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|whiteday_text2=A gift to thank me for the Valentine's Day gift? I see... Then I gratefully accept it.<br />I'm surprised you're so well-mannered though, going through all that trouble to get me something as thanks.<br />Huh? Getting a gift as thanks is what you're supposed to do? That's why I'm saying you're well-mannered!<br />And I think I like that side of you...
|whiteday_text2=A gift to thank me for the Valentine's Day gift? I see... Then I gratefully accept it.<br />I'm surprised you're so well-mannered though, going through all that trouble to get me something as thanks.<br />Huh? Getting a gift as thanks is what you're supposed to do? That's why I'm saying you're well-mannered!<br />And I think I like that side of you...
|whiteday_text3=Huh? You have something you wish to give me? Ah, a thank you gift for Valentine's Day, is it? Thank you. I happily accept.<br />Now let's see what sort of surprise you prepared for me.<br />What? How did I know? It's written all over your face. Plainly.<br />It's just like you to be kind and honest to a fault. Then again, that's the part of you I like.
|whiteday_link4= http://game.granbluefantasy.jp/#quest/season_event_scene/scene_s4_white_2047_v1/0/2003/3030054000/4/5/1
|whiteday_text4=You've got something for me this year as well? Thank you. Let's see here...<br />Hey, mind if I open it?<br />Wait... This is the medical textbook I wanted.<br />Did I tell you I was looking for this book?<br />Ah, I see. You asked Kaisar.<br />Thanks again. I've wanted this book for a long time, so I'm quite pleased.<br />Sigh... You're very kind... If only that bunch could be half as nice.<br />Who said anything about wanting a doll? That idiot...

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Official Profile




Special Cutscenes

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View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday to you.
You think it's out of place for me to say that? It's no big deal. I just felt like it is all.
Besides, seeing the happy faces of children being celebrated on their birthdays is a bit amusing to me.
Although I'm a zombie, I still have a heart.
It's not beating though...


Happy birthday!
Huh? You're surprised I'm celebrating your birthday this year too?
I was just in the mood to celebrate... That's all.
I even decided to get you a present.
I can hardly remember the last time I gave a present to someone on their birthday...


Happy birthday.
Hm? Is this another one of my fickle mood changes? Sure, let's go with that.
You're just going to keep aging, huh?
Oh, no reason. It's an easy thing to forget when you're a zombie, and this just reminded me.
It's not that I'm jealous or anything...
I just feel like, since joining your crew, I've been reminded of something I'd forgotten long ago...
Hehe... I guess it was enough to put me in the mood to celebrate your birthday.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

I see... So the new year is here.
It's no matter. I don't feel anything particular about the holiday. Everyday is the same to me...
You're having a party? I'm sure the children will be bouncing in excitement. I suppose I could go if it's not a bore...


A festival at the shrine? I'm not interested...
I mean, someone like me showing up near the shrine is bad luck, right?
Just think about it. A zombie... At a shrine... For a festival...
I couldn't even laugh at something so silly!


Hmm... Going to watch the first sunrise of the new year, are you? Strange. Seems to me it would be like any other sunrise.
It helps you reflect on things to come? Really now... Well, color me intrigued. I think I'll come along with you.
After all, zombies are more accustomed to dusk than they are to dawn.
Hehe. Which means a zombie's new year technically starts when the sun sets on the first day. At least that's what I feel.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today is Valentine's Day, right? Would you like some chocolate?
Yes, I made it myself!
You're surprised I could do that? It's easy. If you use a little magic...
And it's fun to do these sorts of things every once in a while, don't you think?
It's been a long time since I played house too. Quite enjoyable...
Oh, it's nothing! Never mind...


Here, have some chocolate. It's to show my appreciation for you.
Don't worry. Unlike last year, I made it the regular way without using magic.
I think it might actually be good!
Tell me later which version you like better.
I'll keep it in mind for next year!

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

A gift in return for Valentine's Day? I'll gratefully accept it!
So... is there something else? If there's something you want to say, then go ahead.
Would you like to go into the city on a date perhaps? I don't mind...
Pretending to be a girlfriend to someone as immature as you though... How absurd.
Now listen here. You'd better show me a good time!


A gift to thank me for the Valentine's Day gift? I see... Then I gratefully accept it.
I'm surprised you're so well-mannered though, going through all that trouble to get me something as thanks.
Huh? Getting a gift as thanks is what you're supposed to do? That's why I'm saying you're well-mannered!
And I think I like that side of you...


Huh? You have something you wish to give me? Ah, a thank you gift for Valentine's Day, is it? Thank you. I happily accept.
Now let's see what sort of surprise you prepared for me.
What? How did I know? It's written all over your face. Plainly.
It's just like you to be kind and honest to a fault. Then again, that's the part of you I like.


You've got something for me this year as well? Thank you. Let's see here...
Hey, mind if I open it?
Wait... This is the medical textbook I wanted.
Did I tell you I was looking for this book?
Ah, I see. You asked Kaisar.
Thanks again. I've wanted this book for a long time, so I'm quite pleased.
Sigh... You're very kind... If only that bunch could be half as nice.
Who said anything about wanting a doll? That idiot...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

A Halloween festival? Hmm, sounds like fun.
Want me to summon a few zombies to scare people? I don't mind; it really isn't that hard.
But I'm not taking the blame if a few villagers happen to disappear.


