and these mountain herb cookies!
Thank you for everything, (Captain)! I hope you enjoy these!
All righty then. Next on my list are my animal friends.
It is a big bag, isn't it? Master said I should return my Valentine's Day gifts tenfold, after all!

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits
5th year:
Crunchtastic Cookie square.jpg Crunchtastic Cookie

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Pavidus: Aaah!
Boar Leader: Snort... (What are you screaming about?)
Pavidus: The captain scared me!
Boar Leader: Snort... (How?)
Pavidus: The captain demanded sweets from me, but I said I didn't have any!
So then the captain gave me a scare! Oh, what a fright! I think my heart stopped!
Boar Leader: Snort... (Picking on you, eh? I've no choice but to retaliate.)
Snort! (Wait! Isn't today Halloween?)
Pavidus: W-what? Is it really?
Boar Leader: Snort... (I see now. Better let it go, Pavi.)
Pavidus: What? Huh? Oh, now I get it!
C-Captain! If it's sweets you want, I can make you some! Just don't scare me please!


Boar: Snort snort... (Hey, Pavi. You're looking a mite nervous.)
Pavidus: (Captain) should be c-coming around again this year to give me a scare! I need to be ready to flee.
Boar: Snort... (But (Captain) is already here.)
Pavidus: Eep! When d-did you get here! Please don't trick me!
Boar: Snort snort snort... (Ha-ha... Go easy on him, (Captain).)


Boar: Snort, snort... (It's that time of year again.)
Snort, snort... (Hm? What are you doing with all that candy?)
Pavidus: G-great Master Boar! On Halloween you get tricked if you don't give out some candy.
S-so I decided to stock up on treats...
Birdie: Cheep, cheep! Cheep! (Hey, Pavi! Nice job on getting all this candy for us!)
Pavidus: Huh? No, it's not what you... Wait, you guys! This isn't for you!
Boar: Snort... (Looks like Birdie and the gang's flown away with all your candy...)
Pavidus: Oh, no! What do I do now? If I don't have any candy then...
Ah! (Captain)!
N-no, the candy will be back soon! It's just gone on a little walk with my animal friends...
Eeek! Don't play any tricks on me!
Boar: Snort... (Go easy on him this year, (Captain)!)


Pavidus: Eeep! There are so many pumpkins with scary faces on them!
Boar: Roink! (Calm down, Pavi. Those are called jack-o'-lanterns.)
Pavidus: But... why? Pumpkins are for eating...
Err... I'll just buy candy as fast as I can and go home...
Boar: Snort! (Yep. Got to... now that the forest animals stole all your candy from the ship.)
Pavidus: Sigh... I really wasn't expecting that... If (Captain) finds out...
Choose: Hey there!
Pavidus: Eeep! (Captain), how'd you sneak up on me!
Come on... Please don't do that again...
Boar: Roink! (If you make him faint, you'll be the one that's gotta carry him, (Captain).)
Snort! (Go easy on him.)


Pavidus: Oh no... The most terrifying time of the year has rolled around again.
Boar: Roink, roink... (Hey, Pavi. Why don't you try being the one to scare people this year?)
Snort... (All you have to do is say "Trick or Treat" before they do.)
Pavidus: What a good idea! You're so clever. I'll try that!
Oh, (Captain)... T-Trick or treat!
What? You don't have any candy? I see...
I have to play a prank on you now? What! I can't do that! My mind's a total blank!
It's not optional? What do you mean by that?
You're going to chase me until I find a trick to play on you? You can't be serious!
H-help meee!
Boar: Roink, roink... (You can lead a horse to water, but a Pavi can't change his spots.)

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Pavidus: Season's greetings!
Bird: Coo, coo! (Happy holidays!)
Pavidus: (Captain)! Why don't you come eat with us? You can warm up with us too!
Chick: Chirp, chirp! (Great idea! We'll warm you up!)
Chirp, chirp! (Make yourself at home! Come warm up over here! Don't be shy now!)
Pavidus: You're a little too small, though...
Chick: Chirpy chirp! (I'm what? Why you...)
Pavidus: Hey! Ow! That hurts! I'm sorry!


