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Flip chest.gif

When you defeat an enemy, it may drop chests from its Drop Table; each chest on the table has a drop rate and loot list:

  • The drop rate (0.01% - 100%) determines if the chest drops (ie. some chests drop very rarely; others may drop every time)
  • The loot list is the list of possible items the chest contains (eg. Low Orb, High Orb, Rupees)

The game rolls twice for each individual chest:

  • First: whether or not the chest drops (Yes/No)
  • If yes: which item the chest contains (one item on the chest's loot list)

Normal chests appear as Wooden, Silver, or Gold depending on the exact item rolled/contained.

Special Red chests are guaranteed drops for certain players in Raid and Co-Op battles:

  • Host chest (awarded to the player who started/hosted the battle)
  • MVP chest (awarded to the player who gained the most honors)
  • Vice-MVPs (players who gained 2nd or 3rd most honors; certain raids have this requirement boosted to 4th, 5th, and 6th most honors) receive more varied rewards

Blue Chests are rewarded based on contribution. Getting more honors during the raid increases the drop rate. Available only in Grand Order (Raid), Impossible Omega Raids and Impossible Omega II Raids.

Most chests have internal drop rates, causing some items on their loot list to drop more or less often. As a result, some items are rare due to the rarity of the chest that contains them, while others are rare outcomes from common or even guaranteed chests. The main difference between them is that the former can benefit from drop rate boosts.

Drop Rate Boosts

Drop rate boosts have no effect on which item drops from a given chest, only whether or not a chest appears.

The table below contains all verified drop rate boosts. Optimal boosts have been highlighted for quick reference.

Name Strength Notes
Septian Burner square.jpg Septian Burner (mainhand) ~3% at SL10
Snowflake square.jpg Snowflake (mainhand) ~3% at SL10
Dragon Bar V square.jpg Dragon Bar V ~3%
Between 3% and 3.5%Verification needed.
at SL10
Oliver square.jpg Oliver (mainhand, all stages) ~5% Includes Oliver Rebirth square.jpg Rebirth, Oliver Ventus square.jpg Ventus, etc.
Damascus Knife square.jpg Damascus Knife (mainhand) ~5%
Between 4% and 10%Verification needed.
Tien (incl. Dead or Backline) 5% / 10% 10% at Level 90
Journey Drops 2% / 5% / 7% / 10% Normal / Silver / Gold / Platinum
Weather Vane 10% / 15% / 20% Lvl 1 / Lvl 2 / Lvl 3
Summon s 2030026000.jpg White Rabbit (Aura) 10% / 15% 15% at 3★; Call can apply Bounty
Summon s 2040114000.jpg Kaguya (Aura) 20% / 25% 25% at 3★
Status Treasure1.pngBounty lvl 1Item drop rate is boosted
20% Higher levels of Bounty Hunter are harder to apply but also more rewarding.

It is recommended to use Tien to bring it from
Status Treasure6.pngBounty lvl 6Item drop rate is boosted
Status Treasure9.pngBounty lvl 9Item drop rate is boosted
Status Treasure2.pngBounty lvl 2Item drop rate is boosted
Status Treasure3.pngBounty lvl 3Item drop rate is boosted
Status Treasure4.pngBounty lvl 4Item drop rate is boosted
Status Treasure5.pngBounty lvl 5Item drop rate is boosted
Status Treasure6.pngBounty lvl 6Item drop rate is boosted
Status Treasure7.pngBounty lvl 7Item drop rate is boosted
Status Treasure8.pngBounty lvl 8Item drop rate is boosted
Status Treasure9.pngBounty lvl 9Item drop rate is boosted


Because internal rates are not affected, guaranteed chests (including Host and MVP chests) do not benefit from drop rate boosts at all.

Drop rate boots are multiplicative (rather than additive) with the original drop rate.

  • eg. With a 50% drop rate boost, a chest with a 50% drop rate does not have a 100% chance to drop
  • eg. With a 50% drop rate boost, a chest with a 2% drop rate has only a ~3% chance to drop

In other words, drop rate boosts have a more noticeable short-term impact when farming many common items, but can be equally (if not more) valuable for farming rarer items over a large number of attempts. Either way, drop rate boosts are especially valuable when leeching, as the majority of drops will come from non-Red/guaranteed chests.