I'm thinking of using zombies again this year to give everyone a real scare.
What's that? The kiddies will cry if they see a real zombie?
I guess you have a point...
Then how does this sound? I'll have the zombies wear pumpkins on their heads.
That should take care of any problems, right?
You say it's unusual for me to join a festival? There's no harm in checking one out every now and then, no?
I'm just looking for a little excitement to cure my boredom!


Trick or treat. Choose wisely, (Captain).
What? You never thought you'd catch me trick-or-treating? There's no real reason... I guess I just felt like it.
Back to business. What's it gonna be? Your candy or your dignity?
I mean... Either way you choose, I'm gonna get my candy, and you're gonna get pranked.
Otherwise it'd just be boring!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

The feasts around this time of year usually have a wholly cooked bird, right? Is it a duck?
It's not like I like to eat duck... I just happened to remember something about a talking duck.
But I guess if I had to pick my last meal, I'd want it to be duck with olive marinade!


A holiday gift? For me?
Quite a curious thing to give a zombie a present...
But... I suppose I'm happy to receive it. Thank you...
Heh-heh... It's been some time since I've gotten a gift...


Here. Take this. It's a present.
You gave me a present last year, right? I thought I would pay you back.
I'm surprised that these little customs have become so natural for me. Up until now...
You know what? Never mind. I wouldn't want to say anything to spoil the festivities today.
Oh, that's right. There is one thing I should say though—happy holidays.

Fate Episodes

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The Girl Who Beckons the Dead

The crew receives a request to defeat an evil necromancer who attacks a local town. In a place called Necrodrakon Valley, they meet Rita who looks like a normal girl, but when attacked responds by using zombies. Rita explains that while she is herself a zombie and a necromancer, she is simply looking for a lost companion and does not attack towns. Unable to leave her by herself, Lyria suggests Rita join them.

The crew receives a request to defeat an evil necromancer who lives on the edge of town and carries out attacks on the townspeople.
Using information from sightings, the crew discovers the necromancer's location and heads to a place called Necrodrakon Valley.
Vyrn: So... this is Necrodrakon. This place gives me the creeps.
Katalina: It appears this is the place. We don't know what we may encounter, so everyone stay on guard!
???: ...
Rackam: Hmm? What a small child. How does she survive in a place like this...
Lyria: Is she lost? Let's ask her.
Katalina: Agreed. Little one! What are you doing in a place like this?
???: Who are you? You need something from me?
Vyrn: We're skyfarers! We saw you walking around all by yourself and thought we'd ask if you were lost.
Katalina: This is a dangerous place—especially alone! We were told there's an evil necromancer that lives here.
Rackam: Yup! That's why we're here; to take that necromancer out.
???: Oh... right...
Katalina: Hmm, you don't seem worried at all...
This is no place for children, so for the time being stay with us.
???: Sigh... Fine. I'm bored anyways.
Rackam: Huh? This one's a cheeky little thing, isn't she? Must be at that age.
Lyria: Oh! Hey, what's your name?
Rita: Rita.
Lyria: Hehe, I'm Lyria! Nice to meet you, Rita! Are you from the town near here?
Rita: No. I stay there, but I'm really a traveler.
Katalina: Really? You travel alone? All by your little self? Why?
Rita: I'm looking for someone. A knight with a hammer-shaped hairstyle. Seen anyone like that?
Rackam: Hm? We see a lotta people... but I don't remember anyone with strange hair like that.
Vyrn: If we did see anyone that unique, we wouldn't be able to forget 'em, would we!
Rita: Yeah. I guess.
Katalina: That means... you came to this valley seeking that knight?
Rita: No. Just traveling. I like it here.
Vyrn: You... like this creepy place? You've got strange tastes.
Rackam: To each her own... But because of the dangerous necromancer, we're taking you to town.
Katalina: My thoughts exactly. Should we head back now?
With signs of monsters in the area, the crew turns back in order to keep Rita safe.
As they approach the town, they run into a group of agents.
Agents: ...
Vyrn: What's up? Are you hunting the necromancer too?
Rita: Looks like it...
Agent 1: That's her! The necromancer! Take her head!
Vyrn: What! We're not necromancers!
Agent 2: Is... that flying lizard a zombie?
Everyone be on guard!
Katalina: Do... they actually believe we're zombies? Ludicrous!
Rita: Sigh... Is this really happening?
Zombies: ...
Agent 1: Tch... Here they come! Get them!
Agent 2: Ngh!
Zombies: ...
Katalina: Rita... Did you summon those zombies? You... aren't the necromancer, are you?
Rita: I am.
Zombies: ...
Rackam: What! How could you hide that from us!
Rita: Huh? You didn't ask, so I didn't tell.
Lyria: You... You're the evil necromancer?
Lyria: Did you... Did you really attack the town?
Rita: What do you think?
Agent 1: Damn you! What are you talking about! You having some kind of zombie meeting?
Rackam: Fantastic... Not only do we have those sellswords, but there's that group of zombies too... What are we gonna do, (Captain)?
  1. Let's get out of here!
  2. Let's take out Rita!

Choose: Let's get out of here!
Katalina: I agree. We're out of our element. Let's leave and then formulate a course of action!
Vyrn: Yeah, what she said!
Lyria: W-wait! But... Rita...