Bird: Coo, coo! (Pavi! Let's sing a holiday song!)
Pavidus: Uh... That's a little sudden, don't you think? And I don't really know any...
Oh! (Captain)! I've been asked to sing a holiday song...
But I don't know any. Do you think you could teach me one?


Bird: Caw, caw! (Pavi! It's the holiday season! Don't you have a present for me?)
Pavidus: O-of course I do! Here...
Bird: Caw, caw! (Oh! I knew you wouldn't forget!)
Pavidus: I f-figured you'd come asking—I mean, I wanted to show you my thanks for all you do...
Bird: Caw, caw! (Hey! I heard that!)
Pavidus: Eep! Ow, ow, ow! I'm sorry!
N-never mind him, (Captain)... Ow, ow, ow! Just give me a second and I'll give you your present too!


Bird: Quack, quack! (Pavi, It's that special night! Dress as Santa!)
Pavidus: What? I can't do that! Right, (Captain)?
Choose: You'd look good as Santa.
Pavidus: Really? Y-you're not kidding?
Chick: Chirp! (You don't trust us or (Captain)?)
Pavidus: I-I didn't say that...
All right, master. T-this year, I'll be Santa!
Bird: Quack! (Good! Get on it! Start delivering those presents!)
Quack! (As for me, I just want 100 different kinds of nuts!)
Chick: Chirp! (I want a great big house! And it better be made of wood!)
Pavidus: Eeep! You mean I'm supposed to give all of you presents too?
(Captain)... Please help me get all the things they want!


Pavidus: So I bend this twig here... And place the berries there...
Oh, (Captain)! Happy holidays!
Yes, I'm working on a wreath. I went into the woods and gathered everything that looked like it might be useful...
Chick: Chirp! (Ohh, what's this? A new house for us?)
Bird: Quack! (Hey, Pavi, making it pretty's all well and good, but this stupid nest has a hole through it. Who could live in this?)
Pavidus: Master, wait! Stop grabbing at it! This isn't meant to be lived in!
Bird: Quack, quack! (Amateur. I'll show you how to make a proper nest. Give it here!)
Pavidus: Nooo! If you fill in the hole, it won't be a wreath anymore!
(Captain), please, help me explain it to them!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Animals' Underling

While on a secluded mountain, (Captain) and company meet Pavidus, a cowardly Draph being ordered around by birds. He serves the animals loyally, and when he joins the crew, his worried animal companions board the Grandcypher as well.

