Pure Weapon Soul

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Pure Spear Soul square.jpgPure Bow Soul square.jpgPure Axe Soul square.jpgPure Dagger Soul square.jpgPure Staff Soul square.jpg
Pure Gauntlet Soul square.jpgPure Sword Soul square.jpgPure Katana Soul square.jpgPure Harp Soul square.jpgPure Gun Soul square.jpg


Pure Weapon Souls are used to unlock the Fate Episodes required for the Eternals' fifth uncap.

Use Amount
Unlock Anre's Fate Episode "To Challenge the Impossible" Pure Spear Soul square.jpg Pure Spear Soul
Unlock Tweyen's Fate Episode "The Master of the Bow" Pure Bow Soul square.jpg Pure Bow Soul
Unlock Threo's Fate Episode "One Bad Axe" Pure Axe Soul square.jpg Pure Axe Soul
Unlock Feower's Fate Episode "Four-Sky Awakening" Pure Dagger Soul square.jpg Pure Dagger Soul
Unlock Fif's Fate Episode "Pleading the Fif" Pure Staff Soul square.jpg Pure Staff Soul
Unlock Seox's Fate Episode "Inevitable Ruin" Pure Gauntlet Soul square.jpg Pure Gauntlet Soul
Unlock Seofon's Fate Episode "Seven-Star Encounter" Pure Sword Soul square.jpg Pure Sword Soul
Unlock Eahta's Fate Episode "The Ultimate Katana" Pure Katana Soul square.jpg Pure Katana Soul
Unlock Niyon's Fate Episode "Duel of the Mystic Musician" Pure Harp Soul square.jpg Pure Harp Soul
Unlock Tien's Fate Episode "Invitation to War" Pure Gun Soul square.jpg Pure Gun Soul