Choose: Let's take out Rita!
Lyria: Wait a second! Rita might not be the same necromancer that we're after, right?
Katalina: Perhaps... But there is no denying that she's using zombies to attack others!
Vyrn: (Captain). We need all the facts. Let's get away from here for now.
Lyria: W-wait! But... Rita...
Continue 1
Rita: ...
The party retreats to avoid getting caught between the agents and the zombies controlled by Rita.
The party considers the situation. With her ability to control the dead, Rita is unmistakably a necromancer...
But is she really the "evil necromancer" that the party has been tasked with defeating? The crew is unsure.
Rackam: Yeah, but what about the zombies? Zombies! Necromancers are sneaky.
Katalina: Not to mention... she said she was traveling, yet she also told us that recently she's been staying in the town.
Katalina: That being said... information on how necromancers behave is scarce...
Lyria: But... just because she can summon zombies and her story is fishy doesn't mean...
Rackam: What other evidence do you need! She commands zombies, and judging from the color of her skin, she's a zombie too!
Rita: Well, excuse me for being a zombie.
Rackam: Agh!
Lyria: Goodness! Rita?
Rita: Let me explain... since I hate pointless speculation.
Rita: I'm a necromancer that controls corpses. That's the truth.
Rita: And I too am a zombie. That's also the truth.
Rackam: Wha—seriously...
Rita: Last... the dangerous necromancer that attacks the town... That's not me.
Katalina: So... another necromancer exists?
Rita: No. If you're talking about a dangerous necromancer, that would be me.
Rita: The only reason I summoned the zombies was to protect myself from the monsters in the valley.
Rita: The people in town saw me doing that, and the story got blown completely out of proportion. It's totally ridiculous...
Lyria: So that's what happened... I knew you weren't a bad person!
Katalina: May I ask... what happened to the sellswords?
Rita: I just drove them off. If I'd killed them, I'd be as bad as everyone thinks.
Rita: Though now I can't go back to the town.
Lyria: Mmm... So why not come with us?
Lyria: That'd be okay, right, (Captain)? She's in trouble, so we can't just leave her like this!
Rita: Hmm... That doesn't sound too bad. As skyfarers, you go to lots of places, which would allow me to carry on my search...
Rita: I don't need to eat and I keep to myself, so you can just treat me like luggage.
  1. Sure.
  2. I'm don't know about a zombie...

Choose: Sure.
Lyria: Yay! Welcome to the group, Rita!

Choose: I'm don't know about a zombie...
Rita: It may not look it, but this is me taking care of the way I look. How about being a little nicer?
Lyria: Yeah! Come on, (Captain)! Don't be mean to Rita!
Rita: How do you plan to make it up to me? You're the reason the agents found me, you know?
Continue 2
Katalina: S-she has a point... All right, welcome to the crew.
Rackam: Haha... You'll take some getting used to.
So by chance the party meets the living corpse, Rita, and this strange necromancer becomes the newest member to join the crew.
Rita never mentions the identity of the knight she is searching for, nor why she is searching for that knight.
Rackam: All right, let's get back to the Grandcypher!
Lyria: Okay! Let's go, Rita!
Rita: Sure.
Rita: ...
Rita: ...
Rita: ...
Rita: ...
Rita: ...
Rita: Hey.
Rackam: What now?
Rita: You're walking too fast. Have some consideration for the dead.
Rackam: Yup... Definitely gonna take some getting used to.

Reports of a Hammerhead

In a tavern, the crew hears a rumor about a knight with a strange hairstyle. Suspecting that it may be the person that Rita is looking for, they make their way toward Carrion Hill, where the knight is said to be heading.

One day the party goes out to town to buy ingredients for dinner when something unexpected occurs.
Lyria: Yum, yum... Gulp. More please!
Rita: You sure eat a lot... I'm getting full just watching you.
Lyria: Huh? Aren't you going to eat, Rita? The food here is really good!
Rita: Thanks, but I don't need it. I'm a zombie.
Katalina: Hehe... I understand, but it's not that you can't eat, right? Why don't you go ahead and order?
Rackam: So do you prefer meat?
Rita: Did you ask that because I'm a zombie?
As they enjoy their meal, (Captain) overhears a conversation from a nearby table.
Tavern Customer 1: Man! That knight that was here the other day sure had a weird-looking hairstyle. It was like he had a cannon or a hammer on his head!
Tavern Customer 2: Hahaha! That was too funny! He said he was heading to Carrion Hill, but I wonder what business he had there?
Upon hearing this, Rita stiffens. Her usual somber look disappears as she intently listens in on the conversation.
Rita: It can't be...
Vyrn: Hey now, what's with the scary look all of a sudden? Did you get a stomach ache?
Rackam: I know! That knight with the weird hairstyle that those guys are talking about must be...
Rita: I can only think of one knight with a ridiculous hairstyle that can possibly described as a hammer.
Rita: Is he looking for me?
Katalina: It must be him. Let's ask for more details.
Katalina: Excuse me! You two... Huh?
Katalina turns to face the men, but she is too late.
Katalina: No... Did they leave already? We still have time. Let's go after them!
Rita: It's okay. We know enough already.
Lyria: She's right! Let's go to that Carrion Hill they were talking about!
Rita: Thank you for coming along with me.
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! We were planning to go anyways!
Rackam: Yeah... So this is Carrion Hill. I wonder how it got its name?
Rackam: Haha, we met you at a strangely named place too, huh?
Rita: Maybe they're related. But who cares?
Katalina: I've heard this is where a fierce battle took place during the War. There was a vital fortress here, and it was fought over for half a year.
Rita: So it's a perfect place to use zombies.