One day, (Captain) and the crew hear about an unexplored mountain in a secluded region while on a break.
Itching to go adventuring, (Captain) and Vyrn decide to use their day off to explore the mountain.
Rackam: What do you mean you want to go on an adventure? So you really are just a kid.
Rackam: Heh-heh... But I get it. Adventuring's fun after all!
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: What's up, Lyria?
Lyria: Um... I thought I heard a voice coming from somewhere just now...
Vyrn: What? They said this place was unexplored!
Curious about the voice coming from the mountain, the crew goes to investigate.
They go further up the mountain and emerge into a verdant clearing, where a strange sight awaits them...
Chick: Cheep! (Hurry it up, birdbrain! We're getting hungry over here!)
Pavidus: I'm sorry, sir! I'm going as fast as I can! Please don't peck me!
Vyrn: Hey, what's going on? Is he talking to that bird?
Lyria: Wow! He can talk to birds? How amazing is that!
Rackam: Well, it looks more like he's being pushed around by the bird than having a conversation with it...
Chick: Cheep! (Hey, Pavi! We've got company!)
Pavidus: Huh?
The bird prods the man, and he looks over his shoulder at the crew. His eyes meet (Captain)'s.
Pavidus: People? People with weapons?
The surprised man takes out a dagger and brandishes it at the crew.
Pavidus: Eek! Don't come any closer! Go away!
When the man, who is on the verge of tears, yells, several birds gather around him.
The trees begin to shake, and the cries of animals echo all over the mountain.
Vyrn: Whoa! What's going on? What's that guy doing?
Rackam: Hold on a sec! Calm down! We're not here to hurt you!
Bird: Caw! (What do you want? If you mess with us, we won't let you off easy!)
Rackam: Fine... I see how it is.
At Rackam's signal, (Captain)'s weapons fall to the ground.
Rackam: See! We're not here to hurt you! So call off that animal army!
Pavidus: But you're...
Bird: Caw... (He seems to be telling the truth... Maybe we can trust him, Pavi.)
Pavidus: Okay. Understood, sir.
The man sheaths his dagger. The animal sounds fade from the mountain, and the birds calm down.
Pavidus: Um... So you said you don't mean us harm, but are you guys bad people?
Rackam: No. We're just passing through.
Pavidus: Oh...
Pavidus: Sorry about that... I get nervous around people with weapons...
Rackam: Understandable... Sorry for sneaking up on you like that.
Vyrn: More importantly, Hood Dude, that was crazy! You can command animals!
Pavidus: Don't be ridiculous! I could never order my superiors around... I'm the one taking the orders!
Chick: Cheep! (Yep. He's like a servant, henchman, and disciple all rolled into one!)
Vyrn: What? What's the bird saying? Tell us, Hood Dude!
Pavidus: Um...
Chick: Cheep, cheep! (Where's our grub, Pavi? If you're going to chat, get the food while you're at it!)
Pavidus: Yes sir! Guys, is it okay if I gather food for my superiors while we talk?
Rackam: Sure, and we'll help out too. I feel bad just sitting here talking while you do all the work...
Pavidus: Really? Thank you!
The crew listens to him talk about himself as they gather fruit.
His name is Pavidus, and he was apparently raised by animals in the forest.
He explains that he considers the animals his adoptive parents and superiors.
Lyria: I see... So the animals around here are very important to you, right?
Vyrn: But doesn't it suck to always do what the animals say?
Pavidus: No, not at all!
Pavidus: I'm always causing trouble for them, and I want to do what little I can to repay them for everything they've done for me.
Lyria: You've... caused trouble?
Pavidus: I'm a coward and a weakling... When people come into the mountains, or when beasts attack...
Pavidus: I always get scared, and the animals have to come in and help me...
Pavidus: They're actually a good bunch. So I don't want to cause any more trouble for them.
Bird: ...
Pavidus: But I think that's enough about me. What about you guys? Where'd you come from?
Pavidus: Hardly anyone ever comes into these mountains, so I'm always interested in the ones who do!
Lyria: Okay! We'll tell you all about ourselves! Right, (Captain)?
The crew tells Pavidus about the journey up until now and the ultimate goal.
Pavidus: Wow! You guys are amazing!
Pavidus: If I were to go on a journey like you, do you think I'd become braver and stronger?
Vyrn: Huh? You want to get stronger, Hood Dude?
Pavidus: Yes... If I do, maybe I won't cause as much trouble for the animals...
Lyria: Then how about coming with us on our journey?
Pavidus: Wha?
Pavidus: But... Um...
Pavidus: I've got to stay here and look after all the animals!
Bird: ...
The birds suddenly spread their wings and fly away from the crew.
Lyria: Um... What just happened? What are the birds doing?
Pavidus: I'm not sure... They didn't say anything...
Though it seems odd that the birds flew away so suddenly, the crew continues gathering fruit.
Once the fruit is gathered, Pavidus takes the crew to his home deeper in the mountains.
When they get there, they find that his birds have packed his belongings in a suitcase and left it outside the house.
Pavidus: Huh? What's going on? Is this some new way to tease me?
A bird lands delicately on Pavidus's shoulder... and promptly slaps him across the face with one of its wings.
Pavidus: Ow!
Bird: Caw! (That's for using us as an excuse not to get out there!)
Bird: Caw, caw! (Stop being such a wuss!)
Vyrn: What in blazes is going on with those two?
Lyria: Hmm... I'm not sure. But I feel like they're having a really important conversation.
Bird: Caw! (We'll be fine without your help, you ridiculous ape!)
Pavidus: Really?
Bird: Caw! (So go on! You really want to go, right?)
Pavidus: Are you sure it's okay?
While Pavidus talks to the bird, the trees nearby begin to shake, and the crew hears something trampling the underbrush as it approaches.
Everyone looks towards the sound, and a giant wild boar emerges from the woods.
Pavidus: Mr. Boar! You came to see me too!
Vyrn: Whoa! You know this boar too?
Boar: Oink! (Looks like it's time for you to strike out on your own, Pavi.)
The boar grunts and uses its tusks to push Pavi in front of the crew.
Boar: Oink... Oink. (This one's quite a coward, but try to take care of him.)
Bird: Caw! (We're counting on you too. Don't let us down!)
Pavidus: Thank you, everyone!
Rackam: Hey... So what does this mean?
Pavidus: They asked you to look after me.
Vyrn: I see. Heh-heh! They don't just boss you around. They care about you too!
Vyrn: Well, you're welcome with us! Right, (Captain)?
Pavidus: Thank you so much!
Pavidus: Animals! I'm going now, but I promise I'll be back! I'm going to get stronger and then return to help!
Boar: Oink. (Now go. And never look back.)
Boar: Oink. (Just go already...)
Pavidus: Thank you!
Pavidus nods firmly, takes his luggage, and heads down the mountain with the crew.
But they find something unexpected when they reach the Grandcypher...
Bird: Caw! (Nice nest you've got here!)
The animals have beaten the crew down the mountain and are hanging around on the deck.
Pavidus: What are you all doing here?
Boar: Oink. (Heh-heh... Well, we were worried about you, Pavidus.)
Rackam: I guess this means that the animals are coming along for the ride too...
Pavidus: Don't worry! I'll take care of them!
Rackam: Sheesh... What should we do?
  1. The more the merrier, right?
  2. This is a bit too much...

