Priestess of the Dunes

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Event Priestess of the Dunes jp top.jpg

Priestess of the Dunes is an upcoming side story.

Notable Rewards

New Characters

Jin (Event)
Npc m 3030022000 01.jpg
  • Role: Attacker
  • Can build Charge bar quickly.
  • Buffs his own ATK at the cost of DEF.
Rarity SR.png 7.0
Label Type Attack.png
Label Race Human.png
Sara (Event)
Npc m 3030021000 01.jpg
  • Role: Defender
  • Skills specialized in avoiding or deflecting damage, but with long cooldowns.
  • EMP boosts Hostility to better make use of her skills.
  • No damaging skills; relies on being attacked to be effective.
Rarity SR.png 4.5
Label Type Defense.png
Label Race Human.png