Reports of a Hammerhead: Scene 2

Carrion Hill is said to be a place where countless deaths occurred during the War. Since Rita is a necromancer, the knight with the odd hairstyle may be searching for her in areas connected to death. As they are searching for him at Carrion Hill, a man's scream is heard.

The party deduce the location of Carrion Hill from the information they gain at the tavern and make their way there.
Also known as the "Crow's Platter", it is said that those who lost their lives in battle are still buried there today.
Rita: I see... He's going around places where many people have died, looking for a way to reach me.
Rita: Just because I'm a zombie, he searches where many have died... Simple thinking, but he's always been that way.
Lyria: So... Mister Hammer is going around looking for you.
Katalina: Now that I think about it, what's your relationship with the Hammerhead Knight? Is he someone special to you?
Rita: It's not like that... But I guess we have a history together. We journeyed together in search of the promised land.
Rita: We were suddenly attacked by a huge monster, and that idiot jumped on it. He's been missing ever since.
Rita: He really is a pain in my side...
???: Ahhhh!
Lyria: That was a man screaming! Could it be...
Rackam: We'd better hurry!
The party rushes over to find someone resembling a knight on the ground and deformed figures surrounding him.
Deformed Figure: !
Rita: First, let's take out the trash. This shouldn't take long.

Reports of a Hammerhead: Scene 3

The man on Carrion Hill does indeed have a strange hairstyle, but he is not the person Rita is looking for. Her search goes back to square one, but the party cheer Rita up and tell her they will do what they can to help. Gradually Rita opens her heart to the crew who accepts her as a zombie and a necromancer.

Man with Odd Hair: You saved me... I owe you! Thank you!
Katalina: Whew, I'm glad he's okay. Is that the person you're looking for?
Rita: ...
Rita: It's not him. He does have a unique hairstyle though.
Man with Odd Hair: Huh?
Rackam: Well... We tried. I'm sure we'll find him eventually though.
Katalina: At the very least, we were able to help someone in need. It wasn't a complete waste.
Katalina: Why are you here by the way?
Man with Odd Hair: Oh, I heard that there were many casualties and weapons from the War here, so I thought I could find some treasure...
Man with Odd Hair: Hm? Wait a minute... That girl! She's a zombie, isn't she?
Man with Odd Hair: Ack! Are you... the ghost of a dead soldier? Eeeeek!
Lyria: Please calm down! Rita is Rita! She's not someone to be afraid of!
Vyrn: That's right! You better not be making fun of our friend!
Man with Odd Hair: Gasp!
You're all in cahoots with the zombie?
Man with Odd Hair: Aahhhhh!
Lyria: Oh come on! Now you're just screaming!
Rita: It's okay. I'm used to it. The only people that don't look at me strangely are you guys... and my knight.
Rita: Come on, let's go. There's nothing left to do here.
Lyria: Sorry it wasn't him... But we can keep searching! I'm sure we'll find him eventually...
Rita: This isn't the first time I found the wrong guy, anyway. I'm in no hurry.
Katalina: That's right. Let us know if you ever find another clue. We're all willing to help.
Rackam: Yeah! Say, we didn't get to finish our meal earlier, so let's head back! You can eat meat, right, Rita?
Rita: Again, are you asking because I'm a zombie?
The man at Carrion Hill wasn't the one Rita was looking for. However, she didn't let it get to her.
It will take more time before she reveals more about herself and her circumstances.
Sensing that her life is complicated, the crew continues to quietly support her.

My Own Choice

In a remote village, the crew hears a story about a knight with an odd hairstyle. Rita asks for more details and discovers it is the knight she is searching for: Kaisar. Rita, learning he is in some ruins left from the War, heads there immediately, only to find him being attacked by monsters.

Days have passed since Rita, the necromancer searching for the knight with hammer-shaped hair, joined the crew.
During their journey, the company stop on an island to replenish their supplies.
Rita: So what are you going to buy?
Lyria: Hmm...
Villager 1: Sigh... That knight with the awful hairstyle still hasn't come back...
Villager 2: I know... I wonder if monsters did him in...
Villager 1: Sigh... I wonder what business he had at the ruins of the War.
Villager 2: I think he said he was looking for... a girl named Rita...
Vyrn: Hey! He just said Rita!
Lyria: I heard it too! And they mentioned an awful hairstyle...
Rita: ...
Rita dashes off alone towards the villagers.
Vyrn: H-hey! Wait up!
Rita: Excuse me. Can you tell me more about that man?
Villager 1: Huh? And you are?
Rita: We're just travelers and skyfarers. More to the point, what do you know about that man?
The men cave in to Rita's forceful request and begin talking.
Villager 1: About... a few days ago, a knight with a very unusual hairstyle came into our village.
Villager 1: He wanted one of us to guide him to the ruins of the War...
Rita: The ruins of the War?
Villager 1: Yeah. Only, the ruins of the War are full of monsters and zombies, so we couldn't take him.
Villager 1: Sigh... So he asked us to just point him in the right direction. Then he left all by himself.
Rita: I see... And did the knight say anything else?
Rita: His name or...
Villager 2: He told us to call him Kaisar.
Rita: Okay...
Rita: I finally... found you.
At the sound of the knight's name, Rita smiles very faintly and utters words of various emotions.
Amira is a crew member