Choose: The more the merrier, right?
Rackam: Okay... Well, the captain's word is the law on this ship, so I guess that's that...
Pavidus: Really? Thank you!

Choose: This is a bit too much...
Boar: Oink. (I know we're asking for a lot, but please reconsider.)
Boar: Oink! (We're just too worried to leave this lump on his own.)
Pavidus: Please, (Captain)! Please let them come!
Won over by the passionate pleas of Pavidus and the animals, (Captain) agrees to let them come.
Continue 1
Rackam: All right, I guess they can all come... But make sure you clean up after this crazy menagerie!
Pavidus: I will! Thank you so much, everyone!
Bird: Caw! (Thanks for letting us on board!)
Thus the weak-willed Pavidus and his fun-loving assortment of animals join the crew.
The flock of birds and large boar add that much more life to the Grandcypher.

Save My Betters!

Pavidus notices that his animal superiors are out of sorts, apparently due to their new environment. The crew agrees to his request to temporarily return to the mountain where the animals used to live.

One day, not long after Pavidus has joined the crew...
Chick: Cheep...
Bird: Caw...
Pavidus's superiors aren't quite as energetic as usual.
Lyria: Hmm... What do you think is wrong with them?
Pavidus: Are you okay, my animal friends? Or is something wrong?
Pavidus: Wait... Is it because of your new living environment?
Bird: Caw! (Stop your blabbering! That's just ridiculous!)
Chick: Cheep! Cheep! (There's nothing wrong with us!)
Pavidus: You need to be honest! It's my job to make sure you're comfortable!
Pavidus: If you're suffering, I can't just ignore it!
Boar: Oink... (Heh... So you finally learned to speak your mind.)
Boar: Oink... (We're definitely not doing well right now. It's due to the shift in our environment, just like you said.)
Pavidus: I knew it... Let's try heading back to the mountain for a while.
Bird: Caw... (Yes, that might lift our spirits a little...)
Pavidus: That settles it then.
Vyrn: What are you guys talking about?
Pavidus: My animal friends were saying they might feel better if we go home to the mountain for a while.
Pavidus: So do you think we could go back there for a bit?
Pavidus: I really want to help them!
Chick: Cheep... (Pavi...)
Rackam: Sounds like it can't be helped... Set a course for Pavidus's mountain!
Pavidus: Thank you! Try to tough it out a little longer, my friends.
Thus the crew heads for the mountain where Pavidus used to live.