The drop rate formula is as follows:[1][2]

Base drop rate
* (1 + Weapon Skill + Your Summon Aura + Friend Summon Aura + Tien + Dragon Bar V)
* (1 + Crew buff)
* (1 + Journey Drop buff)
* (1 +
Status Bounty.pngBountyItem drop rate is boosted

So the best drop rate multiplier would be:

Base drop rate
* (1 + 0.05 + 0.25 + 0.25 + 0.1 + 0.03)
* (1 + 0.2)
* (1 + 0.1)
* (1 + 0.5)
= Base Drop rate * 3.3264

Vice-MVP Rewards

Vice Chests.jpg

The Vice-MVPs (players with 2nd and 3rd highest honors or 2nd to 6th highest honors depending on the raid) in a raid receive either:

A copy of the red MVP chest:

  • Identical contents/internal rates as being the real MVP
  • Higher drop rate for 2nd place than 3rd place players;
    unknownVerification needed.
    if rate affected by drop rate boosts

A unique Vice-MVP chest which drops one normal (non-Host/MVP) chest from the drop table:

  • Exact chest is selected by rolling for each chest in order (see diagram)
  • Normal chest selection/drop rate is affected by drop rate boosts

In short: Vice-MVPs can potentially receive anything on the drop table except the Host chest.

Flip Chests

Some item drops (usually high-quality treasures or SSR items) result in a special animation: a gold chest that performs a little flip under a rainbow while playing a special sound.

  • Contrary to popular belief, flip chests are not separate types of chests and do not even necessarily represent rare drops
  • eg. Galbinus Centrum square.jpg Centrums flip despite being guaranteed to drop. Some chests (such as those containing Tiamat Bolt Omega square.jpg SSR Omega Weapons) do only contain items that result in the flip animation (causing the above misconception), but many chests contain some items which will result in a flip and others which will not (see example table below)
  • For a list of some items which result in the flip animation, see Flip Chest Contents

Share Chests

Share Chests are awarded to the Host of certain raids (such as Grand Order and HL Proto Bahamut).

  • A Share Chest has three slots; each slot rolls to determine which (if any) items are available
  • The host and each member of their crew who participated in the battle may select one available item to roll on
  • Player rolls range from 1-999 and cannot tie; whoever rolls highest on an item receives that item
  • The Share Chest lasts 10 minutes or until all players have rolled, at which point remaining items are forcibly distributed or discarded
  • A player cannot receive more than one item even if some items are unclaimed
  • A player cannot be part of more than one raid with a Share Chest active at a time
  • Due to the material cost of hosting raids with Share Chests, it is usually considered bad etiquette to roll against the host unless explicitly invited
  • Players can pass on Share Chest contents if no items are desired or an item was rolled for by mistake

Reading Drop Tables

It is often difficult to tell in-game what a chest contains (or even which chest dropped). Drop tables help demystify which items are guaranteed, rare, or compete with one another, which is useful for better projecting acquisition rates for particular items or the usefulness of drop rate boosts for particular battles.

  • Enemies without sufficient chest-specific drop data have drops sorted by chest aesthetic (Wooden, Silver, Gold, Red)
  • The sample drop table below is from Grand Order (Raid):

Chest 1 Chest 2 Chest 3
100% 100% 100%
Chest 4 Chest 5 Icon Blue Chest.png Blue
100% Common -
Icon Red Chest.png Host Icon Red Chest.png MVP Icon Share Chest.png Share
Source SSumiwatari
Drop table last updated: 2018-03-13, all stated drop rates are estimates.
The game changes over time. If the drop tables become incorrect please notify the wiki staff.



Drop rate values

Tables will often have drop rate values listed.
When there is a large sample of data a percentage may be given but most of the time a vaguer term will be used:

Label Rough drop rate
100% Guaranteed drop
Likely 70% - 99%
Common 35% - 70%
Uncommon 15% - 35%
Very Uncommon 7% - 15%
Rare 3% - 7%
Very rare 1% - 3%
Extremely Rare <1%