Lyria: Huh? Kaisar? Wasn't he looking for Amira...
Vyrn: And wasn't he supposed to be working as a Sky Knight for some other country?
Vyrn: It doesn't add up that he'd be around here.
Lyria: Huh... Now that you mention it...
Rita: Something wrong?
Lyria: Um, nothing.
Rita: Okay...
Lyria: What did you mean when you said he still hasn't come back?
Villager 1: Right... Since he left, we haven't seen him around these parts at all.
Rita: Where are... the ruins of the War? Tell me.
Villager 1: Huh? You want to know? They're...
Rita's subtle force gains the crew the location of the ruins.
Rita: Thank you.
Rita thanks the villagers and just as quickly rushes to the location they specify.
Vyrn: Hey! I said wait!
Lyria: Rita, hold on!
Then the others race after Rita.
???: Agh! Why are there so many monsters...
Monsters: Grrr...
A man fights the monsters with all of his strength and begins to tire.
Noticing his weakening, the monsters charge at him.
???: Ah...
One monster dodges his blade and strikes.
???: Aaagghhh!
The monster's claws are the last blow the man can take before he falls to the ground.
Monsters: Grrr...
???: I-I... can't die here...
???: I have to find Rita... I promised...
Rita's Voice: Kaisar!
Monsters: Gragh...
Her voice reaches him just as suddenly as do her fists make contact with the surrounding monsters.
Kaisar: W-was that...
Rita: You're alive... Thank goodness...
Kaisar: R-Rita! Why are you...
Rita: Now's not the time.
Monsters: Groooar!
Rita: Kaisar, stay there and rest.
Rita: After we've beaten these monsters, I'll tend to your wounds.
Kaisar: O-okay...

My Own Choice: Scene 2

Kaisar protects Rita from an attacking monster, which the crew defeats. As everyone prepares to head back to the village, Kaisar's left arm swells from poison he incurred during the attack, and he becomes unable to move. Rita decides to make an antidote on the spot and leaves in search of ingredients.

Rita defeats all of the surrounding monsters.
Rita then pulls medicine from her bag and tends to Kaisar's wounds.
Rita: This is just a temporary treatment. There isn't much else we can do for now.
Kaisar: Okay... Thanks.
Kaisar: ...
Rita: What? Why are you staring?
Kaisar: It's been so long since you've taken care of me.
Rita: Yes it has. You're the one who decided to jump onto that monster and leave me.
Kaisar: I-I'm sorry...
Rita: You imbecile. Do you know how much I worried?
Kaisar: I really am sorry...
Kaisar: Hm?
Rita: What's wrong?
Kaisar: I thought I—
Monster: Groooar!
A monster comes charging out from a thicket straight for Rita.
Kaisar: !
Rita! Look out!
Rita: !
Rita is not in a position to react quickly enough.
Kaisar uses his own body as a shield to protect Rita from the monster's attack.
Kaisar: Aaaagghhh!
The monster tears into Kaisar's left arm.
Each time it rips further into his flesh, his screams intensify.
Rita: Kaisar!
Rita: Damn!
Rita attempts to slay the monster locked on Kaisar's arm.
Monster: Grrr...
The monster defiantly tightens its bite on Kaisar.
Kaisar: Aaaagghhh!
Rita: Take this!
The attack fired by Rita annihilates the monster.
Rita: Huh?
Lyria: Pant... Pant... Rita! We found you!
Vyrn: We told you not to run off by yourself!
Rita: (Captain)? Everyone...
Rita: I'll thank you later. First I need to help Kaisar.
Rita: Sorry to ask, but be on the lookout for monsters.
Lyria: Huh? Oh, okay!
The crew takes Rita's orders and defends them.
Rita goes back to quickly taking care of Kaisar's wounds.
Once everything calms down, Rita stands and bows her head to everyone.
Rita: Thank you. All of you saved us.
Lyria: If only we had gotten here sooner... We could have... I'm sorry...
The crew takes a look at Kaisar who is in pain from being so badly beaten and bitten.
Rita: You didn't do anything to apologize for.
Rita: I need to say I'm sorry. You tried to stop me from running off alone and I didn't let you...
Lyria: You had your reasons. You've been looking so long for him and you knew he was close by.
Rita: Thank you, Lyria.
Kaisar: I would also like to thank you. I owe you all my life. Thank you so much.

Amira is a crew member

Kaisar: So Amira was with you all...
Vyrn: What! So it was you!
Rita: Huh? You've met Kaisar before?
The crew tells the confused Rita how they met Kaisar.
Rita: Really... So that's how you met...
Vyrn: So, Kaisar, why are you here?
Vyrn: Weren't you supposed to be working for another country as a Sky Knight?
Kaisar: That... Because of what happened with Amira, that didn't go through as planned.
Vyrn: So you're like jobless?
Kaisar: Gulp... Well, you could say that.
Kaisar: Enough about me. Rita, how do you know the crew?
Kaisar: You seem to really trust them...