Save My Betters!: Scene 2

Bandits have taken up residence in Pavidus's mountain home. His enraged birds attack them but are driven back, which impels him to leap into the fray. Pavidus beats them down, and they try to escape only to be surrounded by his animal superiors. The crew prepares to teach the bandits a lesson.

The crew reaches the mountains, but Pavidus and his animal companions wear grim expressions on their faces.
Pavidus: The forest... This silence is deafening...
Lyria: What does it mean?
Chick: Cheep! (What's going on here? Something's wrong...)
Pavidus: I don't hear any animals, which is never good. We better be careful, (Captain).
The crew cautiously proceeds through the mountain and eventually reaches Pavidus's house.
But some bandits have taken up residence there.
Bandit: Hey! What are you guys doin' here? This is our hideout, got it?
Chick: Cheep! (I don't think so! This nest belongs to Pavi and the rest of us!)
Pavidus: That's right! This is no place for the likes of you! This is our home!
Bandit: Are you dumb or what? It's not our fault you left this nice house vacant. Heh-heh.
Pavidus: And what about my superiors? What have you done with them?
Bandit: Huh? Your what?
Rackam: He's asking what you did with all the animals that used to live here.
Bandit: Oh, those beasts? They kept attacking us, so we drove them away.
Bandit: But they put up quite a fight. We had to cook a few up for dinner!
Lyria: How could you? You're evil...
Pavidus: You won't get away with this!
Pavidus: I'll be the one who drives you away this time!
Bandit: Yeah? You and what army?
Pavidus: Why you... You...
Bandit: Well? Let's see you drive us out of here then! Bring it on!
Bird: Caw! Caw! (Stand firm, Pavi! We'll lead the attack!)
Rising from behind Pavidus, the birds spread their wings and swoop down on the bandits.
Bandit: Ugh... What's with these birds!
The birds attack the bandits but are gradually repelled.
Bird: Caw... (Of all the wayward winds... They're just too strong...)
Bandit: Ha! Is that all you've got?
Bird: Caw... (Argh...)
Rackam: All right, that's enough fun and games!
Rackam turns his gun on the bandits.
But another group of bandits suddenly appears and surrounds Rackam and (Captain).
Bandit: Heh... You guys take care of them!
Rackam: Great...
Bandit: I'll teach you to mess with us!
Bird: Caw... (Ugh...)
Pavidus: Stop! Leave my friends alone!
Pavidus bellows as he lunges into the crowd of bandits, recklessly swinging his dagger in all directions.
Bandit: Argh!
Bandit: Whoa! There's obviously something off about this guy! Retreat!
Boar: Oink. (I'm afraid it's a little too late for that.)
Bandit: Eek! A boar? It's huge!
Pavidus: I'm sure glad to see you!
Boar: Oink. (Not bad, Pavi. I see you're giving this everything you've got...)
Boar: Oink! (But that's no excuse for us to sit on our haunches! Hold the line, you lot!)
The boar lets out an bellowing roar, and a veritable deluge of birds and beasts comes surging out of the forest.
Bandit: Eek! Grab your weapons! Who knows what they'll do to us!
Boar: Oink! (Let's see how tough these bandits act once we've trampled them into the mud!)
The boar looks at (Captain) and lets out an enormous snort.
Rackam: Heh-heh... Well, I think we all understand what that meant. Let's give these dunderheads a beating they won't forget, (Captain)!

Save My Betters!: Scene 3

Once Pavidus and the crew drive out the bandits, his animal superiors praise him for his deed. Pavidus is pleased by the praise but is immediately ordered by the animals to go find some food. And yet he still looks stronger than usual to (Captain).

