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Reduce is the ability to break down a SR or SSR weapon or summon into materials. The option to reduce an item can be found from the Inventory status screen for that item. Items that are currently equipped to a party or that have been favorited cannot be reduced; remove the item from all parties and unfavorite it in order to see the Reduce button.

Weapons reduce into weapon stones corresponding to the weapon type, and high orbs and whorls that correspond to the weapon's element. Summons reduce into elemental quartz corresponding to the summon's element as well as various tiers of prisms. Farmable items such as raid drops and event rewards will reduce into fewer items than items obtained via Premium Draws. Items obtained from the Casino count as Premium for the purposes of reduction. Additionally, weapons with multiple upgrade stages have varying reduction payouts.

It costs rupies to reduce weapons and summons. This cost is lowered by 5% by Wonders obtained from chapters 52, 73, 83, 89 and 93 for Earth, Light, Fire, Wind and Water weapons and summons respectively. Player elemental skill mastery will increase the number of materials received from Reduce for premium SSR items.

Uncapped items have the equivalent yield of reducing multiples of the same item; in other words, reducing 2 0★ SSR weapons gives you the same number of weapon stones, orbs, and whorls as reducing 1 of the same SSR weapon as a 1★ - both scenarios cost the same number of rupies as well. However, the elemental skill mastery bonus is solely per item, so, if you have a high enough skill to receive a bonus, you would receive more items from two 0★ items than the equivalent 1★ item. As a notable exception, Normal Showdown Summons use relatively inexpensive 4★ uncap materials (most notably no Elemental Quartz), which means it is possible to reduce them for the equivalent of 5 copies at the cost of only 4, and earns you an extra 14 Quartz over reducing each copy individually with the best possible elemental skill bonus.

Weapon skill level have no effect on the result.

Reduce Tables

Reduced Item Received Items Cost
Farmed SR Weapon Rupies square.jpg Rupies ×1,000
Farmed SSR Weapon Rupies square.jpg Rupies ×2,500
Premium SR Weapon Rupies square.jpg Rupies ×1,000
Premium SSR Weapon Rupies square.jpg Rupies ×4,000
Farmed SR Summon Flawless Prism square.jpg Flawless Prism ×1 Flawed Prism square.jpg Flawed Prism ×3 Rupies square.jpg Rupies ×1,000
Farmed SSR Summon Rainbow Prism square.jpg Rainbow Prism ×1 Flawless Prism square.jpg Flawless Prism ×10 Rupies square.jpg Rupies ×2,500
Premium SR Summon Flawless Prism square.jpg Flawless Prism ×10 Flawed Prism square.jpg Flawed Prism ×20 Rupies square.jpg Rupies ×1,000
Premium SSR Summon Rainbow Prism square.jpg Rainbow Prism ×10 Flawless Prism square.jpg Flawless Prism ×20 Rupies square.jpg Rupies ×4,000

Values listed in this table are the ones before elemental skill mastery and Wonders effects are applied.

Reduction Recommendations

  • Farmable SR Summon:
    • Omega SR - Transient value at the very start of the game. Keep a fully-uncapped copy until a stronger summon is obtained for that element. At that point, they can all be reduced.
  • Premium SR Summon:
    • Carbuncle series - keep any copies you obtain. Multiple fully-uncapped carbuncles can be useful in some fights all the way into endgame.
    • Other SR - Reduce.
  • Farmable SSR Summon:
    • Omega SSR - Reduce further copies after obtaining a fully-uncapped copy of the summon.
    • Side Story - Two fully-uncapped copies of each summon can be obtained from a side story. (One fully-uncapped from the start rewarded on completion of the story, and 4 copies from the shop to build another one.) It is usually safe to keep one fully-uncapped copy and reduce the other, but keep in mind there will never be a way to get more copies of that summon again. Verify on the summon's individual wiki page before reducing. If in need of quartz immediately, you may wish to reduce the copy awarded to you immediately, and build a replacement from shop copies later if necessary.
    • Normal Showdown Summons - Keep one fully-uncapped copy, and reduce any further copies. Consider saving extras to fully uncap a second copy to 4★ and reducing that for slightly more quartz at a minimal treasure expense.
    • Clash Event - Keep at least one fully-uncapped copy. Drops for clash event summons are very rare and shop copies are expensive, so consider carefully before reducing extras.
    • Event - Event summons vary in usefulness. It is usually safe to keep one fully-uncapped copy and reduce the rest, but some event summons are worth keeping multiple copies of for special circumstances. Check the specific recommendations at the time of the event running.
    • Demi Optimus Series Summons - reduce once you have obtained a fully-uncapped copy of the Optimus version of that element.
  • Premium SSR Summon:
    Premium SSR summons are expensive and it is difficult to obtain a specific one without spending real money for Surprise Special Draw Set. They reward the best amount of quartz for reduction. Special consideration should be taken as to whether any premium SSR should be reduced. If in doubt and/or not in immediate need of quartz, don't reduce.
    • Non-Ticketable Summons shouldn't be reduced, unless you posses multiple fully-uncapped copies. This includes Dynamis Series Summons, Genesis Series Summons, and Providence Series Summons.
      • Optimus Series Summons are exception to that—once you obtain a fully-uncapped copy, any additional summons of same kind you obtain can be reduced.
    • Other SSR Summons without a 4★ uncap - Premium Summons without a 4th uncap have the potential to significantly improve when their uncap is released, and should not be reduced until their uncaps are released and evaluated.
    • Other SSR Summons with a 4★ uncap - Can be reduced on a case-by-case basis. Check the individual summon's wiki page for a recommendation and consider your current and future team needs before committing to reducing.

In-game Help

Elemental reduction allows weapons and summons of rank S rare and higher (with the exception of Archangel equipment, Rusted weapons, and others) to be exchanged - along with a rupie fee - for specific treasures. Having a higher elemental upgrade skill increases the number of treasures received, as well. To reduce weapons and summons, visit the individual status screen for the item you want to reduce.