Continue 1
Amira not in crew

Kaisar: Rita, who are these people?
Rita: This is the crew I'm traveling with at the moment.
Kaisar: Crew?
Continue 2
Rita explains the events that led to meeting the crew to Kaisar.
Kaisar: I see... You traveled with them to find me...
Kaisar: My apologies... It could not have been an easy task to find me.
As Kaisar speaks, he bows his head towards the crew with deep respect.
Lyria: Don't worry about it. Helping people in need is something you're supposed to do.
Kaisar: Even so, I need to do something to show my appreciation...
Vyrn: If nobody minds, can we save the chitchat for later? This place gives me the creeps. Let's get out of here.
Rita: Good idea.
Kaisar: That's probably for the best. Let's discuss things again later.
Kaisar attempts to stand, but no sooner is he up on his feet than he falls back down to the ground.
Vyrn: Whoa! Whoa! You okay?
Kaisar: I... I just got a little... dizzy..
Vyrn: Okay... If that's all it wa—Dude! You look awful!
Kaisar: Pant... Pant... N-no, I'm... fine... Trust... me...
Kaisar attempts to stand again but fails.
Rita: Kaisar... Let me see your wounds again.
Unable to say no, Kaisar shows Rita his wounds.
Rita: Your arm... It wasn't this swollen when I first looked at it...
Unlike earlier, Kaisar's arm is extremely swollen.
The skin has turned a deep shade of violet and the blood around the wound is turning an eerie black.
Rita: He's showing signs of a fever... Was he poisoned? That monster must have...
Vyrn: What! Poisoned?
Lyria: W-we need to get back to the village quickly! They'll have something...
Rita: That the poison is working so quickly must mean it's extremely powerful...
Vyrn: Rita! Snap out of it! We need to move!
Rita: No... The poison is moving too quickly through his body. We won't make it in time.
Vyrn: What! Then what do we do!
Rita: I'll have to make an antidote here and now...
Lyria: You can do that?
Rita: I may not look it, but I am a doctor. I have the knowledge needed.
Rita: I'll need all of you to help me, all right?
  1. Okay!
  2. What do you need?

Choose: Okay!
Vyrn: Of course! Just say the word!
Rita: Thank you. First I'll need you to look after Kaisar.

Choose: What do you need?
Rita: Look after Kaisar for a moment.
Continue 3
Lyria: By look after, what exactly do you mean...
Rita: Make sure that he's warm. Don't let him get too cold.
Rita: And if monsters come, I'll need you to take care of them.
Vyrn: Okay! Got it!
Lyria: All right!
The rest of the crew nods in agreement and with that Rita runs off.
Vyrn: Hey! Where ya going! I thought she's gonna make the antidote...
Rita: Exactly! I need to go get the ingredients.
Rita: Make sure Kaisar is okay.
Rita: Kaisar... I won't let you die.
Rita: I still need to return the favor you did me.
Rita: I will help you get better.
Rita's resolve strengthens and her search for the ingredients begins.

My Own Choice: Scene 3

Rita creates an antidote for Kaisar, but the poisoned arm cannot be saved. Rita decides to amputate it—to which Kaisar agrees. Afterwards, the crew agrees to help Kaisar find a prosthetic arm so that his dream of becoming a knight can be realized.

Rita searches for ingredients needed to make an antidote in order to save Kaisar.
Rita: I've got everything I need. Now I just need to mix these...
Rita: I need to work quickly and then get him to drink the solution...
Rita sits and with a fierce look in her eyes begins concocting her antidote.
Rita: Thanks for waiting.
Lyria: Rita! Did it come out okay?
Rita: Without a hitch.
Rita speaks to the crew as she moves closer to Kaisar.
Rita: Kaisar, can you drink the antidote?
Kaisar: Y-yes...
Kaisar drinks the liquid.
Rita: You should rest. We need you to get better before we can move.
Kaisar: B-but there's no way the crew could stay here...
Rita: We have to put your health above our own needs.
Kaisar: B-but... What if the monsters come back?
Rita: Don't worry. While you rest, we'll keep an eye out. We can do that much.
Vyrn: Yeah! Stop worrying!
Kaisar: Apologies... I will do as you say...
Kaisar nods his head in agreement with everyone and lays his head on the ground.
Lyria: Rita... Kaisar will get better, right?
Rita: Yes... Sure he will.
Rita's worried expression betrays her words.
Kaisar: Ah... Agh!
Lyria: Huh? Has Kaisar woken up?
Kaisar: Agh... Aghhh...
Kaisar: Aaaagggghhhh!
Kaisar grasps his left arm and lets out cries of pain.
Vyrn: What's going on! I thought the antidote was working!
Rita: It is. His symptoms are coming to a halt.
Vyrn: Then why's he screaming!
Rita: This must be the worst case scenario...
Lyria: Worst case... What does that mean!
Rita ignores the panicking crew members, and she decides to do what must be done.
Kaisar: Agh! Aaghhh! R-Rita... My arm...
Rita: Calm down.
Rita: The poison flowing through your body is being disposed of by my antidote, but your left arm is another story.
Rita: The poison from the monster has completely decimated that arm. There isn't anything we can do for it.
Rita: If we leave it attached to you... then...
Rita: There is only one option remaining... We have to cut it off.
Rita stares fiercely at Kaisar.
Vyrn: What! There's nothing else we can do?
Rita: No... If there was, I would have already done it.
As Rita speaks, she tightens her fist so hard that blood actually begins spilling from it.
Vyrn: I'm sorry... I know... that you're doing everything you can for him...
Rita: Kaisar... I'm going to rend your arm. Hate me if you must.
Rita looks Kaisar straight in the eyes as she utters those words.
Kaisar responds by using his right arm to softly stroke Rita's head.
Rita: Kaisar?
Kaisar: Who could hate you?
Rita: But... I cost you your dream...
Kaisar: No you didn't. I wanted to protect you.
Kaisar: That's why I used my body to guard you from that monster.
Kaisar: That I lose my arm is the result of my own actions.
Kaisar: I could never hate you.
I will never hate you.
Kaisar: Losing an arm does not mean my dream of becoming a knight is lost.
Kaisar: I can try to wield a sword with one hand. If that fails, I'll get a prosthetic.
Kaisar: Who do you take me for? Do you think I would give up my dream over something so small as this!
Kaisar: Rita! Do what you must! For my dream...
Rita: I will.
Rita accepts Kaisar's words and slices with her blade.
Rita: Kaisar... How do you feel?
Kaisar: Good... The antidote is working. I should be fine now.
Kaisar: Having one less arm is a little tough though...
Kaisar laughs bitterly as he glances at where his left arm should be.
Rita: First thing we're going to do is get you to a prosthetist. Otherwise even daily tasks will be difficult for you.
Kaisar: How do you find a prosthetist...
Rita: Leave that to me. I cut your arm, so I need to find you a new one...
  1. I'll help.