Together with their animal army, (Captain) and the crew beat down the bandits and send them fleeing away from the mountain.
Bird: Caw! (And don't come back, you nincompoops!)
Pavidus: Are you injured, my friends?
Bird: Caw... (My feathers are a little ruffled, but I'll be all right.)
Pavidus: Oh, that's a relief...
Vyrn: Ha-ha... You really gave it to them, Pavidus!
Rackam: Yeah, I could hardly believe it when you started mowing 'em down... You're surprisingly strong, huh?
Pavidus: I wouldn't say that... If it weren't for the boar, I doubt I'd be standing right now.
Pavidus: Thank you so much, my animal friends... Once again you have saved me...
Pavidus bows deeply to the boar. Just then the animals swarm around Pavidus and start to peck and prod him.
Pavidus: Ouch! Ow!
Bird: Caw! (Stop talking such garbage! You fought right along with us!)
Bird: Caw... (Without you, that might have been it for me.!)
Bird: Caw! (Thanks!)
Boar: Oink. (You've gotten a lot stronger. You did yourself proud out there.)
Pavidus: My friends!
Lyria: Hmm... I'm not sure what they're talking about, but Pavidus sure looks pleased.
Vyrn: Heh-heh... I bet they're praising him!
Chick: Cheep! (Hey! How long are you going to stand around grinning? We haven't been here in forever, so go get us some grub!)
Pavidus: Yes sir!
With a smile plastered across his face, Pavidus heads toward an area where lots of berries grow.
Lyria: Are you going to gather food for the animals? Hee-hee... We'll help! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods and follows Pavidus.
As Pavidus presses ahead to gather berries, he looks just a little stronger than usual to (Captain).

Battle for Jasmine

Pavidus helps Jasmine gather herbs at the urging of his animal companions, who are infatuated with her. His animal friends and Jasmine's soon begin to fight over her. When the squabble turns violent, Pavidus intervenes, and Jasmine loses her temper. She drags Pavidus back to the Grandcypher, leaving the chastened animals to catch up.

