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BattleRaid Together in Song Nightmare.png

Cost to Host: 0 AP Unlock: May appear after hosting Very Hard or Extreme
Wave Name Lvl HP Charge Mode
First clear: Blue Sky Crystal square.jpg Blue Sky Crystal
Every clear: ×50,Honor square.jpg Honor ×25,000
Chest 1 Chest 2 Chest 3 Chest 4
Extremely Rare Rare Rare Likely
Chest 5 Chest 6 Chest 7 Chest 8
100% 100% 100% 100%
  • Secret square.jpg Unknown
  • Silver Badge square.jpg Silver Badge
  • Gold Badge square.jpg Gold Badge
  • Gold Badge square.jpg Gold Badge
Drop table last updated: 2017-11-01, all stated drop rates are estimates.
The game changes over time. If the drop tables become incorrect please notify the wiki staff.