Choose: I'll help.
Lyria: Me too!
Vyrn: Me three!
Rita: Really?
Lyria: Of course. A friend in need is a friend indeed!
Rita: You really do like helping others.
Kaisar: Thank you.
Rita and Kaisar bow in unison to the crew.
Rita: A prosthetist...
Rita: I wonder if I could just zombify his cut left arm and put it back on him...
Rita: Probably not... Or could I?

Messy Memories

The crew travels to an island where a prosthetist lives, a man who could make an arm for Kaisar. However, the materials needed for the arm can only be found in a fog-filled forest dense with bandits. Rita lends Kaisar her assistant, Rocky, who is actually Kaisar's zombified left hand. The crew then loses track of them in the fog.

The crew begin searching for a prosthetic arm to help Kaisar.
The crew heads to a town where there is rumored to be a legendary prosthetist.
Prosthetist: I'm sorry but I can't help you.
Rita: Why?
Prosthetist: The materials required to make an arm reside in a forest full of bandits. I can't secure the needed items.
Rita: So if we get you what you need, then you can make the arm?
Prosthetist: That's correct.
Rita: Got it. We'll go collect what is necessary ourselves.
And so the crew heads for the forest where the materials can be found.
Lyria: Gulp... Do you think ghosts live here?
The forest gives the crew shivers. It is a dark place perhaps because the sunlight cannot make its way through the trees or perhaps because the fog above blocks it.
Rita: Sigh... How can you be scared of ghosts? Are you kidding me?
Lyria: Huh?
Rita: What's the difference between me and a ghost? I'm undead too.
Lyria: There's a huge difference! I mean you're you!
Rita: Nonsense...
Rita hides her faint smile behind her harsh words.
Kaisar: You all really have taken a liking to Rita, haven't you?
Vyrn: Hm? Sure we have! She's our friend!
Lyria: Exactly! And you are too!
Kaisar: M-me? I'm your friend?
Vyrn: Duh.
Kaisar: ...
Rita: Now you see why I'm so comfortable around them.
Kaisar: That I do...
Rita: This fog sure is getting thick...
Vyrn: Yeah. Don't get separated. Getting lost here would be bad news.
Rita: Agreed. Kaisar, don't leave my side under any circumstances.
Rita: If you go off by yourself again, I'll be sure to give you a good spanking the next time I find you.
Kaisar: R-Rita... Do you have to single me out...
Rita: You've got priors. Plus you're my patient.
Rita: Don't cause me to worry about you any more than I already am.
Kaisar: Gulp... I suppose you have a point.
Rita: I know.
It's my job to protect you, so let me.
Rita: This fog is just getting worse...
Rita: I think we should take all extra precautions. I'll lend you Rocky.
Rita: If something happens, just having one arm is going to be a problem.
Kaisar: Rocky?
Lyria: Umm... Who is Rocky?
Rita: My assistant. Rocky, say hi to everyone.
Rita opens her bag and out comes Rocky.
Lyria: Eeee!
Vyrn: Aahhhh!
Kaisar: !
Rita: How rude. Scream like that and you'll make Rocky cry.
Lyria: B-but it's a hand! It's a moving hand!
Rita: Of course. A zombie hand does that.
Lyria: Of course? Is that common knowledge?
Kaisar: H-hey... Rita... Rocky isn't... That's not my...
Kaisar: N-never mind... It couldn't be...
Rita: Rocky, I said say hi. This is Kaisar. He's your father.
Kaisar: So it is my hand!
Rita: Until we get him a prosthetic, you will be his helping hand.
Rita: You don't have a problem with that, right?
Kaisar: I do have a problem!
Rita: So you're okay in your current helpless state? What are you going to do when you need both hands?
Kaisar: I...
Rita: It's temporary. No one's asking you to use Rocky forever.
Kaisar: All right...
Rita: Good. Let's continue.
Lyria: Rita... did... to... Kaisar's...
Vyrn: Huh? Hey! Where'd they go!
The crew searches, but Rita and Kaisar are nowhere to be found.

Messy Memories: Scene 2

As the crew searches for Rita and Kaisar in the thick fog, everyone begins having hallucinations. Rita appears and explains the fog is causing their visions and uses Rocky to find Kaisar. Rita then leads the group into battle against the bandit controlling the fog.