One day, Jasmine visits the forest in her spare time to collect herbs.
For some reason, the large and timid Pavidus is by her side.
Pavidus: Hey Jasmine, do you think we can use these herbs too?
Jasmine: Yes, they're perfect! Thank you so much for your help!
Pavidus: Ahaha, don't mention it...
Pavidus gives an embarrassed smile as he looks down at the bird observing Jasmine.
Bird: Kaww... (Jasmine, you're looking lovely as ever...)
It turns out that helping Jasmine was not Pavidus's idea.
His animal companions wanted to observe Jasmine up close and made Pavidus come along in order to do so.
To put it simply, Pavidus's friends are infatuated with her.
Birdie: Chirp! (She's so radiant, I can hardly make her out! A goddess walking among us!)
As Pavidus's friends remain entranced, Jasmine's animal companions join them.
Hare: (Heheh, isn't our princess just splendid?)
Birdie: Chirp? (Princess? Are you talking about Jasmine?)
Bird: Kaww! (Why not? She's cute enough that the glass slipper fits, if you ask me!)
Hare: (There's more to it than that! Our princess is kind and gentle!)
Birdie: Chiiirp! (Yeah, you're absolutely right. I wonder if she'd be a good match!)
Deer: ...? (Hm? A match for what?)
Birdie: Chirp chirp! (A match for me! As in, a companion who'll preen my feathers every day.)
The squawking birdie begins to sense the anger of Jasmine's animals.
Birdie: Chirp... (Wh... What's the problem?)
Hare: ...! (How dare you even think of taking away our princess!)
Hare: ...! (Know your place, dodo!)
Birdie: Chirp! (Watch your mouth, Hoppy!)
Bird: Skrawk! (Simmer down, you two! Jasmine belongs to no one!)
Bird: Skraaaaawk! (Hanging around her doesn't make her your property, y'know!)
The animals' squabble continues to escalate, with much fluffing of feathers and lowering of antlers.
Pavidus: Birdie, please calm down. Fighting solves nothing...
Birdie: Chirrrp! (Shut it!)
Pavidus: Yeep!
The frightened Pavidus looks to Jasmine for help.
Jasmine: Hahaha... It looks like everyone's having so much fun.
Pavidus: Huh?
Pavidus: Can you understand the conversation they're having?
Jasmine: But of course! They're getting heated up over their favorite acorn recipes!
Pavidus: Umm... (Ah... She can't understand what they're saying...)
Pavidus: (But I can't possibly tell her that they're fighting over her.)
Pavidus: Ehehe... Yeah, they must really love acorns...
Bird: Kakaw! (What are you babbling about, Pavi! We're not talking about acorns!)
Pavidus: Aagh! I-I'm so sorry. I know you're not, but...
Bird: Kaww... (Anyhow, Jasmine belongs to no one!)
Bird: Squaawwk! (At least not until I confess my love for her!)
Hare: ...! (What!)
With a bouquet of herbs in his beak, the bird runs toward Jasmine, but his way is barred by the deer.
Deer: ... (I can't let that happen. You'll have to get past me first.)
The deer lowers its antlers menacingly at the bird.
Boar: Snort... (Yo, did you just point those antlers at my buddy here?)
Boar: Snort! (You mess with him, you mess with me!)
The boar moves protectively in front of the bird and paws at the ground, getting ready to charge.
Deer: ...! (Oho... Looking to ram me, eh? Well, that's a deer's specialty too!)
Pavidus: Stop it! Please stop it, everyone!
Pavidus's pleas fall on deaf ears. The boar and the deer charge toward each other.
Pavidus flings himself between them.
Pavidus: Oof!
Boar: Snort! (Pavi!)
Deer: ... (Oh no, what have I done? Pavidus...)
Pavidus: Nghh, why... must we fight? We all like her.
Pavidus: Fighting is never the answer. If we share the same passion, that's all the more reason to get along.
Birdie: Kaww... (Pavi...)
Hare: ... (Pavidus is right. Forgive me.)
Bird: Kaw... (Pavidus has a point. I'm sorry, you guys.)
As the animals begin to reconcile, an angry Jasmine comes over.
Jasmine: Cut that out right now! Can't you all discuss the best acorn recipes in peace?
Jasmine: I can't believe you hurt Pavidus over this! Shame on you!
Deer: ... (We're so sorry, Princess. And about the acorns...)
Jasmine: Are you all right, Pavidus? I'll treat your wounds right away!
Jasmine: I'm so disappointed in all of you! You should know I hate violence more than anything else!
Hare: ! (No, please don't say that!)
Jasmine: Humph. And to think I baked acorn cookies for you...
Jasmine: I guess Pavidus and I will have to eat them all ourselves!
Birdie: Chiiirrrp! (Nooo, please!)
Jasmine: Come on, Pavidus! Let's get back to the Grandcypher!
Pavidus: Er... Okay... (I'm sorry, everyone. Please don't hold it against me.)
Pavidus follows the disgruntled Jasmine toward the ship.
Deer: ...! (Wait, Princess!)
Bird: Kaww... (This isn't over yet, Pavi! Just you wait!)
The animals, feeling vengeful yet guilty, desperately chase after Pavidus and Jasmine.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ひ、ひぃ!!助けてぇ! 先輩ぃ! E-eek! Help me, friend!
先輩達のお世話は、慣れると楽しいよ Taking care of animals is so much fun!
ご、ごめんなさい!先輩… I-I'm so sorry, my dear friend!
大先輩はとっても強くて優しいんだよ My friend is super strong and super kind!
い、痛い!つつかないで先輩! O-ouch! Please, no poking, my birdie friend!
怖い人は苦手だなぁ… I don't like scary people...
ぼ、僕だって…ひぃ! すみません! I... I can f— Gyah! I'm so sorry!
あとで先輩達の巣を掃除しないと… I'll have to clean my friends' nest later...
(主人公)は強くて頼もしいなぁ (Captain) is so strong and reliable...
(主人公)みたいに強く逞しくなりたいよ I want to be strong like (Captain)!