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_fullText{{Non-party Character |obtain= |name=Pholia, Sovereign of Idelva |art= Pholia, Sovereign of Idelva NPC.png |gender=f |profile= Founder and ruler of Idelva Kingdom. Despite the monumental accomplishment of building a country, her personal history was long wrapped in mystery. She was raised in confine ...
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basenamePholia, Sovereign of Idelva
halloween_text1Trick or treat! Well, come now, hand over the candy!<br />Hm? You're out of candy, you say? That's too bad...<br />I suppose you leave me no choice! I may appear to be an adorable monarch on the outside, but rest assured I am quite different on the inside.<br />Therefore I will use my wit and experience to carefully plot a dastardly prank to pay you back for this infraction!
halloween_text2'''Pholia:''' Trick or treat! Hand over your candy stock!<br />If you don't obey, my loyal werewolf will play a decidedly devious trick on you!<br /> '''Bai Ze:''' Do I look like a werewolf?<br /> '''Pholia:''' It's called posturing! I just need you to growl like you mean it to complete the illusion!<br /> '''Bai Ze:''' ...<br />Does that mean you're letting me trick-or-treat?
halloween_text3'''Pholia:''' Trick or treat! Are you ready to give me an offering of treats?<br />Ooh... I should've known you'd be well-prepared. You never fail to impress, (Captain). I gladly accept.<br />Nom, nom...<br />Hrm? Mrg? Wh-why is it so spicy! I can feel the burning sensation in my mouth...<br />I see what you did! You disguised your trick in the form of a treat, didn't you!<br />This is unforgivable... Bai Ze, we must mete out punishment in the form of an obligatory high jump for (Captain)!<br /> '''Bai Ze:''' Very well.<br /> ''Bai Ze takes the captain in his mouth and leaps high into the air.''<br /> It was a magnificent trick you played today, for even I could not see through it.<br />My sovereign appears to be equally pleased. Anyhow, pardon us for our crude display of gratitude, and may you have a happy Halloween, (Captain).