The crew are searching for the lost Rita and Kaisar in the fog.
Vyrn: W-what do we do? With this fog, we're not gonna find them.
Lyria: But we have to keep looking!
Footsteps are heard from behind the crew. They quickly turn and find Rita.
Lyria: Rita! I'm so glad we found you. Where were you?
As Rita approaches Lyria, her figure comes into plain sight, only to reveal a bandit.
Lyria: !
Vyrn: Lyria! Look out!
Bandit: Agh!
The bandit attempting to strike Lyria is taken down by (Captain) in the nick of time.
Lyria: Thank you, (Captain).
Vyrn: Thank goodness you're safe. But what just happened?
???: That was a hallucination.
Lyria: R-Rita?
Vyrn: Do... you think she's the real thing?
Lyria: Umm...
Rita: It's me. Or are there other walking zombies like me around?
Rita: What proof do you need? Should I fling my arm at you?
Vyrn: Sigh... That's her all right.
Say, why did we hallucinate earlier?
Rita: It must be the fog. The bandit I took out said as much.
Rita: Swallow this.
Rita hands each of the crew members a small, round pill.
Lyria: Umm... What is this?
Rita: This will prevent the hallucinations. Just take this, and you won't have them anymore.
Rita: Once you've had it, let's go searching for Kaisar.
Rita: I'm sure his hallucinations have already begun.
Rita: I told him not to make me any more worried than I already am.
Rita: Didn't I tell him not to leave my side...
Vyrn: How do you plan to find him... Do you know where to look?
Rita: Yes. Kaisar is with Rocky so I know.
Rita: Because I made Rocky, I am always aware of his location.
Rita: Let's go.
With that Rita makes for the deeper part of the woods.
Rita: I can feel Rocky around these parts...
Lyria: Gasp! Over there! Kaisar looks okay!
The crew runs over to Kaisar.
As the crew approaches him, he unsheathes his sword and readies an attack.
Lyria: K-Kaisar?
Kaisar: Tell me, bandits! What have you done with Rita and the others! Answer me or else...
Vyrn: B-bandits... What's he talking about!
Rita: The hallucinations have taken him. We look like bandits.
Vyrn: What! What're we gonna do?
Rita: Sigh... Why do you always fall for the same thing?
Rita: Kaisar, wake up.
Rita launches her zombie arms at Kaisar, and the blow knocks him back.
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Kaisar: R-Rita? Why would you do that!
Rita: I had to stop your hallucinations. Be grateful.
Kaisar: My what? What are you...
Rita explains the effects of the fog to the confused Kaisar.
Kaisar: Is that what happened... I'm sorry. To think I raised my sword to those I owe my life to...
Rita: I didn't mind. I knew that was going to happen anyways.
Kaisar: Tch...
Vyrn: So... what are we going to do now? It's not like we can find our way back with this fog...
Rita: Yes we can.
Rita raises her arm and fires it again.
???: Aaagghh!
Lyria: The fog is clearing...
Vyrn: There's somebody over there!
Rita: That bandit is responsible for the hallucinations.
Bandit Mage: Ugh... How did you know where I was? And why doesn't my magic work on you!
Rita: Your magic only affects the living. I'm a zombie so it doesn't work on me.
Rita: As for your location, my assistant told me that.
Kaisar: Rocky!
Bandit Mage: Eeee! W-what is that! A hand?
Rita: There's no reason to answer since you're about to be gone.
Rita: We need to find the materials for Kaisar's arm.
Rita: So we don't have time to waste on you.

Messy Memories: Scene 3

Once the bandit has been defeated, the crew gathers the materials needed for Kaisar's prosthetic. After the prosthetist has completed the arm, Lyria asks Kaisar and Rita what they will do next. The two express their desire to join the crew; everyone welcomes these new additions.

Bandit Mage: Damn it! I'll remember this!
The bandit utters a worn expression and leaves.
Vyrn: He's getting away!
Rita: No he isn't. He needs to pay for what he did.
Rita fires her arms yet again.
Bandit Mage: Eeee!
The bandit manages to dodge Rita's arms at the last moment.
Rita: He's faster than I thought. What about this?
Rita regains her arms and fires again. Her shots go over the bandit's head.
Vyrn: Where ya aiming! You miss—
Rita: My aim was perfect.
The arm suddenly ricochets.
Then it slams straight into the bandit's head.
Bandit Mage: Agh!
Rita: Good. Now let's get to gathering.
Lyria: Ummm.... Okay...
The feeling of shock is shared throughout the party, but nonetheless they begin searching for the needed items.
Rita: Kaisar, how's the arm?
After giving all the materials to the prosthetist, he creates a left arm for Kaisar.
Kaisar: It's fine. It feels a little off... As if it just doesn't belong.
Rita: It's your first prosthetic, so that's to be expected.
Rita: You'll get used to it.
Kaisar: Agreed. At the very least, now I can wield a sword properly.
Lyria: Hehe... I'm happy for you, Kaisar.
Kaisar: It's all thanks to this crew.
Rita: Yes it is. I too owe thanks to all of you.
Rita and Kaisar thank the crew and bow their heads deeply in appreciation.
Lyria: So... what will you two do now?
Kaisar: I was thinking about that. May we stay with you?
  1. Sure, but why?
  2. Do you want to become a knight?

Choose: Do you want to become a knight?
Kaisar: It's not about that.
Choose: Sure, but why?
Kaisar: I want to know more about all of you. I want to know why Rita trusts you so.
Kaisar: So would that be all right?
(Captain) smiles and nods in agreement.
Kaisar: Thank you. For now, we are at your service.
Rita: We'll probably cause some trouble, so I apologize in advance.
Lyria: Hehe... Don't worry about that. We're friends after all.
Vyrn: Yeah! What she said!
Rita: Thanks...
The crew's kind words bring a smile to Rita's face.